Gotzis Highlights Athletics

Gotzis Highlights

Highlights from the prestigious Hypo-Meeting in Gotzis, Austria. The event is one of the year's standout competitions in decathlon and heptathlon.

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Hello and welcome to Gotzis, in the far west of Austria. This beautiful


little town, punches above its weight when it comes to athletics as


it hosts one of the most important events of the year, the Hypo-Meeting


in Gotzis. All of the world's best multi-event


athletes have competed here and they are here again. In the 2016 Olympic


year, the unofficial World Championships has great


significance. Jessica Ennis-Hill is not here, recovering from an


Achilles injury but Jessica Ennis-Hill has qualified for heow.


However, one athlete who has not is Katrina Johnson-Thompson. She needs


6200 to book her place to Rio. All eyes will be on her.


Katrina Johnson-Thompson about to get the challenge underway. Hope she


is prepared, ready. It is a big month for her.


Katrina Johnson-Thompson is slow out of the block. Katrina


Johnson-Thompson moving through. Trying to make ground. Katrina


Johnson-Thompson going through in fourth place. 13.37. A great start.


189, a third attempt and a clearance! Oh, my word! Anything


over 12 metres is good. 12. .47, a personal best. Away they go and


Katrina Johnson-Thompson is flying now. Katrina Johnson-Thompson will


take the victory in 23.09. Impressive. Katrina Johnson-Thompson


making a huge move up the leaderboard.


The last chance, two fouls, she has to deliver here... It's a huge jump!


That is incredible! Wait a second... There is drama here because... I


think there is a suggestion of a nick of the plastercine. This


doesn't look good. It's confirmed, Katrina Johnson-Thompson has had


three fouls. It is the end of her World Championships it is game over


and the frustration is that it was potentially a gold medal winning


jump. Despair. But now with Beijing a distant


memory, KJT is back. Not only will he want to qualify but to go on and


win the Olympic gold. Morgan Lake is here. She needs the points to


qualify. How the 19-year-old deals with the seven rounds is a big test,


lining up alongside some of the biggest names in the sport. So the


scene is set. Let's join the action of what should be a fascinating


heptathlon competition. We will join Steve Backley but first, Andrew


Cotter. The conditions are cool. Right on


the border of Switzerland in the far west of the country.


Katrina Johnson-Thompson is in lane five for the 100m hurdles.


One of the most marketable athletes in the planet, according to a recent


survey. Katrina Johnson-Thompson looking for the qualifying standard.


Anything above that is a bonus. So, Katrina Johnson-Thompson in lane


five. Ganna Kasyanova looking strong.


Katrina Johnson-Thompson moving nicely.


Katrina Johnson-Thompson just on the line! A little breeze behind.


It is 13.37. That will match her personal best. A good start for


Katrina Johnson-Thompson. Not too sharply away.


A great start. Clearing the barrier nicely. The Ukrainian is a strong


hurdler but once Katrina Johnson-Thompson got going, she was


pulling in the Ukrainian athlete. Crossing the line first. A good


start. The confirmation of that equalling


her time in Beijing last year. So the fastest hurdlers in this last


heat. That includes Brianne Theisen Eaton


of can template and Cindy Roleder of Germany in lane three. What sort of


form is Brianne Theisen Eaton in? I suspect it is very good.


Brianne Theisen Eaton cleanly away. Brianne Theisen Eaton going nicely.


Also making a move is Cindy Roleder, the German. Powering over the


barriers. It is Cindy Roleder ahead of Brianne Theisen Eaton.


It is quick. It's quick. 12.85. Just outside the championship best. A


slight breeze behind but these are quick times.


Brianne Theisen Eaton was the sharpest away. A very good starter


it was those three. Once Cindy Roleder got going, she led them


home. A quick time indeed. Cindy Roleder 12.84. A personal best


for Brianne Theisen Eaton and Laura Ikauniece-Admidina.


These are the standings after the 100m hurdles. Cindy Roleder and


Brianne Theisen Eaton so consistent. Katrina Johnson-Thompson down in


8th. The high jump is one of Katrina


Johnson-Thompson's strongest events. Expecting big points. Clearing this


1.80 with ease. Tougher for Brianne Theisen Eaton struggling at 1.86.


The height at which Britain's Morgan Lake went clear on a second attempt.


Well, Brianne Theisen Eaton, the third attempt at 1.86.


The last chance for Brianne Theisen Eaton to remain involved in this,


the second event of the heptathlon. Running the curve well. But came


down on that. Brianne Theisen Eaton is out. 1.83 is her best so far. She


jumped 1.89 last year. Put that into context.


So, a light disappointment after the quick hurdles.


1.83 is her best. Katrina Johnson-Thompson, the second


attempt at 1.89. Oh, yes! That's how to do it. Katrina Johnson-Thompson,


that is brilliant high jumping. Probably her strongest event.


She has shown it once again. A good clearance there. 1.le 9. Let's see


how far she is over that. Well, somewhat... The coach, Mike Holmes


will have liked that. Morgan Lake has her high herselfily


strapped. The third attempt at 1le 89. Good on the apreach. Took off a


long way from the bar. I think that was her downfall. Clipping the bar


on the way down. The look to her dad tells it all. Katrina


Johnson-Thompson, then, the second attempt at 1.92. Oh, yes! She did


knock it but it stays where it is! The bar at 1.92 for Katrina


Johnson-Thompson. That is her best ever in a heptathlon.


The second time of asking. Again, as she did in the previous height,


great high jumping. Thiam, the young Belgium. The third


attempt at 1.92. Oh, no. Her strongest event. I was about to say.


She did win the European U 23 championships at this event. 1.89 is


her best. Right, then, Katrina


Johnson-Thompson. The third attempt at 1795.


-- at 1.95. That was close. Possibly the best of the three. But three


fouls. The end of her high jump but a 1.92. A really good performance in


the second event. Encouraging signs for Katrina


Johnson-Thompson in the high jump. 1.92. Not so far down on her very


best. Morgan Lake frustrating for her.


Brianne Theisen Eaton losing ground. Brianne Theisen Eaton knows she


slips to second behind Katrina Johnson-Thompson at her weaker


event. But it is Katrina Johnson-Thompson who leads after the


high jump. The third event and the new event


leader is Katrina Johnson-Thompson in the shot put. The first round.


That spun down the left sector. Below 13 metres. She has thrown over


13 metres earlier in the month for a lifetime best. She knows that was a


chance to capitalise on the lead. Worked hard to wrestle away from


Brianne Theisen Eaton. Look at that, down the left-hand sector as a


result of spinning out. 11.55. But a valid throw and two more attempts to


come. Here is Brianne Theisen Eaton, then.


Going in pursuit. That's fairly tidy. Technically


stable. It looked in good balance. The shot went straight down the


middle. A fairly simple technique, really. Good height on that.


Quite impressive. 13.71, that is a good start for her.


Katrina Johnson-Thompson, then. That's her third attempt. That will


be no improvement. It was a foul in the second round. A disappointing


shot put, 10.616789 And now the 24-year-old Latvian,


Adimida. Fairly solid.


She is having a good first day. The world bronze medallist last summer.


Someone to watch out for. It is exactly 13 metres. Her best in the


shot put. Thiam, a massive row in the second


round, her third attempt. A good attempt.


The young Belgium using her levers really well. 14.95. No improvement


but a good shot put. So after the shot put a great leap


up the board by Thiam. Brianne Theisen Eaton second and Yorgelis


Rodriguez in third place. Katrina Johnson-Thompson drops down to sixth


place. Katarina Johnson-Thompson will be


looking to make up ground here. Away cleanly. Near enough perfect


conditions for sprinting. Katarina Johnson-Thompson working hard,


working hard is Cindy Roleder and Brianne Theisen-Eaton trying to live


with a quicker sprinters, but Katarina Johnson-Thompson coming


away now, coming away and opening up the gap and a quick time. Surely, a


personal best for Katarina Johnson-Thompson. It was a good


start by all four of the leading contenders here, but once they hit


the bend, Katarina Johnson-Thompson started to look like the sprinter,


the others perhaps heptathletes who sprint. Katarina Johnson-Thompson so


elegant and smooth around the surve. Cindy Roleder was a good mark for


her in the first 80 meet, but Katarina Johnson-Thompson started to


show the class and that's the gap between a world-class 200 metre


runner and heptathletes who are good over the distance, but what a time


for Katarina Johnson-Thompson. Rounded down to 22.79. A new


personal best. Needed a good result in the 200 metres. Lying in sixth


place coming into itment and will move up a good deal. She might be


second. To Brianne Theisen-Eaton after this event and delivering as


she had to do in this event, we know how quick she is over 200 metres. A


personal best for Brianne Theisen-Eaton in second place with


Sprunger. After four of the seven events, Katarina Johnson-Thompson


does move up to second place behind Brianne Theisen-Eaton.


Sum rise where you are? I'm in here, I don't know how long I have been in


here for. Ten minutes. Making sure my legs recover and getting my head


down and get some sleep and tackle the long jump tomorrow which is a


big talking point on everyone's lips. Hopefully I can overcome what


happened to me last year and I hope I qualify and get on my flight on


the plane to Rio. Fingers crossed. After the ice bath and the sleep,


Katarina Johnson-Thompson tucked in behind Brianne Theisen-Eaton, but


the long jump in her mind and many others looming so much to make up.


Morgan Lake had withdrawn from the competition after a disappointing


performance on day one and now determined to get the qualifying


score in the coming weeks. Day two and the fifth event and Katarina


Johnson-Thompson first up in the long jump.


That's quick on the approach. Did she chop on that? Well, a big smile


from her. That's a rueful smile, Steve. I'm not sure what that means


because it didn't look that convincing. Chopped herself short


there. Didn't quite see the lift we know she is capable of. A 690 plus


jumper. A modest start for Katarina Johnson-Thompson. Round two of the


long jump. After 6.13 in the opener, she can let loose here and open up.


Well, that's better. It is further anyway. It looks like she likes it.


Oh that's why. She will have known. She will have felt that. That's a


shame. Possibly a better jump, but a foul in the second round for


Johnson-Thompson. All right then, event leader, Brianne Theisen-Eaton


will have had half an eye on Johnson-Thompson so far. 6.27 so


far. Oh, that's, that looks as if it is around six-and-a-half metres.


That's a better jump from her. Perfect on the board. Look at that!


Drives her left knee high. Lands cleanly. That's a technically


proficient jump as she is in most of the events. She looks very well


drilled. 6.56. A big improvement. The best so far. Well, here is the


German. A world junior champion in 2008. This is her third attempt.


Drives the arms hard at this. She had no height of that. Well, she


likes it. 6.17 her best so far. This is the last attempt. Slaps the foot


down hard into the wood of the take-off board. Difficult to tell


from the angles exactly how far that is. Oh, it is an improvement for


Schafer. In fact, it is a lifetime best. Last chance for


Johnson-Thompson to salvage what will be a disappointment should she


walk away with 6.15. A foul in the second round to remind you. Well,


chopped again. It just looks disconnected to me. It looks


understandable given her record in the event last year in Beijing. You


can see her almost looking down. Yes, three fouls last summer and she


said she was nervous coming into this event. Look at that, eyes down


as you say, Andrew. That's a mistake. You can't do that at this


level. That's taking a lot of distance off. It is a slight


improvement though. 6.17 her best in that, the last round.


There was something on the board for Katarina Katarina Johnson-Thompson.


So overall Katarina Johnson-Thompson actually instead of moving forward


after the long jump slips behind Carolin Schafer.


Ashley Bryant was frustrated after losing his poles meaning he will


have to compete on borrowed ones. He missed the qualifying standard by


just 44 points. The selectors may take the circumstances into account


otherwise he has to achieve the qualifying at.8100 at other meetings


this summer. The penultimate event is the javelin. Katarina


Johnson-Thompson the first round. Lifetime best of over 40 metres.


Looks controlled on the approach here. The javelin prewithdrawn. Slow


on the approach. Well, it is a valid throw. That's below 40 metres. Well,


looking to maybe just get a mark in there. Let's have a look at this


from front-on. Good across the left leg. Rides over, up and out of the


throwing position. Oh, but look at that javelin, it is twisting in the


air. Not flying through the air and 36.66 in the opening throw. Slightly


disappointing for Johnson-Thompson. Brianne Theisen-Eaton then. Also


starting with the javelin pre-set. Short approach. Well, it looks like


a better flight. Oh, that's a big throw for Brianne Theisen-Eaton. A


fist pump from the coach. That's a lifetime best and that's almost


certainly ensured her of victory with just the 800 metres remaining


as she did last year, she looks on course to defend her title.


The Latvian. Probably the most capable of all heptathletes when it


comes to the javelin. She took the bronze last year at the World


Championships. Inn Beijing and that's a big effort in the first


round of the javelin. She likes it. I mentioned the testing conditions,


but she has got on to that. You wouldn't know this is tough throwing


conditions because she has really let rip. Let's look at this. What a


great flight that is. Well, 54.8 #3rks a new lifetime best


in the first round. Johnson-Thompson then. Second round. Again, slow on


the approach and again looked as though she lost her grip there. The


javelin almost slipping out of her hand. Her opening throw 36.66. It


looks similar. Well, look at this. It slips out swid-ways. The javelin


is travelling side-ways through the air. 35.90. A disappointing


performance from Katarina Johnson-Thompson. Not even on the


first page. Slipping down the rankings now Katarina


Johnson-Thompson. She is down to sixth place and still in the lead


Brianne Theisen-Eaton. The line-up, Katarina Johnson-Thompson, probably


won't need near her personal best. Brianne Theisen-Eaton goes here too.


It would be interesting to see how Katarina Johnson-Thompson runs this.


She ran the 2.45 time in the 800 in Beijing. She was really going


through the motions. Anything under 2.20 would be comfortable enough to


see her get the standard for Rio. She is just sitting near the back at


the moment and Brianne Theisen-Eaton wearing the leader's number, the


leader's name on her vest. Katarina Johnson-Thompson going through


sitting through near the back and she will just make sure that she


runs quickly enough to get the points. Not running dangerously. Not


giving too much here. It is all about that qualifying standard.


Johnson-Thompson giving nothing awe way. Just to get enough points for


the qualification for Rio, a big statement from Brianne


Theisen-Eaton, the Commonwealth champion runnier-up to Jessica


Ennis-Hill in the World Championships in Beijing last summer


and looks certain to take the title here in Gotzis. Good pace.


And Katarina Johnson-Thompson is capable of much, much quicker. Just


sitting in that group ten metres or so behind. Good for the Canadian,


Theisen-Eaton to have the American there. Theisen-Eaton will be looking


for a good time. Jessica Ennis-Hill will be watching this closely.


Katarina Johnson-Thompson a long way behind at the moment, but again,


anything under 2.20 will be good enough for her to get that


qualifying standard of 6200 points. Here in the 800 metres, the final


event in the heptathlon, and it is being led home by Brianne


Theisen-Eaton. Brianne Theisen-Eaton will take the


victory overall. The time is just outside 2.10. Brianne Theisen-Eaton


narrowly behind her and Katarina Johnson-Thompson just comes home for


fourth. Perhaps 2.16 or so. The victor, the winner, Brianne


Theisen-Eaton, what a two days of competition it has been for her. A


very, very strong winner and for Katarina Johnson-Thompson she will


finish some way down, but she will get the qualifying standard. Yes, a


mixed bag for KJT. The shot put possibly a down fall and the shot


put earlier today, but it looks like she has done enough for Rio. There


is confirmation of the 800 metres. Barbara Nwaba takes it.


Johnson-Thompson down in sixth. Going into it, I just wanted to get


6.2. I brought it back today. Job done. I came here for 6.2 and I got


6.3 so I booked my plane to Rio and that's all I can do. A few smiles


from Katarina Johnson-Thompson as she came out to the podium in Gotzis


and she will be thinking of a much higher place on the podium than


sixth when she goes to Rio. The qualifying standard achieved, it is


all about preparing for the Olympic Games. The athletics keeps on coming


on BBC Sport. Next on BBC One, we have highlights from the Diamond


League. Tomorrow, we are back here on BBC One for the Birmingham


Diamond League for three hours of top class track and field as some of


the best of the world get in the groove for Rio, it is full of


Olympic champions and it is full of Olympic hopefuls. It arts at 1.30pm


on BBC One. -- starts at 1.30pm on BBC One. For Katarina


Johnson-Thompson, she has booked her place for Rio and that Battle of


Britain clash between her and Jessica Ennis-Hill is sure to be one


of the highlights of the Games. Sadly Morgan Lake hasn't been able


to secure her place yet, but there might be a chance for the teenager


at another event. So, the season is in full swing. Remember you can


catch all the action here on the BBC. But from me in Gotzis, it's


goodbye. COMMENTATOR: That's what it means to


him. Oh, it is going to be close, isn't


it? I got to tell you, that's good. He


has just done what he does best! What does it have in store for us


this year? Oh, that's a huge jump. It's a


perfect day.


Highlights from the prestigious Hypo-Meeting in Gotzis, Austria. The event is one of the year's standout competitions in decathlon and heptathlon and will throw up plenty of form clues with the Olympic Games just a couple of months away.

Britons Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Morgan Lake are both set to compete, as they bid to achieve the qualifying standard required for Rio. Jessica Ennis-Hill, who made her long-awaited comeback to heptathlon in Gotzis in 2015, is not fit enough to return but will be keeping an eye on how the likes of Canadian world silver medallist Brianne Theisen-Eaton perform in Austria.

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