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the Formula One world championship after finishing second


Team-mate Lewis Hamilton won the race.


We were taken aback, because Mr Fillon sounded like one of our


producers! Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Nigel Nelson,


who's Political Editor at both the Sunday Mirror and Sunday People


and the Columinst for The Telegraph leads


with its own interview with the Polish Prime Minister,


Beata Szydlo, who says that the European Union will have


to compromise with Britain The Express says the Government


must come clean over what it calls a pension


shock for millions. It says 30 million British people


could have to work until they're 70 The Financial Times' main story


is that eight big Italian banks could fail if the Italian


Prime Minister Matteo Renzi loses the constitutional


referendum next week. The Metro says a prisoner


commits suicide in a British jail every three days,


in what it calls an epidemic fuelled The 'i' newspaper splashes


across its front page that It says Jeremy Corbyn is under fire


for praising the Cuban The Guardian has the story


of Francois Fillon defeating Alain Juppe to become


the conservative candidate to become It quotes him as saying "France


is more right-wing We will start with the Daily


Telegraph, EU must compromise on Brexit, it says. Who is saying this?


This is the Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo. Very good. That was


close enough. I'm getting there. She is coming over for a summit tomorrow


and what she is saying to Daily Telegraph is this idea that there is


room for negotiation. Because we were beginning to wonder. This will


be welcome to Theresa May. If there is some compromise that we can do,


then great. But it appeared from other European leaders there was no


compromise. It does feel like it is the first time we have heard anybody


from that side saying this. Yes and it would be music to the ears of


Theresa May and it is significant and I can't believe this is the


first over Anglo Polish summit, but it is. But it will concentrate on


security and defence, that is a huge issue for Poland and we are sending


troops to the north eastern border. Instead of the economy. So it is


taking the conversation about Brexit there are other things. Speaking of


security, the other story, uncovered the Isil property to attack Europe.


How much detail is there? Not a lot. But there might be. There is an


interview with our top officer in the military coalition. What they


have been doing is where they have managed to get hold of stuff from


so-called Islamic State, they have got militant's lap taps and phones


and hard drives that they're being able to pass on to intelligence


agencies. This is after the capture of a Syrian town that was a gate way


for Jihadists going to Turkey. That will have a huge amount of


intelligence? It should do. Bearing in mind it is Raqqa, the main centre


for Isis. Getting hold of this stuff and if it does reveal plots that


they have got set up in Europe, it could be valuable and what we need


to know is what is in them. They have set up a laboratory. So it is


so much, the volume of material so they have set up a lab to plunder


the trove. The Guardian, Fillon defeats Juppe. It doesn't look as if


the left will have much of a look in. Holland is so unpopular now it


is looking like it is Fillon against marine Le Pen. And the Guardian goes


through Fillon's manifesto and it sounds a bit like what has happened


in America, that he is talking about again part of austerity drive, but


making people who can least afford it pay for austerity. The idea of


cutting public workers, 500,000 of them, tax breaks for the rich,


cutting benefits. Not quite sure that is the kind of message in this


new world order that we seem to have created that will go down well.


Except if you have going to take on the navl front. - - National Front.


Yes he seems to have come from nowhere, but he has always said that


Thatcher, he was a great fan of Margaret Thatcher and what he is


proposing is a soft, if you like, right, centrist right, and that is


as the only way you can take him on. But the voters at the moment clearly


like a maverick. Whoever that might be. In this case he is establishment


and Marine Le Pen is the maverick. But we don't know who is running for


the socialist. Do you think she is a maverick? Yes it is the same kind of


thing that's happening with... In a variety of countries. The Trump


thing is the obvious one. It doesn't matter what his politics are, that


he is rowing back from, it is that he is different and not


establishment. Now the Metro, suicide in jail every three days. We


have had this sort of summit of prison officers recently talking


about how they can't do on with this situation in jails with the violence


as well and there is supposed to be a root and branch look at the are


regimes. Michael Gove actually developed some changes and


restructuring to jails that were widely welcomed as far as I recall


by penal reformers and campaigners. But I mean these are a shocking


figures, 102 have killed themselves that is ten times higher than the


rest of the population. Pressures on prison staff, shortage of prison


staff, overcrowding, violence. And also if they're locked up a lot


people will be depressed and little in the way of rehabilitation for


people in prisons. Because they haven't got the staff. So I do think


this will help the prison officers' case, they're arguing they can't put


in rehabilitation plans, because there are not enough of them. More


and more of this will happen, but the figures, the first time we have


seen the exact figure and that is scary. I'm going to leap back to the


Daily Telegraph, spot my cue won't you? Boris, our man in Havana? This


is a who should attend Fidel Castro's funeral. We know Jeremy


Corbyn will go. He doesn't count - in so many ways. I think it is right


the Foreign Secretary should be there. I don't think it is a job for


the Prime Minister. In the same way in America I don't think President


Obama should go. It should be, but the Secretary of State John Kerry


should go. The Trump camp say neither should. But President Obama


began to soften up the relationship and that is why they have cruise


ships going and they're lifting sanctions and improving trade.


America will benefit as it comes, as Cuba comes out of the Fidel Castro


regime and Obama has done a lot of things. Are you saying Obama should


go. No but Trump is still not president and it is nothing to do


with him. That is true. It is a question of the level of dignitary


you send. Which begs the question, in this tiny detail of diplomacy if


we had Nigel Farage as an ambassador would he go. Perhaps he could be our


ambassador to Cuba? There is a lot of people would like to send him


there. Cigars, he likes smoking. Staying with the Daily Telegraph, Ed


Balls, there he is, being held aloft, not because he has won


Strictly, but because he is being booted out. The judges were unkind


about him. But I think he did a legendary Gangnam Style and his jive


wasn't bad, but last night? It was the end. I find this fascinating,


because I think the Daily Telegraph sums it up, perfectly, the piece by


Judith Woods saying he was demonised as a politician and lionised as a


dancer and now the nation has this huge affection for Ed Balls which


they didn't seem to have before. And this can't hurt him, if he will make


a political come back. Everyone thinks good on you, it was all


great. You gave it your best shot and he did. He put everything into


it. Maybe drop the fake tan. It shows some political come back.


Michael Portillo has made a successful career having been lost


his seat and become a serious historian. But he came back and


found he didn't like and decided to travel the world. We have spent


months talking about the desire for the maverick or the authentic and


isn't it a tragedy that politicians only become human when they're in


the in office. Now the financial times, the Uber for laundry spin.


What a long title. What is it? Is your washing machine on now? I have


no idea. You see the idea is while you're not using it somebody else


could be. How would that make any money. Because it is about smart


machines. You could sit here and switch on your washing machine and


somebody else's laundry could come in as the Uber laundry. And the only


slight problem that they do identify is what happens if it comes out ow


torn. Or somebody leaves in a blue sock with your white shirts. There


could be litigation. Go back to launderettes. That is it for The


Papers. We are back later and all the front-pages are online on the


BBC News web-site. Now its time for Meet the Author -


this week Jim Naughtie meets the American author Jodi Picoult


to talk about her latest novel Jodi Picoult is a storyteller


who has a way of touching questions


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