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Hospital bosses have warned the NHS in England may suffer its worst


winter in recent history if it doesn't receive an emergency


bailout. Welcome to our look ahead to what


the papers will be bringing us. My guests today, the Parliamentary


journalist Tony grew, and the entertainment journalist, Caroline


Frost. Good evening to both of you. We will take on a minute. First, the


front pages. The FT writes that Donald Trump has


opened the door to military action following the latest nuclear weapons


test by North Korea. Same story in the i. The Secretary


of State warns of possible annihilation in response.


The same story in the Metro, showing a picture of the North Korean leader


shortly after the test. The Times says Donald Trump has


threatened to sever trade ties with any country that deals with North


Korea, including China. The Daily Telegraph says there is


growing concern in Europe that Mr Trump is considering unilateral


action as the UN Security Council is due to meet tomorrow.


The Guardian leading with an unpublished report saying families


who have lost loved ones in police custody are being failed by


authorities and calls for reform to the system.


And finally the Daily Mail, headlines about households who


oversaw their bin could face a fine up to ?2500 and a criminal


conviction as councils try to push recycling and cut collections.


Let's begin, Caroline and Tony, a lot of those front page is dominated


by North Korea. We will start there with the i. What did you make of it


when you first saw the headline? These pictures remind me of back in


the 1970s and 1980s when we use the CDs Russian propaganda shots. The


fact North Korea are releasing a picture of their leader, hands on


deck. -- when we used to see these Russian propaganda shots. But it is


far too real. And Donald Trump asking for an immediate response.


It's making me feel nervous. You are nervous? What about you, Tony? I am


more concerned about Trump than North Korea. His leadership is a


destabilising force. More destabilising than Kim Jong-Un?


Towards the end of the Financial Times story from an academic who is


an expert in North Korea. They said Kim Jong-Un understands Washington


does not have the ability to crank up Russia any further. This is part


of the weakness of the US's position internationally. The press secretary


to say they have many military options, they don't, they have


limited options, it would be massive and overwhelming retaliation.


Annihilation is a word being used. President Trump will cut off trade


links with China, saying that, it would not be a good move. Let's turn


to the subject of what weapons would be in the arsenal. We know that


North Korea has nuclear weapons. It's frightening. Let's say this


military option goes ahead. You must wonder what type of retaliation Kim


Jong-Un would come back with. We don't know, do we? So few go to


speak. We don't have the channels with the rest of the world where you


have the diplomacy into the open diplomatic channels. Everybody is


talking of hopefully back channels. I am hoping that there is a lot of


stuff going on that we don't know about. For once I find myself


sympathising with Donald Trump because, as Tony said, there is a


limit to what he can say. They've backed themselves into a corner


effectively. It becomes almost a blink off. Who is going to stand


down? It is old school Cold War type stuff. That is what worries me. We


have a president of the United States spending his time on Twitter,


attacking South Korea, saying your appeasement hasn't worked. When the


president said they tweaked like that he does not seem to understand


that there are only two options, and that is option two. When you go with


appeasement, you have to wonder what North Korea want. All the talk, you


have the sanctions, and they are still going ahead. They don't care


what people are talking about. It is, we dare you to do something, in


the meantime we are on step two macro of the development of our


arms. They are making the steps forward in the meantime. The North


Korean leader points to what happened to Colonel Gaddafi. The


other leaders that have come to an arrangement with the US and stopped


their nuclear weapons programme. What happens is regime change. That


is his fear. There should always be more room for more talk and more


application of sanctions and pressure by people like China, who


are the only ones who really have any influence with them. The idea of


the president of the US stopping trading with China, it shows how ill


suited he is to his role. Makes you wonder if he has seen the numbers.


We will stick with the FT. Very quickly. ?50 billion, I don't think


so, is David Davis's response to this. This is the Brexit deal. You


have done the numbers. I checked what the net contribution is to the


EU. Net contribution, not the amount of money we give and get back, as


well. When you do the sums, the UK was on course to pay around ?10


million per year, for the next four years come into the EU. That already


comes to ?42 billion. David Davis thinks we will get away with paying


nothing. And this idea that we shouldn't be generous with our EU


partners to get to the next stage of negotiations and talk about a trade


deal. The UK is the second-largest net contributor to the EU. When we


leave it will leave hole in their budget. Who else would be in the top


three? It's complicated. France gets a huge amount of money back through


things like the common agricultural policy. Germany is the biggest net


contributor, as I recall. The point and trying to make is that the UK


financial commitments. -- I am trying to make. We should stop


talking about money. Stop pretending the UK doesn't have to pay. And


there are schemes like Erasmus. I used it. If we want to continue


using it we must continue paying for it. And we must support the EU, and


the country is not part of the EU that the EU contributes to. We have


to make sure we continue doing that so those places are peaceful. I'm


not sure many people will be as friendly as you with the numbers.


But after we all got absolutely sold on the fabled ?350 million we were


going to save. I would suggest that these numbers become important to


people suddenly. They were abstract figures before. Just a year ago. Now


these numbers are concrete things the government is going to have to


justify. Especially as Labour have shifted their position. They


signified the day, they were talking about how when the negotiations


start kicking off in parliament, questions will be asked, and it'll


be along the lines of exactly how much. It must be frustrating for


David Davis. He's as part of negotiations is not showing your


cards, and people are asking for him to do exactly that. And it is


October, the EU Commission? Yes, that's when the leaders come


together and discuss what progress has been made so we can then discuss


the trade-off. Britain is hoping that the political leaders will be


able to talk them round and get some flexibility. The EU can only act in


the way the 27 members instruct them to do. I think Britain will have to


start paying some money. Then things might move their way. But I am a


pessimist. Unlike David Davis who is an optimist.


CHUCKLES Let's turn to the times. There is


the possibility of a reshuffle in the air, or maybe not? As a


political journalist, there were always three stories you could


write, leadership challenge, reshuffle, when there will be a


general election. We have the takeaway one of those two. You can


always write a leadership challenge story and a reshuffle story. Briefed


by somebody who as far as I can see is delusional. This is a Prime


Minister who lost her government's majority. She saw several of her


ministers lose them a seat in the general election. She called it


would she didn't need to do it. The idea she will wield the knife


against people, I find it bizarre. And also talking about sacking


people. One of which is Liam Fox. Two of the leading Brexiteer


politicians in your party. Also talk of Jason Reese Hogg getting


promoted. To her advisers think that will win her back some votes?


Appointing a right wing reactionary politician? That's going to go down


well in the marginal seats they need to win back in the north and the


Midlands. I find this bizarre. The idea the PM is under the impression


she has power, because she doesn't. Some say she may hold off on this.


Because of what she said while she was in Japan. I don't know if you


picked up on the point, I don't know how closely you have been following


this, but Boris Johnson might be moved if this reshuffle did go ahead


because Theresa May is losing patients with him. Where you aware


those tensions? This comes from the background of Boris Johnson's, what


is it, perennial leadership campaign? He has been quiet. He's


been overseas. In theory doing his job. But perhaps he is getting his


loins and other seductive attack on ten Downing St. It is the way you


say it. CHUCKLES


Here's a fascinating character. I think he will go for the fluffy vote


with Jason Reese Hogg. I think it will be interesting. I'm loving this


because every time you open a paper this is a sign of her growing


confidence. -- Jason Rees Mogg. It is just who you believe. Coming to


the end of silly season. Two more stories to squeeze in. This donor


scandal, could you take us through that quickly? In Scotland, and it is


about to come in in Scotland, it already takes place in Wales, you


are automatically put on the donor list and you have to opt out of it.


What do you make of that? I think it is pretty standard. We


have thousands of people on a waiting list, waiting for a donor.


Many people died last year because they were not able to have an organ


transplant operation. And this is on the back of a Private members Bill.


That will be coming forward and will change the rules. I am sanguine


about it. I don't see the problem with it. It's one of those things


were a shift is traumatic for certain people. People with strong


religious beliefs or something similar. It's one of those things,


had it been in existence for a long period of time nobody would be


worried about it. I would applaud a system like this when you have


numbers like this. We have had politics, international affairs,


health, let's go to a story I think a lot of people were waiting to


break. We were all waiting to see these. Trouble in the Rooney


household. I don't care. In a shock twist, a famous highly paid


footballer has to squeezed himself away from the pitch. It happens to


be Wayne Rooney. Could have been another player. What can we tell


you? A bit of background, he has a lovely, pretty wife, who is pregnant


with her fourth child, who was on holiday last week, while Wayne


Rooney celebrated his departure from the bulk of his professional career


in style. There is a lady with an open cardigan on the front of the


daily Mirror. She must be embarrassed by that. Same story in


the sun newspaper. Yes, spread the riches. As my grandmother would say,


she'll catch her death in that top! Do you really think it is over? Will


we have a split in this famous football coupling? Tony is sitting


there thinking about it. What do you think? I don't know much about


football or celebrities because I am a political journalist. Did Wayne


Rooney tell this journalist? It says it is an exclusive. It is a card he


is having to play. He cannot be arrogant about it. He can't be


walking around like a peacock. It is a huge trauma for the pregnant


Coleen. It just reminds me of Footballers Wives. That popular one.


Is it popular? That's not fiction, you know? You get overpaid,


sometimes and advised, highly skilled footballers who are


absolutely praised and revered for their testosterone fuelled antics on


the pitch. You expect them to -- could you expect them to go home,


park the car, and walk the dog? Perhaps we all need a wake-up.


Thanks very much to you both. We are back at 11:30pm. Hope to see you all


then. Don't forget, the front pages are online at the BBC News website.


You can read a detailed review of the papers. It is all there for you.


You can also see a replay of this programme with each night's edition


of the papers posted on that page shortly after we have finished. In


the meantime, thanks to James and Caroline. For now, it is Meet


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