World Relay Championships Athletics

World Relay Championships

Highlights of the 2017 world relays from the Bahamas, which also gives the chance for teams to qualify for 2017's world athletics championships in London.

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Welcome to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, where we have the


Caribbean Sea, the sand, the Sun and some of the best sprinters this


weekend on the planet. The Bahamas are made up of over 700


islands, with Nassau in the North of the Caribbean just under 200 miles


from Miami off the East Coast of the USA, and it has hosted all three


editions of the World Relays. Up for grabs is really burst at the London


World Championships with teams needing atop eight championship


positions. They have guaranteed London 2017 places as hosts but they


will use this event to bond as a team and challenge for medals. This


is the programme for the event. Other nations to watch out for


include the USA, overall winners of the golden bat on at each of the


previous events, and Jamaica who need little introduction. In 2015,


the British' 4 x 400m was devastated after missing out on the Rio


Olympics, but they are at full strength this time. And the line-up


includes 82 macro, who was fifth at the 2015 World Championships, before


injury denied him a place at the macro Olympics. I am honoured to be


back, I am definitely back with more hunger this season. Last season was


a bit of a sad season for me, especially seeing that I was back at


home again, watching the Olympics from behind the TV again. When I saw


the 200m, I was like, the players, the ways that got second, that was


my personal best, and I was in great shape my season so I would


definitely have got a medal. I told my mum that was my time and she was


awake, I know you would have done well! It happens in track and field,


I just have to move on and I have strengthened myself better this


season. To be part of a team definitely is something to look


forward to! I am excited and at the same time we have to compose


ourselves and we have to get the stick around the track. Training has


been spectacular, I am in the form of my life, my coach says, just


looking forward to having a great time and getting medals for TeamGB.


Zharnel Hughes and the British men go in the 30s, but first you


Jamaica, lacking their leading man Usain Bolt nanograms suffer Powell


who has got an injury. But still with power in the form of Yohan


Blake. Jamaica in four and Bahamas and


seven. Well, it is a clean start. And uneven start, Australia going


reasonably well in lane six. The roaring down the back straight for


the Bahamas, flying in lane number seven, Shavez Hart, and in lane


four, Kemar Bailey-Cole. The changeable exclaim, China in the


outside lane of eight and the Netherlands going well in five. The


first two in each heat guaranteed a place in the final. The Netherlands,


China Australia. Unofficially, the checkpoint 71 seconds. -- 30 8.7


one. My goodness, what did we just see? The team in Orange coming


through first. Looking for the green and gold. This is what happens to


the Jamaicans, we know their history, they do not have Usain


Bolt, but just on the right of the screen. Bailey-Cole on the second


leg. So there we have our first big shock of the night. The frustration


is quite clear for everybody to see. So Jamaica will not be in the final.


Netherlands, China automatically go through. And now with no Jamaica,


what a way to for this American quartet. USA anchored by Justin


Gatlin. This is the list for the 4 x 400m 82 macro. We will see the


United States, we will see Canada. Away they go. And we will see how


Marvin Bracey takes on the leg for the Americans, and the Canadians


have gone out strong along the back straight, the Americans also with


Mike Rogers. The experience in the handover which looks green on the


far side of the track. And they bring it drowned with the third


stage, bake for the United States hands to Gatlin, and he faces Andre


de Grasse. Andre de Grasse pushing Gatlin all the way, Canada take it


ahead of the United States. The first two Baudry to the final and we


have seen a thrilling sprint finish the second heat of this race.


Results of heat macro as follows. Canada have edged just in front of


the United States and those other qualifiers, the French will have to


wait, coming in third, followed by Germany. In the last heat, Great


Britain won a Bronze medal at the first edition of the World Relays in


2014, let's meet the team. I am CJ Ujah, a run for Haringey, my event


is I can't say may event! My personal best is 9.9 six. I am


Zharnel Hughes, just looking forward to getting medals for TeamGB. Just


my name first? Adam Gemili, and for Blackheath and Bromley Harriers. I


am Danny Talbot, running for Birchfield Harriers, my event is the


four by 100m Relay and my personal best is 10.14 seconds. The final


event, Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be looking for


automatic qualifying here in lane five. So a clean start. Think it is


neither is going well, as is Great Britain and Northern Ireland in lane


five. A safe hands -- a safe handover by the British team, and


Great Britain and Northern Ireland flying down the back straight. Adam


Gemili on the top bend, the 200-metre runner in superb form,


Brazil making strides on the inside. Danny Talbot for Great Britain and


Northern Ireland. And unofficially, the British team project and 22


seconds. That is the result. The final heat Michael Mathieu by Great


Britain and Northern Ireland, Barbados going through as well. And


in terms of the final, it is looking tasty. This is what it will comprise


of, the Canada, USA, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, down to


Barbados. A great start by the British men and we will speak with


them after their final later in the programme. First, to the women' four


by 400m, the squad won winning the Rio Olympics Bronze medal and for


the first time since then, the squad is back together. Not in Leeds,


Christine Ohuruogu, saving herself for a place in the final. Eilidh


Doyle, my event is the four by 400m Relay. My 400m personal-best is 51


.45 seconds. My name is Emily Diamond and I am competing in the


400 -- four by 400m Relay. I run for Liverpool Harriers, Anyika Onuora.


My event is the four by 400m. I run for sale Harriers, Kelly Massey, I


am competing in the four by 400m. The starting list for heat two. The


women' 4 x 400m. Bahamas in lane seven and Canada in lane eight could


be a team to watch. It is another clean start. Look out


for Eilidh Doyle for Great Britain on inside. But immediately, storming


out in lane seven. Shaunae Miller-Uibo has already made up the


ground and has surpassed Caroline Muir, who is no slouch herself, and


you will listen to the reception as she comes round and the home


stretch. She really went out fast. And there will be work to do for


some of the others. Eilidh Doyle digging deep to bring Britain into


the race. But this is a fantastic lead by the Olympic champion Shaunae


Miller-Uibo, who hands over to Anthonique Strachan. And already a


big lead after 400m. I was questioning why they would put their


best runner on the first leg but she brought them out to it, and a huge


lead which brought this crowd into the meet. The crowd was in a frenzy,


they went over the top at this point. That was a really good idea


by the team from the Bahamas. On the second leg now, and diamonds ran a


good leg for Great Britain in the Olympics, she will have to do the


same here, and she is trying to eat into that advantage -- diamonds.


Canada in third and Nigeria fourth. But it is going to be Anthonique


Strachan into the third handover. See the strides, keeping the


advantage. And she has done so, she was tiring towards the end. Onuora


for Great Britain on the third leg. Great Britain has done a wonderful


job of cutting that lead into half, she had ten metres, the Bahamas, in


the lead at the changeover. Nigeria moving up just a little bit as well.


Christina has work to do after the Bahamas had that big lead. Everybody


bunching up again. A close race now, Nigeria have run a great race, but


they are wearing down. Onuora challenging the Bahamas as we head


over to the changeover with Bahamas leading. Brown takes the baton and


Canon Bahamas hold off Kelly Massey on their shoulder? That is not


somebody I would want on my shoulder. More experience. Brown is


watching out as Massey has moved in front so Bahamas had that huge


advantage after the first part of the race but Kelly Massey with all


her experience, a four-time medallist at major events, the


32-year-old has looked at the screen, the Nigerians coming around


at the outside. Plenty of experience to catch Massey, this is going to be


a close finish because the Nigerians are going to take it. Massey is


tired. And the Canadians finishing strong. Nigeria take it. Great


Britain and second and the Bahamas have been run out of it down in


fourth. Nigeria with a strong finish, which means it is the


quartet who took the honours and a seasons best, Great Britain taking


the second automatic qualifying position, Canada and Bahamas holding


on. Despite featuring just one of that Olympic gold medal winning


line-up Natasha Hastings, USA were in a league of their own, looking to


defend their unbeaten run in the event. Poland also impressed, they


have never won a gold medal at the World Relays but a powerful sprint


finish by European indoor gold-medallist signalled their


intent to end that in the final. They and the USA will be joined by


fellow automatic qualifiers Jamaica, Australia, Nigeria and Great


Britain, Botswana and France the quickest of the finishers. That


should be a fascinating final later, as was the Rio Olympics 400-metre


final last year. South Africa stormed to victory, setting a new


world record in the process, it was quite simply breathtaking. Also in


that race was Matthew Hudson-Smith, of Great Britain.


Matthew, you get to come to some pretty amazing places when you are


an athlete? But there is a serious job to do? Yes, it is the world


relays and everyone is on their A-game. I am really looking forward


to it. It will be a stepping stone. This is something to get excited


about! Paradise Beach. We are next to the hotel so good recovery. Talk


about 2016. It was a historic final to be part of? Yes, I think that was


probably the most terrified I have ever been in my life. I remember


literally, it went blank and going to about 150, and everyone basically


getting on my shoulder and going past. I thought, I cannot come last


in the Olympics so I started sprinting. When I came across the


line and saw the time I thought, that is all right. It is a new world


record! Words cannot describe how mad it was. From 2015 when they said


I possibly needed surgery and I might miss Rio to get into the


final, and being in a world record race, to say the least was a bit


amazing, it was a testament to my coach and everyone around me. We


have just got to perform on the day and the Bahamas, World Championship


relays is a great opportunity to bring some people in and start from


fresh. Is there any great rivalry between the boys and girls? We are


all right. Apart from Christine always beating me up but I take it!


Character building! She says it is character building but I say it is


bullying! Fighting talk! She will beat me up! Someone will see this


and text her! Matthew Hudson-Smith will lead off the GB team who won


bronze in 2015. After the controversial disqualification at


the Olympics, this line-up feel they have something to prove in 2017.


This is the line-up for the 4x400 metres relay. The Bahamas with their


youth and talent will be in lane seven. A strong team from Great


Britain led by Matthew Hudson Smith in lane four. Away they go. Look out


for Mattioni in lane seven. Daniel Harper having to work really hard to


keep pace. Hudson-Smith of Great Britain is going well in lane four.


They will come round towards the front straight. And the Golden night


of 2012 working really hard. Hudson-Smith is pushing hard. The


Canadian Harper is really starting to trial. The first handover is


tight. It is Belgium and the Bahamas. It is the race we expected.


Good legs by the Bahamas and the Great Britain and Northern Ireland


team. Matthew Hudson-Smith has handed over to Delanno Williams. It


is the British athlete who take them down the back straight. France now


in second place. Williams is moving and the Bahamians have problems with


Pinder. He has lost three or four metres on the inside of the track.


Williams comes into the home straight. France are in second place


at the moment. It is the first two from each heat who qualify. This


race has a long way to go. It is intriguingly poised with Great


Britain leading from France. The baton is handed to Jarryd Dunn, the


UK indoor champion. The Belgians are catching up as well. Jarryd Blair


and has taken the lane kind of wide. The French athlete has a plan that


position if he wants to go on the inside. It will be a tough race. The


Bahamas are getting back in this. Andretti Bain has recovered somewhat


for the Bahamas. The French were halfway there at the start. He is


really working hard in the last 50 metres. We go to the final handover


and the baton safely transferred to the Ed Campbell. -- to Theo


Campbell. It is only the front two who qualify. Look at the fly is


different. Theo Campbell, a former triple jumper down the back straight


-- look at the size difference. This is a big deal for the young British


man. They will automatically qualify. The Bahamians are making


the charge. Is it too late to get into the first two? Even Gardner has


had a real go. Watch Gardiner coming in for third. It is France to take


it, Great Britain second. The Bahamas are third. France winning


the first heat in this 4x400 m relay. Wade Van Niekerk Confirmation


of the results. The USA have won gold in the event


at each edition of the world relays that Trinidad and Tobago showed 2017


could have a different outcome, edging their encounter. In the final


heat, Botswana, thing at Rio 2016, finished clear of a Jamaican line-up


which included two silver-medallists from last year's Olympics. It was


inevitably all change in the final with the strongest nations battling


together. Britain would have it all to do after qualifying with the


slowest time. Coming up, the men's 4x100 metres. Justin Gatlin anchors


strong quartet. It might be the Olympic bronze-medallist, but the


British 4x400 m team will have to go a lot quicker if they want to beat


the Olympic gold-medallist in the USA. And then is the turn of the


men. The American team will be anchored by LaShawn Merritt. Can the


British men get on the podium after just qualifying for the final?


Relays feature a number of events not usually seen at major


championships and the four by 800 metres is one of those. The USA


defended their crown, Belarus took silver and Australia the bronze.


Another non-Olympic event is the 4x200 metres. The women's race was


all about Jamaica and in particular, Elaine Thompson. The breakthrough


sprinter of Rio 2016 powered clear of heard Jamaican rivals to claim --


her German rivals declaimed Jamaica's first gold of the event.


What is this like, is it different? It is kind of different but when we


came out here in the heats, to advance in the finals, we came out


here more confident to go out there and win. How has your life changed


in the last 12 or 18 months? The success you have had in the


Olympics, your profile has gone through the roof. My life has been


changed. I have a responsibility, especially to the younger kids. I am


being more responsible, the things that I do, what I say and how I


dress. My life has been changed a lot.


As you can see, the Jamaican fans are here to cheer on Elaine Thompson


and Yohan Blake. The superstar is Usain Bolt. He will not be here. He


has decided to finish his career in a race at the London championships.


Steve Cram has been to find out more.


Hello again. Good to see you. Go on in. It is not as simple as it is, I


have done what I want to do. I have done great in the sport. People just


want to see more and more, but you as a person have to decide, this is


it. I do not want to continue and at the end I start losing because I


hate losing. Is there a bit of trepidation? You will always be


nervous, definitely. But I am also excited to move onto a different


chapter of my life, try something new. I have a bet with my managers.


They give me two years before I get a belly! I cannot let that happen!


You can hear more of that interview in a special programme.


The atmosphere here tonight is incredible and it is about to get


even crazier. Next up is the men's 4x100 m final. Despite an impressive


heat, the British team made a change to their line-up. Adam Gemili out,


rising star Ojie Edoburun in. This is the line-up. It is a strong


one. The elusive prize is the Jamaicans are not in that eight


strong line-up. You will be looking at the talent of the urging


Canadians and the power of the United states team.


40 seconds to decide gold. The United States have gone out well.


The Canadians chasing hard. The first changeover, good and clean


from Great Britain. They are hauling outside them. The Canadians will


have a bit of work to do. The handover from Britain is good at


well. Daniel Tolbert. Look at the Chinese starting to put the


accelerators down. It is all set up for the final leg. The British have


made a mess of it but the Americans are clear. It is Gatlin all the way.


It is Justin Gatlin for the United States of America in 38.4 three. It


is gold for the US. It was billed as the big contest between Justin


Gatlin and Andre De Grasse. It would not materialise. The Canadians were


gone, the British were gone, the gold is for the US. But what a race


full of drama. The Great Britain and Northern Ireland team were flying.


Ojie Edoburun, the youngster, was put on the last leg. The changes


were made. It looked like he went off too early. There was no chance


he would get it in the takeover zone. This was a race that


ultimately came down to some errors. Confirmation of another gold for the


United States. Justin Gatlin bringing them home. I think tonight


shows you have got to be a better and to stick around. We have two


young rookies on the scene who are running fast. They want to get the


job done. They want to solidify a legacy after we have gone and


retired. I am happy for them. I think going into the next couple of


months we will keep that energy going and going to London and the


finals and hopefully the podium. We gave it our best effort. It is


difficult to say. I am proud of the guys. It is the first time we have


come together as a team. It is a good camp, it has been a great team


spirit and we will move on from it. We always do. We come back stronger.


As hard as it is to do it at the world we live, we have got the World


Championships and that is what we will work towards. Disappointed. It


is not a nice feeling. As Danny said, it is about the bigger


picture, the world champs. I am confident we can get the job done.


It is lessons we have to learn but unfortunately have to learn it here.


A new day meant new medal opportunities. But it also brought


new challenges. There is wind and rain here proving it is not always


perfect conditions in the Bahamas. Earlier I caught up with the GB team


to find out what life is like on tour.


Hi, I am Emily Diamond. And I am Kelly Massie. We won bronze in 2016.


And this is where we are staying. This is the pool area where we like


to relax after training sessions or get some sun. There are some table


tennis tables we like to play out. I was going to say to whack the ball


around! Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed our guide. Idiot!


The USA are the reigning champions and progressing from the heat was a


mere formality for the team featuring two Rio Olympics


gold-medallists. World Champion Jamaica were in the


second heat. It is Jamaica and Germany, battling it out for victory


in the second heat. The race is on for third place. Jamaica and


Germany, Germany take it, Jamaica second. In lane five, the Italians


take third place. The Italians were disqualified, allowing Brazil to


sneak into the final. The British team withdrew ahead of the event


because of injuries, the major medals to be contested between the


United States, Germany and Jamaica. What a run by the Germans, proving


anything can happen with conditions as they are at the moment. That


final later, first, the women' 4 x 400m. Great Britain qualifying with


the second fastest time, but boosted by the inclusion of Christine


Ohuruogu. It is always great to experience different parts of the


globe, that is one of the great things I can do in my sport, we get


to travel all the time. The venues are not always in pretty


parts of the world like this, but when we do get a chance to come


here, it is nice that you get a chance to visit places you would not


usually visit. It is a great opportunity to come together as a


team. And also, as we begin the season, to start preparing to


London. We have one new addition to the team. A youngster who, it will


be great for her to be part of the medal winning Relay team of last


year. And it would be great for her to learn from the rest of us. People


generally go through the same experiences in that pressurised


situation. And I think the most important thing I have learnt is


just to try and do my best to keep the athletes can't because I know


that with me, if you get flustered and you think a mile a minute and


you cram too much in, you can't really focus. So I really try and


get them to stay calm and focus on their job and what they need to do,


and don't worry about the rest of the team and letting the team down.


Do not carry extra pressure other than the fact you go out and do your


job properly. That generally does help dealing with new or younger


athletes in the team. Ohuruogu holding on to take the


Bronze for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We could never


secured a medal at the Olympics so to win with this team, I would not


say it sparked a new era in the 400-metre Relay running for us, but


it gave the girls a sense of real belief. And there is more to come,


Tokyo in a couple of years. The girls will be more than experienced


in dealing with being in Olympic finals and running as a team. And I


think they have a lot to look forward to, really exciting future.


Jamaica in three, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, seven. They are


the Olympic medallists. That is the Jamaican contingent, hoping their


strong squad -- squad can bring points and prizes.


So the USA want this -- won this in 2015 and they are looking to defend


their title. As expected, France's of the USA has gone out hard for the


Americans. She has already made the stag in the first 200m against the


Polish runner. I did like the guts of the Polish athletes yesterday.


You can't let Phyllis Francis shake loose and give the USA a big lead or


you will never catch up. America going well, George of Nigeria going


well. Diamond in the mix for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. And it


is the USA who take the baton. This is the longest leg. Ashley Spencer,


for the USA. She took world indoor silver in Portland last year and she


sweeps into the back straight in the lead. She is a 400m hurdler and she


opened in the 400 and took over in the 400m with a new coach. Close


proximity of 4 x 400m running, with space at the front for America,


Great Britain and Northern Ireland and second. Also running well after


a good season. Jamaica on a charge. McLauchlin chasing down Laivia


Nielsen and Poland back in the mix. Third leg for the USA, and


exceptional indoor season, winning -- running the fastest time in the


300m, and she's running away with it. There is a battle behind Quanera


Hayes. Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Jamaica, Ellie Doyle


holding the inside line on the Jamaican, Chambers. The battle


continues. The USA leading the way in this race. Quanera Hayes coming


down into the home straight, handing over to the multi-medals winning


Natasha Hastings. Jamaica in third. This is what the USA does to you in


this race, they decimate you and they run away from you. That up by


Phyllis Francis. Giving it to the golden one, Natasha Hastings.


Natasha Hastings down the back straight, the back is too far back,


that is Olympic champion from 2008, Christine Ohuruogu. She is taken at


the moment by Stephenie Ann McPherson. America going to get the


eight points and the $50,000, but Jamaica pulling away with Stephenie


Ann McPherson, in the silver medal position. Christine Ohuruogu being


challenged by the Polish team. Poland slot into a medal position.


Ohuruogu tries to fight back, but America have gone, they are the


champions in the 4 x 400m, Jamaica being challenged by Poland. Poland


get the silver and Jamaica the Bronze. The Americans were gone


after the opening leg of Phyllis Francis, but what a run by the


Polish team! But once again, team USA, France's, Spencer, Quanera


Hayes and Hastings, too strong in the final. Poland is did the same


thing in the heats. They closed like a freight train. I like their guts


and determination, the Polish team. Tasha Hastings blows a kiss, Phyllis


Francis gives others a jerk. Confirmation of the 4 x 400m, gold


for the USA, silver for Poland and a Bronze medal for Jamaica.


Fourth is the top is placed finish, but you can take positives from that


run? Yes, every race, we want to win, of course. But this


Championships is not so important about positions, it is a case of


getting the likes going again and kicking of the season and getting


back into the rhythm of 4 x 400m. To finish fourth, we would have loved a


medal, but it is a positive start for everybody. What are you learning


from being part of the squad, with a lot of experience here? Yes, it is


nice to slot into a Bronze medal winning team, I have learned so much


from these ladies and looked up to them for so long and they have


welcomed me as a new member and they have taught me the lessons. Just so


pleased we came away with that. How tough was today in terms of the


conditions because it is wet in parts of the track and I was


scuffling going on? Not ideal conditions, but we are in the same


situation so you have to deal with it. We're used to British conditions


so it is all right for others! Used the rain. There will not be many


more major events, how are you enjoying this and the experience of


being out in front of a crowd like that again? I have grown up really


enjoying relays and I have progressed to the sport really


enjoying the camaraderie of being in 18. I will miss this. I am really


proud of the girls. They always show up. Give them a simple instructions,


everybody does their job and we are all smiling, which is good. More


athletics coming up on the BBC to keep you smiling. There is the Usain


Bolt documentary followed by the first of this latest session of


Diamond League meetings. Before all of that, can the fall --


can the 4 x 400m men's team won over the USA? How will the surprise


quartet of Germany fare against Rio 2016 silver-medallists USA and


Jamaica? And the last race sees the men racing against the women and


women against men, the intriguing mixed 4 x 400m Relay. The 4 x 800m


is the longest and most gruelling event of the programme and the men's


final involved an epic battle between 2014 winners Kenya and


defending champions the United States, Clayton Murphy powering


clear to get a six -- a second successive gold. Next is the final


of the men's 4 x 200m final. Confirmation of the finalists.


United States have never won this event at the World Relays, the


Jamaicans have won two times. Jamaica will be roared on by the


home crowd, and what have Canada got to offer, and who else could come


from the crowd? When it all finishers, there are


flame-throwers and we will have fireworks first. Jamaica has gone


out well. But Noah Lyles has started impressively for the United States.


A good first 200 from the Jamaicans. Look at the changeover, that was


good from Jamaica. Julie dead end to going well on the outside. And look


at Jarrion Lawson for the United States in lane six. Impressive from


Jarrion Lawson. A big stagger on this race and we watch the


handovers, Jamaicans looking like they are in a good position, the


Bahamas away and the United States off. Around that bend with Jarrion


Lawson, Noah Lyles handed it over and Lawson streaks away. Jamaica on


the inside with it Heinz. It is still tight. Still so much to be


decided. Jamaica working hard and the Canadians are going really well.


On the inside. This is Canada, the United States in seconds. It is


going to beat Canada with gold, a surprise with the United States in


second, what drama and finish! They surprised everybody at the end. They


really good third leg from Andre de Grasse. And Aaron Brown has had bad


memories at World Relays and this is very good. Confirmation of how it


finished. And the Canadians are, gold-medallists at the Institute,


edging out to the United States. Jamaica with third. One final medal


transforms Great Britain in the men's 4 x 400m, it is missing Martyn


Rooney, the three-time Olympian, who picked up a niggle, but the line-up


is strong. Matthew Hudson-Smith, my event is


the other 4 x 400m. Quanera Hayes, I run for Enfield and


Haringey. My event is the 4 x 400m. In my personal best is the 45.42. I


run for Birchfield Harriers, Jarryd Dunn. My personal best is 45.09.


Theo Campbell, I run for Birchfield Harriers. Intel's! My 400m


personal-best is 46.02. This is the line-up for the men's 4


x 400m Relay. The USA defending the title they won here in 2014 and


2015. Danger from Botswana, Great Britain performed well in


qualifying. And in lane seven, Jamaica on the outside.


The gun goes and they are away cleanly from the start. Hudson-Smith


has got the Jamaican Pinder outside him and Hudson Mathies has gone


well. -- Hudson-Smith has gone well. It looks like a decent start from


Peter Matthews. From the looks of things, the Botswana 's have decided


not to load up their mixed relay. We have a long way to go. Approaching


the first handover. Great Britain have done pretty well there. They


are pretty even with the Jamaicans. The United States with Sony McQuay


racing. He is having a really good look behind him. He knows he has got


the Jamaicans settling in. The Botswana and is now trying to make a


run for it. The United States have got a good lead. We will see how


they can hang on. The Americans have given up Elizabeth ground but a good


run. Jarreau Richards has run really well for Trinidad and Tobago and


they are in second place at the moment. The United States have the


baton in hands of Kyle Clemens now. He takes it round into the back


straight and he has got them chasing. The Jamaicans working


really hard as well now. Martin Manley in there. He has done really


well. Trinidad hanging on. Manley did a great move. Watch out for the


Botswana and team. They are in fourth position. Clemens brings them


down the home straight. There is a four way tussle at the moment for


gold. Who will we see? Will the experience of LaShawn Merritt do the


job or will it be youthful style and towel and? LaShawn Merritt has been


there and done it. Trinidad and Tobago is in there as well. What a


race. Here comes Sibanda. The Jamaicans cannot keep up with them


at the moment. Steven Gayle has lost a couple of metres. Merritt is


holding off Sibanda. He has done this before to bring the United


States the gold. What a finish! It is Merritt for the United States. He


holds off Sibanda. Jamaica will get the bronze. Once again America get


the gold. It is now three-time champions in the 4x400 metres.


Confirmation of the results. The Botswana and split up a real battle


but they held them off in the home straight.


Massive congratulations on the gold medal. You want to send out a


message today? We always want to put together a great team and run well.


Let me get the baton and do what I do. I was feeling good today. I kind


of set the pace going out. I wanted to kick at the end and see who was


going to go with me. Someone tried to go with me but I held them off


and I am pleased about that. This event is great and it is a great


crowd? It is. This is the third time we have been to the Bahamas and won


gold. Want to keep it up. Is coming up where we will get together again


as a relay and hopefully put on another show and get another gold. I


guess what happened at the Rio Olympics, there is a lot this squad


wants to do and prove yourselves on this track? We believe we can mix


with the best in the world and we believe we can push the Americans


and we have shown today that we have made the final. I just want to say


thanks to the medical team. If you know what has gone on


behind-the-scenes, I am lucky to even run today. I was in a bad way


this morning so I am thankful to the medical team for getting me just fit


enough to run today. There is a lot more to come. I am running myself


fit again after a dodgy couple of weeks. We have a couple people out


with a little niggle like Rooney. I think it will be a lot more


dangerous when it comes to the worlds. A lot more tweaking but


there is definitely more to come. The line-up for the women's 4x100


metres relay here in Nassau. The United States and Jamaica together.


Away they go. The United States will be looking to get a strong start.


They are in lane three. Watch the first handover is. Don't forget,


Dafne Schippers will be there. She has really put the accelerated down


for the Netherlands. We may well have lost the United States you


know, very early on. I think we have lost the USA. The battle is on now


as Jamaica will come round the home straight. And also outside it is the


Germans. China in there as well. Here come the Jamaicans. It is gold


for Germany, silver for Jamaica and China with the bronze. Drama as the


USA bowed out very early on in that race. They did not get the baton


round. The Germans did. And it is gold for these delighted German


girls. Let's have a look at this. Keep an eye on America there. Oh,


she tripped. She has led off the Americans on the lead leg at the


last two Olympics when they have one gold. Well, we will be interested to


find out if she slipped on the wet track, if she has been injured.


Let's look at the Germans here. How often can you say Germany going


head-to-head in the relay. They were outstanding in this heat to qualify


for the finals. Look at that. Oh, yes, a German win at the world


relays. $50,000, absolutely superb from the German team. Confirmation,


Germany, world relay winners. I am here with four women who could


not be any happier right now. Congratulations, that must mean so


much. Thank you, I think we cannot be happier than now. It is a dream


country. I do not know what to say. It was crazy tonight, really crazy.


The team looked a little emotional on the podium. Yes, very. A dream


comes true, world champion, unbelievable!


Now, the next 4x400 metre event is new to the world relay event. The


International Olympic Committee are keen to see more competitions with


men and women competing together. No British team for this one but the


hosts Bahamas fielded a strong line-up with the hope of finishing


with a flourish in front of their home fans.


So, the gun goes and the crowd roars. Down the back straight the


world leader goes. It is interesting, all eight teams decided


to run men on the first leg. This is a great strategy from the Bahamians.


They have run their fastest guy on the first leg to give them a lead.


Stephen Gardner will have a good lead. The Botswana are going well on


the outside. The raw comes back. A battle is brewing for second. The


crowd are all about their Olympic champion and believe they have


created. Make it easy for your third and fourth leg. That Bahamians are


well out in front now. It is theirs to lose. This was to be expected in


terms of the lead. The crowd are cheering and chanting. There answer


in the air. Look at the lead that even Gardner and Shaunae Miller-Uibo


how. This is where we will have something really interesting, women


running against men in this relay. We will see if the women can catch


up. Here comes the USA. They are trying to track down the Bahamian


runner. Trinidad and Tobago in third. The American will hand over


to Claudia Francis Miller leg. This is going to be a fantastic finish.


The USA, Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya. The final leg.


Claudia Francis is the younger sister Phyllis who won earlier. Can


she hold off Michael Matthew? Here he comes. Michael Mathieu is chasing


down the Bahamian who has got the momentum. He has got heroin his


sights. The crowd are going absolutely wild. -- he has got her


in his sights. The Bahamas time it to perfection. The Bahamas take


gold. USA pick up the silver and Jamaica the bronze. Is there a


better way for the 2017 IAAF ITC World Relay Championships to finish


with than with a victory for the Bahamas?


Confirmation of the 4x400 m relay with men and women. Gold for the


Bahamas. This is what it all means. The


golden bats and is heading to America. 60 points amassed over the


weekend. Jamaica second and Australia third.


This party looks set to go one way into the night here in the Bahamas.


The British team do not have any medals to celebrate but this was all


about experience and trying out new tactics head of the IAAF World


Championships in London. For now, that is all from the


Bahamas. Next, we are off to London. Usain Bolt! He has done it! She is


the champion! It is a new British record! A new world record! Sophie


Hitchon, what an effort! Elaine Thompson has Olympic gold! It is


huge! A new British record! David Rudisha will win the world title!


Laura Muir now, she has smashed the British record! Mo Farah wins the


gold! The country's best chefs


go head-to-head... The old gloves are off now,


aren't they? ..for a chance to cook


at the Wimbledon Banquet.


Nick Hope presents highlights of the 2017 world relays from the Bahamas, which also gives the chance for teams to qualify for 2017's world athletics championships in London.

Great Britain have sent an impressive team, with their men's 4x100m, 4x400m and the women's 4x400m teams all looking to make at least the final, which will book them a spot in London later in the year. Leading the way for the Brits is European indoor 60m champion Richard Kilty, former world and 400m Olympic champion Christine Ohuruogu and new sensation Laivia Nielsen.

The event held in Nassau sees 500 athletes gather from all over the world, and some of the best athletes on the planet are there, including Jamaica's new sprint queen Elaine Thompson, who claimed double Olympic gold in Rio last summer, and Andre de Grasse, the Canadian sprint sensation who could well be the heir to Usain Bolt's sprint throne.

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