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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Deborah Haynes, defence editor at The Times


and Jack Blanchard, editor of Politico's new Playbook


Let's give you a preview of the front pages.


The Metro has split its front page, with Kate and Kim


Express The Daily Express doesn't muddy the waters in any way and goes


all in with Baby number three for Kate and Wills.


The main story in the Times focuses on cyber attacks on British


universities, with medical and scientific research apparently


targeted. The Guardian has an investigation into Azerbaijan's


elite operating a secret scheme to pay the Europeans and launder money.


The Sun has a twist on that story, claiming that the baby was conceived


on their trip to Poland. And the Daily Mail highlighting fears of


home-grown terrorism in isolated communities.


Let's kick off. Welcome to you both, the Korean crisis and the story that


has... Welcome it has been a crisis for so many years, but this one


seems to be more dangerous than ever before? Absolutely, almost every day


it brings a new escalation of tensions. Today, we have had the US


ambassador to the United Nations coming out and using quite blunt


language, accusing Kim Jong-un of begging for war. Strong quotes on


the front of The Guardian, war is never something the United States


wants, we don't want it now but our patients is limited, we will defend


our allies and territory. I was meeting with academics who are over


the, planning war games, they are going to be doing it at Kings


College London yesterday. They have done lots of war games


about the North Korea scenario. It comes to an end where all parties


involved realise they have a vested interest in maintaining the status


quo. While the headlines are terrifying, you wonder if it might


eventually be resolved without things going horribly wrong. The


only problem is that I bet none of their war games involve Donald Trump


being President of the United States. Funny you should say that,


the new one does. How does it end? Was interesting, and added


dimension. The Times, saying that they are set to launch more missile


tests. That will be the task for Donald Trump, if Kim Jong-un keeps


upping the ante? I think he will, what stops them from doing it?


People say he is crazy, maybe he is, but he has a clear focus, develop


nuclear weapons to the point where he feels his regime cannot be


touched. So far, people are shouting and screaming each time he does it,


but nothing happens. Really, what can people do to stop him? I would


expect more missiles to continue to be tested. That is in his interest.


Some analysts are saying his motivation is the more scared the


rest of the world is of him, the safer he is. He doesn't want to go


the way of Saddam Hussein in Iraq or Colonel Gadaffi of Libya. He doesn't


want to be deposed and he thinks nukes are a deterrent? He kind of


has a point. He apparently looks at videos of Gaddafi's painful demise


and sees that... And looks at what happened in Iran, they had a nuclear


deal to try to stop that regime from pushing forward with the nuclear


programme. Look at the power that such a small country, with such


limited resources, that has been a pariah state for so long, and yet it


is gripping the most powerful man in the world. It is top of his agenda.


He has got a point, unfortunately. You do wonder whether the Trump


dimension will actually break the deadlock that we have had to live


with so long. Let's look at some of the other stories. The Times have a


story about university secrets being stolen by cyber gangs? Looks like


the journalists have done freedom of information work, looking at the


number of successful cyber attacks on different British universities.


They say it has doubled in the past couple of years. I think it is just


indicative of the world we are now living in, where so much more crime


is just becoming an online issue. The really smart criminals, they are


not going around robbing banks any more. They are doing this kind of


work. You think of the wealth of information that universities hold,


or all sorts of different issues, technology, medical research,


anything else, there is a real financial incentive to do that kind


of attack. Another university story, this is the head of Oxford


University attacking what they call pay lies of ministers? It is quite a


long-running story. The various heads of universities being attacked


for bringing home massive pay packages at a time when students are


buckling under the debt they accumulate going to university. I


guess it is like a fightback. The paper also quotes Jo Johnson, the


University Minister, well, not quoting him, saying he will announce


plans this week to stop the upward ratcheting of salaries by linking


pay to performance. It does seem like it is a bit of a spat. What is


interesting is that the Government took a pretty big pasting during the


general election on tuition fees. It seems to be a big vote winner for


Jeremy Corbyn. We might be seeing a pushback from the government,


saying, what would the students like to see us doing? One thing we could


do is look at these massively overpaid Vice Chancellor is taking


him so much money while the students are paying tens of thousands each


year. Professor Louise Richardson, who is saying this, from


Oxfordshire, is earning three and ?50,000 a year, saying that they


don't get much compared to footballers and bankers? Well, which


is true. They bring more to society. If that is the bar, people can get


paid whatever they want! I'm not trying to support it, but you want


to attract talent. If you want to get the best people in, you need to


pay them well. The Telegraph, again, just briefly, Britain is losing its


religion in the words of the REM song. The proportion of the


non-believers is the highest it has ever been? I don't think it will


come as a surprise to many people. Britain has been moving in this


direction for a long time. It doesn't show any signs of changing.


A lot of the most religious people in the UK now are people that have


moved here from other countries. It's a rarity to meet very religious


people in this country, and it is only going one way, I'm afraid. The


Sun have got a story about Theresa May's government wanting the EU to


hurry up with the Brexit negotiations. That's quite


interesting. The EU are saying, well, Britain was very slow in


triggering Article 50 in the first place, and then there was the


election that got in the way. It is us that have been dragging our


heels, now we are saying it is them? They have taken the story from


Politico. We have these negotiations, where they go over,


David Davis, for about three days, they have an awkward press


conference and then come back and talk among themselves. We are not


getting anywhere. Britain has said, let's just stay here and keep


talking until we get somewhere. At the moment, it feels like total


deadlock. It seems a smart thing to do. Both sides have to agree to it.


Time is running short, really. There is not that long to go. There is


obviously going to be parliament coming back after the summer


holidays tomorrow. They are going to be voting on various... It is the


legislation around the withdrawal. It seems like Theresa May is


potentially going to be in a rough ride there, according to tomorrow's


papers. Can the EU hurry up, that is the headline in the The Sun. The PM


demands nonstop Brexit talks? I'm not sure they will be nonstop? I


don't think so, the EU does not do weekends or Friday. It is a relaxed


pace. Britain has triggered this, and it is Britain faces to lose at


the most of it doesn't work. We are the ones under pressure. That is why


the push for speed is coming from the UK side. It is us that needs


this. Do you think the US EU EU will be amenable? You would hope so, it


is in everybody's interests to get it sorted out. Deborah, the big


story of the day, Kate's third baby. I was kind of thinking, in these


times of great turmoil and huge events, stressful North Korea


screaming headlines, it is quite nice to get some happy news, happy,


soft, fluffy news about another baby. Before her. I feel sorry for


her, having the whole morning sickness. She had that with all


three pregnancies. It sounds pretty horrific. I had my third last year.


Fortunately, I did not endure the morning sickness, but I did have the


sleepless nights afterwards. It is quite a big jump from two to three.


Any advice about having three? Just endless patience. Also, the older


you get, the harder it is to deal with those. She will probably have


more staff than you. A palace full of staff probably eases the pain.


Surely want to help your baby. Delighted with the news of the baby?


I am completely indifferent. They seem like a nice couple, good for


them. I am not sure I would put it on my front page. Would you put this


on? Jeremy Corbyn, Tahir and, apparently, with being vegan. --


toying with being a vegan. There is a bit on the Telegraph as well. The


Times today lovely job. He was addressing an event at Lush. He was


talking about how he is eating more and more vegan food. He says it is


getting so much better. He went to a house and had a lovely vegan wheel.


But he says, I am not going vegan quite yet. I can tell you why. I was


speaking to him at Christmas. Do you have Christmas together? Frequently!


You started talking about his love of cheese. He is passionate about


cheese. He talked endlessly about different cheeses, he talked about


smuggling it across borders so he could have his favourite cheese. The


story says he is being held back from full vegan by his love of


creamy Somerset Brie? Hasn't held back at least four MPs. A revelation


in the Times about how there are, at present, four openly vegan MPs, all


of them Labour. It makes you wonder how many closet vegans there are. Do


you think it is a vote winner? According to the article, and I take


all of my information about vegan eating from this article, it seems


to be about 500,000 people. But more of a proportion of people are vegan


than MPs are. Half a million, that is quite a lot? Maybe this could


make the difference. Thank you so much for being with us. I give your


time. Thank you for your time. Don't forget you can see the front


pages of the papers online It's all there for you -


seven days a week at bbc.co.uk/papers, and if you miss


the programme any evening you can


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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