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than the pro-Brexit seats, who have a double hill to climb, if you like,


but Labour MPs are not happy today. We have two very senior journalists


here, much better than those two! It here, much better than those two! It


is good to see you both. We'll have a full edition of The


Papers at 11:30, but Laura Perrins, co-editor of political website


the Conservative Women, and Joe Watts, political


editor at the Independent, This is an amuse-bouche of the


papers before the news, why did she do it? A reluctant decision, but


certainly the right decision for the country, because what this general


election will do, if the Conservatives win it, it will


strengthen her negotiating position against Brussels in the Brexit


negotiations. Secondly, it will bring stability to the economy, we


have already seen sterling rise today on calling this election, and,


thirdly, it will bring certainty for thirdly, it will bring certainty for


at least five years, which will go through the negotiations and after,


so the right decision for the country. OK, Joe, the front page of


the Daily Telegraph, May's bolt of the blue, what do you think? Well, I


think it is a good idea for her, strategically speaking, she will be


really reluctant about accepting a landslide victory and all those


extra seats to let her do what you once. She very clearly talks in this


piece about bringing forward her vision of Brexit, you know, she is


very clearly putting the focus on her. She has seen the opinion polls,


and she has seen not only how far her party is ahead, but also how far


she is ahead of Jeremy Corbyn. She is putting the focus on her, it will


be about her, pushing through her version of Brexit. And while there


is this big push to suggest that she very recently and reluctantly made


this decision, just in the last few days, there has clearly been an


element of contingency planning, even if the final decision was not


made until recently. A lot of thought has gone into this decision.


Briefly onto the Daily Mirror, the lady is for U-turning, so can she be


trusted? It is important to remember that it is not just a question of


what she likes in terms of Brexit, she is going back to the people yet


again, essentially, for a mandate for Brexit. I mean, up until now,


there were certain factions on the political left asking for a second


referendum. They have essentially got that, and yet they are still not


happy. It is very clear that it will be the people who decide, it will be


the people's mandate that gives the go-ahead in relation to how to


negotiate on Brexit. I mean, she cannot be criticised for calling


Aidan McArdle held election. That is what the Micras years. -- for


calling a critically held election. Theresa May has characterised this


as the Brexit election, bad news for Labour? Their Brexit policy is all


over the shop! Theresa May, very much to the detriment of Ukip, has


made the Tory party the party of Brexit, taking the harder stance is


that people in her party wanted. The Lib Dems are calling for a second


referendum, and Labour is caught in referendum, and Labour is caught in


the middle with some northern seats where the population were very much


for Brexit, and some seats in south London and other areas where the


seats were very much pro Remain. So they have a difficult tightrope to


walk, and it does not make for a very clear manifesto message. Very


briefly, the Financial Times, May calls snap election to strengthen


hand in Brexit talks. That is what this is about. Absolutely, and if


you are British and working and employed in Britain, you want your


Prime Minister to have the strongest hand possible when going into


negotiations. You want your team playing their best players, and that


is what this election will give her. All right, that was the starter, the


main courses at 11:30. Now time for a look at the weather with Tomasz


Schafernaker. A lot of clear weather this evening,


temperatures falling rapidly, we are in for a frost across central and


southern areas of the UK tonight. Last night, Scotland was the coldest


place, down to


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