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from witness statements and forensic evidence is that there was only


attacker. We can take a quick look at the front pages of the morning


newspapers now. With me are David Wooding,


political editor of the Sun on Sunday, and Henry Mance,


political correspondent The Daily Telegraph has managed to


get the terror attack on its front page and the picture of that very


well-known street with a police van parked across it. The timing of this


is significant but also in some ways to be expected. Yes, then sometimes


have an effect on elections and it remains to be seen what effect this


will have. We have an early election coming up on the UK, so this will


perhaps bring home the fact that we are living in a very dangerous era


of terrorism, and I guess there will be a lot of security over here as


well as in Paris. It seems that when eyewitnesses saw this car draw up


and shots were fired, police were clearly the target here. For


newspapers, the question is, how much attention to you give a story


like this? Is it right to let that dominate the news agenda? That is


the judgment to take. If it were an isolated incident, that judgment


would potentially be very different, but France has had such a long


period under the state of emergency that has been extended five times.


It also brings home the fact that a Kalashnikov was used in this attack.


This brings home the business of free movement across Europe and the


suggestion that somebody had come over from Belgium, which is seen as


a centre of terrorist activity in some respects, and in Britain we


have not had that situation with guns yet because of the fact we have


that stretch of water between ourselves and mainland Europe. Here,


Theresa May commits to cutting migration to the tens of thousands.


There is a suggestion she might ditch this has been too difficult


but she still committed. There is a lot of the Cameron baggage that she


has the opportunity to rectify. It is a new election manifesto and you


do not get tied under the promises of the past, but David Cameron could


never do this as Prime Minister and Theresa May never as Home Secretary.


Net immigration is running much higher than government targets so we


do not see a time frame for meeting those targets. We do not know


exactly when. If Theresa May says something, she tries to see this


through. She will be hostage to fortune. Brexit will make it easier


for her to reach that target. One of the reasons we can't depend on the


deal she will make, but people will regard this with scepticism because


they promised seven years ago to reduce it to tens of thousands and


failed miserably. She also said there would not be an election


before 2020, and here we are. Sometimes you get get punished for


breaking promises. Shall we have a quick look at another EU story? The


Times, Britain told to keep EU laws, no deal unless Mae accepts rules on


EU workers and security. We are starting to see demands from the 27


member states. This is the boss of the European Parliament. We are


leaving the European Union but they cannot stop meddling, can the? Now


they are saying that, even after we have left the European Union,


citizens, they will still have EU rights and will be able to uphold


them with the European Court of Justice. Is it meddling to look


after your citizens? If the citizens want to stay in Britain after we


have left you, then one would expect them to be British citizens. If they


remain here and abide by British rules. They do not have to be


British citizens just to stay here. They will live on British soil but


not member of the European Union, and to have the European Court of


Justice having jurisdiction would cross that red line which Theresa


May has said. But we have not come out of any of it yet. This was meant


to be the easy bit. It will guarantee EU nationals' rights. What


we are seeing here, it will be pretty tricky. There are hardline


demand is there, tough negotiations, and the European court of justice...


It would be a two tier citizenship. We have not even got round to this


idea of associate membership. The president of the Parliament is


saying you can change your mind is entirely the 1-2. There are other


stories as well which we will try to take a look at at 11:30pm. We have a


full hour of news with all the latest from Paris and a second paper


review with our guests at 11:30pm. But let's pause for a second and


take a look at the weather forecast.


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