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live in a tolerant, liberal society. And that is why I have chosen to


step down as leader of the Liberal Democrats. The resignation statement


of Tim Farron from being leader of the Liberal Democrats. Now, I look


at the papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are the writer


and broadcaster Mihir Bose and the former Pensions minister,


Baroness Altmann. We start with the only story on


tomorrow's pages. the Telegraph carries a haunting


photograph of the throwing their children out


of windows to save as avoidable, saying that residents


had repeatedly raised The Metro warns that dozens


of people are feared dead. The Guardian focuses on the warnings


from residents who it says were ignored. The Times reports the blaze


spread in a mere 15 minutes. And the Mirror carries a photograph of the


burning building with a single word, death trap. So, let's begin, this is


a deeply deeply distressing story and it is rightly on the front of


all of the papers. Shall we start all of the papers. Shall we start


with the times with this horribly violent image, disaster in 15


minutes. What does it concentrate on? You have also got that inset


picture of one of the residents waving help from the window. This is


such a tragedy, you cannot help but feel for the victims, their


families, their friends, to have been involved in this must have been


just absolutely horrendous. Children being thrown from the buildings and


one of them was caught, one was thrown from the ninth or tenth


floor, others jumped, we do not know whether they survived, it is


something that you see in a movie. The towering Inferno or whatever.


But this has happened in London. And But this has happened in London. And


they were told to stay put. They were told to stay within an hour


they would be rescued, though given the wrong advice. Whether it could


have been avoided, the safety measures but the actual advice to


stay stay put and someone defied that advice and saved himself and


his family. The stay put policy it was called. Stay put and dive. They


were told it was designed to have rigorous fire safety standards and


you would believe that. That is the advice given and you think they know


what they are talking about. And we tend to obey rules. And the fire


doors was poster last 30 minutes to give them time to arrive. It simply


wasn't correct advice. The Guardian again the story dominates its front


page with that... And the Guardian has a fair bit on the warnings that


were given not just about staying put but warnings going back several


years and there was an action group that said last November about this


catastrophic event will highlight the incompetence of the landlord.


These warnings were ignored. And serious questions need to be raised


about what sort of management was there and who ignore these warnings.


They raised the points that we would probably immediately think of, there


was no sprinkler system, where was the building white fire alarm, there


was only one fire escape for the whole floor trying to come in


residents trying to go out which is why they had to stay put policy so


firemen could get in but then also apparently there were some gas pipes


in the escape, in emergency exit. And they're worried about that too.


And the fire regulations have not been reviewed for 11 years. What


this raises questions is what are the fire safety in the buildings,


God forbid anything should happen but we need to ask those questions


immediately. This fire spread so quickly, let's not forget, 15


minutes, that is not a lot of time. The government says a major review


will happen looking at other buildings. The Telegraph, making the


point as he said disaster waiting to happen. And the cladding. It says


cladding was putting for energy efficiency reasons and the cladding


acted like a chimney, there is a gap between the cladding and the walls


and that allowed the smoke and fire and that allowed the smoke and fire


to spread upwards. And away the cladding was done. It should have


protected but it was a conduit for the fire to spread so quickly. For a


fighter damage in 15 minutes, something must've happened which


quite dreadful. And the London Fire Brigade warned after a fire in a


block in Hammersmith last August about the cladding and there was a


fire in a skyscraper in Dubai said the fire brigade was all ready


concerned about this and all one can say is the government has now said


it will urgently review the safety. This is the sort of story that comes


out from countries where things are not managed properly, where there is


proper control, not a country like ours where we take safety very


seriously. Controlled regulation should be looked at. And there are


regulations, one thing is fire safety regulations only apply to the


common parts not individual flats con they do need to look at that but


this is a bigger issue and lessons have to be learnt. I'm sure whoever


was involved in the cladding had no idea that there would be a fire risk


otherwise it would not have happened. No one would do that if


they thought it was. We do not know, it maybe it is not the cladding,


maybe something to do with gas pipes, we just don't know. But if


residents were warning we need to know what was done and whether they


were ignored and said these residents are always going to raise


questions needn't bother about it. And they were assured it met the


fire safety standards. A quick word, one more story that otherwise would


be on the lead story on the front pages in the Financial Times, Tim


Farron quits as the Lib Dems. I was quite surprised. Especially the


reason he gave, I think his assistant Lord Patrick had resigned


citing the issue of Tim Farron's Christian faith and the implications


for his belief in gay marriage and Tim Farron has taken what I think


you can only describe it as a principled position and said if my


faith is getting in a way of me being a political leader then I will


choose my face but it is really sad and I would not normally think that


we are the kind of country that would not be tolerant of somebody's


faith. You cannot be the leader of a political party, that is what he is


saying. It is unbelievable. It was an issue in the early stages of the


election campaign and he could not get over that. Otherwise the Lib


Dems would have done better because they were the representatives of the


remainders. We'll be back together at 11:30pm to discuss at greater


length. That is it for the papers. We are back at 11:30pm. See them. --


see you


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