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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Henry Mance, Political correspondent


at the Financial Times and Lynn Davidson,


led look at what the papers have in store. The Daily Mail are no fans of


Julian Assange, criticising him for what they describe as a human rights


lecture. The Swedish prosecutors dropped their rape allegation.


The FT has a picture women in terror and going to the polls in the


Iranian election. The daily Mirror have a story and


therefore it -- of the Daily Mirror have a story of two former radio


presenters being charged. The times are reporting that the


Prime Minister, Theresa May, is planning tough new controls on


technology firms. The sun is looking ahead to the


wedding of Pippa Middleton, saying Prince Harry's girlfriend could


upstage the bride. The Daily Telegraph reported that


all Scottish pensioners will keep their winter fuel payments. The


Scottish Secretary says it is apparently because of the weather.


The Daily Express is hopeful of a cure for Alzheimer's after


scientists discovered that a rogue protein can trigger the disease.


Back to Julian Assange in the Guardian, who has said today that


the war is just beginning after the decision by the Swedish prosecutors.


Let's delve in a little more. Henry, we will start with the Daily Mail,


and they are pulling no punches. Epic picture of Julian Assange and


the headline, a creep. -- and a big picture. Yes and they say that it


has cost us a lot of money to have him in the Ecuadorian Embassy with


police presence outside, even though it has been downgraded. The whole


process has been messy and unedifying. The Swedish prosecutors


decided that because there is no prospect of him coming out of there


and facing the accusations, they cannot make any progress with the


case. It isn't a complete drop. But it means seven years after the


accusations were made, there is a sign he is getting towards the end


of it. Now the wiki leaks charges may come back from the US


authorities. He said he doesn't forgive and doesn't forget. He is


now the accuser, on the defensive. They take exception to the fact that


he came out and gave the world a human right lecture, they say. I'm


not sure what readers will think of this when they see this. They have


been strong on it. ?30 million. The police officers that have been


sitting outside, wasting time, when they could have been solving crimes,


when people cannot get hold of police officers when they call. All


of these issues. Just for one man. The Guardian choosing to lead on


that, as well. They are saying the war has just begun. He was in


defiant mood. Do you think we can expect more from him? He toured the


world that digital secrets are not safe. -- he told the world. If you


have information on any computer in the world there was a chance that


somebody can bring it out, like Chelsea Manning did, and make it


public. The irony is he has managed to keep himself secret and hidden


away from the world's authorities. He has shown that information has no


security around. The possibility he could continue to be active. Wiki


leaks played a big role in the US election, tried to get involved in


the French election with the campaign of Emmanuel Macron. There


was a story about real e-mail is mixed with fake e-mails. There was


an interesting moment towards the end of the campaign with that. Wiki


leaks may play another role in the next few years. The Guardian saying


in the last three paragraphs, he attended a more conciliatory tone,


saying his legal staff have contacted the UK authorities and


hope to engage in a dialogue about what is the best way forward.


Whether we will see a change of strategy, I don't know. He could


still be arrested by the British police if he leaves the embassy.


That's the bottom line. There are arrest warrants issued for him. He


is saying he has had seven years of not seeing his children grow up. I


don't know what it must be like to spend your time trapped in a


building. I always just think, does he secretly have a moustache and


slinks out at night. But with the policeman guarding a the clock, I


don't know. The situation last week with the NHS and the hackers, I'm


not sure if he can perhaps offer some sort of help with his expertise


in that area. He is sitting in the embassy with not so much to do. Good


point. The Telegraph, lots of papers covering this, as have TV and radio


today, this is the potential split in the Conservative Party approach


to a winter fuel benefit, Henry? The news on the Tory manifesto that if


you are in England and UI pensioner and you receive winter fuel


allowance between ?100 to ?300 per year, that will now be means tested.


Rich people won't get it. But if you are in Scotland that would be the


case. It'll still be available universally. That tells us something


interesting. It is doing so well amongst older voters that it doesn't


need to keep giving them goodies like David Cameron did. They can


say, look, you are getting a great deal, you have a good deal over the


past few years, so we will cut back on some of your benefits. But they


still need Scottish voters. There is still a strong independence campaign


north of the border. The last thing Theresa May wants to do in the


middle of Brexit negotiation this have that flare-up. It is a devolved


matter. This is a decision, Ruth Davidson's Scottish party manifesto.


That is what they have chosen to do with their money. They have chosen


not to means test pensioners. That is her decision. Don't confuse it,


this is not a sweetie for Scotland. They want people to vote for her.


But it isn't extra money for Scots and not extra cash for English


pensioners. What did you make of... We saw Ruth Davidson and Theresa May


today, and both being asked about this, one of the suggestions about


why the differences, it is mighty cold in Scotland. Welcome it is. If


you live in Cumbria, Newcastle, they might have something to say. That is


the decision Theresa May has made. I suppose you can always move north of


the border. CHUCKLES


Nice advert for moving to Scotland. The Son have gone with a pun making


headline, divide and fuel. Tories feel the heat of hypocritical


policy. Is that fair in the light of what Lindsey has been saying? It


might not be. But it goes the perception that many English voters


have that Scotland gets a better deal, that public spending is higher


north of the border. This is something Paul Nuttall of Ukip has


tried to play on. Let's get English people the same deal Scottish people


have. All sorts of reasons why public spending is different. This


kind of thing does seem a political ploy, and won the Tory party


basically think they can get away with because they are doing so well


amongst older voters and they cannot afford, really, I think, to inflame


the national sentiment. Ten for the headline, by the way. It is right to


pick up on this. But they cannot say this is bad politics. Ruth Davidson,


the Scottish Conservatives are on the march. It is a two horse fight


north of the border between the Scottish Tories and the SNP. Last


week the Scottish Tories were... You get free prescriptions in Scotland.


That was brought in by the SNP. The Scottish Tories are against that,


they have gone back on that and said they would keep it. This is another


sweetener for voters there. She said today, a bit more personality


politics, Theresa May is saying vote for me, give me a chance, Ruth


Davidson said today in Scotland, lend me your vote, vote for me, it


is a bit more of the personality politics. That is a great lead into


our next Tory. Maybe carry on with that. The FT, not their main story,


but down the left-hand side, control beats charm on May's rigid campaign


trail. What do you make of the style of her campaign trail? I have been


on it over the last couple of weeks in Wales, the south-west, and the


North. It is controlled. You don't know where she will be until a few


hours beforehand. You will rise, there are supporters there, she will


arrive at a community centre. -- you will arrive, there are supporters


there. She gives the same speech everywhere. And with all of the


proper slogans we have learnt off by heart now, strong and stable, etc.


It is controlled. Is it robotic, monotonous and lacking in


imagination, but nonetheless exceeding brilliantly? -- are


succeeding brilliantly? We will know in a few weeks. Does anybody do it


differently these days? In the light of the pain that has been caused in


some past campaigns by run-ins with voters who have, one thinks of


Gillian Duffy and Gordon Brown, and people said it cost in the election.


You can see why the spin doctors close ranks around their leader and


try and control it all. Even the few performances we have seen from


Theresa May, the public, in the wild, as it were, there has been a


risk of it going wrong. A woman with learning disabilities asking her why


she is taking away some of her benefits. It is an uncomfortable


position for a Prime Minister to be in. She wants to look like a leader.


People behind the polls, Tim Farron and Jeremy Corbyn, are having to


play it differently. They cannot deny the media access. They have to


do everything they can. She has such a big lead in the polls that she is


effectively able to do what Manchester United did when they will


fall- zero up, play defensively, knock the ball around, keep it away


from doing anything too creative. -- Manchester United did when they were


4-0 up. She is in government and she wants to stay there. Is there


anything in that idea that it is lacking in imagination, that it is


so rigid there is nothing, sort of, spontaneous that could excite


people? Her advisers were worried about the idea she was being seen as


robotic and boring. That is why we saw lights come into her in the one


show appearance with her husband, Philip. He came off slightly more


affable in that. In policy terms... There have been creative moves. She


has lots of room in the selection to actually go out there and say I want


a mandate from my policies, these are my ideas. She is setting up the


Tory agenda in the centre ground. She has been bowled. Taken ideas a


lot of her colleagues would not agree with. Let's move the Times.


Whether she has or hasn't been controlling, there is a promise that


she wants to control Web giants. She has said that Britain should be the


world's Internet policeman, what is that about? We cannot see the full


interview yet. We had a Trail of this over the last week. That these


technology giants, Facebook, YouTube, so on, will be forced to


erase data, pictures that have been posted by children who are under 18.


Most people, I think, most bright minded people, are quite shocked to


think that on YouTube and Google and Facebook there are terrorist images.


Images of child abuse. Nobody wants that kind of content to be


accessible at all. Now Theresa May is promising, pledging, she will be


giving people more power over controlling their own data and


crackdown on how data is held. What do you think? The problem always


seems to be that the companies themselves, so we are told, are not


doing enough to do what right minded people want. These companies came


from libertarian backgrounds, platforms of free speech, that is


what users want to do, it is their decision, we do not want to be


censors. They make billions in profit. They can decide elections.


They have huge reach. They should be in the eyes of politicians,


inevitably. Point is, nobody has worked out how to govern these


things. Theresa May, with everything else on a plate, is now promising to


be the world's Internet policeman. You know, good luck. Quite an


ambition. If you have had friends who have had a Facebook account and


had a picture removed because it contains nudity, you think, if they


can do that, why not tackle these are the issues? That maybe the will


of the companies rather than legislation. Let's return to the


Daily Telegraph. Let's go overseas. There is a story that has been


coming out tonight via the Washington Post and New York


Times... Talking about Donald Trump calling his former FBI director


James Comey a nut job. It is astonishing, isn't it? Every


instalment is like the next episode of, you know, House Of Cards, you


don't know what is going to come out next. We heard earlier about how...


We are getting a bit more colour, in the lead up to James Comey being


sacked, what happened, and how will Trump's behaviour changed, and how


he was getting friendly with him, trying to embrace him. And James


Comey felt he was being compromised his position was being compromised,


and he didn't want... He already knew the Democrats didn't trust him


and it was an awkward position for him. Now hearing this language from


Trump... The White House's inspiration for sacking him has


changed. -- explanation for sacking him has changed. Now he's being


explicit. The White House spokesman is being explicit. This was to do


with Russia. About easing the pressure on Russia. James Comey's


investigation into the links between the White House and Russia had


caused problems and by firing him they got rid of it. This story will


run and run. Plenty more on that. We cannot finish without looking at the


Sun. Megan against Pepper. -- Megan against Pepper


-- Megan against Pippa. Megan is due to tie the knot. -- Pippa is due to


tie the knot. The entire's girlfriend might apparently upstage


her. She is into yoga. It'll be interesting to see. Maybe we will


have another royal wedding. Thank you both. That's The Papers. You can


see the front pages on the website. Seven days a week. All there for


you. If you have missed the programme, you can watch later on


iPlayer. We have seen fairly unsettled and


lively weather over the last few days. Heavy showers and


thunderstorms. Here is a view


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