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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Christopher Hope, Chief Political Correspondent


at The Telegraph and Helen Joyce, International Editor


Tomorrow's front pages starting with...


The Metro says a teenage refugee whose plight moved Lily Allen


to tears when she visited the Jungle camp in Calais has


arrived in Britain to be reunited with his family.


The Financial Times reports on a warning from the United Nations


over the large number of refugees fleeing the Iraqi city of Mosul.


The Telegraph says Russia is beginning one of its biggest


military deployments since the end of the Cold War


Tony Blackburn's return to the BBC is the lead for the Mirror.


And the Guardian reports that British Muslims are planning to set


up their own programme to stop people becoming terrorists.


The times reports on allegations of a cover-up after Theresa May


admitted she knew about the concerns of the head of the National abuse


enquiry whilst she was Home Secretary. The Daily Mail says Jack


Straw is among those calling for tests of child migrants coming into


Britain amid concerns that some are adults. Let's kick off. Why don't


you start on the FT and the situation with Mosul, the second


biggest city in Iraq. Iraqi forces are advancing and there are fears of


a huge number of refugees leaving the city, some already on the way.


The ugly by the EU. The problem is just mounting on the borders. We


keep thinking it has gone away, it has no. It is shocking.


I have heard that as well, they might regroup in a smaller city


outside Mosul. The five and in the years with them. You


are you with a focus on the aid of the migrants. It is only a small


number of migrants. We went to cafe to film this pool boy's fate. It is


great that he has got to Britain. But I do in every story. If you look


at the Daily Mail, it is a different story. Daily is concerned about


whether it might mean more migrants coming to this country because they


are allowing more children in. I'm making it and the roots are very


strict. They can only come in if they are being reunited with family.


When you are fleeing a war zone, you do not normally bring your papers


with you and so they do have to work out how old kids are when they do


not have their papers. Yesterday the Home Office refused to order dental


checks because they said it would be not ethical. The British dental


Association said it would be unethical. They say it would be


unethical because it is not accurate. It is a figleaf. They say


they have done their best to try and tell what age the kids are and there


are three bus-loads anyway. Jack Straw is saying he would have done


it and Amber Rudd will not. You would think we had millions of


people flooding in from Calais to stop they have been sitting there


for months, including ones who are entitled to move here, and account


will bulldozed. You do not like the fuss politicians have been making


about it and some newspapers? If you look at the response by Lily Allen,


it is a rather moving response. But there has been other nonsense, like


if you do not like it, go and live there, there is no compassion any


more. Let's move on to the Telegraph. It is full of compassion.


I was not making that link! It is a great picture. It could not be


anyone else. You would know that just from the silhouette, the hair


and the wagging finger. This is what papers do, they know the lead story


will be the debate live overnight at 3am, which you can watch on the


business news channel. But we cannot get ahead a bit because it is an


early edition for us, so we are slagging it up, which is what papers


do. Tomorrow is the big grapple in Las Vegas between Hillary and tramp.


It is the last one. Lord knows what the man will say. Lots of people and


making the comparison to gambling and whether it is the last throw of


the dice and Darcy Campbell? He does not have any strategic plans. He


does not have a plan set by his advisers and he sticks to it. This


is a man who goes and sees where it brings him. I was horrified by what


he said. We get more and more cross about it. At the moment are showing


Clinton nine points ahead is beginning to look like a big gap. It


is, but I am worried about the polls. A couple of weeks ago I was


worried that he would win, but pollsters have to go on who they


think is going to vote. People who said they have never voted before


and they did not vote in the last election may vote for him. He has


been saying he is going to do a Brexit and take everybody by


surprise. Nigel Farage is in Las Vegas tonight. Mr Brexit is over


there. He is channelling the feeling. I wonder what he thinks


Brexit is. He is such a free associate. Does he go on the attack?


Does he attack Clinton or stand back and look calm? When has he ever


stood back and looked calm? He cannot do it. She was good in the


first debate, letting him talk and then saying, there you go again. She


looked quite cool. But whether that makes her look like a classic, elite


politician... She does not have to do too much, essentially. It is hers


to lose. There is not just the president will raise, there are


seats in the Senate. The next president will be able to get


nothing done. We mentioned Brexit, I am not sure why, since we were


discussing the US. But we managed to do it. The express has Theresa May


saying she will tell European leaders to give up any hope of


reversing Brexit. I am not sure they thought they were going to reverse


it anyway. If you compare these stories to the coverage on the


continent, they are not saying, Theresa May is coming and telling


us, you better give up any in it. They have moved on big time, but we


are putting this on our front pages. But it is an important meeting. This


is her first one and this is the Daily Express girding her loins,


saying off you go and we are behind you. It is her first big summit. The


big one is in December and these are the starters before the big one. And


that will trigger going into the article in the negotiation. But it


is weird as I think there will not be a second referendum. This is for


local consumption. Speaking of Theresa May she was accused last


night of a cover-up after admitting she did know the concerns about the


National Child abuse enquiry whilst she was Home Secretary and the Times


has made quite a bit of running on this. They have. The reasons why


Dame Lowell Goddard left in the summer, she said she was homesick.


As ever with all these stories is always about the cover-up. I have


been doing these stories for so long. It is not actually a cover-up.


It is who knows what and when. Seventh you all about what you were


looking at that time lies. It has been a bad few days were Theresa


May. It is also really sad because this enquiry is something painful


for a lot of people. It cannot get into first gear. It is a massive


enquiry that will gather more cases and it will never get going for any


of them. All they want to see is then being believed. The Guardian


have British Muslims setting up their own programme to stop British


people becoming terrorists. They say it is a challenge to them and, which


has been controversial. You have to challenge people's incorrect


beliefs, but how you do that matters a lot, and you have to work in


partnership with people who do not trust the government so much. I have


heard different versions of the criticism of Prevent and some people


say it is not a bad programme, but some people feel it has unfairly


targeted and demonised Muslims. It is a better starting point in the


community down with government. It is a more sellable idea. Could they


ran in parallel? I do not see why it should be one or the other, because


the government need to have a partnership with the Muslims. We do


not quite know the details. Let's look at the FT again because they


have an interesting story about air B which looks like it could be


scrapped in New York because the New York governor is preparing to sign a


bill that will effectively end it in New York. Explain what it is. Do you


use it? My sister-in-law sent me an e-mail saying, this sounds


interesting, try this. It is a really huge business worldwide. But


she is right, it was interesting. Some viewers might not know what it


is. If you have something that you are not using all the time, space in


a car, your house, or an item, there are some people in cities where


people are making this big business and a lot of them are evading taxes.


It can be a cheaper way to stay in a city rather than in a hotel. And you


might get to know people. It is where the Internet is disrupting


everything. Look at newspapers versus the Internet, virtually


anything, the Internet is hugely disruptive and it goes around the


world causing chaos amongst established business. It would be a


big step back if they could not operate in New York. There will be a


tweak to this. One is, they are facilitating tax evasion, but not


deliberately. The other is it is protectionism by hotels. They will


find a way through this. We will still see air B and B in New York.


Have you used it? I have not. ? And successfully? Yes, I have. It was


fine. We will leave it there. Many thanks for being with us. All the


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