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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Rachel Cunliffe, Comment and Features Editor at City


AM and John Crowley, Editor in Chief of the International


Welcome, thank you for giving up your Friday night. The front pages


tomorrow. The Daily Mail leads


on the death of Charlie Gard. It says the baby, whose battle


for survival captured hearts around the world, lost his fight for life


exactly one A picture of Charlie's dad


with the baby dominates the front The paper says both of Charlie


parents were at his side as his life The Daily Express reports


on the fears that Brexit could be delayed after the Chancellor


announced plans for a two-stage The Daily Telegraph says MPs have


warned that the next general election will be a "second


referendum" on Brexit if Philip Hammond gets his way


on a lengthy transition. The Guardian carries an interview


with Sadiq Khan saying Labour could still hot Brexit.


and teenagers are being paid by criminals to hide or launder


The I claims there's been a cover up on the high speed 2 rail project.


It says the Department for Transport has censored a report on billion


pound scheme amid fears over rising costs and big delays.


And the Sun leads on the death of Charlie Gard.


It says his devastated mum announced that "our beautiful


And that will be begin, but with the very sad but expected news that


Charlie Garde had died, released from hospital earlier in the day and


gone to the hospice where his life support was switched off. The daily


Mirror has an amazing photo of this little boy, just a few weeks old.


Our beautiful little boy has gone. It is a very different to in the


papers are taking after all that acrimony over recent months. It is a


campaign that has really affected everyone in the nation and become,


got into the heart of every family. It is over, the court cases are


over, they battle, and one would hope the acrimony is finally over.


Both of these papers, especially the Daily Mail which kicked off the


campaign, both these papers are taking a sombre and respectful tone


which is all you can do in this situation. If we look at how the


Daily Mail is reporting it it says rest in peace. No photograph. Many


people paying tribute and thankfully the tone of it is much more


respectful. It feels restraint now, it is not the moment for


recriminations and we have gone through all the arguments back and


forth. Tonight it is about the parents, about Connie and Chris.


They have gone to the ends of the earth fighting for their child and


they now have to think about how they are going to bury him now. It


feels that everyone has wanted to take a piece of it, whether you are


up even or the president of the United States, everyone has had a


comment, but today it feels like that is a much more restrained


element to this. And the agony that his parents have been through. When


he was born apparently healthy and then they just saw his health seep


away over months and less and less they seemed to be able to do for


him. It is absolutely tragic and particularly tragic that it became a


battle of the authorities versus parents and that is why it became


such an emotive issue. Nobody wants to think about that decision being


made but the fact is that in the UK every single person in the debate


was trying to do what they thought was the right thing for the child


and that is a real difference in how it is reported here and perhaps how


it has played elsewhere in the world, in particular in America


where it became highly politicised. I think there were some who were


deliberately misunderstanding how the British health care and legal


system works in order to make a political point about government


interference. The truth is that everyone from the parents to the


courts to the doctors were trying to do their best and that got lost a


little bit. There were moments of flashes of anger from the parents on


the steps of the court and moments of emotion as well, but it was the


way they carried themselves, with dignity, and the logic they brought


to it. So there was the emotion but when they spoke they spoke very


articulately and expansively. You could go, yes, I agree with that


from a logical point of view as well. So tonight they are just


mourning their 11-month-old baby who passed away a week before he turned


one-year-old. On the Telegraph, election will be a second poll on


the EU, warning the domain camp will use the vote to water down Brexit F


Philip Hammond gets his way on a lengthy transition. It begs the


election when the election will be, if we will even be in transition by


then. We think there will be an election sooner rather than later


but this briefing, wasn't it supposed to stop? When these people


go on their summer holidays. But clearly, one little took from it,


Boris Johnson, currently on a working trip on as Julia has not


spoken publicly in support of the Chancellor's stands and is likely to


be the biggest Cabinet opponent of a lengthy transition. It doesn't


reveal the sources. I picked on that line at as well because just before


it says that Philip Hammond has won the backing of Brexit years


including Michael Gove and Liam Fox, two heavyweight Brexit campaigners.


It is very much suggesting some of the opposition is coming from the


Foreign Office. It doesn't go so far as to say that. I love the headline,


election will be the second Paul on the EU. I got such a sense of deja


vu because I feel like I read that before the election we just hit.


What we learn from that election is that every side, whether it is the


Conservatives of or Labour, remain or leave, are taking the sign that


they are connected whatever it was they wanted. It will continue on


being so. The Maltese Prime Minister is saying that from the first time


he thinks Brexit won't happen. All options are up for grabs. There is a


sense of chaos continuing. Talking about the summer holidays and going


away for a little while, but of course it isn't, and briefing is


continuing. I will be cynical and suggest he may have made a comment


like that because now we all know his name and we know he is the Prime


Minister of multi which we may not have known before now. Let's look at


the Financial Times, what is going on in the White House. Donald Trump


lashes out. The attempt to try to repeal Obamacare. The Republicans


have been trying for seven years and have failed again. They have got


other things to be getting on with. This has been a week of chaos in the


White House and that is saying something but we have had multiple


votes on the health care bill and on Tuesday it looked like it was going


for Rod in the early hours of this morning, John McCain and two other


Republicans voted against, but we have also had bigger news this


evening just breaking, that Donald Trump has fired his chief of staff,


Reince Piebus -- Reince Priebus. That has come just a week after he


fired his press secretary, Sean Spicer. We know how voluntary that


was! Soap all change at the White House. And also Scaramucci chose


some choice language that can't be repeated even after the watershed


but basically called out Reince Priebus as a leak and Reince Priebus


was the link as well with the Senate, with Washington, so that was


lost on Obamacare. Perhaps he has taken the hit for that as well. But


again we talk about chaos over here in the summer holidays but it is


nothing compared to the United States. If you are a journalist with


a wonderful time to be alive. What exciting times! All you need to know


about Scaramucci is that he had this week a very long phone conversation


with a journalist in which he said all kinds of things on the record


about the various colleagues, one of whom has now been fired, and then


win the journalists printed the article he then lashed out at the


fact that it was printed. You think if you are communications director


you would know not to say those kinds of things on the record to a


journalist. One of your correspondence was saying I am never


going to talk to journalists again. It is your job. He is like this


cartoon character, an Italian-American with aviator


glasses, looking like somebody straight out of the Sopranos and he


is quite macho and all these guys are quite macho as well and you just


wonder whether Donald Trump is planning to let them fight it out


amongst themselves. We wonder what will happen to Steve Brine and then


because he had again some choice words to say about him. He will be


looking over his shoulder and Scaramucci in his interview with


Emily Maitlis said I don't backstab, I front stab. What did you make of


that and how he treated Emily? In terms of her personal space he got


up close and personal, what did you think? I thought she was very


patient. Handled it very well. As she always does. The Times, gang to


speak teenagers to launder crime cash. How are they recruiting young


people? Outside the school gates and in social media. I got this image,


you know how they always warned you after school not to talk to people


offering drugs and sweets, now they are offering as little as ?50 to


transfer a much larger sums of dirty money. When I was a teenager ?50 was


a lot of money. They are seducing teenagers with this easy money and


then laundering it through their bank accounts, and then potentially


threatening violence if they try to stop. There is a plea for parents to


monitor their children's bank accounts. We were having a


conversation trying to remember at what age you could get a bank


account. Is it 16 you can get a debit card? As a mother of


teenagers. My children have to use cash. It hurts more to part with it.


Is it 13-17? I certainly know 13-year-olds with parents permission


can have some form of credit card. Not credit, debit card. 50 quid, and


the crime editor is saying this is an interesting story because they


are trying one step ahead. Laundering money the police is on


them and this is another new avenue. Her parents, something else for them


to have to keep an eye on. Yours are too young to worry about. Operation


fault him it is called. The fraud unit has issued warnings to schools


but kids don't like being dictated to, they like a bit.


Page two, nearly 2000 children referred for help with gender


identity. John, this is a massive increase in the number of children


who are being referred either by their parents are because of how


they are feeling about their own bodies. The percentage increase


since shocking but when you look at the numbers, this comes from the


gender identity development service, commissioned by NHS England, 1986


people under 18 referred. Let's put this into perspective. The line that


jumped out at us was some as young as three are being referred.


Three-year-olds seeing any to speak about this but it is parents as


well. Parents must recognise something in their children that


makes them think they need help but the suggestion in this article is


that there is a societal change? It is an incredibly complicated issue


and all the people involved are individuals and will have their own


individual issues that they are working through but right at the


end, one of the doctors says, some people feel uncomfortable with the


gender they were assigned at birth, so that is potentially


transitioning, but others are unhappy with the gender role that


society requires. I think that applies to pretty much everyone.


There is a wider question of how we treat gender and society. Why we


force children to gender roles at a young age. Girls wear pink and play


with dolls, boys wear blue and play with friends, or whatever it is. It


is completely arbitrary societal restraints that he put on them. And


they last forever. The constraints put on adult men and can make


people... And I don't think it is particularly controversial to say


that those expectations can be damaging. In terms of the entries, I


don't think anyone is arguing that there has been an increase


necessarily. It is that people are talking about it more, parents and


children now that this is an issue they can get help on if they need to


and it comes in the same week as earlier story about borrowing --


barring transgender individuals from the US military and what was


reassuring is that various other national militaries including ours


came forward and said that we support these individuals and anyone


who wants to serve their country, so it definitely has become more


mainstream, something that we are prepared to talk about a lot more.


Once again, Donald Trump tweeting and taking the Pentagon by surprise


and they are not quite knowing how to respond. Going back to the


previous story about Reince Priebus it seems that that was done that way


as well. As somebody in South Korea whose job is to monitor Donald


Trump's Twitter, clearly they need to do this. Just finally in this


particular story, the suggestion is that because we are becoming more


tolerant of different types of sexuality and gender identity, maybe


these children will get the help and feel there is nothing wrong with


them if they don't feel how society tells them. In other newspapers


hands this could be, shall we say, presented in a different way and the


controversy is, by talking about this are you putting the start into


people's heads. Are you encouraging it by talking about it? We were


seeing just on camera we have had these debates about homosexuality


decades ago and we have gone past that. And we have got away from the


argument and talking about it and accepting it doesn't in any way


promoting it and what you end up with if you accept people is happier


and better adjusted individuals and ideally better society. That is my


view. Let's end with somebody, Ph.D., Daily Express. Ferrari


supercar wrecked in 60 minutes. When this accident happened, police had


to ask the owner what the car had been. And it was a Ferrari, don't


even know how to pronounce that... What happened? He flipped it over.


In the wet. There is schadenfreude in this, bring a tear to a glass


eye, poor old guy. It looks like he was lucky to escape. He escaped with


bruises, they said, after the car completely caught fire. Look at it!.


That is not coming back. That is gone. Ferrari says we offer and


encourage motorists to have bought a Ferrari to undergo a driving course.


We will remember that for when we buy our first supercar. That's it


for the papers tonight and don't forget you can see everything


online. If you missed the programme, you can watch it later on BBC I


clear. John and Rachel, always lovely to see you, thank you are


coming in. All sorts of weather to come this


weekend, very mixed weather on the way. This sums it up,


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