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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the political commentator, Lance Price,


and Liam Halligan, Chief Economics Commentator


The Metro leads on the arrest of the four serving soldiers


on suspicion of joining an outlawed neo-Nazi terror organisation who


The FT focuses on the story that the Home Office


is developing stricter rules for EU migrants wanting to work


The Telegraph also leads with story about post


Brexit immigration plans, which it says will only allow low


skilled EU migrants stay for a year, before being sent home.


The Daily Express is predicting a royal engagement


as Prince Harry's girlfriend Megan Markle confesses


And the I sees the Archbishop of Canterbury


criticising the government over Britain's unfair economy.


He calls for higher wages, school reform and fairer taxes,


in what he says is the worst wage stagnation for 150 years.


The Times claims the Prime Minister is planning to abandon a manifesto


pledge to cut the number of MPs. And the Daily Mail goes with the


government proposals to restrict the number of low skilled workers


allowed into the UK after Brexit and the Guardian has pictures of the


leaked document containing the proposals. We will start with that.


This has been leaked by... Who knows! Not by someone... And who


benefits? And after a few weeks of not getting anywhere with Brexit, or


making progress on the tiniest technical details. This is a bit of


a fillip to those who voted Brexit. This is back-to-school, the Prime


Minister is revving up for a major speech on the exit. We don't know


when it will be, probably before the Tory party conference in the first


week of October. It makes the negotiations more difficult on the


one hand because it will upset the EU side is even during the


transition period for two years after March 2019, even in that time


the clamps will come down and low skilled workers will not be able to


come to the UK and there will be freedom of movement being curtailed.


On the other hand it will please some restive Tory MPs who want


Brexit, some Labour MPs who want it despite the position of their front


bench and it will do something to say that even though we have these


problems with the EU, we are getting on with it and there is a major


after Brexit legislation coming in during the autumn and we are


determined to get it through Parliament. That is what it feels


like to most observers I would suggest. And I think it also shows


that the Tories or certainly some of them think that if they are seen to


be tough on immigration which they believe was the real root cause


behind a lot of people voting to leave, they will be forgiven... For


handing over 60 billion? Whatever the divorce bill turned out to be.


Like so many of these papers, this is not clear. Some statements from


the Home Office suggest they have not seen it, the Guardian said that


is already causing disagreement between ministers. We don't know how


serious it is. But like so many of these position papers, it raises


more questions than it answers about whether it could be made to work and


the impact on the economy which people have serious questions about.


It onto the Financial Times, and Vladimir Putin is warning Donald


Trump that military hysteria risks catastrophe. This is a man who has


never had military hysteria in his life! This is the so-called brick


summit, the big four emerging markets, Brazil, Russia, India and


China, they formed an informal group and there is a summit going on in


China and we have had trouble saying that Pyongyang, North Korea having


carried out nuclear tests recently, I think the phrase he used was


begging for war. Putin has come back saying that Trump should not engage


in war hysteria. The key point being that of course if there are


sanctions by the US against North Korea, unless they are unilateral


sections, if they are UN sanctions, both Russia and China are able to


sanction them as permanent members of the Security Council. Given that


it is at a BRIC summit, there is no way that Putin would say that unless


Beijing was on site. And it helps us get into the mindset of the North


Koreans because Putin is saying they would rather eat grass than give up


their weapons programme. He knows what it is like to have the west


say, you can't do this, and also what it is like to use your military


might to force the West to take you seriously and give you a place at


the International table. He doesn't like being under sanctions either.


He said the sanctions regime has run its course, it is ineffective.


Exactly. And onto the the i, the Archbishop of Canterbury makes an


extraordinary political intervention. We are quite used in


the past two Archbishop of Canterbury having a go at the


inequalities of capitalism but I guessed Justin Welby as not being as


outspoken as in the past. He used to be a banker. He knows a bit about


how the economy works. How unfair society can be! He has been in the


trenches. It is good to have someone from the real world in such a high


ecclesiastical post. The actually says that Britain Boka economic


model is broken and it no longer functions but he is not proposing an


alternative -- Britain's economic model. I suspect he wants to make


this model work better and that the benefit of economic growth seem to


be going into profit rather than wages. He has aligned himself with


the IPPR think tank, which has come up with numbers showing that of GDP,


the whole economy, 80% was going towards wages in the 1970s and now


it is just 73% also another interesting thing, it is not just


the Archbishop saying I wish the world was a fairer place, he has


actually attacked the tech giants, Facebook, Google, Amazon, saying


they are too powerful and that is an important emerging theme in


political discourse around the world at the moment. In the past prime


ministers would be upset by this sort of thing and I remember


Margaret Thatcher getting very upset by whoever the Archbishop was at the


time for producing similar sort of quotes. Actually this unfairness in


the economy is something Theresa May as talked about when she first came


to Downing Street so let's see what notice she takes. Talking about


unfairness and pay and money, the BBC is to launch a major review of


salaries! Five! -- Clive... We don't need to go any


further on this! A major review of salaries. This isn't news, really?


We know what happened earlier in the year. Careful because your boss, the


great Tony Hall, of course this been a big story over the summer, 96 BBC


presenters have been named as earning more than ?150,000. The


majority of calls were men which led to some concern. White men. A lot of


the country is thinking they are all massively overpaid for reading out


loud for a living but now the BBC has said they want to bring forward


measures to address that gender a gap earlier. And of course all


organisations with more than 250 staff, I think by early next year,


are going to have to published figures on their gender pay gap. The


BBC is getting with the programme. Or rather everyone else is getting


with the BBC because they are way ahead in this field, even though it


is pretty awful. Not by choice but to their credit are keeping the


story on the front pages and we are talking about it. And by launching


the review they are raising expectations and something will be


done about it. Natural selection is reading Alzheimer's and asthma out


of the gene pool, this is on the front page of the Daily Telegraph. I


just don't get this story. I bet explain what it is, but apparently


natural selection means that Alzheimer's and asthma may disappear


because men with Alzheimer's tend to have fewer children. Alzheimer's is


normally a disease of the elderly unless I am much mistaken. By and


large, you can get early onset. Not necessarily at the time when most


people are having children will stop I don't quite understand how it is


just Alzheimer's and asthma that will be up for that we are not


clever enough to understand. The research is from the universities of


Cambridge and Columbia. It is a subtle signal, says one of the


researchers, but we find genetic evidence that natural selection is


happening in modern human populations. The only reason it is


not the lead story in the Daily Express... They couldn't understand


it either! I have done Brexit! Does say that it could be bred out of the


human species within a few thousand years. In time for the next


election! Dog walkers told to carry two plastic bags. Some don't carry


any and that makes me very angry, I have to say! I am a dog walker. We


are both dog walkers. And you both carry bags? If we said no on


television we would be arrested! And a plastic bag to pick up the poop.


All I can say about my dog, Jake, that is the third mention you have


that today. Sometimes two plastic bags is not enough! You have not met


my dog! This is Canterbury City Council, the story has emerged that


they may find dog walkers ?80 if they do not have two plastic bags


which led us to speculate, if one is used, do you have to carry it around


in its form? Just find the nearest bin! That is my message to dog


walkers. It has been described as using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!


Thank you for looking at these stories will stop many thanks to you


for watching and don't forget that you can see the front pages of all


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