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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Miranda Green from the FT and Christopher Hope,


who's chief political correspondent at the Daily Telegraph.


Good to see you both. Hello. Wait until you have finished the papers.


You will not be saying that when I am finished with you, mate!


The Daily Mirror has the banner headline,


It quotes a source in the German police as saying the killer


The Telegraph says there's a manhunt in Berlin and across Europe


after the police admitted they'd arrested the wrong man.


The Times leads on the manhunt for the killer too.


It says the attack was the worst terrorist attack


The Metro recounts the death of the lorry's legitimate driver,


as he fought to try to stop the hijacker from


The i says Europe is on a Christmas terror alert.


It says British lorry drivers have been ordered to keep their cabs


The Mail says "so much for peace on earth",


as armed police guard the nativity scene at Canterbury Cathedral.


The Express leads on a different story.


It says Theresa May has refused to guarantee a vote in Parliament


on the terms of Britain's exit from the European Union.


The paper says MPs won't be able to block Brexit.


I suspect the living men and women might have a different view of that,


the members of the Supreme Court, that is. OK, the Daily Telegraph.


This is the top story, obviously. Berlin manhunt as killer escapes,


and the picture of Angela Merkel, Miranda, a single flower, paying her


respects to the dead. That picture I suppose symbolising the weight of


responsibility that she bears in her own mind, not just carrying this


country at this time of such horrible tragedy, but also


potentially for her policies and what some people are suggesting is


her contribution to what may have happened? So that is right, and very


striking image of a very stricken leader of a nation, trying to come


to terms with another horrible terrorist attack in Germany, because


of course over the summer there were terrorist attacks in Germany as


well. But they did not claim lives. This was the first... That is right,


but it is very distressing. Two news developments today, both of which


features largely in the Telegraph splash. Firstly, it is claiming


responsibility for the attack. Today. And also the awful revelation


that the Berlin police seem to have arrested the wrong man, who they


have released, and the killer is still at large. So there are fears


there might be the attacks. But you're absolutely right. This focus


on the individual stricken face of Angela Merkel, leader of the German


government, is because they did think the man they had arrested, who


they thought was responsible, was a refugee. He doesn't turn out to have


been responsible for the attack but Merkel is under enormous pressure


because of her policy of letting so many refugees from North Africa and


the Middle East into Germany. A policy which she had to slightly


reversed, but she is under attack, not only from political opponents on


the right, but she is also under attack even from within her own


governing coalition, and she faces a General Election next year. Yes,


Christopher, if it does turn out not to have been a refugee responsible


for this atrocity, some other faction or whatever, although


Islamic State have claimed responsibility, does that take the


pressure off? It does, and it is clear whether this photograph was


taken after or before that, when it was discovered this guy was not the


actual driver, but the weight of it is written on her face there. Yes,


we will have to wait and see how it plays out, but, you know, she cannot


be held responsible for a million people and all the things they do


and there are criminals in every group... Nigel Farage thinks that


she can. Yes, but the guy arrested was the wrong person, so that take


something out of it in the short-term, but does not get away


from an appalling story of loss of life in Berlin. Moving on to the i.


Christmas terror... Christopher, yes, the ramifications for the whole


of the continent now, particularly as this guy, one or two men, however


many were involved, have now got away? It is interesting how the


papers have treated the same story in different ways. The Telegraph


using the manhunt, the dramatic thing, who is the guy who did it?


The i going into moreover... Not as many words in the front, but making


it into a British shopping seem to make it a British story. Interesting


top line, about British lorry drivers ordered to keep their cabs


locked at all times. Not quite clear whether this is in Britain or on the


continent but either way, the world that we grew up in, didn't we, in


the 1980s, every car could be a bomb? Now if any lorry... Every


lorry seen as a potential murderous missile, inching out these new


enemies everywhere now. I think that is absolutely right. The horrendous


attack in Nice on the seafront earlier this year, that of course


was a lorry which had been hijacked then rammed into the crowd. So it


seems this is now one of the sort of array of techniques that terrorists


will use, and it is very difficult to control, you know. In Nice, that


is what we were all saying at the time. How can you control for which


lorries on the road might be about to run a mock and drive straight


through a crowd? It is incredibly difficult. Not just trucks. Islamic


State have to go through their propaganda arm, soldiers of the


caliphate, you true believers, do whatever you can to kill the


infidel, use a knife, storms, push them over a cliff, rocks, use


vehicles, do anything you can -- a knife, stones. It makes it


incredibly difficult... To defend against, yes. And this security


angle which I think all the papers will do more of this week, we, I


think, here in the UK, because we have that whole generation where we


were so used to the threat of IRA terrorism, we feel our security


forces here are excellent, which of course they are, but the sort of


phenomenon, Lone Wolf attacks, then claimed by Isis, soldiers of the


caliphate, as you say, that is much more difficult to deal with than a


terrorist organisation like the IRA structured like an army with a line


of command and clear political objectives. This is totally


different. Some people might disagree, but there were boundaries,


particularly in their struggle as well. Yes, there were. Warnings and


all the rest of it. The third bullet point, SES unit on stand-by, which


of course, writing a different story... The SAS on stand-by by its


nature -- SAS unit on stand-by. Yes, that is what it is for. Indeed. Any


eventuality. OK, inside page of the Express. Which is Angela Merkel... I


am being told we have lost the Express and we're going to go to the


Times. The first picture of one of the victims. 12 people died,


Miranda. This am a human face to this tragedy. That is right. -- this


is a human face to the tragedy. When some kind of terrorist out bridge --


over it like this happens, we get this in the news, what do we know?


Then in the next 24 hours details emerge of the casualties are. 12


people died, we think, but it could be more. There are still 14 people


in a very bad state in hospital, so the death toll could rise even now,


which is worrying to think about. But, yes, the Times has gone back on


the first available photograph of one of the victims of the attack. An


Italian young woman who is feared to be dead. It has not been confirmed


but her phone was found at the scene. They are taking a bit of a


risk in journalistic terms. Yes, they are. They are trying to sell


tomorrow morning's news today, not easy in this era of news. They are


thinking correctly photographeds will emerge tomorrow. By tomorrow


night, there will probably be 12 passport sized pictures of people


killed on the front page. They're trying to get ahead of the game and


they have taken a risk there, because it may have been phone. How


that says it... But I am sure they have made other checks to make sure


it is OK to take the risk on the front page. Also have slightly


different quotes in the Times story, which is interesting. A quote from


Angela Merkel speaking about how Germany would not want to let go of


what she calls the life we want to live in Germany, free, together and


open. This is the other thing, you know. It is how far do you go in


controlling a society and securing everything? Then they have won.


Again, that is the conversation we used to have in the 1980s when the


IRA were very active, this idea that you need to carry on with your life


in a free society otherwise you are handing victory to the terrorists.


Angela Merkel is making that point. Sure, I covered the Nice attacks,


and people were flying in. I said this before. People were flying in


the day afterwards to show solidarity, despite the atrocity,


and the still palpable fear some people had that something might


happen, yet people coming to show solidarity. The idea being that you


do not let the terrorists win. OK, that is enough on Berlin. We will


move onto the Express. My MPs will not be able to block Brexit,


Christopher. -- why MPs. Is that a correct headline? Wishful thinking


for the pro Minister. Theresa May was the senior -- with the senior


German of all the select committees today who called the Liaison


Committee. A big day for. Some of the skills David Cameron had, she is


developing those, as she developed into the role of premised. What she


said there was, to these MPs come on this committee, that they will not


be able to block Brexit. That is the position at the moment but of course


the Supreme Court, as you alluded to at the gaming, the hearing the case,


and if actually they prescribed, yes, there could be a vote, and the


House of Lords foot. She is having a go Nowell she can. Was quite


interesting this afternoon, though, because Theresa May has become sort


of mistress of the sex act, trying to let go of as little information


about Brexit as she possibly can. -- mistress of the sphinx act. That


phrase, "Negotiation is negotiation," a whole new


meaningless phrase can play with... What does it mean? Nothing. That the


end of the session with all these MPs the chairman rather ruefully


thanked him for an interesting session, and she gave him a rather


strange smile to say she was quite proud of herself for making it


little interest as she could. David Davis, much more forthcoming? He


basically says the most words without saying anything...


LAUGHTER You does that all the time, but he


has his brief. Say nothing! Yes, walk the walk, talk the talk, but


don't do anything. But he does occasionally let something out,


David Davis, which... And he is not slapped down by number ten Downing


St in the same manner as other ministers when he does so. Given


more leeway to test the ground with, I think, perhaps. Finally onto the


Telegraph. I saw you come into the office tonight with a whole load of


shopping bags, clearly prepped for Christmas. The story here is chaos


in store for online shoppers over earlier Christmas deadlines. It is


all but the shopping on the Internet. Of course because of rules


about when shops will be open, they cannot be open on Christmas Day.


They are on Boxing Day but know we all go online in this country, more


than most countries, Christmas Day is now a shopping base, so that is


what they are saying. Will there be a panic as they try -- is now a


shopping day. A classic kind of before it happens story, I think. I


think it is cold classic skier panic story. Honestly, as if people in the


run-up to Christmas need to be sent into a panic about getting their


shopping done in time -- scare panic story. We're all in a total panic


already. Disk and body lifted by a department store, as our man,


literally had never -- I had literally never seen a man as


discombobulated in a department store as tonight, following over


things and so on. Have you done all your shopping? The problem is I


started such a long time ago there are so many mystery packages and I


have no idea what is in them so I don't know if I am giving the right


things to the right people. I have just bought a lot of stuff!


LAUGHTER All right, you guys will be back in


about 15 minutes, with some more stories behind the headlines. Many


thanks for that. Do not forget all the papers and front pages will be


online on the BBC News website where you can read detailed review of all


of them. That is there for you seven days a week.


Fair and you can see us there as well. Thank you to Miranda and


Christopher and to all of you for watching. -- bbc.co.uk/papers, and


you can see us there as well. Heavy weather on the way. Batten


down the hatches. The wind is set to be the feature of the weather in the


run-up to Christmas. It could be very


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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