01/10/2016 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Coming up is Tim Burton's latest blockbuster and we will find out


just how peculiar it is. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are journalist and author


Toby Young and Philippa Also a very keen golfer. Welcome to


you both. Let's have a quick look at some


of the front pages. The Sunday Times says Theresa May's


fired the Brexit starting gun, saying she'll launch


a Great Repeal Bill in the Spring, scrapping the law that took Britain


into Europe 44 years ago. The Express also has that story,


proclaiming At Last! Brexit also leads the Observer,


with claims from former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan,


that the UK turning its back on the single market


and closing its borders, It also has an interview


with Samantha Jefferies, the widow of a Falklands war


veteran, who this week won a high court battle


to keep their frozen embryos. The Mail has claims from comedian


Jon Holmes that he was axed by the BBC for being 'white


and male', as part of a line-up The Daily Star Sunday leads


on the death of boxer Mike Towell, who died after suffering a serious


head injury during It has a tribute from


the 25-year-old's girlfriend, with the headline 'My baby


has lost his daddy'. Let's start with the papers looking


at Brexit, bearing in mind we are on the eve of the Conservative Party


conference starting tomorrow in Birmingham. An interview with the


Prime Minister. She does not give these out lightly. The speech would


declare you -- the UK in the end. She has given it to the Sunday


Telegraph. I think she has also given something to the sun on Sunday


but I not sure what they have got. Anyway, it was the obvious time for


her to launch Brexit, really. People have been talking about it all week,


white hazards she started? It... It... I thought, really, she has


been giving it a great deal of thought because, really, there are


three people to talk to, David Davison, Boris Johnson, she had to


get it right and we hope she will get it right in the presentation


which looks like a little bit of something for everyone to keep the


Remainers a little bit happy. We do not have any timescale but we have


this Great Repeal Bill which will get us out of the EU. It is easy to


read too much into this. It does not tell us whether it will be soft or


hard, it does not tell us anything about when Article 50 will be


triggered, when we will be leaving the EU. The repeal of the 1972


European Communities Act will not happen until after Article 50 has


been triggered and two years after we have left the EU. This will not


trigger the process. That is the critical factor in all this. What is


significant is that she is going to embark upon the first and necessary


step in our departure. It is hard to imagine her doing this if she did


not intend to invoke Article 50. Anyone who was holding out some hope


that we might remain in the EU, that we might we negotiate our


membership, it puts paid to that. She has been very clever. If we look


at the Sunday Telegraph, a slightly confusing argument, in repealing, we


are going to take in all the EU laws otherwise there would be a vacuum in


so many areas of legislation. By doing that, our politicians in this


country can go through all of those laws and keep the ones that are


worth keeping an in the ones that are not. She has painted broad


brushstrokes and gradually filling in the colours. I think it will be


the wake she tells it tomorrow. She does not want this conference


dominated by Brexit. She wants to have more on her CV than just Brexit


but I think she... I do not think that is going to happen because it


is the only story that matters at the moment. What happens to the


environmental legislation? What happens to the worker 's rights, for


example? All those things in the unions hold dear. One of the sort of


planks of the Bremain case during the referendum was that all these


rights, these environmental protections, would be jeopardised if


we left. The moment we leave, they no longer apply. The answer is that


they would be brought into British law and, in due course, we will make


a decision about what to keep and what not to keep. That paid to that


argument also. They are not going to be tossed aside simply because we


voted to leave. It will now be in our hands. She is under huge


pressure from industry to sort of make those things clear, workers


rights, holidays, health, all the things that matter the big


investors. Nissan is holding back its plans until they see what is


going on. When it comes to reassuring investors, when it comes


to the vast body of EU law which is currently on the statute, that is


not going to be removed. We are still going to be able to trade with


the European Union at least legally on the same term. In the


Independent, underneath a photograph of Theresa May and her husband, she


is 60 today, not a big celebration she has too many things to do. A


poll says a majority would prefer a soft Brexit. That is keeping the


single market rather than shutting the border and having no access.


That is kind of a false opposition. No one, even the most hardline


Brexiters are saying which should have no access. We will always have


access, even if we trade on WTO terms, we still will have access. If


the question was presented by the Independent on Sunday to the poll


responders, pull up the drawbridge, withdraw and never have access to


any aspect of the European Union again or shall we allow some


element, of course they were going to go full let's not be too hard


lined on freedom of movement if it means no access but, of course, we


would continue to have access. We just would not be members of it. It


is like another mini referendum. We do not know what the questions and


answers are because we have the front page of a newspaper that does


not exist in print but I would love to know what the questions were... I


shall we will find out tomorrow, hopefully. I suppose it is more


nuanced to the question that the binary question - in the referendum


so they have more opportunities to stretch their legs but it depends


surely on what our current partners in Europe allow us to have? In a


sense, it does not really matter what the British public think the


arrangement should be between Britain and the EU. It is largely


out of our hands. It will be one country out of 28th at that


negotiating table and this is white Theresa May does not want to be


defined by Rex said. How it turns out, is largely out of her hands.


She wants to be defined by something else and that is why she wants to


get this out of the way so she can set out her stall and define


herself. Tomorrow will be the Brexit speech and then the one she wants to


have. It will be interesting to see how much publicity that gets. Let's


look at this cartoon. He is so clever. Taking one of the


biggest stories... And blending it with that. The BBC sacked me for


being a white man. This is a comedian, John Holmes, who is now no


longer part of the satirical programme that has been on radio or


quite some time. He says it is because he doesn't help them with


diversity. He said when he received the telephone call from someone at


the BBC, informing him that his services will no longer require,


after 18 years, he was told he was not going to be invited back because


they were casting it with more women and diversity. Effectively, he was


being sacked seemingly because he was a white male and not because he


was a white male. He does not have the face for radio! Was told how one


woman presenter was given a job only later to be told, we cannot have you


because you are too white and middle class. Are you white long in the


tooth... We can both go and apply on a job in the show. It is very


typical, the mail always has it in for the BBC, I have not sure why but


they do. I do not know the details, I do not know this man and his work


but it could be they were trying to sugar the appeal, saying it is


nothing to do with your shortcomings but just because you are a white


male. The BBC said, that we always hire presenters on merit. We would


like to thank both presenters but as we explained a week ago, our comedy


shows... Our comedy shows are constantly evolving and it is time


to allow new talent in. From the East Midlands... Your accent is


gone. You are working class. I will do the headlines in Leicestershire


accent next week. The picture of another pullout of Kate and


Charlotte on their tour of Canada. Can you see it? Have you got it,


Bill? There you go. On the top. You also can have a maple leaf brooch.


Inspired by the Princess. They are going down a storm? They are the


monarchy's greatest asset and the fact that the Royal Family, the


firm, has decided to foreground them and keep Prince Charles and Camilla


in the background is a sensible decision. Given the risk posed by


Prince Charles being the heir to the throne. There will be a period in


which he will struggle to command the same popular affection. We can


focus on the next in line after him, it keeps the institution alive. I


think she has upped the anti-. She has worn fantastic, very expensive


clothes, Alexander McQueen, Dolce and Gabbana. And she has graced many


a front page. Thank you very much. Coming up next is the film review.


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