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medal after he took home bronze in 2013. That is all the sport. Now


time for The treble Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are the journalist


and auther Matthew Green and the Education Editor


of the Sunday Times, The Observer leads with what it


calls the "global fury" in reaction to Donald Trump's immigration ban,


preventing people from seven mainly Muslim countries


from entering the United States. The Sunday Times says that


Donald Trump's visit to the UK could be disrupted,


as the US President is engaged in a reportedly "extraordinary"


diplomatic row with Prince Charles The Express says Prince William


and Harry are to unveil a statue of Princess Diana in the grounds


of Kensington Palace to mark The Daily Mail reports that NHS


doctors have been advised in guidelines from the BMA not


to call pregnant women "mothers" because it might offend


transgender people. And The Telegraph leads


with comments from the Northern Ireland Secretary,


James Brokenshire, who tells the paper the system


for investigating murders committed so, let's begin, and we're going to


start with the Observer. All of the papers this morning reflecting on


what Donald Trump has done. Indeed. America is clearly on the brink of a


precipice. We are seeing paranoia and fear of the kind that


accompanied the internment of Japanese Americans in World War II.


What does it mean for Britain? We've seen Theresa May essentially cosying


up to trump in the hope that she might somehow provide sort of a


constraining influence -- restraining influence, but we have


seen that hope blown out of the water with what happened yesterday


with these thousands of refugees and migrants. All credit is the


Observer, they have laid it there on the front page. Trump is ignorant,


prejudiced and vicious in ways that no American leader has been. I think


Theresa May's refusal to join other European leaders condemning what'


Trump is doing is a huge stain on her leadership. A huge criticism of


her has been that she is letting America do what they want to do


rather than condemning it. Is she stuck between a rock and a hard


place? I suppose in a way she is because she very much wants to sign


trade deals with America post-Brexit. She has come out today,


her spokesman, and said that she does not agree with Trump stance.


She didn't do it herself. She didn't. The Observer is the early


paper that has splashed on this this morning. All credit to the Observer,


they got quickly to this issue and they have seen how big it is going


to be. To be fair to her, she has, through this morning, she has made


this statement, she has said if there are British citizens caught up


in this through dual nationality, we will be looking to represent them.


She's going to have difficulty, you're absolutely right, Matthew.


Already this morning, members of her party are saying look, this is


wrong, we don't agree it. Sarah Wollaston has come out, Ruth


Davidson has said quite clearly that this is wrong. We understand there


is one Iraqi born Tory MP who may be banned from the states after this,


under these new rules. We saw Theresa May at the press conference


in Turkey ducking the question twice and then making this very weak


statement about, essentially, it is America's business. We need a leader


who is willing to stand up for democratic values. I'm afraid that


Theresa May is failing that test. It's not good enough to issue a very


weakly worded statement saying we could not agree with what Donald


Trump is doing. US newspapers are calling him a tinpot dictator.


America, in the past week, has suffered its ugliest start to any


republic in the history of the country. We need to be joining other


Western leaders in standing up to this and not cravenly endorsing it.


It is a completely new era in politics, right across the world. It


is, but has Theresa May grasp this? She is surrounded by these special


advisers that the papers always talk about being incredibly intelligent,


but maybe she should consult a psychologist, who would tell her


that Donald Trump is suffering from narcissistic personality disorder,


he is prejudiced, vengeful. It is totally obvious, it is not politics


as usual and Theresa May has to catch up with that. Let's move on to


the Sunday Times because it's not just the rest of the world he is


fighting with, it's also Prince Charles! What has happened? This is


a great story. Donald Trump seems to being gauged in an extraordinary


diplomatic row with the Prince of Wales over climate change and is


threatening to disrupt his forthcoming state visit to the UK".


On the one hand you have Prince Charles, environmental campaigner.


On the other hand, Donald Trump who is a climate change denier. There


are some amazing quotes in this story in the Sunday Times and I have


highlighted a view of them here. Apparently Trump's people are saying


that he is very reluctant to meet Prince Charles and they have warned


it would be counter-productive for Charles to lecture Trump on green


issues and he would erupt if he were pushed! On the other hand you have


got Charl plus people saying he is determined to meet Donald Trump.


This is Donald Trump who has tweeted about how, wouldn't anyone want to


make money by tweeting topless photos of Kate Middleton... He has


tweeted his desire to have slept with Princess Diana... Why are we


letting him into the country? I find the tone of the Sunday Times story


quite puzzling, as it Prince Charles, somehow his advocacy on


climate change is somehow problematic and is going to disrupt


this visit. Let's face it, climate change is the threat to the future


of organised life on planet Earth and Donald Trump has gagged members


of his government, scientists who are working on this and he has


essentially confirmed that the Republican party is now the most


dangerous organisation on earth. The idea that Prince Charles is somehow


at fault here I think is wrong, we should be rallying around him and


saying come on, what direction are we taking and why? I don't think the


story is saying that Prince Charles is at fault here. It implies Prince


Charles is somehow causing a problem to what otherwise would be a


wonderful visit. I don't think that is the tone at all. I think it lays


out an argument very clearly. The straightforward reporting here,


there is one paragraph that says Trump has repeatedly branded climate


change a hoax and a moneymaking industry and was created by the


Chinese to damage American industry. When you have that sort of straight


reporting you think, OK, you can make up your own mind. Senior


government officials now believe Charles is one of the biggest risk


factors for the visit"... Donald Trump is the risk factor! He might


tell him... Donald Trump might agree with him just like you did with


Theresa May, alternative facts again! We're going back to Theresa


May and President Erdogan in Turkey and the trade deal for that. If we


just move, just tidying up the desk here, there we go... So the viewers


can see this one. A double page spread there, they shake on trade


deals despite fears over human rights. What do you make of this


one? She has agreed a trade deal, or is preparing to agree a ?100 million


deal for fighter jets which could lead in fact to Britain becoming


Turkey's main defence partner. At the same time, she has given a very


clear warning on human rights. Again it is this need to find close trade


and diplomatic links Stal side B EU in the wake of Brexit. It is the


sense that the world order has changed. We never had any morals


about selling arms, look at the billions of dollars we have sent to


Saudi Arabia which is now being used to bomb civilians and hospitals in


Yemen. It is great that we have human rights concerns in the


headline there but it doesn't make any difference to British policy,


let's not me under any illusions, we are one of the biggest arms


exporters in the world. Post Brexit, as we walk away from the single


market on our doorstep, we will be even more reliant on selling weapons


to anyone who will buy them. I've never heard his words before, there


we go, apparently Trump has a fear of slopes and that is why he was


holding her hand! I think bathmophobia is going to be one of


the words of the year, everyone is talking about this and classed as a


mark of special affection but apparently it might just be the case


that he is quite afraid of slopes and he just gathered her hand to


steady himself! He's also afraid of touching people because of germs! It


will haunt Theresa May, won't it? What a disaster. The whole thing is


so embarrassing. I don't know what the rest of the world must think of


Britain right now. If you don't condemn authoritarianism, you become


complicit in it and she is teaching us that, unfortunately. Let's move


away from Theresa May and Donald Trump and moved to the Daily Mail.


"Don't Call pregnant patients the mothers", and why not? Because it


might offend transgender people. Did they say they might be offended? No,


but I think these organisations, a lot of them are producing these kind


of guides for inclusive language. Of course the mail on Sunday disagrees


with it and calls it a ludicrous politically correct objective. The


argument is that you should call them pregnant people instead of


pregnant mothers, because there are transitioning people who might have


babies who might be offended. Would they not be mothers anyway if they


are having babies, no matter what your gender you are still giving


birth? But mother is a sort of feminine word, isn't it? There is


one transitioning person who has become pregnant. Hayden is legally


male, he was born a girl but he is transitioning to become a man. I


would like to read the original document that this mail on Sunday


story is based on. The mail on Sunday does do some good reporting


sometimes but my question is, is this a blanket order that the word


mothers is now banned? I find that hard to believe. Or is it merely


offering language that could be used if you are a doctor treating a


transgender patient. Let's face it, our society is evolving. It's not so


long ago that we locked people up their sexuality. Yes it's a con the


gated area to negotiate and it might make feel -- people feel


uncomfortable but people born transgender go through incredible


anguish and pain, partly because attitudes in society are so


prejudiced still. So let's at least support doctors if they are trying


to move beyond that a bit. It's very easy for the Mail on Sunday to


create the outraged brigade. I've noticed in a love of forms and


things now, you are being asked what pronoun you would like to be


referred to by. I think there is a generation of young people coming up


for whom the very strict gender divides are not as strict as they


were for our generation, they are much more fluid. Headteachers of


girls schools have been given guides and told not to call girls girls,


instead of saying girls go to your lessons, say pupils go to your


lessons. It may be rare to have a transgender child but it is only


language, if we can change our language and it stops offence to


people, is that that -- is that such a bad thing? The Secretary of State


saying that soldiers and police have been failed by this inquiry into the


Troubles. The Sunday Telegraph has a strong military constituency amongst


its leadership, knows -- so not surprising to see this as the


splash. Ministers saying that this inquiry into crimes that were


allegedly committed up to 40 years ago in the troubles has gone off the


rails. We've seen this with the Iraq inquiry, which has caused terrible


handling of officers in the military. Let's face it, Northern


Ireland was an extremely dirty conflict and there is no doubt that


British troops committing crimes and they should be investigated, but we


should also remember that the psychological scars inflicted on


tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of British troops who


deployed over the years are still very alive today and we need to take


that into account. That would apply to all inquiries, where you have got


soldiers or police taking part in a conflict. I mean, yesterday there


was a march on Downing Street by about 1000 veterans and it was


addressed by Dennis Hutchings who is 75 and he has been charged with


attempted murder over a fatal shooting in Northern Ireland in


1974. They want a statute of limitations. I think there should be


a time after a conflict when you draw a line actually, so it doesn't


go on for years and years. They want retribution. This is the problem, we


fight these wars and the legacy continues. I mean, Northern Ireland


has one of the highest rates of post-traumatic stress disorder in


the world. Belfast is a tiny city but the ghosts of that conflict are


still very much alive. People have a right to demand the truth. I grew up


through that and that was my time as a teenager. The truth and


reconciliation commission... Yes, right, on that, let's move on. The


Observer on page one, "Grassroots Labour revolting on Brexit". This is


interesting, isn't it? Jeremy Corbyn himself in the past has been a major


rebel and now they have got this three line whip and no one is happy.


How do you think this is going to play out? This is the Brexit


dilemma, isn't it? The people likely to be hit hardest if we crash out of


the single market are people on lower incomes, Labour's


constituencies. It is not surprisingly many of the MPs and


grassroots Labour supporters are very unhappy to see Jeremy Corbyn


falling in line behind Article 50. That is I get -- Adele and it is not


going to be easy to resolve. What does it do for Jeremy Corbyn? And


Labour because they could be stuck in the middle with nothing through


this. It is just a continuation of the internal warfare going on inside


the Labour Party. Last night there was this open letter to Jeremy


Corbyn circulating on Facebook and now many constituents have signed


it. Let's raise through the rest of the list because we are beginning to


run out of time. A quick look at the express, the young princes are going


to unveil a statue to their mother, Diana, to mark the 20th anniversary


which will be in August. It's a long time coming, do you think? I think


this is a lovely gesture actually. It's going to be erected in the


grounds of Kensington Palace where the public anger and see it. It will


be their permanent tribute to her, marking the 20th anniversary of her


death. Yes it may have been nice to have it earlier but at we're having


it now. Let's jump to John Hurt, we lost John Heard. Can we talk about


Prince Harry's expression of emotion and how he is a credit to our


country and should resist Donald Trump at the door of Buckingham


Palace! Tributes pouring in all over for John Hurt, obviously very


beloved. Yes, we all remember that brilliant scene in Alien when it


burst out of his chest. And the Elephant Man as well. And if you see


Jackie, you can see him. He blazed the priest. Astonishing. -- he plays


the priest. He has completed another three films, I think, which we are


yet to see. Finally, the Sunday Times, page one, Trident's faulty


guidance. This is an embarrassing story, it has been running for a few


days, apparently the Trident missile test launch veered off course,


heading towards the American mainland before it was detonated in


midair and is one assumes it was not equipped with a warhead, but it


raises huge questions over the whole purpose of Trident, doesn't it? This


enormously expensive deterrent and a problem with it is that the


technology is evolving so fast, we are soon going to be having


underwater drones that can follow the submarine right out of the...


And render it completely obsolete. It said it did what it was supposed


to do when something goes wrong, it fears off and explodes. Not on


America! But I was reading yesterday or this morning that part of it


washed up on a beach... We broke this story last week in the Sunday


Times and we have a follow-up story today and I think what our follow-up


shows that actually this deterrent was blighted with problems with its


navigation control for years before this particular malfunction. Inside


the paper there is a really interesting suggestion that maybe


the whole system was hacked. And so the reason it malfunctioned... Can


we not just mothballed this thing, or are we just have it, just have it


with no warheads. No one will ever know and it is still a deterrent! If


we ever have to press that button, it's all over anyway. Thank you very


much, both of you. It's been great to talk to you.


Just a reminder we take a look at tomorrows front pages every


evening at 10.40pm here on BBC News.


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