18/05/2017 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Pippa Crerar, Political Correspondent


at the London Evening Standard, and Michael Booker, Deputy Editor


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The Financial Times, which leads on what it says


is Theresa May's break with the Tories's Thatcherite past


The Telegraph calls it Theresa May's "manifesto for the mainstream"


as she promises to make Britain fairer.


Tomorrow's Express ramps up the fighting talk over the UK's


The Mirror says May will strip 10 million pensioners


of their winter fuel payments and warns of possible Tory tax rises


The Times is another paper to focus on Theresa May's bid to win voters


from right and left as she launches her manifesto


The Guardian's front page features the latest photo of Chelsea Manning,


the first released since the former US


soldier was released from military prison


after being convicted of leaking secrets.


The Daily Mail is a paper unashamedly saying what it thinks of


the Tory manifesto. It is astonishingly supportive, even


reverential. I was quite taken aback when I saw this because even though


it has been very supportive of Theresa May, especially over the


last few days, ahead of the manifesto launch, she can do no


wrong. All you need to do is compare this to what would happen if David


Cameron was Prime Minister and he announced some of the policies she


did today, you can imagine what the Daily Mail might say about the


elderly's homes being sold off to pay for care and getting rid of


winter fuel allowance. And yet, Theresa May receives plaudits for


her practical pledges rather than unrealistic, eye-catching promises.


A lot of this comes down to the comment box in the middle, which is


the word moral. And the fact that the editor of the Daily Mail has a


real admiration for her sense of being... This image of her being


very sensible and stable, she is a Christian, she is not afraid of


taking on business, she talks about the just about managing. It is


pragmatism, it is what she's trying to. I used to like it when they used


to lie to us, but across the newspapers, apart from the mirror,


it has been very well received and there is this idea that, in


newspaper land, people are getting sick of everything going to be fine


and by putting this out there in the manifesto, that there will be tough


decisions and we are all together in this, we're not the nasty party any


more, it is mainstream Britain, or we are all going in one direction


and there will be no lurch to the right any more, trying to get some


of those Labour voters on side. She started the day in Halifax in a


Labour constituency so it is oiled cleverly done. So she has done the


job. Take is to the Telegraph. You used the word mainstream and it is


one they are picking up with. It will be a word they will keep on


mentioning as we go towards the election date itself, they are


looking to go away from this, we are all being selfish and individual are


now part of one big society. It is that sort of theme. They are


reaching out to Labour voters, desperately trying to convince them,


you may not have voted for us, but we have got your interests at heart,


we have looked at what the left have been talking about, energy caps and


things like that, something the Thatcherites have never die in the


past, and we will look at doing things like that. They are throwing


out the sweeties to potential Labour voters and they will have this great


meritocracy, but there are some families who will miss out, there


are still a lot of people who are just about managing who rely on


getting a house of the parents. When this is passed on, he rely on it.


That is a generational issue. But quite a few people are not rubbing


their hands with glee, waiting for people to die, but the own way they


can get onto the property ladder is this house is. I think the fact that


she launched the manifesto in Halifax on the up. It is is it


writing Labour heartland in the north of Yorkshire although the


Conservatives are not starting at the heel of labour, the majority


there is only 128. And Theresa May has been going around marginals,


seats that are in very traditional Labour areas. Chris Grayling was in


Bolsover, Dennis Skinner's seat. The fact that conservatives are even


considering doing well in these places says a huge amount. The FT


referencing Labour voters. And the fact she is breaking with


Thatcherite faith and going centrist. Theresa May 15 years ago


stood up in front of a Tory party conference and said, we're no longer


the nasty party. That was a very significant message and how she


thought about and said, 15 years on, she's moving towards the. The


Conservatives have led the Blair message which is unique to occupy


the centre ground to win and win big. People are aware she is a


landslide ahead. It seems an ideal time to make difficult choices. She


was asked at the launch whether she was a Thatcherite. She is not


rejecting that out right but she is not saying... She does not want to


avoid with the Thatcherites. We mentioned the mirror. We must make


sure we give it a fair crack. They are not happy! This I did a 10


million pensioners will lose the winter fuel payments is something


the mirror can jump on. There was not a lot of legroom for them to get


much in this manifesto that they have jumped on this and rightly so.


When they say will be pensioners, we still do not have that definition of


what that is. There are those people who are not wondering around in


diamond encrusted shoes. Some people do rely on this is that little bit


extra to see them through. They made not beyond the breadline but it may


be something they are accustomed to. But it is part of that package of


tough decisions because a lot of people think, I do not see myself


voting for Jeremy Corbyn. It paves the way for tax rises, there is that


element of this. There is room for manoeuvre. She has not recommitted


to the David Cameron pledge not to put up NI. Only VAT. So whoever wins


the election, the prospect of tax going up is a very real one. Oh,


brilliant! We must go to the express. David Davis, he used to be


Brexit secretary, he is talking about how Theresa May has assured


the EU the Briton means business. He has also said she has managed to put


them back in the box after those leaks recently about the various


talks we have been having already, and he is determined, he says, we


still have on the table this idea we will walk away with no deal. He says


he spends half his time working on the no Deal deal. Interestingly, he


is talking about this idea that there was a suggestion that no


senior ministers back a pledge to reduce annual migration below


100,000, he says that absolutely wrong. It is not mention anyone else


though. Maybe he is not classed as a senior minister! I think he will


have a different opinion. Pepper, this is from back to the Daily Mail.


Referencing the ITV debate that has been on this evening, which included


five party leaders, not the main two, and they had been scathing


about that. The Daily Mail... Have you seen the debate tonight? Oh,


that debate. A debate like this, prime-time TV debate without the


leaders of the two main leaders will not be compulsive essential viewing


for that many people. The most they have managed to pick out is the fact


that Paul Nuttall had to be told off because he called Leanne Wood


Natalie, and did the same thing to Caroline Lucas, presumably referring


to the previous Green Party leader. There was a chance for them to stand


out. It does sound as though they were just reading prepared answers.


There was a chance for someone to step up there, make a name for


themselves and put a good case forward. Nicola Sturgeon has a


reputation as being a really effective performer. Tim Farron was


the one probably that desperately needed to show he was capable of


being a strong voice, a strong leader, because the Lib Dems are


really not managing to get to this resurgence they have talked so much


about. In a poll today, they have halved the level of support. It is


like a boxing match without the opposition. They are swiping at the


end nothing is coming back. One last Tory, London city's air traffic has


gone virtual. Terrifying! I travelled in the City Airport just


on Wednesday and it has got a very steep descent into the airport


anyway. There are no real people there. Computer hackers...


Technology going wrong. We give everything over the technology. How


panicky do we get when we go to the supermarket and we end up in the


place where there are those tills are no people the? Aeroplanes are


largely flown by computers anyway. We like to pretend they are not. I


feel greatly reassured there is a pilot. You asked a guy who landed


the Hudson unusual, you did it himself. You are quite right. I


watch a film only a few weeks ago, it was very good. We have run out of


time, thank you both very much indeed. You can see the front pages


of the papers online. And if you mist the programme, you can watch it


later on the BBC iPlayer. The weather has been turning more


unsettled over the


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