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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Matthew Syed, who's a columnist for the Times,


and Charlie Wells, who's European Features Reporter


The Financial Times says Germany is stepping up attempts to lure


The Metro lampoons the Home Secretary,


calling her Amber Rudderless, after she ditches plans


to make companies list their foreign workers.


The NHS is under attack by cyber criminals, says the i,


with hackers demanding millions of pounds in ransom money.


The Daily Telegraph leads on comments by the Housing Minister,


who suggests grandparents should leave their homes


to their grandchildren to help ease the housing crisis.


The Guardian says the UK is planning to move immigration controls


to the Republic of Ireland to avoid a "hard border" between north


They born into Theresa May on the possible impact of tighter


immigration controls. There is a surfeit of coverage on


Donald Trump. This is the metro, top Republicans deserting Donald in


their droves. How can they dump him at this stage? That is not the


question I would ask, it is why have they not want him already, after


those comments about Mexicans, that they are criminals and rapists,


building a wall? Piece are disgusting things about disabled


people, he is clearly misogynistic, and it is remarkable that John


McCain had been with him to this point, the senators who are now


jumping ship because they think that they may be tainted in their


re-election campaigns by association. It is remarkable that


this man, the number of things he said publicly, as opposed to this


illicit conversation that he said privately, has not been sufficient.


It was interesting, in your interview with Nigel Farage, whether


the American public have already discounted this aspect of his


personality, and if they are pre-committed to him, if they are


going to change their vote or not. There is something special about


this video, its comments, and how authentic it seems. There is this


idea about how average people don't trust institutions that have been


around for a long time, mainstream media, political parties, and this


video almost looks like a Facebook video, it is shot in a bus, it seems


like banter between two people, and that is why it is resonating so


much. It is remarkable, when he is on the record, he says things that


are outrageous and extremist. Because this was Private, I am not


saying it is not disgusting, I would never endorse it, it is horrible,


but it was a private conversation that was illicitly recorded, so for


this to be the breaking point is odd, it should have happened a long


time before. The Financial Times says the Republicans are in crisis


as officials abandoned the campaign. Some senior figures in the party now


say they want nothing to do with him. This is John McCain, Mitt


Romney, the previous political candidates, George Bush says he will


vote for Hillary Clinton. This article focuses on Congress and how


a number of senators who are in tough re-elections are distancing


themselves, and the party is trying to maintain control of the Senate


and the house and moving away from Donald Trump. The Guardian says he


hits out at Republican hypocrites. He says he still has a lot of


support, he is critical of the leadership, and says they are


self-righteous. He is so pugnacious. This is a time for contrition. One


imagines that his tacticians have told him before going into the


debate tonight, at 2am, I am thinking of staying up, it will be


exciting. If he can sound contrite at the beginning, that will play


well with the religious right, who he needs on side to a large extent,


given he has alienate it so many other groups. Under pressure, it is


difficult for him not to come out swinging, he is pugnacious. This


tweet about self-righteous hypocrites, that is him in the raw.


If he decides that he is going to come out and start talking about the


allegations against ill Clinton, is that raising the bar in the way that


will help him? In this story, we see the word hypocrites in the headline,


he is calling the Clintons hypocrites. He has talked about the


indiscretions, about Hillary Clinton enabling that behaviour, and a lot


of commentators said he is a wounded animal, he could almost do anything.


It will be interesting. He is under pressure, and when somebody like


that is cornered, you can imagine fireworks, he will not be able to


stick to the game plan. The format of the debate is unique, it is a


town hall, you have to work the audience, you have to work the


opponent, and the TV audience. That will add flocks. A picture of him


with his daughter. Talking about comments that he is said to have


made to his own, or about his own daughter. This is in a conversation


with Howard Stern. Donald Trump has struggled with suburban voters in


the United States. They are a key demographic. I don't think talking


in this way about his daughter will bode well. Speechless, really,


voluptuous and a piece of something. Tactically, I am interested in the


psychology of performance, it will be interesting. There are big issues


at stake, the future of the world, just that! But it is interesting,


the psychology of these set piece debates, with the whole nation


watching. The world watching. The pressure has intensified. It is


highly volatile, what will happen tonight. Let's stay with the


Telegraph, inheritance should skip a generation, says minister. The


Minister says tensioners should forget their kids and hand there is


date, there has savings,... It works if they change inheritance tax laws,


does it? They would not even need to do it. The point is that adults were


able to buy homes when they were less relatively expensive, and their


parents as well, and so grandparents should skip a generation, so my


parents would give their money to my children, rather than to me. I am on


the ladder, I am lucky enough to be there. House prices have gone viral,


especially with quantitative easing. They are talking about


intergenerational injustice, it is a fair point, I just wonder if it is


workable. Will people accept what a politician is telling them to do?


Not everybody has wealthy grandparents. A lot of grandparents


don't own their own homes, they don't have large savings. How


controversial is inheritance tax in America? It is less controversial


than it is 40%, and another thing here, this idea of time. Make


investment and make time work for you, so the longer these


grandparents are in the market, they will grow and it could be beneficial


for their grandchildren. I want you as my financial adviser, I bought


all of that! Don't trust me with more than a 20 quid note! Let's look


at the Financial Times. Frankfurt steps up bid to win London banks


after Brexit. Germany looking at the change in Labour laws. This has been


on the cards, this is what the Remain camp said, London will not be


as attractive. I am an expat, I love London, no evidence to Frankfurt, I


would not want to go there. This article talks about stuff loving


living in London and would favour Amsterdam or Paris over Frankfurt. I


can see that. But this is big for the UK. It is such a big source of


tax revenues for the Exchequer. It is interesting that German ministers


have been meeting senior bankers, trying to change some of their


implement laws to make it more attractive as a place for them to


go. They could make the tax advantages... They could throw the


kitchen sink at it but bankers will not want to live in Frankfurt. The


city that will benefit is New York, potentially, they could do virtual


trading through Europe. They have said that New York could be the big


beneficiary. The big loser will be the British taxpayer. There was talk


of trying to make London remain as an attractive place, the passport


idea, so bankers could come and go even without freedom of movement


across the EU. With globalisation, that could be possible, even if


London does not remain part of the single market. But it means these


things could be happening from New York as well. When trades are made


in split seconds, it does not matter if there is an ocean in between. You


can't go to Frankfurt! They are already dejected in Germany! The


Guardian, the UK seeks to move border into Ireland. James Braid


clincher hopeful on talks with Dublin two strengthen immigration


controls. When we decided we wanted to leave the EU, that border between


Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland became of great interest,


because that is the land border between the EU and not. Which is why


this idea of extending the border to the whole of Ireland has been


approached. It is interesting, some technical details in this article.


They have said that President already exist. It is NHS thing


article, stop making me laugh! The Indian and Chinese visitors are


subject to a system, they apply for a single Visa valid for Ireland and


the UK. But that is because we are all in the EU at the moment. It


would be different, and there is a point about the Good Friday


Agreement, a volatile situation between Northern Ireland and the


Republic of Ireland, and this risks putting that into play again. What


is in it for Ireland to do this for Britain? It is a lot of work, I am


not sure. There is a quote, new Calais. That is serious. The French


have said, we don't want any more to do with this, and Britain has


immigration offices on the other side of the Channel. France could


easily say, no more, to that. This is highly sensitive politically. It


will be interesting to see the extent to which the British and


Irish governments can nail down a workable policy that makes the


borders secure without triggering some of the political sensitivities


that you mention. One benefit for Ireland, there is still movement


between the Republic and Northern Ireland. Without everybody having to


show passport. But part of the argument wanting to leave. We would


take back control of our borders. I am not sure that will happen. It


depends on the single market, for a start. What will it mean, will it be


hard or soft? All of that is still up in the air. The Conservative


Party have not got their ducks in a line, and there is a debate about


whether MPs should have the power of veto over the precise mechanics of


Brexit. How can Britain decide what it wants Brexit to look like? It is


a negotiation. It might not start until March. We'll line at airports


be longer? They are long enough already! They are very long!


Particularly in Ireland, potentially. Let's finish with the


Metro. A play on words. Rudderless Modi Home Secretary, Amber Road.


Labour ridicule her after a U-turn on plans to make all firms list


their foreign workers. This came up at the Conservative Party


conference, so we could get an idea of whether British firms are


employing home-grown talent or importing it. Theoretically, it is a


good point, if there is a deficit of talent in a country, and firms feel


they need to bring in foreign workers, it makes sense to develop


skills for the workers of the new country, but the controversy would


be naming and shaming, accusations of racism, people like me, who work


at firms that are based in the UK, might have their names published as


foreigners working in the UK. The optics of that are so prejudicial,


it sounds so bigoted, and it is interesting they have ridden back


from it. To interviews by Cabinet ministers, they said it would not be


made public on it is just a consultation. Amber Road must be


feeling very sensitive about this at the moment. The appalling on this,


even though many in the establishment say it is a disgrace,


an essay was written by Cameron's former adviser, going after Theresa


May and Amber Road strongly, the polling is 6-4 in favour of a policy


of naming and shaming, so there is a disconnect between the metropolitan


elite and what people... There always is, about everything. The


size of the gap is remarkable. They will no longer be the naming and


shaming, but the data will still be collected, because the argument is


you can then see where the skills gap is and train people in this


country to fill it. How acceptable but that the? I agree that the


skills issue is a massive issue for the British economy. But don't


forget the significance of the public relations disaster that would


unfold if Britain's reputation hitherto as a place that companies


can come and do business that is globalised, and internationalist, is


copper mines by a policy that is prejudicial to that. It is Sunday,


we are back again at 11:30pm. If you would like to make a comment on


Twitter, send us a comment. Coming up next, Meet The Author


with James Naughtie.


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