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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Claire Cohen, women's editor at the Daily


Telegraph, and Peter Spiegel, US editor of the Financial Times.


Nice to meet you. Thank you for giving up your Friday night for us.


The Daily Mirror reports from the front line of the battle


to push Isis out of the Iraqi city of Mosul.


The Times says its investigation has revealed more than 150 police


officers are under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct.


The Financial Times has news of a merger between AT


and Time Warner that could create the world's biggest


The Daily Telegraph leads on what police say was a foiled plot


Theresa May had tough words for EU leaders


at her first summit in Brussels, according to the Daily Express,


telling them to "grow up" and accept Brexit.


The Mail features a story of a man who has been removed from the care


of his mother after she brought him up as a girl. We can start with the


merrier. They don't always do this but I big picture story. -- The


Mirror. One mile away from Isis. Dispatches from the front line. We


need to go inside to get the bulk of the story, but this is the plan to


try and take back most from IES. It is going very slowly and it is a


very harrowing by the photographer who is embedded with the Kurdish


fighters from northern Iraq. I spent some time reporting on the Iraq war


in 2003-2004 and it rings very true. Not knowing exactly what is going


on. They see an explosion and they don't know where it is coming from.


There are explosions. The interesting thing to me is those


years with the Kurdish fighters in the north, the real story is going


to be the Iraqi forces themselves, because they disintegrated when I is


assured and most reporters have not been able to spend any time with


Iraqi forces. We have some compelling accounts but we do not


have much of what the official Iraqi forces are doing. One thing that


jumped out at me is Colonel Mohammed quoted, a senior military commander,


who says we are not just fighting for our own sake but for the rest of


the world. He is appealing to the west to take note of their


successes. He also says that when we stop here we will them everywhere.


The Mirror reports this is the same terror franchise that has big


destruction in Paris and Brussels. -- Paris and Britain is always in


its sights. They do not know what they are up against. Up to 8000


jihadis prepared to fight to the death hiding in tunnels. They have


discovered the big network. There is a sense they do not know what


they're up against. It is also worth mentioning the attacks. Another


hundred miles away. You push them down in one place and a pop-up


elsewhere. This is an effort by the Iraqis to create a pool where they


gradually take back the territory. If they lose any big oil centres


that would be a setback. Colonel Mohammed says this could take tissue


or three months -- this could take two or three months, but I think we


are in for a long slog here. It will take a long time to retake the city.


Point-mac they said that they were making better progress than


expected, but you cannot assume that will always be the case. It is


Americans that said that. They are embedded with the fighters. Had an


American casualty in the last 24 hours. Sometimes the Pentagon has


some happy talk in the early stages of an operation because you move


quickly until you get into the urban areas. I expect that Colonel


Mohammed is probably more reliable. He is still saying some quite


notable things. I guess what strikes me about is that we knew about in


advance, so if we knew, I new. That is a tactical thing that the


coalition has tended to do towards civilians. You do not want


civilians, you need to signal to them to get into bomb shelters. You


can think of it as a bad strategic move, but it is a way to try and


protect civilians from war. Some of the violence they are seeing is


designed to help them. The story will come out in the coming days.


Point-mac we can look at The Telegraph. May box at Brexit talks


in French. I know the negotiator very well for the EU. She is French.


Therefore, he speaks French. He came to Brussels for the first time six


years ago speaking no English. His English is better but he has


requested documents are given to him in French, which is not outrageous.


There has been a claim that he is demanding all detox being French,


but that is not our understanding. This is a bit off an attempt by


Downing Street to show that Theresa May is tough and standing up to the


French, but it was always anticipated that there would be


translators and ease the graduations. The two languages of


the EU are French and English, the German is also one of those seldom


used. I think it is a fun story but it does not hold up to scrutiny. I


don't know how we would participate if it was not in French. I'm sure


that whoever is involved they would want to be speaking in their own


language. It is complicated. If you read down in the story it does back


up what Peter said and they have denied it and have not decided what


language they will use yet. I guess, ideally, he would want to talk in


French, but there is no suggestion that must be the case. It is just a


excuse for Toulouse are made to look strong. It says that she slapped the


stone. She is saying they are immature. She's trying to rebuke the


fact that Britain is on the naughty step. She has to satisfy a home


audience and the 27 leaders of the EU will have to negotiate with her.


It is a difficult place to be. The Europeans have been talking tough.


She arrived yesterday to this discussion about Brexit. Going into


the meeting yesterday, we saw the president of France and the


Chancellor of Germany talking very tough on this, saying that if you


want hard Brexit this will be a hard ago shisha on. It is difficult for


the French because there is an election coming up and he is running


against front Nash and a who are in favour of leaving the year. -- front


national. They need to show their domestic audience it will be


difficult. We want a smooth Brexit. We can look at The Times. Hundreds


of police sex pests uncovered, they are facing tough new punishments.


The suggestion this has been going on and we do not know about it. It


is a shocking story. There are currently 156 sexual misconduct


inquiries being carried out into police officers in England, Wales


and Scotland. It suggested has been going on for a number of years. 400


members of the public have made complaints in the last five years.


They have just made complaints, there are other people that are not


coming forward, vulnerable woman. There is no suggestion there are men


involved who are being abused. Police officers abusing their power


and having sexual relationships. We were talking about this before we


went on, the numbers here. This disclosure comes from only one in


four forces that gave the numbers to The Times, so we do not know what


the fool story is. How many priests are in the UK, because 150 out of


the police, but we don't know what percentage of being accused of this.


I would like to know how this compares to other countries. I


imagine the United States, my country, does not have a good record


on that. It would be interesting to see how they stack up against other


countries. Any one of these cases is too many and the numbers are quite


high. We can look at the Financial Times. Hackers silence Internet on


US coast with an attack on a web address service. This affected our


website today. The FT and the New York Times and Twitter and other


major Web services that have a server in the US. It started on the


ease coast of the US and it spread to the west Coast. Even though we


use this service, we had never heard of the company. They are a small


company that turned what you write in to a web search into digits. It


is a phone directory for the Internet. If they don't have that


translation service you cannot access websites. This was clearly


one of the biggest tax we have seen in recent years and they are getting


worse stop they have figured out ways to do this and more


sophisticated ways. We were talking to security experts who are saying


they are starting to use things like refrigerators and baby monitors


because they are less secure. Your baby monitor can be attacked a


certain websites. Multiple, thousands of people, signing onto


websites. Great opportunities and cyber security. The US to party of


Homeland Security does not know who did this or why they did it. The


concern seems to be that it is a precursor to something happening on


the US Election Day. There is a suggestion this has been done by


people for political means. I was affected by this. When did your


Twitter go down? About an hour ago. Sorry if you're trying to contact


me. Here is a picture of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at this


dinner, but it was Donald's bad taste in and the campaign heads a


new low. Hillary Clinton look quite amused. She likes to laugh at Donald


Trump. This was a memorial dinner which is a pre-election ritual in


New York. Traditionally it is quite good-natured and the candidates come


together with the Catholics and the New York elite and they laugh at


themselves. That is what Hillary Clinton did, she made a few jokes


about things Trump had ripped four, the Donald Trump went in hard and


used it like our secondary debate. He was booed. I'm not sure it is a


new low for him, it has been quite low for a long time. This is one of


the moments that happens occasionally when you're meant to


self that you, but Trump does not do that. He made one decent joke when


he made fun of his speech were made at the convention, saying Michelle


Obama gives a speech and everyone loves my wife gives the same speech


and everyone hates it. It was the only good joke he gave. He says that


Hillary Clinton is only pretending to like Catholics but she hates


Catholics. He got booed. Then he said, I don't know what they are


booing at me or you. Then someone shouted, we are building at you,


Donald. It is a tired then and I'm not sure his voters going to be


upset if you'd read to them. It will be interesting to see how it plays.


Deed think he has given up? Their strategy is to rally the base and


get people angry so they turn up to vote and suppress her boat by saying


the independents who think she is corrupt will not show up, but


energise those who will show up. Do not think he is laying the ground


work from reasons for his defeat? His voter bases quite


conspiratorially, the stuff about not accepting the result, he is


trying to rally his people to show up and make sure it is not wrecked.


I don't think it is going to work, the Republicans have tried it in the


past, and the Kennedys, to generate outrage just before Election Day and


generally it doesn't work. I would say that Hillary Clinton is going to


win. A couple of stories in The Times. Minister sabotage built to


clear gay men. It was to remove sexual offence charges from people


who are still alive. There was a justice minister involved and he


topped the Tote, which means that he topped for too long. I think this is


a dish of spectral story. It was thought yesterday they gay men would


be pardoned, not only posthumous labour those who are still alive,


for historic sex offences. This is after Alan Shearer was pardoned in


2014. But that is only going to apply to people on a posthumous


basis. The living can already apply to have their records wiped. Nigel


Adams is very angry about this and said it was disrespectful. He said


that he was fighting back tears. Wes Brown was upset about it too. This


was brought by an SNP MP, John Nicholson. This morning it sounded


like it was good to happen. I did not realise this was still an issue,


that they had not already pardoned everyone. All the reporting we had


this morning and last night when this bill was coming to the comments


was that it was going to be easily wade through and frankly he


presented the paper in front of me and I was amazed that it had not


gone through. It is tragic for a number of people who are still


alive. It was interesting, I heard a lot of people on your broadcast


talking about this who were convicted of this and are still


alive and are angry because they do not want to be pardoned because


there is nothing wrong with that. That is not what this minister was


trying to do. The minister is still planning to support an amendment to


the law that would allow a blanket pardon for those still alive, but it


is not going to happen today. Another story in The Times, a level


art history gets a lifeline by archaeology may be dead and buried.


They are looking at what A-level subjects will have to stop for


various reasons, they cannot find examiners, it is difficult because


this together. There was a bit of concern about art history. There was


a bit of an outcry about A-level art history being scrapped. I did


English and art history at degree level, so I feel quite passionate


about this. It is the ongoing suggestion that humanity is seen as


-- suggestion that humanity is seen as Mickey Mouse subjects, but we


cannot all be maths wizards. But pure maths is also going to hit the


dust. I did not take an A-level, so I'm not sure I have strong opinions


on this. I was a history major and if we do not train people to know


how to write we will not have newspapers any more. People always


say to me what should you studied to become a journalist, English? That


is fine, if you want, but the best news rooms are full of people with


lots of different experience. They keep having to do this embarrassing


U-turns. They tried to drop them at this -- drop feminism from the


politics curriculum. In The Telegraph, a Park has banned dog


walkers. Thousands of open spaces are no longer open to professional


dog walkers. 3300 open spaces have seen dog walkers bands will stop I


think this is after the 2014 ASBO spell control. The kennel club has


spoken out and accused councils of waging a war on dogs. I don't know


if that is entirely fair, because it is professional dog walkers. UDC


people trying to handle five or six dogs, which must be quite tricky.


Difficult to clean up after as well. It does seem like punching the


majority for the actions of the minority. That visit from the papers


tonight. Don't forget all the front pages are online and you can read a


detailed review of the paper is seven days a week. You can see us


thereto. Each episode is posted on the page shortly after and it is on


the iPlayer. Amanda likes to work as hard. Peter from the FT and clear,


enjoy your weekend. Next, it is the weather.


Good evening. The weekend is approaching and we all have that


Friday feeling. It has not been too bad a day and it has been dry, but


there is a lot


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