Day 7 Australian Open Tennis

Day 7

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Hello, good afternoon and thanks for Genie in. It has been a big day for


British tennis. -- tuning in. World number one Andy Murray has been in


action and the first time in 15 years we have had two British men


into the fourth round in Melbourne. His friend and Davis Cup team-mate


Dan Evans has been enjoying something of a purple patch that


while Murray has been favourite for the title Ian Evans's success has


come as something of a surprise. The world number one. He could be top


20. No doubt a talent. Wimbledon champion again. Dan Evans fired up.


Fabulous once again. He definitely believes.


Two British players, two very different career paths that both


have their sights set on the quarterfinals. Andy Murray had won


his only previous meeting with Misha Zverev, straight sets, the


29-year-old German field a brother of one of the game's rising stars.


But he has had a number of injuries and 2-mac Riesgo found himself


outside the top 1000. On paper and easy fourth-round match for Murray


and he was serving for the first set but Zverev found himself with a


break point. Murray threw away his lead, broken three times in the


first set and this is how Zverev closed it out.


, set he has upped his average speed on first serve today, Zverev.


Beautiful shot. Not easy with your back to your opponent. He keeps his


eye on the ball at all times. He knows where the yellow thingies. The


most important thing is to get back quickly.


Forget direction, just go with pace. Legitimate shot and the right one.


Three' match points instead of three set points. In your mind? In my


mind. Great reaction after a sublime


return. He's built a career around those type of shots. And he may well


have built a comeback around that particular one.


That was good, wasn't it? He has packed his bags, he has had enough.


What is going on? Going on a camping trip? Let's look at the highlights.


Just so many. It would be tough to edit them in 25 seconds. Completely


different Travolta yesterday with his younger brother and Rafa but


similar kind of feeling with the amount of highlights.


How much did that mean as well. This gives you everything, the agony and


ecstasy. STUDIO: Marry on level terms and they went into the third


toe to toe. COMMENTATOR: I would like to see Andy hit the


shots not like he's tried to hit the winner but more of an approach. You


could see Zverev was going to have the chip it back. In trouble again


for the second time in this set down 0-30. He is talking now every single


point to his box. He just can't stop talking.


Amazing return. He has done the of times. Going with pace on the second


serve. Zverev laps it up. He was lucky there because it was a


blistering return. He is even laughing. Why is that?


Stanning. What an exhibition of attacking tennis this has been.


Zverev justifiably takes that game. He has tried to get around it, live


in through it... for the most part the wall has one.


That is a great lob. He is making a lot of returns. Sarah Fuster, with


some great first volleys and actually he does. After that he has


a tough time passing him. Now he does. Maybe that is the case, no


mercy. Andy is returning wrong. All the way through the beginning of


this third set down at the break, must feel uncomfortable for him.


Hitting it with the same accuracy as he was on the one out wide as well,


keeping Murray guessing and as a left-hander that is a huge


advantage. He has himself, no more lob. On


these follies you can see where it is bouncing, you don't have much


choice, do you? What a pick up. He had to hit a clean winner and he


did. There was no way he was getting back that time. How quickly he


changed direction from moving forward after the serve and going to


the left. Bracket still under full control.


Looking to return it, Zverev serving well. That is actually a cliche.


Andy maybe not at his absolute best but quality tennis, very few


missing. Both players challenged at the same


time. Andy sees the mark, if you look on


the market is wide. You hope it is well calibrated.


Murray threw absolutely everything he had Zverev in that game to


recover the break. STUDIO: Zverev looking in control at the moment,


and they went on to win the third set the


. Andy Murray facing his earliest exit from the strainer and in eight


years. -- from the Australian Open. COMMENTATOR: Big challenge, first


point. He is going to have to pick it up


quickly. He is going to have to be ready in the next couple of games.


No room for talking. There are two Zverevs and I think


Murray today can see two down the other end. He thinks he's playing


doubles. It is incredible. How good is that? A big flamboyant


winner and the quality of stroke making between the two. Not giving


him anything to work with. Just keeps on going where he left


off in the third set. What is happening to me, you might well ask.


This is not what you told me in practice. I want to know were so


badly what he's saying. Fortress Zverev. Great shot from


Andy. As I said earlier, just as a magnet, the ball comes flying at


him. He has got it. Not enough on the


forehand. Just an exhilarating winner to add to the collection. On


the Sprint, half-volley passing shot, no backswing, down the line,


highest park on the net. Just like he planned it. -- highest part of


the net. Opening game of the forthcoming yet


another break point. His 17th of the match.


What can you say about Mischa Zverev? Whatever Murray has thrown


at him he has responded with the absolute right shot. Again, the


defensive qualities coupled with the attacking play that we've witnessed


today, sensational. STUDIO: Andy Murray on the back foot from the


start of the fourth set. Zverev playing some brilliant tennis, could


he hold on for the best win of his career? We will go back to the


action at 3-4 in the fourth set. COMMENTATOR: It can turn, there is


no question about that. Murray has come back from seemingly


insurmountable situations before and he has considerable talent at his


disposal. And unquenchable desire as well.


The ingredients for a comeback still here. But this man has a different


outcome planned. And his change-up at times has been spectacularly


good. And his calmness, too. Fist bump


after every point, he takes them one by one. Try to find out, what should


I do on the next point that is coming up? Not to get tangled into


emotion, make rational choices. It's all about trying to just gain


some traction, but some doubt into Zverev's mind. Not an easy pass,


when he has two more chances to break the German.


But the German again with the change of direction on serve, I'm sure he


has peppered the line again. He just doesn't miss.


It was for the taking there. You can see what Andy is doing now. This is


his last line of defence. This is mind games, this is whatever it


takes. It is within the rules. You have got to be kidding me! No,


well... His brother is going to applaud because he needs to just try


and get him back into neutral here. And put this miss behind him as


quickly as possible. What the recovery. He said in his


match against John Isner at the crucial point he looked at his mum,


who was just smiling after he made a mistake and said, well if she's


smiling it's all OK. Looking at your mum for the next seven minutes.


CHEERING That was a wonderful outcome for the


German. Having missed that setup or a smash. -- sitter of a smash. It's


not supposed to be easy to be the world number one. He is given to


have a chance to serve for it. Don't be forward, and he still has the


hold right here. He is everywhere, he is just


absolutely everywhere. Andy is going to wake up tonight seeing this guy


in his dreams. On the inside of his islets. He is ubiquitous. The shrug


of his islets. He is not a steady any more, you can


soon obviously it is a stretch motion in general but Cole Beasley


his arms not as loose any more. I think Murray should try to take


advantage of that in the rallies. That is the best way to go forward


for Zverev, camouflage it. Taking that aggressive approach and going


forward again. He was lucky there. Fastest serve of the tournament. It


won't be his last. The way that Zverev is returning, he


may not have too served against Dave. That pressure is building on


the world number one. -- again today. Look how he stands, inside of


the baseline, the moment that he hits his return. It really helps


that he gets close to the net on that first volley.


If there is a way, Murray has the world... -- has the will.


Is that an overrule? He says it is that much out, Andy... You can see


it, there. It is out? He can challenge if he wants to... But he


only has one left... If he uses the challenge, there is no more. And it


is wrong. Interesting to see what a panic it


causes to Andy Murray, for this guide chipping in like this, coming


in in this state. Kids at home, look at this, carefully. Playing serve


and volley, know how to hit that chip return.


That is a great class. The volley was not good enough. Andy Murray


anticipated it well. The approach was great, down the centre.


That is outrageous! He is not done yet. A matchup from his tennis


racket, still... He is going to need a lot more coming up. That was


supposed to be the easy part. This one was behind him. Like almost a


left-handed forehand. Not often you see Andy Murray taking his hand off,


as he hits it. He gets his hands there from Ivan. Coming out of her


seat, ever present and supportive of her husband. What must Misha 's


Zverev be thinking? Andy Murray, looking for inspiration in those


notes of his... When he has time to salvage his Australian Open


campaign, it has been a long time since the first and second seeds


have lost before the quarterfinals in a Grand Slam, you have to go back


to 2004. Roland-Garros lost in the third round, and Andy Roddick to


Oliver neuters. It's a rare occasion if he knocks him out here...


That is a great hit and a great pick-up, he is making his presence


felt. Moving around just before. Zverev serving... Look at this...


It is going to be a challenge? I think that he has made it. There are


no remarks, but given what he missed in the previous came, he could not


be feeling confident... -- in the previous game.


Somewhere, a half string, a half frame.


It is a great return, once again... Down the middle.


Even if he is not going to pull this one out... Everything that Andy


Murray does to ... That is the most incredible shot


of all time. CHEERING


APPLAUSE Can you believe this? For all the


world, it looked as if he was beaten. Hands down.


I cannot believe it. Doing absolutely everything possible.


Everything possible so he can't lose. But this man just has the


psychic ability at this moment. Look at that! This just brings out the


best of everything. This is Big Brother's time. Match points...


CHEERING The world's best is out, buy the


best performance, that Mischa Zverev has ever produced in his career. You


could not be happier for him as well. It is one of those tournaments


that has just given so much to all of us. It hasn't given to Andy


Murray his Australian Open dream, again. But this man deserves all of


the accolades and all of the praise, and all of the respect, for a


performance that will be remembered for ages. Andy Murray gave


everything he had. Just come on the day, it was not enough. -- on the


day, it was not enough. Look at that! This says it all. How


did you do it? How did you pull it off? I don't know. I was in a coma,


serving throughout! Tell me how I did it! Their way few points where I


did not know how to pull it off. I won certain points but somehow, I


made it. STUDIO: Mischa Zverev reaches his first-ever Grand Slam


quarterfinal, which will take him into the top 40 for the first time.


But now, what about Andy Murray? Can you give us some thoughts of


McNichol on that match and how Mischa Zverev played against you?


Obviously, it was tough. A pretty long one. In hard conditions and


Mischa came up with great stuff committee has a style which not many


players play these days. He played extremely well, especially at the


end of the match. He came up with great stuff. A lot of good volleys,


pick-ups, reflexes. He is really good. He deserved to win. But yes, a


tough one to lose. You had such an amazing end to the last season, with


21 matches unbeaten. Do you have to take the rough with the smooth as a


tennis player? Are you good at moving on from defeats like this


now? I would say, nowadays, when I was younger it would have been


tougher. It was disappointing losing today, for sure. A tough one. One of


the biggest events, and one that I've wanted to do better at. But


yes, I've got other things in my life now. So, I'm disappointed to


lose. But after a great end to last year, I get a bit of time off now,


and a break. I will try to learn from it. And try and understand what


I could have done a bit better, and improve and come back and try again.


STUDIO: Andy Murray sounding low there, and understandably so. He


says he has bounced back from disappointment before. A shock in


Melbourne, 24 hours after second seed Novak Djokovic was knocked out,


the top seed has also gone. The first time since the 2004 French


Open that the top two seeds in the minstrel had been beaten before the


quarterfinals. -- the mens drawer. Stan Wawrinka safely negotiated his


way into the last eight, beating Andreas Seppi in straight sets. With


Andy Murray gone, Dan Evans had the job of lifting the British spirits.


He made the headlines by beating Marin Cilic and Tomic, and a


big-name awaited Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, the 12th seed and 2008 finalist.


With confidence high, he was not to be intimidated. We join the action


in a first set tie-break, let's go over to our commentators...


Very animated as always, Dan Evans. This is excellent. He explodes out


of this. Before you know it, he is a hard man to pass. You wonder, why


doesn't he do this more often? When he made the final back in 2008, he


volleyed a lot, hitting and coming forward. Evans, taking an extra


second here to make sure that he is locating all of the balls, and


giving himself an extra moment. Giving himself a breather. Smart


play. I think he has won over the crowd...


I think they enjoy his feisty attitude. That he is giving his


all... I think that he will get a


sponsorship as well. He did not have that over the last couple of days,


that handle... Good for him... The coaches deserve some love to, Josh!


I agree. What they have to put up with and in dual, why not? -- and


endure. Well, well, well... 3-1, Evans.


Thank you. CHEERING


Making the turn... We have seen this throughout the week, and in Sydney,


these big moments where he steps up to the plate. He has been excellent.


He's going to challenge it. I think that it would be a waste...


Sanga Mac has three challenges remaining.


Just a slight serve down the tee, doing well on these points. His


backhand is the weakest side. Does he go aggressive? Or, conservative?


A very aggressive look from Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, set point, Dan


Evans. He changes up the pattern, taking


beforehand and exposing the backhand. Evans finishes well,


taking the first set, stealing it. 7-6.


STUDIO: In the first game of the second set, Dan Evans was fighting


hard, seeing off nine break point so far in the match. That, ten was one


too many... Game, Tsonga. So, Dan Evans's


resistance broke and Tsonga took the second and third sets. We rejoin the


play 1-1 at the beginning of the fourth set...


I think that was the three Stooges bit... Are they begin France? --


baked in France? They are in Australia. -- are they big.


He is hugged. Just taking a little breather. He takes a breather to get


back into this match. He is just paying the price for a


tonne of matches, early in this match, in the first hour, he was


defending fiercely. Now, he is an dead legs. -- on dead


legs. It is his heart that has to get him through.


Close, mate. Really close. Clean, easy. A winner for Tsonga. I hate to


say at this early, but it feels like a match point? Excellent. He goes


out after it. That's great initiative. That is Jo-Wilfried at


his best... It is just too good. Tsonga


thoroughly in control. 2-1. STUDIO: Evans had fought heart


hard to stay in, but Tsonga found himself serving after nearly three


hours on the courts... COMMENTATOR: The 2008 runner-up one hold away


from the quarterfinals here... CHEERING


The crowd have loved seeing Jo-Wilfried in action... They have


highly appreciated those efforts from Dan Evans. Not only in this


match, but throughout the summer. The adrenaline is pumping... That is


the fastest serve of the day... CHEERING


17 for the match, 221, his fastest of the week! Three match points.


40-0, thank you. Please... It is going to be Tsonga and Stan


Wawrinka in the quarterfinals. The big serve has pushed him through.


Tsonga, .


We see that signature celebration from Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, popular


with the crowd, but no British players left in the men's draw now.


Russell Fuller caught up with Dan Evans after that defeat... I know


that I was flagging a little. I really needed that first set, to


hold on into the second. To maybe get a break, but I did not break him


at all today. It's another class player who got the better of me. You


had to do a lot of running today, as you did against Bernard Tomic. Over


the last two weeks, how do you look back at your spelling Australia, has


it been the time of your life? -- spell in Australia. It has, I really


enjoyed it. Even those matches that I lost. It's been really good,


playing Roger Federer in his first match back in front of that many


people was great. As soon as I lost, I was... My thoughts turned to home


and getting back. It has been a long time out here and are ready to go


now. It may be a busy flight home, in case you missed it earlier, Andy


Murray is out and Dom Inglot misting -- lost in his third round of the


men's doubles as well. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga goes on to meet Stan


Wawrinka, whilst Andy Murray's conqueror Mischa Zverev takes on


Roger Federer. He caused an upset himself after six months out


injured, he is down at 17th seed. He beat K Nishikori of Japan in a five


set battle. His dream of an 18th Grand Slam title lives on. The men's


seeds are dropping like flies. The top seed and defending champion


Angelique Kerber, in the women's singles, she has been knocked out by


Coco Vandeweghe. The next opponent for Coco Vandeweghe is Garbine


Muguruza. Don't forget, Britain's Johanna Konta is in the next. We


have all of the highlights of her fourth-round match against Ekaterina


Makarova here on BBC Two from quarter to five tomorrow. Before


that, at 1pm... That is about it from us. After


beginning with such promise, it has turned into a rather gloomy day for


British tennis. Dan Evans will move away from Melbourne, remembering it


for all of the right reasons. But for Andy Murray, it's a trip to


Australia that I think he would rather forget. Joanna Konta --


Johanna Konta? It's over to you. Goodbye.


# It's over... # It's over... It's over...


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