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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me - Kate Devlin, Political Correspondent


at The Herald, and the broadcaster David Davies.


Education correspondent, political correspondence. So a lot to talk


about. They have had a sneak preview, let's give you an idea on


what is in the front pages tomorrow morning.


'North Korea threatens Trump with nuclear war'


is the i's headline, after the country promised


The Times claims Europe is braced for a new migrant crisis,


after Turkey's President Erdogan indicated he may issue


Brussels with an ultimatum on visa-free travel.


The Guardian leads with a report from Afghanistan on the impact


of last week's bomb attack by US forces.


According to the Daily Telegraph, schoolchildren will be given better


The paper featured an exclusive interview with Prince Harry today


Meanwhile, the Daily Mail says the Duke of Cambridge will call


for an end to the UK's stiff upper lip culture, and encourage people


The Metro has fresh allegations about Facebook and the social media


Top story for the Express is 'Crackdown on foreign crooks',


with new rules to be announced by the Justice Secretary,


The Mirror has the latest speculation on the disappearance


Almost ten years since she vanished in Portugal.


Who wants to kick off with this? What has he got to be so cheerful


about, David? Well, I suppose we will have to get used to apocalyptic


headlines like this. North Korea threatens Trump with nuclear war.


This is what, in the past, I would have said, it is an exaggeration. It


is not now because it appears to me that we are in uncharted waters in a


very big way, and I have seen some of the interviews you have been


doing on the News Channel during the day. The most difficult thing seems


to me to be that there is no confidence at all that what is a


logical discussion that we might regard as logical, the Americans


might regard as a logical discussion between civil servants in Washington


and in Pyongyang is regarded in that way at all by those in North Korea.


So they are not talking the same language at all. Civil servants


don't understand each other in the same way and that is before you get


to the political leaders. Kate, I don't know if North Korea was on the


list of countries who might have a free-trade deal with us after


Brexit, I don't know if Boris Johnson David Davis fancy going! I


am sure we have something we could sell! We were talking not that long


ago, Britain's first Ambassador, in 2002, the first time we have had an


Ambassador there, and he says he had no sense that people in Pyongyang in


government circles had any idea of the UK thinking in the Foreign


Office, and in what used to be called the chancelleries of Europe.


It is quite terrifying and frankly, Britain's role is pretty marginal.


It is, and you are right. Most days, he looks like a smiling madmen.


Especially today. He is chortling. The contrast what you are saying


about this ministry we also have to look at Donald Trump and most of his


civil servants are still grappling with what he really thinks which


seems to be changing on a daily basis. There is so much tough talk


from both sides. It is apocalyptic language. I wonder if we are getting


hints... People are pulling back from it? It does seem the US is now


emphasising diplomatic routes and sanctions. This negotiation idea,


both of them, is it just tough talk is? I absolutely want you to be


right! The problem is, how much room for manoeuvre is that? We have had


sanctions for years. Years and years and years. And the truth is, they


have not worked. I would love to know what former President Obama


thinks about where we are today. And indeed, interesting to know what


Hillary Clinton thinks about it. Whether it would have been any


different to President Trump. Yes, had those things happened. We are


still just about at this stage of, well, if you do that, we will do the


other things. All the rest of it, that cannot go on forever. Shall we


move on the front the Express? What about Prince Harry in a moment and a


lovely picture of his brother and sister-in-law talking about praising


Prince Harry for coming out about his mental anguish. But this story


about a crackdown on foreign oil site like the stories we get at this


time of year when papers get given stuff before the bank holiday and


they think it will be a quiet run. The stay back at work. Tell us about


the story and how much do you think it stands? It is important to


remember this particular Minister needs a win at the moment, Liz Truss


has had a lot of difficulties in recent weeks, heavily criticised by


the judiciary, overruled in some of that initiatives she has tried to


bring in. So this is an interesting story and it does depend on what the


detail will be. As always! Who are these foreign crooks we are cracking


down on? The problem might be there not that many of them. There are


quite a lot of foreign crooks and people who have been turned down for


asylum. So it is that old thing of getting people out of the country


again? Yes, and putting the two together. Even the Minister of


Justice is suggesting this would be 2,000 cases a year and it would save


around 2.7 million. Which in the grand scheme of things is fairly


small. There is another figure in the middle of the story, the backlog


of cases of asylum seekers deemed subject to removal action,", stood


at nearly 27,000 last year, not including the thousands and Royal in


legal appeals against the rejection of their applications to stay. I


hate to be a sin at, but I have an instinct that this is more work. I


hate to be a cynic. More work than my loan and friends! Surely not,


there are quotes from Liz Truss saying it is vital and they should


be removed as quickly as possible. I feel I have heard this before, and


remember Charles Clarke and there was all that stuff about foreign


prisoners who should be kicked out after serving their sentences here


and they banished, and John Reid before he said the Home Office was


broken. It is now the Ministry of Justice. These stories seem to come


round on a regular basis. Yes, and it seems quite difficult to achieve,


so it seems as if they have narrowed the field of what they are doing.


Talking about Case reviews for each individual case and you can see why


they are only talking about 2,000 cases a year. In some ways, job


done. Front page of the Express, and the Telegraph. Good headlines for a


Minister in difficulty going back to work on Tuesday. We mention Harry,


the on the front of the Daily Telegraph and you cannot blame them


for milking this story. It is a cracker of a story. From their own


paper today, at watershed moment for the mental health debate, that is


top of tomorrow's Daily Telegraph and about time too. Let's hope


Prince Harry's revelation that he took counselling to come to terms


with his mother's death has the same effect that that same mother had


when she got involved in the HIV aid debate. Which was extraordinary. A


catalyst for so much in terms of changing attitudes. A lot of


hostility towards people with HIV and she became a reassuring figure


and a lot of people were very nervous about how we should deal


with it and react. Absolutely, but I could not help on the way in here


the studio, we saw the ten o'clock news stop and there we have, my


goodness, a change for children taking maths and that is, I think,


is that right? And the grading systems. Where is this coming from?


Politicians again. Some of us have lived through education revolution


of the education revolution. Going back 30 years or more! And you get


to a point, are our politicians in this country incapable of finding a


consensus, a consensus for a set number of years, from whichever


political party they come from. And letting the teachers get on with the


job. This is the teachers conference. I am sure you have spent


many happy weekends! Some of us have the wounds from the past. We were


talking about this then and we are no further. Kate, finally, do you


think something like this differently in schools in Scotland


in terms of issues like support for pupils in crisis and counselling,


compared to what has happened and in England? I think across the UK, all


schools are still struggling to understand the scale and extent of


the problem. And then to try and deal with a societywide stigma. But


it talks about depression and anxiety on the increase of 70% in


the last 25 years. Among young people. I don't think we have yet


grappled with how big a problem it is. Hopefully, we will talk about


this more at half past 11. That is a flavour of what is coming up.


You'll both be back at 11:30 for another look at the front pages.


And if you miss the programme any evening, you can watch it


The skies are starting to clear that we're in for a chilly night, a touch


of frost around in many areas, and a sharp frost across the far


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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