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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Rain Rooney has scored his 249th goal, matching Bobby Charlton's


previous ritual. -- previous record. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are the Sun's


deputy head of sport, Martin Lipton, and Martin Bentham,


home affairs editor The Observer says the Prime Minister


is under pressure this weekend to announce an emergency NHS


rescue plan to Parliament. Writing in the Sunday Telegraph,


Theresa May says the Government has a duty to step in


and tackle injustice. The Sunday Times leads


with Britain's former ambassador to the EU,


Ivan Rogers, meeting with David Cameron before Christmas


to warn him that Theresa May The Sunday Express says the man set


to become Donald Trump's ambassador to the EU has revealed


that he supported Brexit The Mail on Sunday features Israeli


officials allegedly caught making a vow to take down Boris Johnson's


Foreign Office deputy. And the Sun on Sunday


feature a story of a man, who was born a girl


20 years ago, being Let's start with the Sunday


Telegraph. This is to reason me, I think she has written a piece inside


and the front page is taking experts from it.


think she has written a piece inside and the front page is taking experts


from it. The shared society, not the big society. This appears to be to


reason me's mission statement in setting up the platform for and,


almost. Along article, by the look of it, inside. The shared society is


the theme. It does seem reminiscent of David Cameron and his big


society, doesn't it? It doesn't give me a lot of excitement in terms of


watching is actually saying. This is the thing about, we don't want to


give out a hand-out, and want to give a hand up, world this is about


giving a handshake. Everyone should be nice to each other and it is the


business of government to make sure business of government to make sure


we are all nice. Actually, it is a defining difference between her and


David Cameron. Actually, she sees this as defining thing in her whole


Conservative philosophy which is very different from what David


Cameron had and also different from Margaret Cho who she is sometimes


compared to four the obvious reason that she is the female Prime


Minister of this company. She she does talk further down first of all


about there is a society, for a Star, which is interesting in


itself, and then talking about it is the job of government to tackle the


increasing lack of affordability in housing, fixing the markets, an


interesting position for a Conservative, she has said she is


not all about individuals and self-interest which is always the


allegations thrown at the Conservatives, that is what they are


about, very individualistic party, and she is saying there is a role


for intervention, the government is trying to assist and we are going to


get a series of speeches... This is all about exploiting the weakness of


labour. What she is setting up is, yes, I'm listening to you, I


understand the country, the people of this country are unhappy, they


feel the elite are in control and not listening to them, I will listen


to you, I will give you a platform to be the country we all wanted to


be, almost, and, by the way, I can do something about it, not that


other lot who are sliding into irrelevance. There is also a role


for government to do this which is also a fundamental change. David


Cameron's big society was about people outside of society doing


things where she is saying government itself can do some of


these things. There is a big gap between the government saying they


will do them and achieving them and doing them and that is the test she


will face over the coming years. Brexit doesn't get much of a


mention. Let's go on to the Sunday Times, though, let's go to you, Ben.


This is Sir Ivan Rogers, he has just quit as the European Union


Ambassador, and apparently he secretly met a bit camera that


allsorts of things. It is saying that David Cameron shares the same


concerns that Ivan Rogers has about the risk of Britain facing a


disorderly exit from the European Union and they are both concerned


about this may have this meeting before Sir Ivan Rogers made this


rather dramatic resignation earlier this week. They have had this


concerned that there is going to be, Rogers says he thinks weenie to plan


for a disorderly works it and Number ten... And David Cameron is concern


about the same type of thing. Of course we don't know that that is


the case. I suppose the document is that the interesting thing is to say


that he has been plotting and conniving, allegedly, that is the


subject of this, with David Cameron. There has been an increasing schism


in the time since she replaced as leader of the party, this will only


exacerbate that. Really, it will be seen that her predecessor was


happily working with someone who may be seen by government to be


undermining government. The alarming phraseology talks about heading for


up car crash, Sir Ivan Rogers. A mutually assured destruction. Quite


cataclysmic. Let's stick with the Observer. UK at risk of Brexit trade


catastrophe. This is something to do with someone from Canada the


Canadians are usually rather smooth talkers and very friendly, but that


doesn't sound very friendly as tall. This is coming from the Observer and


to coin a phrase, they would do, wouldn't they? Taking the neck at


its side of any exit argument. An interesting... What does he say? He


is basically saying that the dangers of the badly done Deal or no deal


will be extremely grim for the prospects of the UK economy going


forward, which of course, many people do fear. He is playing to a


particular audience here. What we don't really get if he alleges that


written is at risk of catastrophic Brexit because the government is so


dismissive of experts but I am not sure they are. We don't really know


what the government position is yet. Also, I'm not sure they are


dismissive. I think the government truly quite aware of the need to


continue and try to maintain our trading links and of course how they


do that is a very difficult issue and part of what he is talking here


is of course the Canadian deal with the EU took an awful lot of work and


belief are done at the last minute and has just been signed and sealed.


And we will have to do eels with all other countries rather than as one


block as before. As I say, I'm not sure that his allegation that the


government is not where of these risks is actually accurate. The real


question is whether they can achieve it. It talks about this terrible


long timescale, this business about things taking possibly a decade.


That sounds alarming. Some people say even if we had no trade eel, we


could operate in the world. We trade with the United States, we can work


on WTO rules, we trade with the US under those rules and some people


say that the Wii and adequate position to be in. Whether that is


true or not is another issue. This strange story in a Mail on Sunday,


the Royal plot to take down Tory minister. It is all based on


something going on in a restaurant. Apparently, the target was very


un-keen on the things that Sir Alec Duncan has been saying and it is a


strange one, isn't it? A little bit is that all cattle over the dinner


table. -- titled cattle. We don't have any independent view


of the Commons. She will be asked questions of what she actually said.


Her comment at the end is it was purely a social meeting with the


Israeli official and it was just chatting about politics, many years


people do it. One thing important thing is that this evening, the


Israeli ambassador to London has apologised for the comment made


other deputy during down this Alan Duncan. It is a tremendous Tory


because it revealed that his ology eyes for this contact, suggesting


they should take down the second most senior minister in the Foreign


Office in the grounds that Boris Johnson doesn't matter because


according to him he is an idiot, and then, he says because Alan Duncan


has been proposed union, he wants to take him down. That is quite an


inflammatory thing for a department to say. -- to come out. There will


be percussions. If he has been sent home, that says a lot. Let's go back


to the Observer. The British Red Cross saying Deb is a humanitarian


crisis in the NHS may urge to get a grip on the NHS. Is it a


humanitarian crisis? It does seem somewhat hyperbolic statement by the


Red Cross which in some way diminishing the issues. There are


genuine humanitarian crises on the planet and whilst there are issues


with the NHS, this doesn't really equate to any of those and I think


this is rather foolish and inflammatory language, given there


is a clear issues in the way the NHS is one of the moment, the problems


being caused by the budgetary position and the pressures the


services are under and the hospitals and GPs are having problems. In


other circumstances, the government might hold its feet marble more


aggressively to the flame than it has been. Things do sound pretty


ghastly, record breaking closures in A Department. This one does seem


more serious. Things have been building up for some time. You can


argue about the funding and so on, and obviously, labour makes a big


play of that and the junior doctors you talk to only on this evening,


they make a big play of that as well. There is also the underlying


problem of more people, the published is getting older, people's


general levels of eating and so on are accesses and therefore, there


are increased problems of obesity. There are all sorts of problems. And


then, you've got GPs under pressure. All those things are combining in a


toxic cocktail. It's a complicated problem to solve. We have to give


you this one, Mr Lipton. Wayne Rooney, he's smiling, waving,


because, tell us why. He has scored his 249th goal for Manchester so if


he scores one more, he will be the record-breaking scorer for England


and Manchester United and in both cases, he will have overtaken the


record set by Sir Bobby Charlton. He could have scored another one. He


has done it in far fewer games. About 200 fewer games. It's a


terrific achievement, it is proof of his enduring ability and also his


longevity. He played his debut for United in 2004, and he has scored


goals for 12 years, and he may not be in his prime, may not be the


player he was four or five years ago, he still remains and Emma Matic


player in English football as well. I think the actual 240 nights, he


didn't even kick it, it came off his knee or his shin. He'll take that!


As a lifelong Leeds United fan, I can't get very excited. He has done


well there have been doubts about where he is going and should he be


stepping down so on. There is sign of him slowing down, let's be clear


about that. He's not playing very much, is he. Let's see him do it for


England. It is easier for him to leave the Manchester United at the


end of this season with a record than it would have been if he had


been one or two short still. I think it will be a good way for him to go.


I know you too wanted to talk about this, as all the in the Sunday


Telegraph. One of my BBC colleagues, misidentified a mountaineer. Why are


you so keen to talk about this? Only because it is really funny. It is


there are two martins in the room. I haven't had a top so far, Mr Lipton.


He thought he was talking to a mountaineer and in fact he wasn't


but it was actually really fun television because everyone realised


very early on there had been a mistake and they laid, it was good.


He was a row. Gentlemen, you have been great, two martins, I'm not


even going to save their other names, thank you very much indeed.


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