16/05/2017 First Minister's Questions


Full coverage of AM's questions to the first minister from the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

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Welcome to the programme and our weekly coverage of questions


As usual, we're expecting Carwyn Jones to field questions


Today is no exception, with questions on residential care,


air pollution and the importance of professional sport,


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Well, business in the chamber has already begun, so let's cross


to today's questions to the First Minister.


I call the National Assembly to order, the first item on the agenda


this afternoon is questions to the First Minister, and the first


question is this. Is there a strategy for tackling air pollution


in Wales? Yes, in a number of ways including local air quality


management, industry regulation, the planning regime and the promotion of


active travel. Thank you, First Minister. We know that appellation


kills more people than get killed in road traffic accidents and UK


Government even admits it is the largest environmental threat to


public health in the UK. A cross-party group in the House of


Commons called it a public health emergency. The air quality


management areas include an area of Newport Road where I have three


primary schools running the longer it and they are breeding game toxic


levels of air at the moment. And the latest plan published by the Tories


this month is no more than an option, there is nothing in it that


even approaches a strategy. One option is to have clean air surveys


where polluting vehicles pay to enter them. And this would be best


thing to make the biggest impact on cutting pollution. But the Tories


have passed it back to local authorities, which shackles on. They


are not allowed to do anything along these lines until for example all


bosses have been converted from diesel to cleaner area -- to cleaner


energy. What the Welsh interpret government -- government interprets


from this plan and what it is doing to ensure communities like mine are


relieved of this appalling thing? Some of the levers of fiscal


measures are to diesel vehicles which are not devolved, and the UK


Government level is unclear but as evidence of our desire to do all we


can add a Welsh level, we have said in the UK plan that within 12


months, we will consult on the detail for a clean air zone


framework for Wales. I commend that study because if you look at


Germany, clean air zones have been hugely successful in reducing


emissions from exhausts by more than 50% in billing for instance. These


policies require behavioural change, encouraging cycling and so on.


Access to city areas and free parking for cleaner vehicles, and


better use of existing -- existing infrastructure. We designating some


rates for pedestrians and for cyclists. And I do think we should


have the ambition to declare Cardiff a cleaner air zone and I encourage


you to do that as soon as possible. We are encouraging local authorities


to create more cycle routes and the proposals for a Metro that would


lead to better and quicker journeys on public transport, people --


taking people out of their cars, while the Metro would reduce


emissions from the diesel rolling stock. Future Emmons -- future


evidence demonstrates clean air zones brings about compliance, and


we will set out measures to ensure the effective implementation of such


zones. Thank you, it has been confirmed that it is the Welsh


Government's intention that these air quality management zones do


produce air particularly in terms of the very small particulates that go


deep into the lungs and are particularly dangerous to children


and young people who walk or cycle to school, and will there be


specific targets within your plans for these air quality zones? This is


something being considered at the moment and it is part of the


consultation that will take place as has been noted. In the British plan.


Will the First Minister make a statement about professional sports


to Wales? It brings about important benefits, allegedly to Swansea and


no doubt the member will ask about Swansea City and their successful


campaign this year to stay in the Premier league. Professional sport


is a catalyst not just to increase participation in sport, but it also


gives people in cities and nations a feel-good factor. And the Euros of


last year were an example of how that can happen in Wales. Can I


thank the First Minister for that response and highlights the


importance of sport for promoting the identity of an area and


generating wealth in an economy? I would stress the importance of


Swansea City staying in the Premiership for the economy of the


region and tourism and for name recognition of Swansea. Will the


First Minister join me in congratulating Swansea of staying in


the Premiership which benefits Wales? Yes, it is hugely there are a


team that gets into the Premier league and which stays in it. And


importance to note the successful campaign by Newport County to stay


in League Two and we saw the scenes when the final goal was scored a


minute before the end of normal time. I can see the member for


Newport East when I mention that. It is true to say professional sport is


a hugely important economic catalyst. We know that Swansea's


presence in the Premier league has been hugely important in creating


tourism for the area in terms of improving hotel rate occupancy and


improving spent by visitors to the city and beyond. First Minister,


grassroots training in football is often crucial to future development


of young players to professional level. Three of our four Welsh


police forces are now investigating allegations of historic child sexual


abuse at this level, with the FA chairman Greg Clark calling this the


biggest crisis in football. In North Wales, there are several accusations


of an historical nature that must be investigated. Steve Walters of the


side trusts and one of my own constituents PC Mike Smith, both who


have suffered, leading calls for the FA W to launch an enquiry into this


matter, will you work with your Cabinet Secretary to support that


and provide an environment where children looking to fulfil their


ambitions in the sport to a more professional level are able to do so


safely? We know this and I'm it is crucial for children and young


people to enjoy sports and standards were not as good at one time as they


are now. This is primarily for the FAW and police but it is hugely


important as much assurance can be given that any allegations in the


past or the present will be investigated fully so that we can


ensure our children and young people continue to have a safer environment


now and in the future. Thank you very much. I was delighted that the


Senate unanimously supported Plaid Cymru amendments to the Public


Health Bill which will mean that there will be a government strategy


to tackle obesity on the face of the bill and I am grateful to all


members and the Government for supporting that. Does the First


Minister agreed that our clubs and professional sporting organisations


as well as grassroots sport, have to be dimmed to create that strategy,


to ensure that we have a strategy that can truly help? Yes, that is


right. All those sports in the community is vital to ensure people


are active within the community, professional teams can give an


example, especially to young people. They see their heroes talking to


them and telling them how important healthy living years, so there is a


vital role for professional clubs to ensure that we do address obesity.


Swansea City and Newport County SC, they are both important purposes in


their communities and community morale will rise as a result of


those successes. The problem we have with professional clubs is sometimes


they tend to be foreign-owned. Two of the three football week. The it


is not a EU thing. Sometimes, they do become distant from their fan


base whereas at the same time, they are also important assets in the


community. Is there any way in which the Welsh Government can help to


preserve them in their role as assets in the community?


Swansea City did that successfully and Cardiff City are back in the


Premier league next year. Before long, I will have to go all around


Wales and mention several clubs and wish them success. Wrexham and other


football clubs in Wales and sporting clubs playing at any level, the best


of luck for next year! Is right that it is hugely important fans are


given the opportunity to own their club. Bayern Munich is an owned and


is a model used quite regularly in Germany. -- is owned by fans. I do


worry that with a lack of commitment by some owners and I do not mention


the Cardiff City, but in some clubs, the question is, are the owners


committed to the clubs in the way that fans could be? Is Swansea City,


we saw the resurrection of the club because of the supporters willing to


put the minion and that club is strongly embedded in the community


as a result. -- to put into that club.


Thank you, residing officer, could I welcome back the Cabinet Secretary


for oral affairs? I wish you well for getting over the recent fall you


had. He said at the end of April that Jeremy Corbyn needed to prove


himself if he were to become the Prime Minister at the end of this


general election. The relationship between the First Minister of Wales


or Scotland or Northern Ireland and the Prime Minister is a very


important relationship and intergovernmental relationship as


well. Last week at the campaign launch, you failed to mention his


name. Last week when the men of Buster was leaked to the press, you


put out a press release to say it was not your manifesto -- the


manifesto was leaked. And in a couple of hours, that was changed.


Do you believe that Jeremy Corbyn will be the Prime Minister on June


nine? It is what I want to see, I have dealt with Theresa May and I


see no evidence of strong leadership from her, she cannot answer is


straight question. Leadership is about leaders debates and leadership


is about talking to people rather than going to stage-managed events


and questions, that is what true leadership is about. There are


several in this chamber who have had experience and note that is what


leadership is about. I want to make sure we have somebody willing to


engage in the public and not somebody who shuts herself away from


the public. Giving a straight answer is probably


not your strongest card! Is anybody who has asked you a question in this


chamber can attest to. In the Labour Party manifesto today, it talks of


abolishing tuition fees, but your education spokesperson as Cabinet


Secretary at said it is not tuition fees that is the problem, it is


living costs. And she said to eight press spokesperson Jeremy Corbyn


would not be the Prime Minister. How on Earth can you have joined up


thinking in your government when you have a dislocation between a message


in the manifesto and the spending commitments you are signing up to


date in, day out? Is it not the case that if people vote for Jeremy


Corbyn on June 8th, you will have a coalition of chaos, rather than the


strong and stable leadership of Theresa May?


Well, I wonder if the leader of the Welsh Conservatives believes Theresa


May to be a strong leader given the rumours that we have heard of his


deselection. She said, he is the leader of the Welsh Conservatives.


Well, stunningly true as a fact! We are proud of the manifesto that we


are standing on, it offers great hope for our people. One thing we


know is that the Diamond review has put people in Wales ahead of those


in England. And we also know that if the Tories win the general election,


we will be hammered even harder, students in England will be hammered


even more. Students in Wales real never be in a position where they


are better off under the Conservatives. As per usual, you cut


out the bit of the quote where she went on to say what a good job I'm


doing! If you look at what the offer is on the 8th of June, it is an


offer from the Welsh Conservatives today to deliver a shot in the arm


of ?100 million to the Welsh economy. ?100 million, against the


fiscal illiteracy that we see coming out of Labour, and I notice the


First Minister has not signed up to that or committed to that today, yet


he sat in a meeting on the national executive last week and put his hand


up to spend billions of pounds that this country has not got. It is a


fact that if you want to get rid of Severn Bridge tolls, and put ?100


million into the Welsh economy, you need to vote for the Welsh


Conservatives, and the strong and stable leadership of Theresa May,


unlike the coalition of chaos that Jeremy Corbyn represents. I am


generous to the leader of the Welsh Conservatives, I want him to stay as


their leader. Theresa May doesn't! You're right, I want him to stay!


But Theresa May doesn't, and that's chaos for you. He stands there with


the chutzpah, I think the word is, to claim that abolishing the Severn


Bridge tolls is his parties idea, how many years have we in this


chamber, demanding the end of tolls for the Severn Bridge and we were


told by his party that it was too expensive! We saw estimates of ?120


a year, it would cost. -- ?120 million. I welcome their conversion,


but at the end of the day, the Conservatives would not have been


saying this if it was not for the strong action and position taken by


this Welsh government. STUDIO: Leader of the Ukip group. So


Keir Starmer, the Shadow Chancellor, was in Wales and he said that


Conservative Brexit negotiations pose a danger to the hugely


successful campaign to recruit more doctors in Wales. Can the First


Secretary tell us how many extra doctors from the EU this campaign


has managed to recruit? We do know that 5.8 of our medical staff are


from the EU, we know that there is interest from the UK and abroad.


Anyhow system anywhere in the world operate on a world market. It is


folly to think that the UK can train and recruit all of its own doctors.


I think what we need to see are fewer doctors and nurses from


abroad. It is vitally important that we are still seen as a welcoming


place to get the best and the brightest in the Health Service. I


agree with that, but the actual figure it is, seven actor doctors


have been recruited this year, compared to last year, not all of


whom, that's none of whom, will have come from the EU, therefore this


seems to be rather irrelevant to the question of the Brexit negotiations.


But what Keir Starmer seemed to be trying to do was to instil some sort


of fear in the minds of those who might be susceptible to his words,


that after Brexit, we're going to turn away potential doctors and


nurses from the United Kingdom. I'm sure the First Minister knows in his


heart of hearts that this is a preposterous idea, and that


Australia, for example, has a very strict immigration system based on


points, which are awarded in order to fill skills gaps in their


economy, and the United Kingdom will be just the same. So, why doesn't


the First Minister get on board with the Brexit negotiations and try and


make it a success instead of trying to be an obstacle to progress all


the time? Can he not see that handled badly, doctors and nurses


will get the impression that the UK does not want them. It is already


there, because of the issue of mutual recognition of residency


rights has not yet been dealt with. Nobody wants to see people not being


able to stay in the UK or UK citizens unable to stay in the EU,


everybody wants that but there is no agreement on that yet. In my view,


we need that before any negotiations over Brexit can begin. It is


important that we are able to recruit from abroad. My great fear


is that we end up with a cap on immigration, a cap in each sector,


that the City gets the lion's share, in order to protect finance, and we


end up unable to recruit doctors and nurses into Wales. That I think


would be foolish. It is inconceivable that any cap which is


introduced is going to work in such a way as to prevent the NHS filling


skills gaps, particularly of professional people. But the First


Minister will also know that two years ago, the Bank of England did


an in-depth study of the impact of migration upon wage levels at the


lower end of the income scale, people like cleaners and care


workers and waiting staff in the Health Service, and it concluded


that unlimited immigration from the year and other parts of the world of


unskilled and semiskilled workers reduces wages by a factor of 2%, in


relation to a 10% rise in the proportion of immigrants in those


sectors. So what is happening here is that wage levels are being


compressed for the people who can least afford it, whilst there is


actually no danger as a result of the Brexit negotiations of the


numbers of doctors and nurses being recruited from outside the UK going


down. You can't say that a cap does not exist for certain professions.


It is something which in my mind we need to avoid. We have 80,000 EU


citizens in Wales, a tiny proportion of the population. I take his point


that there were many who felt... Part of that is because there has


been a complete failure to prosecute under the minimum wage legislation.


His former party, they were against the minimum wage. As a result of


that, that would have driven wages down even further. Now, there is


exploitation, I have heard stories of exportation of EU citizens who


come into Wales. That needs to be cracked down on and prosecuted, in


the same way that those who try to employ people below the minimum


wage, who try to get around weather legislation, should be prosecuted,


and the law should be strengthened to make sure that nobody is expected


in the future, and that is exactly what a Labour government would do in


Westminster. Last week, the successful Time To Change John The


Campaign Was Launched In Schools To Tackle Mental Health Problems And


Stigma. If This Is Successful, We Should See More Young People Coming


Forward To Seek Help For Problems That They Might Have. Can You Tell


Us What Additional Funds You Have Made Available For School


Councillors And For Training For Teachers To Deal With This Extra


Demand? We have ring-fenced funding for health, she will know that. And


we have put millions of pounds extra in to reduce the waiting times so


that people can have an appointment within 28 days. We have not seen a


massive reduction in waiting times, First Minister, you can barely say


there is any difference. You can't say they are improved. It is not


clear at all what those improved outcomes are from this extra


spending. But what we do know is that the number of children


requiring counselling is going up, and that's a good thing, because


hopefully that means that problems can be prevented before they become


severe and require specialist help. However, we know that many schools


don't have enough councillors or teachers with training to help those


pupils who may need it. Also, we've seen a reduction in local authority


youth workers, a staggering 40% in that workforce as a decrease. This


is clearly going to have an impact on whether the children are


experiencing the low-level Mintel health problems, and whether they


will be able to get the support they need, particularly as your


government has raised the threshold for accessing specialist services. I


spoke recently to someone who works with care leavers, who told me that


they're only able to refer young people who are at risk of suicide.


They have no capacity in the system to work on mental health prevention.


Is that situation acceptable to you, First Minister? When is they're


going to be an early intervention service, which is so badly needed?


As I said before, health boards have committed to meet the 28 day target


by the end of March, they have made great strides over the last 12-18


months. One example, insurance older we have seen the percentage go from


21% to 84% in one year, that is an enormous improvement in the


proportion being seen within 28 days. So, the money that we have put


in to the scheme, together with the policy in schools, is bearing fruit.


You are giving the wrong impression because it is true to say that the


waiting lists are no worse than before, and overall, you cannot


claim overall, throughout Wales, that they are better. Now, children


and young people with mental health difficulties go an average of ten


years - ten years - before they receive specialist help. These are


the people who are likely to be the most ill and also cost our services


the most money. And it didn't have to happen this way. We know that


tough harm is the sexist biggest killer of teenage girls globally.


Are we going to have to wait for 16-year-olds to have the vote before


the mental health of our children and young people get the proper


priority that it deserves? Some of us do have children, I have a


16-year-old daughter, so I know the pressures that exist, particularly


through social media. That is something that did not exist when I


was 16, so any bullying stayed at school. I know some of the things


that are said online and I know that when youngsters are at their most


vulnerable in terms of their confidence, they can be very deeply


affected by that. She did not listen to the figures that I gave to her. I


said, the percentage of... She can shout as much as she wants, she has


had three questions already, right? In Betws-y-Coed, that percentage has


gone from 20% up to 80%. She cannot deny that. We knew it needed to be


improved, we knew more money had to be put in, and that is exactly what


we did and we are delivering for our young people. Could the First


Minister make a statement on the progress of the Welsh government's


commitment to raise the capital limit? Yes, we are delivering on


this commitment, phased-in fermentation is under way and a


first increase to 30,000 was introduced in April. I thank him for


that response and I commend the Welsh garment on taking very early


steps to live on this pledge to raise the capital limit to more than


double to ?50,000. We know very often that it is all many of our


constituents have. More than doubling it has a disproportionately


great benefit on what they can pass on to the relatives at some point.


Along with this, there is also to be a full disregard of the pension


being introduced in Wales which means that Welsh veterans no longer


have to use any part of this to pay for the care they need. This is part


of us honouring our covenant with those who put their lives on the


line for their country. So, can I ask the First Minister if he has any


idea now what sort of numbers we could be talking about and those who


may benefit from this excellent policy? The initial increase to


30,000 will benefit around 250 people, the increase to 50,000 will


benefit up to 1000. So, a substantial number. We support the


improvement in this policy, of course, especially relating to the


veteranss' disregard. But is this savings cap really the best you


could do for these people, in order that they save more? Jeremy Corbyn


has recently said that he is not wealthy, despite earning more than


?138 ?138,000 a year. So, don't you agree that the ?100,000 pledge, the


cap, pledged by the Conservatives, probably reflects Mori is listed


click -- reflects more realistically the situation of hard-working


people? Of course, that Conservative policy was not costed properly.


There is a cost to that, we know. 25% roughly of care home residents


in Wales will benefit from this policy. And it is another example of


a Welsh government keeping its promises, as we have done for the


last six years. Will the First Minister make a statement on the


progress being made on the economic and industrial strategy? Yes, we


intend to publish our strategy before the summer recess.


manufacturing is a strength within the Welsh economy, but the UK


Government places still towards the bottom of that parities and I look


forward to it being at the top end. We need to attract more


manufacturing. We need to provide more premises of a larger square


feet to ensure those factories are there. What is the Government doing


to ensure there is a sufficient number of buildings to offer in


meant investment -- inward investment and to allow current


industries to expand? We do work with manufacturers to look at


buildings as they become available. With Aston Martin, it happened and


that was very useful in terms of being able to attract them and we


work closely with all businesses to assess their needs in terms of


future expansion. Where they work to do that, we can usually work with


them to source buildings. First Minister, Jeremy Corbyn has


set out plans for sleeping government intervention in our


industry, including taking part of Britain's energy industry into


public ownership alongside the railways, the biggest state


intervention in our economy for decades. Do you endorse Jeremy


Corbyn's approach, which I believe would take Wales back to the 1970s?


And do you agree with your party leader when he says that private


transport operators cannot be trusted with having the best


interests of passengers at heart? Anybody who says the energy market


is good for consumers must be living in a different universe. Time and


time again, governments have recognised the current situation


does not work. Energy was cheaper in the 1970s and we had made


investments such as the tidal lagoons. He talks about the


railways, the last major investment happened in 1977 under a Labour


government. Since then, we have had no major investment in the mainline.


Well still waiting for electrification, where has that


gone? To Cardiff, to Swansea, where has that gone? To mark -- two


promises made by the party opposite not still have. No sign of


electrification from the Conservatives. And nobody could


possibly argued the railways at the moment are delivering value for


money. They cost more for the taxpayer than they did nationalised.


Because of the way in which it was done. There needs to be more reality


as far as the Conservatives are concerned and they need to deliver


on their promises but energy and railed and they have had an abject


failure in that sense. We certainly need new ideas for economic strategy


because the old ideas have not worked. Wiwa poorer now relatively


incompatible rest of the UK than when Labour first took office in 97


in Westminster and in the Assembly in 1999. Can the First Minister


explains what new ideas but Labour has transformed our economy? And


given the fact that you have been in power in Wales for almost 20 years


and for a good proportion of the time in Westminster as well, but has


kept you? Where have those transformational ideas been? Where


was his party is the former grey years when they were in charge? You


forget is that, of course, they do not like hearing that because they


would rather forget that, it is conveniently forgotten about. The


valleys task was is in place, we are looking how to develop ourselves as


an international presence because we know we have to look outside to new


countries for new investment. We have seen unemployment, died in


level lower than England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and made


investments such as Aston Martins and technique are coming to Wales.


The next challenge is to improve GDA. He is correct about that, but


as far as job creation is concerned and reaching out to the world, as


far as getting investment, the best foreign investment figures we have


had for 30 years, this Welsh Government is delivering. Will the


First Minister outlined a Welsh Government's approach to investing


in capital infrastructure projects across Wales? At the heart of our


approach is a focus on maximising resources we have available and


targeting bees on the Aries with the biggest impact on the economy,


supporting communities and all parts of Wales. It was welcome news that


Finance Secretary and stated ?1 billion as an investment model would


fund projects in Wales, it including but social structure centres and


21st-century schools programme. And also the final phase of the dualling


which is so vital for all my constituency, how does the Welsh


Government plan to use innovative approaches to invest in


infrastructure and benefit the people of Wales in the future? We do


face unprecedented challenges to public finance and it is important


to look all opportunities to boost infrastructure investment as well as


the ?1 billion of capital investment we are committed to delivering


through the innovative finance model, we are also using innovative


ways of funding capital investment over the finance grant and the risk


management programme, in addition to the ?1 billion of direct capital


borrowing as a result of the Wales at 2014. First Minister, last year's


UK budget provided invaluable boost to capital in the structure spending


in Wales and it shows what Canon be achieved when Welsh and UK


governments work together. Do you agree with me that the projects you


mentioned, the welcome agreement on a Cardiff City deal and the


announcement of the Severn Bridge tolls shows what can be achieved and


the Welsh Government and a self is better working with Theresa May than


Jeremy Corbyn? There is some cheap to that question and I give him


credit to that. Bluntly, no, I would rather work with Jeremy Corbyn. Yes,


I think it is right that at a time when there is no election, but the


Welsh and UK governments can work together. But I have to say when it


comes to the Severn Bridge tolls, we have been pushing for this for


years. If an example of working together is we have made the case


and hallelujah the UK Government is converted, I welcome that as well,


but it shows how important it is to have a strong team here in the Welsh


Government to keep on pushing a Tory government so they deliver things


such as the ending of the Severn Bridge tolls which we have called


for four years! In terms of the three stage process


for assessing new railway stations in Wales, you are no doubt aware


some campaigners have called for the reopening of certain stations which


failed to make the second stage and they feel aggrieved, and in the


interests of transparency, will your government to be prepared to share


the results of the cost benefit analysis moving from stage one to


stage two? I see no difficulty with doing that, it's usually important


people can see the methodology. Bold the First Minister make a


statement on the Welsh medium stream Brecon high school? I cannot comment


further on those proposals for change because there is a potential


for the Welsh Government and that position cannot be divulge. I thank


the First Minister for that reply which I understand. This is the


opposite to the situation which we faced where there was parental


opposition to the changing of the status of the school to a Welsh


medium school. There is a feeling in a locality in Brecon that this


proposal for closure has become a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy


because it has for many years had a proposal to close it down and


divided we transferred for alternative schools, so it is not


surprising parents who want to have their children taught in Welsh are


exploring other opportunities. I have the First Minister will agree


that I tried to be honest, if no other issue, and helpful. So what I


would like to ask the First Minister, in addition to get


knowledge policy which I think is correct, for the Minister for


lifelong Minister, bringing parents with us, is it not the case that


where parents want to have their children taught in Welsh, we have to


make it as easy as possible for them and requiring children to go on a


bus journey of over one hour in each direction is not likely to bring


more parents into the net of wanting to have their children taught in


Welsh. Without commenting on this individual case, what can the First


Minister do to make it easier for parents in this situation in Brecon


to have their wishes satisfied? If I can speak generally, the leader of


Ukip is correct that in many parts of Wales, the length of the journey


time to get to a Welsh school pots of parents and that is particularly


true in parts of Wales where there is a premier school and a


substantial journey to secondary school. It is a long way from their


and steps must be taken to make sure they are able to access secondary


education particularly more locally. Generally, local authorities have to


reduce their local strategic plans and if they are judged to be


inadequate, we do not approve those plans. And it is for local


authorities across Wales to show they are providing sufficient access


to Welsh education for those plans to be effective.


The Welsh Government has ambitions to see a million Welsh speakers by


the year 2050. In order to reach that target, we need to get as many


children as possible starting their education through the medium of


Welsh. And as you have said, it is difficult for you to discuss this


individual issue. As a matter of general principle, do you


acknowledge that in those rural areas, it costs more to get children


to go to those schools and is there any recognition of this within


government to make this possible? We want to reach that target, and we


have to make it as easy as possible so that those parents do not see any


barriers in their way. Well, generally, of course, the further


that children have to travel to be educated, the greater the obstacle.


And that is true specifically of secondary schools and that is part


of the consideration we are giving. As regards the target of a million


Welsh because by 2050, I will not be in this post at that point, if I may


say that. The final document will consider a relationship between the


language and economic development, and that is something which will be


published this year and of course the situation of education will be


considered carefully as part of that process.


I have raised these issues in correspondence with the Minister and


I have not yet received a response, I very much hope that I will do soon


back because issues of school transportation have been raised. The


one thing that is problematic if you are trying to provide bilingual


education in rural areas is how you hold events outside school time to


ensure transport is available is to stage arts, sports and so on


activities. In terms of that difficulty, ensuring there is a fair


option in terms of ensuring good Welsh education. One weight of


ensuring there are more activities available is to ensure that you have


more branches. In my area, there is one Welsh medium secondary school,


not very central to the county. But every child in the county, it even


those from outside, go there, and it does hold lots of activities so, the


children do not have to go into town and every time. That ensures that


children have access to a Welsh ethos outside the school without


having to travel too far. How is the Welsh Government


supporting Armed Forces personnel in Wales? The responsibility for


serving armed service personnel lies with the UK Government, we have made


clear our commitment to serving armed personnel and their family so


they are not disadvantaged by their service. My question is more about


the wider Armed Forces community. Earlier this year, at their request,


I met a group of women veterans all of whom have suffered injuries on


servers and who said they were also doing with mental health issues in


consequence of their service. How do you respond to the concerns


expressed and I am quoting, with more and more veterans returning


from Iraq and Afghanistan, it is now taking three months to get an


appointment with veterans NHS Wales and three, six months to see a


specialist, and they can only deal with mild or medium trauma because


there are no acute services. They have to travel to England for


treatment for mental health and they rely on charities. If the member


contacts me with more detail, I will investigate, but we have introduced


in welcome to Wales booklet for serving personnel and it gives


information on the support and services available. It includes a


fast-track referral pathway for specialist health care, and hands to


flexible childcare is and set -- access to education, and we work


closely with organisations such as the Royal British Legion to give the


veterans who have given so much what they need when male living in Wales.


This Minister, the children of service personnel who have been


posted overseas are in danger of receiving a patchy education. In


postings where there is no school provision, these children are sensed


international schools who may not follow a set curriculum. As a


result, the children may be ahead in some areas and behind in others.


What is your government doing to ensure the children of service


personnel who have attended international schools are fully


assessed and receive additional support if needed?


This project has been funded from the European social fund and it has


produced a guide for parents of service children. The latest results


to be produced by this project is the digital storage resource, which


was launched at the end of last year. In addition, the MOD has an


education support fund, although we understand that funding will come to


an end next year. What policies were the Welsh government following to


encourage and support sporting success in Wales? Our policies in


sport are concentrated on taking Wales forward. Sport Wales focuses


on encouraging participation at all ages and ensuring sporting


infrastructure is in place so that talented sports men and women can


achieve their potential. Thank you for that answer could call I believe


it is really important, for reasons I think all members here would


recognise, that we support sport and physical activity at an elite and at


a grassroots level in Wales. I would like to turn briefly to Newport


County's success, because I believe it is very important. We had a local


boy, Michael Flynn, as manager, taking over 1811 points adrift at


the bottom of the table, completely turning it around with a dramatic


winner in the 89th minute of the last match of the season to retain


professional football for next season in Newport, showing the


importance of local input into the team, and, of course, it is a


supporters' trust. We will now have Premier League funding for


grassroots community and sports activity around football, long into


the future, I hope. And at the same time, we've seen Newport rugby club


shareholders voting for a Welsh Rugby Union takeover which will keep


original rugby in Newport and also nurture the game at the grassroots


level. So I think professional sport and raw fruits sport is looking


strong in Newport at the moment, and I wonder if you will join me in


paying tribute to all of those people in making that -- involved in


making that a reality, particularly the grassroots support? Absolutely.


I saw the scenes at the end of the game, the scenes of joy, when the


second goal went in against Notts County, so I am more than happy to


congratulate Newport County. I think the Dragons have a bright future as


well now the east financial stability. I fully recognise the


importance of sporting development, the national football centre, of


course, has been transformed and now has a training facility in place


where there was none before. And in terms of the importance of


individual physical activity, I know how important this is and I have


failed to follow that advice for the last 18 years! To make a statement


on Welsh government support for the manufacturing industry. We continue


to take a broad range of actions to support the manufacturing sector


across Wales. Figures released last week show that UK industrial trunk


for a third month in a row meet the manufacturing sector falling and the


UK trade visit Dublin to more than ?10.5 billion. Here in Wales, with


our proud industrial and manufacturing past, the proportion


of apprenticeships in manufacturing fell from 6% in 2006 to 2% in 2014.


Those are from Stats Wales, in case the First Minister wants to accuse


me again of misrepresenting the fact is. Does he agree with me that it is


detrimental to did for more than a year over a new economic plan for


this country? And what is the future, when we are not providing


the next generation with the skills to deliver? It is a key commitment


of this government that we will fund 100,000 apprenticeships over the


course of this Assembly. It is something we think is hugely potent.


He is right to point out that manufacturing is of greater


importance to the Welsh economy than it is to the UK as a whole. I do not


accept what he says about dithering. We brought Aston Martin into Wales,


we brought Qatar Airways into Wales. At the moment, the advanced


materials and manufacturing sector team is working with 88 companies


looking to expand in Wales. Rather than dithering, we have been hugely


active. Will the First Minister make a statement on the roll-out of a


superfast programme in Montgomeryshire? The scheme has


today date facilitated the roll-out to more than 46,000 homes and


businesses across Powys, delivering average speeds of 87 megabytes per


second. Thank you. We are now much months away from the corrupted date,


when the Superfast Cymru Project Reaches Its Planned


Date. I Have Been Contacted By One Constituent Who Has Now Been Told


That The Situation has changed and that the technology is now to be


fibre to the Cabinet and that he is now too far away from the Cabinet to


benefit from the upgrade. I hope you would agree this situation is


unacceptable. One minute he's told that he's going to receive up to 300


megabytes, and then the goalpost has changed to find out that he's not


going to benefit at all. Back in February, there would have been


other solutions which we could have taken forward rich are no longer


available. Would you agree with me that it is important that people


should be given the right information in the first place?


Perhaps the member should write to me with details of his constituent


Sheila problem and I will investigate. Was first ministers


Jens for this week. If you want more coverage of the Assembly, and, of


course, the general election, you can go online to our BBC Wales news


page. For now, goodbye from us.


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