Day 6 Australian Open Tennis

Day 6

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Hello there and welcome to our coverage of the Australian Open, the


first Grand Slam of the year. Coming up on the programme for you today,


we'll be taking a look at how the British number one Johanna Konta


gets on in her third round match against the former world number one


Caroline Wozniacki. Konta reached the semifinals in Melbourne last


year, the first British woman to go that far up to Grand Slam in 33


years. Can she match those heroics this time around? Maybe even go one


better. What a story that would be. In this year's Australian Open, it's


already seen its fair share of drama. The biggest story of week


one, the early exit of six times champion Novak Djokovic. The number


two seed was beaten in the second round by Uzbekistan's Denis Istomin,


ranked 117 in the world, so no seventh title for the defending


champion. He played obviously above his level, but you have to give him


credit for that. Many things came together for him today and he's a


well-deserved winner. In the women's draw, the highest profile casualties


so far is Radwanska, the number three seed was beaten by Croatia's


Lucic-Baroni in round two. The number four seed fell, Simona Halep


lost to American Shelby Rogers. Britain's Heather Watson set up a


two ink encounter with Jennifer Brady but surrendered five match


points as she succumbed to the American 10-8 in the deciding set.


Fellow Briton Dan Evans' story has been altogether different. First he


beat former US Open champion and number seven seed Croatian Marin


Cilic in round two, then he followed that with a victory over home hero


Bernard Tomic to reach his first ever Grand Slam fourth-round match


against France's Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Winning those matches is special,


especially against Bernado in his own country, the great atmosphere,


the crowd were against me and the pinnacle in sport, to come through


when they against you. It was great. Five times runner-up Andy Murray has


eased into round four and a meeting with a German. He had yet to drop a


set in the dangerous quest for a first title. Hopefully I'll keep


getting better. Those are the big stories already from down under and


you can watch Andy Murray are against Zverev and Dan Evans against


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga tomorrow afternoon from 5:50pm on BBC Two,


and listen to the commentary on Radio Five Live sports extra. Could


you on a con to join her compatriots in round four? She's had a pretty


straightforward run so far, straight sets win against Kirsten Flipkens of


Belgian, then the promising teenager Naomi Osaka of Japan, 6-4, 6-2 as


well. Let's see how Johanna Konta can get on against the former world


number one Caroline Wozniacki. I'll hand you over to our commentary




Wozniacki missing her first two first served. Serving at 71% on the


matchups so far. Six aces, six at double fault.


She said she wasn't really happy with how she finished the match,


said she lost some intensity down the stretch. I didn't think you and


I really felt that. Too. She just Repcik right over the


sign on the net. Konta is doing a good job, early in this match, of


opening up the court and on that occasion hitting it to the Wozniacki


backhand until she felt she had the want up the line for the winner.


Break point. A free point for Wozniacki.


Has saved eight, now nine, of 11 break chances in the week,


Wozniacki. She doesn't have the biggest serve


in the world, Wozniacki, but what she does do very well is to vary the


pace and direction of the Serbs forced upon that particular


occasion, just 150 kilometres an hour, not a huge serve but right on


the line. She's looked for it a couple of


times, very aggressive from Konta. Back to deuce. She's picking on the


Wozniacki forehand side and that's the side that Wozniacki have a


harder time creating pace off. She defends very well off that side and


Konta knows that she's going to get an opportunity, that could be the


wing where the opportunities going to come from.


A difficult opening hold for Wozniacki. Being the opener, went


for it. She does have those matchups, she's worked with Kim


Clijsters, he's got some of those matchups against Wozniacki so his


scalp might be a bit more complete than Peter Wozniacki, just because


of the fact they've been in some actions with Wozniacki over the


years. Yes, you find that with good coaches, that they really have a


tremendous way of imparting knowledge to whoever it is they are


working with and he's been on the women's to for a long time now.


Understands how it works, which is very different to the way men's


tennis works. Quarterfinals or better at nine of


the event that she played in 2016, Johanna Konta. The first title she


won Win Stanford, where she beat Venus Williams, one of the lead up


tournament modes to the US Open. And she does as well a great job of


varying her serve as well, really good about placing it well, mixing


up her serve quite a bit. Is a little bit more on it than


Wozniacki, so she has it in her Arsenal also, but yes, good variety.


This is Konta's fourth Australian Open. On two previous occasions she


didn't qualify. In the first time was last year, where she got to the


semis. So really only her second main draw Australian Open. Not bad,


to have a 7-1 record going into this one. Losing to Angelique Kerber last


year, who took the title. Just seeing early in the match risk


and reward between these two. Konta is going to go for a lot more here.


Yes, shot selection is going to be important for Konta today. Obviously


there's no point going for big shots unnecessarily, but when the moment


presents itself, she will go for it. She looks sharp, early. That's how


you can tell a player's confidence level, whether they are having the


ability to hit the ball at the line early in the match. Caroline


Wozniacki didn't get anywhere near that ball, that's how well struck it


was. We are on serve early, 2-1. In -- in


the Margaret Court Arena. UMPIRE: Ladies and gentlemen, please


take any seat for now. UMPIRE: Out. Zero hi 15. -- zero -


15. It was an overrule from the chair. It wasn't challenged at all


by Konta. What we are going to have as the day


progresses if shadows on the court and the lines people at this point


are in the shade and having to look through the sun. It can be tricky at


times. Forget about the lines people, what about the players,


having to look through the sun and into the shade. That becomes tricky


as well. We'll get to that! It's tricky. That's well done. It


wasn't a bad drop shot but she was onto it. Normally a player would


either put it at the line, or do another drop shot, but she sees how


close Konta is an up and over. It's such a tricky shot honoured dead


sprint. Good shot selection. Trying to do a little bit more with


that forehand, Caroline Wozniacki, because she knows if she doesn't put


a little bit extra on it, then Konta is going to give the next one a


pretty good whack. That unforced error a direct result of the


pressure that Jo Konta is putting on her. It's been pretty clean so far,


47 winners, 27 unforced errors coming into this match, Wozniacki.


Konta doesn't have the best hands, but she's very opportunistic and


takes her chances at the net. How much court Caroline Wozniacki is


having to cover here. Konta using the court exceptionally well.


Nice pressure from Wozniacki, the back -- backhand the line, to apply


that pressure, to deuce. Wozniacki is tied for second, heading into


today's action, making 88% of her returns so far in the week. Such a


huge part of Wozniacki's game, making such a high number of


returns. Just as I say that, a free point for


Konta. That was a good serve, wasn't it? 159 out to the corner and


another game point. That was good depths from Wozniacki.


2-2. Once again, finding the angle there, Jo Konta, which is the thing


that is keeping Wozniacki off balance. It's one side, then the


other side, hit the ball to the open court, then look to move forward.


The plan is very clear from Konta today.


At this point now, two games, two service games apiece, you think


they've probably felt each other out a bit now, we might see the game


open up just a little bit. Five backhand winners already. And


the ones that haven't been winners, from Konta, are really make life


difficult for Wozniacki. Generates good pace off that side, good racket


head speed, good preparation. That's just too good. Wozniacki is


going to be trying to track things down a bit today as Konta gets to


15-30. Even this one here you think you have to start from the beginning


again, but look how much angle she gets on that one. She was a long way


behind the baseline. She didn't hit it deep, but she hit it wide, right


near that sideline. Well done. Which is forcing


Wozniacki to play shots. Beautiful backhand. That's possibly the best


tool in her arsenal, that backhand up the line.


I can sense right now Wozniacki are feeling an urgency to get that


depths and change the pace a little bit, to keep Konta back and behind


the baseline. It went wide. Its 3-2, on serve, in


the first. That's our location, the beautiful


city of Melbourne, the MCG in the background, we are in the


foreground, the Margaret Court Arena, the reddish coloured roof


behind Rob Leiva arena. Behind that the Hisense Arena. Ten or 12 minute


walk the city. UMPIRE: Take your seats quickly,


thank you. You mentioned Konta was born in


Sydney. She's been a British citizens since 2012. Sick she said


she didn't feel any special emotions after winning their last week except


she got to meet her niece. That's nice. A nice moment for her.


It's the first of the day, the first of what you'd expect to be many. She


was fourth on tour last year in ace count. 11 now in the week.


That's interesting. Wozniacki has challenged this but I think the ball


was in. If you asked people who had the fourth best serve on tour, you


may not necessarily say Jo Konta. We see two aces in a row, it just goes


to show you it's not all about the power will stop its about variety


and placement also. That's tough. The you don't have to


take that one in the air. Wozniacki is a long way behind the baseline.


She has to guess either way anyway, why not look to bounce, take your


time and hit it? It was a tough overhead. The ball was a long way up


there. Hit a long way up the grip as well.


Good defensive work from Wozniacki, charging that forehand up the line.


Well handled by Wozniacki come from 40-0 and an overhead, to 40-30.


Her third ace. She gets it to 3-3. I went back and checked in terms of


serve speed, she was about 30-35 in the tournament in terms of fastest


serve, so it goes to your point, it's not about the pace, it's about


the placement very often for Konta. And the variety and having all the


serves in your arsenal, and being able to execute them when needed.


Obviously you've got certain serves that are more favourite than others,


but you have to be able to hit down the middle, at the body, and wide,


on both sides. The forehand coming up once again


short. She's got good depth and pace going


into the body with these returns. Two straight backhands. About the


exact same. Both missing about a foot-and-a-half wide. Low forehands


from Wozniacki. Changing the depth on it, so Konta is having to move


forward into that. The shot before the one she hit the


winner of was down the middle, to Wozniacki's whose forehand is with a


little less pace. So Wozniacki, she struggles when she has to make pace


on the forehand side. The second chance of the day for the


Brit. It's always good for Wozniacki when


she's able to get Konta to move from side to side to get it to deuce.


Once again the off-pace shot to the Wozniacki forehand side, most girls


on the tour would cream that forehand, mid-court. It is probably


one of the reasons that Wozniacki has not won a major. She has a hard


time hitting winners off that forehand side.


Wozniacki, left guessing. Another great chance for Konta.


Once again it's that, it's almost like there's a target on Wozniacki's


right hip when Konta is able to go after those returns.


There it was again, Liz. Developed it this time into a break.


Konta takes the lead. The shadows are starting to creep on


to the court. They probably will be on the court within the next 10 or


15 minutes by the end of this set. Then we'll start to have fun with


that. If year looking at huge serves


coming from shade to sun or sun to shade, it's a little bit different.


These girls neither have huge serves but it is an adjustment that needs


to be made. It's a triple knot she goes with


there! You want to be sure it doesn't come undone! Konta serving


with new balls. It certainly is a unique service


motion, isn't it? The deliberate ball toss.


The preparation before is the most unique part about the serve. The


ball bouncing. She spins the ball, you see there before she bounces it


each time. Good position. Wozniacki had so many


options. Once again, because the ball hit the net it slowed down


dramatically, and that's the ball. That is exactly the ball that


Wozniacki has trouble generating pace on. That's why she went for the


lob. Picking on that wide forehand,


Wozniacki, wasn't she? The third point was the same, out wide to the


forehand side. The serve percentage has dropped


somewhat for Konta. It has not bothered her but


something to be aware of for her first double.


But when she gets a serve in, she is winning over 80% of those points.


Yikes! Konta. . The serve went to the forehand,


the next ball went to the forehand. And then it gets in your head.


These girls haven't played each other before but they know their


strengths and weaknesses. A tough ball. Didn't really adjust


too well. No. It just went up. Probably a


little bit of wind. And maybe some adjustments with the feet, maybe


tried to do too much with it. I feel like we are broken records up


here. . She


Don't expect Caroline Wozniacki to go anywhere. She will mentally stay


with this much the whole way. There's no giving up in her


vocabulary. That's another option, any time she


gets the short ball and move forward. Wozniacki certainly has the


hands to do it. Oh, she was lucky to get away with


that, wasn't she, Jo Konta? She almost got caught. Her first


instinct was to hit it in the air, then she thought maybe I'm not going


to get there, then she did, but it was awkward. She almost didn't make


contact with it. Great racket work to actually get that ball across


court. And a set point. Four straight games for Johanna


Konta, to close out the first set 6-3, and she will serve to start the


second. You can just see how clearly Jo Konta has come out with a game


plan and absolutely stuck to it. She had to go for that ball up the


line, didn't she? Being pulled so far wide, Wozniacki. Just reacting


right now. The ball doesn't have the depth from her racket, so Konta is


able to just dictate play. Frustration, evidence here for


Wozniacki. Well, she's being made to play a way


she doesn't want to play. She was very -- it was very smart on her


Ont's behalf. -- opponent's behalf.


Five games on the trot now for Konta.


It's a tough spot here for Caroline Wozniacki.


It's been broken twice in a row here. The forehand is getting picked


apart. You don't hear her talking to


herself too often but she was after that last couple of points.


It's frustrating for her. Now we've talked about it, she's been number


one in the world. She's been to two Grand Slam finals in the US Open in


2009 and again in 2014, losing on that occasion to Serena. This is the


problem when playing against the girls that really can do damage, and


she has a hard time on that one wing.


She was four and three here last year in the top ten, and 59 in her


career. She serves here 0-1. I haven't seen that too often. The


short ball from Konta, and Wozniacki being able to take advantage of it


on the backhand side and move forward. She has three of three in


her net points. That number's probably going to have to be higher


here. To that to happen, Konta has to hit


the ball short. And there's no signs of that yet.


It's her first double fault of the day.


Seventh of the tournament, and more trouble for Wozniacki on her serve.


And that is a huge statistic, isn't it?


And great chances once again for the Brit! And once again, great depth on


the receive from Konta on the return.


That double fault at 40-0, her second of the day. A bit of a bigger


second, 158. Seven straight games, going for her


eighth straight win. Konta, 3-0, in the second.


UMPIRE: Time. Caroline just pointing to her head,


as if to say, maybe I'm not thinking, maybe I need to think a


little better, just having a little conversation with her father, who is


down that end of the court. I'd say it's more of a monologue. At least,


it's supposed to be. 0- three. Just spinning that second serves


right into the middle of the court, not wanting to take a chance there


and punished once again. It's a helpless free feeling, out on


court, sometimes. When you are being outplayed like this, it is.


Second return winner of the set, for Konta.


1-2 from Wozniacki, a little bit more on that serve, well-placed.


Break chances again. Three of five on the day Tom is Konta. -- three,


of five on the day, is Konta. Unreal. Eight straight games. Four


straight breaks. All for Konta. It doesn't look like that dip is going


to come. For Caroline Wozniacki, to be able to force her way back into


this match. Jo Konta, first serve points won, 82% of the deuce court


and 86 on the second court. Phenomenal numbers.


I don't think we need a dip... This is one of the few points that Konta


hasn't won when she's been in a position where she can hit that


swinging volley. Good anticipation from Caroline Wozniacki.


Once again, the swinging volley. Really doing a good job there,


opening up the court to expose that forehand side.


For fourth today, first of the set. -- the fourth, of today, the first


of the set. It's not often you speechless, but I


feel you are speechless today. I'm enjoying the show that your current


-- Johanna Konta is putting on. There have been very few times when


she has been out of position in this whole match.


A challenge here from Wozniacki. Was there a call? There was a call. I


didn't hear the call initially, but I did see the lines person sticking


out his arm. No challenge here, second serve coming.


Oh, she missed it. It's about the first one she is missed. Had created


the opening there, Konta, by once again hitting right to leave


Wozniacki forehand. All Caroline could do was throw it up. You


mentioned it earlier, maybe let it bounce. It's always that stress you


feel with Wozniacki, that foot speed.


UMPIRE: Quiet during the rally, thank you. That was a high swinging


volley, as compared to a high lob that just comes straight down at


you. There is the ace. UMPIRE: Wozniacki is challenging the


call on the right service line. The ball was called in. May be a hopeful


challenge. Just an incredible and dominant


performance from Jo Konta. 6-3, 5-0. UMPIRE: Wozniacki has two challenges


remaining. We talked about Konta coming into the Australian Open and


winning in Sydney, beating Radwanska. She outplayed everyone,


just like this. UMPIRE: Take your seats quickly


please, thank you. Time. UMPIRE: Thank you, ladies and


gentlemen. Oh, my. Love - 15, not good enough,


that serve, not when you are serving against someone like Jo Konta, with


returning. It's flat, straight up the line. Played perfectly.


Johanna Konta is a train today. Your bobbin we will hear what she has to


say when it finishes. Sometimes you are so focused you are not away


while playing an almost perfect match. It's like when Istomin said


the other day, he felt sorry for Djokovic because of how well he was


playing. I think Konta might say the same thing today.


This is not a first round match against someone racked 150 in the


world. Jo Konta is playing against a former number one player in the


world. This is a quality opponent that she is being made to look very


mediocre. Three in six against players that have been ranked at


number one in their career, coming into this match, Konta.


Clearly looking like she will make it four in six.


APPLAUSE It's been a long time since Caroline


Wozniacki has got game point, but she has won here. -- she has a game


point here. She hasn't had one in this set.


The last time she had a game point was when she converted her service




A lifetime ago. A good hold that, from Wozniacki, I have to say. But


it's Konta, serving, for a spot in the 16.


That's good, on the line from Konta, even under pressure. Being able to


produce the goods there. Wozniacki was on the charge. Not panicking,


Konta. Why panic, with a 5-1 lead? No, absolutely.


It's a risk you. -- miscue. You can count on one hand the amount of


shots we've seen like that from Jo Konta today. The unforced errors


have been from a show of aggression, not so much with that one.


A glimpse. Again, without a great chance on the day.


A challenge from Konta. This might be your dip.


UMPIRE: The ball was called out. I was having a close look at this ball


as well. What the review says. Is it good? Yes, it is. Wow.


When things aren't going your way, they just don't go your way, do




Dejected shoulders from Wozniacki. She knows that might be her one


glimpse. That was a huge point, 15-30. I think these opportunities


are going to be few and far between. Just inches, maybe trying to finish


this match off fraction quickly, taking her time and doing the right


thing and going back for the towel. That was her third double of the


day. A mis-hit forehand from Wozniacki,


throws up her hands in disgust. Another match point for Konta. This


is a situation we talked about it earlier, where Konta is serving from


shadow to light here. It's tough for Wozniacki, looking up at the roof,


before this point. It's wide. An absolute masterclass


from Johanna Konta. 6-3, 6-1, over Caroline Wozniacki, moving back into


the round of 16 here at the Australian Open. We see Jo Konta


acknowledged the crowd. That certainly wasn't a scoreline that I


was predicting before this match. Full credit to that lady on the


screen. What a wonderful performance.


STUDIO: Konta looking very impressive, but


next is the Russian Ekaterina Makarova, after she came through in


three sets against Dominica Cibulkova, a finalist in Melbourne


three years ago but she's heading home early this time round. Makarova


lines up against Konta. Let's look at the rest of the draw. Pliskova


came through 10-8 in a deciding set. Gavrilova Rizal at Aussie standing


in the singles. Brady beat Heather Watson from


Britain. She hadn't won an Australian Open match since 1998,


now she has one Vekic in a row. Barbora Strycova squares up to six


times champion Serena Williams, who is on for the open era record, 23rd


Grand Slam title. If she comes through that one, Serena is on


course for a quarterfinal matchup with Johanna Konta, but Konta isn't


looking that far ahead, she says. Here she is talking to Russell


looking that far ahead, she says. Here she is talking to Russell


Fuller. I thought that was your best


performance of the week by some margin. How pleased with you, the


way you played? I'm very happy with the level I was mainly able to


maintain. Throughout that much. From the get go, I knew that she was not


going to give it to make. Caroline is the kind of player who will make


her opponents earn any point they win against her. I knew that, and I


felt I committed to the way I wanted to play and I had trust in that,


even if it sometimes wasn't going to work, that it was going to bring the


opportunities and I'm happy it did today. You were very aggressive from


the very first ball. Do you think you hit the ball significantly


harder than you did say this time last year? I don't know. I think


you'll need to refer to stats for that one. But I think my intention


was clear today. Because of that, I was able to just be very clinical


and clear on how I wanted to play, therefore I didn't get too lost in


between thoughts, or in between decision-making. I think things got


simplified for me today and I just enjoyed trying to execute the plan


and really enjoyed being out there. It was a really nice atmosphere on


court today. There was a lot of people, a lot of support, so I


enjoyed the whole thing. Is there an extra buzz when you are playing


someone like Caroline Wozniacki? Because of what she has achieved in


her career, and also because she's very popular, wherever she goes in


tennis? Yes, she's been at the top of the game for as long as I can


remember. I cannot remember a time when she wasn't. I was really


looking forward to playing her. I've never played her before. She's a


former world number one. I don't know how money titles as she's won


and finals, so was looking forward to the challenge and I was happy I


was able to execute the things I wanted to do out there today. It's


funny how the draw has worked out. You will now play Makarova in the


fourth round, just as you did here last year. What are your memories of


that match, which went on and on and on? Yes, every time we'd played


before that and after that it's been close matches, so I expect nothing


different tomorrow. She's playing a great level. She had a great win


today. I'm looking forward to the challenge. Whatever difficulties


will come, I'm looking forward to facing them. Who knows, we might be


on the same court. Yes, one match at a time, they always say and we'll


have highlights of that last 16 tie against Katarina Makarova on BBC Two


for you from 4045 B. The men's draw lost one of its biggest stars in the


first week, Djokovic packing bags. It's a welcome return for two of the


game's giants, Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer are both back from injury.


Nadal is due to the last 16 after a gritty fightback to beat rising star


Alexander Zverev in just over four hours. Nadal held his nerve to the


off the German teenager 6-2 win the final set. After he claimed the


scalp of Djokovic, Denis Istomin is still on the march, this time the


wildcard from Uzbekistan beat the 30th seed Pablo Carreno buster 6-2


in the deciding set. Also through to the fourth round is Gael Monfils,


the flamboyant Frenchman beat Philipp Kohlschreiber in straight


sets to set up a mouthwatering matchup with Rafael Nadal. Wimbledon


finalist Milos Raonic beat Gilles Simon in four sets. He meets Roberto


ask busted a gut, ate the Dominic Thiem plays David Goffin. Dem


semester minis -- Denis Istomin has had a long wait to see who he faces


next. Dimitrov and Gasquet stepped on court just after midnight.


Dimitrov came through that late-night battle. The last 16 in


the top half of the draw was decided yesterday, with world number one


Andy Murray up against the older Zverev brother, and they are at the


bottom is Dan Evans, who admitted his commitment to tennis in the past


has been patchy, to say the least, but his wins against Marin Cilic and


Bernard Tomic in Melbourne have been outstanding. Winning those matches


is special, especially against Bernado his own country, a great


atmosphere. The crowd were against me and that is the sort of pinnacle


in sport, to come through when they are against you. It was great, it


was a great day, evening, whatever it was. I really enjoyed it. I'm


looking forward to going again on Sunday. You paid a very emotional


coat -- tribute to your former coach, Julien Hoferlin, who died


last year. Would you like to tell everybody what he meant to you, and


how he has inspired this stage of your career? Yes, obviously


everybody in tennis knows what happens to Julien. He died with


cancer. Obviously that part of my life, when he coached me, I wasn't


giving 100% at all times and there was off court stuff I was doing


which he wasn't happy with. It's nights like tonight, obviously sport


is about, there's all those people who you want fairer and obviously I


wish you could have seen what happened tonight. It -- he would


have been pretty proud of my effort. He always said I could do it. So


obviously, he always said I should be playing top 40 tennis and in the


Grand Slams in the second weeks and stuff, so tonight was obviously for


him. He would have been very excited about the thought of you playing


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga as well. I've watched him many times in semis and


quarterfinals and finals here. He knows his way around the tennis


court. So it's going to be tough. I'm going to have to run a lot


again. I'm looking forward to it. Everything from now is enjoy it, try


to get a win. STUDIO:


So Dan Evans has another big name in his sights and that match against


Jo-Wilfried So Dan Evans has another big name in


his sights and that match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will be one of


our featured matches tomorrow, along with Andy Murray against Zverev.


That is tomorrow. Today has belonged to Johanna Konta and Russell Fuller


caught up with the Davis Cup captain John Smith for his thoughts on the


British number one. She's been impressive all week and


all year, but there was something particularly eye-catching about the


way she played today? She has grown into a player that is just really


looking to dominate and every time she goes out, and the thing that was


so impressive against Wozniacki, a form another one player in the


world, is that she can match her for consistency, but then she trumps her


for power, athleticism and confidence, and she just looks like


she is someone on a mission. She is going from strength to strength. Two


more matches involving British players on Sunday, Andy Murray,


playing Zverev, unseeded, 29 years of age, seemingly dealing very well


with the noises off stage, the chatter about Novak Djokovic's


elimination. Look what happened last year at Wimbledon. He had to go


through it when Djokovic lost to Sam Querrey early on. Andy Murray is so


experienced in these situations that he will just keep that focus of


match by match. He talks about it. People might get bored of it but


that's what happens, you go by, you get tactically ready for the match


against Zverev and that's the key. Then Dan Evans, who probably


deserves top billing ahead of Andy Murray, against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.


When he beat Bernard Tomic I thought he was full of belief. The important


thing playing against Tsonga, it's a step up on Tomic, but this year he's


dominated and he went on to beach -- he went on to beat Marin Cilic, he


has the game to trouble the top ten players and that will give him


confidence. He has a game that Tsonga won't be up against that


often. He's going to have to execute it very well, because Tsonga is a


great player, plays well in Melbourne and he has a good game


when he scores. But it is possible and I'm sure that Dan Evans will


create opportunities in that match. What a tour de force it has been


from Bryn's stars in Melbourne. Another dominant win from Johanna


Konta means she'll be back in action on Monday. We'll bring you


highlights of the last 16 tie against Makarova, but before that,


the boys are back. Andy Murray taking on Zverev, and we'll get to


see whether Dan Evans can continue his remarkable run of form against


the 12th seed, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Another David versus Goliath matchup


for him, but it turns out that's just how he likes it. Thanks very


much for watching. See you tomorrow.


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