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Coming up, train spotting 20 years on.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are Jacqui Francis who is a Public Appointments Adviser


and Tom Bergin, Business Correspondent at Reuters.


the FT says President Trump remains defiant over his controversial


travel ban, as protests and legal challenges grow.


The Times says the White House has backed down


The Telegraph says Boris Johnson has received assurances that the vast


majority of UK citizens will be exempt from the ban.


The picture is of Sir Mo Farah who's been told tonight he can return


The Olympic Champion is also on the front page of the Guardian


condemning President Trump's executive order.


Sir Mo Farah is quoted in the Daily Star, saying he fears


for his family, who all live in America.


The Metro's focuses on an online petition calling on the UK


government to prevent President Trump making a state visit


'You are not welcome here, Mr President' is the Mirror's


And according to the Express, a drug to reverse Alzheimer's


Let us quickly before we kick off those papers of that word coming


into us from Reuters that senior US Administration officials say all


executive orders on immigration remain in effect and are being


enforced. John Kelly says in applying the provisions of the


President executive orders I hereby deemed the entry of lawful permanent


residents to be in the national interest. Just an update, they are


sticking to their guns. In The Times, they have Donald Trump in


climbdown over British travellers. Those people with dual citizenship?


They seem to be trumpeting this as a success will British diplomacy. It


is not really clear that isn't the case. The executive order, it does


not list the countries. The Department of home security does not


give a lot of details of those affected. The degree of


implementation and the statements you just read, that is a reference


to Green card holders and they will be allowed back in. There is a


degree of bedding down of these new rules. It has not been outlined in


any great detail. They are being worked through and it seems they did


not want to target people with British citizenship even if they had


citizenship in one of these other countries. Another line coming in


from Washington from Reuters, a senior US administration official


saying the implementation of the travel ban has been a massive


success story. We have seen a lot of protests even if it has been


success. For whom? This is ridiculous. We are back to the


situation on how many people watched the inauguration. You cannot


possibly think that thousands of people protesting across America and


different airports saying this has worked and wonderful and successful.


All it has done is animated a lot of people around the world -- and the


naked, who could have given Donald Trump is until of hype. If you are


in America and voted for Donald Trump, this is the best thing that


has happened. You are pleased he has done what he said he was going to do


but the ripple effects across the world dot Mac he will say he has a


democratic mandate. He absolutely has a do not disagree with that but


please keep your alternative fax to America and to yourself, do not


spread them around the rest of the world. The Guardian and Theresa May


about the travel ban. Just after she left Washington this was announced


and she was not 100% short about what was going on and she was asked


in Turkey. Had she been there when it happened, she would have been


next to him being asked these questions. She seems to have


struggled to come up with an answer that is deemed acceptable. She has


sidestepped the question on a couple of occasions and has finally come


out and said it is not something she agrees with. This highlights of the


difficult position that Donald Trump can put his allies in. Think about


the Muslim nations. He has said this is not a Muslim ban but, you know,


given some of the other things he has said in the past, his reference


to Christians are being allowed in, on Muslim countries will be pressure


on government that seemed to be close to him. There will be an


impact from this decision. In The Mail, Britain has escaped travel


ban. British angle taken. But there is the other angle which is what are


the implications of all of this fall Donald Trump's state visit to Great


Britain. The Mirror have a clear front page. We are quoting this, an


online petition signed by 100,000, you are not welcome here, Mr


President. Does that speak for a lot of the country? Initially, when


people heard it, this was what people thought. But this is politics


and this is a completely different arena in terms of a state visit by a


head of state and by all means, we have this petition where people are


voicing how they feel about what he has implemented with this executive


order but hopefully it will be debated in Parliament so people can


express their forthrightly -- their views more forthrightly. We can show


displeasure and revulsion with the way he has treated people, refugees


coming to America. America is founded on refugees, people from


around the world coming to America for a and he has basically say, if


you are Muslim you cannot start you live in America. Would it be


impossible to this invite him so soon after having invited him? --


this invite. Other people have come who have been linked with a pressing


their people and they have been welcomed so it is difficult to say


his behaviour recently has put in beyond the pale with other visitors.


Donald Trump will say a lot of the intelligentsia are criticising me


but a lot of people would agree with me in Britain. You met people who


were saying is that he is saying a lot of people are thinking but not


saying. Even in the UK, he will say, there is support for these policies.


Speaking of his golf courses, it has been said that Donald Trump wants to


play nine holes of golf at Balmoral specifically with the Queen watching


him. He has quite specific requests. The requests seem to be focused


around creating an image. The great photograph of Ronald Reagan and the


Queen on horses. Trump understands better than many people the power of


image and his business since the mid-19 90s has been all about image


rather than actually owning properties. He is aware of that and


in a recent interview he is aware of his popularity rating so all this


issues of image are very important and potentially in tax a lot of


sense because it has been very successful for him. -- potentially


makes a lot of sense. The Times have a story about drugs failure dealing


a blow to dementia sufferers. This is one of those sad stories where


they are saying they have been concentrating potentially on the


wrong thing, in terms of the research, but it might be a mistake.


They are saying they have been concentrating on a protein and all


the research has been focused on that and they may have missed


something else. Very sad. The FT talking about MBA graduate salaries


rising in the fastest rate in a decade and it is a golden age for


jobs, some jobs. Higher paying jobs are becoming ever more higher paid.


It is also a reflection of the recovery of the financial. Financial


services have come back, the bonuses have come back and maybe the data is


a reflection of that and it also reflects the world we live in if you


do not have a specialist skill you struggle to get a wage increase but


if you are in a relatively narrow skill area, like bond trading or MBA


person, or chief Executive, you tend to look out more than inflationary


increases. Roger Federer one of the tennis in Australia. Are you not a


fan of tennis? Are you a fan of the fact that at whatever age somebody


is, there is always the chance to improve and do better and he has


proven that at the age of 35 he can still... Be careful... He has proven


that age is not a barrier and clearly it has to do with age and


incredible hard work, sheer determination and champions prove


why they are champions. I mean, it was said in a sense that Andy Murray


could not get to the final because he would have had a good chance of


winning. Obviously the form of Roger Federer has been very strong. Nobody


would have had an easy run against him but it is great. I am not a


major sport that myself, but I liked the fact that they championed stay


the same for a longer time so I always rejoice that they are not


constantly change every five years. It is very helpful for me. You just


barely forgotten Boris Becker? LAUGHTER thank you so much for being


with us and looking at the papers. That is it from us. Thank you so


much to Jacqui Francis and Tom Bergin. Coming up next is the film




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