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In just a few hours' time, Donald Trump will be sworn


in as the 45th president of the United States.


Hello, good morning, I'm Joanna Gosling -


Donald Trump has been addressing supporters in Washington.


We are going to make America great again, and I'll add greater than


ever before! Thank you, everybody. This is the scene live


in Washington, where they'll be Throughout the programme we will be


taking a look at what a Trump presidency could be like -


we are talking to Washington insiders, voters, supporters


and critics of the man who so many said would never make


it to the top job. We have seen the sketches,


heard his catchphrases but what is the billionaire


businessman actually like? Welcome to the programme,


we're live until 11 this morning. Do get in touch on all the stories


we're talking about this morning - What do you want from a Trump


presidency? He says he will make America great again. He dominates


our programme today. Do get in touch.


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He's just hours away from the world's most powerful job.


This afternoon, at 5pm UK time, Donald Trump will be sworn


in as 45th President of the United States.


Last night, in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial,


the billionaire businessman, who beat the odds to win


November's election, told the crowd that he will unify


the country and give a voice to people who have been forgotten.


Our Washington correspondent Laura Bicker has more.


This is a musical warmup act for one of the greatest


And centre stage for this welcome concert is its star.


This is a first look at Donald Trump's inauguration


crowds, his chance to address those who put him in office.


The polls started going up, up, up, but they did not


want to give us credit, because they forgot


On the campaign I called it "the forgotten man


Well, you are not forgotten any more,


Few predicted he would be the 45th president,


but the businessman says he has plans.


We are going to do things that haven't been done for our country


As Trump supporters lined the Lincoln Memorial to cheer,


In New York, thousands marched to the Trump Hotel with a message


We are all rooting for the new administration, of course,


to abandon the divisive, racist, misogynistic, ignorant plans


it's trumpeting and lead us with intelligence and compassion.


Donald Trump may be toasting his victory


if he is to persuade those who fear a President Trump.


coming up shortly we will be talking about the man with a former White


House correspondent for Time magazine, and also a former speech


writer for George W Bush. We have got so much analysis


throughout the programme today, we will be talking to insiders, people


going on protests in Washington on any alteration day. Do let us know


your thoughts about the man who little bit later today is going to


be president. Let's catch up with the rest of the news with Annita


McVeigh in the newsroom. Thank you, Joanna. Good morning.


A group of British doctors say they've transformed the treatment


They've used MRI scans, which nearly double the number


of aggressive tumours that are caught.


Prostate cancer - the most common type of cancer in men in the UK -


is normally confirmed with an invasive biopsy.


Winning the World Cup for GB, that was definitely my finest hour...


Fred is a former Olympian who represented Great Britain


Two years ago, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.


You know where you're at, as opposed to ignoring the problem,


and then one day you have got some kind of chronic discomfort,


and then you have months, or a short time, to live.


That will be far more devastating for your loved ones


Getting checked out saved Fred's life, but the way


Biopsies are commonly used to detect the cancer.


A needle is put in the prostate and tissue is removed for analysis.


But new research published in the main medical journal,


in 93% of cases, compared to just over half


If we can diagnose cancers currently being missed by this very inaccurate


standard transrectal biopsy test, and find important cancers early


and treat them early, then I think we could see


a significant impact on long-term survival.


Fred is now in the last stages of treatment.


And for those with prostate cancer, the use of MRI scans could be a big


A man has been evicted from hospital, after unnecessarily


occupying a bed for more than two years.


The patient had refused to leave the James Paget University Hospital


in Norfolk, despite being fit for discharge and being offered


The hospital said the decision to go to court was a last resort.


A man has driven a car into pedestrians in the Australian


city of Melbourne, killing three people.


At least 29 others are being treated in hospital.


Police said the incident wasn't terror-related,


and was connected to a stabbing in another part of the city


Police shot and wounded the driver, who is under arrest.


West African leaders have given the former Gambian president


Yahya Jammeh a final opportunity to relinquish power after Senegalese


He's been told to leave office by noon or be forced out by troops


Adama Barrow was sworn in as the new Gambian


Rescuers in Italy have worked through the night


in the hope of finding more survivors from an avalanche that


Four people are known to have died, and as many


Four earthquakes rocked the Rigopiano hotel,


in the Abruzzo region of Italy two days ago, as Andy Moore reports.


This was the Hotel Rigopiano in the height of summer


and this was of the hotel after the avalanche struck.


Parts of it barely visible under tonnes of snow and ice.


Reports said one wing of the structure was shunted ten


Residents were said to be in the hotel hall,


waiting for evacuation, when the avalanche struck.


On arriving, rescuers found an incredible silence


and an interior filled with snow set rock-hard.


About 35 people were in the hotel at the time, most are still missing.


The rescue operation has been continuing throughout the night.


The chances are slim, but some people may have survived.


TRANSLATION: In these cases, hope is what keeps the workers going.


If there was no hope the rescuers would not give it


There is always hope and here too, we have some technical


As vehicles struggled to reach the site by road,


there was criticism of the delay in launching the rescue operation.


The only survivors were in the hotel car park when the snow struck -


they phoned for help but initially at least, no one in authority


realised the seriousness of the situation.


A British man has died working on the stadium for the 2022


The event's organisers say an investigation is under way into the


incident, which happened yesterday. The 40-year-old man hasn't been


named, but authorities say his family have been informed.


BBC News understands that dozens of Labour MPs might be prepared


to vote against the party's leadership, if there is a Commons


Jeremy Corbyn has said all his MPs will be told to approve


the triggering of Article 50, because they should


accept the result of last year's referendum.


The Mexican drug lord, Joaquin Guzman, known as el Chapo,


has been extradited to the United States.


He'd previously escaped from two Mexican high security jails


and was facing two extradition requests - one from California,


one from Texas - where he could face the death penalty.


That's a summary of the latest BBC News - more at 9.30.


Coming up, we will be speaking to a Democrat congressman who is one of


more than 60 boycotting the inauguration of Donald Trump today.


Donald Trump has responded to that by saying, it is great if people are


boycotting because it leaves more seats available for the people to


have. He is talking about it being effectively a people's inauguration.


Let us know your thoughts throughout the morning.


Use the hashtag #VictoriaLive and if you text, you will be charged


Let's get some sport now and we can join Olly Foster.


We'll start in Melbourne where Andy Murray and Dan Evans


are looking to make it into round four of


They are. For the first time in years, two men from Britain enter


the third round, and could make it into the fourth. Andy Murray has


beaten Sam Querrey, and easy job for him. We had our worries, because he


turned his ankle in the last round, but he won 6-4, 6-2, 6-3. Novak


Djokovic Chisnall doubt, so Murray's pass to the final is the same, but


if he does get there, then this could be the year. He has been a


runner-up five times in Melbourne. Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka are


on his side of the draw. He has Zverev next. And Dan Evans


celebrated the biggest win of his career in the last round, beating


Marin Cilic. He is playing in an Tomic -- Bernard Tomic right now.


The second set when to a tie-break, Evans romped through it, and he is


two sets up, going with serve in the third. He is still wearing that


plain old white and black kit that he picked up at a local sports shop,


because his sponsors pulled the rug on him just before the Melbourne


open, so he has had to buy his own stuff, and is still playing very


smartly indeed. What a sweetie! Let's bring Donald Trump even into


the sports bulletin, because he has had quite a big influence on sport.


There are some concerns that his presidency could have a very


negative impact on sport. He is a massive sports fan, but there are


two major events on his watch. This September, the host city for the


2024 Olympics is going to be decided. Los Angeles is the front


runner, but although his proclamations and words from Trump


over the last few months, immigration, Mexicans, Muslims,


those remarks that surfaced about women that he put down to locker


room banter, just how is that going to play out with the IOC committee


when they vote on a host city for the Olympics in 2024? That is coming


up in September. And in the next couple of years, Fifa will decide on


the host for the 2026 World Cup, the US were their favourites, a joint


bid with Canada and Mexico, so how will that play out? A big American


investigation into those historic corruption allegations as well going


on. Big golf fan, he owns lots of courses, including Turnberry, and


that is on the road to host the Open every ten years, it last hosted in


2009, it was due in 2021, but they have skipped it, they are not going


to make any decision on when it will next host the open, they will not


say explicitly when they are going to host it. And the expansion of


American sports, basketball, the NFL, all those overseas


relationships and the hardening of possible trade deals, that could


impact those sports plans, but just yesterday he announced Woody Johnson


as the US ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson owns the New York Jets


football team, so I think we will still see a lot more NFL in the UK.


Thank you very much, Olly Foster. It's perhaps the most remarkable


story in recent political history. Today Donald Trump will


become the 45th President is to 'faithfully execute the Office


of President of the United States, and to "preserve, protect


and defend the Constitution." He'll give his first


speech as the President, then take part in the


inauguration parade. After that, the party begins, with


three balls for the president and his wife, Melania, to go through.


In a moment we'll speak to some people who are in Washington


for the inauguration, but first let's take


a look back at how we got here in the first place.


They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists.


I am officially running... country great again!


I am officially running for president of the United States.


We need a leader that can bring back our jobs,


can bring back ourmanufacturing, can bring back our military,


I've never seen anybody that lied as much as Ted Cruz.


And he goes around saying he's a Christian.


Donald J Trump is calling for a total and complete


I'm so proud to be your nominee for president of the United States.


It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump


is not in charge of the law in our country.


To say an establishment - er, we don't want that.


He's the only hope we've got - he's the only hope this


I've been saying it for a long time - the system is rigged.


He was like an octopus, it was like he had six arms,


When he started putting his hand up my skirt, and that was it.


I'll tell you who - a bully, that's who!


I have to give the FBI credit, that was so bad,


what happened originally, and it took guts for director


Ladies and gentlemen - the next president


of the United States, Donald Trump!


This morning, I finally woke up to 50 text messages


Once they hack, if you don't catch them in the act,


you're not going to catch them - they have no idea if it's Russia


It could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace.


No, I'm not going to give you a question.


Last night Donald Trump addressed cheering supporters at a concert


on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.


And our phrase, you all know it and half of you are wearing the hat,


But we are going to make America great


That includes the inner cities, that includes everybody.


We also heard from Melania Trump last night when the couple visited


a group of supporters at the Trump International


And also invited her, with a bit of insistence,


It's great to be here and thank you for your support


Ahead, a lot of responsibility, a lot to take care of.


And we will make America great again.


Let's speak now to Jef McAllister, he's a former


White House Correspondent for Time Magazine.


Anneke Green is a former speech writer


And Dianna Ploss is a former Democrat, who campaigned


in Massachusetts for Trump and is going to the inauguration.


Tell us about the inauguration. Many of them are expected to be


protesters, how will you expecting this to compare two previous years?


It will be a good show, no matter what, it is the peaceful transition


of power, and there will be protests, there usually are, no more


here than at others. We have a larger amount of transporters


compared to Obama supporters for his first inauguration -- a large amount


of Trump supporters. It will be an orderly day, they will be some happy


scenes, but also people who aren't completely happy that he will be the


next president. Can you remember more controversial character


entering the White House? Not in my White House, Ronald Reagan was


controversial, George W Bush was also controversial. Trump is a


different kettle of fish. He doesn't have any government experience and


he is more incendiary and he is on Twitter and he has enemies and he


likes enemies, this is a different kind of feeling that he is taking to


the Oval Office. We have heard so much rhetoric but we are yet to see


action. How would you anticipate that personal transition for him?


This is the interesting question and we hope the responsibilities of


office and the machinery of government will make him somewhat


different and soften the rough edges. So far the transition is not


going as smoothly as it has in previous administrations, maybe


because he himself did not entirely expect to win. And because the


people around him were not prepared. He only has 29 out of 600 executive


positions actually in place so far. They have asked for emergency


keeping in of Obama officials because they don't have the people


in office. There is a certain amount of chaos. Psychologically, his


biographers and people who know him well say that he is not


fundamentally an organisation guy, he has run businesses, but they are


run by his family and he doesn't have a big organisation. The Trump


organisation has a hundred people, but he now has nearly a million to


look after. He likes to stir things up, that is very different from


actual running of government. Is he going to get rid of the Obama


executive orders? Can he actually build things? We don't know. You


were a former speech writer for George W Bush. Talking about the


numbers turning out, around 300,000 turned out for George W Bush, 2001


after the contested election that many people remember. How big was


that? It matters that Donald Trump is now in office in terms of


controversy? The turnout on inauguration day when it is compared


with what has gone before, and the sense of how people see the incoming


president. Washington, DC is a funny city and we have so many


demonstrations and gatherings all the time. One thing you can be sure


of, the number of people who come is always contested. It will be


interesting to see the estimates and it is hard to know how it will break


down. Even when we get the estimates, seeing who was there


protesting and who is there to attend the on Gration, that will be


hard to say conclusively. -- attends the inauguration. In terms of who is


coming to see Donald Trump's being sworn in, he has been elected by


people who consider themselves to be the common man, so they may become a


Ford the outrageous hike in hotel prices for example -- so they may


not be able to afford. They can't afford first-class tickets on air


planes and maybe that will affect the number of people that show up


versus people coming to protest. You are going for the inauguration


today, what visual perspective on this? He has said this is


effectively a people's organisation -- what is your perspective of the


he says he wants the people to be the stars. He put the price for the


tickets at the Freedom Ball at $50, and my understanding, and I'm new to


this, those prices are higher, but right now there is a huge group that


have come down from Massachusetts and we were able to rent a couple of


apartments and we were able to do that for a very low cost, not having


to use the hotel system. So, to the point of the person that just spoke,


we made it our business to get down here. No matter what it took. Many


of us drive, whatever it took, we were going to be here for this


inauguration. Why is it so important for you to be there? Many of us


invested a long time, almost two years, trying to get this man


elected. Some of people -- some people took time off work to do


this, I took nearly a year off, and I felt very strongly he should be


the next president. There are many of us, there are some left behind


who couldn't come, but we have tried to get people down here and I'm very


curious to see what the numbers will be. I'm right here on the ground and


I see the people and I hear the people and I see them on social


media, and it will be very curious to see how many people do show up


for this very historic and exciting election... Excuse me, inauguration.


You took a year off work to be able to campaign to get Donald Trump


elected. Who ever it is, that is extraordinary, to take a year out of


work. Specifically, Donald Trump, what is it about him? You were


originally a Democrat. What about him has cut you fired up? -- has


got. I was a Democrat to years ago and I lived in Cambridge,


Massachusetts which was one street away from the two marathon bombers


and that changed me fundamentally. I watched what was going on in Europe


and I paid attention to what was going on in America with the


anti-police rhetoric. And I said I had to get involved and one of the


first things I did was change my party because I did not know what


else to do. Donald Trump then came on the scene and I said, he's


pro-America and pro-law and order and I need to get involved in this


campaign, and I never imagined it would have taken me where it took me


a from being someone who knew nothing about politics to being a


delegate at the convention. And now I'm in Washington, DC for his


inauguration, so exciting. There are more people out there like me, I'm


not the only one. And that is what Donald Trump tapped into, he is


talking about reaching out to people who have felt forgotten previously


and on the back of all of that support that is what took him to the


White House. Absolutely. He has tapped into something very big, it


surprised everybody, that he has built slowly a lot of people who


deeply deeply believe in his message and the sense of hope he gives them.


We all hope as Americans and people, citizens of the world, that he can


fulfil the promises he has made. Would you... How would you expect


what he has said on the campaign trail to actually translate when he


gets into office? There is the machinery of government that


surrounds an individual and there is the responsibility of office that


maybe tempers the hot-headed must that there might be prior to


actually assuming that mantle. It has been interesting, seeing the


people that President-elect Trump has appointed to be considered for


confirmation in the Senate, various nominees to Cabinet positions of


which we act we heard this week, only two are in a position to be


confirmed on Monday -- of which we actually heard this week. That will


be the Department of defence and Homeland Security which is far lower


than the number of nominees which President Obama started with, and


that was an announcement that the Democrats in the Senate made. What


Donald Trump will be dealing with is a level of partisanship that past


presidents have not had to deal with, notably President Obama, and


those nominees he has picked have been extraordinary in some ways, for


their backgrounds and expertise, and he hasn't done what many politicians


do which is rewarding their supporters with plum assignments


regardless of their backgrounds and whether they are the best person for


the job. My understanding, any perception of this organisation at


this point is because they are determined to get the most qualified


people into those positions. What would you like to see Donald Trump


doing on his first day in office? What is the biggest priority for


you? To start working on repealing DEC, that is a huge problem for


people including myself -- repealing Obamacare. I've spent around


$20,000, because of that, and that an immigration, and I would like to


see what is going on... I heard that we were bombing Libya, and I think


he has got to get his finger on that. He has a lot of work to do and


he is going to do the work. He is absolutely going to do the work. I


don't doubt that he won't do what he said he would do. We will pick up on


these things with you again in just a few moments. Let us no your


thoughts. -- let us know. A bust of Winston Churchill will go back into


the Oval Office after it was removed by President Obama.


What would President Trump mean for the special relationship


Good morning. I'm Annita McVeigh in the BBC newsroom with a summary of


today's news. Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the


United States today. He told crowds in Washington him up he would unify


the country and give a voice to forgotten people. Thousands of


police officers are on duty, with many protests expected against Mr


Trump. A group of British doctors say


they've transformed the diagnosis of prostate cancer -


by using MRI scans. It's the most common type of cancer


in men in the UK and is normally Researchers believe advanced MRIs


could reduce the number of men who need biopsies,


which can lead to A man has been evicted


from hospital, after unnecessarily occupying a bed for more


than two years. The patient had refused to leave


the James Paget University Hospital in Norfolk, despite being fit


for discharge and being offered The hospital said the decision to go


to court was a last resort. A British man has died whilst


working on a stadium for the 2022 The event's organisers say


an investigation is under way into the incident


which happened yesterday. The 40-year-old man has not been


named, but the authorities West African leaders have given


the former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh a final opportunity


to relinquish power after Senegalese He's been told to leave office


by noon or be forced out by troops Adama Barrow was sworn


in as the new Gambian Rescuers in Italy have


worked through the night, in the hope of finding more


survivors from an avalanche struck Four people are known


to have died and as many Four earthquakes above magnitude


five rocked central Italy two days ago, with tremors continuing


into the night. That's a summary of the latest BBC


News - more at 1000. Now it's time for the sport with


Olly Foster. Andy Murray is into the fourth round


of the Australian open, the world number one showing very little sign


of the ankle injury that troubled him in his last match. He beat Sam


Querrey in straight sets and will now play Misha Zverev. And what


about Dan Evans? He beat top ten player Marin Cilic in his last match


and is currently 2-0 up against Bernard Tomic. His run in Melbourne


will see him become a top 50 player for the first time no matter what


happens today. British sailor Alex Thompson has


reached the end of the Von Day-Glo solo round the world race, coming


second in a time of 74 days, 19 hours and 35 mitts, about 16 hours


behind the Frenchman. England have named their squad for the six


Nations, a couple of uncapped players, but a welcome return the


James Haskell, Anthony Watson, Jack Lester, Jack Nowell, they all missed


the Autumn International is through injury, but they are back as England


defend their grand slam. That all starts in the next couple of weeks.


Some comments from some of you at home watching the programme this


morning. Andy says it is about time someone was unafraid to stir things


up a bit has come along, whether or not he will do any good is yet to be


seen. Leonard has the gold, you call it inauguration, I call it a bomb in


a. Trump is like a naughty child who doesn't do what he's told. And Steve


says, you sceptics, give him a chance.


Joining us now is Andrew Rosindell, Conservative MP


for Romford; he's part of the government committee that


Gemma Godfrey, is a businesswoman and CEO of Moola


a digital wealth management firm; she was an advisor to


It is said that he looked to JFK and Ronald Reagan for inspiration. Let's


just listen first of all the how JFK did it in 1961. In the long history


of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of


defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from


this responsibility. I welcome it. APPLAUSE


I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other


people or any other generation. The energy, the faith, the devotion


which we bring to this endeavour will like our country and all who


serve it. And the glow from that fire can truly light the world. And


so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you,


ask what do you can do for your country.


One of the most famous political lines. Alnwick, he did to a picture


of himself showing himself at a desk, this was me three weeks ago


writing my inauguration speech. How much sweat goes into a speech like


that? How important is it? It is crucial, this is his first address


as president, and everyone, whether they supported him or not, is


looking to see what kind of residency is promising to be. The


campaign is behind him now, now he is the president, and what does he


have to say to the nation? He is taking it seriously, I have spoken


to members of his team. It is a speech that many hours goes into,


and they do look for inspiration to previous presidents, how have they


addressed the nation, and Ronald Reagan's first inaugural address was


one as well, it is worth reading if your viewers are interested in that,


it is beautiful and moving, and it is encouraging hearing that the


sources of inspiration that Donald Trump is telling too as he thinks


about communication to the nation. I am everyone's president, whether you


supported me or not, I will work for you. What would you like to hear,


Diana? I liked how you play the Kennedy speech, because I think what


Donald Trump is doing is similar to that. He is telling people that you


are in charge of your destiny, and Donald Trump is the perfect example


of someone who is in charge of his destiny. He showed that with hard


work and perseverance, he could achieve something, and I feel that


that is exactly what he is doing, back to what Kennedy said, we are


not all people who have to rely on the Government to take care of us,


that we can take care of our own selves and our own family. What do


you say to people who fear what the Trump presidency might mean? I know


that people are upset about that, because I see it on social media,


but I feel like that is a big hype coming from the politicians that


have stayed away from the inauguration, and from some of the


media who kind of skews things so that people are not getting the


information that they actually need, they are not getting the truth, and


that is why I am so thrilled with the fact that he does tweet, because


I feel like we will see a very transparent government, and I think


if things go the way we are all hoping, that the decades and decades


he will show people that this is the way it actually showed B. He is


going to lead the way for a new type of government that we have never


seen before. Jeff, what do you think about that? A more transparent


government? I think he will get a lot of attention. More transparent


in what sense? He won't release his own tax returns. He won't divest


himself of his businesses. A lot of the people coming in to be in his


Cabinet are having trouble getting through ethical lines, and some of


the efforts of Republicans have been to shut down the watchkeeper is.


That is just one thing. All presidents need to be secretive, and


once they get in and have to make deals, they get irritated by the


press, by people coming in and asking questions. Trump is impatient


of people giving him scrutiny, you have seen that in his attacks on the


media. The media are not all charlatans and liars. Some of them


are good and some of them are bad. But he is thin-skinned and sensitive


about criticism, very widely demonstrated. So I don't see him as


someone interested in transparency. I think he is someone who is


interested in getting his point across and he is very good at that.


Great to talk to you all today, thank you very much. Enjoy the


inauguration, Dianna. I can't wait! So excited. Thank you very much.


President Obama has concerned he will attend Trump's inauguration


today despite dozens of his fellow Democrats boycotting it. It follows


the attack on congressmen John Lewis who says he is not going because


Donald Trump is not a legitimate president. I talked to Mark O'Conner


and asked him why he is not attending. My absence from the


inauguration is really about sending the message to Donald Trump that his


victory does not erase the terrible way in which he got to this office.


That he needs more than just a legal and technical victory in the


electoral college to lead his country. He needs a certain amount


of moral authority, ethical authority, which I believe he is


lacking, and he demonstrated that when he attacked John Lewis in the


way that he did. He attacked a man who, in my estimation, has a great


deal of moral authority that he earned through his brave words and


actions. The fact is he did win the election, the people knew who Donald


Trump is, it is not like he was a shy and retiring figure and people


didn't know what they were voting for. Is it now time to get behind


him and unite America? The answer I believe is no. A president needs


more than a legal and technical win to lead the United States of


America. He needs also a certain degree of moral and ethical


legitimacy. Secondly, I would say that he has shown very little


respect for the diversity of America, that he is not repaired to


lead a diverse country such as the United States of America. He


campaigned for the presidency in a way that trespassed norms,


democratic and cultural norms that we have here in United States of


America. He insulted and attacked a gold star family, and a gold star


family is a family that has lost one of its members in military service.


He attacked a Mexican American judge, a federal judge, and accused


the judge of not being able to treated unfairly because of his


Mexican American Heritage. He is yet to take power. That happens today,


we have yet to see whether the rhetoric will translate into


actions. But what would you say so far has been the impact of the


language that he has used? The impact for me has been that it is


just not, to me it is a very undemocratic unrestrained use of his


position, that an American president should show more respect for


dissenters. John Lewis did not attend the second George Bush's


first inauguration because of the Florida decision, the weather


Florida vote was determined, but I don't recall George W Bush attacking


John Lewis like that. His supporters obviously see his style as


repression, someone who is coming in, a businessman with a track


record who is going to shake up America, shake up the way things are


done to make, as he says, America great again. Do you not have any


optimism about his skills as a businessman and what they could mean


potentially for the United States? I don't want to get into an


examination of his business acumen and how successful he is. Instead I


will point to his lack of transparency in terms of disclosing


his potential conflicts of, his failure to disclose his taxes. --


potential conflicts of interest. It has raises question over whether as


a commander-in-chief, it if he orders military action, whether he


is doing this on behalf of the United States or on behalf of his


own personal self-interest. He will not be governing alone. He has a


team he is building around him, do you have faith in his choices for


high office? There are huge huge questions as to how his choices are


going to govern, his Education Secretary, she is going to be


leading the Department for Education which is about public education but


she is decidedly as a philanthropist being committed to destroying public


education in America. She very much favours... She doesn't see a


distension between public -- distinction between public education


and private education. It is Cerys that she -- it is very clear is that


he would nominate such a person. Donald Trump will become


the 45th President of President-Elect Trump


faces an unsettled world, with conflicts in the Middle East,


Europe working out what Brexit will look like and China


flexing its trade muscles. He's dropped a few hints


about his foreign policy plans. But what of the so-called


special relationship between the UK and the US,


which some say has Who famously said that Britain


would go to the back So how will our leaders be


approaching the new administration? And what impact could this have


on British businesses? Joining us now is Andrew


Rosindell, Conservative MP He's part of the government


committee that Gemma Godfrey, is a businesswoman


and CEO of Moola She was an advisor to


Arnold Schwarzenegger on the American version


of The Apprentice. And Paul Flynn joins


us from Cardiff. He's the Labour


MP for Newport West, who organised an MPs' debate last


year on whether Mr Trump should Thank you rejoining us. Andrew, I


spoke yesterday to the man who is likely to be the new US ambassador


to the EU -- thank you for joining us. He said he has had meetings at


Downing Street. Are you going to be looking at his book? We are in a


great position because we have a new president coming in who has made it


clear that he's a great admirer the UK, so we have got a lot to be


confident about. It is not necessarily the case that we are


going to see I do I with the new president on every issue, but we


have a friend in the White House -- going to see eye league. -- going to


see eye to eye. That is a change from the last two years were we had


someone who was not instinctively pro-British. Barack Obama said the


British would be last in line for a deal with the EU, so this is an


optimistic time for Britain? Philip Hammond has talked about the


prospects for what a Trump presidency means for the UK and he


says that there is now more uncertainty for the EU than there is


for Britain after Brexit, with Donald Trump in charge. I think that


is true. Brexit has come at a time when we are seeing global change and


America is exactly a case in point. We have great opportunities to trade


and cooperate and to work with countries with whom we have had


long-standing links and friendships like the United States, but being


told we are at the back of the Q did not help those who wanted to stay in


the EU in the end and it made the British people think we can make our


own way in the world as we have done throughout our history. With a new


president who will be willing to work with us and trade with us, that


has got to be a good thing for Britain. Is he shaping up to be a


great ally of the UK? We're hoping he will be and we know that Theresa


May has had great experience in trying to control another blonde


politician who shoots from the hip. The threat is far greater than


trade, the threat is to the harmony of the world. Donald Trump has


proved himself in the election to be a bird brained snake bile salesman


who will act like a petulant child when he is criticised, you would not


allow people to question him -- he would. He is out to wreck the


international treaty on global warming and he is out to wreck other


treaties that we have got on nuclear arms and he want to give nuclear


arms to small states, imperilling the world. He's going to change the


address of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, very


dangerous, and he will wreck Obamacare, which is not perfect, but


it gives help to 20 million Americans and this man is the most


dangerous politician we've had in the White House probably ever. And


I'm extremely worried about the future, and for my children and


grandchildren. So how do you think Theresa May should handle relations


between UK the United States? She has got to handle them to get the


greatest benefit for us, that is true, and he is an Anglophile, but


his experience has been in making money and losing money. People in


Atlanta are not during this morning, he went into Atlanta and build a


casino which you said was the eighth wonder of the world and it is now


empty, he has taken the money and run away. We must know what we are


dealing with and just hope and pray that those moderate Republicans in


his party can hold him back because he has got the ability to sow


discord and division where there is doubt harmony. He's divided his


nation and he can surely divide the world. -- where there is now harmony


for them you has his impulsive finger on the nuclear button, it is


time for us to worry and be aware of the danger he presents to the world.


-- he has his impulsive finger. How should he handled the -- handle the


relationship with the UK? As businesses become more global and


international, like tech companies, and while we are in this period


where we are concerned about Brexit, with Europe buying less of our


products or having more guidelines around that, being able to sell more


products to the United States would be good. However, when we are


talking that dealing with Trump, he is a businessman as opposed to a


politician in terms of that background. We talk about the art of


the deal and we'd need to be aware that he likes to have different


deals on the table, and so while this could be potentially very good


for UK businesses, we have to be aware that we are at the beginning


of the journey, and this will be a negotiation. Does it strengthen


Theresa May's hand in dealing with the EU, when Trump says what he said


about the potential for a good deal with the United States? Absolute,


America is our best friend in the world we have worked with them


through many decades on all sorts of things. Our friends are the


Americans, our allies, and thank goodness we have a president who


says yes, we want to trade with you, yes we will do a trade agreement


with you and that surely is a good thing for Britain and the British


people. European Union is something we are leaving and although we want


good relations with Europe and we want to trade with Europe and have


sensible relations because they are our neighbours, and our allies, but


at the end of the day we are going global, a global Britain is what we


are hoping to achieve an Theresa May's vision of a global Britain is


very much helped if we have a president in the White House who


would like to restore the bust of Winston Churchill rather than remove


those symbols of that special relationship between Britain and the


United States. Paul Flynn was talking about his concerns about


Donald Trump and what it might mean. Do you share any of those concerns?


Paul comes from a different political perspective, quite the


opposite, on almost every issue, so I would expect all to be against


Donald Trump on everything, but I'm willing to give the president a fair


chance. I don't agree with everything he said and I think some


of things he has said and done, I would not condone at all, but he has


been elected. Like what? It is all in the past. It is what he said,


that he would do when he comes into office will stop its not really in


the past. In a presidential campaign, all sorts of things are


being said, but from today he is going to be president and it is


going to be a great celebration and a great inauguration in Washington.


Let's give him a chance and see what he does, and I'm certain that Paul,


myself and others will be the first to say that he has made mistakes and


it isn't right, but we need to make sure that Britain's interests are


very much aligned to America because we are the best friends and great


allies and long may that continue. Give him a chance? This is rhetoric


from Andrew, he wants to cover the real fear is that we have and the


dangers with this drizzle of optimism and fine words. We are in


great danger, we are going into Brexit, it might be have an or hell,


the Chancellor says there are bumps in the road -- it might be heaven.


There might be a sinkhole in the row that our economy falls into, into a


tailspin, dangerous days ahead in terms of Brexit, uncertainty, we


could end up as a banana republic without the bananas. There is a very


uncertain future ahead and if we fall into these divisions when we


had a settled world, because of political action against is, we had


Brexit in order to solve divisions in the Conservative Party --


political extravagances. We have heard from the Prime Minister fine


words and ideas and optimism, but there is no basis that there will be


a secure future and with Trump in the White House it is going to be a


very dangerous future, unprecedented in my lifetime. There is no one that


has been as impulsive and has as little experience is in. We are on a


tight schedule, so you can't come back on his comments right now, but


we will talk about it more in the future. Thanks for joining us.


Coming up, what will happen and at what time today, we will have the


details are what will happen with Donald Trump's inauguration. An


insider's tour. I'm actually sitting where presidents of the past have


been sitting. Let's get the latest


weather update with Nick, and what's it looking


like for the inauguration Incoming Presidents can't change the


weather, and some have had to move the ceremonies inside because it has


been so cold, or snowy, and in the case of Ronald Reagan, his second


inauguration, because the wind-chill was minus 30. There is a weather


system moving through so we are getting outbreaks of rain.


Temperatures, raincoats at the ready, but it will be seven degrees.


We got off to a frosty start this morning, a sharp hard frost across


parts of southern England, and we have had a fog patches especially in


the Midlands. Frosty and murky here in Leicestershire. These are the


temperatures a short time ago, coldest areas in eastern parts of


Scotland into Aberdeenshire. Shetland started around eight,


though. Turning the weather upside down with the coldest weather across


rural areas in southern England. Look at the extent of sunshine on


offer today, we have a weather front across parts of northern England and


southern Scotland, so proud for you, but also sunshine to come, into the


Channel Islands. This is the picture at noon. You can see the extent of


the sunshine, misty in places, the fog patches are clearing. For


Northern Ireland and northern parts of northern England and into


southern Scotland and the central belt, I'm afraid a rather great


picture, drizzly in places -- grey. There will be a cold feel, enhancing


that across southern England into the south-west is the easterly


breeze, with more of a bite. Temperatures will top out at around


5-8, but there will be a few places which will be higher than that,


especially in the far north of Scotland. Some sunshine on offer for


many of us, under clear skies tonight the frost takes hold, more


clear weather, that means more widespread frost than recent nights


and in the countryside we could be dropping as low as minus six. Fog


patches, as well. Early on Saturday morning. Parts of eastern in the


good be most at risk that we have some fog patches as we start of the


weekend. This is the weekend, Saturday, this is the picture, foggy


start in places, but a good deal of sunshine, also across Scotland,


Northern Ireland, north-west England, for time, but through


Saturday we dragged the area of cloud from the North Sea across


parts of central and eastern England. Through Saturday and into


Sunday, wet weather, not amounting to very much, but damp and drizzly


in places and wintry over the tops of the hills. More cloud for the


second part of the weekend on Sunday, a few showers and some sunny


spells, a cold feel, but it is high pressure so much of the weekend is


looking settled and that was the forecast.


In just a few hours' time, Donald Trump will be sworn


in as the 45th president of the United States.


Hello, good morning, I'm Joanna Gosling.


Donald Trump has been addressing supporters in Washington.


We are going to make America great again,


and I'll add greater than ever before!


This is the scene live in Washington as America prepares to wake up


Washington is setting the scene for the main event of the day,


as just under a million people are expected to flood the capital


to watch the inauguration or march in the streets to protest


We made it our business to get down here. Whatever it took, we were


going to be here. He is somebody that has me gravely concerned about


the future of the American Republic. That can the man who spoke about


building walls to keep out Mexicans and banning Muslims carry through on


that promise? We'll speak to insiders


about what action he will take insiders, voters, supporters


and critics of the man who so many said would never make


it to the top job. Here's Annita in the BBC Newsroom


with a summary of today's news. Donald Trump is just hours away


from the world's most powerful job. He will bring in what could be the


most radical change in American politics in modern times. He said he


would unify the country and give a voice to people who have been


forgotten. Thousands of police officers are on duty in the American


capital, with many protest expected. And you can watch coverage of Donald


Trump's inauguration as the 45th President of the United States here


on BBC News. Our coverage begins at three o'clock live from Washington


with Katty Kay, with the new president due to be sworn in at 5pm


UK time. A group of British doctors say


they've transformed the diagnosis of prostate cancer -


by using MRI scans. It's the most common type of cancer


in men in the UK and is normally Researchers believe advanced MRIs


could reduce the number of men who need biopsies,


which can lead to Figures show retail sales in the UK


dropped 1.9% last month But sales rose overall


in the last quarter of 2016. The data from the Office


for National Statstics also showe retail prices rose 0.9% in December


compared with a year ago - A man has been evicted


from hospital, after unnecessarily occupying a bed for more


than two years. The patient had refused to leave


the James Paget University Hospital in Norfolk, despite being fit


for discharge and being offered Our correspondent Sian Grzeszczyk


is following the story. Well, it was after


by BBC Radio Norfolk them she'd heard an open secret


on the ward that a patient had been there for two years after being


admitted in August 2014. When BBC Radio 4 got in touch with


the hospital, they confirmed that this was the case, but said the


patient had left about a week ago but only when they used trespassed


laws and got a court order to remove him from the hospital. And what more


do we know about this patient? Presumably he was there for


legitimate reasons in the first place? We don't know his name or his


age because of patient confidentiality rules. We do know


that he lives in Suffolk and that he was admitted in August 2014, but


that he was medically fit to be discharged shortly after entering


the hospital, so you might be wondering why it has taken two years


for him to leave. The hospital said they offered him several different


packages of care, and he refused all of those. And without his consent,


they couldn't make him leave the hospital, which is why they had to


get a court order in the end. Patients as you can imagine have


been reaction to this, one patient told the BBC she was disgusted to


hear what has happened, and she says she feels like that patient has used


the hospital as a hotel. The hospital has given us a statement in


which they said that the decision to go to court was not taken lightly,


but our priority has to be considering the needs of all of our


patients and ensuring that our limited resources which are under


increasing pressure are available to those who genuinely need hospital


care. Sian, thank you very much. A British man has died while working


on a stadium for the 2022 World Cup The event's organisers say


an investigation is under The 40-year-old man has not been


named, but the authorities That is a summary of the latest


news. Back to you, Joanna fours. David says, I think that the


Republicans will convince Donald Trump to be more moderate. They will


want more than one term in office and will begin at period of


sustained government. All of this fuss and bother because drug does


not confirm, stop ripping him apart, and Jim says keep reminding the


critics of Trump that the people of the United States voted for him. As


far as I'm concerned, that is the end of the story. Do keep your


stories coming in. Remember text will be charged at the standard


network rate. We will be talking more about Donald Trump and his


policies in just a few moments, but first the sport with Olly Foster.


Many thanks. You called Dan Evans a sweetie in the last hour.


He is having the tournament of his life.


He is into his first Grand Slam 4th round.


He beat the Top 10 player Marin Cilic in the last match


And in the last few minutes he has beaten the Australian 27th


It was really tight match, taking the first set 7-5,


His run in Melbourne will see him break in the world's top


Next up he'll play 12th seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France.


Andy Murray showed little sign of the ankle problem he picked up


in the 2nd round as he breezed through his 3rd round match


against Sam Querrey at the Australian Open.


He beat the American in straight sets 6-4, 6-2,


It's the ninth year in a row that he's reached the 4th


I have played a little bit better each match. There is not one thing I


have been delighted with. I thought I did much better today than I did


in the first two matches, which is really positive for me. But yes, I


think each match I have improved a little bit, and that is a good sign,


so hopefully I will keep getting better.


There are three uncapped players in the 34 man England squad


for the Six Natiosn Championship Bath prop Nathan Catt,


Leicester forward Mike Williams and Saracens back Alex


Captain Dylan Hartley is incldued and has been decalred match fit.


He's serving a six-week ban at the moment


There's a welcome return for some of the key players


who missed the autumn internationls throutgh injury.


That includes James Haskell, Maro Itoje, Anthony Watson,


British sailor Alex Thomson has finished the Vendee Globe solo


He came second in a time of 74 days, 19 hours and 35 minutes,


about 16 hours behind the French winner Armel Le Cleach.


Hampshire-based Thomson had led in the early stages and broke


two race records prior to being overtaken in December


He matches Dame Ellen Mcarthur's second-placed finish


Are amazing to be finished. You never knew really know when it is


going to happen, I relied a couple of hours before that I was


definitely going to finish. It is a long, long way, and it is just great


to finally be here. I think 24, 36 hours ago, I knew that was the end,


so congratulations, what a great race he has done, he really deserved


it, so two seconds and a first, that is a great record, I think!


It is fantastic. That is a brutal race.


Olly, thank you very much. Donald Trump's policies will come


under intense scrutiny in the early Among the potentially divisive


talking points are: plans to build Stringent security checks on Muslims


entering the US. Looking to move the US


Embassy in Israel And then there's his


relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin,


which has proved worrying So, just what are


Donald Trump's policies? We're going to dream


of things for our country, and beautiful things,


and successful things once again. You will be so proud


of your president. We're going to do the wall,


and by the way... Donald Trump's pledge was clear -


to build a wall on the country's They're talking about a fence


in the Republican Congress - For certain areas I would,


but certain areas, a wall Mexico will still pay for the wall,


Trump says, but this could be Trump remains committed to removing


large numbers of illegal What we are going to do is get


the people that are criminal and have criminal records -


gang members, drug dealers... We have a lot of these people,


probably 2 million, it could even be 3 million - we're getting


them out of our country But it is unclear if this


divisive pledge... Donald J Trump is calling


for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims


entering the United States. Job creation was a top


priority for Trump. We are living through


the greatest jobs theft Our jobs are going to Mexico, our


jobs are going to other countries. And he's wasted no time


at all threatening car manufacturers with a 35% import tariff


for making their products abroad. Trump says it's already had


success, with Ford looking The announcements that we're making


today of a $700 million investment here in our Flat Rock, Michigan,


plant, and adding 700 jobs, one of the factors that we put


into that is the more favourable US business environment that we see


under President-elect Trump. Trump finally said last week that


Russia was most likely behind a cyber attack on the Democrats


during the election. As far as hacking, I think


it was Russia, but I think we also get hacked by other countries


and other people. But his willingness to get


along with President If Putin likes Donald


Trump, I consider that Trump has also signalled


strong support for Israel. Israel to me is very,


very important. During the election campaign,


Trump was very clear - the health insurance programme


nicknamed Obamacare, he said, would Obamacare has to be replaced,


and we will do it, and we will do But after transition talks


with the outgoing president, sure that people with


preconditions are still covered? Yes, because it happens to be one


of the strongest assets. Also with the children


living with their parents We're going to very


much try and keep that. But whether Trump can


achieve his goals and bring together a divided United States


remains to be seen. We're going to get to work


immediately for the American people. We must reclaim our


country's destiny. Let's talk now to


Republican strategist Clark Judge, also in Washington,


who was a speech writer and advisor Leslie Vinjamuri, an associate


fellow of the US Programme And welcome back to Jef McAllister,


a former White House Wrong, first of all, we have an


e-mail, he says I believe professional politicians within the


Republicans will moderate Donald Trump -- Ron. How do you react to


that? I react to that in a very positive manner. I've spoken with


the House Speaker Paul Ryan and he's very much looking forward to working


with the new President of the United States in just a few hours, along


with Senate Majority Leader. The goals of the Republicans are very


clear and we have not had 3% economic GDP growth in the last


eight years. President travelled like to create 25 minute jobs and


have 4% GDP growth over the next eight years -- President Trump would


like to create 25 million jobs. There are professional politicians


who have been in Washington and who know how government works and I


think they will have a very positive impact on the 45th president of the


United States. You mean some of the more extreme policies just won't


happen? What I mean, there is one thing, as I notice with President


Bush, who I worked with, what you say on the campaign trail and what


you do when you get in office. There is a different reality with actually


governing and working with people to make meaningful accomplishments.


What I mean by a positive influence, they are all leaders and they are


all responsible for doing the best for the American people. Some of his


nominees for Cabinet have backed away from some of the more


controversial policies already. How do you see things involving? Within


the people around him and also the way that Republicans set policies.


In many ways the most notable and interesting thing about this entire


transition period has been the level of uncertainty that we have felt. We


have had that at many levels. As we have listened to the hearings and


the confirmation hearings we have heard different things coming out of


his future Secretary of State and his secretary of defence. Compared


to Donald Trump. We have also seen uncertainty across the spectrum,


will people support this president? In terms of what he has said he will


do, he has moved on a number policies. The nature of the


transition has created uncertainty because so many positions at the


level of deputy are simply not filled. He has announced he will


carry over 50 people from the Obama Administration and leave them in


place. All very good people, but the nature of the transition and the


nature of Donald Trump's personality and the concrete policies that he


has articulated but members of his cabinet have suggested they may not


follow, how he thinks about Russia and how we think about the Iran


deal. The entire context is about deep uncertainty going forward. Do


you see evidence of pragmatism? One example which was put forward was


the Obamacare, Donald Trump had said that was going to go and then he had


conversations with the president and he said he would keep parts of it


because some parts are not all that bad. Is he a man who listens? He is


not a real Republican in many ways. He got the nomination and he got the


presidency, but his whole career, he took positions which were favoured


to Democrats and he was in favour of abortion rights and he was in favour


of Obamacare originally. He's not ideological in some sense. He plays


with the guys who bring him to the dance and that is the Republican


party that has got to get him to accomplish things. Outside experts


say if he gets rid of Obamacare, 20 million people will be not insured


and it would be a political evil and a disaster and all the people that


came and yelled about Obamacare, they are the people losing their


injuries, they will now yell at Republicans and that will be bad for


him -- they are the people losing their injuries for the Donald Trump


is a smart guy and he will find a good deal, but the question is, will


he be able to build coalitions? Is he strategic enough, does it have to


be about him? So far much of his rhetoric seems to imply that. You


worked as a speech writer and advisor for armed raid. Donald Trump


has said he's looking to Ronald Reagan -- you work as a and advisor


for Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan, like Donald Trump, a


man who went into politics not as a career politician, do you see some


similarities between the two in terms of not being beholden to that


party line? Both of them were insurgent candidates who build new


coalitions. And both of them were also highly accomplished


deal-makers. Ronald Reagan had been head of the union and was in essence


a professional negotiator just as Donald Trump is, so there are a


number of similarities between them, including that as with Ronald


Reagan, Donald Trump has energised large parts of the American


electorate that were feeling neglected. Ryan Christie, looking at


areas of policy-making -- Ron Christie. Starting with Russia and


what he said about the intelligence and the hacking during the election


campaign, and what he is saying about Russia and his relationship


with them going forward, starting from a visiting of trust but maybe


it's a question of how long that lasts -- from a position of trust.


How do you see that issue? It is interesting, picking up on Ronald


Reagan, he had the old adage, trust but verify, one thing we have got to


recognise is that Russia is not a friend of the United States and


Russia has taken actions which have been detrimental to the United


States and of course the stability of Nato and the stability of Western


Europe and our trading interests. It is very incumbent upon the new


president to set a tone with Russia that we're willing to work with you


where we can, but we are not going to accept interference with our


Dummigan C and we are not going to uphold the actions they have taken


in Crimea and other parts of the world -- we are not going to accept


interference with our democracy. The United States working with our


allies, our strong leisure ship with the UK, we need to make sure that


Russia understands that they will be met with a certain response if they


tried to stop our country from doing business -- our strong relationship


with the UK. That is not the message which has been coming through so


far. Yes, Europe feels, is Donald Trump going to work with us? The


Russia question is interesting, it is not clear if Donald Trump can


bring Washington along with him in his desire to recast America's


relationship with Russia. His aggressive attacks on his own


intelligence community and agencies for the briefs they put together on


cyber attacks and Russia's engagement, they were deeply


worrying. The fallout from his concerted effort to really put


forward this relationship could be grave and we don't know what Russia


will do. Donald Trump says he will lift sanctions if Russia engages


with arms reductions, but Russia has a different set of interests when it


comes to nuclear arms, they care about missile defence and Congress


is not going to want to walk back from America's policy in this area.


Their interests are not in the same place and now that Donald Trump will


be president, his constraints will be different from what he has been


able to articulate on the campaign trail and as President-elect. The


Ronald Reagan line was mentioned, trust but verify, what shall take on


the Russian situation? So far, Russia and the United States, and


also China, all talks have been in side logs. Especially with China and


also with Russia. Donald Trump looks to be trying to put those silos


together to get a broader feel for negotiation. For example, his


security people whether it is Daniel... Michael Flynn, who said


Iran were our principal enemies, or others, they have been very tough on


Russia, and they the security side. The Secretary of State designate is


of course from the economic side and he understands that in particular at


the heart of the Russian economy is oil and gas in the future of it in


those terms is the article. You have a team that is able to mad


negotiations with Russia that are broad-spectrum -- those terms is the


Arctic. I think Vladimir Putin would like to move away from the


aggressive manner and into a more stable relationship with the West.


It can each of you sum up how you see the Trump presidency on this


inauguration Day? There is tremendous prospect for the country,


the country needs to go in a different direction, we have had


long-term slow growth and a large group of Americans have been left


out of the economy. We have had rising prices around the world and I


think there is great hope in restructuring our relationships in


many ways. Every new inauguration brings a sense of hope and optimism


and that we are able to transfer power in a democratic and peaceful


way, and I wish the new President-elect all the best of luck


and I hope he brings the country together and brings the world


together with his presidency. I don't think America has faced a


period in its history with such grave divisions since maybe the


Vietnam era, we have marches and we expect 250,000 people to be marching


in Washington alone tomorrow. Marches across 60 different


countries. And so I think the uncertainty can't be understated and


this will be a real test for America to see whether or not the system


that has been built over many decades to protect rights and


freedoms and due process and the rule of law, it will be challenged


and we will learn about the strength of the United States as a democratic


system going forward. We will be speaking to Mohammed Arley's


daughter in a few moments -- Muhammad Ali's daughter. Donald


Trump has tapped into something but he's unlikely to the right


prescription. Presidents don't change in office fundamentally and


he is a tempestuous and fundamentally self absorbed person


and I don't think he has the discipline for office. Thanks for


joining us. Traditionally the inauguration


ceremony begins early at the exclusive White House guest


residence and continues We'll bring you more on how the day


is scheduled to pan out Washington is setting the scene for


the main event but not everyone is there to celebrate. We will speak to


some protesters about why they are marching against his presidency.


That is next after the news. And now a summary of the latest news.


Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president


of the United States today, ushering in what could be the most


radical change in American government in modern times.


The billionaire businessman told crowds gathered in Washington


that he will unify the country and give a voice to people


Thousands of police officers are on duty in the American capital,


with many protests expected against Mr Trump.


A group of British doctors say they've transformed the diagnosis


of prostate cancer - by using MRI scans.


It's the most common type of cancer in men in the UK and is normally


Researchers believe advanced MRIs could reduce the number


of men who need biopsies, which can lead to


Figures show retail sales in the UK dropped 1.9% last month


But sales rose overall in the last quarter of 2016.


The data from the Office for National Statstics also shows


retail prices rose 0.9% in December compared with a year ago -


A man has been evicted from hospital, after unnecessarily


occupying a bed for more than two years.


The patient had refused to leave the James Paget University Hospital


in Norfolk, despite being fit for discharge and being offered


The hospital said the decision to go to court was a last resort.


Rescuers in Italy are hoping to find more survivors from an avalanche


Four people are known to have died - and 25 are still missing.


Four earthquakes rocked central Italy two days ago,


with tremors continuing into the night.


That's a summary of the latest news - join me for BBC


Time for some more sport now, with Olly Foster.


hello again. Dan Evans is into the fourth round of a grand slam for the


first time, fresh from beating the seven seat, Marin Cilic, he has


beaten the Australian 27 the seed Bernard Tomic in seven sets in the


Australian Open. He also beat him a couple of years ago at the US Open.


Evans took the first set 7-5, the next two sets on tie-breaks. He will


break into the top 50 for the first hour. He will play Jo-Wilfried


Tsonga next. Andy Murray showed little sign of the ankle problems he


has had. in the 2nd round as he breezed


through his 3rd round match against Sam Querrey


at the Australian Open. He beat the American


in straight sets 6-4, 6-2, It's the ninth year in a row that


he's reached the 4th I have played a little


bit better each match. There's not been one thing I have


been delighted with. I thought I did much


better today than I did in the first two matches,


which is really positive for me. But yes, I think each


match I have improved a little bit, and that is a good sign,


so hopefully I will keep getting England rugby union head coach Eddie


Jones says his team will be better prepared.


There are three uncapped players in the 34 man England squad


for the Six Natiosn Championship Bath prop Nathan Catt,


Leicester forward Mike Williams and Saracens back Alex


Captain Dylan Hartley is incldued and has been declared match fit.


He's serving a six-week ban at the moment


There's a welcome return for some of the key players


who missed the autumn internationls throutgh injury.


That includes James Haskell, Maro Itoje, Anthony Watson,


The six Nations should be a cracker this year. You can watch it all


across the BBC. That is all your sport this morning.


Thank you very much. Thousands of people are Washington for the


inauguration of Donald Trump. Not everyone is preparing to welcome


Donald Trump to the Oval Office. Several protests are planned,


including a Women's March on Washington, part of a global


march, which began on social media as a means for women


to express their anger at the swearing-in of what they see


as a divisive candidate. Throughout his campaign, Donald


Trump's comments and behaviour towards women have caused offence,


from the access Hollywood take when he talks about groping women without


consequences to his plans for reducing funding for reproductive


research. And he has made abusive comments to a number of women from


his opponent Hillary Clinton to the news presenter Megan Kelly. Protests


will take place in several cities around the world. There are 600


matches taking place around the globe, with almost 1.5 million women


and men expected to turn up. And the McNally is in London, Zara Ballou in


the United States, and also from Los Angeles, the daughter of legendary


boxer Muhammad Ali. Maryum Ali will be speaking


at the Washington march on Saturday. Maryum, what you think of Donald


Trump? I am not a fan. I wanted Bernie Sanders to win, and then I


voted for Hillary. Donald Trump has a history of discriminating against


African Americans. His buildings, the birth movement is horrendous,


saying Barack Obama was not American. The concern is we only


know Donald Trump based on who Donald Trump has been. I hope he is


able to create jobs. I hope America can be great in four years, but


based on what we have seen of him, how he has run his campaign and just


his level of majority, it is doubtful, so I am not a fan, but he


is the President, I am not stressing over it, it is definitely time to


organise and plan and make things happen in this next four years. He


says he is speaking for disenfranchised people. If you know


a little bit about American history, it has always been a tool of the


powerful to tell the poor majority that they are poor because of the


minorities. This is a practice that has happened throughout our


country's history, so we will see if he can help the poor, and if all


poor will be better off with him in office. He has great talking points,


he did that very well, I actually am impressed by his determination to


win. He really practised the laws of attraction brilliantly, because he


was very confident, he made that happen. But time will tell. Right


now, to me, it is really not about him, it is about standing up for the


rights of all people, trying to make sure the 14th Amendment is enforced,


the one that gives us equal protection under the law. There is a


lot at stake. It is a women's march budget is also a march for other


people. Women's rights, health care, various forms of discrimination, for


all people here in this country. So we have a lot of work to do. Did


your dad ever share any views on Donald Trump? He did make a


statement last year, probably got a little help with that because he was


in the late stage of Parkinson that the time, but the statement about


banning Muslims, it is ridiculous. I am a Muslim as well, I read my Koran


every year during the month of Ramadan, and I know what Jaye jihad


really is, I know that Muslims are not terrorists, and it is the Muslim


population who will help protect America from terrorists. And to do


that and say that against Muslims and say it is the religion, I think


that can put us in more danger here in the United States. Lets bring in


Zara Bilou, Muslim and civil rights activist. What you think? I think we


need to mobilise, and he we are because we didn't mobilise enough.


All of these rallies this weekend is about making it clear that from day


one, there will be resistance if Donald Trump attempts to fulfil any


of his campaign promises that would target our communities. So what


would you do if he did try to enforce some of those policies? We


are already doing that. Part of what began as well before the election


and has continued since then has been knowing your rights training in


the community, making sure people know what to do if immigration


agents show up, if FBI agents show up, if they are interacting with


local police. There is a lot of talk about interaction before and after


the election, so we are talking to people about public safety. But we


want everyone to understand that it is not just about racists and


misogynists and Islamophobia being emboldened to act, it is about the


fact that Donald Trump is ringing some of those people into his


administration with him. Have you personally seen or experienced hate


crimes since Donald Trump? I have been really fortunate, and granted I


live in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the areas that jokes about


leaving the United States if it should get worse, but we do serve


clients, and on a regular basis, the day after the election, young


woman's headscarf was pulled off in broad daylight on her college


campus. That kind of incident has become very normal in our country,


and it is one example of a type of hate crime that Muslims experience.


Ehmer McNally, you are organising the UK's women's March. Why are you


doing that? For all of the reasons that have been discussed. This


campaign has been characterised by language that stokes fear and


division. The most striking feature of it is hoped deeply divided our


societies are. Hillary Clinton stated that clearly, and we have


seen it here as well. We are seeing this as a dipping point. The trumpet


election has been a catalyst, and everybody is saying enough is


enough. We have serious social inequality in trench, persistent


inequality, Oxfam has just released figures that state that the top


wealthiest billionaires hold the same wealth as the poorest 36


billion. It is beginning to seem very clear that our politicians are


not rising to the challenge of dealing with that inequality but are


servicing it. You talk about the division. All Trump says he didn't


create the division, it was there. Ultimately, he is the person who has


been picked by Americans to be the President. Yes, and that is a very


serious question. That is what the majority, not the popular majority


but in terms of the weather system works, that is how it works. This is


a democratic outcome, and we are not questioning that, but what we are


looking to do is change the ground under his feet, because the reason


for that political outcome is this profound inequality, and people want


to change, and it is right that they should want to change, so our way of


going about organising the marches to go straight for the jugular with


that inequality. We have been contacting groups, individuals and


organisations right across all areas of social struggle who are dealing


with people on the front line of these inequalities, along the fault


lines of race and misogyny, all forms of discriminatory practice in


language, and we are trying to come together for a grassroot up response


for centralised... It has been disgraceful how the politicians have


been dealing with it. And Maryum Ali, in terms of how things have


been under President Obama, there have been issues on that front with


President Obama in charge. Obama is not a miracle worker, and when you


have a country that is apathetic to being cynically involved, not voting


in midterm elections, there is a balance of power in the government.


Congress, the majority was Republican, so what I'm going to


base my short two minutes on tomorrow is going to be civic in


gauge but, because we have masses of people who are not involved, and to


say he was about to get rid of the recession and have health care for


all, but he to solve all the other problems of the inner-city is


delusional. So I really think we are putting the cart before horse. There


have to be major campaigns to get people involved. We need the power


of the people, that is the way government works. It is annoying to


say that under Obama, what about race relations, that is ridiculous.


He is like any other president, if you are not going to have a


Democratic house and Senate, and his bills are not going to go through,


how many things can he do? I thought he was a great president, there were


a lot of people apathetic to voting, we have to get people involved. And


in terms of Trump having so much support, he won, but what are the


real numbers? The popular vote went to Hillary, and everybody else


didn't vote. If you can't blame a president for not fixing the


situation, how much can you pain on another for what happens in society?


The Republican said loud and clear they were going to block everything


he does. We are coming together in solidarity, all groups, based on the


discriminatory comments this man has made and how he has lived his whole


life. So all we are saying is we are going to organise, if you break the


law, if you take our rights, the Constitution has given us those


right and we are going to fight for them. We are not saying he is not


president, he is president, but we will organise things based on the


law. No one gave Obama a chance, they hated him immediately, and I


knew the kind of talk and the degradation and the demeaning things


they said about Michelle being an ape, it was outrageous. There was so


much hypocrisy. And now we are looking at this man talking about


grabbing women's body parts, we don't like the man, we are going to


see what he is going to do, but we have to organise to protect our


civil rights, and based on what he said so far, he is trying to roll


those back. Zahra, looking at the country you live in right now, how


do you feel? We have our work cut out for us. So many of the civil


liberties erosion is that happened under President Obama I'm now going


to be accessible to the Donald Trump, deportation of undocumented


individuals, all of those things have been happening for eight years,


and longer than that, for the past 15 years. And we let it happen


because as Maryum mentioned, we are not as engaged as we need to be, we


need to be out in the streets but also in the halls of Congress


pushing our elected officials to protect all of us. Thank you all


very much, Maryum Ali, Zahra Billou and Emma McNally.


So, how will inauguration day pan out for President-elect Trump?


It begins early at the exclusive White House guest residence.


And from there, it's a day of tradition and ceremony


That I will faithfully execute the office of president...


So, how does it all work on inauguration day?


This is where Donald Trump will wake up on


It's the White House guesthouse, Blair House.


Doesn't look like much, really, though, does it?


It's been nicknamed the most exclusive hotel in the world,


and that's because it's played host to some distinguished guests over


And that's where Mr Trump will head to


And actually, Barack Obama came for a service here on the


Look at this, it's absolutely beautiful!


So, here I am in the President's pew, so I'm


actually sitting where presidents in history have sat


So, after he's done, Donald Trump takes a very


short journey across the road to the White House.


I don't think they're going to let us in there.


As is part of the tradition, he'll go to


the White House to meet President Obama.


They'll have morning coffee together.


And another tradition that always happens as well is that the


outgoing president always writes the incoming president


This, the US Capitol, is where Donald Trump will


officially become president when he's sworn in.


Politicians and dignitaries, that sort of thing,


But the rest of us will all have to watch down on The Mall.


So now we're heading to the cheap seats.


This is the National Mall - there's not much to see here,


But if you don't have a ticket to the


inauguration, then this is where you'll come to watch it.


Next comes the parade, which heads towards the


White House, and is led by the President and the First Lady.


The parade even goes past here, Donald Trump's new hotel,


So maybe they'll even get out here and walk.


And who would have thought that when he was planning


this hotel, Donald Trump would one day be moving into the White House


I want to bring you some amazing news from Italy, the avalanche


yesterday, we are hearing six people have been found alive under snow


after the avalanche. They are yet to be pulled up at a Fire Department


official is being quoted on the Reuters news agency, saying six


people have been found alive under the snow. The conditions will be


horrendous for anybody who was buried by the avalanche, so it is


extraordinary to be hearing right now that, 24 hours after the


avalanche, potentially six people have been found alive under the


snow. We are hearing that they are yet to be pulled out, but there


are... These are the emergency teams who have been digging through the


snow every possible effort, to get those six people out alive. 30


people it was reported were missing after the avalanche and it buried a


hotel under up to 15 feet of snow. It was hoped according to one


rescuer that the ceiling collapse might have protected some of those


inside the building from being completely buried. That was the


hope. The way the building might have collapsed might have protected


people underneath. There are no reports that six people potentially


are still alive, buried in that avalanche and we will keep you


updated when we hear any more on that very disc -- very difficult


rescue operation. We've heard a lot about


Donald Trump's policies, And what is it about him that


propelled him to the most powerful office in the world,


to the surprise of so many? Frank Luntz, Republican


strategist and pollster, Also in the American


capital this morning is Crystal Myers, who voted


for Donald Trump in November. And Alana Horowitz Satlin


is from the Huffington Post. Frank, you are the man who looks at


the polls and statistics, and he was an expected to do this, but he did.


As he enters the White House, how does you rate in terms of


popularity? There was a point after the election when he had reached 50%


approval which was the highest point for him in his career. Donald Trump


has always been conned a virtual and the public respects the facts, that


he is fearless and they think he says what he means and means what he


says -- has always been controversial. But they don't always


like what he says they don't understand him in terms of his


directness and some would say offensiveness. But what has


happened, a 20% jump in the right direction, the public believing the


country is heading in the right direction. The significant rise in


consumer confidence and eight significant rise in spending -- and


a significant rise. The mood of the country is significantly more


positive today than it was on the 8th of November than when he was


elected. Crystal, you voted for Donald Trump, that reflects how you


feel? Absolutely, this is the most Victoria Stadium ever and we are so


excited to have this victory -- the most victorious day ever for them


the American taxpayer was being used to support a progressive leftist


movement which was destroying the middle-class and ushering in the


demise of American sovereignty. Does he ever say anything that worries


you? I'm not politically correct, and Donald Trump is like a wrecking


ball, he is not a politician. He sounds so abrupt at times but his


passion and his anger against what is happening to Americans, can come


off the runway, but I'm behind him and I think some of the things he


says at times, he just rolls it right out because he is not


politically correct. He is portrayed negatively in the media and in the


wrong way. Tel us what you think Germany in terms of the way you


think Donald Trump is not portrayed fairly in the press question mark --


generally in terms of the way you think Donald Trump is not portrayed


fairly in the press? Can you give us some examples. What is it that you


think is not fair about the way the press is covering him? I don't like


the fact, he is called a racist all the time, but he is such a unifier.


He's doing so many things. He is bringing in so many jobs. We have a


94 million out of work force labour at the moment and 43 million people


are on food stands, and Donald Trump, before he was elected, he is


already creating jobs. They are not giving him credit, it seems. He has


General Motors, they have brought in 1500 jobs, Walmart has also brought


in jobs, he has secured a air-conditioner carrier company. The


media never really show what he is doing for America. They seem to just


always be so against him and so troubling, but he's doing amazing


things. Alana, what do you think about that? It is worth noting that


he did not actually... He is not responsible for any that that she


mention. That is true, but the companies have said they were


already planning to do that. And the factory was never planning to go to


Mexico, so I think that is a little early to say that he is bringing the


jobs back to America. I understand that there is a deep distrust in the


media right now, and that people are not happy with the way the campaign


was covered, but I would argue that Hillary Clinton was also not given a


fair shot with the media. The amount of coverage that the FBI


investigation got was alarming considering how nothing really ever


came out of it. The media was pretty tough on both candidates and both


sides are pretty unhappy with that, and I understand that. Frank. He was


somebody who defied the polls, it is difficult to pin down how he is seen


across the piece in a country which is so divided as has become very


clear. It is not difficult at all. There are aspects of Donald Trump's


persona which the public appreciates and there are aspects such as


unifier, with all due respect, he isn't. His language is a unifying,


is challenging the status quo. -- his language is not unifying. He is


committed to change and he is already outlining significant budget


cuts and the overhauled to Obamacare and changes to our infrastructure


and improvements and these are things the public likes. Often the


tone and the demeanour, this isn't about political correctness, he says


things which the public believes are inappropriate. There are Trump


people who see no negative in him and critics who see no positive in


him, but in fact he is like any other president, he has his


positives and his negatives and nobody seems to see the other side.


He is very active on Twitter, cutting through that. As


demonstrated, he is concerned when he is portrayed in sketches in a


particular way, he is tweeting later night saying it is just not funny


when Alec Baldwin impersonates him on Saturday Night Live, the expect


that to stop? -- do you expect. He will keep using his own personal


account on twitter, I believe. People think he has a thin skin and


the fact he is going to be President, he needs to rise above


that kind of stuff? He should. He needs to in the next 4- maybe eight


years grow into the role as president and realise you can't


respond to every single criticism, but whether he would do that, I'm


not sure. In the past 18 months there has been talk, is he going to


take on a more traditional presidential tone? Or better or


worse, Donald Trump is Donald Trump and you -- what you see is what you


get. That is very true. Thanks for joining us.


We have got all of that coming up, the Trump inauguration. One person


has written in to say it is sad the way people are going on, because he


has been elected by a majority. Thank you for your company. See you


soon. If it ever came to pass that


Mr Corbyn were the Prime Minister,


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