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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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electronic ankle tags too loosely so they could be removed.


After days of huge street protests, the Romanian government has


withdrawn a draft decree which would have reduced some


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the broadcaster Penny Smith and Caroline Wheeler,


political editor of the Sunday Express.


The Sunday Telegraph leads on the government's


?60 million investigation into historic allegations of abuse


The paper says MPs are due to conclude that it's unfit


The Observer reports that Theresa May's Government


is going to make a major shift in housing policy,


away from promoting home ownership and towards better deals for people


Donald Trump appears to have found a new ally in the shape


of the former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey.


He's quoted in the Daily Express as hitting out at the "hysterical"


overreactions of the president's critics.


The Sunday Times has investigated what it call "deficiencies"


in defence procurement, including ships so noisy Russian


submarines can hear them 100 miles away.


The photograph is of England player Ben Te'o celebrating victory over


Finally, the Mail on Sunday's headline is a story about the former


Ukip leader Nigel Farage, and how he is sharing a ?4 million


property in West London with his friend, Laure Ferrari,


Let's begin. First, the observer. He will have to come to Mr Trump in a


moment. The lead story, Tories break with policy to back renters. It is


breaking with the Thatcher policies, but you could also see it as Theresa


May breaking with Cameron as well. This is essentially saying that it


is now so difficult for so many families to ever get on the housing


ladder that now they should sort out the renting sector. They are trying


to do three-year guaranteed tenancies and trying to get rid of


rogue landlords and make the whole process a lot easier for so many


people, who will never own their own homes. There are many European


countries where people don't and it is not an issue. They spend a lot


less of their disposable income on renting and it makes a more mobile


workforce and in many ways you could say it is better. Indeed. But it's a


break with the past. People talk about Margaret Thatcher but it is


hardwired into Conservative policy, to make us homeowners. Absolutely.


Not long ago David Cameron addressed the party conference, talking about


trying to transform people's lives from being generation rents due


generation by and she is doing a reversal of this policy. Again, this


isn't just about raking with David Cameron on foreign policy, in


essence tearing up his views of interventionist foreign policy, so


she has done it again. Also what interesting is it really fits with


what her narrative is. This narrative about being for the many


and not the privileged few. There is an assumption, and it is something


chief of staff wrote about before getting into this post, that housing


policy was very much geared towards those with bigger incomes and that


actually goes on low and middle incomes were neglected and almost


forced into homes that great at the expense of pouring more money into


people who could go on and buy their homes. We should say this is a white


paper as well. Yes, and only part of the announcement we expect. There


will be more in the coming days up until Tuesday. And they say that


instead of insisting that there is affordable housing for sale, they


will make it affordable houses to rent and long-term. Staying on the


front page of the Observer. They have the story about Trump slamming


the judge who blocked his... So-called Trump! Yes, I am just


quoting the headline, but you are right! He uses his usual strong


language to describe this judge. Absolutely. This story has been


going for seven days and was breaking last Saturday night with


this ban are coming into force, that it would impact Conservative MPs, Mo


Farah, etc, and overnight we get the news that basically a judge has


launched a bid to overturn it, it has been successful and Trump is not


very happy about it to say the least and he has done his usual wave of


tweets at this so-called judge. He is very bombastic. There are people


who suggest that the way he does this is that he puts it out there so


that actually... But his position is actually further back. Talking about


tweets, we've got a few more of them that have been coming in through the


day. This is going back to the judge. He avoids a personal insult


but does say this. Because the ban was lifted by a judge, many bad and


dangerous people may be coming into our country. A terrible decision.


There's another one. What is our country coming to when a judge can


alter homeland security and anyone even with bad intentions can come


into the US? It is a different sort of politics. It is. And his use of


expressions like "bad dudes"... You might say he speaks the language of


ordinary people. Look at the support he has had from people who support


him anyway. His ratings are skyhigh with them. He is doing stuff and


getting on with it. And quickly. Just what they want. Trump is


obviously involved in this, but this is the Independent. The digital


newspaper these days. Many is not Thatcher, we won't get US trade


deal, Ken Clarke! -- Theresa May is not Thatcher. Interesting isn't it?


Yes. As you say, not a huge surprise, and I suppose all he is


saying is echoing what everyone is saying, but this is not something


that we can fix in a day. It would be lovely if we could do, as many


people would love, it would be great to say, right, let's sit round the


table and sort this out and do it then. That's not how things happen,


sadly. The other interesting thing about this, he was Margaret


Thatcher's Chancellor and his saying they will never enjoy the kind of


relationship that Maggi and Regan did. With the handholding and the


inappropriate touching in this election should, as others have


said, he is... Allegedly has a fear of slopes and steps! This whole


thing is about this relationship and he has echoed this in conversations


with her and apparently this was a story we had a couple of weeks ago


and he refers to her as "my Maggie". The problem is, the chemistry, we


were all sitting there and looking at the chemistry, he is quite brash


and loud and forceful and she is a kind of vicar's daughter and how it


this will interplay is fascinating. Do you think he has done this...


America is important to us and she is just getting on with trying to


build a new relationship. It was in fortunate in some way in that she


had the successful in some ways, and everything was going smoothly,


except for that question by the BBC which was suggested to destroy the


relationship. -- unfortunate. But largely it went off without a hitch


and then of course she is on the plane overnight, in fact I was there


with her, and of course she introduces this executive order


which throws the whole world, in terms of its borders, into chaos.


The Sunday express front page. Your name is on this story. The


Archbishop of Canterbury called for the world to give Donald Trump a


chance. Why is he saying this? It is interesting because normally


religious figures don't comment on political stories. Obviously he is


the former Archbishop of Canterbury which gives him more leveraged to


make these kinds of interventions. What is not saying is that Trump is


brilliant and indefensible, but what he is saying is that ultimately we


can't say that he is the worst politician in the world. There are


certainly others like Robert Mugabe who could claim that role more than


him. But ultimately there has been an hysterical outpourings could


really undermined, as you were saying, the special relationship,


which in this prose Brexit scenario is very important to us. And he has


also applauded Trump's decision to put persecuted Christians at the


front... This to the former Archbishop? Yes, absolutely. And


inside is about what Trump might give the queen on the state visit


that is coming up, which I'm sure the queen is looking forward to. Of


course we don't know when it is happening. But if it does he is


going to give her a lovely Western saddle, when he isn't busy tweeting


and doing selfies and he doesn't just want to give them something


that will be gathering dust on the mantelpiece. This is what a source


says. He wants to give them something that he knows they will


enjoy and use. Of course a keen horse woman. He is going to in grave


on one side... On one side the Queen's seal and the other side with


the President's Cup group three. He is big gestures. I was sent to


Washington twice in the same week, so have established a number of


Trump's contacts. Apparently this is genuine and something he is already


planning, because there is a suggestion that this state visit


could be in June. They obviously like giving presents because of


course Trump's wife gave a blue bag to Mrs Obama. But also the presence


aren't always that great. President Obama gave the Queen something like


an iPad Manu with some show tunes on it. As we were talking about big


gestures, we have just heard President Trump will attend the G7


summit in Sicily. That's a White House statement that has just come


out. That will be an interesting occasion! That is a beautiful area.


It is. But the thought of Mr Trump with all of those European


leaders... I like that Theresa May suggested she could possibly be a


go-between between Europe and Trump. They say, it's OK, we will do it


through Twitter. You were raising earlier than I thought that he might


tweet from inside Windsor Castle or wherever he will be. Yes, Buckingham


Palace, or wherever, from inside the coach. I'm sure we will see every


step of the way very close up. Moving on. The Sunday Times, serious


business, the huge gap in UK defences. Penny? There are a lot of


things in here. Pick out a couple. This is the former MoD director who


is talking about the gaping problems in our defences. For example, they


say these are ?1 billion apiece and could be detected and disrupted for


up to 100 miles because they sound like a box of spammers. Have new


light armoured vehicles, too big to fit into the main transport aircraft


without being partly dismantled and then they have to be accompanied by


a crane. Then we have the reconnaissance drones. They cost 1.2


Ilium pounds and are still not up to real service because of the


technical difficulties. So it's a litany of things that have gone


wrong, where he is essentially suggesting that people aren't


looking ahead and working out what these things... IT hasn't spoken to


the paper. This has been dug out by the Sunday Times. And if you see the


byline, it isn't the defence editor who would have been plugging away at


this for some time to come up with a dossier of offences that have


happened and of course it is very topical at the moment, given the


fact that we are finding ourselves in this new unknown age. What's


America going to do? What's happening with Iran and Russia? So


making sure that we are up to our capabilities and we can sort of send


off any aggressive force that comes towards us and that's quite


important. At this isn't new. We've seen this kind of thing happened


before with aircraft carriers being ordered to carry aircraft and the


Trident missile heading towards America rather than the Middle East.


It quickly, the Sunday Times. -- very quickly. Cuts of 20%. This is


because they don't want to be named and shamed because of the amount of


sugar in chocolate bars, so instead of reducing the amount of sugar they


have to meet government targets for reducing sugar, they will make them


smaller. -- and having to meet. They say the American food giant behind


Cadbury will take a bite out of it. That's not necessarily a bad thing.


My children are addicted to chocolate and the idea of me trying


to give them a carrot as a treat probably wouldn't go down so well.


So if someone has taken a choice out of my hands... Do you not think you


would just buy two? Well we won't be able to buy carrots any more anyway!


The vegie shortage! Anyway, thank you very much.


Coming up next, it's the Film Review.


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