22/04/2017 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Bonnie Greer, Playwright and writer


for the New European and former newspaper editor Eve Pollard.


I'm really looking forward to tonight, ladies.


The Mail on Sunday claims the Conservatives' opinion poll lead


has been slashed in half because of Theresa May's plans


Theresa May parks her battle tanks on Labour's lawn,


according to the Sunday Times, as it reports on Tory manifesto


plan to offer ?100 off energy bills for workers.


The Sunday Express claims "One-in-seven Labour voters turns


"Tory" in a forthcoming political earthquake as the paper


reports that Labour voters are deserting Jeremy Corbyn.


Jeremy Corbyn "puts UK at terror risk" is


The paper reports that Tory campaign strategists claim the Labour leader


would not take the right decisions to keep the country safe.


The Observer reports a pledge from Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron,


that he won't do any coalition deals, saying he wants


the Liberal Democrats be the main opposition.


You think no one will pay attention to polls after the debacle of the


general action, UK polls are getting a bad reputation abroad. The


emphasis on the polls is ludicrous, in a way. We don't know if the polls


are hurting, which is a phenomenon where they start talking golf each


other but yet the papers seem to build their headlines based on


polls. They are spending a lot of money on polls. As an ex-editor, I


can tell you, you make the investment and probably someone from


management said, do you really want to spend that money on a poll


question mark --? You up quite bright, they have been totally


thrown and the baby and the half water because they have been wrong


on so many things recently. Shall we start with the times? I am sure we


will mention polls as we go through each one. Eve, kick us off. We are


talking battle tanks on Labour's lawn. I'm fascinated by Iru Mugan --


Theresa May because she has... She said she was going to work we are


just about managing the people who are working hard, they could be Tory


voters, were Thatcher voters, and in have much money, so she is saying


she will give ?100 off energy bills in a manifesto for workers. We know


Energy bills are higher, we know you are slightly locked in the


short-term thing where you cannot prove they have agreed they will


charge the same. It is very hard to save money on energy and if you have


a family, it is very expensive. So, she's offering them that. She is


also saying that this poll, which is a you got poll, I have to say also I


think the other problem with polls is when they are face-to-face, they


were a lot more correct. And now they are online, I don't know. She's


saying that people trust her with the NHS than trust Jeremy Corbyn.


But there is no way to measure anything like that. I know that I


will say something that is counter marriages and maybe counterintuitive


and I have my issues with Jeremy Corbyn, I think he is playing this


quite well and I think people will be surprised... Playing it well how?


What Jeremy Corbyn has that to reason made doesn't have is that he


is who he is, you know who he is going to be, you like -- vote


whether you like it deal or not. We don't know what Theresa May is going


to do. She wasn't going to do this, now she here, so, I... I would


normally say that might be true but I think Jeremy Corbyn has been such


a disappointment. Well, I don't think they are going to win enough


to form a government but I don't think they are going to be wiped out


either. That is what I'm trying to say. The front page of The Times,


talking about Jeremy Corbyn, you said he is playing it well and yet


the paper reports that a key and cider is saying that he can't cope,


the office is ruled by chaos. That wouldn't surprise you. If you think


about Jeremy Corbyn, he has been a backbencher, probably went to the


allotment in the morning, went into the House of Commons in the


afternoon, never took the web, having voted the way he wanted to.


But why haven't they reported that Theresa May has lost key people this


week, she has lost people who are not in her office anymore, that is


not on the front page. But it is not chaos. But no one is investigating


it. I'm just saying that if you start to look at the way the papers


going, they are making a narrative for her where she is flip-flopping


and he is not flip-flopping. The express is saying it is working too


well tonight, one in seven Labour voters are actually turning blue. If


they are, that is not bad. If the way that it has been predicted, the


Conservatives will get 3006, if it is only one in seven... I think Tim


Farren will pick up my Jeremy Corbyn loses. But story I do believe in the


Mail on Sunday is a tax U-turn. I do know and have been discussing with


ancient people of my age that people are very, very worried that she is


going to tax part-timers, that is often older people, she is going to


remove the triple Bock. Everybody says, well, millennial is have no


money and pensioners have all the money, that is slightly weird


because of house values and all the rest of it. But you've got a lot of


millennial is who actually will need millennial is who actually will need


to save money so they can going to care homes. To actually knock the


people who are your main voting constituency which is what they may


be, Philip Hammond wanted to put more tax on self-employed people,


and that was very unpopular, and they had to withdraw from it because


it had been a David Cameron pledge. But what you are saying, basically,


is that we don't know what Theresa May is. I've got pictures of her


with a big remain sign and a big smile on her face, dear reason me, I


will never do do another election. To be fair, we don't know what she


is saying because we haven't seen is saying because we haven't seen


the manifesto. For people who are just joining us, let me just remind


you what we are talking about. We are referring to the mile and this


is yet another poll that has been run, the Mail on Sunday says that it


will be leader has gone to the selection because the poll was so


high. This is what Philip Hammond wanted to do in the budget. He did


want to put higher taxes on the self-employed. And then there is


this constant talk about the triple lock. The triple lock is lovably


something that will perhaps have to be looked at because if you've got


austerity and trouble with the NHS and people don't have enough money


for schools and the rest of it, the money will have to come from


somewhere. My feeling, and I think a lot of people, feel bad because it


is our money, it is wasted. You see in the NHS, you've got people in...


Not doctors and nurses but management earning more than the


Prime Minister. You've got all sorts of... Bonnie, I'm going to ask you


to skip ahead to the Telegraph simply because I'm trying to get


through three more. There is another... We've got to hear, I


think. We are going to start off with this online pharmacy because


this is really quite disturbing. Bonnie, remind us what the story is


about. This is about an online pharmacy backs by the NHS, it has


admitted selling a bleaching agent as a revolutionary Europe. I have to


say, as someone brought up in America, this is kind of an American


story in the worst possible way. What is the drug for? It is


basically for some kind of breathing problems. It hasn't aged in it but


it is the kind of story that indicates the shape that the NHS is


in at the moment. And I think, I think one of the things that Labour,


and I think why this might be smart, is that the NHS is one of the call


election issues, V core issue, always, in this country. If you can


find a way to show that the NHS is being eroded under a particular


comment, it does strike a chord. The thing I don't understand is why,


actually, you depoliticise the NHS, because it is so important, you set


up a Royal commission with doctors, with nurses, would make wives, with


matrons, remember when they used to be matrons, and the matron had some


say-so about over the bar should the clean doorknob. But if you keep the


NHS as a political football like education, then it becomes a


political football. Each and that can take to does for doing different


things with it. Instead of sorting it out. We have had a statement said


to us by the company that make the drug. The name of the day is


pharmacy to you. Regulators are investigating them. People who have


used this was suffering from vomiting and breathing problems. The


pharmacy pharmacy spokesman has told the Sunday Telegraph that this drug


is no longer available from them. As you say, disturbing that you have to


get that point. Something which should perhaps say is that online


pharmacy says it is a revolutionary new jewel, don't believe them, go to


your doctor. Let's turn to the Times. Jim cooked up nuclear clash


in the suburbs. Apparently, Kim who needs money because he needs staff


of the missiles, is going to fight it at South Korea, he has got,


apparently, they've got... North Korea have a house in black page


that has been making money by some sort of deal and it is apparently


fraudulently claimed against London insurers. -- North Korea have a


house in Blackheath. Seriously, they have discovered that North Korea has


this secret house in Blackheath. A strange place to choose. Trying to


raise money to buy plutonium or whatever you need for the missiles.


At the bottom of the story, North Korea says it is complete nonsense.


Either of you running the marathon tomorrow? Sadly not. In my mind. On


the front page of The Times, huge security net from marathon. The Duke


and Duchess of Cambridge are going because it is for their charity this


year. I also think because of what has happened in Paris, there will be


strong security on a day like this. I always wondered why they put that


kind of story in the paper, in a sense. Of course there is going to


be a huge security net, why does it have to be in the paper? I suppose


to reassure people. And maybe for people to take some sort of


identification with them. We are going to come back to this in half


an hour. Don't go away. Even Bonnie, a pleasure. To stay with us. We will


be back at 11:30pm. Coming up next, it is The Film Review with Simon


McCoy. Don't go away.


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