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immediate word on casualties. It happened in the north-west of the


country. We will have more details when we get them. Now it is


Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are are Rob Merrick, who's the deputy political


editor at The Independent, and the author and broadcaster,


The Telegraph leads with the ongoing Brexit talks, saying British


tourists will be guaranteed free health treatment in


Brexit negotiations also dominate the front page of The Times,


saying thousands of European criminals could face deportation


The i features a picture of workers removing cladding


from a high-rise building with the headline "100% unsafe".


The FT focusses on the Italian banking system, saying the country


has set aside billions of euros worth of taxpayers money


"Shocking Scale of Migrant Problem" is the headline


The Guardian leads with yesterday's cyber attack on parliamentarians,


saying the Russian Government is suspected of being involved.


So, the Times and the ramifications of us leaving Europe, whether it is


soft, hard or medium boil. Foreign criminals to be thrown out after


Brexit, it says. At the moment, I assume we cannot do that. It says


that in 2015, only 44 criminals from EU countries were repatriated, so


this is a great frustration to the Government that they cannot deport


more from non-EU countries. I'm sure it would be popular with people if


more people could be kicked out. I think this is an attempt to get a


cheap, Poplar headline, because this cannot be the big issue when the


Government releases the details of what it is going to do tomorrow. --


eight popular headline. What really counts is whether they are going to


be able to satisfy the EU over whether or not these citizens will


have the rights they expect when we leave the EU, and if they do not


have the rights they expect and that the EU wants, then Britain will not


get very far with Brexit talks. Able may remember on Thursday Theresa May


me tweet said that she had made a generous offer, but all we have in


front of us here is a tasty headline saying we will be tough on foreign


carols. That is not really the issue. -- foreign criminals. It


seems unlikely we could be sure of that at this point, and also, it


seems kind of strange that the numbers given by the Times, 6000


foreign criminals in British jails have served tendencies and are


waiting deportation. If they are awaiting deportation, surely we


could already deport 6000 people. It is already possible to get rid of


them. We may not have yet done it, but it is already an option. And yet


the numbers from 2015 are 44, which is a a lot fewer, and I am no expert


mathematician, than 6000. This implies to me a failure of process


rather than a failure of principle. It comes back to the immigration


system. And the Home Office. Who was running that for all those years(?)


The scale of it is enormous, then. Even though it is not the most


pressing issue, as you said, Rob. Even if it is 13,000 foreign


offenders, that is a lot fewer than 3.2 million EU citizens. What I see


is the Government getting a favourable headline in tomorrow


morning's paper and what really matters tomorrow as are the going to


provide finally, after one year, finally provide the detail on the


rights servant offered to EU citizens after Brexit. If it does


not, they cannot start the trade talks. There is a health care pledge


for UK tourists in the Daily Telegraph. Ministers are going to


keep paying, and again the seals are a relatively small story. It is


likely that when we go on holiday, we can take our cards with us, and


if it were to be injured on holiday in Belgium or Portugal, we can go to


hospital and be treated for free. In exchange, Belgian or Portuguese


tourists who get hurt in the UK would be treated for free. It has


been an excellent reciprocal system and of course it should be


continued. Lots of people go on holiday, so it makes sense.


According to David Davis this morning, on the Andrew Marr


programme, he has said the NHS will foot the bill if the EU does not. He


has now been derided for saying he will come from eyes if the EU will


not. It is only ?155 million. That is not much in the scale of the tens


of million pounds that are being talked about in terms of Britain's


divorce bill. That is not very much money. I would like to have it


myself, but it will not make much difference to the negotiations. This


is one of the many things people realised the day after the


referendum but would happen. Access to free health care abroad. Another


example would be the likelihood that we will have to pay to visit the


rest of the EU in future. Perhaps only a very small amount, but


certainly we will have to go through checks, so we will lose the ease of


travel that we currently have. The benefits that we have taken for


granted from EU membership, we will lose those. But it is most likely


that we can reach an agreement with the EU that we can continue this


system of subsidised health care for tourists and travellers. But in the


end, it will come down to negotiations if they ever get


properly started. But that will come down to how many people come here


and claim treatment on the NHS and how many others go there and turn an


ankle, and I suppose we will have to wait and see what those numbers are.


Most people take out travel insurance anyway, but that is my own


fault for running half marathons abroad. Better shoes? I have the


feet of a dead man. I am glad they are under the table. I do not want


to think about them. I wish I could not. Let's stay with the Telegraph,


the Government faces a six under million pounds bill after fire


checks at flats. -- a ?600 million bill. That doesn't sound that


unreasonable when you think of the scale of the problem. I think this


is an extrapolation. They have checked 60 blocks of flats and 60


have been found to be unsafe, which is in many ways, 100%. We think


there are 600 blocks of flats around the country which needs to be


tested, that is what Downing Street told us last week, and thus we are


suggesting that if all 600 continue in the vein of the first 60, it will


be ?1 million power block of flats. It is a huge sum of money, but not


relatively to people burning to death, so I think we are going to


have to just pay it. But that is just for the cladding. There are


other issues, sprinklers, fire doors, five extinctions. -- fire


extinguishers. Local councils have been given no assurances about


sprinklers and fire extinguishers. The fire in Lakanal House in


Camberwell. Yes, after that, the coroner recommended that sprinklers


be installed in all high-rise flats, but she only encourage that, it's to


not become law. The Government sent a very weak letter to local


authorities, said we had done that, and no sprinklers were installed. In


the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, I expect they will be. I am


surprised to see the Telegraph is focusing on the figure here, whether


it is ?600 million or less, there are hundreds of high-rise flats and


tens of thousands of people around the country living in circumstances


where there are do not know who are potential death traps and future


infernos. I think all of that is, at the moment, far more important than


whatever the bill will be down the line. This is just the figure for


high-rise blocks. And then potentially it will also have to be


paid for other public buildings. Yes, hospitals and schools, and the


Telegraph has the rather unnerving paragraph that plans to test every


hospital in the wake of Grenfell Tower has not yet happened because


they do not have resources to check every hospital, presumably because


they are looking at every block of flats in the country. Last week we


were told that they could test 100 tower blocks a day, so far 60, so


slightly fewer than 100 per day. That is a huge issue. The Government


said they would test 100 a day, 600 blocks, that is it, 60s, and the


tests started last Tuesday. They should have nearly finished, so what


is going on? And if the defined problems in schools and hospitals,


what will happen? Good news for these schools is that it is nearly


the end of term, so they only have a couple more weeks. Slightly more


difficult for hospitals which they cannot just evacuate for a period of


time. The i is looking at this story and seeing that all of the cladding


that has been tested so far has been judged to be unsafe. And of course,


the Camden issue, with hundreds of people who had to leave their homes,


they are uncertain how long they are going to be in temporary


accommodation. A friend of mine has been evacuated, he has been on the


news all week, because he is April active agitator, chair of the


residents association, and he has been evacuated. He was moved out on


Friday night, and he has no idea when he has grown to be back home.


It is terrifying, I have no idea what he can even aim for as a kind


of wish. Do you just wish that they will fix it in a matter of weeks and


you can with back on? Will be just fixed the cladding, or other issues


which rendered it urgently unsafe? I do not know, he does not know. And


some people have chosen even now not to leave. About one in five in the


Camden flats. Not everyone has somewhere else to go. We say choose,


but if you do not have anywhere else to go, and you have a pet and you're


not allowed to stay in a hotel with it, what are you supposed to do? I


am astonished by this headline, "One hundred percent unsafe," because I


sat through a couple of interminable briefings at Westminster last week,


we were told that many of the towers did not have the suspicious type of


cladding. We were very much led away from the idea that a huge number of


tower blocks were going to have the same similar disastrous cladding


that we had Grenfell Tower. And yet 60 tests come back, and all 60 have


failed. I find that astonishing. I think local authorities were


encouraged to put in samples from the cases they were most worried


about first, so it is possible they have done the most dangerous ones


first and the less injuries once later on, but as time goes on, it


does appear that we have been looking at a public health scandal


that only skilled because not have imagined when the tower block first


caught fire. Let's finish with The Sun this hour.


An eight foot shark at the beach in Majorca. It is only a shark! It is


not like it is a great white shark. What type of shark is it, Natalie? I


watched Jaws three days ago, but I'm not an expert. I watched it on a big


screen. It was a delightful night out. Anyway... Shark attacks not


withstanding. There was virtually no shark attacks, but there was all the


joy of watching people who have not seen Jaws before jumping in the


hour. There were children they are, and they were entranced by the idea


that people could smoke in a hospital. It seems mad. I do not


think it is a man eating shark. Would you like to try to find out? I


wouldn't. Normally when people see a shark, people punch it on the nose,


because it was in a survival book to do that. Sharks are much maligned,


and the? Hundreds of thousands get killed every year. Yes, and they are


beautiful machines designed for living forwards and swimming. When


the people, people are up in arms but it is because they are in the


water. You would scarper if you saw that found in the water. You just


make sure that someone is closer than you are. Oh, that is nice(!)


When people go through the forest, and there is a lying, one puts on


his trainers, and one says, you will never out on that line, and he says,


I don't need to, I just need to run faster than you. Remind me never to


go on holiday with Rob Merrick. I would like you to go away and find


out how common sharks are. Find out how common sharks of that size in


the Mediterranean around Majorca are, please. I will do that. We will


see you at 11:30pm when you have done your research.


Another Martina Cole thriller, another number one bestseller.


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