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Are very personal tale of love in the romantic comedy The Big Six.


Find out what James King mate of this and the other releases this


week in The Film Review. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Nigel Nelson, Political


Editor of the Sunday Mirror, and political commentator Jo


Phillips. Al polite tourists reviewers, so


Twitter tells us! You may disagree. I left my knuckle duster that home.


To be polished! Let's take a look at


tomorrow's front pages. The Observer leads with Donald


Trump's decision to sack his chief of staff.


The Telegraph leads with an ally of Boris Johnson attacking


The Sunday Times has a report on the lives of teenage British


girls who run away to join so-called Islamic State.


The Mail says that Princess Diana's brother has called on Channel 4 not


to broadcast her video diaries, which are due to air next week.


The Express also focuses on Princess Diana, claiming


the Princess asked the Queen for help about her marriage.


That story also makes the Daily Star's FrontPage.


That's where we'll begin as reported in the Mail on Sunday, don't show


Diana Love tapes on TV pleads the earl, asking more demanding that


Channel 4 acts what are called bombshell videos. Why are they so


sensitive? Diana in fact gave them to a voice coach and the idea was


these were never meant to appear. They seem to go through a peculiar


route after that where they end up in a number of places, the BBC


seemed to get the. And decided not to broadcast. And decided it would


not upset the Royal family by broadcasting them. They then go


through a circuitous route and end up with Channel 4, who plan to come


out with Diana in her own words next Sunday, that's the idea, and what


they say is she apparently was terribly candid with her voice


coach, where although this wasn't meant to be broadcast, she did talk


about Prince Charles, talked about Camilla being his mistress at the


time, talks about a lot of private matters. Quite clearly Earl Spencer


would be hugely upset for these to be made public, and of course so


would William and Harry. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be made


public. Should they, Jo? I would say... We know there is nothing new


in the clips here that we don't already know, she was desperately


unhappy, three of them in the marriage. There is an insinuation


that this boy coach session was before she did the explosive


Panorama interview, but as far as we can tell this was a private session


with a voice coach. Therefore it is private and like Nigel Lamb curious


to know how they ended up at Channel 4 if the BBC bought them, but I have


read here but apparently they were broadcast on the American network


NBC in 2004 and described them as a ghoulish striptease and that the


people involved were no better than grave-robbers. But there is an odd


question about who owns them. You said she gave them to him, you don't


know that. I don't. Not that I'm casting aspersions! I don't know


that but he got them. The issue, really, is going to be a real battle


during the week. I don't think it's public interest? Isn't it? I think


at a certain level your private life is always public interest. Private


citizen and public person don't have the same levels of privacy. Would


you broadcast interviews with a doctor or therapist? I wouldn't do


that? Why? Because medical information has to be confidential.


I wouldn't broadcast staff overheard where she was talking to a


pre-cyber, for instance. Something like this is not privileged the same


way. But she and he would assume it to be a private session. We don't


know what he thought. He's bought... She didn't want to broadcast at the


time. It seems an odd thing to talk about her private life in the way


she did. Except when she was doing it for the Panorama interview. She


was doing it with a voice coach, but I do think this is part of history.


She was the person we have been hugely interested in, and overall, I


think there is a genuine public interest for showing what she was


like. We had a programme during the week where William and Harry, a


fantastic programme, talking about their mum, and what a fantastic


person she was. I do think we ought to see a more rounded, picture,


though, and so both sides. We know this, there is nothing new in this.


We don't know until we see the tapes. And also given that Princes


William and Harry have done so much to raise awareness of mental health


issues. They have done a great job. She was clearly in a great state of


mental trauma. You can't just present one side of Diana, the


mother in their case, and in a sense a sanitised version of her. Once you


put that out and say that is public interest, surely the dark side of


Diana is public interest as well. We will have to disagree on that! That,


folks, is how you disagree! LAUGHTER . The Sunday Telegraph, policy ally


attacks Hammond Brexit plan, transition must be no more than two


years says Foreign Secretary's economic guru. Who worked with Boris


when he was Mayor of London, and it is interesting if you are interested


in these things, which of course we are fascinated by, various misses me


on her walking holiday, gone away to lie down in a darkened room. --


there is misses me on holiday. Chancellor appearing to speak some


sense to a lot of quarters about a slower transition phase so we don't


have the cliff edge Brexit, and now we have not Boris, he is maintaining


his tight lipped nature, but Mr Lyons, one assumes speaking with his


boss's blessing. We can't assume that! I think in politics you can,


actually. He is basically saying this is ridiculous, what Philip


Hammond says is crazy, and the warnings of the cliff edge are


nonsense and he is comparing it to warnings about the millennium bug


that would bring all our computers into disrepair. Is this code for, we


are worried that if it takes that long Brexit will crash and burn?


Partly I am sure that is true. First of all I am not convinced Boris


thinks these things. He has been the other side of the world this week


with wonderful pictures of shaking hands with robots in Japan and so on


and reports have come back which seem contradictory, this is not


unusual with Boris, but I don't quite know what he thinks and which


is why it would go too far to say that Mr Lyons speaks on his behalf.


What seems to be happening this week is that Philip Hammond is getting


his way, and it just feels like plain common sense. We will not get


this complex negotiation completed by March 29 2019, so transition


period is going to happen. Thank you. LAUGHTER. So polite, we could


do Songs of Praise, couldn't we? Where is the tea set an extant?! We


are going back to the 50s! After you, may I say! The Sunday Times,


life of teenage girls in Isis Britain, and stripped passports for


jihadists, let's deal with the passports first, this is because of


concerns that the so-called caliphate is imploding. Exactly. We


now know the 150 so-called jihadists have been stripped of their


passports. Some of this has been known but not publicised, but I


think because there is a concern that nothing is happening, so these


are people who have gone, they are banned from returning to Britain so


in effect are stateless without British citizenship. Where they go


and what happens afterwards remains to be seen. But at the same time the


Home Office I think is under pressure because last week it


confirmed only six terrorist suspects in Britain are subject to


the terrorist prevention measures, so I think there is genuine public


concern that on the one hand we hear the police and security services


thwarting a certain number of attacks or incidents, but then you


say, are you using these powers? They are trying to get the word out.


They are not stateless, to humbly disagree with you. That would be


illegal. They had dual nationals so they have somewhere to go in the


sense of their other nationality, but the more passports we take away,


the better it is for this country they don't come back. At the moment


we are talking about 23,000 jihadists in Britain, we don't want


another 850 from Syria and Iraq. Another picture of a woman, a young


woman who escaped from Raqqa, where she had been living with her husband


was fighting for Isis and talks about meeting the other girls who


left Britain to join Isis. Indeed. She met some Muslim schoolgirls who


vanished from their homes to marry Isis fighters and claims to have the


notorious white widow over there, and says this enclave in Raqqa is


known as Little Britain because there are so many British brides who


have gone there. A fascinating piece, maybe we'll will talk about


it later. Acid laws in the Independent, government relaxes laws


against advice and campaigners saying this may have made acid


attacks more likely. It could well have done. It is perfectly true that


they did make the regulations easier, and Amber Rudd is now trying


to correct the balance to make regulations more difficult again, so


broadly what was happening was a lot of acids were covered under the


Poison Acts and you couldn't get them without either a licence, so if


you wanted a strong acid, the shop needed a licence and you needed a


licence to buy it, for something weaker there was a reporting


contingent on it, which meant... Is this selling rather than buying? The


retailer would have to tell the police if there was any suspicion


about what was going on. Amber Rudd is tightening this up again. As a


result of the acid attacks. Exactly, but as we have seen with weapons


available on the Internet and often seized by the police, I imagine


those doing these atrocious attacks will easily find another way to buy


it. You could be right. But it is worth tightening it up in shops. And


also it was hugely opposed by doctors and the authorities at the


time. Back page of the Mail on Sunday, five years ago we were... I


know! Having a lovely time in London 2012, but London's shocking drug


date, how many people used banned substances. It is appalling, the


Mail on Sunday reveals that out of 156 track and field finalists 87 had


previously committed a doping violation or have since done so,


about 13%. That is really appalling to all the people who were clean who


competed through their own sweat and effort and hard work and perhaps who


lost out on a medal to a cheat. There is no doubt that the doping


scandal throughout sport is awful, and of course this comes just a week


before we get the World Championships, the athletics World


Championships here. And spectators as well, you wonder who you are


watching, who is genuinely... That is right. As you both know I know


nothing about sport, but however it seems to me we are coming to the


point where everybody should be tested, and it seems you need a


screening system to stop people doping before they start competing.


Back to the Sunday Times, Let Them Eat Pheasants says beefy Botham. You


know who this man is even though you can't stand sport. Don't you two


gang up! Famous cricketer. Well done, you see? Famous for what?


Cricket! We'll let that one path. He has the new idea to help food banks


out. This might upset hunters, but to put pheasants, because he shoots


a lot of them, in food banks so they can use them, and they would be in


pies or minces. The country food trust. It seems to be not a bad


idea. If you have a surfeit of food somewhere, food banks are desperate


for it, why not send in there? And it is good quality food, anyone who


lives in the country, there is a lot of food for free. I speak as a woman


who waded through plums this morning after strong gales in Kent! It is


good quality stuff, no one says they have to pluck them. We are not going


down that road, plucking pheasants, thank you! That was risky, wasn't


it? Thank you, Nigel Nelson


and Jo Phillips, - you'll both be back at 11:30


for another look at the stories Coming up next, it's


The Film Review.


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