Anniversary Games: Day 1 Athletics

Anniversary Games: Day 1

Gabby Logan presents live coverage of the London Anniversary Games from the Olympic Stadium. With commentary from Steve Cram, Andrew Cotter and Steve Backley.

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The Olympics brings together the people of the world n harmony and


friendship and peace to celebrate what is best about mankind.


There is a truth to sport, a purity, a drama, an intensity, a spirit


which makes it irresistible to take part in and irresistible to watch.


What we are seeing right now is that dreams do come true. Humans


stretched to the limits of their abilities. Living for the moment,


but making a mark upon history. The champion becomes a legend.


Those of us who came to watch witnessed moments of heroism and


heartbreak. We know more now, as individuals and


as a nation, just what we are capable of.


And that knowledge will drive us on. We lit the flame and we lit up the


world. There are some famous words, words


that when you read them you know mean high quality, mean skill, mean


creativity. We have stamped those words on the Olympic and Paralympic


games of London, 2012. Made in Britain.


Well f that has not got your pulse racing and your uses flowing I am


not sure what will. Welcome to the muller Anniversary Games, 2016. Now


on the 22nd July the Olympic Games were held here. It has gone like the


blink of an eye. In two weeks' time we will enjoy the Roy Olympics w the


world watching Brazil. Tonight there is a packed stadium. 38,000 people


expected here and a cracking atmosphere. The athletics is set to


be isn't it lating. Usain Bolt is out on the -- stint lating. Usain


Bolt is out on the track later. Alongside me as we kick off this one


Michael Johnson and Denise Lewis. Welcome back. Who are you looking


out for tonight? It is great to be back. I am certainly looking out for


Bolt tonight. His first race, out after a season, in which he says he


is fine. Who are you looking for to The


100-metre hurdles. Jessica Ennis-Hill. Also Eilidh Doyle in the


women's 400-metre hurdles. Thank you for the moment. We will set the


scene on what is to come shortly. The action comes thick and fast.


First up on the track it is the women's 400 metres. So good evening


to Steve Cram. Thank you. Lots to look forward to.


400 gets us under way. We will put you in the very capable hands of


Andrew Cotter. Strong athletes in lanes, four,


five, six and seven. There are world-class athletes and British


athletes. There is Onuora. Here bronze at the European


Championships, where she edged out Christine Ohuruogu. No sparkling


times. Emily Diamond is improving a lot.


Last year for her was ruined by injury.


Francena McCorory missed out on an individual place in Rio. Fifth in


the individual trails which spare no-one if you are outside the top


three Guei of France. Silver at Amsterdam. Amsterdam.


Shaunae Miller is unbeaten over 400. Outstanding over 200. Will run the


400 in Rio. Natasha Hastingss - 51. 7 she ran there.


McPherson is the Jamaican champion sh year. This stadium will rise to


Christine Ohuruogu. Missed the trails with a virus and


that threw it all up in the air. Bundy-Davis finished second in the


UK Championships. So four British athletes competing


here in this women's 400 metres. On a perfect evening. A quick evening


as well in terms of sprinting. We have seen very quick times. It is a


freshly laid track as well. I think we could see some very good times


here. Not a breath of wind. It is warm. It


is still. And Ohuruogu looking for something,


the selectors looking for someone from her between now and Rio.


She's won this event three times in the past with sparkling times, 50


seconds flat in 2013. She's a long way from that but needs to find


something. Shaunae Miller should be the woman


to chase here in lane five. Onuora trying to chase down Diamond.


Christine Ohuruogu paces herself in lane eight.


Very quick from Natasha Hastings. Miller chasing her down.


McPherson squeezing alongside Ohuruogu at the moment. Does


Ohuruogu have anything left? Bundy-Davis losing a little bit of


pace. Hastings and Miller are side by


side. It is Miller, an exhibition of


400-metre running. Shaunae Miller, quickest in the world this year.


They were a long way adrift. She takes the world-leading mark from


Alison Felix. What a run that was from Shaunae Miller. She is


focussing on the 400 in Rio. And you can see why.


I think she reel lie needed that. She'll have to take on Alison Felix.


Christine finished the best of the Brits. Christine going a few steps


towards vindicating her selection, definitely and running her season's


best to boot. We will give you details of that. Miller, the third


time in league win. She's learning to run a race well. There were


almost two different races from here. From here lane out, through


the 200 much quicker. . Was the only one who maintained well. Her head


has gone back a little bit. She's trying to keep the knee pick up. A


lovely, lovely runner. I think there's a massive amount of


potential for her in this event. But this shows she is ready to take on


Alison Felix. That sentence is a tough one. She's right there. A


really good performance here tonight. She is like Alison Felix -


she will not be there in Rio in the 200. She missed out in the trials.


It is a shame she will not double up up. Michael Johnson, I am sure,


hugely impressed with Shaunae Miller? Absolutely. The 200 speed,


we saw it her with 100 metres to go, so far ahead of everyone else.


Looking very relaxed. She benefitted as well from the very quick paceset


by Natasha Hastings. She runs a fast pace. Got her a third place at the


US championships, so she's on that team. Miller, a fantastic


performance here. This sets up an amazing race between Shaunae Miller


and Alison Felix. So, now two athletes over 400 metres, both


choosing, at least in the case of Miller not running the 400 metres.


Alison missing out on the team for the US.


It should be a fantastic match-up between those two.


I was not impressed with Christine's run here. I think as Andrew and


Steve said, she did enough to vindicate her position. She's got


some work to do between now and Rio. The one thing that I didn't see from


Christine that you normally see is some great lift at the end of the


400 metres. You can see the look on her face here a little bit of


struggling over this last 40-metre or so. That is one of the easiest


things to work on - working on speed endurance. It is a mark of what high


standards Christine Ohuruogu sets herself. That was a great season's


best as we waited for Michael to finish there. You said, yes, but not


quick enough. Overall, Christine, that is a great stepping stone


towards the Olympics. It is. And I don't want to be the one to


complain, but it is prosecution. I want to be sharper today. This was a


home-coming for you. You made good on your pledge after London to visit


of primary school in the area and I think you have just about done it?


There is only one of me and lots of schools. It whats been a long graft


-- it has been a long graft. I can keep doing it forever. It is fine.


Looking at the rounds at the Europeans and the fact you have


secured a season's best, on so many occasions we have seen you run your


best times exactly when it counts. So the time is looking good. I do


not turn up and decide to run a season's best. It is a lot of work.


This season has been a lot of work. It has been really, really hard. But


we push on. That is life sometimes. Sometimes it goes to plan more often


than not it does. You have to try and make the best out of it. See you


in Rio. . Thank you. See you later. She is smiling. She knows she's got


to find half a second if she's to challenge for medals, which is a


big, big ask. She is improving.


Shaunae Miller quickest in the world this year. A long way clear of the


best. Over the next two hours or so, there


are plenty more coming your way. It is a great performance by her. A


super run. She runs it.


It is gold for Great Britain... Bolt is going to do it again!


Well, we know they are running quick out there on that track. Tonight


there are perfect conditions. Now it is the men's 100-metre heats coming


your way. A mouth-watering race here.


There is the British champion. Most people from this race are going


to Rio. Bracy, who you saw.


Aaron Brown, Young and Edoburun. Frater, maybe at the twilight of his


sprinting career. He still ran 10.04 this year.


CJ - a great British sprinter. Individual they want to do well.


They have seen what the women's relay team have done tonight. I am


sure they will hoping to be doing the same tomorrow.


Rodgers was fourth at the American trials.


Bracy... 22 years of age. James Dasaolu, you keep waiting for


James to really come and bust the time, as they say.


Aaron Brown. Again the Canadians starting to produce really good


sprint talent again. Isiah Young. He goes in seven. Solomon Bockarie was


at the European Championships. Just missed out at a medal in the 200


metres. He was fourth in that event. A personal best in the semis in the


200 in Amsterdam. The European junior champion last year, Ojie


Edoburun. He's being take ton Rio, as much for experience as anything


else as part of the relay squad. What continue aunt for the


20-year-old. -- what an opportunity for the 20-year-old. A big talent.


Nvment Top three to go through. Rodgers with the head band. Aaron


Brown, watch for him in six. Bracy right in the middle.


Bracy gets a very good start. Rodgers got left a bit. Chijindu


Ujah leading this one at the moment. He has the win! Bracy definitely


second. Tight for third. Well, CJ got a great start. He got a


metre and then a bit of pressure at the end. He hung on well. It is only


a heat, I sa that -- I say that, but these guys are running flat out.


He's through, Bracy through. We're waiting for the photo finish. It's


showing Rodgers at the moment. I was going through the list and there's


seven athletes in the line up going to Rio. Let's look at the quality.


This is not an easy heat. People have to work hard to qualify.


Chijindu Ujah did it so well. He exploded out of the blocks. He


treated this with the respect due to it. World class athletes here. He


produced what was necessary. Good start. A good mid-phrase and just


hung on to take this first heat. I'm a bit surprised about the time. I


thought it may be a bit swifter, especially with the quality of the


field but it's about qualifying. Great run from him. I think there's


a few people who really didn't run very well there. Look at Aaron


Brown. Absolutely nowhere here. He got out well. Didn't do anything.


Dasaolu doesn't come on. Young tries to get there. Just about makes it.


He might be quick, but 10. 21 for him in this sort of field, the guys


in the next heat could get five or six go through if they go a bit


quicker. You're absolutely right. They'll be rubbing their hands


together. Perhaps a more relaxed run by them. There's eight of them


who've dwaulified for the Olympics -- qualified for the Olympics in the


next run. They've all got to be ready. Well Bracy out well. Just


hung on. Rodgers sneaks through for third. Chijindu Ujah into the final


and looking very good indeed. Action under way. Morgan Lake 19


years of age has had a good start so far. Yes. Perfect start to her


evening's work. Britain's sole competitor in this event. Morgan


Lake not in the heptathlon and an injured Pooley. Her team-mate,


Katarina Johnson-Thompson, who is going in heptathlon. Very good at


this event. Looking for a confidence boost ahead of the Rio Games. A good


clearance. She'll have had half an eye on a very sharp looking Jessica


Ennis-Hill in the hurdles a little while ago. Katarina Johnson-Thompson


also clear at 1. 89. Where's Crammie gone? It can't be!


No, you're still here You are funny. STUDIO: I thought it was Michael


just nipped out to the loo. You never know. If you weren't watching


on the red button earlier, you missed something very special


indeed. Keep an eye on lane four, Asha


Philip with her strong start leading them off. Making up ground. A good,


strong run from Ashya Philip and so too from the Netherlands. The


Netherlands are gone. Now Britain are in a strong position. Dena


Asher-Smith. She now runs the bend with a big, big lead. Looking for


the safe final handover. They're almost side by side. The baton is in


the hands now. It's going to be a big victory for Great Britain A.


Great Britain B in fourth place at the moment. Victory though, and the


time 41. 82 - it is quick. A couple of those changes were safe. A couple


were very good. But it all adds up to 41. 81. That lays down a marker


ahead of Rio. That was outstanding by the Great


Britain A-Team. We know that they're phenomenal individual sprinters.


We've seen it on many occasions. They're all coming together


wonderfully well for the team. They should be really proud of what


they've done. Look at that, 41. 81, world lead. Tremendous run. That's


got to be one of the fastest runs of all time.


STUDIO: New national record, meet record, world lead. What a time to


do it. Denise, you don't get many opportunities as a quartet to have a


good practice in front a massive crowd in what feels like a


championship environment. Exactly, but these girls are well drilled.


They have worked together, a lot of investment has gone into our relays,


let's face it. You know, I liked this relay. I like this quartet. All


of them are hungry for victory and remember, the fourth leg, what a


home coming for her to be in this environment and to be part of such a


great quartet. Let's analyse this for us. Absolutely. This was just a


phenomenal performance, obviously they would have been very motivated,


great start out of the blocks here. Very good start. We always know that


Ashya Philips is a great starter. This is about the changeover. This


is about as clean as you can get there, no wasted motion. They


stretched that one out. That was probably the most aggressive


changeover of all of them in this race. Again, very clean there. Nice,


crisp changeovers there, Dena Asher-Smith, great bend runner. This


one is a lot more safe. You'd rather err on the side of safe. This gives


you room for improvement, which will need to happen between now and Rio.


But this is just a fantastic run by this team, some very young athletes,


all working together here, all motivated, coming into this Games,


this championship. The thing that I think that really they should take


from this is that the changeovers are going to be key. The speed is


there. That's what I saw in this, a world-leading time, the speed is


there. That's not why people lose relays. They lose relays because


they screw up the changeovers. That, you've got to drill that between now


and Rio. This says, you've got an opportunity to get a medal. It could


be any medal with a time like that, when you look at the rest of the


world am Focus on making sure you don't screw it up. That's the main


thing. You can't just - speed is there. They have the speed. Some of


the other teams, I guarantee you one of the big teams, Trinidad and


Tobago, Jamaica, US, probably US is going to drop their baton. That's


going to happen. That opens up more opportunities. The other thing too,


and I haven't seen this in a while. All those teams could get the baton


around and this team could still medal. That's new. I haven't seen


that before. I thought you were going to put the dampener on it and


tell us the US team are the team to beat - which they are. They are. But


you're allowed to give us a moment of excitement. Now the second heat


of the 100 metres for the men. A few clouds over there. They are


keeping at bay at the moment. Very good conditions. I think that's why


we were slightly surprised at the times in the first eight that they


weren't -- first heat, that they weren't quicker. Adam Gemili was


supposed to be in the second heat. He's struggling with a cold. He's


going to run the 200, which is about the show piece event this evening,


after all. A big chance for the men in this second heat. That's the


result from the first one. James Dasaolu with his 10. 24 is the


last of the fastest losers at the moment. This is the line-up.


There's Akeem Haynes, talk about the Canadian sprinters getting a bit


quicker. Third at the Canadian championships. 10. 16 in the


semifinals of the Canadian championships. Julian Forte third in


the trials behind Yohan Blake and Ashmeade. Kim Collins. You have to


mention his age, but I'm not going to. Had his Olympic selection


confirmed on Wednesday. Has made up with the governing body of Saint


Kitts Nevis. Interesting to see how he copes here. He has a tendency


to cramp when there are round after round.


Churandy Martina European champion. Jimmy Vicaut, you never quite know.


That's the slogan. He can run almost as fast as anybody in the world 9.


86 this season. Richard Thompson, behind Usain Bolt in Beijing.


Getting ready for his third Olympics. Richard Kilty has the


quickest time of all the Briton that's year after 10. 01 in Hexham


last weekend but didn't qualify for the individual. He will be there for


the relay in Rio. Harry Aikines-Aryeetey, 10. 08 in


Loughborough last week. Both running quite times last week. He'll be part


of the relay squad as well in Brazil. Everton Clarke of Jamaica.


Not going to the Olympics. A tough school the Jamaican sprint


qualification, 10. 08 only good enough for the semifinals in their


trials. Again a few of these athletes will


have watched the first heat or seen the times and thought, got a good


chance of going through here. It could be, if they all run to the


potential, six will go through from here.


Three automatically make it and three fasters losers over the two


heats. Second heat of the men's 100 metres.


Cleanly away. Jimmy Vicaut trying to keep place. Collins moving quickly.


Here comes Jimmy Vicaut powering his way. Julian Forte there as well.


Vicaut 9. 97. Said you never know with him, but that was impressive.


Jimmy Vicaut rolling across the line, just easing down a little bit.


And the times there certainly look more impressive than those of the


first heat. Vicaut takes it, rounded down to 9. 96. He'll be rough to


beat tonight. He may be a strong contender in Rio. He's been in very


good form this year. He's starting well. You get the feeling with Jimmy


Vicaut he needs to do that. Not as good as Kim Collins mind you. At the


age of Kim, he still has electric reactions. So strong here, Vicaut.


Drives all the way through. Forte coming through and Churandy Martina


will probably get the third spot. Just ahead of Collins. Well done to


Richard Kilty. He will be in the final. Collins really drives out so


fast. Great news for him that he is going to the Games. He deserves


that. Yeah, Jimmy Vicaut, I don't know how much more there is for


Jimmy Vicaut. You just get the feeling he's always on the limit.


Surprised, can't see Collins here, but Vicaut powering through. Kilty


best known for his start finished strongly. Kilty has gone through.


We'll confirm all that in a moment. Because he said he's run not just 9.


86, he ran 9. 94 in the trials as well. He's run consistently quickly.


He can sometimes go missing. He's had injuries as well. Sometimes he


can tie up a little bit. Churandy Martina goes through


automatically. Those three below, I think Richard Kilty goes through and


we will tidy up the rest for you. This man, of course the Olympic


champion. Lavillenie. He had three fouls at


the European Championships. Brilliant when he gets it right, but


shows some fragility as well. Lavillenie, 5 metres 83. First


attempt. Fast on the approach. Oh, yes, that is how to do it! He is


almost unbeatable when he gets it right.


Kendrick is still in. Barber, the world champion didn't start - he's


ill. It is only three men involved. The other Frenchman, his team-mate,


but he continues. At the other end of the field


Katarina Johnson-Thompson in the high jump. 1.92, the height she


cleared earlier this year. Her outdoor season's best. She goes


clear. Yes. A boost ahead of Rio and that is


what she would have wanted. A slight adjustment there. Maybe two strides


out. But a good clearance for Johnson-Thompson. The next height


will be a lifetime best. Look at that for Johnson-Thompson. One of


the most impressive British athletes so far this season, who is


progressing race by race is Eilidh Doyle. The 400 metres hurdles is up


next. Former European champion and


Commonwealth silver-medallist added to a number of life events by


getting married. Life is settled for the 29-year-old Scot. A happy home


life is translating to success on the track. She got her season off to


a flying start when she won in Doha. The first ever Diamond League


victory for her. It is a great performance. 54.54. A good win


against some good opposition. Talk me a little bit through the season


so far and how it has gone in your eyes. It has gone really well. I


think I opened up really well in Doha. Winning the Diamond League,


the perfect way to start it. I have been plugging away the last few


races. Trying to iron out technical issues and getting the perfect race,


trying to nail my race. She went on to secure top three finishes in Rome


and Birmingham, before winning in Monaco last weekend. With 54. 09. A


top-class performance, but not quite flawless. Just as she is getting


tired, she has to chop a little into the last one. Everything else was


perfect there tonight. We made changes this year. I think if I get


that stride pattern right, that will take me into the 53s. Five other


athletes have run quicker than her this season. The fastest of them all


Dalilah Muhammad, she has run under 53 seconds. It will take perfection


if Doyle wants to be on the podium in Rio. Her mind set going into


these games will be different to the London Olympics, where she made the


semi-finals in 2012. I think mentally I am a different athlete to


what I was four years ago. That is because I have been running well and


obviously my confidence is high. It is nothing to do with getting


married? My husband will claim it is. But no, I don't think so. I wish


you luck this weekend. Thanks very much.


She was a child in 2012, she's very much the woman to watch out for as


we head to Rio. And Colin Jackson has been taking a closer look at the


fantastic run her PB in Monaco. What have you seen about her progress


this season That has impressed you? This is a phenomenal performance.


She will get herself into that position where her mind is focussed.


She's got a stride pattern she wants to work from. She is highlighted


here for you. She works hard to the first hurdle to set herself up into


her rhythm. Now, what she's looking down now is a stride pattern around


15 strides, usually and hopefully for a six hurdles. Here, she managed


to do it for five. Absolutely fine, because she has got good ground


speed anyway. She is one of our fastest 400-metre flat runners as


well. When she's in the relay she's under the 51 seconds mark. She


changes, sets herself up nicely to take it on the left leg, so she can


drive off this final curve. Works hard here. You can see good rhythm.


Nobody else around here her comes to this barrier. You want her to push


on. Fatigue is here. She chops down. This is where she loses her personal


best and getting under that 54 seconds mark which is what she wants


to do. Working hard. She's aggressive. I know in training she's


managed to do that stride pattern correctly. I am hoping tonight, in


good conditions, and with a good field around her, she can go under


that 54-second mark. Thank you. That is psychologically


so, so important, isn't it as she heads to Rio? Absolutely. It will be


key for her to get that confidence. She is capable of it. She's done it


before in training. Keep our fingers crossed. Chopped before the last


hurdle - there is work to be done, which is brilliant because of the


progress she's made so far. It is what all athletes strive for. They


strive for perfection. It gives you that target. It gives you something


to work for. For me, her prosecution over the last few years, the air of


confidence you see in her face, in her eyes on that start line, she is


focussed and means business. Steve, earlier you said some athletes will


use tonight as a stepping stone. Others will look at this meet


towards Rio. What do you think about her? I think she's very much


focussed on Rio. She's in a different place to where she's ever


been in her career. She has every chance of running her personal best.


Chatting to her yesterday she is delighted with lane four. Actually


she was in command with the technical meetings and there are


arguments around who runs where. And for the first time in her life as an


athlete was the one dictating which lane she had. She has chosen lane


four. It is all about her. Of course, the Americans are very, very


good. Let's not forget that. We have the quickest run in the world in the


race as well, in lane six. She is Dalilah Muhammad, as you saw


in that piece about Eilidh there. There are the rest of the athletes.


We will go through them one by one. Pedroso has had a late start to her


season, on the inside. Only one race. 57 seconds for the former


Cuban, now running for Italy. She's somebody who is looking for races to


get her ready for Rio. Definitely. Linkiewicz, she won silver at the


European Championships in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. A good


performance from her there. Her best was in Warsaw, her home town.


Americans have got real talent and this is somebody, Jaide Stepter - we


have not seen too much of. Seventh in the American trials. Listen to


the reception for Eilidh Doyle. Two wins in the Diamond League


already this year. Will this be a third in front of her home crowd?


She will have to beat these two good Americans. And Shamier Little, who


is only 21 had a silver last year. Got it horribly wrong at the


American trials. Not this young lady t three who represent the US,


Muhammad, also Ashley Spencer and McGolan made it through, behind


Muhammad, who has led the way in the American trials.


Sara Petersen, the European champion, from Amsterdam. A great


season last year for the Dane. Just missed out on a medal in Beijing.


Nel, a very experienced South African. Trialled in fourth.


Everybody was behind Eilidh Doyle in Monaco.


Wells has been running well. Hasn't had a chance to get in many of the


big meets. Was unbeaten in her 400-metre headle races throughout


the season. -- hurdle races throughout the season.


Dalilah Muhammad won silver in 2013. Had problems in 2014, 2015, really


back to her best. If she can produce anything like her best, that will be


very difficult for Eilidh Doyle to get on terms with. In that interview


I said, are you, this idea of sticking to your stride patches,


that is what I have to do -vy to concentrate on myself. If I get this


right, I will run under 54 seconds, as Colin suggested. Once you run 53


you are competing the likes of Muhammad. Let's see if she can do


that tonight. The American champion, fastest in


the world in lane six. Doyle in lane four. Between the two


of them Shamier Little, of the USA. It is all about rhythm. All about


hitting those stride patterns, not worrying about what is going on


around you. They are competitive in the home straight. You can see how


quickly Dalilah Muhammad has gone off. This is what Eilidh Doyle has


to do here - not panic. Not get drawn into a race with her, stick to


her race. Going well the first 200 metres. Muhammad is coming back to


them. Shamier Little and Eilidh Doyle right there.


She's hitting this right. Now it is about strength here. Holding it


together. Muhammad, the American champion,


Shamier Little and Eilidh Doyle, just about a metre or two between


the three of them here. Muhammad... She just had to check


Doyle. Coming through, but Muhammad streaks away in the end and Petersen


coming fast. 53. 92. It was there. It was like Monaco until that last


hurdle. Then she had to check. Lost more momentum. I would suggest that


is what was going on at Monaco. Muhammad was really good off the


last hurdle. She was struggling the two hurdles before that and then


this young lady, the European champion finished strongly as well.


Were we expecting too much? She's quality. There is much she can do. I


hope what she will get from this, Steve s the difference it makes when


you chop back. Because when she was there, ready for the attack and


she's coming up to them now, hurdle eight, going into nine, she's there


or thereabouts, she takes this well. And look how she's gaining on these


women. All of a sudden, the brakes go on, check back and look at that,


she gets drawn back by every single person in that field. When she goes


home, she will watch this and feel and go, OK I can be up there close


to that 53.9 mark. There were two good performances from Petersen and


Nel. Seasons best. Muhammad is good. I think, obviously


we will speak to Elidh in a moment. Let's talk about the American, she


is the fastest in the world this year. That is not the best race we


have seen from her. She is under pressure. Watch this last flight of


hurdles. Over it and look how quickly she moves from the others.


She has run a second faster than she has just produced here. When you


talk about quality she has gone to 53 seconds. This American is full of


running. You can see she's vulnerable. She's running at that 53


mark. She is vulnerable. It is a mark of how far you have


come that we are talking with a little disappointment about 54. 7.


Until that last stumble that was a great race. There is a lot to work


on. There is. I am really annoyed at myself. I made the same mistake in


Monaco. I felt quite strong. I got tired in there.


I lost my good position there. It has been a great season so far and


you still have time to work on that last barrier and get that stride


pattern correct for Rio. Exactly. It has been a hard few races recently.


Hopefully I can go back into a bit of training. Iron out mistakes for


Rio. Well, see you in Rio. Good work tonight. Thanks very much. Cheers.


Just one more word on Dalilah Muhammad, Colin. She's got good


speed as well, hasn't she? Hurdles well here. To me it was impressive


this last 30 metres. If you remember in the days of


Edwin, he flowed over the barriers. Muhammad is very similar.


A really good win for her, continuing what is a very good


season. Good to see her back to this form.


Morgan Lake, 19 years of age has two tries at this height. She just saw


Katarina Johnson-Thompson go clear. This, a third and final attempt.


Lake xeeping in the high Julyin Rio could do -- high jump in Rio could


do with this clearance. She gave that an absolute rattle. She knock


today hard but it stays on. Morgan Lake has a new season's best by a


centimetre. That's a great jump. Knocked it with


her shoulders. Crash, bang, wallop of a jump. But it's a clearance and


a season's best. Done the other end of the stadium


it's taken an hour-and-a-half but the cream hasries ton the top, two


men remain. Lavillenie a flawless card so far,


as can you see. The bar is at 5. 90. He jumped over six metres in this


stadium. He took the Olympic title. This first attempt is a good one. He


knows that will be enough, it would seem for victory this evening,


maybe. Kendrix will have to jump higher due to count back. Lavillenie


flawless so far this evening. Talk about confidence boost. That's what


it's all about ahead of Rio, clearance by some margin as well for


the Frenchman. The flying Frenchman indeed. That's what it means to him.


Let's look at it from the side. You get an idea of how far over he is.


There's daylight. He's head and shoulders above the best of the rest


of the world. He's brilliant. All right then, 1. 95, equal personal


best. She's jumped 1. 97 in taking the UK indoor title earlier next


year. It is one of her best events, this and long jump. Two of the seven


she will contest in the heptathlon in Rio. Oh, yes! Johnson-Thompson


has gone clear! Wow. Well, I tell you what, ahead of Rio, that's just


what she would have wanted, a boost in confidence. Your strength has got


to be good to carry whatever else goes on and daylight. There may be


more to come. Brilliant clearance on the second


time of asking for Katarina Johnson-Thompson.


STUDIO: A huge personal best outdoors for Katarina


Johnson-Thompson. A huge boost to confidence for her as she heads to


Rio. It would be enormous in terms of points. She stuttered on the high


jump in Beijing last year and bombed out on her long jumpment Name of the


game at this stage, it's about your mind. It has to be focussed. It has


to know what it's doing. This is one of her really strong events. She


needs this to go well. We talk about Jess in the hurdles, how she needs


to hurdle well. This is what she needs. Because she's a great high


jumper. It's so early on in the programme as well, to get the points


from world class high jumping it's so important for somebody who could


be challenging the top three, certainly challenging for medals.


Yes, she can challenge for medals. I think the thing that hopefully she's


learned from last year, is things may not always go right. You have to


rebound from that first. She may have an event in Rio out of all of


the events that may not go according to plan. You've got to be able to


rebound and score more points and have personal best performances to


make up for that. I think what happened to her last year was she


just started to Spiral, once things started to go wrong. The start list


for the men's 800 metres. Let's go out to Andrew Cotter, your


commentator for this one. Look out for Bosse and Rotich. Bram


Som is a professional pacemaker, European champion ten years ago in


his own right, but spends most of his time pacing in the Diamond


League and does it well. Nijel Amos from Botswana. Struggled with injury


this season. We're looking to see what form he's in. Still 22.


Ferguson Cheruiyot Rotich. Wins in Shanghai and Stockholm. Second at


the Kenyan Olympic trials. Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, can blow hot


and cold. Only fifth at the European Championships. Some very impressive


runs this season. So too Brandon McBride, youngest in the line-up.


Regularly below 1. 45 this season. Sharing of lanes for Charles Jock,


what a story for him and his family to reach this point, Sudanese


refugee and now in the United States team for Rio. Fred Couples likes to


-- Thijmen Kupers likes to take it out early. Erik Sowinski will not be


there in Rio. Charlie Grice sharing a lane with Geoffrey Riseley the


Australian. Grice impressive in Monaco.


A good challenge for him to get involved in an 800 metres race. Mark


English of Ireland goes on the inside. There is Ferguson Cheruiyot


Rotich. He should be the man to beat here in


the men's 800 metres. And Bosse just inside Rotich. Amos in the orange


shirt just outside. Bram Som on the far outside has been asked to take


it through in 50 seconds through 400 metres and then 1. 16 to 600. We'll


see how quickly they go. Who can forget that wonderful race four


years ago when Rodisha was the winner. They all strung out behind


him. All lifetime best times. Juf a gap from Som. -- just. The young


Canadian following closest. Bram Som doing the job he's been asked to do,


pacing them along. There's not much interest in that. There really can't


be three weeks before the Olympic Games. It's not about running fast


times. It's just about establishing where you are. Rotich, the Kenyan,


who beat David Rodisha in the Kenyan trials. Is this a man we're going to


be looking at in a few weeks? Charlie Grice has impressed so far.


Using this race for his Olympic 1500 metre attack. Bram Som doing well.


Down the back straight, Charlie Grice starting to run well. Bosse


takes over. Amos tries to lift the pace with that ragged style. McBride


an elegant runner inside. But Bosse leading them out at the moment.


McBride and Amos in close contention. Charles Jock all the way


at the back. Charlie Grice is labouring a bit. Here comes Bosse.


McBride trying to lift the pace. But it's Pierre-Ambroise Bosse coming


through for the victory surely. McBride, does he still have


something? He's closing a little bit. But he's not going to get


there. And Bosse hangs on, hangs on just. From McBride and Ferguson


Cheruiyot Rotich came through. Amos in fourth. But Pierre-Ambroise


Bosse, well, had ewas closest to the pacemaker when Som stepped aside, he


took it on. What a time he's run there. He did it the brave way, the


hard way, from the front. They said he can blow hot and cold. Fifth at


the European Championships. But he was in charge.


There -- in charge there. I think that was disappointment. A good


result for Bosse. A surprise result in some ways. He's got the talent.


On the big occasion he doesn't quite do it. Tonight he ran a perfect


race. Charlie Grice coming off the track there, he's having a look at


the time now and he'll be delighted. But here's boss is into the


finishing straight. McBride from Canada chasing him. Amos, the


Olympic Silver Medallist, and Rotich, the man looking to do well


in Rio, both fading a little. Bosse holds them off. McBride runs well.


Rotich just comes through and finishing on the screen you can see


coming into shot at the back, there's Charlie Grice coming into


the finishing straight. He'll be delighted with this. What a perfect


time to run for him. A personal best for Charlie Grice. When he goes to


Rio for the 1500 metres, he won't be contending with these guys, but he


has a lot of confidence coming from that. There's Bosse. Very, very good


performance. McBride looks impressive. Amos clearly struggling


in third place and Rotich just overtaking him. These two on the way


through, running well, running strongly. There's Rotich into third


place. He'll be disappointed. There they come through. There's Charlie


Grice about eighth place, but for him Eric terrific performance -- for


him, a terrific performance. That's a perfect night for him. Bosse wins


it. McBride second. Surprises behind. For me the run of the night


and a great one for Great Britain, Charlie Grice. Confirmation of that


and so far down the field, it rather gives a false impression for Charlie


Grice. He's not on the first page there. Very impressive win for


Bosse. If we can move it on to the next page, you'll see the time of


Charlie Grice, the man who is a 1500 runner and here he shows the pace


that he has. He will go to Rio in very good heart.


STUDIO: At 9. 15pm we have the final of the women's 100m hurdles. Jessica


Ennis-Hill was in the first heat. Cleanly away. Rawlins leading them


at the moment. Porter there. Jessica Ennis-Hill is there as well. What a


run. The slightest breeze helping. But


that will be quick from Jessica Ennis-Hill. Two things to look for


there, who won the race, who qualified and the time of Jessica


Ennis-Hill. She's smiling. Porter was there for a while. I think that


is a race to be very, very pleased with for Jess Ennis-Hill.


STUDIO: She's looking in great form. By far her quickest time this year.


I'm sure an inspiration to British athletes. Seren Bundy-Davies is in


the studio. Must be fantastic having her in the team. Yeah, since


watching her from 2012, it's great for the younger athletes to see her,


especially after having a baby. Let's speak about your performance


in the 400 metres. I have a man here who knows a thing or two. Let's have


a look at your race. Michael? I think tell us about how you felt


about the race tonight, first. You were in lane eight, that's a tough


place to be. Were there nerves knowing what you have lined up


behind you? In nine I was always out on my own. Hi to run my own race. I


knew the girls would come up on me at some point. I just tried to pace


it like I would a normal 400 metre race. I need to watch it back I


think. You got out well here. It's a world class field behind you. They


haven't made up much ground. Natasha Hastings is always going to get a


fast start. She's starting to make a little bit a dent in the lead that


you had. How did you feel at 200 metres, did you feel like you were


exactly where you wanted to be in terms of your race plan? Yeah, I


know Hastings goes out hard. I wanted to stay relaxed through 200


and work the top bend. They did get away from me a bit. Unfortunately,


you can see everyone now. What's your plan at this point on the way


home, obviously you want to just run the best time you can run. Yeah,


hold my form and yeah, hold it together for whatever I could. It


was tough from lane nine. As far as times and against a field like that,


this was an amazing opportunity for you. Do you feel you did what you


needed to do? No, not really. I'm disappointed with the run. I might


get lane nine in Rio. I need to be prepared to run from whatever lane.


I can build from it and hopefully get the experience. Remarkably,


you're the only Welsh athlete, I believe, in the British squad,


holding it up for Wales. You may have done well in the euros but not


quite representing athletics in the way we'd like in the British team.


It's disappointing that such a small Welsh team. Lots of young junior


athletes coming through. A lot of younger athletes will be in the next


Olympics. That's nice to see as well. Yeah, hopefully I can bring us


home a medal. Best of luck. And of course, the relay as well is very


strong. You did so well in the worlds as well. We'll be watching


you. The historic mile is about to get going.


Thomas Lancashire, the two of them not going to Rio. One man who is.


Bayer will be in the steeplechase. The Kenyans to watch out for Kiptoo,


perhaps Magut. Not the biggest names from Kenya.


So, the Emsley Carr Mile, full of tradition and history. All the way


back to 19 53. So many great British athletes have won it over the years.


I have to get retaliation in first. I know I haven't before Brendan says


it. Many have won it over the years.


This was the race when it was done at White City, the crowds would come


and watch it. They would go to Crystal Palace. Here we have an


enormous crowd watching the 64th running of this race, it was named


after the editor of the News of the World. They support athletics for


many years. In the history of great distance


running is unfurled in this race when you look at the results. Two


pacemakers in the orange vests. 57 for the first 400 metres. Pretty


good pace. You can see Chris O'Hare on the back, straight from the off.


That is good to see really, an aggressive first 400 metres from


O'Hare. Cheruiyot, just 20 years of age. Got


that kind of, almost hunched style if you like.


Elijah Kipchirchir Kiptoo, not running as well as in previous


years. Cheruiyot moves into the gap between


himself or the gap he has allowed to dwap between himself and the


pacemakers. Training with the British squad. Mo


Farah and everybody up there. They have popped down to London, and they


will be going out to Rio. Decent pace, the pacemakers are.


1. 56 through 800 metres and there, third place on the inside and


running a strong race and aggressively, which I think he has


to do this, Chris O'Hare. He needs a confidence-booster from this event.


He needs this before he goes to Rio. He needs to think, I am on the top


of my form. These athletes are looking for little bits of


information, about their training progress. Here the mile, not run as


often these days. Personal bests are available in this race. Especially


the pace they are going at. The pacemakers are ignored, which is


sensible. And Thomas Lancashire moving through in fifth place, in


the blue and yellow vest. Chris O'Hare has loths his position.


Unusual for him -- lost has position. Unusual for him.


Lancashire, Bayer on the outside. Wightman looking for room. Chris


O'Hare struggling now. As the pacemakers step aside... Cheruiyot.


Kiplagat. Embaye running well. O'Hare has gone


out the back door as Lancashire stretches down the back straight. An


impressive run from Jake Wightman. He's got power in him.


Kiptoo trying to hold off the youngster, Cheruiyot is there. Look


at Jake Wightman. Kiplagat finds a little bit extra.


Kiplagat wins. Cheruiyot, second. Jake Wightman, fourth. The fast


finishing Swede, Rogestedt, in fifth place. A great race at the front.


Elijah Kipchirchir Kiptoo has not had a great -- Silas Kiplagat has


not had a great year. On his day, he is one of the best Kenya have ever


had. He would have been delighted to have form. Little r late for him in


terms of -- a little late for him in terms of Rio.


The three powerful Kenyans, sprinting in the finishing straight.


Jake Wightman judged this race properly. Judged it perfectly. A


personal best of 3.57 for young Jake Wightman. He's come out with a real


bonus. 3.54 or less than that. Looking at it from here. We will get


the official time in a moment. There they go into the straight.


Cheruiyot... Challenging. Kiplagat powering there. The three Kenyans,


strong enough and bold enough and there Jake Wightman, 3:54.2. . What


a terrific performance. Kiplagat we have seen him among the


greats and the pleasure of signing that famous book.


He's won it before. This is his second time. There, Kiplagat signs


the famous book. The 64th running of the Emsley Carr Mile.


Being presented accordingly. The mile should be encouraged. It


was a great performance there by Kiplagat. I thought young Jake


Wightman, an impressive performance. Well done Jake Wightman. A personal


best. Brilliant to see the history and


tradition being upheld in this incredibly modern and forward


thinking time and league meet here at the Olympic Stadium. Well, I hear


that Colin is out and about somewhere. We don't normally get to


see him here. Where could he be? I have been handed this piece of


paper, the women's 100 metres final and Jessica Ennis-Hill has done a


tremendous job in making this final. This is the super quality, when we


talk about what these athletes are capable of? Will we see a world


record? The athletes are capable of it. It is the final bit as they go


into this final room here, they will settle themselves in the room and


get prepared for that final challenge. It is the final of the


women's 100 metres hurdles. This will be a new British record if


she goes clear. It was another reasonable attempt. Possibly the


best of her three, but a big confidence boost for her, as we


said. A brilliant performance. An outdoor


lifetime best. She will long jump tomorrow against Jessica Ennis-Hill.


That is 198, remember. A bit of a clatter. The good news is she's got


her springs back. A PB, a personal best, 1.95. . A


good job. Lavillenie then looking to cap off a


solid performance this evening. 5.97. This to match the height he


cleared for gold. Not to be tonight. I was going to say the height he


cleared to make gold, in 2012. Appreciative of the support.


But, as ever, the pole vault ends in a foul, but a win for Lavillenie.


Beitia, the recently crowned champion for the third time, looking


very focussed. But carrying two fouls. Has to go clear. Oh, she


seemed to salvage that and it is a great clearance for Beitia.


Michael Johnson talked about athletes coming behind Russian


athletes. She was fourth in this stadium, London 2012, behind two


Russians. So, Beitia, of Spain, well, good luck to her ahead of Rio.


And a week tonight, season's best for the Spanish athletes. A good


clearance, with the slightest of rattles.


Absolutely brilliant. 1.98. It is a glorious night here in the


East End of London. And in 39 minutes, Usain Bolt will set the


atmosphere crackling, just that little bit more. The Bolt-clock is


on. The great man is competing in the 200 metres here just before


10pm. His first competitive 200 metres of the year. A gold medal he


hopes to retain in Rio, in three weeks' time.


Another Olympic great getting ready to go in the final of the 100 metres


hurdle is Jessica Ennis-Hill, who posted 12.74 earlier this evening in


her heat. She will hope she's with the best of the best. The other heat


was quicker. She can go quicker herself. She was denied running well


in her last race. The conditions are primed for a good race. A great,


great competition. Just what she needs to get her mind where she


needs it. She is such a strong competitor.


She will want to use this. They all have their favourite events, don't


they? This is the start - it is her favourite. It is fantastic for her.


She will know where she wants to be and what she wants to take with her


on the plane to Rio in terms of times and performances. This is not


the event she's participating in the Olympics. It is one of the events,


one of her best ones. She has the opportunity to compete against some


of the best in the world that are in this race tonight. And this also is


so fantastic for her, that this is one of her best events because it


starts off the whole heptathlon. She will want to run a really fast


time here tonight. It is a great track for her. It could not be a


more perfect condition for her to produce a really fast time tonight.


She went into the chasmships in bay -- championships in Beijing after


the birth of her son. She had not really tested herself as much as she


had in the build-up to London. She's had that extra year of training now.


She looks different to the athlete we saw in Beijing. She does. She is


stronger. She has had issues this season, with minor tears. So it has


not been an ideal preparation. Her experience allows her to say, look,


I will choose my competitions wisedly and only compete when I am


ready and so, she will put down a marker and this is why the


heptathlon is so great in this event for her. She puts down the marker


and everybody has to chase. In The Stadium tonight one of her main


rivals says she will score more points than her when she gets it


right. She is still there, pushing the barriers, pushing all of us to


be the very, very best. We expect a great race. Andrew Cotter.


And Jessica Ennis-Hill has been given the same lane as in 2012 when


she ran 12.54. What a line-up against her. The strength of the


Americans. They have had a couple of Jamaicans. They have such strength


in this event and have for many years.


Tiffany Porter goes for Great Britain as well. She had to go


second best to Jessica Ennis-Hill. Zagre on the inside. The Belgian


champion. There were some quick times in the heats.


Tiffany Porter is just a couple of tenths of a seconds down from her


best. She has been competent this year


without set heather on fire. -- setting the heather on fire.


Talay is here to compete in the final.


Stowers, we talk about the US trials and she fell at the last hurdle at


the trials. In contention for second or third place.


Nia Ali won her heat this evening. Rollins hit the heat pretty hard.


There is Harrison. you. The historic mile is about to


get going. Pearson will not be in Rio after


tearing her hamstring. There is Rollins. They see her on the big


screen and start to cheer. CHEERING If she can run close to her


time from the heats, she'll be pleased. Castlin in lane nine.


You know that Harrison in lane six, she feels she has a point to prove.


Made 12. 40 look so comfortable in the heats. She goes there.


All of America in four, five, six, seven. Ennis-Hill in eight.


Cleanly away. Ali there. Harrison into a slight lead. Oh, and down


goes StowerS here comes Harrison fly. 12. 58, not quite as quick.


She won by a huge margin. She says once again, you'll be missing me in


Rio. I am number one. That is the nature of the US trials.


Here tonight in London, she has won. Well, it has been with a clock, the


clock has been corrected, I thought it was faster. Look at the clock now


- it is a new world record! And the ancient record has gone. Harrison


will not be at the Olympics, but she is the world record holder of the


100m hurdles. London rises to her. One of the oldest marks in the book


has gone. It's gone to Kendra Harrison. I was sitting next to


Steve Cram and as we were watching this race, I said, this is quick. No


doubt about it. Then when we saw the clock at 12. 57, we had a bit of


dismay. It looks like she's dipped under that clock and the second time


was given. What a performance. Right at the beginning, I did introduce


when we were down in the call room, the quality of the field. Knowing


that this young lady has the ability. We saw her cruise through


the first rounds. 12. 40 looking easy and steady. And she just went


for it in the final. What a race. We're all deprived of her in Rio.


Hurdles is one of the things, it shouldn't be like this in the


hurdles. I know that's the nature of the US trials. She has some


compensation tonight. But it is a real shame that she will not be in


Rio. She is the world record holder. That record set, goes back to 1988.


This crowd has been treated with a phenomenal performance. What a


really, really landmark performance from her. 12. 20 and as you said,


taking that world record, phenomenal performance by this young lady. We


all watched and thought, that time is surely quicker than 12. 57. She


went under and Rollins came through in second place at 12. 57. Almost


four tenths of a second behind Harrison. That is athletics history


made tonight in London. She's full of emotion, look hat


that. She cannot believe what's happened here in London town. Let's


watch it. Explodes out of the blocks. A clean


first hurdles. Looks like she falls off the barrier. She runs after that


trail leg so aggressively. This is a world class field. She's destroying


them. Look at the margin of victory. Worked hard all the way through. Can


you see with that dip, which we didn't see in the first round how


she managed to go under the photo finish. All action going on around


her, but she kept her head. World record performance. It's always


great to witness history and we saw it here in London. Saw her run 12.


24 earlier this year and got close to the old record. 12. 20 tonight.


We knew the track was quick. We knew she was quick. But that is a


world-class field. She has that gap, that lead over, an astonishing run


by Kendra Harrison. Unfortunately, Jess Ennis-Hill didn't live up to


what we were hoping she could do. She was in a field, she will


remember this. She may have won the Olympic Games here, but she saw the


world record run and she was in that race.


Well, she didn't think she has h it. We didn't think, they ought Saul it


and said to her, there you are, world record holder. What a very


special moment and a very, very old record has gone from the books. 28


years it has lasted, but now that mark has gone. Kendra Harrison is


the world record holder. You have taken our breath away with


that performance, just a phenomenal run. We can see the emotion in your


eyes. Yeah, you know, not making the Olympic team I was really upset. I


wanted to come out here and do what I know I could have done. My coach


has been behind me this whole time. I'd like to thank God I'm healthy. I


was coming out here with a vengeance to show these girls what I have. You


were so dignified after what happened in the trials. There was a


massive amount of sympathy for you coming here, 12. 4 in the heat and


then maybe we got an indication that something very, very special was


possible. Is that how you felt after running 12. 4 and looking so easy?


Yeah, after running 12. 4 it got my confidence back. You have one bad


day. I knew I still had it in me. I put my faith in God and ran as hard


as I could today. You've broken a 28--year-old world record, it's the


most amazing way for you to bounce back from heartache. You're not in


Rio, but you've proven tonight that you are a great, great champion.


Thank you. You know, I'm at a loss for words right now. I trained so


hard for this moment. Good luck to the girls running in Rio. I'm just


shocked right now. After you finish celebrating, will you make us a


promise, make that team next year and come back here for the World


Championships in London in 2017, we'd love to see you. I'll be back.


Moments don't come much more special than that. Look at the face, the


reaction and the joy. Can it make up though, in any way, for the fact


that she won't be there in Rio. She takes the world record away from


London but we're going to miss her brilliance in Rio, Michael. If I


were angry before, when I saw her in the heat, I'm now incandescent.


Yeah, but the thing is, I mean, I said to Denise right before that


race, I said, she's out here to break a world record to make up for


that. There are two things that every track and field athlete wants,


Olympic Gold Medal, Olympic champion and you want a world record. She's


already got one and she's still at the very beginning of her career.


She has so much ahead of her. Will that make up for it? Absolutely.


World records are special. That record stood for 28 years. Someone's


going to be Olympic champion next year. Someone will be Olympic


champion in 2020. This record could stand for another 28 years. That is


one of the things in terms of your resume that you want at the top -


world record holder. Now Kendra Harrison can say she is world record


holder. When people look back on careers and greatness it's one of


the things you are measured by. Yes, you have. Gold Medals is why we get


into the Games. We looked into her eyes and we could see how much she


wanted it. You can see her flawless deck neeck. She demonstrated that


right here. Every sinew of her body drove her to the line. OK, her speed


is incredible. Just see her dead centre. All the chaos around her.


Nobody on her shoaleder to push her. She runs her own race. Rollins is


one of the best in the world. Look at what she does to the best


hurdlers in the world. She's almost a hurdle ahead. When I saw that time


come up, I was shocked, because I was like, 12. 50 - come on, can't


be. Because you could just see. I've never seen a race like that. We've


seen lots of hurdle races but that was flawless and now she knows it


and yes, Gaby, that makes up for it. I'm so happy for her. This is going


to be a long, difficult summer without that, but that makes it a


lot better for her. I love Lee low's face as well -- I love Ali ace face


as well. You're competing against each other but that's a moment in


time. If her record lives for half as long, maybe 14 years, this is her


cementing her place in hurdling history. Absolutely. We have seen


Pearson come close. We've seen Rollins at one stage think that she


was going to break it. To do it after the disappointment of not


making the Olympic team, it's all the more special. She's certainly an


incredible athlete. She's lit up this stadium tonight. It was already


cackling with enthusiasm and excitement that will see Usain Bolt


later. We will get back on with the action now. There's been a slight


delay in proceedings here while everybody soaks up what happened and


what they've seen here tonight. Let's get back down to the action.


It's the women's 1500 metres. That's our pacemaker Chanelle Price.


She will be asked to set a good pace for Laura Muir, who is in great


form. We will hope she can compete in Rio. Hassan has had injury


problems this year. Stephanie Twell. The Australian, Linden Hall, who's


had a cracking year this year. Laura Weightman will join Laura Muir at


the Olympics. Bought bought from Sweden, again -- Bahta from Sweden.


Morgan Uceny. Maureen Koster from the Netherlands and Axumawit Embaye


on the inside. Charlene Thomas was due to run, but sadly taken ill.


Still 15 athletes in the field. The women's 1500 metres.


The likes of the two British remembertives in Rio --


representatives in Rio, a good opportunity to get a confidence


boosting performance in. Chanelle Price has been asked to


take them through in the round to eight. She's experienced at that.


Not surprisingly Laura Muir has slotted straight in behind her,


means business. A great run in Oslo, Paula, and Laura Weightman and Laura


Muir got into a messy race in Stockholm. They'll be hoping that


doesn't happen tonight. The pacemaker went out and everybody


gathered together. I suspect we might see the two of them trying to


clear out a bit more tonight. Yeah, I think so. Chanelle Price is very


experienced. She was the pace maker in Monaco last year. She knows how


to run an even paced couple of laps which they need to string out the


field. You need this to be strung out. Laura Muir is running


positively and Laura Weightman moving up to get onto her shoulder.


Behind that Linden Hall running so well. And Amanda Ecclestone into


fourth place. One of the heart breaking, another one missed out on


Olympic selection, probably the story of the US trials. She's


running to capitalise because she's in this year and to come out and


race the rest of the season. Sifan Hassan starting to move closer. She


had such a brilliant last couple of years, with one or two, well a big


injury problem with the hamstring since the world Indoor Championships


in March. Starting to come back to form now. A gap appearing here.


Laura Muir hangs onto Chanelle Price. The others look reticent to


go after Laura Muir. That gap is being created. Hassan has decided


she's after the Scot. It's a reasonably quick pace here. Hassan


is moving quickly. She recognises the danger. Laura Muir has done this


before, going out hard behind the pacemaker and carried it through in


Oslo. We've seen that. She has the capability to do that. Sifan Hassan


recognising now and moving up to close the gap. Laura Weightman, just


a few places further back there. Working to close the gap as is


Maureen Koster. Laura Muir leading, Sifan Hassan, then Laura Weightman


in fourth place. Koster moving up. Laura Muir putting her foot down and


trying to move away from the field. Only Hassan going with her. Sifan


Hassan, the world indoor champion, struggling with these injuries. Now


starting to come back to her best. These two well clear. Weightman


moves no third with Bahta of Sweden coming up. Laura Muir attacking this


from the front. The crowd trying to lift her. These two a good ten


metres clear of the field. Jake Wightman has raced 800 metres.


-- Laura Weightman has raced 800 metres. She knows who is sat on her


shoulder. She knows she's in shape this year. She has the capability


this year. It is really am impressive running


from Laura Muir. Down the back straight, she has opened. Look at


the grit she is showing here. Her teeth bared as she fights to pull


away from Sifan Hassan. She is managing to do it. It is a stunning


run. Sifan Hassan gives it up. She is


well clear in second place, but Laura Muir, coming into the home


straight and this is a massive performance from her. She is heading


for a quick time here as well. She's got this race won. That is for


sure. And Laura Muir - a long, long way ahead. A massive performance.


5:57.51 and that is a new British record, I think. If it gets


confirmed, Kelly Holmes has been obliterated from the best of all


time British athletes by Laura Muir, of Scotland and Great Britain. The


23 23-year-old was so strong on that last lap. Yes, it is a record.


But have you ever seen, Paula, the strength, coupled with the speed,


obviously. She was aggressive from the start and what a reward for her.


3.57. . 49. It is official. A new British record for Laura Muir.


Absolutely brilliant. That was a really great run. It is so good to


see her getting the enjoyment from that as well. She really worked hard


for. That we said at the beginning oh this programme, what a phenomenal


talent she is and the capabilities she has to take that step up to a


medallist at the Olympic Games. She has really underlined that here


tonight and the manner which she did it address well. The way she worked


hard -- as well. The way she worked hard. Maybe this year Sifan is not


as strong as previous years. She has suffered with injuries at the


beginning of the season. Around this bend, look at the determination on


the face of Laura Muir and there's the look back from Sifan.


There's no going back to Laura Muir, who has the crowd on their feet,


roaring her on. They maybe didn't realise she was going to eclipse the


record of Kelly Holmes. She would not have done until she crossed the


line. You can see how she's pulling her body towards that line, trying


to get every last inch out of it. She will be glad she's beaten Sifan


Hassan. It will hit her later how fast she has run.


Laura Weightman was fourth in a season's best.


Eilish McColgan, nearly as quick as her mum, who ran a quick 1500 many,


many years ago. She will be desighted with that. -- delighted


with that. They all have their reasons to be pleased, but no more


than Laura Muir. The new British record holder, quicker than Kelly


Holmes. Laura Muir, 3.57. 59. So brave, so bold, so confident.


Absolutely amazing. Laura, you had to ask me, it was a


British record, wasn't it? And the confirmation from Steve in the


commentary box and everyone around The Stadium, yes, you have beaten


the mark held by Kelly Holmes. What a run. I knew I was in good shape. I


wanted to go out there and do it justice. I wanted to test myself and


see what I would do. I thought I was about four minutes, but to get the


record, I am so shocked. I am just, yeah... You went early and looked


brilliant down the back straight with 250 to go. You pulled away from


Hassan. Could you feel the energy of the crowd willing you on? You were


getting an incredible response? Definitely. To be on home soil is


amazing, but to run at the Olympic Stadium is amazing.


When you have finished celebrating about tonight there is the prospect


of Rio and this confirms you are, without doubt n the shape of your


life, and there will be a big opportunity for you in Brazil. Yes,


definitely. My first Olympics. I am over the moon to be going there.


Olympics is completely different to something like this. It is a


tactical race. It will be slower, scrapie. I am as ready as I can be.


I am looking forward to it. For now, celebrate a brilliant British


record. Well done. Thank you. For Laura Muir, this is something


she will remember for the rest of her life. A great setting here.


A British record. A host of season's bests, Hassan behind her.


As I said, Eilish McColgan, with a big personal best.


Looking into this great stadium and what a run we had just before that


in the 100 hurdles. Look at that mark at the top and Kendra Harrison


said she didn't want missing selection to define her season. That


time defines her season. That defines her career.


It is an amazing stadium. Christian Taylor-Outridge is here four years


ago in the triple jump. Has been a class apart in the competition. We


are in the last round. He's had two jumps, would have won, anyway. He's


won the competition. I thought we would have to settle for something


ordinary. Tailor stamps his authority on this


event n the last competition, prior to Rio. Close to 18 metres. That


looks almost perfect on the board. A slight glitch in his season so far


is he was beat no-one the American trials by his team-mate Will Clay.


Look at that, 17.78. Undoubtedly the favourite. A world lead.


We have seen a British record, the fast men have a lot to live up to.


This, the line-up for the final of the men's 100 metres. Two Britains


in there. There is Richard Kilty. He did


finish strongly to make it to the final. Again a man with a point to


prove. Didn't make qualification for the individual in Rio. He will be


there as part of the Rio squad. Kim Collins was out so quickly in


his heat. Again can he cope with running two


races within an hour-and-a-half of each other? Sometimes can cramp up.


Isiah Young in lane three for the United States.


And there is Jimmy Vicaut. The only man below 10 seconds in the heats.


He has run 9.86 this season. Can he go close to that? Julian Forte,


10.05 personal best to chase. Ujah won his heat. A disappointing


time in that heat, but Ujah was clear of the rest and earns the


cheers as a result. Third place for Marvin Bracy. It


tells you about the calibre of this man. He'll be heading to Rio.


Martina, won the 100s in Amsterdam. The European Championships recently.


Made the final of the 100 and 200 here.


Rodgers, always a great starter. He is on the outside in lane nine.


So many of the races have been delivering, in terms of times.


Vicaut, 9 .95 it was rounded down to. He starts here as the favourite.


In lane four. Richard Kilty in the inside.


Mike Rodgers in lane nine on the outside. The final of the men's 100


metres. There wasn't any noise going on. It


must have been something that the starter is not happy with. I was


scanning around there and I couldn't see what is going on, but you can


see the green marker has gone up. So, none of the athletes are at


fault. They have to settle themselves again.


It is just a technical. Vicaut takes it just ahead of Young.


10.03. Vicaut takes the victory. And on a


night of extraordinary achievements something of an anti- climax with


the men's being won in 10.03. He heads to Rio as a contender. I think


a few of these sprinters will be slightly disappointed they couldn't


deliver quicker times tonight. That looked like real hard work, didn't


it? He had to haul himself through the field to get to the line first


in only, and I mean that, in only 10.02. But the victory will always


be key. Let's look at this race and see exactly how it all pans out.


Jimmy Vicaut in the middle of the field. He gets upright quickly. He's


never one of these athletes who drives out of the blocks. He gets


into his running very, very quickly. He loses grounds and then gains it


as he hauls himself through that. I think they all may be disappointed


when they read the clock and performances. Vicaut didn't get the


best of starts. Vicaut powering through. We have


been spoilt this evening. We are expecting magic to happen every time


an athlete steps on the track. Vicaut was pretty impressive. I am


sure he'll be a contend -- contender in Rio. There is


somebody lining up soon, who is a desprinter as well, I hear. It is


not Vicaut running the quickest time of


the evening in the heats and in the final doing enough to take the


victory. Just outside 10 second. Jimmy Vicaut, he was disappointing


at the European Championships, finished second there. He will go to


Rio in decent condition. Well, Jimmy Vicaut is taking a


moment to compose himself. There he is. He's got his energy back.


Congratulations. Not so fast tonight, but you've had a good year,


do you take confidence from this going forward for Rio? I am sorry, I


speak little English. But I am very happy. I'm a winner this year. Last


year I finished fifth. I am very happy and to prepare for two weeks


and then go. Well done. Your English is better


than my fren. We will call it -- than my French. We will call it


quits there. See you in Brazil. Thank you.


lift her. These two a good ten metres clear of the field.


We're at the start of the 200 metres and Usain Bolt there, just getting


into his blocks, working out his distances, taking it all very


seriously at the moment. He's not yet doing his thing, where he gets


the crowd going, he gets them partying. He's a serious man. This


is his first 200 metres this year, competitive 200 metres. This will


tell him exactly where he's at right now and some athletes are looking at


today as a bonus as they head to Rio, for him this is really


important. It's really important because he will want to know where


he is. When I talked to him yesterday, he talked about his


training, which is a great indicator for someone like him, who has the


experience that he does. The training is a great Kator as --


indicator as well. This will give him a map in terms what have he


wants to do between now and the Games in Rio. But make no bones


about it, if this doesn't work out exactly quite like he wants it to,


that doesn't really matter for him. He still has time and as we've seen


in the past, he's able to make up time like nobody else. He's able to


get himself ready and in race condition better than anyone else.


He doesn't absolutely have to have races to do that. It's a bonus for


this crowd that they get to see him. I think he's in very good shape,


because if you look at his progression up to the Jamaican


trials, he didn't have any hiccups, no injuries. Whereas last year, his


preparation, the entire season was littered with injuries. He's in a


better position here. I think that he's going to run really well here.


I'm a little surprised that he allows some of the faster guys to


line up behind him. He likes to put himself under the pressure. He gets


to choose his lane. He can pretty much choose where everyone else


wants to go. He chose to be out further and let those guys try to


chase him down. Adam Gemili in lane eight, running in the 200 metres for


Great Britain in Rio. This will be a big test for him as well. He had his


big injury problems last year, missed the World Championships,


having shown so much promise when he launched himself in 2012. I'm


surprised to see he's only run 20. 34 this year. He has to show


something here tonight. Between now and the Games he has a lot of work


to do. This is an opportunity, being out there on the outside, you know,


he's going to have to run. He knows Bolt will be back there. The best


advice is to go back to childhood - run. Just run and run to win. If he


can set a season's best that will be a good indicator for him and that


will be good in terms of confidence. He has that experience now through


major championships and getting there through the rounds and getting


into finals. He's done that very well. Obviously medals at the


European and Commonwealth Games as well as making finals at the worlds.


Unlike a lot of athletes, you were saying from the American


qualifications... Very fresh and young, having had that experience


and that counts for a lot. Yeah, it does. One thing about, I like this


race much better for him. He's such an efficient runner. So if he can


just get around that bend, he's going to - technically, it will be


fantastic. The thing about him, he doesn't have good speed endurance,


he's not going to fall apart because he's so technically sound. This is a


good race for him. I like this race for him. 20. 3 is very


disappointing. You have to get down to 20. 1 today. You talk about the


contrasts of the two athletes. Bolt doesn't need a lot of races I think


Adam does. Because of that hamstring injury, he hasn't got the technique


or actually, I think, the confidence at the moment to really put his foot


down. He's going to need to do that tonight. Is that the legacy of his


injury, that he will feel nervous? With such a bad injury, we saw him


run at the trials, his form wasn't as silky as he's been. What I'd like


from tonight is that I see that smooth Adam come back, the guy who


does a great turn and holds his form. That will come through


confidence. That's why tonight is so important for him. Important for him


and important for Usain Bolt to come out on this track, where he was a


multi-Gold Medal winner in London and lay down a marker to the world.


He's not here, Gatlin, but he will be watching and know the form this


man's in. Again, Bolt is not going to do or die by this race tonight.


He will want to run well and I think he will. I can guarantee you there's


no concern at all about the injury. But he admitted to me and he said


it, I get nervous before the 200 metres. So I think that tonight,


this being his first 200 metres, you've got to give credit. He comes


to his first 200 metres out here on a big race and lets those guys line


up behind him. Let's go to Steve Cram.


Thanks very much. Michael making valid points around you know where


everybody is in terms of preparation for Rio. Bolt has to do something


which most other athletes, well all others don't have to do. All the


demands he has this week for all types of media and he has to take


that in his stride, which he usually does, of course. He's in lane six.


Gemili in eight. We will go through them one by one. This man, if you


want to see somebody who gets a surprise when he was told he'd won


the Gold Medal at the European Championships in Amsterdam, because


Martine was disqualified. Chatting to Gemili, he had a cold earlier in


the week. Let's see how he goes here. Edward getting back into good


form. Won the Diamond League in Monaco. Here he is, though.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE This big crowd here in the Olympic


Stadium hoping he can give them something to cheer. What about


Brendon Rodney. The Canadian champion, this year, very talented.


Christophe Lemaitre, athletics fans will know him. Coming back to good


form in Monaco. A season's best there. He was second behind Edward.


Ashmeade knows Bolt very well. Usually the man in the past who he


has handed to in the relay. Because this afternoon discallification in


the final of the European Championships, he moved into third


and took the bronze medal. Going to Rio of course. And then on


the inside, Sean McLean, 24-year-old American. Zblt scene set and a


familiar one for Usain Bolt, one which has given him so many memories


of 2012. So much has happened since then, but that will never be taken


away from him. He was the star of the Games, as he


so often is. He is the star of tonight. We've had such a great


night so far. What can this great man, this great athlete, deliver for


us? The men's 200 metre final. False start. I don't think it was


Bolt. So we'll wait and see. It was in lane one possibly. That's come up


on the computer as a reaction time. If you're in lane one in the 200


metres against Usain Bolt, you may be thinking - no-one's watching,


I'll get away quick. Doesn't work that way.


So let's see if that is what the officials, if they go with the


machinery. That all just adds a little, Colin,


to the drama. We love drama. We love drama. But that will relax that man.


He is under a bit of pressure. He's now thinking to himself - what do I


need to do? I'd say run fast. I think he's going to have one less to


beat. The athlete in lane one is disqualified. Ah, Sean.


Sean McLean may well be, I'm trying to think in terms of big meets, he


ran in the as low Diamond League and in Birmingham. Maybe a little bit of


nerves on the big stage here. Just got to him. Any way, so, as we


were, down to eight men. Talbot in two, Ashmeade in three, Lemaitre in


four, Rodney, the very good Canadian in lane five with Usain Bolt in six.


Edward in seven. Then Adam Gemili in lane eight and the new European


champion from Spain Horteland-Roig in lane nine.


This isn't going well. You can hear the interference that was coming


through the Speakers, which the starter was right to bring them up.


It's nobody's fault. I'm sure the crowd heard it as well. Got to be


fair to the athletes. You've got to give them the opportunity to


concentrate and focus. This is a big race for many of these athletes,


remember. No bigger race than for this man here. Maybe the mechanism


is getting nervous? Adam Gemili staying calm. As indeed is Bolt, I'm


sure. Doesn't help, though. He wants to win this and just a


quick reminder, the fastest time in the world this year is 19. 74.


Safely away this time. And Bolt is into his stride. Started pretty


quickly. Lemaitre trying to get back into this. Bolt leading. Bolt has a


two metre lead. Edward is coming back at him. He wins it. The win for


Bolt. He's back in business. It wasn't super fast, but it was good


enough tonight. He beat a pretty good field. It was certainly good


enough to please a very big crowd. For Usain Bolt a confidence booster


that will just send a little bit of a message to say - 19. 89, OK, by


his standards that's not really that fast, but let's face it, there still


aren't many people in the world can run under 20 seconds. If he's


healthy and he's undoubtedly going to improve and get quicker by the


time we get to Rio, he doesn't look too happy at the minute, but I'm


sure he will be happy to get that under his belt, to have got the win


and a pretty solid time. I think he will be happy in the sense that race


is out of the way. It's out of his system. First time is a strong


performance. To go under 20 seconds is great. To go under 19. 90 is


good. Fifth fastest in the world this year, your first competitive


200 metres. Rio is three weeks away. Are you in shape? I'm getting there.


I'm not fully in shape. I need more work. Over time, I'll be fine. I


just take my time and I'm going to work. A little bit tentative on the


curve or did you go for it. It looked like you exploded off the


curve? I tried to go for the curve. But I don't think I executed well.


Not at the start. The key thing is came out here to prove something and


I'm happy about it. It looked smooth. Your execution off the bend


looked amazing. Starting to look better, you're starting to look


actually pretty good. Tentative on the curve, but other than that,


pretty good. Thank you very much. You love this stadium. Yes, the


energy is always great here. I'm happy. Hungry as ever? Always


hungry. I'm going to let do you your lap of honour. Maybe we will catch


up with you a little later on. Usain Bolt, as always, giving the crowd


here something to cheer about and a performance that he seems moderately


happy with. I think so. The fastest time in the world this year 19. 74.


He's run 19. 90. With a relatively easy race, I think that is exactly


what he would have needed. I think he will feel very confident with


that. We will expect much faster as he goes into Rio, because that will


give him confidence that he is healthy. He thought he was. Now he


has confirmation of that. Now he can work on speed and speed endurance. I


think he's set up very well. We will talk about Usain and incredible


performances tonight. We're going straight to the red button from BBC


Two here. We've seen a British record for Laura Muir, a world


record for Kendra Harrison in the 100 metres hurdles and an impressive


return to the track for Jessica Ennis. More analysis on the red


button now. Back here for live action 1. 15pm on BBC One. See you


Gabby Logan presents live coverage of the London Anniversary Games from the Olympic Stadium.

Usain Bolt is the star attraction on Friday night with the six-time Olympic champion fine-tuning his Rio preparations in east London.

The star-studded two-day event doubles up as the 10th round of the 2016 Diamond League with Jamaican Bolt racing the likes of Britain's European champion Adam Gemili over 200m.

A whole host of British athletes - with eyes on a prize in Rio - will be hoping to take part including Jessica Ennis-Hill, Dina Asher-Smith, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah.

Commentary comes from Steve Cram, Andrew Cotter and Steve Backley, expert analysis is led by Denise Lewis, Colin Jackson and Paula Radcliffe with Phil Jones reporting.

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