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Charlie and David Beckham a star and the newest King Arthur film. It has


had largely negative reviews. Find out what we think of it in the film


review. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are the parliamentary


journalist, Tony Grew and Caroline Frost,


Entertainment Editor Tomorrow's front pages,


starting with - The Financial Times claims that


Theresa May failed to consult some of her most senior colleagues


on manifesto plans to overhaul The Times also goes with social


care, saying that Theresa May's planned changes could


be wrecked by poorly The Metro also leads


with the general election, reporting that the Tories are now


looking to attack Jeremy Corbyn after polls showed their lead over


Labour being cut in half. The Telegraph reports that


Jeremy Corbyn is at the centre of a growing row, after they say


he repeatedly refused to condemn the actions of Republican


terrorists in Ireland. The Daily Mail covers the same


story, adding that Mr Corbyn's comments have enraged campaigners


for the victims of terrorism. The Guardian says it has seen


a large cash of internal documents from Facebook which show how


the tech giant moderates its sites. And finally The Express has


a bit of good news - Britain is set to enjoy a blast


of summer with ten days of sunshine. Thank goodness for that. Let's begin


with the social care story that keeps on giving, this one. The


Tories stand firm after care wobble is the headline in the Independent.


No change from pop your policies after the weekend poll show that


Labour is closing the gap. But you wonder if it is a risk, will people


vote Conservative no matter what? I think this is a calculated gamble


within the inner sanctum of Theresa May and her closest counsel. There


are innumerable safe Tory seats around the country because of the


doubts about the Labour leadership. They have made this decision to go


after non-traditional Tory voting places and this is obviously a


policy that extends beyond their normal reach. A look now at the


Financial Times, how they are reporting. Senior Tories kept in the


dark over the dementia tax. This seems to have been re- occurring


then, that many -- and not many people knew about this before it was


released. Theresa May is obviously keeping a close eye on it and how it


will be released. The FT says that this plan, the so-called dementia


tax,... The concern here is not about the policy. I think that the


reason may use being startlingly honest with the public which is not


something we expect from politicians. She is getting rid of


the promises of David Cameron to not raise taxes, that triple lock on the


pension. And she is effectively saying to people who have large


assets in the form of property that they will need to pay for their


social care. I can imagine why for some people think that is shocking,


but for those who are under 30, people who have a huge asset, the


idea that young people should pay for the care of people with huge


assets if unfair. The young people are less likely to vote, however.


However this is a masterstroke from Theresa May. She is taking on those


who are the largest voting block, those over 65. This is for her to


create a new Britain. The poll numbers she is on now suggests that


this is an opportunity for her to remake the country and it seems as


if she will do that. You said previously that the policy has not


been explained well people do not understand it. To say that you can


keep 100,000 pounds of your own assets including the value of your


home is a far value from the cap of ?76,000 which suggested nobody would


pay more than that. This will affect different people across the country


quite differently. Somebody with a house with average prices of under


100,000 will be celebrating this policy because in theory they will


never have to pay anything. People with assets in somewhere like Kent,


in theory you will not have much inheritance to pass on. It is


completely unearned wealth. Wider society think you should be able to


pass on unearned wealth. People have often done it, haven't they? The


different situation is our those people are now sucking care out of


national health insurance? They pay their insurer ends. But life


expectancy was smaller years ago. We have to accept now that people can


be repaired tyre for 30 years. 30 years of constant care care, how


much will it cost? Corbyn's eating teeth for IRA victims. Jeremy Corbyn


refusing five times to unequivocally condemn the IRA. One Twitter user


suggests that this is an old story that conveniently had dresses


avoiding facts. This is the Conservative slinging mud. I think


the Conservatives are perfectly right to point out that this man


spent his time consorting with figures in Ireland at a time when


they were bombing and murdering figures. He is the one now trying to


recast this is his heroic contribution to the peace process. I


reject that. He spent no time polling around with unionists and


loyalist. He only took one side of the argument. He took the extreme


side as well. I have no problem with people supporting a united Ireland


but he had two ways to do it, constitutional politics or the


politics of violence and he chose the politics of violence. He said he


disagreed with the military of approach that was taken during the


Troubles. He is condemned the bombing from all sides. I think he


been extremely careful and, I would... I would disagree and say he


has been consistent. He has stuck to his political ideas and in an age


where politicians turn on a client because it is expedient, I found it


refreshing to have somebody who voiced something that he knows will


not play well with an enormous number of people and will play into


a voting... That is because he has had the indulgence of irrelevance is


entire political career. But then people as soon as they become


popular, they don't have the right to change their mind. He is telling


lies. He blamed Britain for seeking a military solution. It does not say


here that he was telling lies. Let me explain why he was. In my


opinion... The only people who thought were a military solution in


Ireland where the IRA,... He says he has been consistent in his approach.


He claims it was contributing to the peace process, which he was not. But


if you engage with people, which is distasteful for many... This is not


about engagement, this is about burnishing your left-wing


credentials. This is about putting your position beside... I do


struggle with the word lies. Facebook secret rules on hate speech


sex violence and Terence in the Guardian. The Guardian has seen


these and it has been picked up by the Telegraph. We can't see that


there is a Facebook reply on this front page so I will do it for them


in a moment. Caroline, this story will interest a lot of people. The


rules that seem quite... This has implications not just media like


ourselves but anybody who does get on Facebook, enjoys is it and uses


it to engage with their friends. We know about the rules that our data


is being shared that it is now going a little darker because Facebook is


still refusing to acknowledge their increasing status as a publisher of


almost unparalleled influence across the world. What the Guardian has


done is uncovered some training manuals and ethical guidelines and


all sorts of tree diagrams for their moderators which is a pathetically


poor number of people. 4500 of them. The CEO has promised that more will


be coming on board but we are still talking about 2 billion users and


something like 6 million accounts that they deal with every single


day. It is a shockingly small number of people charged with looking at


the content and deciding what is acceptable, deciding what could be


inciting, just what is incredibly distasteful and worse. Partly they


will take on an extra 3000 people around the world to be a moderator


so they can review millions of reports that they get every day. A


simpler system now and they will be able to take down posts faster and


contract law enforcement. It is said that they need to do more. Companies


a joke they have no corporate social responsibility. They cannot keep


control of the content, it has grown to a lidded too quickly and... They


are not a platform, they are publisher of content, perhaps the


biggest one. It is difficult for a government to deal with the scope of


that but if you think about how controlled these newspapers and TV


and radio are in terms of what they can publish... But we are much


smaller. We are not just a platform that other people post on. The


argument is that they are no longer a platform, that they are eight


publisher and they need to accept a murder, of responsibility. The


cynical use of free-speech argument is cynical. They just can't be


bothered. The Times. Trump urges Muslims to join battle between good


and evil. A different tone from President Trump. This is the sort of


thing that he was saying about Islam and Islamist extremism in his run-up


to his election. He was particularly critical of Hillary Clinton's


relationship with Saudi Arabia. One of the things he said about Saudi


Arabia during the campaign, it is amazing but he can now turn up at


their country and praise them and talk about their kingdom. We are in


a strange year of global politics and with Donald Trump, four-minute


countries, the reality is that they had to reset the clock. I love the


fact that now he has managed to utter an entire sentence with a. --


with a period. We applaud in our brief statement ship. But the


campaign trail is different of being in power. He is absolutely a


pragmatist. If that coincides with world peace, I am all for it. Three


more quick stories. Air pollution can deprive you of a good night 's


sleep? Really? What a surprise. Air pollution is a great evil of our


age. We know it affects everything, we know that children suffer because


of it and the message here is that they found one more thing, one more


reason to be suspicious of air pollution and try to bring down


carbon levels and all sorts of bad things that happen, generally, in


cities. Intensive this research, the average age was 63. We should point


out that this was monitoring sites in six US cities. Not that I suspect


our pollution will be different. But a look at the next paper. Heavenly


returns for the Church of England puts it up among top performance.


They do not follow every market trend. Being a church they tend to


look at things with a long-term view in terms of their investments. They


have a different strategy. With any story in the FT it is difficult to


understand. You do need an economics degree, don't you? It is fascinating


but they are going against the trend. Just waiting, sitting it out.


Perhaps a little but a divine intervention? Good luck. Finally,


the eye. Twin Peaks is back but what is it all about? Seminal, I suppose


you would say 1990 TV series. And not a remake. Since we spoke earlier


someone tweeted as to point out that Mash was perhaps the great show of


the TV. David Lynch has responded to a nostalgia wave. Will you watch it?


I did and I will and I hope it is slightly less complicated than the


last one. Would watching 1's help you with the return? You should


probably watch the first if you will want to watch the second. I don't


agree With the idea of Mash being brilliant, it was a routine sitcom.


That is it tonight. Think very much for coming in. A treat to see you




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