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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Matthew Syed, who is a columnist for the Times,


and Charlie Wells, who is European features reporter at the Wall Street


We will try and find some things not to do with Mr Trump, but there is


rather a lot of it. Once again Donald Trump dominates


many of tomorrow's front pages. The Mirror says more videos are set


to come to light to shame In other news, the Financial Times


says Germany is stepping up attempts to lure banks away from


London to Frankfurt. And the top story in the Times


is a warning to Theresa May from business leaders


on the possible impact The Metro lampoons


the Home Secretary, calling her Amber Rudderless,


after she ditches plans to make companies list their


foreign workers. The Guardian says the UK is planning


to move immigration controls to the Republic of Ireland,


to avoid a hard border between north The Daily Telegraph leads


on comments by the Housing Minister, who suggests grandparents


should leave their homes to their grandchildren to help


ease the housing crisis. Gideon Ruckman, the chief foreign


affairs commentator at the FT, says he is looking forward to tonight's


edition of the Jerry Springer Show. More bombshells to come as his own


party disavows him. Apparently there is more damning evidence out there.


There is this idea in American politics called the October


surprise, Americans vote on the first Tuesday in November and the


October surprise is something that comes in that month before and


fundamentally reshaped the election. This is starting to look like it


might be that October surprise. Because the controversy is


snowballing. There was that video which was released on Friday, the


promise of more videos to come, and of course, Republican politicians


moving away from Donald Trump. Why leave it until now? Are stuffed with


WikiLeaks about Will Hillary Clinton, they have only just come


out and very recent, they have had months to dish the dirt. I don't


know why it has come out at this moment but what has astonished me as


that it has taken so long for the Republican establishment to come out


against Donald Trump. He has comments much worse about -- he has


made comments much worse about immigrants, about his opponents.


Anybody who gets in his way he lashes out. So for me the question


isn't so much whether or not the liberal establishment in America is


against Trump, it is how this plays amongst people in the base who had


or already come out and said... I think they had priced this end. And


if more seats, along the same line, it may bubble up the controversy but


a lot will hinge on what could become an electrifying debate


tonight where two candidates are going to go in and I suspect Donald


Trump is going to be hostile. The Guardian says Trump hits out at


Republican hypocrites. This is from Missouri where the televised debate


is taking place tonight, and a different kind of debate, town hall


style. I think it will be interesting to all kinds of reasons,


tactically, psychologically. Trump is cornered. I think his team are


saying that he has to be contrite. He has to say I am sorry, draw the


line, and as it were trained to insinuate that he is a changed man.


To what extent he is able to get that across, I don't know. I suspect


if Hillary Clinton goes after him he will not be able to resist fighting


back and then it will be a race to the bottom and I suspect Trump could


be defeated in this debate. He talks about Republican hypocrites,


suggesting they are abandoning him now because they are seeing that


their own polling won't do well. That is an issue. And part of the


reason why it may have taken so long for the Republican leadership the


sort of back away is because there are a number of Republicans in hotly


contested seats right now who are nervous. They need to be very


careful. How much worst is that need to be before he... He is under so


much pressure that he has got to stand down. I think this is one of


the most interesting phenomena in modern political discourse, is that


to all intents and purposes it seems obvious that Trump should never have


secured the Republican nomination. I mean, that was an impossibility.


That this man could get the Republican nomination, he completely


subverted the expectations of the pundits and the experts. The


forecasters have got it wrong as they did with Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn


becoming leader of the Labour Party. I think politics is becoming almost


inherently unpredictable. I hope and pray and think that this could be a


major problem for Donald Trump I can't say that with any certainty.


The Daily Telegraph has another picture of him with his daughter


Ivanka, on the left, and how he made lewd remarks to Howard Stern, the


shock jock, the DJ, about his own daughter. Donald Trump has been


struggling with suburban women, they have proven to be a key demographic


in this election, in places like Pennsylvania, Florida. I don't think


a father talking in this way about his daughter is going to play


particularly well with that demographic. Let's move on, shall


we? The Financial Times has Frankfurt's stepping up a bid to woo


London banks after Brexit, as Germany consider changing the Labour


laws. It is about being able to move across borders easily for bankers,


and we are going to have this passport, which they may not have,


after we leave the European Union. Whatever that means, whether it is a


hard Brexit or a soft Brexit. One of the ideas was that upon Brexit


London could become less attractive to banks as a headquarters and


launchpad into Europe. But one of the points the article makes that I


think is fascinating is that low living in London and would favour


Amsterdam or Paris over Frankfurt. And New York could benefit, how so?


You can imagine the executive saying I don't care where you want to live,


if it is tax advantageous, you will go there. They say in this piece


that German ministers have been going to leaving bankers and talking


up some of the changes in the Labour laws. One of the key ones as a


minimum statutory redundancy terms that is twice as generous in Germany


as in the UK. That is a problem for tanks which often hire and fire at


quite a fast rate. So they start changing the rules and inducing


banks to go to Frankfurt, I agree that not all bankers will want to


live there. It is worth saying loud and clear that this will massively


hit the British exchequer. Huge amounts of money are paid by people


who may hate the city but it is a very big cash cow. The times says


this is a stark message to the Prime Minister from business. This is all


to do with this immigration clampdown. Carolyn Fairburn, the


director-general of the CBI, this is quite a stark interview where she


has reacted with shock to the policy, saying they regard it... She


is talking about business leaders and CBI members, as an indication


that is somehow a shameful thing to be attracting the best talent from


around the world, rather than a source of pride. This fits I think


in the wider debate about what the conservative government is going to


be like under Theresa May. She started as all new leaders do under


a bit of a honeymoon, but the speech last week was a bizarre synthesis


between Nigel Farage with an anti immigrant rhetoric on the one hand,


and Ed Miliband with slightly anticapitalist sentiment on the


other. That I don't think is what people were expecting and there is


no doubt at all that the business community are concerned. There is a


tension also between economic than politics, with Brexit negotiations,


focusing on the economic benefits, or will we go the political rout and


focus again on immigration? -- political route. The UK seeking to


move the border into Ireland. The idea that immigration controls in


the written would happen when you arrive potentially in Ireland. --


Britain. Because of course the land border between Northern Ireland and


the Republic of Ireland would be a border into the EU. And if the UK


and is leaving the single market and a wall is built, the article talks


about how that could be a breach of the Good Friday Agreement is,


bringing back those tensions. And Southgate has tweeted from County


Antrim, and they won't want the border any more than we do with the


North, because they do most of their trade with the UK. You wonder what


is in it for Ireland. It is a lot of work. It is a lot of work, but


relations with the UK government are of great importance and the


precedent exists for this model, where visitors are subject to a


system where they apply for a single these are valid for travel both in


Ireland in the UK. You mentioned Southgate, I think I had about eight


tweets from her. She is prolific, Lisa is. If only she were here. The


Metro, Amber Rudderless. The Home Secretary being ridiculed by Labour


after a U-turn on plans to make all firms with their foreign workers. Is


it fair to ridicule her if she is just listening to business saying


that they don't want to declare how many employees they employ publicly.


Yes, it is fair to ridicule her. It was a ridiculous concept and it is


not just Labour going after her. One speaker came out today against


naming and shaming, and Michael Fallon has as well. To play devils


advocate, it is early on in this government, we are floating ideas to


see what takes off on what doesn't. That really seems to be what she was


doing at the conference. Can I change my mind? I think it is OK to


say something, realise it is not a good idea and change your mind. I


think we should give politicians more scope to flip-flop. Isn't


success about adapting? It is a discourse. You have just done the


very thing that you have criticised the Home Secretary for! It took a


great deal of subtlety to do that. Backpedalling furiously underneath


the desk. The argument is that they will still collect the data so that


they can work out where the skills gap is. Will a Mac yes, and we


should potentially be identifying our skills gap, to be encouraging


people to get the jobs that foreigners have. Shall we go to the


Times? Happiness is the best medicine, grumpy doctors and nurses


are told. USENET awful being told to cheer up when you are feeling blue?


They are being told to be more positive at work. Why? That could


potentially lead to less mistakes -- isn't it awful. And this hormone


oxytocin can make people a lot happier, get along better, and not


make so many mistakes. I have some oxytocin right now. Surrounded by


love? This is something that makes people happy. The Beatles disagree


on this sentiment. It is easy for them to say. There is an important


issue, which is protection for whistleblowers who want to speak up


about bad practice, and often that is quite difficult to do if they


don't feel empowered within the environment in which they are


working, and so there are a number of important policies to make it


easier for doctors to admit to adverse events. Once you admit and


are open about errors, medication errors, surgical errors, you can


change the procedures and protocols to make them less likely to happen


again. I agree that joy and happiness and finding meaning in


your work is an important part of performance, but I think there are


some important institutional mechanisms surrounding the


whistleblowing, that will make a difference. And this is coming from


the new whistleblowing chief, who is Doctor Henrietta Hughes, a GP. She


says it is her job to create a really positive culture in the NHS.


The question of culture is a really interesting thing, Google and other


companies talking about creating these new cultures and happy places


to work and it tends to be trickling into other sectors that you don't


necessarily think about. Cultural change is some of the hardest to


bring about. But it is very rigorous. Some of the changes at


Google, Amazon and others, success and innovation comes from quite


specific internal dynamics and if you can get that right, growth


mindset, resilient cultures, openness and there are metrics that


can track how that changes over time and interventions which can make it


happen. You should write a book about it. I have done already. I


should have read it. You haven't? Not yet, is on my list.


Coming up next, it is The Film Review.


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