02/05/2017 First Minister's Questions


Full coverage of AM's questions to the first minister from the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

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Good afternoon, welcome back to the programme, after the assembly's is


to break, two sets of elections on going, plenty for assembly members


to ask the First Minister in this weekly session. The order paper says


there will be questions on social services, housing and plans for


having a medical school in North Wales. You can follow us on Twitter,


business in the chamber is already underway. Let's take a look now at


today's questions to the First Minister.


TRANSLATION: I call the National Assembly, the first item on the


agenda, questions to the First Minister, and the first question


from Dai Lloyd. TRANSLATION: Plans for social services. TRANSLATION:


Centre of national strategic importance. The field has been


protected through the investment of an additional ?55 million for 2017


to 2018, alongside 60 mini and pounds for the integrated care fund.


TRANSLATION: Thank you for that response, further to that, may I ask


what measures are in place, led by the Welsh government, in order to


secure an adequate supply of home care services for older people and


those with disabilities bearing in mind the increasing demand for those


services and the shortage of funds to provide them to meet the


increasing needs in this area. Of course I have alluded to the


integrated care fund and what has been invested in that, and the new


funding that has already been announced, and we see this, bearing


in mind the transfer from hospital to care, that that kind of delay is


actually at its minimum level. ?22 million has been cut from the


social care budget despite condition 2 billion from UK Government and


Wells government money as well, additional money, your Minister told


me, just before the recess, that some money would be additional, that


money... I know you will have its and all of the council budgets, can


you tell me, yes or no, whether you are sure that all the money that the


Minister has set aside for social care will be used for social care


and not for competing authorities? Is there an election is Thursday?


Ask myself. -- next Thursday. Authorities across Wales have done


very well in providing social services, despite the cuts that have


come from her party, and her party in government in London. We have


seen, we have seen the crisis in social care in England, a crisis we


have not had in Wales because of the investment we have put in to social


care, and the ester ?20 million already announced, the last thing we


want is to import that kind of chaos into Wales.


As a result of the women taking the well-being future generations Wales


act, we have witnessed in recent years significant progress in the


improved integration of health and social care despite some the


comments being made today. In particular, I mention the


multi-agency safeguarding pub -- hub. You agree with me that one of


the early priorities of any new council coming in after the 4th of


May, should be to build on the excellent work to date carried out


by current Labour councils like that in Merthyr Tydfil? I very much


applaud the work of Merthyr Council. I look forward to that work


continuing, in the next weeks to come.


First Minister, fast approaching a point where social care is


unaffordable. Unless we take urgent action, we are facing the real


possibility that the system may collapse. Successive governments


have failed to take account of the ageing population. And properly plan


for future demand. What discussions have you had with the UK Government,


about how to ensure the social care sector has sufficient funding to


provide top-quality care for all who need it, now and in the future? I


think the member raises an important point in that regard, we know demand


continues to increase, there has to be debates in society as to how that


demand will be met. That does mean there must be discussions between


the governments of the UK, Vickers between the countries of the UK, we


have ensured that there is sufficient funding for all social


care, we have increased that funding, but of course, it is hugely


important in the long term to think carefully how social funding should


be -- social care should be funded. TRANSLATION: Plans for a medical


school for North Wales? TRANSLATION: Work is ongoing to determine the


appropriate approach to getting sustainable medical education and


training in North Wales, the cabinet secretary for health well-being and


sport will be working a statement in coming weeks. TRANSLATION: The case


for a medical school to serve North Wales and rural areas is clear and


robust. The health board will have spent over ?21 million on employing


agency medical staff over the past 11 months, up until February this


year, the Royal College of physicians summarises the situation


in one sentence. Establishment of a medical school in Bangla would be


part of the process of training these additional doctors, which we


need in Wales. -- Bangor. When exactly will the business case be


published, and when will the necessary steps taken to establish


the medical school be put in place? TRANSLATION: There will be a


statement over Dean suing weeks, and the Minister will be considering


this over this week and the next, so there will be quite a swift


statement. -- there will be a statement over the ensuing weeks.


Any plans will be sustainable. It has been a year since I first


discussed the need for an emergency school, the previous Vice


Chancellor, continue to have those special, three years since the local


North Wales local medical committee warned that general practice in


North Wales was in their words facing crisis and unable to fill


agencies, GPs considering retirement. The previous supplier


from Liverpool, the Liverpool medical School, had been severed,


where their generation her primary come from there. In considering as


you have agreed to do the business case for a medical school in Bango,


how would you ensure that that includes a dialogue with Liverpool


alongside Bangor to make sure that we keep local medics local. The


issue is that the population in that area is quite small, compared to


other centres, and so there are issues in terms of how could such a


medical school work closely with other medical schools in Wales or


England or elsewhere. It is hugely important, any medical school must


be sustainable, and it must work closely with others in order to


ensure that sustainability is in the future. Graduates will come back to


work in Wales if they have the desire and ability to do so, does


the First Minister agree that the government also needs to look


further at ways it can improve the life offered for the people of North


Wales, as this illustrates that too often, those who move out of Wales


to train or work often do so permanently. The scheme, the


campaign we have in place for recruitment and staff is working


well. We have had a great deal of interest from those in all areas of


medicine. Ultimately, lifestyle is important, but professional


challenge is important, people want to go somewhere they will find their


work interesting, they feel they will be challenged, from a medical


point of view, and they want to live somewhere they feel they are


supported, campaign we have put in place has put all of these issues to


potential medical practitioners who wish to come to Wales and the


response has been in courage in. TRANSLATION: Questions now from the


party leaders. Diane Abbott, Shadow Home Secretary, has announced that


Labour plans to recruit another 10,000 police officers in England


and Wales, which would mean an extra nearly 1000 in Wales. But she was


rather sketchy about the cost of this proposal first of all, saying


it would cost ?300,000, average salary of ?30, for a policeman(!),


then it went up to 8000 a year, ?80 million, perhaps the First Minister


could give his own view of the credibility of this policy and what


the figures are. Hugely important we see more bobbies on the beat, more


police officers, 10,000 of them, and people will support that, you asked


the question where the money will come from, ?300 million a year over


the course of five years, ?2.7 billion is the part of money that


will be created by reinstating the previous levels of capital gains


tax, ?1.5 billion, with 1.2 billion left over. Those are the maths. What


happened last time, when it was increased in 2010, capital gains


tax, the rate was raised from 18% to 28%, and whereas before the 23rd of


June, 2010, he had raised 8.23 billion a year, after the 23rd of


June, it raised 3.3 billion a year, so actually there was a cut in


revenue, ?4.9 billion a year. How is this increase in police numbers


going to be paid for? Takes it back to the rate it was before, from to


28, from 18 upwards on a lower level, that is the way in which this


will be paid for. Reinstating a tax that was there before, and not


something that was new. The point I was making to the First Minister, as


a result of raising the rate, the revenue raised from the tax fell,


not increased, and so, consequently, the tax base was reduced, because


people could postpone the realising capital gains. People most likely to


want to realise capital gains are pensioners who cannot afford to live


on their incomes. This is actually a tax increase which is aimed very


largely at the people who can least afford to pay it. Perhaps...


Perhaps... Perhaps... Perhaps, and... Perhaps... Perhaps the


illiterate financial plan which has been put before us by the Labour


Party is the overall... Part of the overall plan that he committed


himself to in my presence in a television studio in Cardiff just a


couple of weeks ago, increasing borrowing by ?500 billion a year.


D'Arcy Rae Leith think that the credibility of the UK Government in


international financial markets is Gary to be advanced by such a stupid


policy? -- does the really think. Soft on crime, Neil Hamilton, you


heard it here first! Not supporting a policy to increase bobbies on the


beat, we have a sprained how this will be paid for, I don't see his


point about pensioners, losing out, because of capital gains tax, if you


are talking about inheritance tax... Perhaps even as the two confused.


Capital gains tax affects those people with the most money, it is


only right that people with the most money are asked to pay more to fund


police officers on the street, there has never been a cheaper time to


borrow money on the world financial markets. The Labour government of


the 1940s did this, built the health service, else the welfare state,


rebuilt the British economy, from a far worse position, a far worse


position than the Tories did. Individuals, individuals know that


if you want to buy a house, you have a mortgage, you pay it off over 30


years, you have an asset at the end of it you are able to use as you


want, the Conservative Party don't understand that, a lot of them have


never had a mortgage, they don't know what the concept is! Everything


given to them on a plate. From our perspective, we know the public


understand, you borrow in order to create an asset that is then worth


far more, works for individuals, will work for Britain, that is the


kind of vision we want, a vision that rebuilt Britain and does not


let it drift. First Minister, in June last year


you said Labour had no chance of avoiding a general election. Why


have you abandoned ship? I do know that Labour has a better chance of


winning an election than Plaid Cymru does. From our Per Spett if, we will


work hard, -- from our perspective, we will work hard, as I know she


does. In the very same week that you said Labour had no chance of winning


a general election, one of your senior front bench MPs in


Westminster resigned and derided your leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and you


have now appointed him as your election co-ordinated for Wales.


We've seen five different shadow secretaries of state for Wales from


the Labour Party since the last UK collection. Four in the last 12


months. Not only have you abandoned ship, you are all squabbling over


the votes. This is gross incompetence. Do you really expect


people who have trusted your party for so long to have any confidence


in your party's ability to defend Wales? We did last year, Welsh


Labour showed it could defend the people of Wales last year, and Welsh


people voted as they did and we continue to do the same this year.


We will be standing up for Wales in Westminster, we do not want the


Tories to walk all over Wales. Such complacency. People need a national


party of Wales that is going to protect this nation's interests, a


party that will protect this institution, people's jobs and


pensions and the NHS. Labour is in no fit state to defend Wales, and so


the national party of Wales is Plaid Cymru. Tomorrow there will be yet


another vote on scrapping zero hours contracts, it will be the seventh


time we have had a vote on this. Six times, labour and the Tories have


voted together against Plaid Cymru's proposals to end zero hours


contracts. Tell me, First Minister, are you going to make it seven times


tomorrow? Will you again vote with the Tories against Welsh workers and


against the Welsh national interest? It has always been a mess in Plaid


Cymru that they stand for the Welsh national interest, if that was true


they would be doing better in elections than they are. One party


does not have a monopoly on Welsh interests. There will be questions


that affect the general election in this chamber, but people deserve to


have questions asked about what will happen in Wales if you are in the


assembly. We do not support zero hours contracts. She is trying to


suggest that in principle we think they are good thing, we don't. But


for many reasons, there have been issues surrounding what Plaid Cymru


want to do that would jeopardise the passage of legislation. Because of


the lack of clarity over devolved competence. On the reality of the


situation is we have led the way when it comes to getting rid of zero


hours contracts, we have done so in government and in organisations


funded by government. She just talks, we have done. Can I first of


all welcome the new clerk to the assembly, and I look forward to


working with you over the coming months and years that you fill the


role but was so admirably done by Claire Clancy. First Minister, you


have said that you want questions asked of you that are relevant to


this place, and I do want to draw on the auditor general's report last


week on the circuit for Wales and its funding. And in particular the


points about government money. Welsh government money being used to buy a


motorcycle firm in Buckinghamshire that went bankrupt. Is that a good


use of Welsh taxpayers' money? ?300,000 of Welsh taxpayers' money


to buy a motorcycle company in Buckinghamshire that then went


bankrupt. And if it isn't a good use of Welsh taxpayers' money, we


apologise? We had a report last week where Cancer Drugs Fund showed it


wasted ?1 billion of public money, so I won't be lectured on that. The


answer is quite a bit this. Whenever we have a project like the circuit


of Wales, there will be risks, those risks have to be managed acceptably.


The circuit of Wales is still in play, we are looking to see whether


a model can be produced to take the project forward, and we think the


people of Blaenau Gwent can be expected us to do that. Banks lend


money they acknowledge there is a level of risk with that, and it is


the same for government. That is the most bizarre answer in six years


that I have stood here I have received from you, First Minister. I


asked you a simple question about Welsh government money that was used


to buy a motorcycle firm in Buckinghamshire that went bankrupt.


?300,000 that the auditor general in a report released last week, and you


have called to questions that are relevant to you in your role as


First Minister, but you don't believe you need to explain that or


apologise for that fact? Secondly, the report outlined how officials


highlighted two ministers that they believed you would be in breach of


state aid rules by allowing the 7.3 million loan guaranteed to be put in


place, and then drawn down. Officials gave that advice to


ministers, the auditor general could not find any evidence to contradict


that advice that was given to ministers, so why did ministers put


the Welsh government and Welsh taxpayers' money at risk, and


potentially for infringement proceedings by the European


Commission because you up breaking state aid rules? Normally when state


aid rules of breached, it is the recipient pays. We will assess the


situation to see if the risk is acceptable. Two things to be said


about the circuit of Wales. The auditor general has not said that


this is a project not worth supporting. Nor has the auditor


general said that the circuit of Wales is a business organisation


with no assets, contrary to his own MP, David Davis, of what he has


said. Yes, in the course of the development of the circuit of Wales,


there is an assessment of risk. Decisions are taken to accept that


risk if deemed necessary, and then of course we move on to see if the


circuit of Wales can become a reality. That is what governments


do, look at risk and decide if it is acceptable, because ultimately the


prize might be one that is something that is worth having. We are not at


that stage yet, we are still looking to see whether the circuit of Wales


can produce that has a single model. The auditor general was specifically


what he's looking at, the tranche of money that the Welsh covered has


spent to date, ?9.3 million. That is a significant sum of. No one is


disputing that the overall scheme could have a massive impact of


regeneration, but you are accountable for the way money is


allocated. I have highlighted to you two examples in the report. One


buying a motorcycle firm in Buckinghamshire that went bankrupt


for ?300,000. What bids will you accept if you are accepting bids


like that? And two, that you infringe state aid rules by putting


the loan guarantee in place. Both of which you have not apologise for or


you haven't discounted to say it is incorrect. What exactly can we


expect from the Welsh government given that there is a litany of


examples where officials advice were totally ignored and ministers


dispose of high-value land, officials were discounted on the


public lost out through losing money when overall sales were conceded,


and this is the same example were public money has been put in


jeopardy as the auditor general has pointed out. How can we have any


confidence that your government is working positively to either form a


causative conclusion on this agreement, or that you will end up


putting more public money at risk? The agreement is one that we would


want to be positive, we are not looking to put more public money in.


We are willing to work with a private investigator for the future


of these things which is under discussion. I remind the leader of


the Welsh Conservatives that sometimes you have to take a


decision to benefit people in the future. Last week we saw the


decision by Qatar Airways to fly into Cardiff airport. He is


questioning the fact that the Welsh government bought the airport. We


have seen great passenger growth, huge opportunities for Wales as a


result of that. Let him apologise for the fact that he's willing to


put 1000 jobs at risk in the Vale of Glamorgan by letting the airport


close. On top of that, we have unemployment that is lower than


England, lower than Scotland, lower than Northern Ireland. We have a


situation where the five companies that have grown most in Wales over


the past year are companies that we as a Welsh Government have helped,


the fact that we have had the best foreign investment figures in 30


years. We create jobs when the Tories destroy them.


TRANSLATION: What is the Welsh Government doing to support the


housing needs of people in Pembrokeshire? We are making


significant investment in all types of housing in Pembrokeshire and


across Wales. This includes continued investment in social


housing and helped Wales as well, and schemes to make homeownership


more successful and support innovation. Thank you for that


response. I recently met representatives of the housing


association to discuss the housing needs of people in Pembrokeshire


that would mean providing affordable housing for local people with at


least a third of the residents over 50 years of age to bridge between


the generations. So would you agree with me therefore that we should be


encouraging projects of this sort, and if so, can you tell me what


support the Welsh government is providing to projects such as this


one? Of course, it would be interesting if the officials could


meet our officials to understand better the model that they have, and


I'm sure should they want to do that, we would welcome a meeting.


The problem of second homes and holiday homes is a particular


problem in Pembrokeshire as it is in a number of areas that are popular


with visitors and tourists and people looking to retire to those


areas, and it overheats the local housing market in terms of the


income is available to local people, particularly young people, there are


whole streets in Tenby where nobody is living for most of the year. So


what can the Government do to assist in that context? Like Camry has


proposed that planning regulations could be used in certain communities


in order to ensure that there is a change of use when a home leaves a


permanent occupation and becomes a holiday home. Is that a


consideration for Government? This is something that has been discussed


and considered previously, but it is much more difficult in practice


rather than in principle as regards what kind of definition you place on


a second home. But having said that, I understand what the member is


saying about the impact on communities, and we have ensured


that there is more social housing available, and other considerations


have been made such as trusts to acquire land that people can


construct their own home, and also sharing of property equity, and in


the future, we can maybe look at how to purchase houses from the private


market so that the houses are available particularly in villages,


so there are a number of ways in which we can secure a future for


those people who wish to live and remain in those communities, but


perhaps we need to think more imaginatively than the traditional


ways of thinking to date. What assessment has the First Minister


made of the benefit to Wales if the UK Government were to borrow more to


invest at the current low rates? Any increase in public expenditure in


comparable areas would be more money in Wales to support our priorities.


I thank the First Minister for that answer. In household terms, has he


outlined a response to the earlier question, we are used to the idea of


balancing the books, managing income and outgoings, and critically


managing debt, whether on the mortgage on our home or our family


car. Government borrowing is far more complex, but the basic


principles remain, including managing your debt at any given


time, yet classic economics recognises that for Government


roaring there are times, especially when the cost of rain is as low as


it is now, when borrowing can be used to reverse austerity and bring


growth, and by bringing growth, ensuring that the deficit remains at


the same percentage of GDP. So isn't it time, I say to the First


Minister, for the UK Government to change its approach for the good of


the country, for Wales and the UK, or for the good of the country, is


it time to change the UK Government? All governments borrow, Michael --


Margaret Thatcher borrowed every single year, but they use that to


pay the tax decreases, that was unsustainable. The issue is, borrow


money to invest in capital infrastructure, and secondly, borrow


in a way that is prudent so the debt doesn't become unmanageable. The


problem we have the moment is the Government in London is completely


without vision, doesn't know what it wants to do, has no vision for


investment in if a structure. We were promised infrastructure on the


-- electrification of the Southwest mainline, no clarification on HS2,


just dithering from the government when it comes to funding essential


capital in four structure. Countries that do not invest in their


infrastructure decline. They cannot compete with other countries around


the world, and the proper we have the current UK Government is they


are willing to invest. Minister, let's get a little bit of sanity


back into this question, borrowing is of course an important tool in


any government's tool box, important tool for the wealth government,


important tool for the UK Government. -- Welsh government. The


levels of borrowing proposed by the Labour government -- Labour Party in


the UK are I watering, in your heart of hearts, you know that, the last


thing this country needs, the last thing the UK needs, the last thing


that Wales needs is for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party to ratchet up


the debt once again and for us to end up in the same kind of position


we have been in every time the UK Government has been in power before.


-- the Labour Party has been in government. Britain's best years are


always under Labour, look at where we were the start of the last


decade, much, much better, look at where we are now. We are in a much


better position than we were in the 1980s, when the Tories main


manufacturing product was high unemployment! They took Wales to a


level of unemployment well beyond 10%. We need competent economic


policies, which the Tories have never ever given us. So it is hugely


important we have a UK Government that understands the value of


investment, capital investment, has a vision for the country and doesn't


keep on saying, we need stable and strong leadership, let me tell you,


it involves doing leadership debates, talking to ordinary people,


not having events that are closed off to the regional press, as was


the case in Cornwall today, and a Prime Minister who is strong and not


one who acts as a frightened rabbit! If we followed the logic of the


First Minister, now is the time to take advantage of historically low


interest rates, then why is it that his own government's finance


secretary is limiting the financing through the mutual investment model


to a billion, not increasing it to the 10.5 billion suggested by Gerry


holding, senior adviser to his government, isn't this yet another


example of the Labour Party saying one thing in its British manifesto


and doing a different thing in Wales, that is the kind of hypocrisy


that has given democratic politics a bad name! Says the man described as


the last prophet of Wales, in his election leaflet, who am I to argue!


That is on his leaflet! There you are, he asked a question, the


reality is, 1.5 billion, we will borrow up to a level that is proven,


1.5 billion, in devolved terms, is a prudent level of borrowing.




The enterprise zone is an important lever. It is hugely important, we


know the zone is a compelling proposition for investment. Thank


you for that answer, it was established to the closure of the


steelworks following the original decision by Tata to set up a UK


operations. It is important we diversify manufacturing and other


manufacturing within Port Talbot, but it is believed to be within the


Port Talbot enterprising, what analysis as the wealth government


undertaken to consider the impact that building a prison in that


enterprise zone will have on attracting new businesses, and


attracting growth to build a stronger economy based on high-tech


ability. A negative outcome, will fail to sell the land government to


the justice? We have not committed that analysis yet, what I can say,


to reassure him, I have a person my constituency, in fact, built while I


was Ward councillor in my world Jedward. -- I have a prison in my


constituency. It has not had an negative impact at all, it employs a


large number of people locally, it has provided work for a large number


of contractors. While I can well understand some of the constituents


being concerned, and those are represented, the experience in


Bridgend, in fact, a housing estate is being built next to it, as we


speak. The prison becomes integrated into the life of the community and


in fact can be a job creator. The Swansea -based city region, steel,


which has been signed in Swansea, is set to trigger ?1.3 billion worth of


investment in the region, the proximity of the University as you


have mentioned already and the emphasis on steel -based supply


chain within the enterprise zone, the enterprise zone bought also


hopes to create opportunities and promoting innovation and


entrepreneurship in advanced manufacturing and materials, what


kind of help can we expect from wealth government to help the local


steel sector take advantage of RMT, and commercialisation is in those of


the two sectors, in order to protect the economy. -- RND. We have been


working with Swansea University in terms of RND ad we have been working


with Tata to move RND into South Wales, and we want to make sure


there is as much taking basis in Wales as possible. There are great


opportunities therefore Tata, we believe there is great opportunities


with the lagoon, that is widely supported in the chamber, and I do


hope that whatever happens after, we will have the creation of 1000 jobs


in the area, which will be hugely, a huge catalyst in terms of job


creation within the enterprise zone. I heard your response to David


Reese, but I did not hear whether you as First Minister have a


government that would be supporting the prison in for Tolbert, I


recognise what you say about Bridgend, but you will understand,


the prison in Port Talbot, if it is built, will be significantly


overcapacity and is not something that we think will add benefit to


the local economy. -- David Rhys. I have had concerns from local people


with regards to the fact that many of them are trying to rent out space


of over 10,000 square feet input all but, small businesses wanting to


develop, now moving to your area, I'm sure you are pleased to hear


that, but they cannot stay in Port Talbot. Could you not be focusing on


the real everyday issues that small businesses are facing rather than


imposing a super prison on Port Talbot. Prisons are not devolved, we


will examine any and all consequences of building a prison,


so if people are moving to Bridgend and the prison has not -- then the


prison has not affected their decision. We will consider these


things carefully, it is important the UK Government makes very clear


that what it feels the prison can deliver, Rogers capacity but the


local comic, and they will make the case for the prison and we will


examine carefully what the case is. Will the First Minister outline the


wealth government's plans to improve access to primary health care. Yes,


through modernising primary care services we will have access


continuing to approve when local issues arise, local needs will


continue to be met. In my constituency, we have experienced


big problems with GP retention and recruitment, it is of particular


concern in the Rhondda, because we have an ageing population and an


ageing GP population, we saw the closure of 80 surgery last year,


less than a fortnight ago, other surgery patients were told to go out


of the ward, because GP cover could not be arraigned for that particular


day, causing a lot of concern in an area where appointments are


difficult to come by at the best of times. With all the problems in the


NHS in England, why is recruitment such a problem in Wales? Doctor


should be falling over themselves to come and work in Wales but you


failed to capitalise on that situation. Do you also regret that


after 18 years of Labour running the NHS in Wales, we still have one of


the worst patient doctor numbers in the whole of the EU? We have more


GPs than ever before and we are getting to a situation, we are at


the stage, more GPs are coming to work in Wales, hugely important that


the structure of the general practice is attractive, it is a


reality in my mind that more and more GPs want to be salaried, not


buy into a practice, debt from medical school, why would they fork


out more money, it is not an attractive proposition for many of


them. It will be attractive for some, that is the important part of


the NHS for years to come. -- that will be. Because of unforeseen


circumstances cover was not there in the particular instance you


outlined, I can understand people being frustrated about this part of


the practice, but nevertheless, there is a grants surgery there are,


but we have seen a 16% increase in the number of GP places fell so far.


?42 million will be provided additional. And importantly, work is


being taken forward in Cynon Taf, working across practices in one


cluster. Surgery that are quite small and find it difficult to


provide cover, at the level that would be expected these days, are


able to work together in order to provide conference of cover that


people need. Comprehensive cover. Patients need not only access to


good GP surgeries and the GPs but also they need her quality of


access. We all accept and there is a growing recognition that GPs should


be left to deal with the more complex cases and those with


multiple committed to is, and we welcome the growth in having


councillors in GP surgeries, in having palliative care services and


so on. -- comorbidities. I wonder what discussions your government may


have had on extending the appointment time, because if a GP


who is already under enormous pressure as to see a patient with


complex health care issues, comorbidities or, and write up those


notes, the standard ten minutes is a very difficult thing for them to


undertake all that work in. -- or comorbidities. I wonder if your


government has had any consideration of the particular matter? Can I


welcome first of all what the member said about not piling, not piling


all the pressure on GPs, a good number of cases that appear for GPs


don't need a GP, which is why it is hugely important, we choose well, we


see, when practices are taken over, they become multidisciplinary,


people directed to a nurse, to a pharmacist, as appropriate, rather


than everybody piling onto the GP. The challenge for the smaller


practices is to be able to take pressure off themselves, by working


with other practices, to provide more wider and to list it services


between them, so for example, is it reasonable for a season Racing or


had a practice to employ nurses and physiotherapist, no, what working at


other practices, it becomes far more viable for that to happen. But she


does not do this in fairness, it is important to think that primary care


is not just about GPs, it is making sure people get the right level of


care at the right time. You release more time for GPs if you take


pressure off GPs, then they have more time to meet the patients.


Future opportunities for them as Asians relocating to Wales from the


south-east of England? The large proportion of recent investment from


companies headquartered elsewhere in the UK have indeed come from London


and the south-east of England. I thank the First Minister for that


response, does the First Minister support the call from the leader of


Cardiff Council for the UK Government, to the UK Government,


for Channel 4 to be a gated to Cardiff? In view of the success of


the media industry in Cardiff, and as part of the consultation that is


now going on about the future of Channel 4? Yes, I do, very much, it


has a great deal to offer in terms of media services, we have seen huge


growth in the creative industry, not just in Cardiff but we have seen


huge growth in the media in Cardiff, and Cardiff would be an ideal


headquarters for Channel 4. Will the First Minister make a statement...


LAUGHTER On the appropriate magnitude of


borrowing, for Welsh government in the UK context? Is readjusting


myself there, and we will maximise all the tools available to support


the economy and public services in Wales including making best use of


the ?1 billion of borrowing power was secured through the new fiscal


framework. First Minister, whether the question is 1 billion or 1.5


billion of borrowing for Wales, or 500 billion of borrowing for the UK,


your answer seems to be the same, let's borrow, it is cheap. There


seemed to be less consideration to how we would pay back the money, or


what would happen if interest rates go up. Do you seriously believe it


is appropriate for the UK to borrow 300 times as much as Wales, and if


so, is your position any more credible than Jeremy Corbyn's? The


UK has far more physical tools available to it than the Welsh


government in terms of the way in which it can borrow, in terms of


taxation policies available to it, we know that... We know your party


that you said over on that side of the chamber with, we know it will


not roll out a rise in income tax, I appreciate that honesty, but I think


it is right to say that even the Conservative Party is considering


increasing income taxes in order to provide more money the public purse.


-- not rule out. They've been asked several times to rule it out and


several times it has not been ruled out. Borrowing for infrastructure


investment is important, it must be prudent, it must be affordable, what


is affordable for the U:K.'s many times more than what is affordable


for Wales because of the tools at the UK's disposal and its ability to


raise money. Was done in the 40s, when situation was far worse than


this, the infrastructure was rebuilt, the UK got back on its


feet, if it can be done in the 40s, when borrowing rates were higher,


why is it so unreasonable to say it cannot be done now? What assessment


has the First Minister made the impact of trade union 2016, coming


into force in March this year. Our assessment of the trade union act is


that it risks undermining public services and the economy and it is


dangerous and damaging. I thank you for the answer, I share your


opinion, do you agree that by forcing public sector employees to


publish information on facility time, time taken off from work for


-- time taken off work from work duties. We can their rights and


their working conditions, and what First Minister is the Welsh


government doing to help protect workers' rights across Wales? We of


course have taken forward legislation in this assembly to do


just that, in areas we believe our devolved, it is a bureaucratic


imposition, on public sector employers that they have to do this,


it is not something the private sector has required -- is required


to do, also, it seems to indicate somehow the current UK Government


sees public sector workers as somehow not as good as those in the


private sector, that seems to be being seen you Asian, somehow, they


are spending all their time, facilities time, not doing real


work, that is not the case, huge amounts of work goes into the public


sector. -- that seems to be what they are saying. That is why, this


legislation was so unnecessary. What other was government plans for


making Wales a fair work nation? 'S discussion with social partners, so


that more people have access to good work and secure income, today I'm


working with social partners, to establish the establishment of a


fair work commission. He made this announcement in his Labour Party


conference speech back in the spring, and it is disappointing


given developments at UK level that this commission has not been


established. According to the most recent data I have been able to


find, Wales is among the least fair nations in terms of work in these


islands, 45,000 people classed as being low paid self-employed, 60% of


temporary workers want to become or get permanent jobs, 42,000 people


are on zero hours contract. When he eventually gets round to


establishing a fair work commission, can he deliver a commitment that


part of the terms of reference will be to review all previous and


current trade union legislation is related to devolved areas so that we


Wales can take the spirit that the government has shown in raising to


the 2016 trade union Bill, and amend all aggressive anti-trade union


legislation. I would not like to prejudge the discussion tomorrow,


but I take on board one he has said, it is hugely important that we get


support and buy in from all sectors of industry as we look at fair work.


In addition to working with social partners I have already asked the


public policy to undertake work, specifically in terms of defining


what fair work is. We have an idea of what it looks like, but it is


important to define it as strongly as possible in order for the


commission's work to be effective. STUDIO: That was this afternoon's


First Minister's Questions, if you want more coverage of the National


Assembly, go to the website. Also plenty there on the local


elections ahead of Thursday's vote, and the latest on the ongoing


general election campaign. Don't forget, for all the latest political


news and election watching, watch Wales today later on today at 6:30pm


on BBC One Wales. -- Wales Today. From all of us, on First Minister's


Questions, thanks for watching, goodbye.


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