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that, because there is traffic. OK, the police are now calling it a


terror attack in Berlin. Thank you for joining us.


Let's look at some of the front pages. Many of them lead on the


events over the last 2-3 hours from Berlin. Natalie Haynes and Rob


Merrick join me. We will start with the Guardian, which has on the front


page nine dead in Berlin, truck horror, dozens hurt at Christmas


market. Natalie, you were telling me earlier that your family from


Belgium. That's true. The whole Christmas


market thing is something that you know a lot about, like a lot of


people do, I suppose, in this country. They go over to Europe and


go to the markets, but you were telling me earlier that they do have


barriers around some of the markets. They did last year, I haven't been


over this year yet and I am running out of time, but at the start of


this year, when the Christmas markets run into the earlier part of


January, that is when I was last over. They have big concrete blocks


in the centre of Brugge. It is a very beautiful town centre, and you


are not allowed to drive through anyway, but they have put up big


concrete blocks. Is that a safety measure? I've to say my cousins, who


are young and fearless, were scoffing at the idea that anybody


would be fearful of such things in Bruges. I thought, OK, you are young


and brave, but it seemed a measure. Perhaps serving a dual function.


You can't get a softer target than a Christmas market, can you?


Clearly, the eyewitness Emma felt that it was unpredictable, how can


you protect against it but perhaps the only we can is with barriers


that Natalie was talking about. But your gut feeling is that if they did


attack, they would attack somewhere else. It is almost impossible to


prevent some sort of attack somewhere.


The Guardian reporting that one man is arrested and another man is dead


in the Laurie. This was not an accident. -- lorry. Emma saying that


there was no way that it could have been accidental, it was travelling


in a straight line, it was not veering off in any way, suggesting


that the driver had suffered a heart attack or something like that. It


was clear to them what was going on. It is hard not to join the dots,


because it feels so much like the story of Nice in July, when


similarly, for Bastille Day, a truck ploughed into a huge crowd of


families. Exactly the same, a soft target. Chris is market attract


people with children, so it is difficult not to fill in the gaps


and say that it is clearly what it is -- Christmas markets attract. We


will have to see what develops and what information the police release


over the next few hours, or days and weeks. At the moment, you think back


to whenever the Glasgow bin lorry case was and we did the same thing,


and of course it was a different story, equally tragic, but


differently so. A quote on the front of the


Guardian, there seems to be no doubt about what has happened, he says,"


if you days before Christmas, the message is clear, no matter how, we


can pounce at any time". That seems to be the thing.


The front page of the i, Islamic State on the back foot in Syria, and


in Iraq. Many analysts point out that this is how they are now


getting their message out, I suppose, their message of terror.


They have been appealing to their followers abroad to do what they can


to further their twisted cars. Natalie, Islamic State also saying


that trucks are a good thing to use to attack people. While the


authorities in Germany are keeping a bit of an open mind on this, clearly


with that calling from Islamic State with this happening, with the Nice


attack as well, many point their fingers towards some kind of


Islamist link. I suppose it is one of those things


where we have watched the encroachment of more and more


things. Once you could say about unattended baggage, that is


something to be afraid of. Now you can see someone with a bag, it does


not have to be unattended. There are bag searches to make people feel


safer. And it isn't particularly difficult to get hold of a lorry. It


isn't difficult to have a license to drive a heavy goods vehicle, it


isn't particularly difficult to force somebody else with a licence


to let you have the lorry. The question arises, we can't keep


fighting the weapon because the weapons ciggy changes. The question


is then the target. In that case, what do we do? Do we never go to


places? Do we carry on doing what we wanted to do for the rest of the


weekend, it is super brave. On the front of the FT, echoes of


Nice at a seasonal market. I covered the Nice attack, and there were


Brits flying in the day afterwards in solidarity. They specifically


said, we're not going to be deterred by this, as Emma was saying earlier,


we will not let them win, people flying in specifically the day after


to show solidarity. When this happened, everyone's minds, my mind


certainly, went that it is Nice again.


In the 2005 suicide attacks, you carry on, I certainly did. The


conclusion of the French authorities was that the man that carried out


the massacre in Nice had been inspired by Islamist propaganda, but


they couldn't find any suggestion that Isis had orchestrated the


attack. What can be said is that at some point Isis will claim ASBOs


ability for Berlin, but they did not necessarily orchestrated, merely


that they inspired. In the wake of Nice, the authorities


were trying to establish how easy it would be for someone to be able to


get their hands on a vehicle large enough to cause maximum damage.


Interestingly, the suggestion is that there are some reports say that


it was a vehicle that was hijacked. The Guardian is running a live


update, a live feed, and Kate Connelly, one of their reporters,


had quoted, I think, the owner of the company who owns the truck which


is Polish, I think. The quote she had was from the company owner


saying that it was his cousin who was in the Laurie and he was certain


that he would put his hand in the fire -- in the lorry. It may be


incorrect, but it is something that makes perfect sense in this


narrative, do we rushed to believe it or ask the right questions?


Wouldn't suggest it was true, I would merely say that question has


been raised. An attack on a mosque in zero today,


also the assassination of the Rossen ambassador to Turkey. -- in zero.


Conspiracy theorists might suggest they are linked -- in Zurich.


What a dreadful day in terms of terror and Europe this day has been.


The suspicion must be that if you are going to carry out an attack


like this, there was one in is a wreck as well, the run-up Christmas


is a time when people are expecting to be out and about, enjoying


themselves, at a Christmas market or another event. That is the time when


your motivation is to create terror to the maximum, maybe there is a


link with Zurich. There have been previous terror attacks in Germany


in recent weeks and months, but not since the summer, but it is now


three and six months. Rob and Natalie will be back in 15


minutes time. This is pretty much the only story that most of the


papers are running on. Thank you for that. Stay with us much more coming


up. Now it is time for the weather.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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