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Coming up, song, dance and romance in La La Land. Could this be one of


the big Oscar winners? We will get Mark Kermode's verdict in the Film


Review. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are Rowena Mason,


deputy political editor for the Guardian, and Jim Waterson,


political editor of BuzzFeed. Tomorrow's front pages:


The Financial Times focuses on the Government's approach


to Brexit, ahead of the speech It says ministers are adopting


an increasingly pragmatic stance. The Daily Express says Mrs May's


vision will completely free Britain, once and for all,


from Brussels rule. The Metro highlights


the Chancellor's suggestion that Britain could become a tax haven


if it is denied access The Times says US President-elect


Donald Trump will offer Britain a trade deal within weeks of taking


office, to help make Brexit The Telegraph has the same story,


adding that Trump plans to invite Theresa May to the White House


as soon as he is sworn in. The Guardian reports on the warning


by the outgoing head of the CIA that Mr Trump must adopt


a more careful approach The Daily Mirror reports that


Jeremy Hunt will earn millions of pounds from the sale


of an education website he co-owns, although he can't take the money


at the moment as a serving Health And the Daily Mail has the story


of a Nigerian woman who flew So let us begin. Let's go to this


story in the Times. Quite an extraordinary story, an


extraordinary front page it makes. A couple of people doing interviews


and one familiar name, Michael Gove, who used to work for the Times at


the leading Brexiteer, and someone called Oliver Wright. It is a


remarkable interview, and you see Michael Gove quite obviously


blurring the boundaries between journalists, politicians and


campaigner. In the top line that the Times has picked out is that Donald


Trump has said that he wants to do a fair trade deal with the UK almost


as soon as he takes office, and that will help make Brexit a great thing.


That is a really, really interesting line for a domestic audience, but


possibly even more than that globally is this confirmation that


he will try to seek nuclear weapons reduction deal with Russia's


President Putin, in return for lifting US sanctions. That is a


really significant diplomatic development, if he manages to pull


that off. What we get here is such a spread of things. You mentioned two,


there are more in this piece. There are so many that you can't put them


all on the front page of the newspaper. There is the fact that he


wants his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to find peace in the Middle East. He


basically dismisses NATO as a spent force and wonders what its purpose


is, along with the purpose of the EU. In the space of one hour-long


conversation with Michael Gove he sets off several diplomatic problems


which will now take a very long time for people to decode. I do sometimes


wonder whether he is actually going to follow through on some of things


that he says. When you see him saying I feel this way, is there in


any thought behind it, is it calculated, or is it something that


has just come into his head at this particular moment in time? He is


pretty rude about Angela Merkel, saying she made a catastrophic


mistake when she let 1 million migrants into Germany, but he goes


on talking about her in warmer terms. Yes, slightly contradictory,


as we have come to expect from Mr Trump. He says that Angela Merkel


made a catastrophic mistake by leading refugees into Europe and he


goes on to make some predictions about how this could cause the


disintegration of the EU, and then he says he is going to start off by


trusting her, even though that might not last very long. A little sting


in the tail of that one. The same with Putin. He is saying he wants to


do this deal with him, and then saying he will trust him for now,


but potentially not forever. All the newspapers are going to scramble to


catch up with this, of course. And the Telegraph has to give the Times


the credit, but they point out the line about making Brexit a great


thing. A great thing for who is what I want to know. Some of the guys on


the US side I talked to recently said they are slightly less positive


about the deal Britain will get from the trade deal with the US. They


said everything will be on the table, things like pharma and


agriculture, which were big, big things went Ttip was going through,


ultimately scuppered by Mr Trump. They say Britain is going to really


struggle with this one but journalistically what is interesting


is that the Telegraph recognised that the Times front page is so good


that they basically have to run it in full. Newspapers hate doing that


unless they really have to. The other thing about the trade deal is


that Obama said we would be at the back of the queue, so for reporters


in newspapers like the Telegraph, this is a vindication of their point


of view, the point of view from the Leave campaign is that Brexit would


lead to trade deal and we would not miss out as a country. Very quickly,


it is such a bizarre situation we're in, 12 months ago Donald Trump was


not ahead in the polls on the primaries, he was still seen as joke


candidate, David Cameron was secure as Prime Minister and going around


Europe getting a renegotiated deal and the EU referendum was a long way


off. It is absolutely mad. We stick with Brexit, let's go to the Daily


Express but this is very much a domestic situation. Who starts us


off? Theresa May due to make a big statement on Tuesday, everybody


hoping for as I said before flashed on the bones of this thing. What has


the express got to say? The Daily Express are probably the most pro-


Brexit newspaper and its headline is thumbs up for Theresa May's Brexit


plans. That is a signal that Brexiteers are going to be very


pleased with what she has got to say, which we think is going to be


that she wants to... She wants a clean Brexit. In order to achieve


immigration controls she is willing to take us out of the single market,


and we think also out of the customs union. At the same time we still


want access to the single market. So we have also seen this weekend


Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, out there saying well, unless you give


us some access to the single market we would be prepared to potentially


change economic model. That is code for cutting taxes, something which


might frighten the rest of the EU. Encouraging them to come to the UK


rather than other parts of Europe, absolutely. Interesting. I think the


thing with the Express which intrigues me at the moment is that


at the moment Theresa May has all the pro- Brexit newspapers behind


them, the media on the whole are behind her, and she will keep that


as long as she can keep proving that she is getting a proper Brexit. The


moment the editors of the express and the Daily Mail start to see some


give or some compromise, you could see the tone change. There'll be a


lot of media influence in terms of what she is willing to compromise on


and how hard she is going push it. That phrase Brexit means Brexit, do


you think she will avoid that on Tuesday? I think she will need to


give us a little bit more, but I think single market membership is


probably for the chop. The Guardian, and it is your newspaper so you


should probably tell us about this. This goes back to Donald Trump but a


domestic thing for the Americans. This is the CIA getting involved.


What are they say? This is the departing director of the CIA, John


Brennan, who has issued a message to Donald Trump saying he should be


more circumspect when tweeting, often in the early hours of the


morning, his thoughts on anything and everything. Whether Donald Trump


will listen to this chap remains to be seen. I think it incredibly


unlikely. Intelligence agents are not exactly his favourite people. Is


the outgoing? I think he is still in the job at the moment. Donald Trump


in the Times interview in another section said he loves his Twitter


account because as soon as he tweets anything all of the TV stations and


the media rush to cover it. This headline reminds me of those


careless talk costs lives posters from World War Two. Doesn't cost Mr


Trump anything from his supporters. They go on loving him just the same.


No, his team don't necessarily know what he is going to send out, he


still has a mobile phone which he just stands out tweet, his random


thoughts, he wakes up and sends out stuff that changes diplomatic


positions and moves markets, no one in his team even has cited. Your


organisation, in the modern way of disseminating news, is nice and


small. A few words, you say it, it is irresistible. As a cynical


product, it is absolutely brilliant. Everyone wants to hear about it, it


is funny, rude, it gives you an emotional reaction, his tweets.


Every is talking about them, whether they are on his side or not --


everybody is talking about them. You can dominate the news cycle by


sending out 140 characters when he wakes up. Brennan is stepping down


so he can say things. He refers to Trump 's tweets about Nazi Germany.


The insults are pretty nasty, aren't they? Yes, and he was pretty upset


at the time about this controversial dossier that said various salacious


things about Donald Trump that were supposedly written by a former


British intelligence officer. And that caused a huge scandal last


week. So I think it would have been a very emotional reaction to the


things which were said about him in that dossier. Let's go on now to


something which isn't about Donald Trump or Brexit, not directly,


anyway. The Daily Mail, health tourism which is a subject they go


for a big way. What is this particular story about? It is all


about... Through Freedom of Information requests they have


looked for the costs of maternity care for mothers who have flown into


Britain or in some way ended up in Britain, despite being foreign


nationals, and then gone back home having not paid their bills because,


you know, they are not entitled to NHS care and yet they have left the


hospitals with bills. The thing that intrigues me with this is that it is


quite hard to argue on an individual case about the details on it, and it


is also very hard to know, in isolation it is hard to justify.


There are often circumstances... This is about one particular case of


the ?350,000 bill, the person is not named. We don't have a context


all-white has happened although the Daily Mail is certainly putting a


context with previous cases where mothers have seemingly flown in to


take advantage of superior healthcare in some respect. And as


the paper says inside it, this all comes as... Journalists love to link


these things up, we do have the story today about cancer operations


being postponed. So it has managed to be blended in with the state of


health service, the crisis in the health service. The NHS is under


what are saying is unprecedented pressure at the moment and it is a


little bit strange to me that the Mail is highlighting this particular


problem so much when there are a lot of other things causing greater


pressure on the NHS. As identified by doctors, cuts to social care, the


ageing population, to name but two. They do go on inside, it has to be


said, to go through a lot of the other issues as well. What is quite


clever, I think, to give the Daily Mail bit of credit, what it could


pay for, ?350,000. A good example of journalist digging in.


Journalistically, you can imagine people talking about this down at


the pub. It is a really good talking story, so there is an element of


that. It is more influential than talking about billions of pounds in


cuts to social care. Very quickly, I can't resist this. I don't know if


either of you are dog lovers, but there is a story on the Daily


Telegraph, the Queen's new role as a helpful dog walker. I'm not sure


whether it is a Telegraph scoop or whether they have managed to confirm


somebody else's world exclusive, but what is saying is that Her Majesty


has spent last two years quietly acting as a dog walker for her


former gamekeeper. His late wife was known as the keeper of the corgis,


and presumably she died and so the Queen has got into the dog walking


business. Another little nugget in here is that she is considering


taking on two more dogs, having said that the current ones would be her


last. What a thing to do when you are 90 years old. In a world of


chaos, Brexit, Donald Trump, the Queen is walking some dogs. It is


reassuring. It is, I like it anyway.


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