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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


Are they talking to the writer and broadcaster, Shyama Perera, and the


political commentator, said Moss. First, let's take a quick look at


what is making the front pages. The Observer tells us that German


industry is warning the UK it cannot rely on its help in securing a good


Brexit deal. The Sunday People has an exclusive -


it's talked to Lord Dannatt about caring for veterans


with post-traumatic stress disorder. Back to Brexit, and the Telegraph


says Theresa May is trying to capitalise on Donald Trump's


optimism on trade - amid growing The Mail On Sunday is told


by Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell that he thinks it's time for Mrs May


to step aside because she has The Sunday Express leads


with Mr Trump's comments that the UK will thrive outside the EU,


and his promise to sign a "powerful" The Times says Mrs May claimed that


Mr Trump's comments had put her plan The Independent reports that hate


crimes have risen by 23% since the Brexit vote,


according to figures they've obtained from a freedom


of information request. And the Mirror says that the singer


and actress Linda Nolan, who is suffering from cancer, has


been targeted by an online troll. Shyama, let's go to the Sunday


Times. The Times is picking up the story that we've been getting


variations for the last 24 hours. The fact that Donald Trump, I write


novels times, and there is a thing called the Bad Sex Awards, which is


for the bad sex scenes. This is like the Bad Politics Awards, because


this is going to happen "Very, very quickly" it's going to be "Very,


very big". This is Donald Trump talking after his conversation with


Theresa May about the fact that the US is going to offer us some great


trade deal. Again, the language isn't very hopeful because we've


heard this language around a lots of things. I just wonder, you know,


Vincent, you can answer this better, but it says, "Trump throws Made a


lifeline". We need a lifeboat, and I'm not sure he's got one. The thing


about these trade deals as they are slow-moving things. He talks about


doing one soon - that is not practically possible, is it? No, it


can't happen. We have two exit Brexit. It is at least two years


away. Traditionally these things take years to negotiate. It's all


very well talking about these deals. The best divisive leaders facing


domestic problems, and they both want to talk about something else -


like trade. In reality, it's years away. And they're both, of course,


very mean with detail. You never get any idea. It's always an abstract


conversation, whether it is May or Trump. ... The Sunday Telegraph, --


the Sunday Telegraph," Brexit plays Trump card". This appears more than


one Sunday newspaper. It is pretty much the same lines talking about


the G20. It's the same sort of language about Trump, saying that it


would be a powerful deal done very quickly, which of course it won't.


One than the Telegraph does pick up if it makes the point that it sees


what Theresa May has said as what it calls a dismissal of Philip Hammond,


the Chancellor. He of course famously said that not remaining as


close as possible to the EU would be madness will stop Theresa May have


been talking about not just deals with the United States, but India,


China and Japan. There is precious little evidence that any of these


round the corner either, but it's very much the view that Theresa May


wants to come out of the G20. Shyama, back to your point, we've


got Trump quoted quite extensively on the front page of the Daily Mail.


But then he also says, we have all of our trade people. We have Trade


Minister Wilbur Ross with us. We have all of the trade people! The


phrase is rained down. I think trade will be a very big factor between


our countries. Seriously? Honestly, it could be written by an


autonomous. It's meaningless. Let's go on to something which could be


far from meaningless. This is the front page of the Observer. Just


tell us what the story says. The story is that the Observer has


spoken to two of Germany's biggest industry group. Does it say who?


Yes, it does. There is BDL, the Federation of German industries, --


BDA. So they are trade groups, not companies? Yes. They're pointing out


that all of this talk of us somehow finding accommodation between the


two groups in terms of trade, and the example given is cars, because


we are the biggest importers of German cars, what they are saying is


that actually we have to put the EU first and we can't be giving you any


kind of special deal on this. Maybe it's an obvious thing to say, but


it's a quite serious point. It is. This is a united message from


Germany which is that they think the single market is crucial. The single


market for them and the other remaining nations is much more


important. So Britain's business may suffer. I think the Observer was


just trying to find a different story from that which we saw on


television all day yesterday about the G20. It has gone on this


different morning of German industry warning. -- gone on this different


glory of German industry warning. Germany's priority is to protect the


single market. It is a big warning to British business, if you hire


Brexit, you will face problems. One thing we overlook sometimes is that


a lot of German imports are at the luxury end of the markets. The


electronics, white goods, cars, and all of those. Which, anyway, salty


people who can probably pay the difference if prices go up. --


which, anywhere, or sold to people. I don't think German industry is


that worried white yeah. OK, sticking -- also on the Observer


front page, the business about Trump and climate change. The Paris


Crewman was going to be a big issue, but he stuck to his guns. In many


ways, it's not news. The Observer has always been very big, as an


issue. It points out that the summit isolates Trump over climate change


and quotes Theresa May as being dismayed at the US decision to pull


out. Although she has been asked why she failed to raise it during a


formal 50 minute meeting with him. She says she's had a number of


conversations with him in Hamburg and Lavrov with him. President Trump


doesn't seem to care, and I thought that was indicated because although


they were wearing special lapel badges, he wore his US one. It was


very much the summit of the G19 + Trump. Leaving aside this business


about the climate change, really all politicians go to these summits.


They talk a lot, and they also have two sound cooperative. But in the


end they're only interested in what goes on in their backyard and


helping their own people. In a way, Mr Trump is being straightforward


and honest, isn't it? I think he's just there for cosmetic reasons. He


just wants to be seen there. A lot of the agendas will have been


decided before they sit down and have discussions. It's interesting


that he ever ran with her, and interesting that he overran with


Putin. I don't know if that means they need to double the length of


every audience because he loses concentration halfway through, or if


it means he's saying something new and interesting, which is what Putin


suggested was much more serious when you meet him behind closed doors.


Let's move on, Shyama, to the story we've been circling around. The good


old Mail will mail it properly. This is Theresa May under heavy fire at


home. They have a contact of David Davis. Andrew Mitchell. Yes. The man


who had a tangle with bicycles! Absolutely. It says that May must


quit now. It's covered in different variations with different MPs in the


Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph, because I think the Telegraph has


got people saying, every bill she puts the rest going to look like a


Christmas tree because we're going to be hanging so much on it. The


Sunday Times had three people saying she's got to go because she's not


sorting things out. This is the latest, the most important. Because


David Davis is he Brexit man. Again, I'm not sure he's saying anything


which isn't obvious. We must be clear, Andrew Mitchell is saying it.


He may be David Davis's jump, but it's not suggested that David Davis


himself is saying these things. These remarks made at a private


dinner in June at which somebody was present. The story has been


overheated. It's not the first time the Sunday newspapers have been


overheating stories. But apparently at this first meal Andrew Mitchell


said that Theresa May was dead in the water, couldn't go on, and a new


leader was required. This comes amongst reports of is a kamikaze


group of MPs ready to risk handing power to Jeremy Corbyn, and they


believe that ousting Mrs Mabel effectively kill off any events to


reverse Brexit. -- ousting Mrs May will effectively kill off. That is


reflected across pretty much all the Sunday newspapers, including the


sun, which has another story from Grant Shapps, saying they are


dysfunctional Number 10. The only paper that isn't reporting it is the


Labour leading paper the Sunday Mirror, which doesn't have anything


about instability in the Conservative Party. Rather unusual,


perhaps! These results are marks of Andrew Mitchell allegedly made. I


think we will see a lot more of this in the months to come. Let's go to a


different story. Let's get away from the straightforward politics. The


Sunday Telegraph front Page, whose turn is it... Vincent, I think it is


you. American plans for armed officers in UK airports. That sounds


rather alarming. What they're suggesting is what already happens


with British border guards in France. We've effectively moved our


immigration controls to France to stop people that should be coming to


England crossing over. The suggestion is the same thing could


happen to British passengers going to the States. You would have US


immigration at British airports to clear security at this end. But for


us, because they say that you would miss the big lines at American


airports. But I think some of the line that big American airports are


shorter than those at British airports these days! Whether that


would happen, it suggests that some airports, like Dublin and Shannon


where it already happens, some airports like that don't want to do


it. Does it mean Americans with guns at our airports? I think it's


outrageous. Why do you say that? Firstly we don't have any room.


Perhaps when we get the next runway, we can think about putting in


American immigration. But I think it's outrageous that another


country's legislation would be enacted on our soil. It's their


rules, it's on their soil but they should be checking immigrants, not


on our soil. But we have an agreement with France and do it with


friends. America unfortunately see us as not without the odd terrorist.


Then we should be checking people for gun ownership. It's silly. How


many terrorists have we exported to America? I'm not aware of any. There


was the shoe bomber. There have been a couple of cases where there have


been lots over here to try to blow up transatlantic airliners. We never


Trump is not the biggest fan of allowing certain people and checked


into America's. But he's not checking Saudis going into America.


He's not checking people coming in to learn how to fly planes in


America. Why should the British be stopped? Time for a quick story,


Shyama, a great headline - "I'm first man to give birth". This is


inside of the Daily Mail. How is he able to say this and what does he or


she mean? It's a trans-mail going through the process of becoming a


man called Scott Parker. The reason this story is interesting in the


mail is because the sun has got an interesting interview with the


male-female transition who is claimed to be the first man to give


birth in the UK. What they're saying is that this person, Scott Parker,


has eaten him by six weeks. Essentially, it's a newspaper war.


-- has beaten him. The Mail is declaring that they have the first


dad. The sun has probably paid a lot of amount of money to their man,


Hayden Cross, who they report is the first man to have given birth. It's


an old-fashioned tabloid wars. It's one of those interesting stories of


the moment because it's so hard to know what the correct vocabulary is.


Scott and Hayden are both men, but they are in the bodies of women,


making the transition. They stopped and will continue it now. Although


they are saying they're the first man to give birth, they are still


having female bodies. So it's not quite what it seems. We are grateful


to you for your review of the papers. Thank you very much to


Shyama and Vincent. Just a reminder we take a look


at tomorrows front pages every


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