2016 - Red Carpet Show BBC Sports Personality of the Year

2016 - Red Carpet Show

Drop in on all the action as the biggest names in sport gather on the red carpet in Birmingham, in preparation for sport's biggest night of the year.

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on this overall complex plan we wait to see, but it could not have got


off to a worse start in some ways. Now live to Birmingham where Nick


Owen and Denise Lewis are looking at all the preparations and arrivals


for this year's Sports Personality of the Year show. And who wins is


down to you. You can cast your vote online. Numbers are shown on your TV


screen. You can register to vote on the BBC Sports Personality of the


Year website. It really is that simple. We are expecting over 1000


people to walk down this red carpet, but let's seafood neck was speaking


to. -- see who make a speaking tour. I have been joined by someone who


has won 26 Olympic golds, the swimmer Michael Phelps and his wife,


Nicole. Lovely to see you both. For me, my whole career started with a


golden dream of being an Olympian and having the chance to win one.


When I think back to the last five Olympics, and the thought of 28


Olympic medals, 23 of them go, it is hard to wrap my head around. For me


I have caught up to 2008, and that is where I am in my career about


understanding of the thing that has happened and finally getting the


chance to sit down and go back to the members I have before. The next


one around will be the 2012 games that were here in London, so I'm


looking forward to those and having the chance to be back here is


definitely exciting. Ahead I presume you are aware it is one of the big


nights in the British sporting calendar. Yes, I have some good


friends who I competed against here, and I'm looking forward to seeing


all the other athletes. It is always fun when you get athlete to get to


dress up. Normally we are in our aspect of attire, whether it is a


swimsuit for a track and field uniform, whatever it might be. It is


always nice being able to get dressed up and come together to


celebrate the year in sports. Inevitably people will say when will


you give up and give other people a chance? No more. I said that four


years ago but for me now just being where I am in my life and where we


are in our lives, I don't have anything someone to do. I was able


to finish a great summer by winning five more gold medals and one more


silver. To be able to come up with other thing I had gone through,


there is no better way to finish. Lovely to meet you both. Have a


great evening. Really enjoy yourself, congratulations, thanks to


you and to Nick Browne. Thank you, happy holidays and stop I am with


triple gold medallist Sophie Christiansen. It is so fabulous to


see you and many congratulations for what has been a fantastic year


again. How does it feel to be here tonight? Just amazing. It hasn't


really sunk in to be up here with so many amazing athletes. And still so


many hundreds more that could have been nominated. So it is a massive


privilege for me and to be able to showcase a minority sport, it is


great. I know you are very passionate about that and Para-sport


in general, but you are such a trailblazer, the most unbeaten since


2012. It has really been incredible. Yes, it is hard to stay at the top


but it is about thinking about those little things to always improve, and


not get impatient. You are one of the very few athletes still working


and competing at the highest level. How do you do it? It is my fault


that I have done a really expensive sport, so I have to work. But for me


it is about keeping my brain so active, so when I go to work I


completely forget that I have two win a gold medal this year, and I am


just normal Sophie is in the pet department. So it really helps me go


back to my training. It has been fabulous to see you tonight, you are


looking splendid, enjoyable evening. Thank you.


Viewers from the BBC News Channel have just joined us, hello. We are


in the red carpet near Birmingham ahead of the BBC Sports Personality


of the Year awards, and I just want you, there may well be lots of


flashing images because there was a lot going on with the paparazzi and


seven. A fantastic feeling, Kadeena Cox. You won medals in two sports.


Vila to something I have worked towards. It has been amazing. More


mentally than anything it was tough. To stay grounded and perform a


second time and then do the same thing a couple of days later. Just


being able to focus was hard but it was the most enjoyable experience I


ever had. When it came to an end, did you collapse in a heap? You get


to the end of it and then you realise it is over. Your body does


kind of go flat and you get really ill. I got quite ball after the


games but it has been really exciting and busy since then so I


have just been enjoying myself. You were diagnosed with multiple


sclerosis just two years ago, it must've been a massive rethink from?


Yes. It has changed my life than I have disabilities every day now.


Being a disabled person has its challenges but at the same time it


gave me amazing opportunities within Para-sport and in general. I guess I


can't complain really. How I'm feeling with this atmosphere? I am


early really nervous. It has been fun. We wish you well, thanks for


talking to us, good luck and have a great evening. Kadeena Cox, thank


you. I am with another of the 16 contenders. Adam Peaty, no less.


This is great to see you, no stranger to the red carpet. Each


year I keep coming back, hoping to win. It is great to be here and to


show it with the rest of the country and hopefully give back as much as


possible. Such a fabulous night, exciting, new in particular have to


feel you are a strong, strong candidate. You kick started the gold


rush for Team GB. Yes, but at the same time I am very young, so you're


up against people who are 30, 40, 50, 60, I think some of them. I have


plenty of years to come back and hopefully build a profile again.


Tonight is all about giving back to the family and the British swimming


and to those people who have given so much to me. It is not really for


me tonight, hopefully to give back to those kids who watched me at the


Olympics and to the side of me. I am not very comfortable in a suit, more


comfortable in my swimming stuff. That is what it is about. Hopefully


I can come back tonight with lots of people inspired to get back in the


water. Fine limit and Camilla lovely girlfriend. Does he take it well in


his stride always? Yes, he loves it. He is Willy good at being humble,


and just taking it in his stride, really, he loves it. Sensible shoes


this time, not the dramatic level issues you were last year. Yes, a


bit more sensible. You have got to grow up now, haven't you? Always


great to talk to you, you have had a fabulous season, many


congratulations. Allan thank you. I have been joined by Kate


Richardson-Walsh, who captained the GB female hockey team the globe. How


does it feel to be part of this? It feels a bit surreal. To be back


together again. This is the first time we have been back together


since Rio. I am about to get mobbed now by them. It is a really special


evening. They are very badly behaved. Exceptionally, but nothing


to do with me any more, I am tired I am not in charge. A summary had


offered you this at the beginning of the year, would you have taken it?


Absolutely. Gold Medal, and to have a hockey person nominated in the


short list I think is a really special moment for our sport. That


final was agony to watch, what was it like to be part of it? Would like


to keep fans on the edge of their seats. It was the best spectacle for


sports. To win on penalty, to have a British team win on penalties was


really great. Actually we were quite calm. We are in control, it is


harder probably to watch than it is to play. And 10 billion people in --


10 million people in GB watching you. We were in our own little


bubble. So we could just focus on the job in hand. To find out that


many people watched was a real treat. Very briefly, what has this


done for women's Rocky? It has put it on the map and where it should


be. Do you think you have a chance of winning the night? A lot of


people will be rooting for you. The hockey family is vast. I am just


proud to be one of the nominees. Thank you for talking to us.


Onto our next contender for BBC Sports Personality of the Year


Vostok let's take you back to the summer, Euro 2016, when Wales


qualified for their first major tournament since 1958. Football is a


team game, that when one man scores three goals, it could only be about


him, Gareth Bale. Who started off at Southampton. Hard-working,


level-headed, composed. Just a fantastic brand -- all-round


footballer. The biggest attribute I could pay him is that he is a


matchwinner. He is playing with the best and he doesn't look out of


place, in fact he looks comfortable come he looks as if he is enjoying


his life and his football. Real Madrid see Gareth Bale as part of


their long-term plan, some accolade. Certain types of characters come


into work and it is harder for other types. With him, years very calm, a


family man, he is not interested in the razzmatazz that comes with being


a Galactico. He just wants to get better as a player. He was a callous


man for Wales in the qualifiers and in the Euros. He scored for Wales


against England. That was the moment, I think that Wales thought


Communion, we belong in this level, we can go on and be successful. Bail


with another wicked delivery! Wales lead! As much as he is our best


player, he is a world star, he is more than happy to give credit to


his team mates. Very special, it is what it means to the whole country.


Mice to us to say a little thank you as well for supporting us. Being


there with the journey, amazing scenes. One we will never forget.


The Wales boss Chris Como and joins me now on the carpet. Kris Commons


have just seen that wonderful package about Gareth Bale. I guess


the question most people want to ask is what is he like to manage? Very


easy. He is a consummate professional. Highly motivated and


very passionate. So for me as an international manager, he is perfect


package. How much can you improve on perfection, that is left to achieve?


You can always improve. Always room for improvement but he has that


mentality that he wants to improve, keep on winning, keep being


successful for club and country. I think all the best sportsmen have


that same mentality. Just taking you back to those Euros. Have your feet


touched the ground? Wales were so impressive, everyone got behind


them. Yes, it was just one of those experiences that you never ever


forget. Something that we have groomed about for a long time, every


Welshman and women for decades, with we would never get to a tournament.


We finally did, and then when we got there, I think the team did the


country proud and we are very proud of the players. At the moment it is


great to be a Welshman. Charlotte, it has been lovely to see you as


well. Huw I am really proud of Wales and the whole Welsh team. Anything


they did there was a bonus. They got to the semifinal so got to be plays


with that, Gareth Bale, three goals in the qualifiers, so very pleased.


Have a great evening, both of you. I have been joined by Dame Sevastova


about cycling, actually Britain's most decorated Paralympian. That is


some achievement, well your Gold Medals, congratulations. How does it


feel? It is a huge honour. Still a couple of the medals away from the


record of 16. But it is fantastic to be here and to have had such a


successful year. You must be very proud of what you have achieved?


Yes. My parents, taking me to those early morning training sessions when


I was a swimmer. Now my husband. It is a huge team effort. You are a man


now come in three years ago you became a mum, put on a lot of


weight, it must have been very difficult to have the discipline to


get back? I had four stone on me and wondered if it would never come off


but at that point I did not feel any pressure to come back. If it came


off and did come back, it would be brilliant. But I achieved other


thing I ever wanted, and anything since then is a huge bonus will stop


I am more driven than ever because having lose out there in Rio was the


icing on the cake. Being able to celebrate with her was better than


it had ever been without her. If fantastic opportunity when you have


got kids to take them with you to the games. And of course you are a


game, how does that make you feel? Still very surreal. It was four


years ago in the news Honours list, these are the things you never aim


for, you never expect. I hope I am able to represent my sport in a good


way and use the title to help people not as fortunate as me. A lot of


luck tonight, I hope you have a great evening and congratulations


again. Sarah, thank you. Thank you. This young lady needs no


introduction. I am joined by the most decorated female track cyclist


in history. Laura, can adversely say you look stunning! Vila thank you.


We can get dressed up every now and again, can't we? How long did it


take you to put on that ensemble? About three hours! I have good


friends, they came here to help me, bless them. Since we welcome your


feet must not have touched the ground? It has been incredible. At


the end of 2015, if you said to me what will your year be like I could


not have imagined it would be like this. It has been way more than I


ever could have imagined. It has gone to form, everything you have


done has just been sublime. Thanks! : the ball started rolling back in


the World Championships, I needed to get that under my doubt, be well


champion in the Omni and again given then that gave me the whole year.


Then in the deal honestly, I could not have dreamt of coming away with


my two gold medals. Looking at your stats, four Olympic gold medals,


seven world Gold Medals and ten European Gold Medals and you're


still only 24. Yeah, I don't know how it's happened! Only a short


career but a packed one, I would say, so far! I just love it, every


minute of it, and that is why. With that comes success. Like you say, I


just can't be more proud I guess of my own achievement only but the


whole of Team GB. It has just been an incredible year. As I said, you


are looking amazing, you have had a fantastic year, congratulations on


the wedding, please enjoy your night. Thank you, cheers! From Laura


Kenny to Jason Kenny, the other half. I'm not going to say which is


the other hot because it is not for me to say. Congratulations on a


wonderful year. Thank you very much, it has not been a bad one. Have


equalled Sir Chris Hoy's Olympic record. Unbelievable. Yes. It was an


amazing experience. Try and enjoy it. Do you ever pinch yourself in


thing that you have achieved? I don't really think about it until


people tell me, like just now. You are married now, congratulations, is


there a friendly rivalry, going on? It is not something we think about.


It is really funny commuter Olympic medals and they are amazing and


special and the memories are incredible, that then you can put


them in this October. It is a funny one. Not really in your sock draw?


We should get a display. Seems a shame to hide them away. How do you


have your cycling relationship, what is it like for you watching Laura in


action? It is harder watching, I have a new appreciation for what my


mum goes through, watching someone you care about going around the


track you don't want them to the fan hurt themselves but you know how


much it means. It is much harder watching someone compete than


competing yourself. Do you urge each other on? Absolutely. And now helps


motivation when you are having those bad days and you see your partner


going forward. We help each other. And here she is. Hello!


Congratulations on your marriage, but what a spectacular year this has


been to you as a couple. It has been incredible. Looking back at 2015, it


has been way more than I could have imagined, looking forward to another


end of year. But as athlete and as a couple I guess. Do you have any time


off for Christmas? Yes, but we have the family around. I would not call


it time off, really! We need a harder -- a holiday after Christmas.


Enjoy it. I am joined by Alistair Bone latecomer changed the title


again. You have done it again. Triathlon is one of those boards


were the Olympics are bigger than anything else. The goal was to try


and win the race in Rio and thankfully I did it. We can relax a


bit. You are a Yorkshireman, very well but presented at the sports


personality this year. The region itself is so rich with talent.


Absolutely. We have seen a massive increase in sports talent around the


country. 60 medals in total is incredible. Yorkshire especially. I


am very proud to be from Yorkshire and I would really like to stay here


and say I could count on the Yorkshire boat tonight but I can't


because there are some inevitable from Yorkshire which is brilliant


but maybe a bit unfortunate as well. Happy before. The atmosphere is


incredible. Yes, anyone who was involved in sport, it is one of


those things. I'm about trying to stay up to watch it when I was ten


years old and it had been too late for me to see the final result. To


be here tonight and to have a chance to stand on that stage is so


special. Something I will others remember. Now Johnny tonight? Yes,


he was here somewhere. We are not joined at the hip! It has been


fantastic watching you, a great ambassador for triathlon and you


must be very proud how the sport has taken. Yes, I am. I started doing


triathlon when I was six or seven or eight years old, no one knew what


was. I have been really fortunate to be part of it and riding that wave


on triathlon, coming from an obscure sport to something everyone almost


knows about it. It has been incredible and one of the fantastic


things about me being here tonight is hopefully some young people out


there can have a go at triathlon, a sport that has given me so much.


Enjoy your evening, thank you. He was the first Briton to win the


US Masters in 20 years, Danny Willett. Good evening to you, Danny,


what a year. It has been fantastic, not a bad way to tap it. It is great


to be here tonight, it has been a busy year so to finally stop playing


a couple of weeks ago and Masna to actually enjoy some of the


highlights of what a fantastic year we have had. Are you saying me you


have not gone out and done a bit of putting practice? They have been


away for a couple of weeks, the clubs. Travelling thousands of miles


across different countries, it is nice to get back home, lock the


door, just enjoy normal family life. You talk about Nick and so on. At


eight the module studios it was for the family. Perspective of the


Masters. Just reminders, when the baby came, compared with the


Masters? He was going to come on the Sunday but he came ten days early,


on the Tuesday. Early enough to give me time to it at there to America


and do my job. And you still were able to concentrate? Yes, just a


whirlwind 12 days that started fantastically and fantastically.


Just a crazy moment in my life. And it was traumatic, the way Jordan


Spieth sort of collapsed dramatically in the last round. Yes.


It is a tough golf course around that place, the pressure we are


under, that is what it is about. We just tried to keep putting pressure


on and fortunately enough we put enough on as to where there was a


little crack in the arm and will able to come through. Just briefly,


what next? Christmas and then we will be out in Abu Dhabi in late


January. We wish you well, Danny Willett, good luck tonight. I have


been joined by one of my oldest athletic pals, Darren Campbell. It


is great to see you here the night. It is good to be here. I am here


with Get Inspired, it is called the hashtag big thank you. We are


getting big sports stars to make those calls to the volunteers and


say thank you. So important to give back, and on Skype, we have Gillian,


who is a volunteer at a boxing gym in Redditch that has been set up by


Sarah. Hello to both of you. Hello. Hello. Tell us how you got involved.


Yes, basically I was brought in from James Winston, who did a bit of


boxing with me at first, and then he asked me if I wanted to do


volunteering, and then he sent me over to Sarah to talk to. That is


how I came to be here. And Sarah, for you, how fantastic is it to have


Gillian at your gym? She is a godsend. Without her we could not do


half the things that we do. We have a lot of classes, and she has always


got a smile on her face. She welcomes everyone in. She helps with


the inclusive work as well. Just a real credit to the club and to


herself. Fantastic. Brilliant to speak to both of you, keep up the


great work that you do. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. The


work that people like Gillian do, if it has inspired you, take a look at


this. It has been another incredible year


for Mo Farah, one of the 16 contenders tonight. He was one of


the stars of London 2012, and this year in Rio, he completed that


double double, making him one of only the second people to do that


over the five and 10,000 metres. 2016 was pretty incredible. I was


mainly thinking about seeing if I could win two more gold medals and


retain my title. Here we go. He had a mesmerising effect on me when he


fell over and bounced off the track. I just went down into the ground. He


has fallen, just got a little clip! At that point I was panicking, my


race is over, I'm done. Everything is over, everything I have worked


for. And then in the back of my mind it was like no, it can't happen. I


have worked too hard for this. I promise my daughter over to get a


gold medal so I thought I could not let her down. Has Mo got the power,


the strength, the speed to defend this title? Mo Farah wins the gold!


Who wants to be away from where they grew up, where they have friends and


families? No one. If you want to become a champion, it comes with it.


Mo, going for the double double. For me it was, I need to go for this and


see if I can win one more goal for my son. Mo Farah is going to get


gold for Great Britain again. Four Olympic titles, four Olympic gold


medals. I wanted to achieve what I could and then won the time was


right stop and say, I did myself proud, I did my country proud, I did


what I could do. I am joined by somebody who is described as one of


the oldest gold medallists of all time - Nick Skelton. Do you get fed


up with the age thing? Everybody looks as me that Wheeler -- looks at


me as an old man. I don't think about it. It was great at the age of


58 to win a gold medal in your seventh Olympics. A I am lucky I


could go on that long, and I am really proud to be able to represent


my country for so many years, really. To win gold in Rio was an


honour for me, especially with the help of all the people who got us


there. Without people spending monetary on -- money on lottery


tickets, Team GB and so on. And you did it after breaking your neck. I


did, but I had a couple of years. It was great to come back, and I would


always say that I can't do anything else, really, so I had to go back


nominated to be the BBC Sports nominated to be the BBC Sports


Personality Of The Year? It is great to be nominated, and I am privileged


to be standing here tonight with some great sports people. It is


probably one of the only chance I will get to stand on that stage.


Time is running out for me, really. What next? Do you see Tokyo in your


sites? I said it before and I will say it again, I don't think I will


go to Tokyo, because I really enjoy riding Big Star now, and he probably


has a couple of years left, and when he retires, I will. We wish you all


the best, and very good luck tonight. Thanks. Last year's sports


personality was Andy Murray - can he do it again this year? We saw him


retain his Wimbledon title, become Olympic champion again, and take


that all-important world number one slot. Oh, and he became a dad as


well. After matches, I feel a little bit more level-headed. I'm not


stressed about the outcome of matches or tournaments now, which


has allowed me to deal with things probably a little bit better, seeing


things from a slightly different perspective. He's there. Straight


sets by again. A supreme performance, a first-class


tournament. To get over the line at Wimbledon was big for me. I


definitely enjoyed that one more than any of the other major


tournaments I have one. -- I have won. Andy Murray leads out Great


Britain and Northern Ireland. A great experience carrying the flag


as well, and I never expected to do that. Andy Murray is a double


Olympic gold medallist. It was one of the toughest finals I have come


through. Emotionally, I found it pretty draining. Amazing, obviously,


to win another Olympic gold. Andy is definitely number one in the world.


He is the best player. He has been extremely patient, he has


persevered, and he has gotten better, which is hard to do when you


have been dealt a bunch of blows against guys, some of the greatest


players ever to live, and to come out of that as number one is


amazing. Am joined back -- I am joined by Jamie Vardy. I saw you


last game in non-league football - Fleetwood against someone. I


remember that. Can you believe the things that have happened to you


since then? Not at all. I still pinch myself most days, but it is a


come from and the hard work that has come from and the hard work that has


had to go into it. It makes you wonder how much other talent is out


there that doesn't get the chance to break through. I think there's


loads. I have set up the academy looking at non-league players trying


to get them into the professional game. The scouting system we have, I


think there is loads, so hopefully that will produce more. You went to


a championship club, you get promotion, you go to the Premier


League, you win the Premier League, top scorer, Player of the Year,


playing for England - it is phenomenal. It is unbelievable, a


very strange feeling, but if you asked any English football of what


the pinnacle of the Korea is, it would be representing your country.


Long may it continue. Tonight, you are one of the candidates to be the


Sports Personality Of The Year - how does that feel? It is amazing, but


there is tough competition. Everyone has had a remarkable year in their


sport, so we will see. And they are filing past you right now. They sure


are. With this season we had last year, hopefully we can pick up the


award for team of the year as well. The team did very well in the end


yesterday. It showed what we are about - fighting spirit. That is one


of them things that happens in football. With the boys making the


comeback like they did, it shows what they are about. What is your


ambition now? Who knows? Football- wise, we need to make sure we pick


more points up, and then come February, we will go back to the


Champions League. Best of luck tonight. Have a good one.


Nicola Adams has been one of the most decorated female boxers in


history. It has been amazing to watch her do what she does


emphatically. It is so busy here. Let's have a look at how she has


gone on. The best memory of 2016 has to be being on the podium and


receiving my gold medal. I like the pressure, I thrive on it and use it


to my advantage. It makes me perform better. I like that everything is on


the line and everybody is coming after me. That's what makes me get


out of bed in the morning, the thought of someone wanting to take


my title. It's just me when I step in the ring, but I think about the


sacrifices my family made to get me there. Nicola Adams looking to join


a short list of boxing legends. I said to myself, this is it. She is


like, I will do it for you, Mum. She didn't look nervous or anything. I


was on the edge of my seat, and I thought, is she? Is and she? Your


heart is pounding and your stomach is turning. You're just waiting to


hear the name before you start celebrating. COMMENTATOR: Nicola


Adams! She lets out a triumphant roar, having been crowned as Olympic


champion for the second successive time. Overcome with emotion after


hearing the anthem and seeing the union Jack raised.


The BBC get inspired unsung hero award is a celebration of the


development and running of grassroots sport. With me here are


15 people from across the UK, and one of them will be the national


unsung hero. We will have a chat with one or two might. Rachel, you


are from Glasgow. Explain what you do. I like helping people learn to


ride bikes. I go out with a women's cycling group, which is to provide


women with the opportunity to ride bikes in a comfortable and safe


environment. I coach with Glasgow Riders, and I also work with


freewheel north, and accessible charity to help anybody have a shot


at our bike, regardless. Good to see you here. Andy, you're from


Coleraine. What do you do? We facilitate football on a weekly


basis for upwards of 5000 children throughout the whole of the north


coast of Northern Ireland. It is special to us, and a key element is


that it is just fun. It is about participating and the benefits that


everybody gets out of that. Vicky from Cwmbran, tell us what you do.


We have a women's football club, and be like getting children involved in


playing sports. Verve, from Brighton, explain what you do. I


work with Brighton's LGBT sports charity. We try to get people from


the community involved in sports. Lovely to speak to you. I would love


to speak to all of you. There can only be one winner, but will you


enjoy whatever? Yes! Best of luck. I'm joined by Max Whitlock, double


gold medallist from gymnastics. Great to see you. You too. Have your


feet touch the ground? It has been an incredible 2016, and to be


nominated again for Sports Personality Of The Year is such an


achievement. It is such an honour to be here. It has been crazy, for the


whole of Team GB. Personally, it feels unreal. You introducing me


then with double gold Olympic champion, it doesn't feel real. I am


looking forward to tonight, I have been since I was selected. What has


it meant for gymnastics? I know that your performances will have inspired


so many young people to want to get involved. That is the mission. Since


London 2012, it is just getting people involved in gymnastics. It's


amazing to say that, because what we do, we love it. I want as many kids


to try it as possible, because I know how great it is. Try


gymnastics, that is all I encourage. What is next to you? It all kicks


off in March. The European Championships are coming around


quickly, then the World Championships, so it doesn't stop. I


will be back in the gym, training hard. Will you let your hair down


tonight? I know it is now fracking. Of course. I will make use of this


time. I have had a small break. And I have been looking forward to


tonight since I was selected. It will be great to catch up with


everyone, all the contestants. Fabulous to see you again. Many


congratulations. Thank you very much. I'm delighted to say that Ryan


Giggs, absolute legend of Manchester City, is here. You know what it is


like to win this. Yes, I was fortunate enough to win it was an


unbelievable feeling. As I said on the night, I grew up watching the


programme, and I think it is part of everyone's life growing up. What is


happening with you now? You have left Manchester United. Are you


freelance? Straight from school, I joined United. I went from playing


to coaching. I am enjoying the free time, getting to watch some


football. What about the way that Wales played this summer? It was


inspirational for the nation, really. What the lads did and what


Chris did was unbelievable. I don't think anyone thought they would do


so well. Chris said it, to be fair, we're not here to make the numbers


up and we want to do the best we can. And they did. What do you want


to do in the next few years? I always said I wanted to go into


coaching. I am taking a bit of time, visiting different clubs, watching


some football, but I will go back to coaching. Ryan Giggs, thanks for


joining us. Have a lovely night. That's it, we have counted them all


in. But who will be BBC Sports Personality Of The Year? From us


here in Birmingham, have a very good night. Goodbye.