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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Miranda Green from the FT and Christopher Hope,


who's Chief political correspondent at the Daily Telegraph.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with -


The Daily Mirror says the "Truck killer could strike again".


It quotes a source in the German police as saying the killer


The Telegraph says there's a manhunt in Berlin and across Europe


after the police admitted they'd arrested the wrong man.


The Times leads on the manhunt for the killer too.


It says the attack was the worst terrorist attack on German


The Metro recounts the death of the lorry's legitimate driver,


as he fought to try to stop the hijacker


The 'i' says Europe is on a Christmas terror alert.


It says British lorry drivers have been ordered to keep their cabs


The Mail says "so much for peace", as armed police guard the nativity


The Express leads on a different story.


It says Theresa May has refused to guarantee a vote in parliament


on the terms of Britain's exit from the European Union.


The paper says MPs won't be able to block Brexit.


The Guardian. I know it is difficult political leaning to your own paper.


I hope you can deal with it. The hunt for the truck attacker


continues as the far right puts blame on Merkel. Paying tribute to


those who died. The pressure really piling up on her just months before


her election. A grieving chancellor there. Her face shows all the weight


and the strain on trying to deal with the tragedy. Not clear when it


was taken because most of the day we thought that the sky they arrested


-- this guy, it wasn't the right person. That would be difficult for


her. You can argue that she can't be blamed for all the crimes some of


them will commit because they will be criminals within any cohort of


the population that it is a terrific photo used in many papers including


our own, the Telegraph. The Guardian makes the point that there is no


evidence that they know it was inspired by Isis. The language used


is similar. They want any good propaganda from their point of view


as possible. They are going to jump on this even if it's got nothing to


do with them. S not only that. The interesting thing about choosing to


a chap Germany -- attack Germany, they can't blame it on German


foreign policy. Usually when there is a terrorist out break in the


West, like in France, they can say that this is an offence for


intervention in the middle leaves. -- revenge. Germany is a pacifist


nation, in recent history. You can't blame the lazy link between foreign


policy and a terrorist attack. A link can be made potentially by


Angela Merkel's political opponents with her policy on letting all the


refugees into Germany over the last 18 months. They will be capitalising


on that even if the perpetrator of this attack turns out not to have


been a refugee himself because that's the environment in which we


are. It's the run-up to a general election and she will be personally


blamed. You are trying to prescribe a logical thing on IS. As to why


they attack people. They just attack people. Including Muslims. But they


like division. There is often a lazy link made between Western foreign


policy. That is not available in this case. Absolutely right. The


Metro headline. Interesting angle they are taking. He fought to the


end. This is the lorry driver that was found shot dead and attacked in


the lorry. His face is loaded and battered as though he was in a fight


with somebody. Interesting how the papers are treating this story. As


we go through the papers, we see them winning it back home. We are


still focusing on the Metro. He fought to the end. What can you say?


It looks like he was held captive while the lorry drove towards the


market. And then found with one shot wounds as well. -- gunshot. British


lorry drivers are on high alert and have been advised they have to be


careful and keep their cab doors locked and so forth. In this German


attack, a truck was hijacked. Earlier in the year we also saw the


horrendous truck ploughing through the crowds in Meese on the most


exciting day of the French national calendar -- Nice. Bastille Day. Now


they have been ordered to keep their cab doors locked at all times, lorry


drivers. All the papers covering it differently. It is the fear of


copycat violence. Once a method for mayhem has been exploited by one


terrorist, particularly if it is a lone wolf attack that is later


claimed by Isis, you're planting the seeds in other peoplesheads. A


frightening time to be a lorry driver. You are a hijacked target


now. Around Europe, Christmas terror alert. All governments across Europe


at checking over their policies when it comes to terror alerts. The one


in Britain is still severe which means there is a strong likelihood


of a terror attack. Lorries are a new weapon and that is why they are


saying to lock your doors. The front page of the Daily Mail. Machine-gun


cops guard Canterbury's connectivity scene. Peace and goodwill to all


men. People representing the figures from the nativity scene. Awful to


have to see them be protected so clearly. It brings it right home to


the season. As the papers suggest is, so much for peace and goodwill.


It takes the spirit of Christmas away. Having said that, societies


are around Europe have got to do something in order to protect


citizens. Absolutely and where do you strike the right balance?


Increasing security so that citizens feel safe and cracking down on


anything that is fun that makes a free societies in the West. Great


places to live because there is a compulsion to say we will carry on


and enjoy ourselves in the way we think is right in Western


democracies. There is also a line in this mail story where they have gone


big on the Canterbury nativity being under guard. They will take a new


precautions everywhere. Clearly, anything where crowds gather is


going to have to be seen as a potential vulnerable points now


which will lead to different levels of policing probably in different


security protocols which is only sensible. Islamic State have made it


clear to their followers over the world that they should be doing


whatever they can to attack targets to show that they are true members


of the caliphate. That means throwing rocks, using a knife,


pushing people over, using vehicles, anything. Absolutely anything.


You're right, Miranda, it's how societies are just to that reality.


There is a danger around every single corner. At the same time


allowing Asprey society to be free -- allowing a free society.


Conundrum. There is a bit on the Berlin lorry attack here as well on


the Daily Express. But why MPs would be able to block Brexit. The Supreme


Court will have something to say. Not just yet. We have got the


Supreme Court hearing which will be in the first or second week of


January and they will decide whether MPs get a vote. It is all about


deciding, the High Court has ruled about when Brexit happens and when


we trigger Article 50. What they are talking about here is the reason


they gave evidence today. MPs will be able to block Brexit. That is her


opinion. If the Supreme Court finds otherwise, they will have to suck it


up. She didn't give that much away, though, did she? She never does.


What do you call her? The Sphinx. Apparently her favourite historical


figure is Elizabeth one. She was quite good at constructive ambiguity


and not letting your intentions be known. That seems to be her strategy


on Brexit and has critics over that strategy but today was another


occasion she tried to give us little away as possible and try to be as


dull as possible to avoid any headlines. The Daily Express, as you


rightly pointed out, has campaigned for Britain to leave the EU. Even


her giving a little bit away hasn't stopped them splashing with it on a


day when all other papers have gone with the tragedy on Berlin. That is


fair enough for them. That's its crusade. The Telegraph. She is


slowing down a little bit. The Queen has handed over some of her


responsibilities. Of course, she has many. So she has handed over a few.


Some of the papers have shown a photograph of her with Prince


Charles at leaning over her in a rather protective way. What she


won't do is hand over the crown. She has made that clear. The Duchess of


Cambridge is a big tennis fan so she has grasped with great speed


Wimbledon and passports corresponded was saying earlier that tennis


didn't find the Queen. A great gig for Kate, though. That's a good one


to get, Wimbledon. Bail us want to be more busy. -- they always want to


be more busy. Finally the times. Dick van Dyke to start in Mary


Poppins Returns. -- Star. He is 94 now. Sorry, 91. He is going to make


a sequel of Mary Poppins. Will his accent be any worse? That's the key


question. Cor blimey, guvna. We have the Queen and Dick Van Dyke refusing


to retire. He says he keeps fit in his 90s just out of pure defiance.


He refuses to go. I think he would be great in Mary Poppins. Cor


blimey. Many thanks to you guys. Don't forget all the front pages


are online on the BBC News website where you can read a detailed


review of the papers. It's all there for you -


seven days a week at with each night's edition


of The Papers posted on the page Thank you to Miranda Green


and Christopher Hope.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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