British Championships Day 2 Athletics

British Championships Day 2

Live coverage of the 2016 British Championships from Birmingham. With the British Championships doubling up as the 2016 Olympic trials, there is sure to be no shortage of drama.

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A few weeks ago registrar Flom announced its inner Pettini


including Alistair Brownlee and his brother and then it is cycling got


on the act this week. Now the attention turns to athletics, who


will be the stars? Well, 40 days until the opening ceremony at the


Olympics and it is welcome to the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham and


the final day of the Olympic trials. It is hard to believe it is four


years since we were here in 2012 but we are back and let me tell you the


attention is every bit as big. The athletes signing in and these are


very nervous mums. A just the final preparations as they


get ready to come out into the stadium. As they come out to book


their place on the plane. It was super Saturday four years ago. And


we really expect the super Sunday athletics. Paula Radcliffe and Colin


Jackson know all about competing, Jessica Ennis not here, Mo Farah not


here either but nonetheless a real sense of anticipation. It is


heightened even more because it is the Olympic trials as well as the


British title. Some of these athletes will have been aiming for


this since this appointment may be last time round and somewhere had


just come into the focus the last year or less and be aiming to book


their place. There will be some good racing. British titles up for grabs.


All of us remember winning our very first British title and going back


to your club and saying proudly that you are the British champion. And it


is the Olympic trials as well. Let's have a look at the timetable, so


much to look forward to. Pick out your favourites. This is the third


day and will be showing highlights of the first two days. Just pick out


your favourites. Building up to a great final last


hour with the men's 200 metres finishing it off. What are you


looking forward to most, Paula? Like you said some great races but the


men's 800 will be exciting. What I like is the likes of Ben Greenwood,


17 years old, snatching a place in the final. Against Anthony Whiteman,


who has been here, I have lost count, seventh Olympic trials,


44-year-old. That will be a great race. Unfortunately Jo Pavey is not


here, she has chosen to chase the 10k in Holland. Eilish McColgan has


switched distances and then we have Laura Whittle and Steph 12. Let's


look at how athletes will get selected from the trials for Rio.


In terms of flats, do you think that is reasonable. The important thing


is you have clarity, you do not want any confusion. You want to know


exactly what you have to do. With some of the events they already know


what is at stake. Now we will focus on the women's 100 metres yesterday


with Andrew Cotter and Steve Cram. COMMENTATOR: That is the line-up for


the women's 100 metres. Dina Asher-Smith concentrating on the 200


metres. Henry has been going well. Cleanly away, Asha Phillip out so


quickly. Desiree Henry trying to come back. Asha Phillip a long way


clear and she takes the victory. Into a slight wind. It was a big win


Philip. Asha Phillip out in the lead and then it is a race for second and


you are right, Desiree Henry tightening up as a 19-year-old and


Nieta not even dipping, saying I have got second. I thought that was


a little bit relaxed. Henry again dominating the heats and the


semifinal but in the final, she might still go, it is up to the


selectors, but the two guaranteed to go to Rio are Asha Phillip and


Daryll Nieta. Decent season's best for Philip. She beat Asher-Smith


indoors this year and she says it for the big moments. You delivered


when it mattered most. Thank you, Rocky start the but I know how to


compete at championships, I did not care where I came today, first or


second, get on the plane to Rio. This is the one where I'm actually


going. I am so happy. I saw your reaction, can you sum it up? I am


overwhelmed, I did not expect to be in this position now. A lot of hard


work and I am so happy. Are you ahead of schedule? Thies, it has


always been there but I'm happy to do it. Both going to Rio. I will


start crying. It is our dream, we work so hard through the year. The


fact we have done it and got on the plane, I am so happy, she is so


young, and the relay team is out of this world right now.


Congratulations to you both. STUDIO: Two very excited young ladies and


Asha Phillip just pulled out of the first event today, the 200-metre


heats and Colin, we have Dina Asher-Smith going in this one and


perhaps she is the one we are most excited about. Massive and through


last year. She was superb in the major championships, the final in


Beijing, phenomenal time. I am very excited about her potential. Good


afternoon to Denise Lewis and Steve Cram. COMMENTATOR: Afternoon


Jonathan, afternoon everybody. The sun shining, maybe a little rain


later on and certainly a stiff breeze down the home straight. Dina


Asher-Smith goes here in Lane 5. The qualification is fairly


straightforward. The winner of each heat and four fastest losers go


through to the final. A shame that Asha Phillip has only just pulled


out. She decided not to double up because she went so well in the 100.


That leaves it clear almost, three major contenders, Dina Asher-Smith


in this one, Desiree Henry in Heat 3 and Jodie Williams in Heat 4. The


likes of Bianca Williams, talking over the top of these girls as they


are introduced, Bianca Williams perhaps one who might think she can


rediscover some form from 2014 - 15. No worries for Dina Asher-Smith I


would not thing. Her only 200 was in Stockholm in the wind and rain a


week ago. She will be looking first of all just to qualify comfortably.


Shannon Hylton shares the same coach as Dina.


Made the decision not to run the hundred, alluding to that a couple


of minutes ago, this is the only event she wants to contest in Rio.


Of course the relay squad, places up for grabs in that one as well for


all of the sprinters. Dina Asher-Smith in Lane 5. The winner,,


fires ultimately. -- qualifies. Dina Asher-Smith gets a really good


start. Hylton in Lane 3 moving through with her but Dina


Asher-Smith already showing the class between her, the Gulf in class


really between her and the others. Hylton doing well to try to hang on


to higher. Enjoying the conditions down the home straight, backing off


as she comes through in a fairly swift 22.96. That was effortless.


Really good start. I do not know what you think, did knees, but


sometimes you are concentrating, yes you can fact off five she give their


have the fifth of staff, really good from then and then favour flats in


the home straight. -- you can back off will stop does not matter how


much experience you have got coming to your booking your place is


crucial in these few days. She did not want to mess around. Anxious


wait, she has been looking forward to running. And she has made the


running look very, very easy indeed. We know what she is like out of the


blocks. Very dynamic and quick, always a great Bend runner. She


handles the curve superbly and from this moment on it is about relaxing.


Feeling the track again. Getting into her stride length. She knows


she has done everything she needs to do. I mean obviously you do not need


fast times but she will want to win. Henry going in Heat 3. Williams to


come. She is our best 200-metre runner at the moment but I think the


other two will want to make their spot. Only two of those three can


guarantee their spot here. Absolutely and as you mentioned


Desiree Henry finishing third in the 100 metres, bitterly disappointed.


Looking very good in the heats and didn't quite do enough to get the


automatic space so she will have a point to prove. Comfortable win for


Dina Asher-Smith, she can go and relax and she will be back later, a


lot later, really, for the final at 4:20pm. Under 23 seconds, the wind,


keep an eye on that, that will be crucial in terms of Olympic


qualifying. Slide following wind. Season's best for Shannon Hylton in


second and personal best for F Dobbin. -- Beth. Good crowd in today


as you would expect. Decent crowd yesterday. Perfume author Dave on


super Sunday. We are hoping the rain will hold off. -- a few more to the


on super Sunday. Lots of drama as well, we have talked about places up


for grabs obviously but it is being able to cement your team. 11 people


yesterday but their flight to Rio. All ages, the interest in athletics,


all ages. It is great to see the turnout. Trials have been fiercely


contested but it has been said that this is possibly one of our best


Olympic trials we have seen in the long time. I think very competitive


and by the way, that looks nice. I have not had my lunch yet. The


women's 800 later, seven people yesterday with the qualifying mark.


Andrew. Onto heat two of the women's 200


metres. Interesting to see how Louise Bloor goes.


Six runners. Lucy Evans who took the Welsh title this year. Running in


the green, red and white of sale Harriers.


Amanda Shaw, Wakefield Harriers. A similar sort of time. And inside


her, the Trafford athlete... And in March, a stress fracture in her back


was diagnosed. Very unfortunate timing. Interesting to see what sort


of form she isn't. Kimberly Baptiste inside her... This athlete studying


in Oklahoma. Has reached qualifying standard previously in the USA. And


in your clock... Inside 24 seconds. Four heats. Only one goes through


automatically. Plus the four fastest losers.


Very interesting to see what sort of form Louise Bloor is in after her


injury. Pipi quite well away. Louise Bloor


working strongly down the bend. Pipi alongside. Ten Pack three out in


front, Bloor working hard down the straight. Pipi a long way out and it


will be Pipi, comfortable winner of this heat. Taking the qualifying


spot and the wind had dropped. 23.84, not as quick as she might


have liked for that second qualifying spot but she has a place


in the final. You might not have seen too much of Pipi, she is based


in the United States at the moment, but running very well, Berry


consistently. When you are competing there, when you are in the United


States, that gives you a lot of raising experience which she showed.


Absolutely, she came to these championships full of running.


Making a very good 200 metres, putting together a decent race. She


got out well. What you are looking for in the bend is they are curbing


the turn and she drifted a little, stays sort of centre but could have


her but that lane a little tighter. She comes into the home straight,


looking for relaxation, looking for a comfortable turnover and as you


said, Andrew... Lots of running has been done over in the States. So she


is fresh, knows what she has got to do and made her qualification and


very easy indeed. A real shame for Amy Allcock. But Pipi coming down


the street, looking comfortable. Louise Bloor, missing a little bit


of running in those legs after that stress fracture injury. But Pipi, as


we mentioned, studying over in Oklahoma. Looking ready good for a


challenge in the final. The pace, a little bit down, as you would expect


on that of Dina Asher-Smith. Some quick runners to come. Jody


Williams, Bianca Williams... Pipi, an easy winner of that. Head of


Kimberly Baptiste. The four fastest losers will go through, a personal


best for Kimberly Baptiste as we can confirm...


The discus... Aiden Francis is out in front. This is round five. On


home turf. The best this year, 55.8 five. Let's look at this. Writing


hard off the left leg, hitting hard on the heels. Chasing down...


Looking closer to the 60-metre line than the 50-metre line, Olympic


qualifying is 61 metres, and a season's best for her. That was a


few moments ago. In the final round, taking the lead,


just shy of 60 metres. Making great ground this year. Qualifying for the


pics. That will be enough. The British champion. On the plane to


Rio de Janeiro. That has assured her place on Team GB. What a great


throw, decent throw, not great, actually, I will take that back.


Very high standards this year. Second best ever. Jade Lalli. And


below 60 metres. Into a slight headwind. Looks pleased enough.


Victory ie three metres for Jade. Celebrations all round.


The British champion, six qualifier marks, that is sure is a place in


the team for Rio de Janeiro. Aiden Francis, decent enough performance.


A good win for Jade. So we move onto heat three in the


women's 200 metres. If you were with us some minutes ago, disappointment


that Asha Philip will not start, after winning the 100 metres


yesterday. Desiree Henry in lane three.


She has the distinction of being the oldest in the field but we won't


talk about that. And now, the youngest in the field. Chloe


Lambert... Third in the Commonwealth youth games a few years back. A lot


of Scottish athletes having a good weekend. Joey Duck in lane five,


trying to get back to form. And a big opportunity for a Desiree Henry,


still just 20 years of age, real talent. So disappointed, Denise was


right, ran very well, I was here on Friday night, but ran so good. In


the heat... She just seemed to run out of steam a little bit in the


final of the 100 metres, finishing third.


No Ashlee Nelson. Problem for her in terms of injury. An opportunity to


get to the final four Henry and she could cement for a spot in the 200


metre team later. Away they go... Not the best start. Sometimes Henry


is not the best out of the blocks. Running a very good bend, tried to


relax. The youngster going well. Henry with that lovely action...


Those are working, and this is what she looks like when she is relaxed.


When there is a little bit of pressure, things can go a little


awry. 23.15. Easing off, relaxing down the home straight. She looks


happy. It is really hard, isn't it, Denise? When an opportunity like she


had in the 100 metres seems to slip through your fingers, she could


still yet be selected. And you have to gather yourself, come out again,


put that this appointment behind you, get back on the bike as it


were. The heats are a good way to do that. Absolutely, she knows she is


in great shape, a beautiful looking runner, I like Armour over the 200


than I do over the 100 because you get to see that lovely technique in


full flow but what this proves to you, when you come to these Olympic


trials, you cannot underestimate anybody. A lot of youngsters here


this weekend trying to take that next step, book their place, get a


personal best and I think maybe she switched off, maybe a little bit


ruffled white Asha Philip taking out the 100 but this young lady has a


great opportunity, she is looking good and she just needs to remain


confident. Just one more heat to go. The final at 4:20pm, don't miss it,


should be fantastic. Let's catch up with more of the highlights from


yesterday. Unfinished business in the men's


triple jumper Julian Reed. And Nathan Douglas. Both have the


qualifying standard last year, still didn't get selected for the World


Championships. Read took second place in the trials yesterday but


needs another jump over the Olympic qualifying standard to guarantee


selection this year. Douglas won the UK Crown bodies in a the same


situation, have time to go beyond 60 metres 85 and give the selectors no


options. The women's hammer could offer Britain's best hope for a


throwing medal. For Sophie Hitchen, it is job done, heading to a second


Olympics and is only 24. Sometimes when you are the favourite it can be


difficult, but it's about executing, doing what I needed to do. But it is


about going into the next few competitions, hopefully I will be


able to pull together. You'd note you are going to Rio de Janeiro,


that feeling of representing Great Britain, it must give you a huge


thrill. It has come round that fast, it doesn't seem that long ago since


2012. It has come round again. It's always nice to see. A few of the


results and performances so far in the Championships and this,


confirmation of the last heat in the women's 200 metres. Henry, a big


winner, quick enough time. A long way clear of Joey Duck.


That was heat three. We have seen big wins for Desiree Henry and Dina


Asher-Smith. Good conditions at the moment, it is tried, I think that


was contrary to the forecast. The breezes picking up and dying away.


That is affecting times. We want to keep things legal in terms of the


wind and times as we look ahead to the fourth and final heat. A very


young line-up. Three 18-year-olds in their but we will be looking out for


the Williams... Jody Williams and Bianca Williams, the latter in lane


three. On the outside lane, Bailey, from


Corby. Ella Barrett, we were talking about


the 18-year-olds. That Yorkshire champion over 100 and 200. Another


other youngsters, Selina Henderson, from Falkirk. 25 points 30, modest


time this season. Jody Williams... She has the qualifying standard. As


does Bianca Williams, silver-medallist in the Europeans


and Commonwealth Games. Jazz Crawford, 18.


24.51 this season. Bianca Williams. Silver-medallist and


bronze-medallist here in the Commonwealth Games two years ago.


She has the qualifying standard. 23 points 27 this season from Bianca


Williams. Only one to go through automatically. You would think about


Jody Williams for that. Always a concern, she was protecting her


hamstring, pulled out of the world relay. How will she run?


The final heat of the women's 200 metres. Jody Williams away nicely,


Boyata Williams on the extreme outside, pushing hard. Jody Williams


out in front. One to go through only. Automatically, Jody Williams


by a couple of metres from Bianca Williams. Jody Williams looking


around, looking easy, comfortable, she will take the victory, the


automatic place. 22 points 99. The wind dropping a little bit, legal


time. Staring to the camera, looking good. Bianca Williams, I suspect,


her time will be good, four fastest loser is to go through. She will


certainly go through without, Jody Williams, good to see such a good,


young talent, problem with injuries but looking constable.


She looked well within herself but she will have looked at the draw


this morning knowing that comfortable codification, she has


been training well. She indicated she has had some problems this


season but finding her form and looking to replicate the magical


season she had in 2014. Always so important to make sure you have a


great bend and Jody does just that. You would expect Bianca Williams in


Lane 3 to start to come through that both of them looking nice and easy.


Jodie looking like she might do business in the final. Such a talent


as a junior, then as you mentioned coming through and that amazing year


but for those injuries, she is the purest 200-metre runner Britain has


produced in the last few years. She has great attributes for 200, great


speed endurance. As a junior we were looking for her to come through will


stop as so many of these athletes are tested with injury it is how you


deal with that and how you put together your race plan. To allow


you to be in the best possible shape you can being at these trials and


beyond. Bianca Williams will be through with that one you would


think. STUDIO: Very confident looking Jodie Williams. The next


action on the track will be the 400 metre hurdles with a little oil, and


now we will take -- a league Eilidh Doyle. We will talk about drugs.


Let's start with Russia, the IAAF upholding the ban with a few


exceptions. Were you first of all surprised at Mark no, not really. I


think once we saw the programme, and then the feedback from Russia.


Russia are refusing to acknowledge there was a problem. I do not think


there was a choice. I think they had to be strong. And not allow Russia


to compete until the changes come in and that will take a couple of


years. The bizarre thing Steve almost seem to be that Russia did


not take this seriously. Bell I agree. They have obviously been


sidestepped in terms of their own attitude towards this. There is lots


of little things. I think even on the IAAF side we are talking about


this discussion with the IOC about allowing proven innocent athletes to


compete either under a neutral flag or even has Russia so it is not


really sorted out. Even that process when the IAAF suspended Russia some


months back it might have been helpful if they had said to the


athlete, you might want to start thinking about getting out of the


system because we don't think Russia will take this seriously. Russian


athletes have been caught in between. Perhaps not being quite


aware of how they, if they are innocent, there must be some clean


athlete, we presume. It looks difficult for them to get to Rio


now. I think Russia are where they deserve to be. What I good evening


there has been a change, there was an interesting intervention from the


commission president and Becky Scott from Wada, Russia thought they would


be let back in again, but now it seems things are out in the open and


decisions are being made. I think what we are seeing is a ground swell


of the athletes themselves standing up and saying it is our sport and we


need to stop the politics. Get the athletes point of view across. We


want these governing bodies, to do their principal job which is


protecting clean athletes and ensuring they can compete on a level


playing field. And the crowds watching can believe what they are


watching. The ISC talked about Kenya and their noncompliance on and they


have to go through a process if they want to be selected for Rio. Yes,


that's a little easier for the Kenyan athletes because their doping


system has been under the auspices of the IAAF for a while because of


the issues around doing effective testing in Kenya and that has been


recognised for a while. There is a fair few athletes will be able to


meet that much better than perhaps some of the Russian athletes. It is


an issue for Kenya but I do not think we will see some of the bigger


names we would expect to be in Rio as part of the Kenyan team not being


allowed to compete because they have been tested regularly. They are on


the circuit regularly competing. And undergoing fairly brittle and


testing, the likes of Kiprop and Rudisha. So we are in a really


interesting situation. Bit like post-Brexit... Don't mention it.


Everybody looking at the middle of a changing period. The Olympics coming


along in the middle of that. Some big decisions having to be taken


quite quickly and we have to be careful about that. We cannot allow


the Olympics to interfere in really looking at what the issues are in


country after country where the labs are not meeting the criteria. That


is partly the fault of Wada as well, going back to check labs, they will


say perhaps they need more funding. But if there are lots of countries


out there including Kenya, Mexico, a whole bunch of them not complying.


Even the Rio lab three days ago was declared noncompliance. They will


have to fly them back to Switzerland to do the testing for the Olympics.


That brings us onto Sochi, another ongoing investigation, allegations


that they tampered with specimens in the Olympic testing lab. If those


are proven to be true then this supersedes anything we have been


talking about. Is it an entire Russia ban? Definitely, that is what


has woken up the IOC athletes commission to put the reports


forward because suddenly the saw these other sports. Looking back at


November when the first McLaren Dick Pound report came out the other


sports should have looked at this, it was never just athletics. Trying


to do something before Rio it is too late but I do not understand why it


is taking so long, it should have been done by now. Those people


should never be involved in sport again because that is tampering with


basically everything we can believe in. Another recent thing in the news


was the barber 1500 metre world record-holder, EPO steroids found in


his hotel. -- terrorist for all of the Russia ban and things


are changing, how are people going to view Rio. Greg Rutherford in the


long jump. How are people going to respond. It is important we do not


get sidetracked by Rio, the battle to find the coaches and managers and


athletes must go on. We cannot back off. If Dibaba's coach is found to


be, there has been a long term invitation. That needs to be


publicised. An ongoing investigation into Jama Aden. The public need to


understand that all sport hopefully should be trying their best to root


out not just the athletes, they make the headlines but it is people


behind-the-scenes, the same way we are accusing the Russian Federation


and banning them, there is instant full out on the athletes, we should


be looking at coaching groups. If there is a culture we think has been


cheating, that group somehow has to be following the same route as the


Russian athletes. It can be and are -- an analogy if you like. If you're


hanging round had to where the coach has syringes, whether they claim


they are there is not. No athlete wants to be seen as King would hang


around that scenario, would you? I think there is a lot happening but


we also have to make sure we are still chasing those people to get


rid of them. On final thought before we move on to Jess Ennis and


Germany. Testing samples again seems to be a fantastic thing, eight years


down the road but now we have introduced the fact that the Olympic


high jump champion from 2012 had a negative B sample. It is not chaos,


we had it with Bernard Lagatla, it is there to be a second chance to


check things. We will leave it there, some better news, Jess Ennis


in Germany. -- Bernard Lagat. We can take a look at day one and the first


two events of the two and at the moment she is well ahead of the


total she got in Beijing to take the gold-medal. 84 points ahead and in


particular look at the long jump, 6.63 is a personal best. One person


who knows all about multi-events is the Olympic champion from Australia,


Denise Lewis. This is a pretty fantastic performance from someone


who we do not know if she was fit. The question for Jess is selecting


the competition. She has had her injury problems but almost


inevitably athletes do not make the right decisions. The performance she


has put together so far is testament to the decisions she has to make. In


terms of what you have seen, do you start hanging the gold-medal around


her neck? I am very confident, the most aggressive was the highlight.


The long jump has been so temperamental for her over the last


few years. After the great things we have seen from her, 6.63 is


outstanding. I do think hanging a medal around her neck, that is of


its end. But she is definitely favourite. One athlete who had a


disappointing start was Katarina Johnson-Thompson, where is she at


the moment? Again athletes get injured, it throws them into


disarray. I think the greatest battle for her now is where she is


mentally. She still has to believe she can go out there and give Jess a


real good run for her money and let's not just say there are other


athletes out there. The wife of Ashton eaten is also world leader


perhaps not so after this weekend, but she has put in a good


performance this year. We know the potential Kat has. Great speed


injuries but she needs to put it together. And if she goes to the


start line in Rio healthy she will be dangerous. When we get that 800


metre result from Germany we will let you know. Next on track is a


Eilidh Doyle. This year she has really stepped up to the point where


maybe we think she could win a medal in radio. COMMENTATOR: I am sure she


has the potential to do that. She started the Diamond League season


with a bang. It looked like a soft entry here. The American trials next


week will give us an idea of what she needs to get into the final. In


the final of this one out with Andrew Coltart. COMMENTATOR: Since


the injury to Perri Shakes-Drayton, we will see her later on, this event


has been demoted in British terms by this one-woman, Eilidh Doyle,


formerly Eilidh Child. She lines up in lane six.


Lookout for Shauna Richards and Jessica Turner has been running


well. She goes in lane four. Meghan Beesley is an absentee, she is out


with an Achilles problem. She is hoping for selection in the European


Championships and see how she goes from there. Abigayle Fitzpatrick,


under 23 champion. Definite close, the youngest in the line-up, 20


years old, personal-best 58 point 74.


No such worries on that front for Eilidh Doyle, defending champion,


world-class, European champion. Silver at the Commonwealth Games.


And Philip below, in lane five. Has got her personal best down to 58.0


three. Jessica Turner. 57 seconds flat in Poland at the beginning of


the month. Still just 20. Shauna Richards, also 20, world junior at


silver-medallist two years ago, 56.05 in the European Under 23


Championships and Estonia this time last year, needs to try and find


that form again. There will be big support for Ese Okoro, Birchfield


Harrier, two years ago, there were five siblings competing at these


championships, an athletic family. Hayley Mclean from Chelmsford,


former European junior championship. Shauna Richards... Mentioned, the


world junior silver-medallist, setting a British junior record.


Finding that sort of form, the qualifying standard is 56.20. Hasn't


managed to reach 57 seconds the season. Eilidh Doyle... Dominant in


the British 400-metre hurdling. Adam on interrupted winter training.


She is sometimes slow to start the season but she says this year has


been just about her best. The final of the women's 400 metres


hurdles. Most eyes looking to Eilidh Doyle


and how she paces this race. Moving up on Bethany Close, alongside her


now. Looking strong and comfortable. Eilidh Doyle already taking huge


chunks out of the rest of the field. Richard is running pretty well in


lane three. Three from the right. What time can she manage? Eilidh


Doyle controlling the race, keeping the stride even, her stride pattern


is consistent, look at the lead, this is a gulf in class for her and


the rest of the field. Without Meghan Beesley year. Temp act one, a


class apart. Richard is... And Jessica Turner doing battle for


second and third, Turner just in front. Eilidh Doyle, ten metres more


than that clear of the rest of the field, it is all about her victory


and the time she runs. 54.93, Jessica Turner taking second. She


barely looks out of breath, Eilidh Doyle. My goodness! What a dominant


performance, we expected it, the UK champion again. No one really can


touch her in 400-metre hurdling terms. In Britain at the moment. A


familiar smile, we have seen so many times as she gathers medals in


European and Commonwealth terms and here, she takes the British title


very comfortably. It is one thing being the favourite but you still


have to go out and deliver and things can happen in hurdles, even


in the 400 metres and that was a performance race. It was really good


to see. You know, the way she started was spot on, she has had


flawless preparation which allows her to come out very well at the


beginning of the year, in the diamond league in Joe Hart, taking


their first race, that is important for any of these world-class


athletes. Settling into the season. -- Doha. Get that with an early. It


is difficult sometimes to push yourself when you are so dominant


but good rhythm, good style, and for her, she will really enjoy the fact


that she is going to go to Rio now, this guarantees her spot and she can


focus on getting through to the final and attacking those metal


places. Interesting what you are saying, she can only push yourself,


that is why it is a shame, it would be nice to see Meghan Beesley coming


back and running, she is one person who can get close to Eilidh Doyle.


Ahead on does not do it justice, the margin of victory... She is the


champion, a bit of a store, under 55 seconds, the UK champion again and


she talks now to fill. Congratulations on that. A sense of


relief, you know you are a class apart from this field but you needed


to get the job done? I never take anything for granted, I have to go


out and anything can happen in hurdles, that was the main focus. I


needed to show tonight, get the qualifying. I can get the plane to


Rio. We know you are European champion and you have been fifth and


sixth... The way you are running this year I think people are


suggesting you might get a medal at the Olympics. How do you feel things


are going? I am confident, the hurdles is open this year, got to


keep plugging away and working hard. I do not give away medals easily but


I am going to try and fight for one. How much is there a sense of


celebration in making the team and how much is ticking a that is it,


everyone talks about the Olympics but until you have cemented the


selection you cannot focus too much honoured, I can go away now know I


will be there. Listen, I know you have run so well this season but in


a race like today, do you ever wish you could be pushed more on the


British stage? When you do hurdles, it's all about the stride pattern,


sometimes it becomes irrelevant, it's all about your own performance,


I don't take anything for granted, great race today. Great race,


congratulations on booking your place for real.


It's interesting talking about the prospects, as Steve was alluded to,


the US trials, five Americans have run quicker than Eilidh Doyle. Look


at the margin of victory for her. Jessica Turner in second place and a


personal best for it Bethany Close. Well done to Eilidh Doyle. Denise


Lewis has found a chair, but Paula, you are doing well at keeping your


cheer here! Good performance from Eilidh Doyle. It is easy to go out


and focus on your own race in the hurdles but it's the mental side,


getting yourself up for race you know you are going to win?


Absolutely and she does it so well, so much championship experience, at


these of trials and she has had to get used of taking those races,


almost like a time trial, doing the job and getting it done. I don't


know whether I would agree with... Sometimes you need those races, it's


testing your stride pattern and your ability to keep a cool head in


really quick races and... It varies for some athletes quite


dramatically. Nice to see her here, Pollock, she is the sort of athlete


who might have woken up in the middle of the week and said my


hamstring is sore, I do not fancy it. Absolutely and it's great to see


her here, the crowd appreciate it and it's great to see her coming out


and running well. A beard will inspire more kids to go down to the


local track and try the 400 metres. The men's 400-metre hurdles is out


on the track behind us. Denise, contrasting to the women's race,


this is as hard as you like. It is hard and it is wide open. All the


guys running here, welcome back to Rhys Williams, running again. Jack


Green has had his issues but he is also in the line-up and you cannot


call it, if I am honest. It will be a testament to who wants it the


most. Just seeing Eilidh Doyle still carrying on her celebrations, we


will go back to get ready and changed and then get ready for the


presentation. There is Jack Green. Unfortunately, Dai Greene did not


make the final... Paul. He knew he was up against it. Had a long way to


come back. He gave it his best shot but he wasn't able to be there in


the final today. But I think you can walk away knowing he gave it his


best. The unenviable task of trying to call the blanket finish, with me,


it's Steve Crown! Let's go for the duvet. I will try


and set this out. Anybody... Certainly any one or two out of four


men are guaranteed a place. Let's begin with Flannery. The


defending champion, qualification marks from last year. Mind it can go


all the way back to the 1st of May 2015, he has two qualification marks


so a top two for him, sorted. He goes to Rio. Jacob Hall, the


youngest, 21, new personal best. In qualifying for the final could he


sprang a surprise? You would have to drop another big personal best. Rhys


Williams. He has done that time once this year. Needs to finish in the


top two and run 49 point for quicker. That would guarantee his


spot. Similarly, Tom Burton. Last year, ran 49.3 six. He will need to


repeat that here today. A bit more difficult for Sebastian Rodger.


Perhaps the most consistent this year. Hasn't been able to drop a


time and get that qualification mark. Jack Green... He has done.


Having Jack Green probably in the best position, if he can produce the


sort of form he has shown already. Needs to finish in the top two. The


city of Sheffield club. The former world champion, Jack Calton. His


team-mate from the same club, Rick Yates. As often performed so well.


In the rounds to qualify, Jack Green... Perfectly fine. Tom Burton


looked pretty good. And Rhys Williams... Niall Flannery


struggling a little bit. That is why he finds himself out in lane eight.


Green is in three. Tom Burton in five.


Safely away. Flannery probably has to get out there pretty hard. In the


400-metre hurdles you cannot change much in terms of your rhythm and


stride pattern. It's going to be about the home straight. Jack Green


going well already, Tom Burton in the middle. The green vest of


Tamworth. Flannery rising first. Hardly anything to choose between


them, Sebastian Rodger in this, Jack Ring struggling, losing a couple of


metres. Rhys Williams, Burton, Sebastian Rodger, Flannery...


Sebastian Rodger leading. Rhys Williams trying to get in, here


comes Jack Green. Jack Green trying to get there but Sebastian Rodger


leading. Still holding a metre. Sebastian Rodger Windsor from Jack


Green, 49.40 six. What a shame. Sebastian Rodger had been the most


consistent this year. Jack Green confirming his place in real but


600th of a second shy of an Olympic qualifying mark. Sometimes the


consistency of performing reasonably well... Sometimes you cannot just


drop a time, for him, it's a bit easy down that back straight but he


attacked it. Nothing to choose between the first 200 metres, ran


really well through the top bend. Had that lead, under pressure, stood


up well. I was a little bit nervous for him coming into the final


barrier. Attacking it so aggressively but as you said, that


consistency that you have under your belt is and always great in these


circumstances. When the pressure is on, you know you have the confidence


to clear the final barrier is, put yourself in a good position to go


driving into the line. Sebastian Rodger had been quite nervous of


some people, he opens his stride, into the crown of the bend, pushing


well, here we go, driving. I am strong and focused, I will keep my


rhythm. I know there is pressure, I am going to be steaming, look how he


works hard into that tape. Gutted that he just missed the qualifying.


But the thing is, now he has come within the top two he has until to


lie the 11th to run the mark and the fact he is so close, he will have to


fight some races, the European Championships are an option, not too


many meetings around, but can he run the time twice to guarantee


selection or will he get picked anyway, the fact he has run here


today. He needs to get at least one qualifying mark. Came close, but the


main thing for him, he has given himself an option and a chance and


Jack Green, he can be very happy, the fact he has qualified.


I think we can tidy up the result before talking to the two of them.


Winning time for Sebastian Rogers, just out five hundredths of a


second, Jack Green 49 point 49. The two guys with Phil. We can talk


about permutations now. Jack has secured his place and it is a


question of chasing times or convincing the selectors you should


go regardless, you are so close today. It is out of our control


really, we did not want to go down to this but it has done, one of


those things. Willie Targett the Europeans or what will be the game


plan being to get the times once and nudge selectors? That is the only


way I can go, I will go to the Europeans and see what side can do


there. I will have to see to be honest. Tremendous performance as


congressional is taking the British title. I'm over the moon to be.


People are so supportive. Everything has come together so I'm very happy.


Wild Jack making the team, you are there in 2012 so unfinished


business? Yes I've barely run in the last four years so today was a job,


I would like to wear but I really don't care to be honest, I'm going


to Rio and about what today was about. It is nice to be going. Age


were discovered by, we wish you well. -- tremendous comeback. Jo


Blair chasing down the lead. She has hit that hard. A big efforts from Jo


Blair, her lifetime best is 54 91. It looks to be beyond that. Slightly


short of the arm, knows about that flight well though. She has hit that


very hard indeed and has gotten a lot out of it. 57 metres, 44


centimetres, a lifetime best and takes the lead. A few months ago,


Goldie Sayers finds herself in second place. Looking to chase the


lead of 57 metres 44, Jo Blair and that when challenger. Best so far


54.70 three. She has an Olympic qualification place from last year


but she would need one to improved form. That won't do that, 54.98.


Lands heavily, no separation there, all comes flooding through together.


Nothing on it, no power going through the javelin. Slight


improvement but still in second place for Goldie Sayers. Long jump


also underway. No Greg Roman Rutherford. Hit the board by the


sounds of it, looks to be over seven metres. Early stages, nothing to


worry about with Greg Roman food. We hear he is just playing its careful


ahead of Rio. -- Greg Rutherford. A best this year of 61 for Jegede, 30


years of age now. That takes the lead, up to his season 's best.


Looking at the other side of the stadium they are readying themselves


for the men's 200. Three heats in this event. A shame we will not see


at Mitchell Blake after his overnight withdrawal. This is the


line-up for the first heat and add generally is in there. -- add


generally. He has recently run and two for Chris Clarke and Tommy


Ramdhan has been running quickly as well. -- Adam Gemili. Kyle Ennis


goes on the outside, Newcastle best 20.0 four. Inside him the Liverpool


Harrier James Williams. The qualifying standard for this is


25.0. Chris Clarke is capable of that's, 20.22, his personal best.


Sam Watts of Woodford Green Essex, a semifinalist at the NCAA, studying


over in Texas. Permanently with a smile on his face. The European


champion, has never won a senior UK title and there is Tommy Ramdhan,


the 19-year-old who won the UK junior title in Sweden last summer.


Peter Shand, on home soil. New personal best for him this season


outside 21 seconds. On the inside. The first two go through


automatically and the two fastest losers over the three heats. Sam


Watts is on a quick time as well, his personal best is 20.65. They


Woodford Green athlete. Adam Gemili in four there. The first of three


heats in the men's 200 metres. Clearly a way and Adam Gemili making


huge ground, Sam Watts behind it. Adam Gemili in a good position at


the moment. Tommy Ramdhan with the ground to make up, Chris Clarke


moving nicely. Gemili out in France, had a glance to the right and left,


nobody there. A long way clear, Chris Clarke just takes a second


place, 26.0. The wind helping a fraction for Adam Gemili. Nice to


see him running quickly where things went wrong just over a year ago and


ended soaked going of -- ended his hopes of going to the World


Championship at he is through to the final. It is nice to see him back


and moving so well, yes we know it is only a qualifying round but he is


a really good competence printer now Adam. That smile as you say, people


love him, enjoyed seeing him perform because when he is at his best very


competitive against all the top sprinters in the world. Here is that


European champion, Adam managed to do that and Heery is right in the


centre of the picture running a very common to all cagey turn, no


pressure on him, puts his foot down as he comes off the bench, users


away smoothly. Of course stopped the clock around that 20 point six mark.


A natural sprinter, not hugely massively, just faster. You wonder


how quickly he may have gone last year but the hamstring injury. Again


looking easy and able to have those glances around. A strong contender


he will be despite the fact there are very quick runners to come. This


is a pretty loaded event. This will be one of the hot races here this


weekend. Don't worry, these guys are full of action and are looking to


run fast and of course obviously have the best seat on the plane.


Looking easy, comfortably through. The final is at 445, confirmation of


that result, Gemili and Chris Clarke go through automatically but Gemili


a long way clear of his rivals. Adam Gemili through so today's needs to


go away and get worn down, a bit of a massage, it is only 200 metres but


at that speed it takes a bit out of you. Not only the physical aspect


but mentally, getting up for the 200, so much at stake and it is so


competitive as some of these races are this weekend. Adam has a point


to prove to himself, has not had the best start to the season, still


recovering from that awful hamstring injury so he needs sharpness and


needs to find that turnover of speed again. Let's look at the race, he


got out well, it is difficult to tell it what is essentially a


semifinal he is so far ahead of everybody else. He is but when you


have been racing lightly it is important to try and repeat what you


have been doing in training and what he remember and what you feel. It


ought to be the great execution of a race and that was not too far off


but as you said nice and easy and comfortable. He very much those he


has to perform in the final, some events are strong, despite the fact


Blake is not running and James Ellington, he ran in the 100


yesterday, we will show it surely so don't miss it, he still needs to


produce. Still needs to produce a performance and not only to try and


book his place for Rio but also to prove to himself that he is going in


the right direction. What I like about Adam, for all of the difficult


times he has had, the trauma last year, the smile on his face, it is


like he is a novice at Fleet at his first Championships. He has come


from football so in terms of trading days, he probably is a novice


compared to someone like Doyle and others. He is still learning and


still feeling his way and will probably be wondering why people


adore him so much, it is that smile and we know the potential that is


there. No Blake as I mentioned, 95 he has done this year, that is a big


disappointments but in terms of the selection and for the selectors, it


gives the maroon problem doesn't think was like it does. The whole


point is for people to show up and beds to heads of some important and


when you have your two fastest runners not showing up, it gives


them a real dilemma because they have to prove fitness, they have the


qualifying marks but then what do you do should James Ellington who I


think is showing up in the next round heats, whether he will get the


place or whether Adam will. It makes a very tricky indeed. Mitchell Blake


has been told that in his same prove his fitness and form because he has


been running in America and baby the European Championships are an


option? -- maybe. They have been very lukewarm, it is a good way of


putting it about who can and cannot compete in those championships. In


his case very much necessary that he should show his going in the right


direction. Time for heat number two. We can look at the start list, this


the easier of the three. Just to remind you, the top two


going to the finals later. Chris Stone 21-year-old, indoor champion


this year. Yet to break 21 seconds. Sam Landsborough, the Northern


champion, those northern Championships three weeks ago, new


personal best at 21.33, James Alaka ran yesterday, looking good and not


too far away from the qualifying mark. Personal best is inside 21.


Elliott Powell of Leicester. Reece Prescod, the 220 rods in lane four


and five, Powell and Prescott. And Confidence Lawson, again a


semifinal in the 100 metres. And right on the inside of Lane two, a


very talented youngster, Connor Wood, very good at the 200 and 400


metres. 47, 45 and 21 point 08. The amount of people who have hit the


qualifying mark in the 200 metres, it sometimes looks a bit soft


compared to other events. But we have quite a few who are not hit the


opportunity, you never know one of these guys may get the final.


Top two to go through them. Started pretty well, James Alaka and the


inside. Connor Wood trying to get himself in the race. Rhys Prescott


starting to come through. It is Rhys Prescott who comes away. Elliott


Powell gets ahead of him. 20.80, the winning time. James Alaka went out


quickly. Ran a very good bend and then faded as Rhys Prescott came


into it. Rhys Prescott, showing he has set a personal best. Elliott


Powell, the 20-year-old coming through to take second spot. I was


thinking about the opportunity these youngsters have with some of the big


names out. But Prescod looks good. When he comes down the final 40


metres, look at the rhythm. Nice, bouncy. Looks really control. A time


of 20.8 and he didn't run a particularly tough bend. Little bit


of adrenaline, you never know what can happen. This still makes the


event exciting, even though we have had a couple of big major


withdrawals. The long jump, Daniel Gardner in round one. 7.59, the best


so far. Gardener, north of England champion in the long jump.


Perfection on the board. A faction behind the plasticine. It looks a


long way into the pit. It looks like it will threaten the lead. 7.67 into


first place in the early stages. Five jumps remaining. Chris


Tomlinson said this may be his last competition. 34 years of age now.


What can he do in this first round? That looks closer to seven metres


than eight. He has jumped 8.35. Way behind the board, so some


adjustments to be made. Seven point 20. What is wrong with that, other


than the 20 centimetres or so behind the plasticine. Lacking a bit of


height, maybe? Chris, 7.20 and fourth place at the end of the first


round. Looks like Chris's dad is coaching him. The men's high jumpers


are out. Yesterday it was the chance for the women high jumpers to show


what they could do and the women's pole vault is as well. Representing


Britain in the Olympics has been a childhood dream for Morgan Lake. She


hasn't quite got heptathlon events, but she will


still be going to rear, if only in the high jump. Her nerves well and


truly conquered. I was really nervous in the cool room. It is not


about the height, but getting as high as you can in the medals.


Championship performance, always a bit different. Happy to get the win.


My mum doesn't usually watch my competitions and she was there


today, so it was nice. It is very exciting. Holly was Bleasdale in


2012. Her boyfriend proposed the day of the London Olympics final. Now


she is a Bradshaw. She is Rio Grande. It is a good relief to know


I am going now. Trying to get in the groove and getting more dieldrin, it


is a big relief. Form wise, you showed some decent form. You know


there is plenty more to come? I have been struggling with form in


competition. I am jumping well in training, but poor in competition. I


am confident when it comes to Rio, I will be able to perform. Just to


tidy up the results of the second heat of the men's 200. Comfortable


when for Rhys Prescott. Elliott Powell took second and James Alaka


and Chris Stone will not be in the fastest losers' spots. Heat three is


a bit stronger. You would look to the names of Danny Talbot and


Zharnel Hughes. Evans had a run out in the 400 metres semifinal


yesterday. Just outside 21 seconds this year for 200. Jordan


Kirby-Polidore, former English schools champion in 2011. There is


Leon Reid, Bristol and West athlete that ran for Northern Ireland in the


Commonwealth Games. Zharnel Hughes, hasn't raced to much this season.


When he has, a few meetings in Jamaica and Barbados. Fifth at the


World Championships last year over this distance. Patrick Kari Kari,


just outside 21 seconds, new personal best. Danny Talbot, so


familiar with this track and a big competition as well. When this title


two years ago. 21.32 in Geneva a couple of weeks ago and there was a


strong wind against him. David Bolivar, semifinal at this distance.


Christian Jones. Still just 18. Two to go through automatically from


this one. I suspect if few will fancy their chances as the fastest


loser. Two of those. 21 point 15 would get you in. Zharnel Hughes,


the defending champion, the tall figure in lane five. First


appearance in Europe this season. Danny Talbot will be hunting him


down from lane three. The final heat of the men's 200


metres. Zharnel Hughes, slow out up up -- slow out up the blocks.


Zharnel Hughes with a lot of work to do. Danny Talbot is clear. Here


comes Hughes now. Zharnel Hughes, just taking the second automatic


place. Slight headwind, but no doubt who look the better there between


Danny Talbot and Zharnel Hughes. Danny Talbot, a long way clear. If


Zharnel Hughes was saving some for the tank but the final, it was a


risky move. Danny Talbot will go through and will be a strong


contender in the final. But Zharnel Hughes, the defending champion, in a


bit of bother. He is through, but it did look good. Was a real contrast


of performance. You expect Zharnel Hughes to be more aggressive around


the bend. Remember last year. That is all we saw of him. Beautiful,


easy running gait. But not so great today. Complete contrast in lane


three. Danny Talbot out of the blocks. He is a real workhorse,


Danny. Keeps his focus. That is important in the 200 metres, don't


worry about what is happening around you. Keep your eyes on the job. And


the job, but this young man, was qualification. It was a very good


piece of running. Sprinters are determined to look to the side to


say they are comfortable in their environment. I think Leon Reid will


go through as one of the fastest losers. Zharnel Hughes, a rueful


smile. Because commonly is through, but he has a lot of improvement.


This man was a long way clear, Danny Talbot. The man who won this title


last year was fifth in the World Championships and Zharnel Hughes is


nowhere near that form. He will be in the final, but a lot of work to


do. Round two of the long jump will stop Hamilton, chasing 7.67. It is a


big jump. Think he likes it. Second spot is 7.50 nine. Hamilton, 23


years of age now. Good height, it may be slight forward rotation,


difficult to tell. 7.56, Hamilton. Goes into third place. Still to come


this afternoon, we have the men's 800 metres. Michael Rimmer looking


for a place on the plane to rear. Then we have the steeplechase. In


the 1500 metres, C Bryce against Chris O'Hare. That is over three and


three quarters laps of the track. Lots to look forward to, including


the final of the men's 200 metres at 4:45 p.m.. Denise, let's analyse


what we saw in those three heats. We have this young lad, nobody knew


much about, Prescod, who nobody knew much about, ambled through. Use


standard here thinking, who is his coach? Can we get some more


technical information to him. As a specimen, as a runner, it was


dutiful. You look at Usain Bolt, the height and the power, he looks like


a strong kid and I am assuming he hasn't done much training over the


years. He looked like a talent to me. The man who trains with Usain


Bolt, Zharnel Hughes, Danny Talbot won it and Zharnel Hughes was


struggling, was he trying to be too clever? Contrast to the young kid


who looked fresh and ready to run, Zharnel Hughes did not look like


that. It was like he was giving everything. Good stride length but


there doesn't seem to be any power. It was all just frequency and turn


our, but nothing very impressive. We will see in the final. Yesterday was


a great final over 100 metres. The wind was blowing and it created


something special. This is the start list for the men's 100 metres. As I


say, the wind was blowing and they went quick.


James Allington trying to get back. It is going to be incredibly tight.


9.90 four. It was very, very close. No doubt about the winner. I think


James Allington might have just pipped second spot. We felt the


breeze in the stands. We knew it was going to be quick and illegal. But


what a race it was, ignore the times. Watch Ellington finish. That


is a big story for James Allington. -- Ellington. Confirmation of the


result, three men under ten seconds but the time isn't legal because of


the wind. We will have another period to wait until selections are


confirmed on July the 11th. What a performance from these two guys,


doing the business. James, UK champion, but more importantly you


are on the plane to Rio and a sub ten second time as well. I felt the


guys coming back at me but I had to push towards the line. The goal was


to make it on board the plane. I managed to do that and running that


time was a bonus. I am happy with today. Tremendous performance.


James, you're 100-metre form that day has been fantastic. Was it


within you today? Definitely, going on previous years I have always done


it too early, I went for the safe option and did the two. I thought I


would jump in the mix. It paid off. Tremendous performance,


congratulations, you are both heading to Rio.


What can you say about a picture like that?


LAUGHING What do you make of it? Apart from


the lovely decorations: that was one of the best races I've seen from


long time. James Ellington, what a surprise that was. We did not expect


about it today and any does that and then he does that. For James I think


it feels like he has been in the game for a little while and has been


to a lot of championships, has participated in relays but that 100


metres for him would do him the world of good, this confidence is


soaring. There was the lovely moment when he caught the winner. Very


dramatic. I heard the times comes through and I thought this is


fantastic. Slightly disappointing for the guys with the wind but


irrelevant, the two James's... CJ you thought would be top two, he has


that nervous wait now and has probably done enough but does he


have to prove himself? I don't know, the dangerous is to overcook it. He


has proved time and time again that he is up for the challenge and


deserves a place. It is important the selectors communicate to him


exactly what he needs to do because what he doesn't want is some sense


of uncertainty. Do I need to beat this athlete that athletes. Let him


know so he could get preparations right. That is right, the athletes


need to know if they are on the cusp, the last thing you want is you


go into a heavy stint of training and people say we need one more


race. An interesting line up to the men's 800 metres. Ben Greenwood 23


and Anthony Whiteman over 40. He is the compete with us. He has been


around a very long time. It's great to see athletes like that still here


and still within a shot of doing something special. The man to look


out for is Michael Rimmer. Anthony Whiteman quite a performance and 44


years old, this might be a comment on the state of British etude Rita


running but we leave it at that. We all have a lot of time for Michael


Rimmer, he has not achieved what we hope and thought he would though.


That's a fair analysis. The one thing with Michael is he puts his


heart on the line. He trains hard and has been here a long time. It


would be great if you could book his place but he has his work cut out.


Just before that the results of the 200 metres 30s. A good run from


Danny Talbot. Leon Reid has gone through as one of the two fastest


losers. Interesting comments there. I agree with the state of men's 800


metres: Michael Rimmer will be hoping to go to his third Olympics


he is running consistently well. Anthony Whiteman wearing his masters


less, over the age of 40 and very proud of that and he would say he is


there because they are not good enough at the moment. Only three men


in the UK have run under 147. -- 1.4 seven. Some good talented.


Sean Molloy from Tonbridge. A 20-year-old still improving although


his personal best goes all the way back to 2012. Elliot Giles,


Birchfield Harriers, has real potential, won the under 23


championships last week. Jamie Webb, very good indoor season. From


Liverpool, won the championships and as I said three men under 1.47 and


he is one of them. James, a very strong 800 metre runner. Then


Michael Rimmer who looks arena yesterday. As Jonathan said, has the


two qualifying marks and easily the best eight age metre runner in


Britain at the moment. This guy never seems to have any problem


Anthony Whiteman. I love seeing him chasing people down with rope gusto


to make it through to the final. 17-year-old Ben Greenwood from


Perth. The 17-year-old, a huge talent, new personal best 1.49.50


stop he makes the final. Michael Rimmer looking to confirm his place,


seven men. He doesn't need to do anything here,


no need to take it out hard, will be interesting to see if anyone fancies


pushing on and even getting somewhere near the time 1.46 would


be personal best for everyone but Rimmer. Always good to see some


young talent coming through. Keeping an eye on him to see if he wants to


give it a go to get the qualifying time. Dropping towards the back of


the film, even behind Anthony Whiteman who is right where we


expect him to be, just hanging on on the first lab animals close them


down on the next. If Ben Greenwood can run the time... Ben Greenwood at


the back moving alongside, the oldest and the youngest at the back.


James Bowness trying to make it a strong run here. Michael Rimmer


perfectly placed. Can Elliot Giles strop sometime here? Jamie Webb


moving the shoulder. Looking to push things on here. It is Michael Rimmer


who glides past. Starting to pull away from the other spell. Michael


Rimmer has a little glance, he just wants to keep control of this.


Elliot Giles put similar pressure, still not three flying here so Webb


trying to hang on. Rimmer looking relaxed but has Elliot Giles got


anything here to try to push him on the home straight, he is not finding


anything, Helix across an Elliot Giles are starting to kick away.


Webb is kicking away, Elliot Giles take the title. Then Jamie Webb.


Unbelievably Michael Rimmer has not managed to do the simplest of


things, or what looked like the sinister things on paper. -- the


simplest of things on paper. He has a qualifying time but that will not


mean the selectors have to pick him and he now will have an anxious wait


to stop what did you make of that slow race? It looked like he was


cruising at when he put his foot down nothing there? It's hard to say


he did anything wrong other than not having anything left in his legs. He


was making the right moves and was on the right place, all you to do


was defend it. It looked like he could not find the reserves in the


home straight and started to panic and tightened up even more. The


other two sensed it so the minute Elliot Giles sense that, Jamie Webb


knew what he had to do. Let's take nothing away from Elliot Giles, very


proudly putting on-the-fly, he is the UK champion. That is a big


surprise here, Giles was not in contention unless your job is a


massive personal best in terms of Olympic selection but he can now


going and have a go at it. This led to business as usual for Rimmer. He


is checking around, looking for danger, look as though he's about to


put his foot down but when he does, he doesn't get the answer he was


expecting. You can see his face and shoulders tighten up an Elliot Giles


moves past and, he panics even more, Jamie Webb sees that and seizes the


initiative and knows he can pull in. Michael Rimmer knows his chance of


going to Rio is in jeopardy. Sometimes, Michael is an experienced


guide, I do know if you relax too much and in these types of race if


you give these guys something and you run the slide, to go out and run


a bit harder, it would have put them under pressure instead of himself. I


wonder if maybe he was carrying something, the only thing from the


side angle was his left leg dragging a little bit. He has had back


problems in the past, maybe he was not getting the fire he expected. He


is pacing around like a caged tiger but anyway he is obvious or not


happy but a man who is very happy is Elliot Giles, the UK champion.


I can update your Michael as well, he is devastated, he doesn't want to


talk and we understand. Elliott is a happy man. Can you put it into


words? I can't... I saw you getting emotional after the finish and now


you are in the flag, what did you imagine what is possible today? I


don't know what to say. I'm just so grateful. I don't ever think I would


be British champion, I'm lost for words, completely lost for words.


I'm so happy right now, I wish I could complete the words. Sorry I


can't even speak properly. It's OK we love the emotion, it shows what


it means. Michael is disappointed but when you saw him at the front he


thought it was a foregone conclusion? What were your thoughts


was worth I knew if I was in the bag I could go on... I knew when I had


300 to go... On the down straight and the back straight I was


confident and I got onto the back straight and I thought I had one at


and I was able to kick again and I maintained and about 30 metres


before the line it crossed my mind I could be British champion and I got


quite scared and it hit me just before across the line and it was


the best feeling ever. I wish I could put it into words. I feel like


I'm worth a million bucks right now. Congratulations tremendous


performance. That emotion is something we love to


see, someone who has done something special in terms of his performance


in winning the UK Championships. Maybe not yet able to make the team


for Rio but what a day for Elliot Giles. Jamie Webb getting ahead and


while Michael Rimmer has an anxious wait, he does have a qualifying time


and could be named Birt automatic altercation has eluded him here.


The men's pole vault is all done and dusted, here's a look at the Kear


assaults. -- key results. This was Lewis, his third attempt.


Unfortunately Steve Lewis fifth in the last Olympic Games but there was


this man, Luke cuts. -- Luke cuts with multiple clearances and it


looked as though he would be the sole competitor in the pole vault:


Olympic Games. Steve Lewis in second place.


We move onto the 3000 steeplechase. One name stands out and one figure


should dominate, Lenny wait. Really she is out and clear in this, may


have some competition with Rosie Clarke. -- Lennie Waite. Some events


there are a great strength and depth and in this one, Gemili is head and


shoulders above the rest. -- Lennie Waite.


Born in Paisley, Scottish father, English mother. Rosie Clarke. And


that is Nicole 's Taylor. Stacy Taylor is also in here. The


Kilmarnock athlete. Stacy Taylor is not on the start line. Couple of


athletes missing. But Lennie Waite has brought her personal best. 9.35


this season. She had the IAAF standard for the World Championships


last year but wasn't given qualification. Wasn't selected by


the GB selectors. Looking forward to Rio, if she should get there. She


will have far too much for the rest of the field here. Paula Radcliffe,


Rosie Clarke, good 1500 metre pedigree. If you have good pace over


1500, are the athletes reluctant to try the steeplechase? But there must


be an avenue for a few good athletes to try it and think it might be the


event for them? Absolutely. That is what you see with the strength of


the canyons. They see it as an individual event, rather than I am


not good enough over the other distances. They do concentrate


specifically on it. But if you are struggling and not making the team


over the 1500 metres, or 5000 metres, try the 3000 steeplechase if


your body can cope with it. One of the athletes had injuries and she


has had to leave it. That is the downside of it. They come through


the water jump together. Liz McLaughlin said her body can't stand


up to the constant impact. She was down at 9.35, a lot of training done


inside, training in the pool. The impact of training on the track and


going over the barriers was too difficult. In a lot of her training,


she only went over the barriers when she raced. There is a brittle edge.


Lennie Waite is down to about the same times, 9.35 this season. You


want to find another ten seconds but she is the best Britain has at the


moment. With the steps forward she has taken this year, she is showing


the potential of finding the ten seconds. It will put her into


contention in Diamond League races and with the hope of being in the


final. We have seen the level of steeplechasing the women globally


taking huge step forward, but she could be up there challenging and


getting into the final is the first step. It is still a fairly new event


in women's terms. I suppose in the last 20 years, it has come in, not


even that. It is new and that is why times are improving all the time.


Again it is an event which women could try. The key thing is, because


it is a new event, you haven't got youngsters who have grown up wanting


to be a steeplechase. They have moved from other bands. Now we are


getting the first generation who have had it as an event to blame


for. -- aim for. Come on, Chris Tomlinson. 34 years of age, looking


to dig deep and improve on the 7.20 first round. Might be a slight


improvement. The lead is still Daniel Gardiner. We are now in the


third round. It looks ragged. Fifth in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.


Better height on that, I have to say. That was better. Something to


go with. Smile from him. Improvement, fifth place, seven


point 43 and five jumps remaining. Nothing starting that will threaten


the qualifying time unless they pick it up now. Into the home straight


again and also in the FirstGroup of three is Louise Webb from


Southampton junior bronze-medallist. And Rosie Clarke, who we expected to


be pushing on. The raised they are running is not close to the


qualifying time, but close to the personal best of rosy wrap, who is


having a greater run out there today. -- Louise Webb. Rosie Clarke,


European indoor finalists last year in Prague. Fifth in the Diamond


League meeting here over the 1500 meetings. She has plenty of pace as


1500 metre runner. Hoping the pace doesn't lift too much. She wants a


quick time but in terms of winning the title, if it remains steady and


slow, she has a chance. She absolutely has. It is very blustery


out there today so they are sticking together. Many times you race at


Birmingham, it isn't windy, but the longer they stay in the pack, you


will draw the benefits from that and Lennie Waite knows she can raise the


pace and get away from them easily. Little stutter from Rosie Clarke.


Lennie Waite, in front. I wonder when she will begin to lift the


place. Louise Webb, hanging on well. She is doing everything she can to


ensure a new personal best. If she can live with these two. We will get


an idea when we see the two Kalama to split. It is hard to judge when


the water jump is on the outside. But it should be coming up that they


stay on that pace. We know the form Lennie Waite is in, she ran her new


personal best in Portland in Oregon. A lot of training and studying. She


is at college in the United States as well and works over there are a


lot of. At the moment, leading this group of three. Rosie Clarke is


tucked in behind them. Louise Webb, 25-year-old with a personal best of


10.10. Tritium much the same pace. Pretty much spot on. You would


expect to see Lennie Waite stretch it out, as she is doing. Maybe she


was waiting until the last kilometre to make it into a bit up tempo.


Rosie Clarke is working hard go with her. Louise Webb, sorry, struggling.


But hanging on at the moment. 800 metres to go. Lennie Waite, Rosie


Clarke and Louise Webb still going. Looking for a big personal best and


you suspect the battle for the title be between the two women in front.


The pace has not been brutal. As a 1500 metre now, she will fancy their


chances. Lennie Waite, tries to lift it again. Rosie Clarke moved a bit


wider, to cite the barrier easier, but also she is letting them know


she is still there, she is taking those barriers better than Lennie


Waite. At the moment, just under six and had metres remaining. Lennie


Waite has come to the water again. Rosie Clarke moving out in front at


the moment. Louise Webb is still there. We are having a real race.


Lennie Waite, highway and clear. The best steeplechaser in Great Britain


at the moment. But she is a couple of metres behind Rosie Clarke at the


moment. She is focusing her eyes on the back of Rosie Clarke and trying


to stay with her. Hopefully she feels she has something else and


then she will move back in front. But Rosie Clarke was not going to


let that time slip away, she has her personal best in her sights. Louise


Webb is doing her best to stay on to these two. Top two will be enough


for Lennie Waite to book her place in Rio. But she wants this title.


Rosie Clarke alongside her once again. It seems every time she goes


down that back straight, she does struggle. Every time she takes that


aria with 300 metres to go, Lennie Waite struggles a bit. Every time


she tries to lift and click, Rosie Clarke responds. Rosie Clarke has


gone round the outside. She has enough to go round the outside of


Lennie Waite. They take the water very well. I am not sure Lennie


Waite has anything to give. She looks around. Rosie Clarke to the


final barrier. This was supposed to be Lennie Waite's title. Almost a


smile now from Rosie Clarke. Lennie Waite has nothing left. Rosie Clarke


is going to take the title. She is the UK champion, the 3000 metres


steeplechase. Great run from Louise Webb, who will have a big personal


best. But the smile, celebration and the victory belongs to Rosie Clarke.


She shadowed Lennie Waite all the way and had enough to take the


title. You can see what it means. It is a lock-up pure delight. Taking a


risk moving to a new event. This could be a new event which could be


a whole new start. She has run a personal best I couple of seconds.


It is more of the manner that will give her confidence. Whether she


gets to qualifying standards in the next 15 days, remains to be seen.


Lennie Waite should be qualifying. There is a girl who has found a new


event. Lennie Waite probably stunned. We all expected her to win


this title today. But Rosie Clarke, it is celebration and surprise. A


personal best, taking the title. Louise Webb has run a big personal


best of under ten minutes. Just over the water for the last time and


Rosie Clarke, you could see she almost began to realise what was


about to happen. The confidence when she realised she was going away


gives her more energy. She was rapidly increasing the gap over


Lennie Waite. Her last kilometre, she may not have had the qualifying


time but she ran the last kilometre at the place she would need to to


secure the time easily. Rosie Clarke takes the victory. She is the UK


champion with a personal best, head of Lennie Waite and Louise Webb in


third lace. All about the victory, forget about Rio. She may have done


something to achieve that, but this is about becoming the UK champion.


She is down with Lennie Waite talking to fill. Delighted, change


of events and a British title. What it meant when you cross the line?


Over the moon, it has been a really hard process, but I am so happy.


Andrew was saying at the end of the commentary, people chasing real


places, but sometimes it is about becoming British champion for the


first time? Everything is at a different stage. This was one of my


big challenges for the year. I would like to chase for Rio, obviously,


but we will see. You will be going to Rio, congratulations. I cannot


believe it. I am disappointed I couldn't win today. But I felt the


weight of the world on my shoulders. I had two people with me, not in a


great place, wanting to avoid messing things up and get to the


finish line. I have my ticket, but I was disappointed I didn't win today.


No such show selection problem, you are there. Such a relief. Last year


didn't go down as well, but I am proud of myself for not letting it


make me quit or doubt myself. To get back on the horse and make my way to


Rio, it is the best feeling ever. Congratulations. And Rosie,


congratulations on the title. Rosie Clarke with a victory. Many


congratulations to Louise Webb, new personal best. Really interesting as


was the men's 800 before. We can speak to Steve Cram now, let's talk


about the steeplechase, Lennie Waite, felt the weight of not being


selected for Beijing altered the performance? It was almost coming


back to Michael Rimmer Haswell, when you look the list and you think


you're better than everyone on the list, it can be a negative thing. In


the sense that the only bad thing, something bad can happen, you could


ship over a barrier so you are not racing how you normally are. That is


what happened to Rimmer, not executed properly, if he had run a


good hard race as normal he would have been fine. Struggled in that


respect. But well done to Rosie Clarke. In terms of Rosie Clarke and


selection, you need to be selected to times, but an athlete like that


who has changed events, maybe you look at one and the potential? There


is the option if someone gives one qualifying mark that they can select


them come July. We have been talking a lot about automatic selection, the


top two marks here. She might have the chance to run one: she is


improving all the time and is developing athlete in a new event.


They may well look favourably upon it. In terms of Michael Rimmer, you


wonder if selection might be too far, do you look at him and think we


will give him another chance or perhaps not, I don't know? Neither


do why. I think in a year where there were other options, his chance


might have gone. Sadly we don't have too much in terms of options at that


event, that doesn't mean they will look kindly because he has had a


good career. He didn't deliver today an type of race where he should be


able to deliver, he will know that more than anybody else. He hasn't


made it, he hasn't exactly given the selectors a headache. If he does get


selected in July and then he would have a lot to thank them. White will


wait to see on that, Chris O'Hare to Charlie Grice? Head-to-head. Lee


Emanuel tends to run well in America has just missed the qualifying time


and did not looked so good in the heat. Certainly Chris O'Hare and


Charlie are in the book seats, they have qualifying times and won a


finish in the top. Jake has been there or thereabouts and I think he


will want to upset the party today and hope you can get the qualifying


mark so really looking forward to. The great tactical race we are in


store for and it will come down to who has the best kick I think.


There is Charlie and Jake next to one another. The two Norwich and


very well and Jake has run a lot of races this year. His dad is doing


the announcing here in the arena. They took the chance to send over


for a race in America where he has certainly run a lot better than he


have so far. He was in the same heat is Charlie and look good as


qualifying. Chris O'Hare looked very strong as well. And Tom Lancashire.


There is the full list. A race full of the best talent, Joss


Kerr from Edinburgh to. The junior champion. That might josh. There he


is, good to see him in the final. Chris is the one who normally runs


the better tactical race. That is the one thing you would put in his


camp if you like to say Chris usually runs a very good smart race.


Lee Emanuel knows he has it in him to run. Charlie Grice has a


qualifying time, a great win in the international mile. At the end of


May. As I said Jake popped over to the US to run in Boston. Ran a


season 's best just outside the qualifying mark.


And then we go all the way through Cameron Boyek, his British vest from


his time at the European under 23 championships. It'll be interesting.


I expect Tom Lancashire will want to leave it until the last 2-300. Tom


at is best of course, a man who has won this title before. An intriguing


men's 1500 metres final. Chris O'Hare and Charlie Grice with a


chance to cement their place and Jake Wightman and Tom Lancashire


hoping to get in the top two. Straightaway Charlie Grice going to


control it and write on his shoulder Josh Kerr, the future to represent


Great Britain in the world Junior Championships. Finished fiveth. He


is out there to gain some championship experience and maybe


see how he can put races back-to-back with a view to


performing in the final. As Lee Emanuel decides not to hang around


completely, he moves to the front but still looks slow. Jake Wightman


moving up a bit so the main contenders, Tom Lancashire sitting


off a bit. Scotland have a chance to have more people in the Olympic team


than they have ever had before so Josh Kerr another one. Chris O'Hare,


another Scot hoping to get it right here. What this does do is give all


of the guys a good chance to learn those tactics of racing. Racing


without pacemakers as it would be in a heat of a Championships and in the


final. Some of them like you say are better than others. Chris O'Hare


very good at making the right decisions under pressure and putting


yourself in the right place to respond to any move as it happens.


Charlie Grice a little boxed in. Tom is on the outside of that, almost


like a box and you don't want to be in the middle. Two laps to go and


Jake White with a little boxed in. Chris O'Hare will always use the


elbows to get through. Just eases himself through the ant always


putting yourself in the right position. Charlie on the inside,


Jake Wightman, Tom Lancashire following and keeping an eye. The


race has not got going yet. He comes Tom Lancashire, suspect he thinks he


will have a better chance with a longer run for home. That is what we


have seen in a couple of races, people moving away to make a move


down the back straight and realise how windy it is. A bit of a stumble


there, Chris O'Hare, his back legs caught up but nobody has gone down.


Everything we said about Chris almost becoming, Lancashire on a


good position. Charlie Grice looking for room, Jake Wightman in a great


place as they hit the Bell, the five big names all here. This is a big


sprint, who has the best 400 metre pace, that is what it is boiling


down to here. Just over 300 to go. Chris O'Hare looks poised, Jake


Wightman in a good spot, J Grice won't want to -- Charlie Grice, Tom


Lancashire goes. Jake Wightman keep clear of the trouble, Chris O'Hare,


Charlie Grice tries to follow. The top two to guarantee a place. Jake


Wightman is trying to upset the party for those two and give himself


a chance in Olympic selection. Charlie Grice ready to go again, as


Jake Wightman gone too early with that burst? Charlie Grice looks as


though he will hang on birds Chris O'Hare, top two is good enough.


Charlie Grice and Chris O'Hare. The two men who knew that a top two


finish would be good enough to live on and they have guaranteed a spot


in Rio. A scrappy race, not a great race in terms of times, we were not


expecting that but they did what they had to do. I must say Tom


Lancashire will feel aggrieved because he was pushed over down the


back straight and of course if that was deliberate or deemed to have


been delivered by Charlie Grice and that officials might have a look but


let's hope not. The question I was going to ask was do you finish in


the top two if you are disqualified? Tom Lancashire would feel aggrieved


because he was hard done by. He ran well yesterday. He was making all


the moves and did not deserve to go down there and it is hard to see


that happen to an athlete. They were all looking for room, it was getting


close and Charlie realised he was in a bad place there and then it's more


of a clip than anything, he did put half a hand on the back but then a


clip from behind, he was panicking a little bit and that is really bad


luck for Tom Lancashire, these things do happen in the 1500 metres.


Especially when people start to panic. Jake Wightman burn a bit too


hard here going past Chris O'Hare. A brave effort to get there. With Jake


the adrenaline surge from that for maybe spurred him into making his


move a bit too early and he ran well but was not able to hold off Chris


O'Hare P even though he probably will feel a bit aggrieved he still


kept fighting all the way because he knew he could get a top two finish


and guaranteed selection for Rio. You can see there, the two we would


expect to finish have done that but I'm not sure the race was how we


wanted to see it happen. There we go, Charlie Grice and Chris O'Hare


booking places in Rio Amrabat luck for Tom Lancashire. Clearly


delighted to have secured a place, the pressure is always on, must be a


thrilling thing? Mien Chris pulled through today, it is a fair result


but I feel bad because I clip Tom Werner back straight but that is


racing and I'm happy to get the job done today. What do you remember


what happened? Just a line of people and I tried to move out and I clip


Tim. -- clip Tim. Part and parcel of him. You are battling all the way


Chris, you don it? I was trying to wait for 180 to unload Bert Jake and


Charlie went by me and it caught me a little bit off-guard, but I'm glad


I managed to rally back and get second just to secure that spot.


Congratulations are in order because a baby is on the way? The end of


October I and my wife are expecting, gives us the extra motivation to


make the world a bit brighter. Congratulations to you both.


The two we expected but not as we expected? That is what you expect


from middle distance racing, it is very unfortunate and I know Tom


Lancashire worked so hard and he seemed to have been in the right


place at the right time but this is where the incident takes place and


Charlie for me, looks like he is trying to steady himself, he does


clip them birds we see this so often. I wouldn't want to apportion


blame there, bitterly disappointing though. We will leave that insulin


apart, what he saw at the end was Charlie Grice actually looking very


much the strongest of the two. Charlie Grice that good. He did. I


just think these two really do excite me, I have watched in a


couple of championship star, it has to be said that Chris O'Hare tends


to get itself in the right position but Charlie Grice is a real talent.


If he runs the rights race at the championships then you never know


what he can do. 110 meter hurdles next,, great to see Andrew Pozzi


back. Yes what a torrid time he has had over the last four years, coming


into the prime of his career where you think well this guy is really


talented, a good Goode hurling technique and then he has had a


string of injuries that has prevented him from showing his best.


-- good. Again not quite sure, he looked so


good in the qualifying heats, very fluid over the hurdles, maybe it is


just again that cycle that they find themselves in. Final of the men's


hurdles. Great to see him back, Andrew Pozzi.


Running consistently quickly as well. Coming into these


championships, he had three out talk races. We will see how he goes here.


Let's tidy that up. What about Josh Kerr, the 18-year-old finishing in


fourth. Great run from him. But Tom Lancashire, he did cross the line,


really sad at the he had worked so hard to get himself into a


challenging position. An intriguing final in prospect here. Two men,


Lawrence Clarke and Andrew Pozzi. William Sharman, we saw him


struggling with his hamstring at the end of the heat, which he did win.


He doesn't start. David Omoregie, he goes on the outside as well. You


never know in sprinting hurdles, just run a good race and strange


things might happen. Khai Riley-La Borde, very talented youngster.


There is Lawrence Clarke. The defending champion. Such a


consistent athlete. Is there something quicker for him today?


Will it be enough in this race question mark David King is on the


outside of him. Still just 22. New personal best this season. Great to


see him running again and three times in the 13.30 this year. 13.32


in Loughborough last month. Joseph Hylton goes in lane seven. Former


Welsh champion. On the outside, David Omoregie. The lane of


William Sharman is empty. Andrew Pozzi has looked so good in


qualifying this season. The long jump is carrying on with a


little bit of noise. Just asking them to settle once again. No


William Sharman, he did look pretty good in his qualifying. But he has


had those problems. I suspect he has pulled out with his hands scream --


hamstring. Lane three is empty. Lane number four is filled by the


defending champion, Lawrence Clarke. He is a man who makes few mistakes.


Doesn't run too many ragged races. Doesn't have the same raw speed as


Andrew Pozzi. Lawrence Clarke and Andrew Pozzi have qualifying times.


So finish in the top two and a trip to Rio is guaranteed. The final of


the men's 110 metres final. Cleanly away.


It is Andrew Pozzi. Back to all those injuries, he comes back and


take the title 13.31 into a strong breeze as well. It is a new personal


best and he is back to his best and better. Andrew Pozzi is the


champion. Such a popular victory. Takes it from Lawrence Clarke. They


are both heading to Rio. The champion is Andrew Pozzi. It was


superb. All he has gone through in hurdling terms. Colin Jackson knows


all about the in trees that can happen. It can be very hard event on


the body. And for him to take the title in that time is very


impressive. Good to see him back on the track. Training is difficult for


this man. I cannot reiterate to anyone have virtually impossible it


is for him to do what he is doing. He is just incredible. Spends very


little time doing any hurdling because of problems with his


thoughts. His consistency is always going to be up and down. He knows


that and keeps it in his mind. Every time he runs a race, it is a


brand-new challenge. Great to see what he's keeping strong, aggressive


and was at it. With all of those problems he has had through all his


career, for him to come out and still produce prominences like this


is outstanding. It tells you what quality this young man is over these


hurdles. I just only wish he could get the real whole season of the


winter work behind him, when everything is absolutely perfect.


You are always looking at the hurdling technique, but it is the


speed between the barriers as well, and Andrew Pozzi had more zip? He is


a natural sprinter. He hasn't had the opportunity to do as much sprint


work as he could. If he could do that, he would be around the 13


seconds. People would be thinking, no way, but trust me, I know what


this boy is capable of. Here are the two guys heading to Rio.


that, he would be around the 13 seconds. People would


two guys heading to Rio. Congratulations. Wearing the British


best today proudly and delivering a final performance worthy of the


place, and? It has been the best performance of my season. I have


struggled to find my rhythm, but I am delighted. I like coming here to


Birmingham. Alas trials I did was for the last Olympics, so I'm glad


to be back here for years later. What a long road back it has been


but we have seen how talented you are. Lawrence, great memories of the


last Olympics view, you are back for another go? Andrew and I finished


last year and a great competitor. Adverse conditions, so it will be


great for the summer. We wish you both for Rio and in the next few


weeks for your preparation. Well done.


Confirmation of that result. Andrew Pozzi and Lawrence Clarke are


heading to Rio. That looks better. Chasing a lead of


the opening jump. It looks as though he may have given


the lead a bit of a look at. Swings the arm hard. Looks like his best so


far in the fifth round so far, Otuonye. Just one centimetre behind


Daniel Gardiner. But competition is over, Daniel Gardiner, the smallest


possible margin ahead of Otuonye. No Greg Rutherford, head of the Olympic


Games. Daniel Gardiner will have to jump 8.15, should he want to join


them. Chris Tomlinson is alongside me.


This takes me back in time because I remember coming to join your group


in 1994, 90 five. So much has happened to both of us since then.


In terms of your performance, you were on social media and you said if


you didn't qualify for Rio, that was it? I can say, if I am not coming


out and jumping over eight metres, which I haven't done for a few


months, it would probably be it. So realistically, this is probably it.


It is quite emotional, it has been a few years, my first Great Britain


international was 2001. I have loved representing the country and I have


very much warm my heart on my sleeve and I have tried my best. I have had


an incredible journey. Your dad was here today, is he coaching you now


or just to support you in what potentially was your last


competition? He has been there to support me, a bit of coaching. I


have been coached by some great coaches, Peter Stanley and I have


been around these coaches year in, year out for over 15 years. I


basically copied a lot of their training models. The reality is, it


is not in the body any more. It happens to all others what next?


Great question. I have my personal training qualifications in the


sport. I enjoy going round schools. Maybe something like that. I might


relax for a few weeks. I will keep yourself busy. If I go out and get a


so-called proper job, I will have to have a shave and a haircut. The


women's 1500 metres. so-called proper job, I will have to


have a shave and a haircut. The women's 1500 metres. Perhaps the


drama we saw in the men's. Two names are dominating. You look at the


experience of Hannah England if she can come back from those injuries.


Charlene Thomas has done well. There is Thomas. There is Laura Wakeman.


It is evens between Laura Wakeman and Laura Mule. Laura Wakeman,


wonderful to see her on the start line. Great spell in 2014. Hannah


England. Laura Mewhort. The defending champion. Leon Pryce in


the Welsh vest. The final of the women's 1500


metres. You look at the tall figure of Hannah England who was a world


silver-medallist in 2011. But so many injuries and illness last year.


Jessica Judd has switched from the 800 to the 1500. Laura Muir and


Laura Wakeman biding their time at the back at the moment. What are you


expecting, Paula? It should come down but them to come through this


race. What we have seen with Moultrie, is a bit of nerves. It is


risky when the pace goes out a really slow, especially in women's


races. There is a lot of bumping and barging. She has decided to go and


make this an honest race and she has decided to stay out of trouble. She


is staying out of trouble at the moment, Moultrie. You wonder if that


is a bit of adrenaline that will cost her later on in the race. Back


in the pack, Hannah England and Bobby Clay, what a consistent runner


she is. Look out for Sarah Macdonald in the black vest. But Jo Moultrie


is a long way clear at the moment. Nobody has decided to go with her.


It is not like she has gone out at a crazy pace. It is nothing startling.


Some of these girls soon need to make up their minds. Because she


probably has gone too fast and will die a little bit, but it is too big


of a gap to believing in the British Championships. If your chance does


not lie in the sprint finish, this is the best way to run it. Jo


Moultrie is still a long way clear. Even athletes with the calibre of


Laura Weightman and Laura Mule, will realise that the pace has got to


lift. Who will be the first great because you will leading the race to


poll Jo Moultrie back end. It is not quick and she is probably thinking,


come on what are you doing? We saw Laura Weightman to look at Laura


your to decide if they are going to go. They are quickly now reeling her


in. They are capable of doing it but it was a battle to see who would


crack first. Ten seconds off her personal best,


ran 4.07 point 18, it is Laura Weightman and Laura Muir who are at


the front. As they go through the ballot is the battle we expected


with Charlene Thomas well-placed, Bobby Clay will be struggling and


has Hannah England got enough pace to get yourself back up? There you


see the change of pace. Laura Muir putting on a show and what a gap,


Charlene Thomas is hanging onto the back of Laura Weightman who has to


finish in the top two to guaranteed Olympic qualification. Laura Nouble


take the title as she did last year, look at the gap -- Laura Muir. Laura


Weightman looking round and digging in and gritting her teeth, this is


the battle for second that she has to win to guarantee selection, Laura


Muir into home straight and looking for the victory. Behind the race on


and Laura Weightman as Charlene Thomas, spice, she tries to dig


again, Laura Muir takes the victory, Laura Weightman comes again and take


second place. It was the top two we expected but not perhaps in the


fashion we thought, Laura Muir a long way clear, the British champion


once again and perhaps she is a class apart from the rest in these


terms. What an effort from Laura Weightman to get second place


because it looked for all the world that Charlene Thomas had it coming


down the home straight. One thing you can always say is she will never


give up on it and she knew she needed to to get on the plane for


Rio and to keep everything on track. She was able to fight back, maybe


she paid the price for being the person to lead the group. Maybe she


was not feeling good today but certainly someone who was feeling


good was Laura Muir who showed that this issue has taken another big set


forward to get on top. You can see there she still wants to get a quick


Time out of the lab, indeed she ran a 60 flat in the last lap but the


big battle is going on behind her. In an third. Laura Weightman casinos


she is behind, Charlene Thomas maybe went a bit too early or maybe Laura


Weightman wanted it a bit more. That was a great race and a great race


from Laura Muir and behind her. She is world-class Laura Muir and she


has a domestic victory again. Look at the effort behind to take second


place. The two Laura's are down with Phil. Both are clearly frilled to be


going to Rio, they tremendous performance Laura. Thank you I just


wanted that today to qualify. A show of intent that you're not just here


to win a title bids you out in Rio to do business there and maybe get


on the podium? Definitely. I want to stay in the top five, I wanted to


get to Rio and I've done today. Wonderful to see you continue to


develop and the same for you Laura, one thing we know about you the guts


and the determination. The goal here today was to get top two to go to my


second Olympic Games, an incredible achievement and me and Laura will


hopefully go there, perform well for Great Britain and I'm excited for


the championships now. Congratulations to you both, we will


see you in Rio. A look back at the best throw of the


shot put this afternoon. 16 metres .60 seven. Not able to break the 70


metre mark. Equal with Angela Littlewood, there is a name from the


past. Rachel Wallader, successful defence of the UK title. Didn't go


over 70 but didn't need to. A comfortable victory there ahead of


Sophie Mckinna. You may have been with us earlier


for the women's javelin, his confirmation of the result. Lifetime


best for Joe Blair. Goldie Sayers settles for second place.


A good race in the women's 1500, the dominant performance, Laura Muir but


what efforts by Laura Weightman for second place ahead of Charlene


Thomas, to guarantee a place to Rio. Her coach will be reasonably happy.


Woman's 5000 metre coming up next but first a bit of reflection with


Paula Radcliffe. A statement of intent from Laura Muir, smashed it.


Laura Muir knows she's great shape this year, she ran a very quick mile


time in Oslo with a four-minute fact that 1500 splits. She knows she is


in good shape and could go out and control it and what she showed there


was the change of pace over the last lap which Laura Weightman is not


able to live with just yet. Fought very hard to hold onto second place


and keep the spot for Rio. Isn't Laura Muir a real contender in Rio?


I think so. It'll be a tough race. It always is that she showed last


year she finished fifth and it was the manner she did, the frustration


she showed not being able to get into the medals that has kept a


fired up working hard over the winter. If both produced their best


in the final in Rio than they are both in with a shout there. Next up


the women's 5000 metres. Have you recovered after that last hundred


metres? Never in doubt. I would rather commentate on the race and


watch it but anyway those to have cemented their place in the team for


Rio. We have another Laura who may have a chance in this one, Laura


Whittle. As indeed does Stephanie 12. -- 12. There are others who may


hope they can get closer -- Twell. No Joe Pavey today, we are told she


would try to make the 10,000 metre team. Just missed the qualifying


mark in America recently. No Jess Carlson either. A leash McColgan


moving from the steeplechase, did very well so far, will be looking to


come into the top two here. A big field. It'll be interesting if you


can see Laura Whittle in the second line back there, two in from the


side next to Charlotte Arter. Whether Laura Whittle here can


reproduce the sort of race that she ran to run a very good 15 minutes


eight seconds in her personal best. Run at the Commonwealth Games and


would love to be an Olympic team no doubt. A lot of people in the


stadium tonight will be hoping that this lady, Steph Twell can underline


the return to form which we have been enjoying. Almost got close to


an 800 best a few years ago, the terrible injury to her ankle, she


struggled over the last four years or so to get back and finally. 12


and a half laps of the track, the qualifying time which I don't think


will come into much reckoning today is 15.24 exactly that it is between


Eilish, Twell and Laura. And it's like the mens rea says though to


some extent although there was a real battle yesterday, here there


are three qualifiers Paula so if you are Laura, if you are Twell or


Steph, Steph will think she can out kick so she might not be too


bothered so what do the others do? Maybe see how it settles over the


first couple of laps and aside from there, no reason to make any


stunning move over the first two laps. If it carries on slide they


would need to react to that Bert we are enjoying the return of Steph


Twell, what has been great for her is that was a PB on 800 metres and


the first she has set since 2010 so it shows she is back and back with


speed as well which is what she was struggling to get the most after the


injury. Why she moved towards the five K in the first place away from


1500. Now she is getting that pays comeback a bit. She is really


enjoying that and that is a boost of confidence giving her more options


in a race situation. I would look to Laura Whittle and then Eilish before


Steph. Early pace as expected, it is a bit breezy as well although it


seems to have dropped a little. The feathers in the hair of the


Brazilian dancers giving out the medals wafting in the wind on the


home straight. That is why you are looking at the dancers.


LAUGHING You have to look somewhere to test


the strength of the wind. Emma Clayton on the inside leading


through. A good group in Leeds. Pleased to see Emma Clayton there


who is more of a cross-country race on the track here today. One of two


others in a similar position I guess. No Joe, Jess Carlson, at one


point this would look like a really tasty 5000 but it is still in a good


one in the sense of these three but only two will be able to definitely


go. In terms of anyone else selection wise, is there anyone you


think could possibly come into the reckoning? It is difficult to see


when these three had turned out today with the two qualifying times


that they have essentially done everything has to have them and


there are only 15 days before it closes so to see someone come out


and run to qualifying times in that period is a tough asp which is why


we have seen Joe Pavey make the decision, she missed out on the


first and realise she cannot make the 2/5000 metre so maybe she can


get one tenth thousand metres and stands a bit more of a chance.


Men's high jump one of the eagerly anticipated field events. 2.23 that


is. A successful clearance at all the previous heights. As you can see


their a good start from his campaign. Chris Baker 2.36 indoors,


that equals his best outdoors, sorry to point to six best outdoors. --


2.2 six. In second place if he gets it this time. That's better. Olympic


bronze medallist from London 2012, world indoor silver from this year.


He has the full set with the bronze. Let's have a look at this. Robbie


Grabarz. Much better. Olympic bronze medal European gold, but can anyone


else join those two? They are the only qualifiers so far. Allan Smith.


Joined him at 2.2 three. Just to market the card it is 2.2 nine. Some


work to be done but a successful clearance at the last time of Askin


for Allan Smith. 23 years of age, two centimetres shy of his season 's


best. Brilliant clearance for Chris Kandu.


20 years of age. Absolutely showing some competitive edge there. His


event continues. Four many clear at 2.23. Chris Kandu, the last of those


four. He is pleased with that isn't he.


He had not missed too much in the women's 5000 -- you have not missed.


The pace has been pretty slow and if you want the kind of benchmark, the


first mile was 5.40. It wasn't as windy as it was today


and we have not seen anybody really make any moves just yet. You can see


Eilish just moving gradually into fourth place just to get a bit


nearer to the front. Twell sitting on the shoulder of Laura Whittle,


they are the ones to watch but we just need to finish in the first


three, no other reason to get moving quickly yet. 78 second lap so they


have gone through a bit quicker. As Paula said, the main contenders here


the ones in order once you have the opportunity to get their rear


selection. If anything, is it getting any


slower, Paula? The better athletes, sometimes the slower you run, we


were talking about it earlier with Lennie Waite 's, the slower you run,


it makes you feel worse. When you are used to running at a certain


pace, you are trained to run at that pace, and then when you run slower,


it is hard to raise the pace and respond when someone who has


practised that a bit more and can quickly increase the pace and do


damage. Eilish McColgan is saying, is anybody else going to pick this


up a bit cos it is a little bit too slow. We have our tradition is


working on this race. It has got slower. That was 80 seconds. They


are all bunching up. Emma Clayton in front. Laura Whittle, for the first


time looks like she might be interested with six laps to go. At


least moving it along a little bit. That's the first thing, extricate


yourself from everybody else. For those of finishing in the top two is


a special occasion, we go back to Elliot Giles in the 200. Very slow


race, you are racing to coalfields to get in the top two. I would be


very surprised to see Laura Whittle to let this go with five laps to go


before she increases the pace here. Back to the high jump. Robbie


Grabarz, preparing himself. As to take the lead. It stays on! It was


precarious. He gave it a wallop. It stays put. It is a good attempt.


First man we have seen go clear at 2.26. Let's have another look. Gives


it a wallop. But that is OK. It is a valid jump. Chris Baker, same


height, third attempt. Flat, but he has got it. Two is filed -- two


files, followed by the narrowest of clearances. Season's best. Good jump


for him. Takes after a long way away. It is a good attempt. Very


good for Chris Baker, looking to recapture the form we saw in doors.


In second place. Behind Robbie Grabarz, courtesy of his second


attempt and Chris Baker's third. Neither could go any higher. It was


a successful defence of his title from Robbie Grabarz, and assured of


a place in Team GB for the Olympic Games.


Back with the 5,000m. Still no change. Still the pace, very gentle.


Emma Clayton, who has been given the job, I would hardly say pacemaking,


she has just been running in front. In second place. Stephanie Twell,


keeping an eye on the other two. I am sure she will just wait. Laura


Whittle has suddenly lost her position. Katrina Wootton on the


inside. Paula, getting nervous for them with three and a half laps to


go? It is still messy and it gives the potential for people to get


clipped and go down. People are worrying about staying in the right


position and maintaining that. Stephanie Twell, her top time goes


back a few years. She knows she should be able to react quicker than


them. But when it comes down to it, they have run at a very slow pace.


It is lifting now. They are worried about it a little bit. Emma Clayton


has been a windbreaker but the last how many laps. Pretty much, three


laps to go. Laura Whittle, less comfortable looking. Eilish


McColgan, people might have watched a lot over the years, she is quicker


than a lot of people might think. She can sprint and I think herself,


she has a fair bit of confidence in her ability to add kick Laura


Whittle, if not Stephanie Twell. We are heading for a bit of a burn up


in the last 500, 600 metres. The question is who breaks first. Laura


Whittle has shown she doesn't intend to make this an early run for home.


Everyone is pushing and shoving for a bit opposition. Laura Whittle is


still not responding. Lauren Deadman trying to come round the outside.


What was good to see was the experience of Stephanie Twell, who


reacted at the right time. She sensed that Laura Dedman was coming


round the outside and she maintained herself in pole position. Laura


Whittle has decided, I need to make a move. Something needs to start to


get moving. The only danger is, looking at the styles, because


Eilish McColgan is so tall, that is when the danger comes. The length of


her stride, she will get clipped. She is better off running wide out


of trouble on the outside. We have just seen the first three moving


away without them even starting to make a move. Elinor Kirk is still in


the group as well. Stephanie Twell will be making sure nothing silly


happens. They all know what they have to do. It is Stephanie Twell,


Laura Whittle, Eilish McColgan, just beginning to move away. Only two up


these three can be sure of Olympic selection after this race. Stephanie


Twell, gradually moving away. Eilish McColgan might decide this is a race


between myself and Laura Whittle per second. They come round with one lap


to go. They hear the bell. Stephanie Twell with the lead. Laura Whittle


picks it up again and Eilish McColgan is under pressure.


Stephanie has this under control. Laura Whittle trying to find a bit


more. She has the danger of Eilish McColgan sitting on her shoulder.


They had this battle in Stamford earlier this year. It isn't over


yet. Those long legs of Eilish McColgan. I said when she gets


moving, she is pretty quick. Now she is chasing down Stephanie Twell. No


response from Laura Whittle. Stephanie Twell won a medal in Delhi


in the Commonwealth Games. Eilish McColgan is sensing she can run


Stephanie Twell down. They are well clear of Laura Whittle. Stephanie


Twell has saved a little bit extra. It is going to be victory, perhaps


as expected, but Stephanie Twell. She will be the UK champion. Great


return for her. She will be going to Rio, joined by Eilish McColgan. They


did what they had to do. Laura Whittle, or want to lose out in


terms of automatic selection. She finished third and as Paula said it


might be good enough. She will have to wait because the other two now


know. It is a great story the Stephanie Twell. People who don't


know, horrendous injury when she broke her ankle. A plate and screws


in her ankle, so many complications. A lot of people, I think a lot of


athletes who went to what she went through, might have given up. But


not Stephanie. When you are as good as she was in her earlier career,


you might thing you would never get back to that. So well done. Louise


Small, one of her team-mates, she knows what Stephanie has been


through. A lot of girls on the team do know that. That is why she is


such a popular athlete. She has rediscovered the form she had before


the horrific injury. It wasn't just one break, there was a number of


them. The amount of physiotherapy and getting the metal removed and to


see her coming back and to be able to dominate in the way she has


today, but also to know she has lifted herself and fought back to


this level. She deserved that spot. So does Eilish McColgan, who has


also come back from pretty bad ankle injuries. Yes, that is true. We talk


about the journey athletes make. But this has been a long one of the


Stephanie Twell to get back to poll on the British vest at the limpid


games. Congratulations to her and to Eilish McColgan.


injuries. Yes, that is true. We talk about the journey


games. Congratulations to her and to Eilish McColgan. Stephanie Twell,


after all you have been through. To make this must be special? I am


here, marking myself as a senior. I feel ready for the competition at


world level and going to the Olympics is exactly where I want to


be. You are so confident the way you took business? I was quite tense,


running through the race in my head a thousand times but then also


trying not to think about it. I think I will sleep well tonight.


Eilish, you have been through so much, switched events and now you


are on the plane to Rio? We have been similar situations with


surgery. I cannot explain how happy I am today. You think coming second


in the race, you should disappointed, but behind Stephanie,


she is world-class. I am going to start crying, I am so happy. It has


been something I have thought about but so long. I didn't think I would


be running busier, said the fact I am here and running as well as I


have, I am over the moon. Can't believe I'm going to my second


Olympic Games. Congratulations, well done. Action should be the women's


400 metres. But we will look back to another event from yesterday which


was a sister act that the women's 100-metre hurdles.


have, I am over the moon. Can't believe I'm


was a sister act that the women's 100-metre hurdles. There is the


line-up. It is the lanes in the middle, the likes of Tiffany Porter,


Lucy Hatton and Cindy Philly. Still holding onto the hope she can


produce something special here. Tiffany Porter gets away well. It is


Tiffany Porter. Big Sister winds. The two will join each other in the


British Olympic team. 1292 with a following wind. No doubt, the two


who have finished first and second. Was very close at the end. To me, it


looks like it is Tiffany Porter. Close at the finish. Confirmation,


it has been confirmed, it Tiffany Porter taking it just on the far


side from her younger sister. But it was one at the start. Looking at


lane six. So much work to do. Past Lucy Hatton. She is gaining and


bearing down on her older sister all the time. Just looks to have more


raw speed than Tiffany Porter. Now on track Perri shakes Drayton.


Her new career has just gun but the results of the women 5000 festival.


Dutchman just begun. It is the win for Twell. Laura


Whittle will look at her 15.08 and hope selectors look favourably on


that. A fascinating race and prospects, some very strong


contenders and big stories here as well. We caught a glimpse of Perri


shakes Drayton and Emily Diamond has been running very well, just outside


her is Serin buddy Davis. Onuora on line six.


Llanfair Nielsen on the outside, junior champion last year, perhaps a


disappointing season because a huge potential in talent inside her merry


at he key -- merry. The qualifying standard is 50.2 to, this year came


at the Diamond league meeting when she finished just behind Davies.


Here she is, really on the rise to anchor Britain to the bronze last


year. Emily Diamond in the red first she has the quickest time in the


field. 51.23, she has taken a big chunk off her personal best and


there is Shakes-Drayton and we will listen to the applause. Who would've


thought when she was close to the top of the world back in 2030 she


would not run again until the start of this month and she is getting


quick over 400 flat. Margaret Adderley


dot-mac Kelly Massey had her first race at the end of May, that


Achilles problem in the second half of last year at the start of this.


Perry Shakes-Drayton is running so strong at the moment, so to Emily


Diamond, very similar times this year. Onuora the defending champion


those outside them both in six Bert Perry Shakes-Drayton, has only


started racing again recently. Already showing the talent she had


on the hurdles. A false start. I think it was right


on the outside. Was it on the outside? I'm looking at the reaction


times their nothing on that, everyone is out with 0.1 that is


allowed. She got the best start and whether or not that was a false one


we will have two Tansey, on the reaction we see, she looks a bit


anxious doesn't chew. I hope not for the sake of the youngster, a huge


talent. The chance to see a replay. We have had one or two problems with


the starters equipment. There we go, just a green card. Everyone survives


to race another day. A rare false starts, they do happen in 400 but


not too often. We heard the helicopter buzzing around, I wonder


if that disrupted things. Clearly away this time, though bit


of a delay from Bundy-Davies Bert into running quickly getting the


long stride going, good start as well from Margarets, she has gone up


very quickly, perhaps burning herself out a little bit. Keeping


good pace on the outside temp 1-macro. Emily Diamond outside,


Perry Shakes-Drayton has gone. Her leg strap breaks down and she is


out, sad to see. Emily Diamond leads them home and Perry Shakes-Drayton


is there, Onuora trying to make ground. Perry Shakes-Drayton has no


response and Emily Diamond comes home for the victory. 51.94, Diamond


has the victory. Bundy-Davies couldn't get there but held on for


second place. The celebrations for two women to Rio. So many stories in


there, very sad to see Perry Shakes-Drayton breaking down and


still smiling but still, we have seen her battling through the race


in World Championships three years ago when her knee had gone and now


hobbling around the track, we hope it is not too serious. Emily


Diamond, out in front and it was at that point coming down the home


straight where you thought with Onuora and Perry Shakes-Drayton not


close behind that they would reel in but not, great victory for Emily


Diamond. Another piece of great drama, Emily Diamond who missed most


of last year with a hamstring injury, she really went up strongly,


Perry Shakes-Drayton did not get out nor did Onuora and with those two


chasing, once Perry Shakes-Drayton was out, she didn't look like she


was running at all and look at this now. Emily Diamond is committed but


will they run head down? No, she stays strong and is having a great


season, she is seeing Rio in her eyes, running for the line and a


good performance from her. Perry Shakes-Drayton gritted her teeth, if


we see her head-on we will see her sensing Onuora decider, trying to go


with Emily Diamond who looks more relaxed and then the battle for


these three for those two spots, Perry Shakes-Drayton nails her spots


as well. The big question now is Onuora, did she do enough to tell a


selector she should get the third spot because Perry Shakes-Drayton is


injured. That'll be for the selectors to decide that for today


Sarah Bundy-Davies and Emily Diamond through. The elation is across the


line, tell me about the moment? It has been a difficult 12 months, last


year I was out with an injury, I moved coach and it has been a tough


one. I live in Bath and my coach lives in Scotland so I've been


working down with James Hillier in Bath and it has worked so well, I'm


so happy, it has been such a long time coming and I wanted to, my aim


of the year was to try to make the team and be a running athlete and


then when I ran my PB in Germany I thought maybe I can get the


individual and to win here today, such a bonus and I am ecstatic.


Congratulations, Sarah you are fighting all the way holding off


Anyika. I felt it was really windy and I felt Emily on me straightaway,


she has a great 200 speed so I wanted to keep my head. I'm to light


it to get a qualification for Rio, really happy. You can both take it


in now, you are both on the plane to Rio.


I saw the elation and the relief when she came across the line. Sarah


Bundy-Davies and Emily Diamond heading to Brazil, interesting


selections to come. The defending champion Anyika not there. The men's


hammer. A big shout from Mark drive. Watching its sale Byeong-Hun An 70


metres. 76 metre man. -- sale beyond. That is in the second round.


Just two centimetres dry of the lead from Chris Bennett. Chris Bennett


72.74, tight competition. Here is the favourite Nick Miller. Went on


to become 11th there. The third round now. Another throw Byeong-Hun


An 70 metres for Mick Miller. 72 point 21. -- another throw beyond 70


metres. Chris Bennett is the man in form.


Recently moved up into the top ten. That is a big throw. I said he was


in form, 76.45 is best, this will be close to that. It is 75.67, that


takes the lead. We have just had the women and now


it is the turn of the men in the one that special.


Three men again, sorry four men have the requisite to qualify. One of


them Mark Rooney Babs after easing down in the home straight yesterday


and Nigel Lavigne gets lane five because he won that semifinal --


Levine. Rooney does not mind Lane eight but in this field, against his


main British rivals he may have wanted to be in a better one. Dwayne


Callan, Matt Hudson Smith. Another athletes returning from real injury


problems. A local lad from Birchfield Harriers. Nigel Levine


still going strong, he is still 27 were feels like he has been around a


lot longer. Looked good in pushing Mark Rooney for the qualifiers. Last


year this was the surprise of the championship, Yousif Bkheit, he


stormed through to win 45.01. Jarrod Bowen, European team champion --


Jarryd Dunn. And then Theo Campbell from the Bristol and West club, in


lane two. PB said 46.02. On the other side, what a good week and


they are having in terms of Championships, Jamie Bouley. --


Bowie. Yousif Bkheit has two qualifying marks as those Dunn and a


few others, their form has been not that brilliant but now is the


opportunity, top two will definitely go, will be a third? That remains to


be seen. Rooney really has to get out harder


here and give the other something to look at, cannot take it too easy and


he has come out hard, Yousif Bkheit running fast. Yousif Bkheit trying


to stay in contact. All of the contenders still in with a great


opportunity and Hudson Smith has the first 200 metres better. Yousif


Bkheit tries to make inroads in lane for Bert Smith with Rooney and


Yousif Bkheit contesting second place and stop Hudson Smith


continues and it is Yousif Bkheit who looks like he will come through.


Rooney nowhere. Hudson Smith wins its, Yousif Bkheit second. The top


two win at their places Bert Hudson Smith running 44.88, a fantastic run


from him and I think that performance, the hard running from


him through 200, through 300, keeping it going all the way made


the others look like they were in what is on every street, especially


Rooney who I think must be ruling that semifinal run. Once Hudson


Smith went past, he had nothing left and it was ten two who came through


strongly. Rooney said he would like to go through. He will be hoping the


selectors look on his past record I'm sure. Individually, this man is


back. Not far off his personal best. Great approach. He went out much


quicker than he did in the qualifying. Martyn Rooney with that


amount to do. But Matthew Hudson Smith was in control. Great to see


him coming back from those injuries because he is getting close to his


best. The gap is clear. Martyn Rooney on the outside. Perhaps


paying a little bit for not being a bit quicker and qualifying. But


Matthew Hudson Smith wasn't labouring coming down the final


stretch. He will be a contender for the finals in Rio. He is the flag


bearer now for British men's 400 metre running. What a wonderful


title to win. So much metre running. What a wonderful


title to win. So much adulation down here, great to see the athletes


celebrating and getting to the Olympic Games, you did it in style,


tell me about that? I don't know how to react. The conditions were


amazing. I felt good. I kicked on. We so what you could do last year,


World Championship Kelhar now Olympic year and it is a great


height again? We have been working on different things. I have got the


standards. I am going to the Olympic Games. That is all that matters. One


final word, what does it mean to make it to the Olympic Games? It is


fitting I am starting my career again here. It means the world to


me, in front of my home crowd. As usual, thanks to everybody that


helped me through my journey. Thanks for this great top. Happy birthday


to my brother. I will get your present tomorrow. He delivered a


greater present right there. Thanks, guys. He has a pretty good excuse


for not greater present right there. Thanks,


guys. He has a pretty good excuse for not having got a present. Maybe


that is good enough, his brother is going to the Olympic Games and what


a performance. Great run in the Diamond League announcing he was


back, but that was even better. Two great 400 metres, Emily Diamond


winning willingly and then another level from Matthew Hudson Smith. It


was a fantastic performance. Where we are, we saw them set off. They


went up very fast, nobody was tentative in their performance. As


soon as Matthew came to the crown of the bend, with 150 metres to go


commie had the real sense of, I have got this. He started to push on and


extend the stride length and keep his form. He crossed the line, and


he is not breathing. That is the beauty of this young man, his stride


is so quick. People don't realise how quickly he is moving. When you


see the time of 44.88, he is shifting. Lots more to come


including the women's 200 metres. They are just about getting ready.


Dean Ashley Smith and Jodie Williams. Isn't it great. It is


great we have so many wonderful women sprinting so well and so


strongly. It will take around 22.7, 22.6 to take this title. Cold and


drizzling a little bit, but it is world-class. The final of the


women's 200 metres. This is going to be special. It is getting cooler and


there is drizzle in the air. What can Dean Ashley Smith do here? She


there is drizzle in the air. What can Dean Ashley Smith do here? She


goes in lane six. A look at the final line-up. Gina Ashley Smith in


lane six. She is there to be targeted because her main rivals are


Bianca Williams, the bronze-medallist at the Commonwealth


Games. 22 now. Shannon Hylton, one of two teenagers in this line-up.


There is her twin sister. Dina Asher-Smith, targeting the 200


metres and looking forward to Rio over this distance. Jodie Williams


has always been a 200 metres specialist and was a


silver-medallist in the Commonwealth Games and Europeans over this


distance. Desiree Henry, was disappointed to finish third in the


100 after looking so good in the heats. Can she make amends here?


There is Ama Pipi, who studies in The States and has been running over


there. 20 years old, but won her heat uncomfortably. Ella Barrett,


just 18 years old. On the inside, the English under 23 champion and


one recently in Bedford, Beth Dobbin.


Conditions not ideal for sprinting. Damp in the air and the wind


continues to blow a bit. We have seen a very quick time in the 400


just run by Matthew Hudson Smith. What can they do here. Beth Dobbin


in one, Ella Barrett in two, Ama Pipi in three. Desiree Henry in


number four, Jodie Williams number five. Very clean me and quickly from


Dina Asher-Smith. Desiree Henry is trying to keep up with her at the


moment. Desiree Henry is just about getting back. She is there. These


two side-by-side. Dina Asher-Smith just gets it. Desiree Henry and


Jodie Williams. They were trading first position it seemed in the home


straight. But Dina Asher-Smith, it looked, just held on for the


victory. What a good race coming in as the favourite and delivering.


Went through the first 100 so quickly, but Desiree Henry making up


for her third place in the 100. So close to the victory, but I think


that goes to Dina Asher-Smith. I think so, what a fantastic race.


Desiree Henry proving that she is able to hold that technique when it


matters. Came through really well. But the woman of the moment is Dina


Asher-Smith. It has been confirmed. She took that race. It looks like


she she was nervous at the start, but did enough. Photo finish. Dina


Asher-Smith get it. Not a quick time, but we didn't think it would


be in these conditions, which are deteriorating. But she did go out


heart, Dina Asher-Smith. This is what we expected. I wonder if this


lane draw would actually give something, show us something about


the quality and the mental state of these athletes. We know Dina


Asher-Smith goes out hard in the first 100 metres, but I wanted to


see how would Desiree Henry respond. She does train, but she managed to


hold the technique and we saw the beauty of the running action from


Desiree Henry. She just starts to tip forward a little bit, but Dina


Asher-Smith is straining for the line and willing it to come. Jodie


Williams was perhaps moving quickest of all towards the end, but had to


settle for third. It will be Dina Asher-Smith and Desiree Henry he


will be guaranteed to go to the Olympics in this event. The Dina


Asher-Smith is the champion. Desiree Henry, second place.


Olympics in this event. The Dina Asher-Smith is the champion. Desiree


Henry, second place. We are going to look and something else I do looked


overwhelmed at the finish, so it sums up what this means to make it


to Brazil? Since I was small, I have wanted to be an Olympian. Today, it


didn't matter about the times, the crucial thing was getting in the top


two and I am so emotional and I'm happy I will be an Olympian. You


came so close in the 100, to nail it in the 200? Yesterday was a


roller-coaster. It didn't go as well as I thought it would, but there is


a chance for me to be in the Olympics, so it was about shaking


myself off and coming back today and executing and getting my guaranteed


spot. I am so glad I was able to do that because it has been really hard


these last few weeks. Why am just so glad I'm going to the Olympics. You


helped light the cauldron in 2012, now you will be running. I cannot


believe it, it is a dream come true, ever since I was a kid I have wanted


to do this. I want to thank my original coach at home, when I was


16 John said I would be running. John, we have done it. Thank you.


You have a lot of people to thank, more action to get to, enjoy the


moment. Congratulations. John, we have done it. Thank you.


You more action to get to, enjoy the


moment. Congratulations. Women's long jump. She was brilliant last


summer, Shara Proctor. Looks in control here. Extending her lead, it


looks. Space on the board. 6.56, her best so far. 27 years of age now,


Shara Proctor. Great contender for the medals in Rio. Not quite back to


where she was last year. 6.65. That is her best so far.


Jazmin Sawyers is having a great season so far. 6.42 her best, until


now. Look at that! Jazmin Sawyers, 22 years of age. That not only might


take the lead, but if it is beyond 6.70, it will book her place in the


British team for the Olympic Games. Because she has one qualification


already. If this is beyond 6.70, it will take the lead. Give Shara


Proctor something to think about. But also, she knows. It is 6.70


five. Jazmin Sawyers joins Shara Proctor, look at that, a lifetime


best. Absolutely brilliant. Wonderful stuff. What a time to do


it. Stefanie Reid, Paralympic silver-medallist. What a brilliant


petition, she will be looking to respond and build on the tension,


the nerves and the excitement down there. Slight following wind. 5.43,


her best in the opening round. Lost a little bit on her landing


possibly. This is the last round. It is by .40 three. No improvement.


Eighth place, but good jumping from her.


Dry. That is a big throw for Mark Dry. Their best so far in the


previous round. Bennett entrance, Miller the favourite in third place.


You can throw a hat over them. Mark Dry 74.92, it was a big throw but


not enough. Second place though. There is confirmation that Chris


Bennett is on a roll. No one had the Olympic qualifying of 77 metres yet


though. So next on the track, just before that a result to tidy up.


Women's long jump, confirmation of the win for Jasmine Sawyers. Shari


Proctor unable to revive. Jasmine Sawyers, a gold for her, brilliant


performance. And the result of the 200 just


before we get towering in the 800, Gina Asha Smith taking it. -- Bina.


Jody Williams will look for some generosity from the selectors but


she look in good form. Now we are ready, they have been out


there a few moments, the penultimate track race. 200 metres for the men


too, after this and a couple of great races to finish off the


British Championships. Five women with a chance. Rowena Cole, Barrow


then Sharp, Leonard, Oskan-Clarke, Jenny Meadows, Walcott-Nolan, Alex


Sandro Bell on the outside. She is having a great season. Alexandra


Bell. Has a chance of going if she will find a top two finish and


another qualifying time. Only has one so far. Walcott-Nolan,


21-year-old from Luton. She will be hoping she can continue her


improvement. Jenny Meadows float Serena yesterday in qualifying it


has to be said. Is there one last hurrah for her. Oskan-Clarke, a


finalist last year in Beijing and a brilliant series of races there.


Looking to cement her place. Alison Leonard threw herself back in the


reckoning with a dominant run in the heats, she has two qualifying marks


as does Oskan-Clarke as does Jenny Meadows and sharp. The defending


champion, Commonwealth silver medal, European silver medal in 2014, Leia


Barrow in lane two. And then Rowena Cole on the inside.


As ever all afternoon we have been saying straightforward enough, a


great race where we have a whole series of permutations possible if


you like. A strong event over the last few years for Britain, Jenny


Meadows and her experience can it help? Then Lynsey Sharp of course.


The one they will all be looking to because she is the class acts


really, already Walcott-Nolan look so she will go out hard she may have


watched what happened to Michael Rimmer, not that easy to choose


between the five here. Tactics intriguing, we would normally expect


to see Jenny Meadows attacking misfits we can see she has let


Lynsey go through. A good group air who will be racing and there will


not want to put a foot wrong. You could say possibly the likes of


Leonard will be in difficulty on the last lap. She does have a tendency


to give up but the others will fight, and they will have to because


they are close today. Great to see Jenny back in the shape dominating.


Walcott-Nolan controlling at the front. Slow through the first 400 so


she will be hoping the change of pace for her will be there when she


as for it. Bella moving on the outside, Jenny Meadows not making a


move, she will want to do it sooner than later. They all have chances


here. They are all there or thereabouts, three big names at the


front with Leonard trying to squeeze through. It is Lynsey and


Oskan-Clarke, only two will be guaranteed a spot. Lynsey Sharp look


strong. Alison Leonard tries to push out Oskan-Clarke. Lynsey Sharp,


attempt 1-macro, Alison Leonard on the inside and Lynsey Sharp


struggling a little. Here comes Oskan-Clarke. She will get there,


she wins it. Lynsey Sharp second and Alison Meadow third. -- Alison


Leonard. Last year she really would show what ability she had and for


her it has been a massive journey over the last few years and that you


showed their when it comes to big races, championship races, she is


very good at getting the best and then just biding her time and


letting Lynsey to dictate. Didn't panic and was impressive in the home


straight. Alison Leonard was there but have filly not have enough and


the end stop. She showed the talent she has on rising to the big


occasion when winning matters. She too big strides last year but issues


again taking in her first national title and dominating. It wasn't as


if Walcott-Nolan ran badly, she did everything right, she probably


thought she would Betty pull away from Oskan-Clarke -- Lynsey. Once


she sent she was gaining it gave her more confidence and momentum and she


was able to read her in as Walcott-Nolan can sense and is


starting to tense up. -- Lynsey. I'm sure Lynsey Sharp will be


disappointed to lose her title but that'll be tempered by the fact she


knows she is in Rio and Oskan-Clarke really strong in the home straight,


Alison Leonard missing out, the closest of the others. I start with


Lynsey, you will be in the Olympics yet again. I know you would want to


defend a title again today but securing a place does that temper


not winning the title? Obviously this weekend was about securing


selection and I managed to do that so I'm happy. I would've to have


defended the title but it was tied up a bit, it was hard when you know


you're being chased down. It is much easier to chase them be chased the


something I will work on. A second Olympics, the excitement starts


building now I take it? Selection was more complicated last time so it


is nice to have it all straightforward and now I can look


forward to it. Congratulations. You are also on the plane to Rio well


done, you must feel very proud right now? Very happy, I just wanted to


secure my Olympic place that getting a win is amazing. I'm in really good


shape and I have been rehearsing over the last couple of weeks about


what I wanted to do and it has come out on top. Very happy. You have


peaked perfectly for the World Championships and we know you can do


so what about the prospects for Rio? I would like the same repeat


performance or better, I know I can run faster and I'm gearing up try to


peak at the right time. Congratulations on making it.


The results again, the time is not relevant. Oskan-Clarke coming away


much better than everybody else. Lynsey doing what she had to do,


Alison Leonard is in tears down here finishing in third spot. One or two


others might have seen that and for the race would be run differently


but not Oskan-Clarke. Really is showing what a championship


performer she is. The last 45 minutes also. Races have all been on


the line, no one knows if they will go to Rio or not, no guarantees,


these athletes came him not knowing and they have made selection lists,


it is fantastic. Not knowing and not sure but at the same time like she


just said it is getting mentally prepared and focused for the job in


hand. She demonstrated that, she can do that and as you said, the other


athletes, they have all performed really well. Andrew Pozzi included


in the men's 110 meter hurdles, fantastic and raising their game


when it counts. Lynsey leading it out there but Oskan-Clarke showed


composure, that mental preparation came forward. For her she is still


quite new getting into these were Championships, last year, doing what


she needs to do and she is able to put herself in the right position,


write speed which you need in these middle-distance races because they


can bail your out when you need it. She kept a composure, didn't panic


and got the job done. Jenny Meadows we can see the, for her towards the


end of a career she would be hoping to go to Rio but it will not happen.


Doesn't seem that way, she has been a great ambassador for women's


middle distances, a great person to know, always positive with a smile,


even when things have gone against her. And an athlete who has suffered


at what we now know was state-sponsored Russian cheating. A


bitter pill to swallow. No words can put it heal her scars and do write


to the horrible things that have been done to her. One left, the


men's 200 metres, the finale here and really quite something to look


forward to. First of all this talk about Adam Gemili, a journey to come


back here? That's right, not just physical scars but the mental


barriers he has to overcome to trust that hamstring again and open up and


let go in training and to pick the time to start. When do I start


putting myself on the line again and he has maybe been a bit disappointed


in what he has shown thus far but it is the long game he has to think


about. In terms of the competition we expect to see Blake that he is


injured, Hughes the training poll delay map partners of Bolt. He


looked rusty, looks like yet done enough speed work. It's that cold


that Denise is crying, I've just been watching it for. He does not


look like he has been coming here in the best possible shape but he is a


guide that knows how to races game, he has proved that it it is


important that Gemili runs his own race and does not get drawn into the


battle around him, this is about him. A quick word about Reece


Prescod, an unlikely contender? I like the look of the sky, bags of


potential. Let's see if he can hold his nerve.


An intriguing race really. As we look down at Stalinist you mentioned


Reece Prescod is a surprise package but it is Gemili and Danny Talbot


who are in the best position. Dani Osvaldo about his business quietly


-- Danny always. Zharnel Hughes was trying to keep people on how easy


the qualification was I think but we shall now find out. Elliott Powell


on the outside, the European junior semifinalist from last year at this


event. Chris Clarke certainly if he is


back, people thought he could really come on at 200 and 400 and move into


wild rankings. Danny Talbot as I said, quietly goes about his


business. He will be expecting to cement his place in the team. So


does Zharnel Hughes but not this year. 20.62 is his best. He was


maybe trying more than he was letting off but we need him. Adam


Gemili all smiles as ever. He could do with not only coming in the top


here but running under 20.5. Not the best conditions to do this but it


would mean he would not have to worry about anything else.


Reece Prescod, can he run a bit quicker here. Kyle Ennis. Then Leon


Reid on the inside. All of the problems for Gemili of last year,


hopefully behind him. He ran 20.55 in the qualifying heats. Just missed


the second qualifying mark. It was 25.0 and maybe this is an


opportunity for him? Hughes is in between Gemili and Danny Talbot. Top


two only definitely go to Rio. 200-metre final. They get away


cleanly. Zharnel Hughes is going well. Look at Gemili and Danny


Talbot. Gemili coming away from Danny Talbot. Danny Talbot coming


back. Gemili wins it. Double bonus. It is good enough. The two of them


will go. Gemili dipped under the qualifying mark again. Danny Talbot


came with a late surge. Not good enough in the end but as we


suspected with Zharnel Hughes, he has two convince. We have Mitchell


Blake and others who have two convince the selectors. These two


are going, Gemili and Danny Talbot, definitely going. The question is,


who will get the third spot? What did you make of that, Colin? Gemili,


good pressure and just had enough in the end? The temperature has


plummeted for these sprinters. You have got a hardy on. I am still in


my shirt. But you are from the north-east, stronger than others


Welsh. The next target was Danny Talbot. Danny kept a cool head. He


is one of these meticulous athletes. He kept the rhythm going, which made


him gain ground. Blog as we get close to the line. He was right


there. Good run from both of them. It is all about getting into the


team, making sure they are on the plane. Now they can do the


polishing. They will go away and decide the races they need to do. It


is good they have come to the top of their game. This is the field you


want to be in, getting there, arriving, qualifying marks in these


conditions. Good, competitive racing. It is looking great for


these sprinters, Steve. Concentration from the two. Hughes,


he lost third place to Reece Prescod. It doesn't do him any


favours at all. Gemili and Danny Talbot, two happy men, I am sure.


Job done. All day, we have been speaking to people who have made the


plane to Rio. Two more happy men. Adam, such a close race? Danny has


been running great this year. It was a very tough race. Came down to the


wire and wasn't sure who won it. Glad to have got the victory and it


is another stepping stone to Rio and we have more improvements to make to


get more competitive with the other guys in the world, but it is a good


start. Colin Jackson was saying, you have booked your place, it is about


fine tuning now? Yes, we want to be competitive. It is good to come here


and take our place and be the best in Britain. As a nation we have been


getting better and that it is time to step up and win medals. What


about the strength and depth across 100, 200 and the relay? The guys


have stepped up. We are a new generation of sprinters coming


through. We are hoping to go there and challenge for a medal,


especially in the relay. We will do our best and hopefully we will come


back with a medal. Congratulations. A lot of hard work goes in from a


lot of people, volunteers and British athletics. Thanks to all of


those guys. Well done, guys. Great pictures, we have seen so many happy


athletes. There will be lots of disappointment for those who haven't


made it. Some will have to disappointment for those who haven't


made it. Some will have to gather themselves for another day and hope


they can gain selection. There is still time. But for Adam Gemili and


Danny Talbot, the one, two positions and also the time for Adam Gemili,


impressive. Zharnel Hughes, has been totally unimpressive. They are


guaranteed to go to Rio. The selectors have interesting decisions


to make your wells will be there. Let's take a look. From gun to take


from the 200 metres, a great start from Adam, Dennis? He did struggle


towards the end, you would feel? I would say, yes. I cannot put into


words how important it is for any athlete to get into the race routine


and the race rhythm. He has missed it. His winter work would have been


compromised. It is the speed endurance missing from the back end


of his race. As he said, the job was done, qualification in the bag and


good training to be done and competitions. The important thing to


notice is the weather isn't great. You might enjoy it doing and


long-distance run, but the sprinters are not enjoying it? They definitely


don't, but they might have defaced these conditions anywhere in the


championships and possibly Rio. They have to be able to perform up the


right level whatever the conditions. Adam Jamelia guaranteed his place on


the plane. Let's have a look at what has happened. These are the athletes


who have made it and are guaranteed. The others will have to wait and


see. Matthew Hudson Smith, one of the great performances over 400


metres. Look at the women now. 22 women. Very strong on the female


side? It is reflective of the last few years. British women have been


getting stronger. They are making finals and collecting medals. There


is a groundswell of the competitiveness. You know that good


performances breed that competitiveness, which you need at


the training venues and British Championships. One of the great


performances was Jazmin Sawyers in the long jump. Great reaction to the


personal performances was Jazmin Sawyers in


the long jump. Great reaction to the personal best and afterwards she


spoke to Phil Jones. What a performance, you needed to to pull


out a performance of your life and you have done it. But can you


believe it? No. But I am tentative to believe that I have done it and


it counts and I am going to Rio. I can't believe it. The trials is a


different experience, it is an Olympic year, different vibe about


it and everyone knows how important it is. I have come here and


delivered the gob with a lifetime best, I cannot be happier. You have


done it at the youth Olympics, and also Commonwealth Games. But to get


to the Olympic Games, it takes it up to a whole new level for you? The


Olympics is the pinnacle and it is what you dream of. All the other


things are amazing and I have loved my career up to now, but now I can


say I am going to the elliptic games is awesome. We can see the joy.


Congratulations and enjoy the experience.


It wasn't the performance of the day, certainly the reaction. Steve,


it was a lovely moment? It was brilliant. To see someone deliver a


performance at an Olympic trials, she's such a popular athlete and a


good character. To beat a world silver-medallist and get herself on


the plane to Rio, it is great to watch. Overall, in terms of the


field of hands, perhaps not the strongest? I was reflecting back


with highlights, we are struggling a little bit. There was some decent


stuff, nothing great. The men's hi Jim didn't turn into what we hoped


with Robbie Grabarz and Chris Baker. In the hammer, it was competitive.


Reflecting on the field events, maybe not as strong as we would


like. Without Greg Rutherford, of course. Getting himself ready and


was absent to the men's long jump. It has been a solid weekend without


being incredible. A lot of the athletes have been here trying to


qualify and one athlete guaranteed is Jessica Ennis-Hill. She has been


performing at heptathlon since Beijing. Her performance, finishing


off and 6.63 in the long jump. Denise Lewis, your reaction to that


performance? Very good indeed. I have to say, for Jessica, it is an


mark in the sand from which they can progress and accelerate her


preparation into Rio. You would assume there is so much more she can


put down in terms of speed. Weather conditions were not great. But it


will give her a lot of peace in mind, having overcome injury


problems. Now she can really put the foot down and motor. Steve, your


reaction? It is exactly what she would have been looking for. The


target was 67, which she has done. She can add another 100 points. If


she does, I don't think there is anyone in the world who can touch


6000 800 points. No one can beat her at that level. Paula, what was your


performance of the day? It is tough. My heart, seeing Stephanie Twell


coming back. But for the performance, Clarke in the 800 and


Matthew Hudson Smith. performance, Clarke in the 800 and


Matthew Hudson Smith. Let's tell you when the next athletics is coming up


on the BBC. It is the anniversary games and we're back at the Olympic


Stadium. We then moved to BBC Two at 8pm and on Saturday, coverage across


the BBC during the afternoon. Then of course, it is Wimbledon. It


starts tomorrow at 11:30am on BBC Two and five live. NSW 19 double


provide us with some great moments, for sure. But is it from the Olympic


trials. Thanks to you guys and in a world of sport, which can be pretty


depressing, it has been great to be here to see the reaction of the


athletes and also the disappointment when they haven't quite made it. We


will be there in 40 days' time for the opening ceremony. Thanks for


your company in Birmingham. Thanks for watching. That's what it means


to him. He has just done what he does best. The world number one wins


it very comfortably indeed. What does it have in store for us this


year. That is a huge jump.


Gabby Logan presents live coverage of the 2016 British Championships from Birmingham.

With the British Championships doubling up as the Rio 2016 Olympic trials, there is sure to be no shortage of drama at the Alexander Stadium.

Greg Rutherford is set to be Sunday's star turn, as the London 2012 Olympic champion aims to rubber-stamp his Rio 2016 selection by claiming the domestic title.

Beijing 2008 Olympic champion Christine Ohuruogu will be trying to secure a 400m spot on the plane to her fourth Games, while in the 200m the likes of exciting youngsters Adam Gemili and Dina Asher-Smith are set to light up the track.

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