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We are joined tonight by Lucy Fisher. We are also joined by Pete


editor. Let's have a look at some of the front pages. We start with the


Daily Telegraph. It leads with a story about migrants, saying the


Home Office is failing to verify whether child refugees have family


members in the UK able to look after them before they are brought here


from Calais. The mirror has Philip Green being called a spiv and


bounded by MPs who are recommending he lose his knighthood. The ices


Philip Green is coming under a sustained attack following the


collapse of BHS. According to the Guardian, ministers have ordered a


crackdown on companies that use a large number of self-employed or


agency workers. And the express leads with a health story, warning


two soft drinks a day doubles the risk of diabetes. We will start with


the Daily Telegraph. It dedicates most of his front-page to that


picture of the fleet, the frigate, the aircraft carrier from Russia,


making its way into British waters and heading to Syria. It looks like


a photo from World War II in colour. We rarely see pictures like that on


the front page. May's called to punish Russia over Syria is the


headline. This is Theresa May under pressure. She is in Brussels at the


moment with 27 other member states and is leading the call with France


to put further pressure on Vladimir Putin. It might be a nice break from


talking about Brexit for her. But interesting, Austria has come out


and says it does not agree with that tactic, to put sand shines on Putin,


but the Telegraph saying Number 10 sources are saying Theresa May was


to push for war crime charges. We heard from our correspondents saying


this is a bold and powerful strong message to Theresa May another


European leaders that they are not doing enough on Syria to bring the


conflict to an end and here is Russia doing what is needed. I don't


think Vladimir Putin cares what Theresa May or anyone else in Europe


says. This is an incredible statement to send the ships. They


are joining eight others who are off the coast of Syria. They have been


fully engaged in this war. Evidently, they are not needed.


Putin is very good at statements and making symbolic gestures. This is a


very... He will like this, that this is on the front pages. This plays to


his whole propaganda war and the sense that Russia is almost already


bought the West. He is fearless of talks of sanctions and war crimes?


Russia has come under such economic pressure but at the same time, this


nationalism plays very well with him home. His statements get an


international front pages and that is helpful to him. Meanwhile, Trump


making the front pages and the UK. This is the latest in a long line of


allegations against Donald Trump, that he does seem to be able to


shrug them off. I do not know if that is right. I think you will lose


this election. This is the tenth woman. Tearfully today, she


described allegedly Donald Trump groping her as she was waiting for a


car at the US Open in 1919 eight. For this particular event an


allegation change that much? I do not think so. There has not been a


presidential candidate in modern US history who has come back from the


deficit he is facing. What did the US debate last night tell us about


Donald Trump's popularity? You think these allegations plus some of the


things he has been saying are losing him support? I do. The real question


now is what becomes of the Republican party and how they


survive this. It is down the ticket as they say with the senators and


members of the House of Representatives. They are deeply


worried that Donald Trump will pull them down with him. If it was an


election here and the Prime Minister candidate for ten women accusing him


of sexual harassment, they would not survive, with the? He does seem to


just keep going. These are strange times in the West and Europe. Brexit


we saw post-truth politics, some people said with figures being flung


around, some of the campaigns were weeping. It makes me wonder whether


further down the line in the UK, whether we could see some kind of


shock jock celebrity. The trouble with the polls we are told though is


that there are a lot of sign old Donald Trump supporters as well who


do not want to publicly admit that they are supporting him and will


vote for him. How reliable are these polls? I am not sure the other


silent. Donald Trump supporters are pretty vocal. What he has done this


push away classic swing voters, suburban women, white college


educated voters, who are the key people he needs to attract. What


about the undecideds? The process is underway. It is possible he has lost


the election. It has changed America though. It must be interesting for


you to see how American politics has changed. I wonder what happens.


Yesterday in the debate, Donald Trump seemed to almost seize it when


he said the Hillary, lots of luck in dealing with terrorism down the


line, but even if he loses, this is ramping up of the idea the election


has been raped, there is dirty work behind the scenes, that will be a


big problem going forward. It will be an interesting night. Let's move


on to the daily Mirror, one of the number of papers reporting on the


overwhelming support of MPs to strip Philip Green of his knighthood. This


is a Philip Green, who was roasted today in the House of Commons. It


was a shooting gallery is MPs from all parties took pot shots at him.


It was pretty brutal. He had no choice but to watch from afar.


According to our business unit, he was actually watching the whole


thing and felt frustrated that some of the things that were said by MPs,


he felt were defamatory, but there was nothing he could do about that.


Inside the Commons, MPs have immunity to say what they like. Some


of the descriptions were extraordinary. Compared to Napoleon,


Robert Maxwell. But I think people are angry and there is a lot of


suspicion that MPs are moving to try to back into a corner these pension


deficits missing from BHS pension pots, as negotiations come to a


close, whether the can put into a corner to whip out his cheque-book.


There are other deficits another pension pots, though. It was a sign


of The Times as well. He is a public figure. He lived the life of the


billionaire. There may be tarring and feathering of Sir Philip Green


but that is the consequence I think of living in the red top lose. The


Guardian reported about young people being brought over from the jungle.


Again, the responsibility of whom? The jungle being deconstructed and


fears about what will happen to many of the migrants. He seemed to be


making conciliatory noises over the summer, saying, let's grant Britain


are quick divorce. You would think there is an election on! It is


interesting now, he is saying, the idea that the UK's board begins in


France, that will have to be renegotiated after Brexit. A lot of


charities and aid agencies operating in areas like Calais to complain


about the political rhetoric during election, the often migrants pay


heavy prices for a general election in the country. He may be doing what


American political candidates to, which is the view to the right


before veering back to the centre. Still a lot of newspapers reporting


on the fact that some of the children do not appear to be


children or just about children as well. Campaign group saying, some of


these young people have been children from the moment they left


places like Afghanistan. Having walked all that way, terrible tales


of what has happened or these arduous perilous journeys they have


been none. The computer software that some newspapers are employing


to the dues the ages of children, you cannot tell when children have


been exposed to the elements, trying to get to where they are now,


whether it would age anyone. It shows how hugely contentious the


issue of migration is though. Could Scotland be an independent country?


Another question for Theresa May! This one will not go away and Nicola


Sturgeon has drafted a new bill for another referendum, a second


referendum. This is as a result of the Brexit boat. She's saying, we


did not vote for this in Scotland, we have a clear mandate to push for


independence again if Brexit happened. Brexit happened. She is


not saying she will do this. She has always held back and she will use it


as leveraged to try and get as good a deal as possible at the point


where Brexit happens. I don't know if you know the answer to this. Is


there as much support for independence as there was at the


referendum now? Is this the SNP trying to be opportunist, seeing an


opportunity to keep the pressure up? There is a good deal of that. The


SNP splits are beginning to show now. The comedy guru has spoken out,


saying, we need to hold on, any new referendum should not be rushed. And


of course, the economic case is completely different now to what it


was back in September 20 14th with the collapse in North Sea oil. It


was not an overwhelming result in that referendum, there was not a


massive clear divide. It was 55-45. Nicola Sturgeon still has the toe


the line because it was once promised as a once in a generation


referendum but it does not feel like we have moved on. She is still


saying she respects the result but this bill is obviously manoeuvring.


Something else for Theresa May. You are confused about the next story,


new diabetes health story. I confess that I thought that diet cola and


diet soda had no sugar in them but that just shows what a sucker of a


consumer I am! I am completely wrong, according to the express. Two


soft drinks will give you type two diabetes or increase the chances of


getting type two diabetes, which is alarming and wish I'd that a while


ago! Some diet drinks do have sweetness in them, according to the


Daily Express, but it goes to show, we do not always know exactly what


is in our drinks. And food as well. We are told to read the ingredients,


measure how much fat and salt is in there, but I am rarely in a


supermarket, but I do not have time to read everything in it! I am a fan


of the traffic light system. Mainly green, a couple of orange or red is,


I think, show that in the trolley. It is difficult to know with


artificial sweeteners and preservatives and different things


and low-fat, low sugar products, the chemicals they replace them with are


equally as bad. When it comes to beating diseases like diabetes, we


have to take some responsibility for ourselves. We cannot totally rely on


it. We have run out of time, thank you very much for taking us through


some of tomorrow's papers. Or the front pages are online on the BBC


website or you can read a detailed review of the papers. You can see us


there to do with each night's addition of The Papers.


It is a fine prospect for many but for some, Friday will bring the


first foggy morning of the autumn season. Not everywhere but across


parts of Wales and the Midlands


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