Jeremy Corbyn Election 2017

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Jeremy Corbyn

Recorded coverage of a campaign speech by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in West Yorkshire, from Tuesday 16 May.

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Today, we launched our manifesto in Bradford. That manifesto sets out a


very clear path for this country. Either we can continue going down


the road of low investment, greater inequality, greater poverty, more


homeless people, more food banks, more debt, more young people


underachieving, more schools where headteachers are told the solution


to the problem is to collect from the parents to pay the teachers's


salary, or we can do things differently we could instead say,


95% of those will not pay any more in tax, VAT or National Insurance,


but those with the broadest shoulders, will be asked to pay a


little more. CHEERING


So that we can establish a national investment bank to ensure a fairness


of investment the manufacturing and service industries. An investor


transport into structure but all parts of Britain, not just under the


selfies. CHEERING


I say that as someone who represents a London consistent. Bass macro not


just London and the south-east. I understand the unfairness of all of


this. Your rail lines need upgrading just like those all over the country


do. That is why we will set up a national investment bank regionally


based so there is a fairness in the distribution of those funds all over


the country. CHEERING


Then, you look at all the other things and issues we face,


fundamentally are on the society. We are discovering a couple of


subjects, in education I'm utterly fed up with the way in which school


funding formulas is so unfair. It tends to be the poorer schools in


the poorest places with the poorest children achieve the less because


they received the least. CHEERING


And so we will change that and ensure there was proper funding


balls calls. And, -- proper funding for all schools. I want all our


children to be properly fed. A child coming into school and we found it


hard to concentrate and so is less likely to succeed in primary school.


Leaving primary school without all the skills they should be equipped


with, less likely to do well in secondary school, less likely to do


a levels or any other qualification, less likely to go to college or


university. That means a poor child growing up in poverty does not get


to be the teacher, the engineer, the doctor, the lawyer or to achieve


what they want in their lives. Two people lose because of that, one is


that child who has not achieved what they want in life, their ambitions


the other people who lose are all of ours.


CHEERING Because I'm at that point child...


-- that bright child did not get to be the doctor or lawyer or what they


wanted to be. They underachieved in life. I'm utterly, utterly


determined that we will fund our schools properly, pay our teachers


probably. We will not force them to leave with stress levels that are


unbearable. And we will make sure that every child gets a good lunch


every day during primary school. CHEERING


APPLAUSE And, I am sure you will agree with


me that we'll share this, learning is about English, maths, science and


geography and history. They are all crucial and important


subjects, but it is also about unlocking the creativity and


imagination that the... CHEERING


It is about learning about our communities and our life. It is


about being part of a wider community. The great African saying


is, it takes a child to bring up... It takes a village to bring up a


village. It takes a child educate a village.


LAUGHTER That is the philosophy that will be behind it and I'm very proud


of what we're doing there. Also, we're going to introduce pupils art


premiums of every child in every school can learn a musical


instrument. CHEERING


APPLAUSE And before some incredible expat


writer of one of broadsheet papers tells all this is in the Mee or


necessary and excessive I would say this, you do well at music media


were maths, you do well at music you do well at maths.


They are not that far apart, science, music, arts. Let's bring


them together. We also have other challengers, students going into


university, those who want be nurses held back because the government has


cancelled the nurse bursary. I was talking to a group of nurses and was


the last week, they had decided to go into nursing and done other jobs,


they wanted to go into nursing, brilliant, because they bring in


that life experience into nursing. That is great. But, they told me


they could only do it because they had got the nurse bursary to help


them through the training. The Tories cancelled it, therefore there


will be a shortage of nurses, therefore we will have difficulties


in the NHS. A Labour government, and June nine will bring it back.


CHEERING -- a Labour government on June nine


will bring it back. As one who has been in Parliament and been around


long enough to remember the days when going to university was a


choice not something you would approach with trepidation because


you wondered what would happen in the future, we have looked at it,


we've gone through it very carefully and we're utterly determined to get


rid of student fees so that everybody can go to university.




These are things are all very important, what is also important is


the way in which we approach the other issues that are facing so


many. I am constantly angry and shocked by


the number of people I meet in all our towns and cities who are


sleeping rough, who are homeless. Those that have suffered all kinds


of problems in their lives and are sleeping rough. What is it with


modern Britain, modern Tory Britain, that somehow or other we just


condone it, we except it is one of those things? Sorry, it is not, it


is not always been like that will stop so, we will have a housing


strategy that does support the homeless and make sure that everyone




In many ways, those that are both sleeping, homeless, or a symptom of


the problem of a country that has not developed enough secure,


lifetime tenancy council housing that has not ensured that those who


wanted to buy get a chance because the deposits are too high or the


income to low, and those that are living in the private rented sector


in some parts of the country paid far too much, in all parts of the


country are living in an insecure way and an insecure place. Next


week, in banning, we will launch our comprehensive housing strategy to


support the homeless to give them somewhere to live. -- next week in


Birmingham. We will be building homes in five-year 's, half of which


will be council housing. We want to ensure that those who want to buy


will be able to. CHEERING


I do not measure the success of a housing policy by the number of


big-time investors that buy luxury homes in London and the south-east


and keep them empty while the prices rise and sell them on about them


ever being used. There was something offensive about places being kept


empty well there are people with no homes. And it will be different, it


will be a very different philosophy! And, it is also the world in which


we live, our generation are faced with the issues of climate change,


environmental destruction and sustainability, I have a very strong


you on all of this, I want a government that develops an energy


policy where 60% of our power is generated from renewable sources.




I want to lead a government that does pay respect to the natural


world and our ecosystem and does play its part in understanding and


supporting global emission agreements and doing everything we


can to protect this planet on which we all live.


So, you will find a government that is serious about environmental


policies, and politics and serious about sustainability, because we


need to leave this plant in a better state for our children and


grandchildren... CHEERING


All of this is not romantic optimism, what it is is serious


about people's lives, about our communities and serious about how we


invest in our economy. That is where I started my contribution here


today. It is also about what we do to convince people, between now and


June the 8th, how they will vote and what's choice they will make. Since


this campaign started I have now done 41 events all around the


country, the numbers of people coming are enormous and if you look


around yourselves at this crowd here today, we're young, where old, with


black with white women, women and we are every part of our community. --


we are young, we are old, we are black, we are white, we're women, we


are men. Some things you can legislate to include health, to


improve education, you can spend money to improve housing, you can


invest to improve our economy, you can do many of those things, what we


can also do is understand the crises that people go through. I'm proud of


the section of our manifesto and mental health.


CHEERING -- I am proud of the section of our


manifesto on mental health. I spoke to a man about his own problems and


his own life and what he was turned to do about it and what he was


trying to do to help others. Just as much as those people that are living


difficult lives, with mental health, waiting months to get support, they


need help and we need a mental health service that works for them.


CHEERING We also need to recognise that those


that rely on pensions in the old age need the security of a triple lock.


We will guarantee the triple lock for all pensioners. This is


something that the Conservatives and the Liberals are not doing. We also


recognise the way in which the women, have been so-so changed by


this government. I am determined by the -- I'm determined by the end of


the period of the Labour government, this will not be a society ridden by


unnecessary poverty and underachievement, but will instead


be stronger communities, stronger public service is and more efficient


economy that works for all with a real living wage for all of ?10 an




Nine of this -- none of this will be achieved if you are not registered


to vote and don't vote. It will not be achieved if we don't ensure that


we are gaining constituencies we don't hold at the moment. This place


is historically beyond belief in political terms. The political


battles of here go back hundreds years or more. I've read much of the


history of it. I've not got time to give you all of that now.


LAUGHTER In the steps of those that went before, to gain a victory, the


Justice, the social justice, the decent housing, decent health and a


decent society, I invite you all to get behind Velma, work with her,


knock on those doors. CHEERING


On June nine, we will know the good news that this area once again,


returns to the Labour filed with the Labour MP to represent you.


CHEERING Velma and has a copy of the


manifesto, which I will hold up. -- Thelma.


APPLAUSE For the many, not the few. That is


our slogan, our watchword, our message. That is our inspiration. Go


for it! APPLAUSE