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An oil tanker that crashed in Pakistan's Punjab province has


left at least 150 people dead, most of whom were collecting leaking


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are are Rob Merrick, the deputy political editor


at The Independent, and the author and broadcaster,


We only have ten minutes, so we better be quick.


The Telegraph leads with the ongoing Brexit talks, saying British


tourists would be guaranteed free health treatment in the EU under


Brexit negotiations also dominate the front page of the Times,


saying thousands of European criminals could face deportation


The i features a picture of workers removing cladding from a high-rise


building with the headline '100 % unsafe'.


The FT focusses on the Italian banking system, saying the country


has set aside billions of euros worth of taxpayers money


'Shocking Scale of Migrant Problem' is the headline for the Daily


The Guardian leads with yesterday's cyber attack on parliamentarians,


saying the Russian government is suspected of being involved.


The Daily Mirror front page also focuses on the concerns over tower


block safety saying fury in mounting after all cladding


tested so far fails to meet standards.


And the Daily Mail says Labour's Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has


been accused of exploiting the Grenfell tower tragedy


after saying the victims were 'murdered by political


Some Brexit issues to start with. Foreign criminals to be thrown out


after Brexit? Quite a lot of them, it seems, are waiting to depart


these shores? Yes, according to the Times, there are thought to be about


13,000 foreign criminals in Britain. There are thousands who have served


sentences and are waiting for deportation. In 2014, only 44


criminals were repatriate it. We obviously have a larger number of


6000 people waiting to be deported, but only 44 people actually being


deported in a recent example. This does not seem like the biggest part


of the Brexit negotiations, I would say. I do think that 13,000 foreign


offenders is quite a lot, relative to the number of EU nationals


waiting to find out about their potential future. It is quite a


small number of people. It does affect our rules about deciding who


gets to coming in the first place? Most people claim they should be


doing more to gig at foreign criminals. I don't know whether the


viewers can see, the headline here, as you are saying, the big issue is


not foreign criminals. It is that tomorrow, the government has to


produce detailed plans for the right of EU citizens after rape Grexit and


securing the rights of -- after Brexit, and securing the rights of


UK citizens inside the EU. Before they do that they will not be able


to get stuck into the trade talks, which they are desperate to do. The


Telegraph, government facing ?600 million after tax to flats. Given


the scale they have got to carry out, it is not surprising -- checks.


We don't know how many of the 600 towers that are suspected of having


some of that cladding are going to come back and failed the tests. 60


have failed so far, so this ?600 million figure is an extrapolation


of ?1 million that is needed terrific the cladding. Even if it is


600 million, I actually think it is a very small sum next to what the


government is really going to have to spend if they are going to change


housing policies. The Prime Minister said last Thursday that she


recognised that the country had not done enough for people in social


housing. If she means that, the government should end this loss of


social housing. They need to pay for other aspects of the housing policy.


They will end a ban on social housing building which is


effectively in place at the moment. Any rental housing that is supposed


to be a affordable is not affordable, social rent is going to


cost a lot more money. If she means for that sort of change, then at the


end of the process, ?600 million is going to be a very small amount.


Elliptical fallout from some comments after the great bell tower


fire. -- Grenfell tower. He had a rant in Glastonbury? He called it,


murdered by political decisions. I would say it is probably not a great


usage, slaughtered would have been another more accurate descriptor. It


is hard to suggest, I would suggest that the people who put up the


cladding, those who pay for it and find it off, they did so thinking,


hopefully people will die because of this. I am certain that did not


happen. So it is a very unfortunate turn of phrase. Obviously the Daily


Mail had a different idea. It is not the first time that politicians have


accused each other of capitalising on tragedies. John McDonald has made


a career out of saying outrageous things. He made a joke about a


fascinating Margaret Thatcher, P had a suggestion about combining the


bomb in the ballot. One of the interesting things about this


comment is that he referred to decisions made over many decades.


The Labour Party was in charge for 30 years in recent decades,


therefore if he is accusing politicians off in his words,


murder, he is implicating his own side as well. Looking at the


Guardian, DUP deal to prop up the Theresa May government. We thought


it was all kind of done and dusted? But we still haven't got the detail?


Who knows? These leaks appear to be coming out of their talks on a very


regular basis. Downing Street seem to think that the DUP are


responsible, perhaps that has held things up. Given that you have


people like Chris Patten appearing on these programmes today, saying,


they will make us look like the nasty party, I think that probably


Theresa May's biggest problem is within her party. Do we know what


kind of special treatment, special favour is the DUP would have won for


northern Ireland? Every street in Belfast is going to be paid in gold


by the end of the year, or something close to that. It was rumoured to be


?2 billion for infrastructure, they have also talked about education.


Spending in Northern Ireland is already much higher than spending in


England. We will see John Major's phrase, cash for votes. It provides


Theresa May with some sort of solidity and a majority this week,


hopefully, from her point of view, other key votes in the future. Once


they've got that deal in place, it may be that they can get on with the


serious business of studying the other officers. The Guardian has a


story on a suspected Russian hack Lacy I thought it wasn't the


Russians this time? The headline says it is a Russian hacker, but


then there are sources who have said it appears to be state-sponsored. It


is notoriously difficult to attribute an instance to a specific


actor. You put Russia in the headline, everybody will associate


it with America. The Russians are strongly suspected of interfering,


as we well know. I don't know what they would had to find out by


hacking into that. Maybe they hope to find out who is standing for the


chairmanship of the rural food and pasture office. Yes, good question.


Finishing with the sun, can we please get onto the property news?


Look at the headline. There is an eight foot shark. I have set you a


task... I ask you to find out how common sharks of this size. It is a


blue shark, and they are seen as far north as Norway. 10- 20 million blue


sharks are killed every year. For shark fin soup. Overall, I think in


the last 500 years, they have been four reported cases of somebody


being eaten by a blue shark. We kill about 20 million per year.


Apparently this shark has been caught and injured with a harpoon.


No! If you are injured with a harpoon, but is not like a small...


I think the shark might have had a worse state than many of us did.


Putting nets in the sea? It didn't sound like they need to. Everybody


was swimming as fast as possible in the opposite direction, but she


would have been going, no! It's a blue shark. Wouldn't you, Natalie?


Did you do any research that I asked you to do? We should all be worrying


about the poor sharks. They are worried about whether it is going to


put people off, this summer. A very popular place. You sound like the


mayor of Amity. That is all I'm going to say. We've got the wrapup


music. The's it for the papers. Natalie and Rob, a treat as always.


Next, the film review. -- Film Review.


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