09/05/2017 First Minister's Questions


Full coverage of AM's questions to the first minister from the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

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Good afternoon and welcome once again to our weekly coverage of


questions to the First Minister. Carwyn Jones is expected to be asked


about Brexit, he is most weeks, debts owed to local authorities and


when children will be taught computer code. You can follow all


the latest on: Finau, business is under way, let's take a look at


today's questions to the First Minister.


I call the National Assembly to order. The first item on our agenda


this afternoon is questions to the First Minister and the first


question is from Lee Waters. When will every child in Wales be taught


how to call? We will ensure that children in Wales have the skills


they need for the future by developing code skills in our young


people. We will be making a statement in June. My daughter was


nine yesterday and she asked for a raspberry pie, which is not a fruit


-based pudding but in fact as you know, a small computer manufactured


in your constituency. In your area. When she leaves


education, the ability to programme computers will be an essential


skill, from everything to programming a manufacturing line to


designing the next innovation but the chief inspector of schools found


that standards are strong in only a very few schools and not enough


understand the potential of digital learning to aid teaching and


learning. Teaching children code should not rely on the enthusiasm of


the odd teacher or the parents ability to buy a raspberry pie. It


must be a key part of what schools do. The curriculum will of course


address this but more than 150,000 young people will graduate without


this basic skill before that is fully commented. Would you consider


what interim measures you can put in place to ensure that every child in


Wales gets the opportunity to learn computer coding as soon as possible?


I will wish your daughter happy birthday for yesterday. We want to


encourage coding skills. We fast-track the publishing of the


framework. Many schools have already introduced


coding skills into the classroom. We have invested 670,000 to the techno


camp and teach programmes to deliver workshops to pupils and teachers in


secondary schools in Wales and we have made a commitment to expand


coding clubs in every school in Wales before the announcement next


month. We do need to be part of the coding revolution. It is important


our young people learn the skills but one of the problems they have


got is being able to do homework in relation to coding because there is


inadequate access to the superfast Cymru broadband. You made a


commitment in your manifesto which gave a pledge to roll out broadband


to all residential premises and businesses by 2015. That was a


broken promise. Don't you think it's about time you delivered on that


promise? Our promises to deliver to 96% of promises by the summer of


this year, in contrast to his party who made no promises at all.


If we have the money to be spending on IT, shouldn't that money be


better spent on literacy and numeracy in schools, which is being


failing for a while? I see that 1951 has dawned in the corner over there.


Of course literally and numeracy are important but so are IT skills. We


know as members here that actually we could not function properly in


our jobs if we did not have at least basic IT skills. It is important our


children have better I skills compared to other children in the


world. Will the First Minister provide


details of the oversight that Welsh Government has over debts owed to


local authorities by third parties? Each local authorities responsible


for the collection of its debts as part of its own effective financial


management process. I am disappointed with that answer. I


thought you would like to know what you're local authorities are not


recovering at a time when they are claiming austerity is depriving them


of any money. I am sure you will congratulate the newly elected


councillors at Bridgend Council and hopefully the new council will be


able to reply to requests within the statutory time limit so I can ask


questions like this with full information to hand. Can you tell me


how much I'm claimed the debt is owed to local authorities and the


reasons that local authorities give you for not pursuing them? I can say


that 2015-16, they collected 97% of council tax build, the highest level


since this tax was introduced. They have mitigated levels rising in


council tax debt in Wales. We know it is lower than in England and the


Tory government there. Collection rates are now at 97.2%. They Alaw


Werin England. -- they are lower in England.


Would the First Minister recognised Welsh Labour's victory in Caerphilly


county borough is a testament to Keith 's leadership, his sound


financial management and a lifetime in public service? Could I join the


membrane expressing my regards of course to Councillor Keith Reynolds'


family. The illness was short. It was unexpected. And of course, I am


sure that people in Caerphilly would recognise the work that he and so


many others did over the course of the last five years. Would the First


Minister agree that the third party that owes the biggest debt of all to


Welsh local authorities is the Westminster government? It has cut


over a third in spending on adult care since 2011, which has had


severe financial consequences in Wales and obviously terrible


consequences in terms of the human cost to the elderly, the sick and


the disabled. If this callous Conservative government is


re-elected as seems increasingly likely on June the 8th, we need a


plan to defend Wales. Where is it? What is it? Who is going to lead it?


On the evidence from yesterday, we are in a dire position if it is


going to be him. According to you lastly, was him. We will happily


stand up for Wales. We do not want to see a future Conservative


government walk all over Wales and we have stood up for our people as


the election last year showed and indeed in 2011. He is right to point


out the cuts that have taken place. We have lost the equivalent of the


entire budget for health in the whole of North Wales. Despite that,


we have maintained spending and maintain health and social at 6% per


head higher than in England, showing a Welsh Labour government delivering


for the people of Wales in the face of Tory austerity. We now call on


the party leaders to question the First Minister. The leader of Plaid


Cymru, Leanne Wood. You launched your election campaign yesterday


talking a lot about unity but you could not bring yourself to utter


the name of your reader. Is Jeremy Corbyn still your candidate for


Prime Minister? Yes. Yesterday you had a chance to put Wales on the


critical landscape but instead and I am sure that Theresa May will be


breathing a huge site -- huge sigh of relief -- political landscape.


Three of your major pledges are defiled and they were promises made


before last year 's election and a fourth pledge on policing could have


been devolved if only Labour MPs had not had their own way. The next few


years will define the future of Wales and the UK. You should have


made clear Welsh demands to give Wales a voice, to defend Wales, but


you failed to do that. We will now have to rely on Plaid Cymru MPs...


OK, calm down. Let the question continue. We will now have to rip --


rely upon Plaid Cymru MPs to best set out how we can defend Wales. Why


did you choose to let Theresa May off the hook? They don't like the


slogan standing up for Wales. That is the one of the things I have


noticed. We are proud of our pledges and she will find more to come in


the manifesto that will be pledged in due course. They were promises


you pledged before the last election. You should have already


delivered on some of those pledges. The reality is you have pushed your


leader out of this campaign. You have ever came out of this campaign


because you know that Labour cannot win. You want to make the election


about your record and the record of the Welsh Government and we all know


why you are doing that and that is why most of your recycled election


pledges are within default context. Therefore then if you lose this


election in Wales as many polls are suggesting that you might, does that


mean it will be a verdict on you, will it be your fault, and if you


become the first Labour leader to work loose Wales, the first time in


100 years, will you be prepared to take responsibility or can we expect


you yet again to blame somebody else? Well, we had all this last


year and we saw the result. People trust us to stand up for Wales. We


saw Plaid Cymru 's results in the local elections, going backwards in


Caerphilly. Only last week in this chamber, the member for South Wales


Central was claiming he would be the leader of Cardiff Council. And they


won three seats. He is not here. I recognise that. He is claiming that


Cardiff West was a great victory for Plaid Cymru. Well, with three seats


on labour on 12, I am happy to concede that victory to then if that


is their definition of it. We have an election to fight. We have put


our policies forward to the people of Wales. We will be standing up for


Wales. Thank you, presiding officer. Last


week in the news, First Minister, there were some serious concerns


raised about the progress being made on the reporting system around the


disaster, I would call it, where the previous report talked about being


treated like animals and other shocking renovations and families


showing real concern over the progress that the information is


coming back to them to satisfy themselves over the way their family


and loved ones will looked after and there has been a call for the


mortality report to be brought forward because Betsi Cadwaladr have


identified that some premature deaths could be associated to the


levels of care that were around the Tawel Fan unit at Ysbyty Glangwili


damp the head of the committee health counselling North Wales has


called for this report to be made available because it has been


finished. Will you commit to making that report available, given that


Betsi Cadwaladr are in special measures and you are responsible for


that health board? We will give full consideration to that on the basis


that we want to be as open and transparent as possible and that is


what people would expect. Consideration will be given to


releasing the report went it is appropriate. The head of the


community health council believes it is appropriate. It may stop any of


this bad practice appearing any liberal elsewhere, in his words. You


are spending ?5 million a year of additionally running Betsi Cadwaladr


because it is in special measures. You are responsible when families


and concerned clinicians want to see this data so they can fully


understand what went on within that unit. Why on earth are you not


allowing that report to come forward? Because it would add a huge


amount of comfort to the families and to the individuals who have


heard such horrific stories over the care within that unit and in


particular I draw your attention to the fact that it has already been


said, patients were treated like animals. Well, the report as I


understand it is with the independent overseer and that the


right time, consideration will be given to releasing the report. It is


important that as much information is released as possible so that


lessons can be learned. I'm really disappointed you're not


giving firm indications of when that report will be available. This is a


politician saying the report should be available but the head of the


community council along with family members and clinicians. I would be


grateful, if you are not in a position to give the timeline today,


that you would indicate that you would write to me, to allow me to


have sight of the Timeline that you, as the Government, are working to. I


think that's the very least someone could expect, given the concerns


raised last week. But also I would ask you to confirm, are you


satisfied with the level of debt capacity in North Wales for mental


health patients, because it has come to our attention that there is the


sofa system that is working in North Wales, where a bed isn't available


in mental health, people are put on sofas to try and meet the targets.


That cannot be right. It is putting vulnerable people in a position


where they could be exploited, and how can anyone feel that a sofa


system meets the requirement of providing safe and secure bed


capacity in the North Wales health board area? If the leader of the


Welsh Conservatives has evidence of the sofa system, we would like to


see that evidence. I will of course write to him along the lines he has


asked for, providing him with more information regarding the timescale,


in terms of any release of the report. Ukip group, Neil Hamilton. A


policy of increasing income taxes people earning as low as ?11,000 a


year. The Labour Party nationally is apparently going to stand on a


policy of increasing the top rate of income tax from 45p to 50p. Does he


agree with the Shadow Chancellor that we have a great deal to learn


from Karl Marx and does he feel raising the top rate of tax is


likely to raise more money? Yes I do. I think that raising the top


rate of tax will raise more money. I don't think we have much to learn


from Bass capita, those who have read it and understand what it says.


We would stand on a platform of ensuring that those who can afford


to pay a little bit more, do pay a little bit more, in order to ensure


we have the public services people would expect. Am I to take it from


that response is now the policy of the Welsh Government when taxpayers


are devolved, to us in this assembly, to follow the Labour


Party's manifesto nationally of increasing top rates of tax in


Wales? The evidence from the last time that this happened, in 2013,


was that reducing the tax rate from 50p to the current 45p led to an


enormous increase in revenue, about ?8 billion. So it seems to be rather


counter-productive to stand on a policy which increases tax rates and


reduces revenue, makes it less likely that the Welsh Government


would be able to put more money into the national health Service. As far


as the Welsh rate of income tax is concerned, we have already pledged


we will not increase the rate of income tax in the course of this


assembly. I'm delighted to hear that. Whether that means the First


Minister accepts that raising rates doesn't necessarily lead to


increasing revenue. It offers Wales a great opportunity to make our


country into a kind of tax haven within the United Kingdom which


would help us, which would help us to reverse the economic trends of


many, many decades in Wales and give us a significant advantage, in the


same way as Southern Ireland has used differential rates of


corporation tax to kick-start the Celtic Tiger economy, which was very


successful in that country. He raises an interesting point about


corporation tax. There are no proposals to devolved corporation


tax. Tax havens tend to have poor public services, like health


services, because they cannot raise money to pay for public services. I


don't think the future of Wales lies in being a replica of the British


Virgin Islands or the Channel Islands. We have a different model,


the Channel Islands don't have a health service along the model we


would understand. Getting the balance right between revenue and


expenditure on public services to the level people would expect is of


course a matter for governments to balance. Question three, Julie


Morgan. What is the First Minister's assessment of the first stage of


negotiations with the EU? Posturing on both sides. I hope that comes to


an end pretty soon so that the task of ensuring a sensible Brexit is


taken forward. I thank the First Minister for that response. Although


the UK Treasury has guaranteed funding for European structural


projects before the UK leads the EU, does the First Minister agree it is


absolutely crucial but after the UK leads the EU, the total sum of money


that has been available in the past for these projects in Wales is added


to the Welsh budget and is under the control of the Welsh budget?


I do. First of all, we know that structural funds are guaranteed for


2020. Farming subsidies also but nothing beyond. Nothing at all in


terms of support beyond that time. I have an easy answer, that is quite


simply for the pot of money to be made available, as it is now, for it


to be distributed as it is now, to provide the certainty that


structural funds provide so far, and particular we certainly for our


farmers. It's a good way of ensuring farmers don't have to suffer as a


result of Brexit. Although Jeremy Corbyn has joined


the Conservatives in saying he wants Brexit to deliver a fairer society


and upgraded economy, we realise there are tough negotiations ahead.


How do you respond to his statement at the issue of Brexit is set up? It


is settled because Britain is leaving the EU and that question has


already been answered. What I don't see if any semblance of any kind of


plan from the UK Government, nothing. I have sat in meetings,


I've asked and try to see what the plan is. There isn't one. Last


Thursday we saw panic on the part of the Prime Minister, when she started


to worry about what Brexit would mean for ordinary working people.


She is right to be concerned about that. You cannot say one hand no


deal is better than a bad deal and say, but we need a deal to make sure


we don't see an economic downturn. What is hugely important is the bass


string of last week goes, that we have ideas as to what Brexit might


look like. She was a remain, let's not forget that. She is someone like


me who has accepted the result and it's hugely important for those who


have ideas to work together to take those ideas forward, because we've


had nothing at all in terms of ideas for those who campaign for Brexit.


Will the First Minister agree with me the kind of language being used


by the Prime Minister to attack our friends and neighbours on the


continent helps nobody, in terms of the negotiations that are to come?


And it doesn't just tarnish Theresa May's government but threatens to


tarnish the reputation of Wales. The First Minister is asking for editing


going forward to mitigate the potential of tarnishing Wales' good


name around the world because of the language used by Theresa May. Will


he commit to implement a new international policy for Wales,


which would include designating a member of his Cabinet as the


external affairs Cabinet member for country in order to rebuild the


bridge is Westminster are so determined to burn down?


The language was undiplomatic. I think both sides were guilty of


posturing, actually. That needs to come to an end. This is not war,


nobody has invaded anybody else. We're not to face each other, stare


at each other across the Channel or the Irish border. We want to be


friends and allies and trading partners at the end of the day. We


have started to look at our international policy, in particular


where we need to beef up our international presence. We know we


have been successful at the Qatar Airways, that is another example of


where the Welsh Government has been able to support the airports, to get


that route. The next age buses to make sure we look to having a


sufficient presence and an increased presence in those markets that will


become important to us. Will the First Minister make a statement on


the development of district shopping centres in cities. We have existing


shopping centres as sustainable centres for local development. We


need strategies and policies to maintain these commercial centres.


There are other district shopping centres in Swansea and Wales. I


would like to stress the importance of shopping centres. We have lost


banks, public houses and shopping diversity. Will the First Minister


agree with me there should be a major bank in each one of these


district shopping centres? Ideally we would like bank branches within


shopping centres that these are ultimately matters for the banks. It


is important businesses and customers have the ability to pay in


money and make cash withdrawals within their communities. Where the


banks are failing to accommodate this, the Post Office is serving an


important role, with 95% of bank customers having access to their


accounts by the Post Office. What I am more concerned about is closing


Post Office branches, because that would lose the only banking function


that remains in many communities. First Minister, footfall has


decreased in Welsh high streets to out-of-town shopping centres, which


has increased 4.6% according to information from last year. The


Welsh retail Consortium has called for Local Authorities and retailers


to work together to market a high-street identity. Can I ask, and


also they want Local Authorities to have more flexibility in regards to


the planning system. Can I ask you, how do you think the planning system


can help to be more supportive to high streets?


Well, we know that it's hugely important Local Authorities develop


their identities and look how they assist existing retail centres. It


is hugely important for town centre is to develop their own identity.


Having tabs on the website. If I were to go to a town in Wales, can I


find out what's that? Is there a website, have the traders got their


own website question what the reason people go to out-of-town shopping


centres is convenience, they are open, particularly on Sundays when


most people these days tend to shop. It is hugely important high-street


retailers look at that as well. People are shopping at six and seven


o'clock at night, on Sundays when a lot of high streets are closed.


Needs to be some flexibility with traders, to make sure they are lying


their opening hours. There is a limit to what they can do a sole


traders, but align their hours with the work patterns people have now,


not the work patterns people had 30 or 40 years ago. Hugely important


room is given to more living accommodation and more office space


as well. You have the office workers and footfall during the day to help


the retailers. Mike Edgers mentioned the closure of high-street banks and


you mentioned post offices. Another important part of the district


shopping areas is sometimes the local pub. I wondered, was there any


update regarding the Welsh Government's talks about how to


protect community pubs? It is a tricky issue. We know that in


planning terms it's not difficult to change the use of a pub to another


commercial or retail use. That said, quite often pubs are not sold and


they become derelict because they are empty after a while. This was


not an easy issue to resolve. We note there are still too many pubs,


given people's current social habits to stop what is hugely important is


to be able to work with the market leading pubs, there are many of


them, some big sunspot, to provide a good example to others. But


ultimately, it's a question of ensuring that the pubs are able to


offer the widest range of services. Some double up as shops. Looking at


ways in which pubs can also act as business hubs in communities, if a


local shop or a post office, that's one way forward, to ensure pubs have


a viable future. Will the First Minister outline the actions the


Welsh government is taking to improve the mental health of people


in Wales? We have a mental health strategy on the 2016-19 delivery


plans sets out our priorities for improving the mental health and


well-being of people of Wales. Two weeks ago I was proud to speak


alongside the Health Secretary at the first year celebrations of a


community project which seeks to improve emotional well-being through


mindfulness and stress control courses. It has helped nearly 2000


people during their first year and mental health awareness week seems


an appropriate time to celebrate the success. With one in four people


experiencing mental health issues, what best practice can the Welsh


Government draw from and promote among other health boards across


Wales? Value steps is an innovative approach, improving mental health


and reducing prescription drug prescribing. We want to look at


innovative models of this to look at collaborating models. That would


form new initiatives, including the initiative of the well-being bond.


We will consider the work of organisations such as value steps in


order to ensure that what we are doing has strengthened as a result


of looking at that experience. First Minister, a number of deaths


by suicide have occurred in the recent past in schools in my


constituency. Earlier this year, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom


made an announcement that every secondary school in England should


be offered mental health first aid training which teaches people how to


identify young people who might be developing a mental health issue and


this policy has been very well received by charities and


professionals. Especially and we must remember that many young people


do struggle with issues such as anorexia and self harming, as wet as


-- as well as suicidal thoughts. Would you consider a similar


initiative in our schools to prevent these wasteful deaths quiz remark I


noted the Prime Minister 's answer recently, it was a mistake on her


part and the idea is one worthy of examination but of course what I


will remind the member is that we have a councillor in schools already


able to provide that service. The trick is not just to provide the


counsellor but make sure that young people feel able to go and see them.


That is a more difficult nut to crack. That can be quite a step. We


already have councillors in schools but that is not enough of itself. We


need to make sure that young people are able to access assistance


outside of school as well. Thank you, prose and force. Does the Prime


Minister understand how much of a crisis there is facing us in terms


of mental health care in Wales? On Anglesey, I understand that there is


now not a single psychiatric consultant for mental health


patients between 18 and 65 years old. Health professionals are you


working under huge pressure is that they cannot work with. They fear


that they are having to make decisions which will be a risk to


patients, the shortage of beds means that people are taken as far as


London to be treated or receive care. There are dozens of children


and young people who are sent to England for treatment and over 200


mental health patients in North Wales have been transferred out of


Wales in the last 22 months. Now, the whole system is on its knees.


When will the government take action in order to safeguard some of my


most vulnerable constituents? I do not accept the figures that the


member has listed in the chamber. First of all the funding for mental


health has gone up to 629 million for the ensuing financial year and


that is safeguarded. Health boards have attained and actually exceeded


their targets as regards mental health services. In some areas over


the past 12 months and of course although more people are transferred


into Kalms, the health boards are confident that the situation will


demonstrate that every Kalms service in every part of Wales attained the


28th day target before they get a new appointment. And so very many


improvements have taken place in the past months. When will the First


Minister meet with the first ministers of the UK's other devolved


governments to discuss their relationship with the European


Union? Well, of course, there is business to be discussed before the


8th of June. But I do discuss EU issues with bilateral and trilateral


meetings with first ministers of Scotland and Northern Ireland and


the Deputy First Minister is of Northern Ireland. Wouldn't the First


Minister agree that the discussions are more important than ever, given


what is contained within this white paper with the sky blue cover on


Exeter and the European Union, produced by the UK Government which


mentions the situation post Brexit that the powers that the EU


currently has in terms of common frameworks will return to the UK,


allowing the rules to be set their by democratically elected members.


What is happening to us in this place? How are our views in the


devolved administrations to be part of those discussions? Well, my view


is those powers should come to the people of Wales and should not be


retained in Westminster or Whitehall. It is crucial to have


frameworks in some parts such as the fisheries for example but those


frameworks should actually be agreed and not imposed upon people without


their consent. We must remember that if we are going to have a single


market within the UK and we agree with that, we have to have rules but


if we do not have ownership of the rules, nobody is gone to pay any


attention to them and secondly there is the question on who is going to


police those rules without having a court of law is to refer to. Some


people in the UK think it will move back to how it was pre-1972 but that


is not the same United Kingdom that we have now. We do not have just one


government. There is a great deal of work to be done to ensure that these


powers will be transferred from Brussels to Wales and not via


London. When the external affairs committee visited Brussels last


year, we met with the Canadian trade delegation and I was struck by the


role of the Canadian provinces in the negotiation. We also know since


then the role -- role of the parliament in negotiating the deal.


Negotiations are going to become increasingly important for Wales and


the UK and they are much more than about foreign affairs and Crown


prerogative. They are about the bread-and-butter issues of daily


economic life. Future negotiations with the EU and beyond should


declare a voice for Wales and the other devolved administrations...?


Yes, even though trade per se is not devolved, it is hugely involved that


we have a strong voice. That's hugely important. Even if we might


oppose any part of the trade agreement. That is hugely important.


For example, if there were to be a free-trade agreement with Australia


or New Zealand, that would have a massive impact on our farmers. Even


though that is not devolved. We have heard voices in Australia over the


last few weeks single was not possible to have a free-trade


agreement with Australia and protect the interests of Welsh hill farmers.


It is hugely important that the Welsh Government and disassembly is


able to express a strong view and influence and reject actually part


of trade agreements that will have an adverse agreement on our own


farmers. The issue raised by the member is


crucial and it has been identified for several months now that the


future governments will give an indication of the future of the


Constitution of this government 1-macro country. What progress have


you made in terms of persuading his counterparts to agree that the


future internal market should be governed jointly by the nations of


the UK patent should not be imposed upon us by Whitehall? There are


differing views amongst the government. The view in Scotland is


basically independence will resolve the issue. The view in Northern


Ireland is mixed. Certainly I know and have heard... Now we have to


come to a position which I think is perfectly reasonable where we all


say where powers are transferred back from Brussels they come to the


devolved administrations and I see no reason why that cannot happen. My


view is and I have not heard a voice dissenting from this, if we are to


have an internal single market, those have to be agreed and they


have to be policed by an independent adjudication of body, not the UK


Government. We have to have a clear system, we have to have faith in a


system that is seen as genuinely independent, not as we have now.


Wherever there is a dispute between ourselves and the UK Treasury,


ultimately it is resolved by the UK Treasury. Those days have to go.


This can done perfectly sensibly and properly in order to safeguard the


interests of Wales. Will the First Minister make a statement on pupil


and seven -- student safety on foreign trips? The advice is


produced by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. That is


signposted in the all Wales guidance for education visits. That is


accessible from the Welsh Government website. I have implored on the


government to intervene in the case of Glyn Summers who lost his life in


a trip to Spain. His parents have demanded transparency following the


woeful investigation that followed his death. In his last letter to me


on this matter, the First Minister said he did not believe there is


anything further that he can do with regard to their concerns. But since


then the public services ombudsman has found that the investigation


into the death was flawed. The ombudsman has called on the local


authority to apologise to the parents and has further called on


the Welsh Government to review its policies further. Will the First


Minister say sorry and will he reconsider his opposition to the


right to a full and independent investigation into the death and


serious injuries and 1-macro on foreign field trips?


First of all, it was an awful event that occurred and it has been a


hugely difficult few years as we can all imagine for the parents. The


matter has rested with the ombudsman. The ombudsman has now


reported. There are recommendations for us as a government and we will


take those recommendations exceptionally seriously. I will keep


it as an open question. I think these things have to be looked at


carefully and as a result of the ombudsman 's findings, I will look


once again to see if there is anything more that can be done


following the report itself. I would like to echo those concerns and also


offer my condolences to the family of Glyn Summers. I think the


question is how can the Welsh Government ensure that schools are


able to reflect on occurrences, those rare occurrences, when


something happens on school trips? And the First Minister said he would


keep it as an open question. Would he be willing to elaborate on how


schools can learn from each other in the circumstances? The ombudsman 's


recommendations is that he will invite us as a government to


consider reviewing our policies and guidance in respect of educational


visits abroad. As part of that process of review, it is hugely


important to understand where the best practice lies and consult once


again with the outdoor education advisors panel in order to make sure


that the recommendation the ombudsman has put two is satisfied


in full. I share the concerns expressed in the chamber and of


course the sympathy to the family of Glyn Summers but would you agree


with me we need to get the balance right in respect of any changes that


might need to be made going forward to improve the risk assessment


processes regarding school trips because we don't want people to be


able to access and enrich educational experience by taking


part in trips so to board had any changes to guidance, local education


authority guidance, is something which does not prohibit trips from


taking place and it is fair and in proportion to all those taking part.


I couldn't disagree with the words the member has used but in the


circumstances there has been a... As much transparency as possible, as


much information as possible is used in order to strengthen policies as


far as the future is concerned but yes, of course, nobody would want to


see a situation where school trips don't take place because of what are


seen as regulations that are overly burdensome but it is important in


the circumstances we have today that a full investigation leads to a full


set of recommendations... To minimise any potential risk in the


future. Following the re-enactment of the


Wales act 2017, what further powers should be devolved to Wales quiz


remark they are to be found in our draft Bill which we published.


I noted earlier you pledge not to increase income tax but will you saw


pledge to use your devolved powers to reduce costs to businesses so


that employers can start being attracted to Wales and provide


much-needed jobs. I am not sure which powers you are referring to.


Business rates are but in terms of National Insurance or corporation


tax, they are not devolved. But from our perspective, we have


unemployment that is lower than England, Scotland and Northern


Ireland and we have recently had the best figures from foreign investment


in 30 years. As Michelle Brown has just said, the


Wales act will of course deliver a new range of fiscal powers for the


Welsh Government, ranging from borrowing and income tax powers and


stamp duty? Whatever you want to do will be dependent on a strong Welsh


revenue authority and that is in the process of being setup and the


Finance committee has been looking at that. Are you happy the progress


being made and what mechanisms do you have in place to make sure that


progress keeps on track? We have no concerns about the progress of the


Welsh revenue authority. We know that it will be in place in good


time for next year. Of course, we need to ensure that when taxes are


devolved there is an authority in place to make sure they can be


collected. We have understood there is a pressure on government and that


pressure we have met and we are confident that when the time comes


next year, the Welsh revenue authority will be in place and will


work. Will you distance yourself from


comments made by Diane Abbott who told BBC radio Wales last week that


the Labour Party did not think it was right at this time to devolved


policing to Wales? Have you asked Diane Abbott why she feels that the


Welsh Government uniquely is less capable than the Scottish and


Northern Ireland executives in terms of delivering police services? The


Welsh Government packed full of Labour representatives, and the


Scottish and Northern Ireland executives have no such lumbered


encumbrances. I am fully aware of the fact that the people decided


there should be a Labour led government in Wales last year. I do


not agree that policing should not be devolved. Policing should be


devolved. There is a debate in this chamber tomorrow afternoon when the


issue will become clear. There is no reason at all why policing should be


devolved for Scotland and Northern Ireland, Manchester, London, but not


to Wales. There is no rational reason for that to be the case. We


know that there will need to be cooperation in terms of


counterterrorism. When it comes to community policing, why is it that


Wales is seen as a second-class nation by the Tories?


There we are. That was First Minister's Questions for this


afternoon. More coverage online: there is an election special after


the ten o'clock news tomorrow evening but from all of us, thank


you for watching. Good afternoon.


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