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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


We've had a few more from pages in the last hour.


With me Kate Devlin, Political Correspondent


at the Scottish Newspaper, The Herald and the Broadcaster,


Let's update you on what is on some of the front pages.


'North Korea threatens Trump with nuclear war' is the i's


headline, with an interesting photograph.


The Times claims Europe is braced for a new migrant crisis


after Turkey's President Erdogan indicated he may issue Brussels


with an ultimatum on visa-free travel.


The Guardian leads with a report from Afghanistan


on the impact of last week's bomb attack by US forces.


According to the Daily Telegraph, schoolchildren in England will be


given better access to NHS mental health workers.


The paper featured an exclusive interview with Prince Harry today


about his personal battle with mental health.


Meanwhile, the Daily Mail says the Duke of Cambridge will call


for an end to the UK's stiff upper lip culture


and encourage people to talk openly about their emotions.


The Metro has fresh allegations about Facebook


and the social media phenomenon of so-called "fake news".


Top story for the Express is 'Crackdown on Foreign Crooks',


with new rules to be announced by the Justice Secretary,


The Mirror has the latest speculation on the disappearance


Let's plunge straight in. The Guardian has this interesting


article about... Very timely, given we pat bombings in Afghanistan,


Syria and now all this talk about threats and action in North Korea.


They say this is the mother of all bombs? A wonderful expression. Much


was made of the largest non- nuclear bomb ever used in combat. That was


last Thursday. The question remains what long-term impact will that Bob


have had? -- on. According to this story it was felt across all local


villages, some people were driven away by the group returning to their


homes, but the Taliban remain dominant, the dominant force in that


conflict. This is interesting. Mr Trump targeted Islamic State, but


people said at the time that actually Islamic State wasn't much


of a presence, they were already on the defensive. Another problem as


well. Number 10 and an awful lot of governments across the world were


very worried about what happens if Isis has indeed taken a fatal hit


because we were worried about what happens to those fighters. Where do


they go? They don't give up the fight, they disburse locally or they


return to their home countries. So it's an incredibly difficult jigsaw


on geopolitics going on. Sometimes you've got to change minds. It is


difficult to kill an idea. Very unlikely to kill an idea. History


suggests that. I would point out. I've been reading funnily enough


recently a book about the buildup to the start of the Second World War.


And what happened after the world war. This was the story of a lord,


some people might remember. Those ideas that were there in the 1930s


were there after 1945. And so you are absolutely right. Where are


these people going to go? However bigger weapon is, an interesting


story. We will come back to the Guardian in a bid. Moving on to the


Times. People will be slightly baffled by... We will come back. A


large money next to Donald Trump, this is not some joke, this is all


perfectly normal for US presidents. It's not fake news. They do two


things. They do an Easter egg hunt, and they do call it that, given


recent rows about that. And they also part of the Thanksgiving


turkey. Let's talk about the serious stuff. That's the story about Europe


says Turkey will renege on migrant deal. Why? Because the leader of


Turkey has been massively bolstered this weekend by winning the


referendum. Actually quite tight in the end. Tighter than the Brexit


referendum. Certainly tighter than a lot of people expected. It's been


disputed. A fact that it's been disputed is also giving something to


the opposition parties in Turkey. But the fact remains. He won a


referendum that gives him a lot more power and the fear across Europe,


according to the Times, is that he will start exercising that and start


flexing his muscles. He will demand that the time is up and he will want


these are free access to the Schengen area. This is an especially


difficult time for countries like Germany to be doing deals with


Turkey to keep migrants out and France, both with elections this


year, both with nationalist party saying, we don't want more people


coming in. Turkey has an interesting relationship with Germany. A lot of


Turks have settled and clearly there is worry about allowing Turks to


come into Europe. There was this big campaign. If we stay in EU people


from Turkey will be able to come here. Debatable as to whether that


was true but it was clearly emotional point. Turkey is


absolutely pivotal. People realise that. Are they in the west? Are they


the link with Asia? And of course they are Nato. Yes, which is


crucial. The president, regardless of this referendum result, it would


appear to me particularly at such a difficult time that it is in a very


strong position if it comes to negotiating with Brussels. Just


going back to the referendum, you say he won, the opposition a week


ago, all the stuffing were being knocked out of the opposition. It


appears to be tonight that they've been given a fresh lease of life by


these independent observer is who said, hey, this very close


referendum was not straight, it wasn't acceptable. His response to


the election was to know your place. Quite interesting. So the


Independent say that he isn't interested. It is noticeable that


Donald Trump was on the phone to congratulate him. Maybe whatever


people think of him it might have been a beetroot if Mrs May,


Chancellor Merkel, Francois Hollande had been on the phone as well.


Apparently he didn't win the referendum even on his figures in


any of the three biggest cities in Turkey, including Istanbul. Ankara,


Istanbul, is near, voted no. Other parts of the country where he is


strong, it could be an interesting conflict. -- Izmir. Moving on. North


Korea is on the front of the i. I mentioned this earlier. There is a


great each of Kim Jong-un. It is a great photo. If you were worried


about recent events in the past couple of days, looking about face,


it's not exactly... Yes, it had overplayed? Threatening Trump with


nuclear war. They fired a missile and it went... In the know why it


fizzled out. Did the Americans have anything to do with it? The


conspiracy theorists will be working overtime I'm sure over the next few


days. But, you know, it is so unpredictable that you have a new


president. Has he really only been in power since January? It seems


extraordinary! He seems to have been in power forever! What's fascinating


to me is the talk of the battle inside the White House between...


For the presidents here. And the two sides, one of the sites with some of


his relations who's been smeared by the other side as Democrats. My


goodness! What an awful crime that was! The front of The Daily Mail. I


think it's fair to say this is the domestic story of the day, this Port


Arthur that the Telegraph got of Prince Harry, which has been quite


striking. What impact the think it will have? The papers think it will


have a". I think it will have a big impact. I also think this particular


story, coming from his brother, will have a particular impact and I think


it's an incredibly sophisticated appeal, actually. They really know


what they're doing on this. He talks about losing our stiff upper lip.


What he understands Daily Mail readers, so there a line in it in


which he says the traditional stiff upper lip still has it's place at


some places, but let's not let it get in the way of a mental health.


Couple that with a picture of the children as well, I think it's a


real attempts to win over hearts and minds. It goes very well with what


his brother has said. 20 years ago, or not quite 20 years, it will be


the anniversary. There was that controversy because initially it


looked like the queen was staying away from London, they were


detaching themselves emotionally from the public trauma over the


shock death of Diana, Princess of Wales. It seems like we've travelled


a long way. I would love to be a fly on the wall when somebody called the


Duke of Edinburgh meets Prince William perhaps to discuss this


story about the end of the stiff upper lip. Do I not remember Prince


Charles... He didn't enjoy it! Wasn't that all about stiff upper


lip and all of the rest of it? It is an extraordinary story. Some of us


hope that mental health will at last be getting the priority it deserves.


I can remember much maligned in the coalition government, Nick Clegg


championed mental health in a very large way. To be fair, when Liam Fox


ran for the Tory leadership when he was running against David Cameron,


one of his big focus is was when he spoke about the Cinderella of mental


health. It is something we've spoken about for a long time. AB this will


be at -- maybe this will be an important moment for them. Living


onto the Express. Another photo of the young royals. Crackdown on


foreign crooks. Tell us all about this. This is an attempt to speed up


the deportation of foreign crooks and those who have lost their asylum


appeals. It's an attempt to reduce the amount of time to less than one


month. 28 days. It has to be said that previous attempts to do


something similar came up against the courts. The European Convention


on Human Rights perhaps? And it does appear as if this is... They talk


about 2000 people and saving in the millions, not a terribly huge amount


of money. A good headline for the government. And for Liz Truss, who


has had quite bad headlines. She has had a rough few months. Moving on. I


want to allow plenty of time to talk about this. This is the Telegraph's


back page. Earlier we were listening to my grave and who sounded like it


had a good evening we had some interesting things to say. A great


night for them, but presumably they don't want to be like Leicester.


They want to be a disappointment within the year. I have no doubt


that this achievement is greater than Leicester City's. 20 years ago


some of us remember this football club was on its knees. It was 15


minutes from going out of the foot or leak and in the bottom division


altogether. It had no ground. It had been sold by the previous owner.


Virtually every week there were protests of one sort or another. I


was at the FA at that time and was fighting a battle with the lawyers,


not for the first or last time in my life! I said, what is the FA for if


it is not to help with this sort of thing? And certain lawyers, who will


remain nameless, said precedent, we have to it for every club, et


cetera. There was some evidence that I want that little battle and played


a small part in this club which you heard of, your interviewee from the


streets of Brighton, with a few interesting people behind them. You


know, they care about this club. This club was saved by local people.


They have built this club up. They are the recipe for how you develop a


football club successfully and they've had some bad fortune, what's


great fortune is well along the way and they deserve every second of it.


Good. Good news. These pictures are crackers. I


wonder what he is going to do when he has to pad and the traditional


Thanksgiving turkey. I wonder if he will depart from tradition. This is


a photo. People would have killed to get this vote in the past. It is


absolutely fantastic. -- photo. The startled impression on that bunny's


face. Every single world leader that goes to the White House will be


superimposed onto that bunny. Part of me wonders if there is something


of the Hillary Clinton about this bunny. The glasses. We don't know if


it is a male bunny. She is looking for a job. I think maybe they could


have been a slightly more... You think they have let us down with


some of the headlines? Personally I would have liked Puppet in the White


House if it was one of Jim Henson's creations. You could go Muppet if


you needed to. If this does not make it onto the front page of a


well-known satirical magazine next week, I will be astounded. To use


the word "startled". The bunny is startled. I wonder what by? On that


note, what a wonderful way to end is the. A pleasure to see you guys


again. I hope you find time to eat some eggs. Chocolate will be half


price in the shops. That is it the big thank you for staying with us.


Now it is time for Meet the Author. Oklahoma in the 1920s, and the true


story of a murder conspiracy that absorbed and shocked America, and


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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