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Hello and welcome to our look at what the the papers


With me are journalist James Rampton and Dave Wooding,


political editor for The Sun on Sunday.


Good to have the birds looking through the papers with us. Let's


have a look at the front pages. The front page of


the Sunday Telegraph. The paper leads on the Government's


?60 million investigation into historic allegations of abuse


in Iraq, the paper says it understands that MPs are due


to conclude that it's The Observer reports that


Theresa May's Government is going to make a major


shift in housing policy away from promoting home ownership


and towards better deals Donald Trump appears to have found


a new ally in the shape of the former Archbishop


of Canterbury, George Carey is quoted in the Sunday Express


as hitting out at the 'hysterical' overreactions of the


President's critics. The Sunday Times has investigated


what it calls 'deficiencies' in Defence procurement,


including ships so noisy that Russian submarines can hear


them 100 miles away. The photograph is of England player


Ben Te'o celebrating victory over Finally, the Mail On Sunday's


headline is a story about the former Ukip leader Nigel Farage,


and how he is sharing a ?4 million property


in West London with his friend, Let's talk about the former


Archbishop of Canterbury defending Donald Trump, Donald Trump again in


the news in the last few minutes of course because a court in the United


States has put a block again on his appeal on the travel ban, a federal


appeals court denying the Justice Department's request for a


reinstatement of the travel ban. But the former Archbishop of Canterbury


saying critics have been too hysterical. Yes, I think this is to


terrific extort -- terrific story from the Sunday express, he said


critics have had an hysterical overreaction and it is


characteristic of those who consider themselves progressive to reserve


condemnation for America and ignore much greater evildoers. I think that


is an interesting line to take, also the fact that Trump said he would


give priority to Christian migrants from some of the Middle Eastern


countries, that has played well with Cary, but another religious leader,


Cardinal Vincent Nichols, has said Tory political leadership does not


play the fear card and that is a really good line, that when we are


in the grip of what seems to be a constitutional crisis in the US,


this backwards and forwards between the different courts, and the fear


of what Trump is going to do, protest everywhere, I think it is


scary and don't think it is an hysterical overreaction to what the


leader of the free world could do. I think what Mr Carey is doing here is


trying to calm down the hyperbole, people are using the word fascist,


let's get it straight from a user to fascist, he is democratically


elected, and he is not a dictator either because the courts are


holding him to account. Although he was criticised for criticising the


judge went against him. The so-called Judge! Some people in


America saying that is undermining the independence of the American


judiciary. The judiciary not quite as independent as ours because they


are politically appointed, we the same business with the Brexit boat


when some members of Government criticised the media as well for


criticising... What George Carey is saying is, let's just calm down the


language little bit, yes he is not an ideal president, but there are


worse people around. He recalls how, when he was Archbishop of


Canterbury, he was asked to supper with some rather odious people like


Robert Mugabe, he mentions North Korea, Sudan, Assad, other people...


But we are talking about the leader of the free world here so we should


not put him in the same bracket as those people? Absolutely not but


there is a greater point here, people taking to the streets about


Donald Trump tend to be people of the left, you don't see them taking


to the street about the president of Hungary who was criticised and built


a wall of his own against immigrants, and rehab Slovakia,


similar outspoken... But we are just a few days into the Trump presidency


and we have this legal battle starting to unravel on this travel


ban between the president and the courts. What strikes me is how


cataclysmic it appears, after only two weeks, it seems there is almost


a massive culture war going on in the US, and resonating throughout


the world. When you have Chuck Schumer, the Democrat minority


leader in the house, in tears talking about the travel ban, the


long serving Democrat saying he has served with every president since


forward and have never seen such catastrophic... Donald Trump said


they were fake tears. Yes, he said, I must consult his acting coach,


typically insulting comment in my view. This week we were talking


about going down the rabbit hole and coming out at Alice's tea party,


that is what I feel we are going through with Trump at the moment.


Lord Carey also talks about the considerable list of goods who have


served as president, some of whom railed against bids to outlaw


slavery back in the day. Well, he is not wrong there! We will not go too


far into the American history! John Adams was terrible! He wasn't,


actually! The Observer, a story about a shift


in Conservative housing policy in favour of people who rent, this is


potentially significant? Yes, as they point out in the headline it is


a break from the Thatcher homes revolution when she famously in the


1980s gave the right to buy the council house tenants. What Theresa


May seems to be focusing on with this new policy which will be


unveiled on Tuesday is generation rent, she is going to try to bring


down rent. Reading the details, not quite clear how she's going to do


it, she is having consultations with rental organisations and at the same


time trying to flood the market with more affordable rental homes to


bring down the cost of rent. In a sense, the Conservatives have been


forced into that because young people just cannot afford to buy. I


have got three daughters approaching the age when they want to leave home


and get wood of their parents! If they live in London, how can they


possibly afford the rent on starting salaries? It is impossible. It is


interesting that Theresa May is breaking the Thatcherite credo. I


remember footage of Mrs Thatcher having a cup of tea in the first --


with the first council house owners who had bought the house from the


state, said this is a massive philosophical shift, but she has got


to build 250,000 new houses a year to meet the target. Bringing down


rent is a good thing which will affect lots of people. The


underlying problem of homeownership is the number of people owning homes


has fallen dramatically since 2010, 380 2000 fewer couples with children


now own their own home and that, when we are trying to build a home


owning democracy, is important. In other European countries, home only


is not such a big deal, people take for granted the fact they will maybe


read all their lives. In Germany it is given that you will do that. We


have this old-fashioned phrase that an Englishman's home is his castle


and I think we do believe we are a property owning democracy, but it is


a market as well and if you are priced out of the market, as Theresa


May is discovering, you have to find a way around that. Enabled the


younger generation who you want to work to be able to live in


unaffordable house. Let's go to the Mail on Sunday, Nigel Farage and


some salacious allegations about him that we may not go into too much


detail on! Do we know any good libel lawyers?


He has gone from politics but haven't gone, in a sense. He is a


colourful character, always good value and everything he does is


looked at quite closely. He was asked by the Mail On Sunday a few


weeks ago whether he had left his wife and said, no, we bumble along


like any other couple, and now it appears he has a political friend, a


bit younger than him, staying in the ?4 million bachelor pad where he


spends his weekdays. He has insisted she is a friend who is staying there


purely because she has nowhere else to stay at the moment, but she was


involved in this funding issue which was dealt by the European Union some


other time. Let's move the Sunday Times, huge gaps in British


defences, all to do with defence procurement, allegations about some


of our submarines which are rather noisy, apparently, the Russians can


hear them from 100 miles away! I think this is a great story, it


makes the MoD look a bit like the comedy of errors, in a way. Russian


submarines can hear these clunky ships which sound like a box of


spanners underwater from 100 miles away, and they are costing billions


of pounds. There are also things about the front-line tanks that have


been too polite and can't fit properly into the transporters. It


is absolutely absurd that they didn't check these things before.


And after all, it is our money, isn't it, and it seems Ms blue-eyed


thing, oh, if this takes nine years and we have to reduce the size of


the AV -- the Navy or the air force, it doesn't matter, but it does, the


MoD is one of the biggest spending departments. They are staggering


sums in terms of their procurement Budget, billions and billions of


pounds. The last Labour Government ran into difficulty with the


overspend of the Budget. ?1.2 billion worth of drones which have


not been used yet because they don't work. These armoured vehicles which


are faulty. One of the people interviewed here talks about how in


submarines they were sticking with wooden wedges in the hatch to stop


it rattling so it could not be heard by Russian submarines. He said that


was a very good way of sorting the problem out! It seems very Heath


Robinson. The MoD apparently as justified these noisy ships by


saying, when they were ordered X years ago, we did not think we had


the Cold War again, but, hello, Ukraine, increasing influence in


Syria, it is very much a Cold War back on the agenda. So you think it


matters if the Russian submarines can hear our ships? I do, because


they have this new ship called the Black hole which is absolutely


terrifying, you cannot hear it coming, it is like Harry Potter and


an invisible cloak, he is there and has got you before you can see him!


I thought that was the idea of submarines?! It is, but the MoD have


not worked that out! They have, but the Russians have leapt ahead with


their technology. The Sunday Telegraph, the Government's ?60


billion investigation into those allegations of abuse in Iraq has


been unfit for purpose according to a Parliamentary inquiry.


All the expected conclusion of a Parliamentary inquiry. Does that


surprise you? No, it is the league of an inquiry due to come out


shortly, it comes in the wake of Phil Shiner, the lawyer who was


struck off last week, I think he claimed ?1.6 million in fees using


legal aid to drum up false allegations against our service men


and women serving in Iraq, and it now seems that he was being funded


to the tune of ?200,000 to his legal firm and ?110,000 I think it was


wedged to this Iraqi fixer who went around drumming up business. Some of


the British soldiers in the frame for this have spoken movingly about


the stress it has put them under, often already suffering various


kinds of post-traumatic stress anyway and then the stress of the


legal battles... Absolutely, I do think that the word witch hunt is


strong but I think it is justified in this case. Shiner launched nearly


2500 criminal complaint against troops and so far there have been no


successful prosecutions in seven years. That is an extraordinary


failure rate and it does raise questions about why the MoD actually


funded him and his agents to mount what may well be a witchhunt and has


caused very, very unnecessary degrees of stress. It is quite right


if it is going to be so strong attacking the MoD for doing that.


The press have campaigned quite happily on this, on behalf of


British soldiers, saying they have been unfairly, had a witchhunt


against them. The MoD have said that they take the way our troops behave


in theatre seriously because we are a civilised country and we look at


these things. The problem is it has dragged on too long, it has been on


an industrial scale, and like you, I have been out on these operations


and they are very professional, by and large. What some of them were


saying, I was hearing in interviews last week, that commanders make them


think twice about the decisions they make in the heat of battle, trying


to second-guess what kind of legal consequences they might face. It is


like doctors now thinking twice about taking certain procedures


because they are worried about legal action. I would say it is absolutely


right that we do take action when there is evidence of wrongdoing,


like in the Baha Moussa case, the Hotel receptionist who was beaten to


death, quite right that people were brought up about that. It is what


distinguishes us from the terrorists, the fact that we have a


rule of law that we adhere to, we don't behead people we disagree


with, they go through due process and I think it is right that we do


that, but this seems to have gone over the top. Speaking of rules,


Dave, there are certain rules to be observed will be talked about


chocolate bars, which I know is a subject close to your heart!


Apparently they are shrinking by credible event in a war on sugar?


This is the next tabloid campaign! They will cut the size of bars by


20%, I am surprised they have not blamed it on Brexit. When all is


said and done people said those who voted Brexit were fruit and nut


cases! But will they cut the cost of the bar by 20%? I think that is


unlikely. In which case we are all being diddled. I think this is a


huge scandal, the manufacturers have said, and I apologise to people


having breakfast, they have not been able to do this before because the


artificial sweeteners have an unfortunate effect on your stomach.


God forbid chocolate causes harm because it is one of the best parts


of life! I don't think we have only now, it is a little bit early! Thank


you Bob, that is The Papers for now, and we will take a look at


tomorrow's print pages every evening at 10:40pm here on BBC News.


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