23/01/2017 Victoria Derbyshire


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T-choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a


big television. Choose television, washing machines and cars and


electrical tin-openers. How was it? Very nostalgic. A lot of


surprises. How does it compare with the original? I do think it's


better. It's... You feel a lot more empathy for the characters in this


one. You discover a lot more about them. They've grown-up now so it's


different in its own right, but there is still nods to the original


there. Did you meet the stars themselves?


Yes, actually. I saw everyone as they went past. Irvine Welsh ran


down the carpet. He didn't stop for many people! Ewan McGregor came up


to me. Went to sign one of my posters, saw it was Robert Carlisle


and went, "You are better off getting Bobby to sign it." What is


it about Trainspotting, it was a massive movie and people loved it.


What is it that you particularly loved? I think it's more, it's not


as Hollywood, it is not as, you get the sense, real people, it feels


more real. It was gritty, wasn't it. Well, Catherine, thank you very


much. Glad you got to enjoy the movie. If you want to see it, it is


out on Friday. Tomorrow the Supreme Court is


delivering its judgement over Brexit. We will be live at the


Supreme Court. That's from 9am tomorrow. Have a lovely afternoon.




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