BBC One: Day 10: 19:00-22:00 Commonwealth Games

BBC One: Day 10: 19:00-22:00

Gary Lineker and Gabby Logan introduce live coverage from the penultimate evening at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, as Usain Bolt hopes to lead Jamaica to 4x100m gold.

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turned but trust me, we have a sensational Saturday evening in


store. We have had a great time so far, with highs, lows, emotion and


drama. But the party has not ended yet. Headline acts are still to


come. And the biggest star of all is on the block stash Usain Bolt. -- is


on the blocks, Usain Bolt. The rain has been falling all day in


Glasgow. The track at Hampden is drenched. They are doing their best


to remove the water. Rollers and all sorts of things. At present, the


athletics is on time, but field events have been delayed by 45


minutes. We are hopeful. Knowing Usain Bolt, he could win in his


wellingtons. Then again, in the relay, you never know. Usain Bolt


and Jamaica are favourites to take the gold medal. Adam Gemili,


silver-medallist in the 100 metres, leads the England line-up. It is the


Williams team on Jodie and Bianca who lead the way for England in the


women's 100 metres relay. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is expected to win gold


with her Jamaican team. 2006 triple jump champion Phillips Idowu is back


and hopeful of winning a gold medal again. And in the women's 5000


metres, the rising staffer England, Emilia Gorecka, has a medal in her


sights. -- rising star. This is how your Saturday night looks.


Usain Bolt goes in the latter relay. We will also bring you diving with


Tom Daley. When we go to BBC Two, we will concentrate on boxing. Amir


Khan will join us for that. Next, athletics, featuring the women's


5000, men's 1500 metres and the relays. Usain Bolt later, as well.


Just to say if you want to watch Tom Daley in the 10m platform diving, it


will be live on BBC Three just before 7:30pm. The boxing finals


continue from now until 10pm on the red button. Let's get to Hampden for


the athletics. Gabby Logan. Tom Daley, if he hung around for a


view more hours, he could be diving into some of the wells of water that


have built up. It is a damp and grey and windy Hampden this evening,


which is a shame, because it has managed largely to stay dry. We have


seen fantastic performances. Let's hope it does not inhibit those. The


field events have been delayed by 45 minutes. They will hope to get going


with the pole vault and triple jumper. To further dampen the


spirits, we have to start with negative news. Amantle Montsho, she


was the Olympic champion and came second last year in the tussle with


Christine Ohuruogu. She has tested positive and she will have a second


sample tested next week in London. Any drug story that comes to a major


championship with an athlete of her credentials is disappointing, but


she has been at the forefront of fantastic races with Christine


Ohuruogu. It has come as a shock. She has been one of the faces of the


Commonwealth Games coming into this and it was announced today that she


tested positive today, for a substance which I think is a


stimulant, a diuretic, used in some diet supplements. It will rather


bleak come with a shorter band. In the past, people who have failed


tests for that, it has been a six-month ban. They have two test


for it because it can be used as a masking agent. We do not know what


the situation was here. We do not know anything beyond what was


announced. I was trying to find more information. That is the issue with


sport. Once that happens, regardless of which sport, it will take you for


the rest of your career and it should. That should be the warning


to the athlete, you are responsible for what you put in your body. And


she will wear that cloak now, that she has tested positive. It is a


negative that will follow her. It does not leave. It is awful for her


and for the sport. The drugs issue needs to be sorted out. Onto more


positive things. The women's 5000 metres. The athletes are being


announced. It does not look like it is raining. Gorecka, she is the


future of distance running in this country. The European Junior 3000


metres champion last year. Jo Pavey also going and Helen Clitheroe. It


should be a good race. We can get down to the track with Steve Cram


and Brendan Foster. Steve Cram: Laura Whittle just being


introduced. The rain is holding off. Brendan and I looked across and


there is black cloud, looking as if it is ready to descend on Hampden.


Most of these runners will be used to the conditions, maybe not the


Kenyan is as much, but they have a good cross country background. Janet


Kisa is one of three pretty good Kenyans. People will look to them in


terms of medals. This young lady is having a big season, Jessica


O'Connell from Canada. The Canadians have done well with middle and long


distance athletes. Mercy Cherono, the silver-medallist last year at


the World Championships in Moscow, she will be the favourite. Emilia


Gorecka, a big talent, 20 years of age. Representing England. She is on


the inside. Jo Pavey and Helen Clitheroe, two England's greatest


athletes. Beth Potter also going. It is great to see Stephanie Twell. She


had a brilliant Commonwealth Games in Delhi, winning in the 1500


metres, and medal. -- winning a medal. Three for Scotland. Three


going for England. And the three Kenyans, who will be the ones who


will undoubtably be the ones everybody is looking to. I should


have mentioned Sarah Murcier of Guernsey and Elinor Kirk running for


Wales. Brendan, perfect running whether! Perfect distance running


conditions. We have had the rain. They have swept the track. It looks


OK on the inside. These runners setting off on the journey, 12.5


laps. It looks fairly pedestrian at the moment. The England team on the


outside. Jo Pavey, and very familiar sight. We have two 40-year-old is


running together. And on the inside, the 20-year-old, Emilia Gorecka. You


could not learn from to better athletes. They have been medallists


in the Commonwealth Games. Helen and Jo Pavey. Helen was silver-medallist


behind Kelly Holmes back in 2002. Jo Pavey looking comfortable, back into


action after the birth of her second child in September. Getting ready to


go again on the roads and in the country and on the track today. She


was chosen for the 5000 and 10,000, but she chose just the 5000. The


three Scottish athletes in the group, Beth Potter, Stephanie Twell


and Laura Whittle. The pace is fairly easy. The experienced Helen


Clitheroe decides you do not get many chances. She has decided to


Clitheroe decides you do not get move it along because it was so


slow. I wonder, when you look at the events that have been held here so


far. This is the penultimate distance event. The men's also this


evening. Janet Kisa is less experienced on the track. Margaret


Muriuki, she has only run one 5000 this year. Interesting selection


from the Kenyans. And now, for other runners, there might be a medal. Jo


Pavey likes medals and will be happy to be amongst it. Mercy Cherono is


the favourite. She is the outstanding athlete. She is quicker


than the others and was medallist in the World Championships last year.


There are not many better than her. The group, you can see they are


beginning to pull away. Helen Clitheroe, very experienced. Doing


the 1500 metres, as well, I remember. And she ran the


steeplechase. She has had a great career. Still going strong. Jo Pavey


has renewed again, and she wants another go at the marathon.


career. Still going strong. Jo Pavey has renewed again, and she wants But


I still think there are medals available in this race. Janet Kisa


is leading Mercy Cherono. Mercy Cherono has had a good season. I


watched her at the beginning of the year, 3000 metres, a superfast race


for the beginning of the season. She was narrowly beaten that night. That


time, 8.21, it showed the form she would bring to the summer season.


She has been running well. Mercy Cherono, her worst race might have


been her last one coming into these championships. All of a sudden, the


best athlete in the field decides enough is enough. And off she goes,


Mercy Cherono. She is followed by her team-mates. You can understand


Mercy Cherono. She knows these athletes and she knows she has the


beating of them and she has decided I am going to run like I am going to


run. The distance runners, they train on the track, run repetitions,


sometimes five laps, occasionally more, but a new injection of pace.


Jo Pavey has decided to do something about it. She has to chase it she


wants the medal. Emilia Gorecka, the European junior champion, following


behind, Jo Pavey encouraging her. Letting her come through. The pace


that was injected down the back straight by Mercy Cherono has been


given away. She has slowed down. The field has caught up. 69 seconds, the


lap. The slowest lap was in 83, that was a 69, and off she goes again.


She can play with the field. I think Mercy Cherono has a lot to spare,


even with her team-mates. She might not be doing her team-mates a favour


because she would want them to go away. Particularly Janet Kisa, who


might come under threat from anybody else, if she is not on form. She is


the third of the Kenyans. Just ahead of Jo Pavey. The Canadians have come


here and done very well. Jessica O'Connell has had a big


here and done very well. Jessica O'Connell has had a personal best


this year, she has jumped forward. O'Connell has had a personal best


this year, she has jumped Sometimes athletes have years like that, then


they can come here, like Emelia Gorecka, improving, learning the


5000 metres. That group will want to work together to try to make sure


based day in contact with the third of the Kenyans. The Canadians have


one more goal stun England in the track and field. We only have two


more individual events left, and England, for the first time since


1958, not one English runner has one and individual gold medal in the


Commonwealth Games. It is time to have a look and think about which


runners were missing, we are only missing Mo Farah. They have done


well at the field events, but only the second time since the


Commonwealth Games began that the English runners have not won a gold


medal yet. I do not see them winning in this event or in the men's 1500.


Five pulling away. Jo Pavey and Anna Louise Wellings. A gap to Emelia


Gorecka and Jessica O'Connell. Emelia Gorecka working really hard.


This is really good running from Jo Pavey. What a story this would be.


They are lapping the first of the runners. We saw in the men's 10,000,


it can be an issue in the latter stages. Mercy Cherono following her


team-mate. Margaret Muriuki is the leader. Janet Kisa in third place.


Then, Jo Pavey and Eloise Wellings. These five have a ten metre gap in


front of Emelia Gorecka. Jo Pavey is running well, her confidence is


increasing. Emelia Gorecka running very well. The European junior


cross-country champion, she has got a bright future. This is a good


introduction for her. She is looking down the track, she can see the


experience of Jo Pavey. They are not going to outfox her. She looks


comfortable and smooth. I do think there is a medal here. It would be a


great story if she could snatch a medal. Mercy Cherono will be the one


to beat. The other Kenyans are not the best in the world. Jo Pavey is


getting the boost in confidence. I am surprised that there are only


five in the group, because the pace is not that fast. It would be


personal best territory for Emelia Gorecka, around 15 minutes, they are


running that now. Given that the first 1000 metres was


so slow, you would have thought that maybe one or two others would have


taken the risk, but it is Jo Pavey and Eloise Wellings with the


Kenyans. The pace will pick up again. But it is great to see Jo


Pavey there, what a career, 1500 metres, flirting with the marathon


as well. She knows how to race. When she is fit and healthy, the one


thing you could always say about her, she knows how to race.


Absolutely right. She is doing it again today. I am looking round the


stadium, there are lots of Scots people, and an awful lot of English


people. You can see the English fans unfurling their flags and starting


to wave them. Red-and-white flags around the place, and loads of blue


ones. Beth Potter leading the Scottish contingent. Laura Whittle


there. Steph Twell is struggling. Elinor Kirk of Wales going through.


It is tough out there, it has been a long slog. 12, these last few


years, since that horrific injury. A long way behind. The leading group


is forging ahead now. The last lap, it has slowed down a little again,


which will play into the hands of the kickers, and whether or not Jo


Pavey has got the sort of place that can win her a medal. Galloway 's


Wellings will be a danger. She is looking fairly comfortable. Look at


Jo Pavey, determination on her face, she looks at the school board, which


tells how there are three laps to go. She hits the front for the first


time. A great inspiration. She is having a go. She knows her strength


is her biggest asset. She wants to test them, she wants to run as a


three. She is working very hard. The St George flags flying all over the


pace. Remember, Mercy Cherono, she was the World Championship silver


medallist last year. Jo Pavey has been a European silver medallist and


a Commonwealth silver medallist. A yard or two opening, come on, Jo


Pavey. Let's hope she can get a medal. Could it be a gold-medal? It


is brave rate -- running from Jo Pavey, she is putting pressure on.


Look at Eloise Wellings, looking stronger. Janet Kisa is moving up.


Margaret Muriuki still looks comfortable. Two laps to go. Jo


Pavey leading the 5000 metres final. Eloise Wellings just beginning to


look as though this is becoming hard work for her. It is about turning


the screw, building the pressure, trying to get rid of them, one by


one. 700 metres to go. She responded when she saw that there were two


laps to go. That is 800 metres, that is what you do on the track when you


are preparing for this. She is settling down. Here comes and Louise


Wellings. Is Mercy Cherono waiting? 600 metres left. Jo Pavey has too


many athletes around her. Jo Pavey will try to dig in, but look at


Eloise Wellings. It is not a good sign that Jo Pavey is looking


behind. It will be the bell. Mercy Cherono looks very comfortable.


Margaret Muriuki knows she has got to get into place. Jo Pavey is not


giving this up, she is not going to let them burn it up without giving


get at least one more try. Jo Pavey at the front again. What an


inspirational run. She is testing the Kenyans athletes, she wants a


medal. There is a medal available, keep driving. Mercy Cherono is


waiting. I wonder why she would not attack earlier. Jo Pavey, 40 jurors


old, she is an inspiration to all of the British distant runners. But she


has three Kenyans for company. There goes Mercy Cherono. This crowd of


roaring Jo Pavey on, can she hang onto one of them? Can she give


herself a chance? They are kicking away. She will not give it up. Jo


Pavey is still hanging on. 40 years of age, can she get their? Here she


comes! Mercy Cherono will win the gold medal, but look at Jo Pavey!


Come on, Jo Pavey! She is going to be OK, a bronze medal. A brilliant


performance. Mercy Cherono is a great champion, she was the


favourite, but who could have believed that Jo Pavey would stir up


all of the old memories, give us all something to cheer about? For


everybody sitting at home who has probably thought, my days have gone


by. Not Jo Pavey. She decided not to run the 10,000 metres, what a good


decision. Concentrate on the 5000. She had a go at 800 metres, then


they came past her. She had a go at 400 metres, they came past her. But


she did not give up. A brilliant run. Jo Pavey, an inspiration to so


many. Laura Whittle has said, how did you do? For Helen Clitheroe and


Jo Pavey, they have been such stalwarts, they have won medals in


the past, she was wonderful at the Olympic Games, and any legal reckon


will have her day. That might be one of Jo Pavey's best runs of her


career. Not the quickest in terms of producing personal bests, but what a


gutsy run. Steph Twell crosses the line. You love that, like I did. It


was fantastic. Mercy Cherono what the class athlete. She waited and


waited. Have we ever been more inspired by a distance race ban


that? Jo Pavey collecting the flag, I told you there were lots of St


George flags. She is soaking up the cheers and the pride. That was


absolutely fantastic, I loved that. Mercy Cherono is a class athlete,


you could not see anybody beating her, but Jo Pavey, you thought she


had it at times. You would not want to finish in fourth place at the end


of that. She has deserved every single ounce of that. How many


people are getting their running shoes on at home? Wait until we have


seen the 1500 metres, then go out for a run. If Jo Pavey can do it,


she is such a star. We love her, well done. There will be a lot of


tears. I bet her husband Gavin and her coach, he gets as emotional as


anybody does. He will be somewhere, and her son, Jacob. He should be


very proud of his monster night. Paula, that might give you some


inspiration! Absolutely, that was brilliant, I am so pleased for her.


She has been here before, she has won a silver medal before, but that


will mean the most, because she worked hard. She judged it


perfectly, she went to the front, she injected a bit of pace, but she


did not put all of her effort in. She kept a bit there. I am sure she


took a lot of energy from the crowd tonight. We could feel it when she


hit the front the first time, and when she went again just before the


bell, they really got behind her. She was not going to give up on the


medal. Do not forget, she started out as a 1500 metre runner, I


remember racing against her when we were 14. She said the English


schools record. She did not come late in her career. She has had a


very long career. The big thing about her, she loves racing and she


loves going out there. You ask how long she will keep doing it, she


says, as long as I can stay competitive and as long as my family


do not mind the sacrifices. Gavin is so supportive of her. And the


children. It is working at the moment. She is allowing the field to


come past her. We were hoping she was not tired, that she had not


given her whole effort, but she made a smart move, she was giving herself


a bit of breathing space to gather herself. Mercy Cherono was playing


the field. She could have won this race however she pleased.


herself. Mercy Cherono was playing the field. She could have But Jo


Pavey ran the smartest race to give her the chance of picking up a


medal, and here she goes. At the bell, back into the front, and you


can hear the role of the crowd. Mercy Cherono gathers herself. Janet


Kisa and Margaret Muriuki responded. Eloise Wellings is struggling now to


maintain contact. Jo Pavey is digging deep, she knows they are


queueing up behind her. She will be aware of that. At this minute, she


is saying, let them come by. Get in behind as much as you can, gather a


bit of energy from the crowd, and she is probably thinking about Jacob


and Emily, I would think. They are probably here, she wants them to be


really proud. She knows how much sacrifice they have all put in. It


is great to see her kicking like that. The pace is still there when


she wanted badly enough. I really thought she was going to go right


through into the silver medal position, but she could not quite


get there. She could not quite get back to Janet Kisa. A thoroughly


deserved bronze medal. I am really happy for her. For Jo Pavey it has


been a long journey over the past few years. When you start a family,


her daughter is the youngest, sometimes your athletics... There is


Gavin. Well done coach, well done husband! Gavin and Jo Pavey have


been a great team together. Sometimes you think, is it worth


it? Shall I keep going? I am so pleased for her. When you were


watching on the last lap. There were three Kenyans ahead. She lost three


yards. She could have easily given up and thought, I have run pretty


well and come home in fourth, that is not too bad. But she was


desperate for a medal and she deserved a medal. And that is her


happy son Jacob. They have done a great job as a team, Jo Pavey and


Gavin. These are moments you will never forget.


Inspiration on so many levels. We talk about Emilia Gorecka, the


future. Jo Pavey can do what she wants. If she feels she can run like


that, 41 next month, we might see her for a few seasons more. What


inspiration for anybody who thinks they might be passed it, there you


go, you are not. A little girl, not even one yet. Anybody who has had a


baby in the past year will appreciate it takes a lot to get


yourself back will stop if you are inspired, go to the BBC sport


website. There are lots of details on how you can join clubs in a range


of sports near you. It is well worth visiting. We are inspired by that


performance. What a fantastic last couple of laps, Michael? To hang in


the way she did. I do not know anything about 5000 metre running


but I am sure that was smart from a tactical standpoint. Taking the lead


and being out there and having the Kenyans comeback, it is


disheartening will stop to wait until she came out on the stretch,


knowing exactly how much she had left, very smart tactics. Good on


her. That was fantastic and certainly inspiration. Denise Lewis:


We have come through the ranks together, English schools, the


junior age group together. It is so admirable and courageous when


someone decides to carry on for the length of time she has and pick and


choose. She found her real niche. It is the grit and determination. It is


the sacrifices that makes her such a popular character. She is so funny.


Paula Radcliffe: She is not just mother to Jacob and Emily, the girls


out there, Steph, Emilia, they will take advice and is narration. She is


going for both in the European Championships and another big chance


to pick up a medal over 5000 and 10,000 metres. She is intending to


double up at the European Championship 's, which begin next


week. We can head over to the start of the 1500 metres, the men's. We


have a double winner on the commentary team, Steve Cram. He won


in 1982 and 1986. It is always a good opportunity to look in the


archives and see Steve Cram in Brisbane, running away from the


field for the gold medal. Hopefully we will be able to see 1986 as well.


Doubling up, he did the 800 and 1500. Paula? Absolutely. I am sure


he will have opinions about the race that is to come. I am interested to


see how Ronald Kwemoi will perform. I can never tell whether he is


delighted or embarrassed when we look at the archives.


I hate being reminded about the race in 1986 because John Gladwin almost


caught me by surprise, which is why I look relieved when I finished. A


good race tonight with a good British contingent. This man, you


saw the great John Walker in the archive footage. Nick Willis has


taken his 1500 metres record and has a chance of a medal. He is a former


Commonwealth champion. That was one of his team in the crowd. Johan


Cronje. He has been collecting South Africa records, as well. Julian


Matthews, the other athlete from New Zealand. In 1974, the great athlete


who broke the world record, this man is from the same country. And


Kiplagat Magut. And one other good athlete, Ronald Kwemoi. That is


Ronald Musagala from Uganda. Chris O'Hare, from Scotland, Charlie


Grice, from England, two of our great talents at this distance,


competing in the common wealth games final. On the outside, the big


threat. Ronald Kwemoi, watch out for him. He has been taking the world by


storm recently. A massive improvement, coming out of nowhere.


Like Lynsey Sharp yesterday, do not be frightened, do not be scared,


there might be the chance of a medal. On the inside, Chris O'Hare,


he might have excelled in the indoor circuit in the United States, but he


grew up on the cross-country circuit in Scotland. Days like today, he is


used to, and he is running today in the blue riband event of the


Commonwealth Games. 1954, Roger Bannister won it. Since then the


greats have won it. Including Dave Moorcroft. Steve Cram has won it


twice, in two great performances. This is an event you would like if


you can get it. Today will be tough. Difficult to win medals. The leader


through the first 400 was Ronald Musagala. A decent pace but it has


slowed. Kwemoi is strong, only 18, but he has shown great assurance in


the Diamond League circuit. Johan Cronje sensing it is slowing, moving


up. Charlie Grice, checking in a little bit. He needs to be careful.


Nick Willis. He knows where to be, he is an experienced Commonwealth


Games champion, Olympic silver-medallist. Young Chris O'Hare


knows where to be. He is right behind Nick Willis. He is tracking


him and that is not a bad decision to make. If he can stick in there,


he will not be too far away. That is the first move. Still not too


excessive. There goes Johan Cronje on the outside. It creates panic


behind. Kwemoi and Magut, they are leading at the moment. Nick Willis


is looking for a room and starting to worry a little bit. Chris O'Hare


might want to think about where he is. Charlie Grice in a better


position as they take the bell. There are too many people there the


comfort. The Kenyans are in a line and you will have to come from a


long way back will stop Charlie Grice and Chris O'Hare, trying to


get some space. Johan Cronje is not giving up. Charlie Grice is running


a good race, but it is anybody's. Ronald Kwemoi hits the front. Chris


O'Hare of Scotland, around the top bend. Nick Willis is nowhere for New


Zealand. Johan Cronje, chasing down Kwemoi. Chris O'Hare is coming. He


looked behind, Kwemoi. Nick Willis, he has surely left it too late. He


will win? It is Magut, of Kenya. It is a Kenya 1-2. Magut, he wins from


Kwemoi, the youngster. If I was the New Zealand team management and in


Nick Willis's camp... Charlie Grice gave it his best, but Nick Willis,


look where he is in the replay with 200 to go. What was he doing? He can


finish quick and he finished quicker than anybody, but he could not catch


Magut. He must be wondering what he did. Did he let a title slip through


his fingers? He is experienced, he will be happy with the bronze medal,


but did he miss a chance to beat the two Kenyans? It was an interesting


race from every point of view. Nick Willis, a previous champion,


interestingly, we thought he had a chance today, but he was never in


contention. He could not win from where he set off to be. He ran a


sensible race until 600 metres to go and then he let it go. The


silver-medallist from Delhi has not done a lot since then, Magut. Kwemoi


was not able to handle it. We thought he would be the winner. An


interesting race. Three Kenyans in a line. Now you have decisions to


make. Nick Willis is starting to make bad decisions. Chris O'Hare, of


Scotland, not in a great place. Charlie Grice ran sensibly and gave


himself a chance, but you have to go past them, go wide, travelling, and


when they travel at speeds you have two injectable pace. I thought Nick


Willis came as one of the favourites. He is now in eighth on


the inside, not doing anything. Johan Cronje has a go and Charlie


Grice is hanging on. Still Chris O'Hare is coming. At this point


Chris gives them too much of a start. He is in fifth and is roared


on, he knows how to sprint, and suddenly, when they sprint, travels


too far. Johan Cronje in between the two. Kwemoi thought he had won it.


Nick Willis is fourth. He is so lucky that Johan Cronje was giving


up and slowing down. I think Johan Cronje should be disappointed with


that performance. There goes Kwemoi. I thought he could win it from here.


Johan Cronje ran well. Nick Willis, look at the gap. And here comes the


winner. Magut, of Kenya, the silver-medallist from Delhi turns it


into a gold medal on a rainy day in Scotland. Nick Willis was lucky


there. Kwemoi will continue to contest major championships. He


takes the silver medal. And again on the rostrum, Nick Willis. It is a


good bronze for New Zealand but he was so close. Chris Gowell of Wales,


finishing 10th. Eight good race. A Kenyan 1-2, again. -- it was a good


race. The men's javelin final is about to


start. The two men at the top are the favourites. Walcott is the


Olympic champion. The Welsh man, Lee Doran, looking to get in amongst


things. We can have a quick look back at the lead qualifier.


Something significant happened. This is the man who became the youngest


ever throw to become Olympic champion. This was the qualifying


from yesterday. He absolutely launched 85 metres, a


from yesterday. He absolutely launched 85 metres, lifetime best


and national record. He goes into the final certainly as favourite.


throwers. Difficult conditions here this evening. You can see the wet on


the floor. It has been a wet afternoon. And a delayed start for


the throwers. The man who learned to throw by watching juju. Technique


looking solid. The rest have got to follow that.


So, this is the man who threw that big throw in qualification. Oh, no.


Just seemed to pull away from that. It is not quite as far as he threw


yesterday. He will take the lead with that.


So, one of three Australian javelin throwers, the man from Tasmania.


First attempt. Again, a powerful throw. Not so good on the approach.


It looked like all upper body strength and power there. The


Tasmanian might like these conditions, a similar climate to


Scotland, down in Tasmania. He is an 82 metres man at his best. He goes


into second place. Another great final about to start,


men's triple jump. Phillips Idowu, took a step back from the event last


year, he is back. Joined by Nathan Fox and Nathan Douglas. And here he


is, the first attempt for Phillips Idowu. He has been training in


Australia. He did 16.70 in qualification yesterday, and looked


very good. This looks committed. It is. But was it good on the board? I


am not sure. Yes, it looked as though he had encroached on the


plasticine, and he had. Many had written off Phillips, but he is


back. I tell you what, this man is a fighter. Olympic silver medallist, a


world champion in the past, and he has won this event. 70 metres is


likely to be needed, and he has started off with a foul Mac.


GABBY LOGAN: We are getting ready on the track for the women's four x


400m final. Christine Ohuruogu is part of the England team. And that


is asked, in the studio. Just a quick line on Christine. Just


wondering, she will have heard the news about Montsho today. She did


run a 51.56 split. What would she have made of it, and will it be on


her mind? It will not be on her mind, she will be just disappointed


that, yet again, athletics is having another drug issue. She is so


respected in the team. She is now running the first leg, instead of


the fourth leg, in the heats. She will just want to get on with her


job. A quick line, Paula, on that 1500m. We it will be difficult to


catch. Christine Ohuruogu. She is not running back quickly. She has


been finding form recently. It is difficult to see who is out in front


at the moment. Bahamas got off to a terrible start. Christine Ohuruogu


has done well in the rain. Bahamas came through quickly at the end. It


is going to be anybody's game. Jamaica, you could almost hand the


gold medal to them. England, they have daylight between themselves and


the rest. She is flying through a curtain of rain. Very strong running


from Regina George the Nigeria. She might tire. She is holding on


strong. Jamaica, out in front. Anastasia Le-Roy taking it. George


getting in the way of England. The Australians have England in their


sights. The battle is being fought at the front. Nigeria not giving it


straight to Nigeria. What a challenge Nigeria are throwing down


here. What a run from Benjamin! challenge Nigeria are throwing down


here. What a run from Benjamin! She may give Nigeria the lead. But it is


the gold medallist for Jamaica, Stephanie O'Hare, who has it. And


here goes Anyika Onoura, for England. England at the moment, with


a decent lead over Australia. Morgan Mitchell has it for Australia, a


semifinalist in the individual event. But what a battle out front,


with Jamaica now hitting the front. Jamaica trying to restore the


natural order, with Stephanie O'Hare. England, a long way back in


third at the moment. It is a battle for gold and silver, through the


teeming rain on this Glasgow evening. It is Stephanie O'Hare,


told medallist in the individual, for Jamaica. The Nigerian is trying


to close, but Stephanie O'Hare has judged it well. It is going to be a


second gold medal for her, and gold for this Jamaican quartet. Nigeria


takes over. England come through to take the bronze. It pretty much went


according to script. But the time for Jamaica, a new Games record. As


we look at England celebrating their bronze medal. But Jamaica, what a


powerful quartet it was. A new Games record, taking the record of


Australia, which was set in Manchester in 2002. We thought


nobody would get close to them, but Nigeria did, for a few moments. They


take the silver, and England get bronze.


STEVE CRAM: We will be with the girls shortly, but there was another


medal to celebrate, it was in the 5,000m, and what a performance it


was from Jo Pavey. She is with Phil Jones.


Jo Pavey, congratulations, what a race, what a performance. Yes, it


feels a bit surreal. I did not believe I got a medal. I had to look


at the scoreboard. I cannot believe it. It was such a gutsy race from


you - you went past them once, they came back past you, you went past


then again, and still you did not give up the fight! Yes, I tried to


think, just don't regret this. The Kenyans are so good, but I thought,


no, keep focused and just try and beat them! My husband, my little


boy, my little girl, my mum and dad, and all my family. Everybody that


has helped me, the physios and everything. The list is endless. I


cannot believe it, I am so happy. The joy of being here in Scotland,


so close to home for you, is that all your family can be here,


including your son? Yes, it is really special. I am sure my little


girl will be watching as well. We debated whether to bring her but I


was well each would be terrified, because she is only ten months old.


Such a lovely atmosphere, and having the crowd so close, to be able to


give your family members a hug when you finish, it is a real bonus. I


did not know how realistic it would be to go well, but I wanted to do as


well as I could. I just wonder where this ranks, with all of the medals


you have won, in the Europeans, the Commonwealths, and the Olympics,


over the years? This is really special. To think that I am 40, and


I am a mother, with two young children, with a ten-month-old


baby, it seems almost funny to me! All the support I have had, it has


really allowed me to do it. It has been a tough summer, because at the


track, they are really helpful, but it has been shut all summer for


resurfacing, in Exeter, so the people in Yeovil and Plymouth have


been really helpful in letting the train. I did not think I would get a


medal just did unbelievable. You have been an inspiration to mums all


over the world, I am sure! Yes, and good luck to all running mums! Crowd


has been awesome, it is such an awesome Games. I feel very


fortunate. Thanks a lot. ANDREW COTTER: Well done to Jo


Pavey. Well done to the Jamaicans 4x400m quartet. Kenya and Jamaica


still slugging it out at the top of the athletics medals table. England


taking the bronze medal, behind Nigeria. As sometimes happens in the


4x400m, the changeover can be tricky. You have got tired


athletes, and the Nigerians, a couple of times, unwittingly, were


getting in the way a little bit of the English athletes. Not here, this


was fine. This was the first changeover. I can tell you about the


splits, they were even for the English athletes. We can see Regina


George coming in for Nigeria. It happens sometimes, Steve, doesn't


it? Yes, you are not allowed obviously to deliberately impede.


But the athletes are tired when they finish. I do not think there is


anything deliberate. It is part of 4x400m running that you have got to


avoid the incoming athletes. I am sure Michael will agree. Absolutely,


nothing deliberate. But I am sure people at home are wondering if


something could be done about this. There needs to be something in the


rules, better organisation by the referees down on the track, to


explain to those runners before they go out what the protocol should be,


so that they are not impeding people. I have seen people getting


hurt and injured in that type of situation.


ANDREW COTTER: And this is something Michael never had to worry about,


because he was about 100m ahead. The splits pretty even for the English


quartet, and that is what brought them home to a bronze medal. A good


race between Jamaica and Nigeria. Stephanie O'Hare, Gold medallist in


the individual, bringing Jamaica home.


is Julius Yego who we saw throw in the first round. He is powerful. Can


he do this in his third round? Yes, he can. Julius Yego, the javelin


comes out of your hand at about 70 mph and you can see it with the


naked eye. It was coming out of his hand quicker than everyone else. It


took him three rounds to get there, but Julius Yego looks as though he


may have gone into the lead. The Kenyan would there. He takes the


lead. Triple jump them. The South African. Very successful in the long


jump, he is focused on the treble. This is his second attempt. He kept


his speed at a high level through all three phases. Was not sure about


it. Looked very close to what may have been his lifetime best from


2005. Look at Mokoena looking at the measurements at the side. He knows


it was good. A seasoned's best and Mokoena is in the lead. -- a


seasoned's best. Can Phillips Idowu respond? He has a superb


Championship history. That looked better on the board, flat through


the jump phase, that was the difference between those two jumps,


I would suggest. Good through the hop and step, but almost collapsed


into the job. Ten centimetres behind. Watch this, good through


their, he keeps it going and does not get out into that jump. The


height we saw from Mokoena was not there. He is in fifth place. A medal


ceremony in very an Australian Weddle. White from Canada there. She


took the bronze medal -- weather. All the rest were racing for scraps


if you can call a bronze medal a scrap. Two women went into it as


favourites above the rest. It is the silver medal for England. She had


high hopes of gold after beating the eventual winner a couple of times


coming into this race but could not quite do it last night. The woman


who is about to be introduced was a in periods. -- was a victorious. --


again. Tiffany Porter there defending her title -- Tiffany


Porter. No more fitting woman to do it than Sally. It is time for a bit


of advanced Australian fair inside Hampden Park. -- Sally Pearson.


Australian National Anthem. So much talked about the bombs in


her preparation, but she got over it all. -- about the troubles. Sally


Pearson. We are still in the second round of


the triple jump final and look at Tehran. Here is the second attempts


-- the rain. Oke is the defending champion and he looks like he means


business. Terrible conditions, but it is Beth Potter is biting through


that rain. -- macro Oke. -- Tosin Oke. He is in second place. The rain


is not letting up. It is not the kind of weather that we are used to


seeing. This is Glasgow and we have been blessed so far. We have had


some unseasonal weather. It is only fair that we finish with what is


traditionally a bit more Scottish weather. We are building up to the


four x 400 m relay and on paper there are four or five of those


quartets who will feel they can get into the medals. They all can. This


should be an exciting final, because there are a lot of evenly matched


teams. England is in it. With the rain, it will be miserable out


there, but they will have to put that behind them and hopefully we


will not see any change of problems. The rain can be dangerous.


England has a good chance, Trinidad will be tough, the Bahamas have a


good team, they are extremely experienced. Chris Brown is great.


Some of the teams have changed their line-ups, the Australians have


changed. England have added in a different runner. Jamaica have


brought in two more new people. A bit of a change, Jamaica is strong,


but I think the Bahamas are the favourites. Scotland is in there.


The roar that we have become used to hearing when Scotland have any


athletes in these events will be there. Scotland are not expected to


get themselves amongst the medals. They will have a difficult time. It


will be a long start -- a long shot. The relay, it is difficult to judge.


Everyone looks like they are really far out there. Very difficult to


judge the pace. Do you think because of the slight tobacco in the


women's race, especially the Nigerian athletes -- slight


problems. Their management should have gone through the protocol. They


know when they reached the 200 mark they know where they should be. --


reach. We were talking about it there, this is going to be one of


the most exciting races of the evening. It is so tight. The fact


that the bat is wet, that will add excitement. Scotland could have a


chance here. Let us hand you down to Steve Cram. I would not write


Scotland off. Scotland have a good team. The England team, Martyn


Rooney concentrating on the European Championships. Conrad Williams is


leading off very strong team from Trinidad. Is this Jamaican team good


enough to content here. The consulate -- Zambia are in Lane 2.


They came through as the fastest loser stop --. There is Robertson


who will be leading off for Scotland. Grant Plendleith in here


as well. Anything can happen. The Bahamas have got such experience.


Michael Bingham waiting to go for England. With Chris Brown on the


last leg, have they got the ace card? The relay final. Because of


the excitement elsewhere in the stadium, field events taking place,


just at the other end, it has meant that the rowers from the crowd have


upset the start of this race and quite sensibly, the starter asks


them all to rise. Australia are the defending champions, they do have


some good new talent coming through. I am not sure that they will be able


to hang on to the gold medal here again. The starter waits for quiet.


Hampden Park roars its approval as the relay gets underway with


Scotland on the inside. As Michael was making the point, the Steiger


means you have to judge this correctly. Williams in the light


blue and yellow of the Bahamas, chasing down Nigeria. Australia have


started well, Conrad Williams for England is running well as is Gordon


in the all read of Trinidad and Tobago. Very slow start from Jamaica


and Gauntlett. It goes on to Michael Bingham. For Scotland, it is Grant


Plendleith. Scotland are in a reasonable position, but England are


out in front. A real attacking moves by Michael Bingham. Trinidad and


Tobago with Solomon sitting behind him. Scotland are trying to chase


Australia. It is England in the front, Michael Bingham will be


coming down. Bahamas are back in this wet Russell on the last two


legs and Chris Brown, they will be difficult to beat. What a good race


we do have. Quow has pulled out. Australia are not out of it.


Scotland are making ground. The Bahamas are fighting hard. What a


race we have on our hands. Rooyen on Olamgoke Olumide Olamgoke


Renny Quow will be handing over to Hewitt on the last leg. Daniel Awde


will be giving it to the new British sensation, Hudson Smith. What can he


do?! Trinidad, England, Bahamas, surely between these three for the


gold medal. Scotland have moved ahead of Australia. Hudson Smith,


Iran sub-45 in this Glasgow stadium just a couple of weeks ago. Has he


got the strength in the rain? Hudson-Smith goes again! Can he hold


on?! Brown comes back. Here comes Hudson-Smith. And he leans for


golden! What a run. Guts, talent, he made it. They know he made it. They


look up at the screen. Williams, Daniel Awde, Michael Bingham, and


Matthew Hudson-Smith. What a really, really great race. And you know, it


is about the balance of the team, getting it right, putting the right


people on the last leg, and it was an inspirational decision, really,


to put a hungry young man on the last leg. But he had to be good,


because Chris Brown is one of the best at closing a race. But he could


not quite close it that time. I really thought he was going to get


there, I thought Hudson-Smith had gone too early, but he kept just


enough, and he was like a tall piece of timber leaning for the line as it


approached, and he was strong enough to hang onto the gold for England.


ANDREW COTTER: It was a second kick, we have seen it so many times.


Hudson-Smith looked like he had given just a bit too much early on,


but Chris Brown was hunting him down. Hudson Smith, just coming down


the home straight, it was an astonishing second effort from him,


just to hold off Chris Brown. This point, it was a very good lead-off


for England from Williams. He put Michael Bingham in a very good


position. But we knew it was going to be a good race. Michael Johnson


was saying that these squads, four of them, at least, are very evenly


matched. Renny Quow taking it on. This is the final position, where


Hudson-Smith takes it on. Hewitt had gone very well in the heats. But


this was as good a 4x400m as you will see. It was a real race. Coming


down the back straight, when he makes his move, you think, that is


going to cost him later on, he will pay for it. Chris Brown is watching.


Chris Brown, and you wonder if it is the crowd giving him that extra


lift? And then he responds. And what a response it was.


STEVE CRAM: Well, he and the team will watch that over and over again.


MICHAEL JOHNSON: I think all of us up here said, no, not yet, when he


started to make that move! He has got a very, very long stride. And we


are saying, no, don't do it! But he did make a Far East mart move to get


back inside, to get on the curb, so that you can take the shorter run.


But he still looks very, very relaxed, at that point, Matthew.


Chris Brown, this is when he is on his way, but he took too much to try


to chase Matthew, and now, the monkey just jumps on his back and he


is going backwards. So basically what happened there is, Matthew took


the veteran, Chris Brown, out of this race, and took him out of his


own strategy, and made him run HIS race. And England comes away with


the victory. The young man, starting to smile, he knows that he has won


it. That is great, that is fantastic.


Well, I can give you the splits. Williams, a very good, solid first


leg. Michael Bingham, very solid, Daniel Awde, very impressive. But


the style of the show, 44.7, Matthew Hudson-Smith. He did not even need


windscreen wipers, did he?! He is a talent. Let's tidy all of


that up. It is gold for England in the 4x400m relay. The Bahamas,


pipped on the line. Trinidad Tobago take the bronze. Jamaica were


forth. Scotland, a really good performance, to finish fifth. Zambia


were disqualified. STEVE BACKLEY: If there is one event


where they do not like competing in the rain, it is the pole vault.


Sally Peake, umbrella overhead, trying to keep the rain off. It is


awful conditions. Look at the rain coming down. Oh, I word, she is


clear. We have seen a bunch of failures, and that could be very


significant, if the weather stays the same. Dancing in the rain, Sally


Peake of Wales. As I say, the significance of that is, the


conditions being so difficult, it asks questions of Alana Boyd of


Australia, the pre-event favourite, yet to enter the competition. It is


going to be soggy and wet and horrible if it stays the same. Sally


Peake, her coach surely was part of that strategic move to come in at


four metres. Well done. Singing and dancing in the rain,


that is how that quartet will be feeling right now. Matthew


Hudson-Smith came to our attention very much in the Diamond League a


few weeks ago. He loves this track. He went sub-45, and we thought, wow,


this guy is good. It was a big responsibility to bring it home. It


is a huge responsibility for the young man. But as you said, he loves


this track. This is where magic happened for him. When you think


about how it has panned out, it is just a brilliant performance, it


really is. Right now, it is Jo Pavey, stepping up onto the rostrum


to receive her bronze medal, for the most incredibly gutsy run that we


saw earlier on this evening in the women's 5,000m. She would not give


up. And she was rewarded with another medal at the top level, at


40 years old. She had a baby ten months ago. She has got a little boy


as well. An inspiration, Denise Lewis, on so many levels? She really


is. It is great when an athlete of such pedigree, because as Steve


said, she has been a stall what for distance running, she has tried


everything, she has persevered, and it is such a just reward for such a


likeable, well-respected athlete. We will of course bring you this whole


ceremony in just a second. Going back to the 4x400m, we mentioned the


various nations who thought they had a chance, and Jamaica just looked


completely out of it? Yes, it was surprising, because they had some


great performances in the 400 individual. We knew it was going to


be a tight and exciting race, and it lived up to it. Matthew


Hudson-Smith, congratulations to him, he was fantastic. Let's take


you down to Steve, 45,000 metres ceremony. -- for the 5,000m


ceremony. STEVE CRAM: Cherono, winning the


gold medal for Kenya, to follow in the footsteps of her rate


team-mate. It was gold, silver and bronze for Kenya last time in Delhi,


but not this time. The last British athlete to win a medal in this event


was Jo Pavey. Jo picked up the silver medal in Melbourne in 2006.


APPLAUSE STEVE CRAM: A beautiful smile from


Cherono, she is one of the best in the world.


But maybe one of the performances of the Games from England's Jo Pavey,


to take a bronze. Truly inspirational. Jo deserves all of


these great moments. She has been on the rostrum a few times in her


career, but this might just be one of the best.


And you get the sense that when she mentioned her children, that was


such an inspiration for her. GABBY LOGAN: There he is, my pal,


Usain Bolt. 49 minutes to go until the men's 4x100m days.


Tom Daley is diving right now on BBC Three. It is perhaps drier in the


pool hole is on the track at the moment. But if you stay with us here


on BBC One, we will show you highlights from that at around 9.30.


All sorts going on today... Husband-and-wife double act Paul and


Joanna Drinkhall took gold in the mixed doubles in the table tennis.


Olympic champion Nicola Adams became the first ever women's Commonwealth


Games boxing gold medallist, edging out Northern Ireland's Michaela


Walsh in a nail-biting flyweight contest at the Hydro. Light


flyweight Paddy Barnes secured Northern Ireland's first gold medal


of these Games, beating India's Devendro Laishram in the final. And


his roommate, Michael Conlan, despite coming into the fight with a


big cut, secured victory in the bantamweight gold medal match


against Ashfaq of England. Before we go back to the athletics, we have


just got time to show you one of the fights which has just taken place in


the Hydro, featuring England's highly rated Anthony Fowler, cousin


of Robbie Fowler. He is also friends with Carl Froch, so he will have


been getting plenty of tips. He was facing Vijender Vijender in the


middleweight final. We can see how he got on, starting off in round


two, with Jim Neilly and Richie Woodhall.


JIM NEILLY: This is proving to be a dream final four Anthony Fowler, the


man in blue, against the vastly experienced Vijender Vijender Singh.


from Singh. He knows any weakness in his defence will be exposed. Fowler


comes back nicely. It is important that Fowler does not allow Vijender


Vjiender to get into a rhythm. Let him box at his pace and he will give


you problems. It is the work from Fowler, here's not allowing his man


to sit. He cannot close that gap because of the straight jab. He


cannot allow him on the inside. Well Anthony Fowler get his turn? The


cloud -- the crowd think it is -- will. They have both boxed four


times to get to this final. The stamina and what they have in the


tank is important. It is important that Fowler keeps the left-hand fast


and sharp. Vijender Singh is trying to catch him with the hook. If that


jab slows down, it will allow him to do that. At the moment, Fowler is


keeping that speed and it is fast. Good work. He is landing anything


meaningful. Vijender Singh is not doing very much, no right-hand work.


Fowler is tying him up. Nice stuff by Fowler. Occupying the centre of


the rain looking for the big shots. Last 40 seconds of this round --


ring. Nothing spectacular from Fowler, but good solid work. He is


holding his ground, fighting fire with fire. Good tactics, Anthony


Fowler. Good work, brilliant work. A couple of good shots. Vijender Singh


is under pressure, more pressure than he has had in the rest of the


contest stop --. A few seconds remain. Not much between them, but


for my money, Fowler has taken that one. Our fantastic round there. -- a


fantastic round. He is saying, relax, good work from Fowler, he has


beat his man to the punch, but it will have to watch out for his left


hook. Let us look, straight jab, he goes to set again, he cannot close


the gap down, with anything meaningful, Fowler's round again.


Three judges, he will be happy with that. He has to produce something


that we have not seen in this final so far and all he has to do is more


of the same. Go on, you can do this. Last three minutes, first two rounds


to the man in blue, his opponent is in all sorts of trouble. And more


steady and dependable second. Anthony Fowler, the world bronze


medallist from 2013 is more adaptable. He is heading for


Commonwealth gold. Fowler took a shot or two. Vijender Singh has to


try and open up. That body shot from Fowler was to reflect, but Vijender


Singh knows he is losing and he is trying to come onto his front foot


-- Fowler was great. It is great to see boxers behind their lead hand,


everything comes from behind that Java. -- jab. Fowler looks a bit


tired, but he is still in the centre of the rain. Vijender Singh needs to


do more. -- ring. Fowler will not be trapped like that. Wide stance,


nicely balanced, looking to see what his man will do, looking at his face


and feet. He ties his man up. Midway through the third and final round.


Fowler, looking to emulate the great John Conti. Vijender Singh is trying


to get close to Fowler. Fowler's straight work again. He has to see


out this minute. Vijender Singh will come on stronger. Keep it together,


Anthony Fowler. Not a lot of great foot movement, but he is moving in


and out of range and it is that movement back which has kept him in


good stage. Into the final minute of this last round and Anthony Fowler


has this Commonwealth gold medal in the bag. He will win this. Vijender


Singh has to produce something we have not seen. Fowler is not going


to get caught. Last 30 seconds. He has not quickened his feet up and he


has not been allowed to. Every time he tries to attack, a jab comes his


way. That is better, but it is too late. He is chasing it. Last 15


seconds, Fowler had his man on the canvas, forced a couple of standing


counts. Good right hand from Vijender Singh, but too late. Fowler


is going to win this one. Fowler will hang on. The bell goes and


Fowler has won it! What a performance from Fowler. The best


man in the division has won the division. The winner by unanimous


decision, gold medallist and Commonwealth champion in the blue


corner, representing England, Anthony Fowler! It is Anthony


Fowler. Brilliant performance all the way through. One of the judges


gave the last round to Vijender Singh, would not argue with that.


There is the best middleweight boxer in the tournament. Had to boxed four


times to get to the final and he did so well -- box. Now, the man who


everyone thought would be the gold medal winner and Anthony Fowler has


produced nine minutes of sparkling boxing. Great stuff, well done


Anthony Fowler. We have just got time to show the final round of the


men's lightweight final. It is Charlie Flynn against Joe


Fitzpatrick from Northern Ireland. It is good value and we join it in


the first round. Good tactics from Flynn, he knows he has to get up


close. Fitzpatrick has to adjust his feet and create a bit of room and


space. His opponent is coming forward and you have to give credit


to Flynn, boxing the right contest, closing the gap. Flynn had an


impressive win in his semifinal over the Welsh contender. He came on


strong in the second and third round. Every forward move from Flynn


is bringing thunderous of a shin and applause from the crowd. It is at


capacity and the decibel level has risen. We have seen Flynn box a


couple of southpaws. You watch, he will throw the right hand, dipped to


his left and come back with the hook. Good tactics from the young


Scotsman. A very bright start. Surely Flynn has taken that opening


round. It was a bit inaccurate, but Flynn, it on the inside, scored


well. A bit scrappy here and there, but he catches Fitzpatrick with a


lovely right hook. Clever little right hand from Flynn, lovely work.


Switching the attack, finding the better accurate work now, Flynn.


Flynn continuing to bob and weave. Covering up nicely, driven back by a


left hand from Fitzpatrick. This contest is not suiting Fitzpatrick.


He started well, but now he's getting inaccurate and scrappy.


Flint is willing to work on the inside and it suits him. -- Flynn.


Too often in this round Fitzpatrick is going square with his feet. His


left hand is too far out. He needs to break the distance down. He is


launching the left hand too far away. His speed comes square and it


allows Flynn to work on the inside. A good round for Charlie Flynn.


Charlie Flynn, fighting furiously at close range. There is the bell to


end round number two. Lovely there with that right hands, a bit of


quality, found the space and gap. Lovely right hand again, just on the


outside, Fitzpatrick coming forward, but his feet are square. I think


Fitzpatrick has to go for it. He is two rounds down, all or nothing, has


to try and find the power shots. Fitzpatrick needs to adjust his


speed and perhaps bring him onto a right hook, but he has not quite


found that shot shirt. -- shot yet. Inside the final 30 seconds of this


round. Fitzpatrick will have to find a punch to end this contest. He lost


the first two rounds. Flynn remains incredibly composed. Incredibly


relaxed in the biggest context of his career to date. The crowd


increased their volume again. -- contest. There is the bell. There


can be no doubt about the man who will become champion. The crowd here


in the arena stand to acclaim and applaud young Charlie Flynn, just 20


years of age. The winner by unanimous decision and now the


Commonwealth gold medallist and men's lightweight champion, in the


red corner, representing Scotland, Charlie Flynn! Charlie, well done,


that was a fantastic performance. Thank you. Sometimes you need to be


awkward. That was the case, I was jumping in with shots, but I kept


catching him. It was a hard fight. I am knackered! I would like to thank


everybody who has put me in, especially my dad. My mum, who did


all my washing and fed me. I would not be here without them. That is a


fact. Well done Charlie, brilliant effort for Scotland. There are 13


finals in all today and if you have missed any of them, you can catch up


on the iPlayer. You can watch the remaining fights live on the red


button. And the pan will join the later to look back on the action


from the ring. -- Amir Khan. Now it is time for the relays. Usain Bolt


is running, of course. How do you become a world-class sprinter! He


becomes a legend. It does depend on your raw materials. How you are


assembled. How you are built. But all the fine tuning in the world


will not help, if you do not have inner steel. If you do not have


willpower and the drive to succeed. You still have to take care of


business. Build on your strength, your focus and your might. If you do


that, and you arrive at the blocks, you might just make the most of


being built to sprint. You seem -- Usain Bolt may have only been on the


track for ten seconds but he has been on the front pages always. Hard


to know what they were right about when he is gone. Do not go upsetting


him again! All good banter as you know.


The shouting around here has been for a thrilling women's pole vault


competition. Over to Steve Backley.


STEVE BACKLEY: A very interesting story indeed developing. Newman,


third on the Commonwealth rankings from 2014. This is her third attempt


at four metres. Difficult conditions here this evening. Oh, and that is


exactly what all the athletes are fearing. You saw her slip down the


pole jig. She lost her grip. The athletes really struggle with


torrential rain. The grips are wet. This is exactly... Top hand is the


crucial hand. The right hand of Newman slipping away, and that is


her third fail, and she is out of the competition. So, it looks like


medals, because of the conditions, might be decided at this relatively


low height. Third attempt for Scott, at four metres. Oh, that was close.


She maintained her grip. The athletes have been huddling under


the shelter available, but that is a third fail for Sally Scott, and the


plot thickens, with four athletes remaining. It looks as though Sally


Peake of Wales, going clear at this height of four metres, is a


contender. Just got sideways over the bar, did not manage to turn her


body. She did not manage to turn it one quarter of a vocation, to allow


the hip to get out of the way. Alana Boyd of Australia was the champion


four years ago, but she has waited all evening, and is expected to romp


away with this. This is her opening effort. No! Wow! I will tell you


what, that is something I suppose a lot of the athletes might have been


looking sideways at that, saying, is it a wise thing to wait around, an


hour and a quarter, since the competition started? She is not


happy with something. The sponges have been out, trying to get rid of


the rain from underfoot. But it is the grips and the mapped. -- the


Matt. Sally Peake is in the lead. She is


the only athlete who has gone clear at four metres. The bar is now at


four metres. The bar is now. Oh yes! Sally Peake! It was actually


her second attempt. But it is a wonderful clearance for the Welsh


athlete. What a timely clearance. She does not seem to be bothered by


the range effort to have the confidence to rock back and go


outside town and sit at the top of a four metre tube of glass fibre takes


some bottle, and Sally Peake has that in bundles.


ANDREW COTTER: England with the bronze medal in the women's 4x400m.


It is a title they have won in the past, England, back in 1994. But


here, bearing in mind the calibre of the opponents, bronze was a very


well earned medal, and just about what they could have expected.


Christine Ohuruogu, it has been a very light year for her, in terms of


championships. But she has another bronze medal to add to her


collection. Nigeria take the silver medal. But


the gold medallists, for the first time, Jamaica have this title.


4x400m relay champions. It is almost an astonishing fact that this is the


first time the Jamaicans have won this. You look at the calibre of the


team here, and it was always likely to happen. Novlene Williams-Mills,


silver in the individual, to go with her many medals from championships


over the years. On the anchor leg, the gold medal from the individual,


Stephanie O'Hare, who did it in a Games record time. The men were not


able to match them in the 4x400m. Will they be able to do so in the


4x100m? They will start as strong favourites. I am sure they will be


given a good run by England. But here, it was Nigeria pushing them


closer. ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, the


national anthem of Jamaica. APPLAUSE






THIS EVENING. STEVE BACKLEY: Looking across to the


far end of the stadium, away from the ceremony area, the pole vault is


continuing. This is Alana Boyd of Australia, looking to go clear at


4.15, to match Sally Peake of Wales. Oh, she is clear, on her third


attempt. I will tell you what, because Sally Peake went clear on


her second attempt, it will not be Alana Boyd going into the lead. That


is second-place for now. We are now live, at 4.25. Sally Peake of Wales,


can she extend her lead? Oh, it is good! Oh, Sally Peake! Absolutely


superb! She jumped magnificently here in the Grand Prix several weeks


ago. 4.40, she did. She obviously enjoys the facility, she feels at


home, and looks at home. Drives hard, bends the bar, rocks back. And


it is a great clearance. There is more to come as well from Sally


Peake. She is in the gold medal position, but can she stay there?


Wonderful performance from Sally Peake. The event continues, and the


battle between her and Alana Boyd. More to come. At the opposite end of


the stadium, the men's javelin is coming to its conclusion. This is


your Olympic champion from 2012. He is in second place at the moment,


behind the Kenyan. And that is powerful. And it is a long, long


throw from Walcott. It looks as though it might be just short of


that gold line, put down by Yego, but that is his best throw of the


competition. And that is a great set of throws in what has been awful


conditions. That confirms the victory for Julius Yego, my


favourite story of the Games. The man who learned to throw the javelin


on Youtube is the Commonwealth champion, for Kenya! So much success


on the track. Now, in the javelin. ANDREW COTTER: The penultimate race


on the track. Wales going in Lane 1. Asha Philip leading off the English


quartet. Bianca Williams has been brought in. Ashleigh Nelson on the


anchor. The Bahamas, with Ferguson, semifinalist in the 100, on the


second leg. Not the strongest quartet. Wales, for an hour and a


half last night, they were out, disqualified. But they were then


reinstated, it was deemed that their changeover was legal, so they get


another chance. There is messing kookaburra for the Nigerian quartet.


Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce on the anchor leg for Jamaica. Canada, the


third quickest qualifier. The final of the women's 4x100m. Away they go,


cleanly. Asha Philip looking to put England in a strong position.


Jamaica looking strong already, with Kerron Stewart. The double sprint


gold medallist has it for Nigeria. Jamaica leading at the moment.


England have it now with Jodie Williams, silver in the 200m.


England will look to chase down Nigeria. Jamaica are well clear.


Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is going to storm to gold. England trying to get


silver. But it will be Nigeria. England take the bronze. Well, we


thought England might be able to push Jamaica close, but there was no


such thoughts of that. It is a Games record for Jamaica. What a


performance, dominant, from the Jamaican quartet. Shelly-Ann


Fraser-Pryce, put her in that position, and there is no chance


that she will be caught! That is the quickest in the world this year, and


also a Games were caught. So, it is bronze for England, silver for


Nigeria. said, it is the quickest in the


world. We did have the world relay championships in the Bahamas earlier


in the year. Before we look at the replays, the pole vault final is


warming up. Sally Peek, four metres -- 4.3 five -- Sally Peake. She is


still in the lead. It was a pretty solid run from the English quartet.


Of course, Jamaica, with such an experienced team, you look at that


team and wonder how it could get much better, but Stewart ran well,


Calvert, Shelly Ann Fraser Price... Tricky conditions, wet, could have


been fraught with all sorts of dangers, but a good and clean


performance from the Jamaicans. For England, on the first leg, Philip


had it pretty well, but Jamaica had a great first leg. Not a great


handover, but Campbell Brown had great speed. There was enough of a


gap between Nigeria and England. Jodie Williams on the top, Nelson


brought it home. That gap was too much. Jamaica had gone and Shelly


Ann Fraser Price had it in her hands. Just enough, with Nelson


chasing hard, not quite going to get there. What a run by the Jamaicans,


a great performance under these conditions. Nigeria did well. Shelly


Ann Fraser Price, Calvert knows it is all done and dusted. Such a good


run, but the changeover was good. Looking at the English changeover,


they were slick. They were all at a good stretch and pace, this was a


good squad. Bringing in Bianca Williams and Jodie Williams, the


rising talents, Nelson as well on the anchor leg, but she could not


quite get back will stop a bronze medal, another medal for the


connection -- collection -- she could not quite get back. Another


bronze for England. It was really good, the weather let us down, but


we knew Scotland would be like this. As a quartet, we did well. We were


not happy about the time, but it was the first time we had done it


together. We have a lot more to get and I am proud of the girls. This is


such a young team. It is a good effort, we are still young, we have


got European Championships and World Championships next and we know we


can do it. Today was not our day, the weather was awful, but we will


not make excuses, but the European Championships could be our time.


Jamaica had a great team, had you hope to be closer to Nigeria? We


came here to win, Jamaica were the better team on the day. I am so


proud of us, we are all young, it is a young team and going into the


European Championships, we are out to win it. That is exciting, look at


this quartet, British female sprinting is in rude health. It is


great that we could run in the heat. So many girls fighting for


spots we all do it together. We could not do it without each other.


Well done on the bronze medal and good luck in the European


Championships. I have to stress to Philip that the weather is not often


like this in Scotland. Nigeria got the silver medal. I have to stress


to Philip that the weather is not often like this in Scotland. Nigeria


got the silver medal. A back to the pole vault final and Alana Boyd. --


back to. It is good. It is good for her, at 30 years of age she is the


defending champion. It looks as though she is finding her feet.


Sally Peake chose to skip the previous height. It looked as though


she might have had the height, but did not get through enough into the


mat. Sally Peake, a great performance so far, it looks like


she has upgraded the pole, it is a longer pole that she is using


because of the bigger heights and that is two faders, she is in silver


position behind Alana Boyd from Australia. -- failures. Australia


have won every contest in pole vaulting at the Commonwealth Games


to date. Sally Peake had a grasp of that and will need to go clear at


this height to stay in the competition. Just over ten minutes


to the four x 100 m relay. It is the last event of what has had -- has


been a fabulous meeting. Usain Bolt hopes he will be bringing Jamaica


home for the gold medal. England are in there with a strong quartet. Let


us catch up with the quartet who won goals. A golden moment in the


stadium provided by this fabulous quartet for England. Starting at


off, Conrad Williams, you have been in this team for a long time, what


does this mean to you? It means ten years of hard work. Words cannot


describe it. It is the best thing I have ever known. This is a home


crowd for me. It means too much, I love these boys. The way they were


at tonight, I sat them up -- set them up. I do not know, I cannot


speak. We know what it means to you. The lap of honour reinforces it.


This team, especially, at any given time, we can have a strong team, we


all believe in each other, we all run together and we have proved that


today. We saw throughout the competition, it got rainy, but we


ran well. Imagine if that was better weather. We have a lot more to give.


I'm excited for the future, but I am happy. We cannot appreciate anything


more than a gold medal. From decathlon to this, being part of the


team, here you are with a gold medal. What a journey. I cannot


believe it. I have wanted this for so long. It has been a rocky


journey. These guys have welcomed me with open arms. I feel like I am one


of the team. It has been amazing. I woke up this morning feeling so


positive. It is a great feeling. What about this man on the" macro --


on the end. --? Can you find words now? No! Ice my mum, I am happy.


That was crazy. -- I saw my mum. It has all happened so fast. There is a


lot to learn. This is just the beginning. You are the Olympic


champions, you were chased down by Chris Brown, but you would not be


beaten. I cannot believe it. It was amazing. I knew he had it. The


future is bright with kids like him. Congratulations, enjoy the moment on


the podium. The weather has been a huge factor here this evening and


especially in this poll faltered final. It has dried off and maybe


Alana Boyd is making the most of the drier conditions -- pole vault. That


is a great clearance. You think she is getting into her stride. The


champion four years ago, she goes clear at 4.40. So then, Sally


Peake, IMs apprised she has taken a second attempt at 4.40 -- I am


surprised. She will have a go anyway. Look to be over that. That


is a third failure for Sally Peake of Wales. Confirmed silver


medallist. Best there, 4.25 and a silver medal for Wales. Well done


Sally Peake, making a thrilling pole vault competition in difficult


conditions, but that man there, Usain Bolt is out, he is on the


track, getting ready to anchor the relay for Jamaica. It is the last


event on the track and last night, he did what he always does, he came


out and what he gives to the crowd and what he gives to an athletics


meeting, you cannot put into words and put a price on it, to have a


star like that. This crowd really appreciate him and going all the way


back, the first time we saw him on the ground stage in Beijing, people


immediately in the sport and outside the sport started criticising him,


he was showboating, but people get it now. He likes the attention, it


is not about him and that is where people make the mistake, they think


it is all about him. If you meet him, he is humble, quite shy and


quiet. He is a real tactician and a student of sprinting. When we see


him on the Diamond League, he wants to do his times, he is not all fun


and frivolity, he is about his art. If you pay close attention to him,


he is out there, playing to the crowd, and then just before the


start of the race, he goes into a focus and in contrast, I had to go


into focus in the morning. That is the difference between us, he can go


into focus seconds before the race, but he is very focused. He is an


entertainer and it is great for the sport. It is great for the sport


because he delivers. It is not great for the sport when other people try


to emulate him, dancing on the start line and they finish seventh! It


does not work. It is a different way, a different dynamic that he has


brought to the sport, before, athletes were very serious. I used


to be very focused, days before the competition and I did not smile


through anything, but he loves it, look at him! He is like, you are


here, you have come to see me and I love it. These two are very


miserable. I think everyone has their own individual way of locking


in and getting tied into the zone and I say that, Usain Bolt has the


luxury that he can do it when it matters, that crucial moment and


that allows him to do what he does. He enjoys the sport, he is a student


of sprinting and when you talk to him about what it takes to be a


great runner, he will break it down to you. Absolutely, and that is


something we do not often see. Those guys give us great entertainment


this evening. All 12 of them, that was a fantastic relay and England,


victorious in the end, the first time since 2002. Steve Cram will


tell you more. Yes, what a race it was, in the pouring rain. Gold for


England. Conrad Williams there. He was a little bit emotional. Superb


lead of man tonight. Michael Bingham got England into the lead and Daniel


Awde, the former decathlete made a great transition and when this young


man got the Batten, Matthew Hudson-Smith, he was not scared --


button -- baton. He held off a charging Chris Brown from the


Bahamas. No Martyn Rooney, do not forget. What a performance from this


England quartet. English National Anthem: Jerusalem.


medal of the track and field programme. Hudson-Smith, he almost


looks as though he does not know what to do. Last year, that young


man was running in the English Schools Championships, and now look


at him. GABBY LOGAN: Well, nobody tells you


how to behave in a medal ceremony, do they, Denise Lewis? It has been


incredible watching him on the podium. He is like a rabbit in


headlights. But what a magical moment for someone so young. This is


the biggest stage he has ever competed on. He was brilliant, I am


so proud of him. Usain Bolt is stripping off, and I could not help


but notice, Adam Gemili, when the anthem was being played, he was


looking up, and you got a sense that he was soaking it up, thinking that


with a big performance, and a bit of luck, they could be up there as


well, Colin Jackson. COLIN JACKSON: Yes, it is an


interesting line-up which England have put out, especially the order


in which they are running. At the moment it looks like Adam first,


followed by Harry, and then Richard Kilty, before Danny Talbot last. And


James Ellington is not there. I am staggered about that. He ran


brilliantly last night. But Harry is in there. Hopefully he will do a


great job on the second leg. And Richard Kilty, the, has obviously


been given the nod. We have not usually seen him on but hopefully,


the glory leg... MICHAEL JOHNSON: I am also


confused. I would have put Adam Gemili on third, I would have put


Richard Kilty on first. I do not understand this order, I really


don't. I would have put Danny Talbot on the second leg. He is a great 200


metre runner. It is interesting. They know better than us! Usain


Bolt's first experience of your new favourite song, Michael Johnson, 500


Miles, Bridie proclaimers. -- by The Proclaimers. He is looking good, he


is relaxed. And the Nigerian athlete looks like he is enjoying himself as


well. They are speaking about different ways of operating, and


Adam Gemili is one of those who smiles a lot. He said he smiles


because he loves racing, he loves being in this environment. I think


he has said he is amazed by the atmosphere. He will enjoy this whole


environment. This will inspire those English boys, no doubt. Look at our


showman! MICHAEL JOHNSON: I think you


inspired him, Gaby! DENISE LEWIS: What is difficult,


though, is, if you are not in this moment, you might not be able to


concentrate, if you are not feeling this right now. But at the same


time, any other athlete, you cannot let anything distract you. That is


how you have to be as an athlete. You cannot let the fact that all of


this is going on around you, he is dancing, he is in the lane next to


me, and the crowd is going crazy - I am still focused on my race, and


what I have got to do. Let's see if there is going to be a celebration


for the home nation. Steve Cram is your commentator.


STEVE CRAM: The final event of the track and field programme. Canada,


along with a few other teams in here, we'll be looking to try and


upset the party little bit. Jamaica, though, with that team. Kemar


Bailey-Cole, the gold medallist in the individual. And of course, Bolt.


Danny Talbot, all the way through that, he was a picture of


concentration! Adam Gemili first, then. Huge cheers, what a great week


it has been for him. He will hand onto Harry, followed by Richard


Kilty and Danny Talbot. Watch out for Trinidad Tobago. Richard


Thompson on the last leg. The Bahamas. They set a new national


record in qualifying for this final. Just going back to qualification,


Trinidad ran 38.33, they were the quickest. Canada were the second


quickest. Then it was Bahamas, then it was England. And I have not even


mentioned Jamaica, so that gives you a sense of what England will have to


do, anybody will have to do, to win a medal. It is going to be tough


here. Nigeria are in Lane 7. They have got experience as well. And


South Africa, out in Lane 8, might not be too far away, either. The


men's 4x100m final. Livermore with the baton F-4 jet Jamaica. Adam


Gemili has already made up a metre or so on Canada. It is a good change


for England and also for Jamaica. So, Jamaica, England, Canada.


Trinidad a little bit distance. Richard Kilty has got it for


England. Our England going to be in the lead and no he will be handing


over to Danny Talbot. England leading, but here comes Bolt! Usain


Bolt streaking away! Richard Thompson chasing England down. But


Usain Bolt takes it home. It is Glasgow gold for Usain Bolt and


Jamaica. Let the party begin again. He came, he conquered. And we are


all very happy that he did. Jamaica, with a new, Commonwealth Games


record. But it was always going to be about Usain Bolt, once he got the


baton, and with this Jamaican team, no matter who is in it, there is no


Yohan Cabaye, no Nesta Carter, but no matter who they choose, give it


to the big man, where he goes. Games record, there you go. I want to come


to the party as well. Why don't we all just get down there and join in,


hey? ANDREW COTTER: He is the great


entertainer, was there ever any doubt? The only concern was, would


they get the baton around? The Games record had belonged to England, from


1998. Everybody wants to see this man, to get his signature, to touch


redness. He is such a star. The changeovers were pretty good from


England, we will have a look at them in a minute.


There were always going to be headlines, regarding Usain Bolt,


some of them positive, and the occasional -1, but he is such a


star. And everybody who has come here tonight will be able to say, I


saw the great Usain Bolt run in the flesh, in years to come. And I saw


him dance to The Proclaimers as well! Let's have a look at it again.


Nigeria watched it up a bit early on, but it was a pretty strong


quartet. The changeover was strong for Jamaica. Richard Kilty, and just


for a moment, there was never any contest between Danny Talbot and


Usain Bolt. And very, very nearly, Richard Thompson was bearing down on


Danny Talbot. But Usain Bolt was just chasing a time. Yes, the


Canadian did not get the baton, and he could have been a threat to Danny


Talbot on the last leg. As it was, England were able to hold off


Richard Thompson for the silver medal. Well, Jamaica were always the


favourite, but let's bring Michael in and have a look at what he


thought of the England performance. MICHAEL JOHNSON: Adam Gemili got a


fantastic start, he was already making up ground on the Jamaicans.


Great handover to Harry Aikines-Aryeetey. He is also


catching up the Jamaicans. Another good handover. Richard Kilty, he is


running a really nice bend. But to change hands, that is a problem.


Cost him a bit of time. Another good handover. Richard Thompson, the


Olympic silver medallist, Danny Talbot holding him off, which was a


great performance. Good effort by the English team, all the way round.


This handover was a little bit low, but he got it. You have got to give


those guys a lot of credit, this there were a lot of good teams in


there. Nigerians could have made a mess of it for the English team, but


actually, they made a mess of the handover on the first exchange.


Trinidad Tobago, really, really talented team on paper, faster than


the English team. Good catch by the official there! Nice work for the


Jamaicans, and nice work for the English.


STEVE CRAM: Just going back to the handing over of the baton, I think


Richard Kilty just be adjusted, and thankfully, it pretty well. Well,


everybody enjoying their lap of honour. The Canadians did have a


chance, but you do have to get it round. They were very much in the


race. Interesting, this Jamaican team. I was just looking at Bolt. He


was even looking at the time. I just wonder whether he thought he might


be running pretty quick here. It is a good team, not as fast as some of


the people they have had in the past, of course. There is a lucky


lady, and a lucky young lady. What sort of form do you think he is in


individually, Usain Bolt? He is hoping to run a couple of races


after this, and it will be interesting to see how the second


half of the season goes. He is so important to the sport, as we have


said. There is the World Championships next year, we would


love to see him back and competing at his best. Richard Thompson has


been one of the best this year, but Bolt, even near his best, is still


going to be number one. He looks good, he looks relaxed. He looks as


though he is moving nicely. I think he has enjoyed it. He is the star


that everyone wants to see and look at what it means to all the people


who have bought tickets be here. It has been a great night in Hampden


Park. Primarily for England, we have been winning lots of medals, great


atmosphere. He is undoubtedly the star of the show. Only 2% of those


photographs will work! The result of the final event of the track and


field programme, the gold medal to Jamaica. England got an excellent


silver medal. They beat Trinidad and Tobago, who took the bronze medal


and the South African team ran a new national record to finish fourth. In


spite of the rain and appalling conditions, a new games record --


Games. A great experience to be in the stadium for that race. I think


that speaks to the conditions, it it's stopped raining earlier. The


weather was not that much of a factor, because the Jamaicans were


flying round the track. This is what it is all about. Usain Bolt, it has


been a great combination of a lot of great competition, take the men's


100 metres, it would not have been that great a race with Usain Bolt in


it, not as entertaining. Getting to see him at the end of the


competition, it was fitting. This is as close as we could get to what you


said would be the best thing we could wish for, him getting the five


metres down. He was a step or so behind Danny Talbot. We got to see


him put on a show. He did not get the chance to cruise home. That was


good for the crowd. Everyone was wondering how good a shape he was


in. In terms of where he is, he is in the middle of a four year cycle,


is it possible for him to be at the top of his game in two years time?


It is possible for him to be at the top of the heap. Will he ever run as


fast as he ran in 2008? I do not think so. I think the injuries will


continue. As you get older, it is more difficult to stay healthy. He


has been forced to take time off, that has helped him. He loves to


race. I think the injuries have done him a service for the future. I


think he will be fast enough in two years time to defend his


Championship and win an unprecedented three in a roll of


gold medals. He will have to manage his body and be very careful in


terms of his race his body and be very careful in


next year. We have seen that. his body and be very careful in


think that he would race in the World Championships next year? No,


he would want to go into the Olympics as the world champion. Next


year, you want to add that to your CD as well, you want to be world


champion as many times as you can. -- but CV. That might do him a


disservice. You want to go into the Olympic season coming off are good


and solid season. -- a good and solid season. The culture is so


meticulous in the way he prepares his accolades and for him it is


important how they perform -- the coach. I spoke to him about the


performance of Usain Bolt and he said he was disappointed. I asked


him why and he said he could have got the world record. It was great


to hear and see that the coach was positive and inspired his athletes


to go a little bit better even though they were superstores. They


you can see the England quartet -- superstars. There have been lots of


silver medals for England. They are in fourth place, 13 silver medals.


Five gold medals. Kenya lead the table, followed by Jamaica and


Australia. Convert a few more of those silver medals and they could


be further up the table. Let us go out to the field. It was a very


entertaining evening of athletics. The women's pole-vault, Sally Peake


there with the Welsh like, it was a great performance for a silver medal


in awful conditions -- flag. Alain went on to clear 4.50 and run away


with it. -- Alaina Boyd. That Alana Boyd. Very entertaining javelin


competition. Keshorn Walcott did not have enough to chase down the lead


of Julius Yego. Tough competition -- conditions and a great competition.


The triple jumpers, there was no reprieve there either. All these


jumps were in the early rounds. Mokoena was in the second round.


Tosin Oke, championed last time around had his season's best.


Possibly the favourite, Singh had to settle for Raunds. The next


athletics is the European Championships -- bronze. We had


there from August 12. A whole new crop of names for a lot of these


British-based athletes to compete against. They will be testing


themselves against another corner of the world. We are almost all done


here. Quick headline of your favourite moment. Everyone comes in


with different stresses and she had no excuses, she had to win a medal.


She was running well stop --. I thought Lindsay Sharp was fantastic.


A brilliant silver medal. Jodie Williams and Bianca Williams for me.


That was fantastic. I was going to choose them. Also Jo Pavey. Lots of


women and Laura Weightman for Steve Cram. Understandable he would choose


his own athlete. We are heading away from Hampden Park. Thank you to all


our pundits. Thank you to Hampden Park. A national football stadium,


to become a stadium with this atmosphere, it has done the


Commonwealth Games proud. Goodbye from all of us at Hampden Park.


Thank you very much. My favourite moment, Usain Bolt.


He is my favourite sportsperson. Great stuff and tomorrow Hampden


Park will host the closing ceremony here on BBC1 from eight o'clock. 50


miles away in Edinburgh, the diving has been taking place and Tom Daley


was defending his 10m platform title. He took a silver medal


yesterday but he was favourite to win tonight. We join it in the first


round. Already ground to make up. Tom Daley, ready to start. Slightly


different version of it than we have seen so far.


When he performed this died this morning, we will give you a heads up


-- dive. It was good. Hello, Tom Daley! Welcome to the men's 10m


platform final. This is a defending champion, that is his first dive and


he is going to get knives and perhaps even some towns. He has


capitalised -- nines and tendons. -- tens. What a massive swing. Good


standing for Australia. This is Matt Dixon. This needs to be very good.


It is a tremendous entry into the water. He is a little bit untidy as


he gets in. The jump is good. He is only 14 years old. He reaches back,


tips his feet over. He is loving this. A little bit of a wobble.


Middle of the pack in terms of marks. Matthew Mitcham now. A big


margin to make up. 99 would take him into the lead, but that is not


likely. Or is it? A beautiful arm balance, he has cranked up the start


a bit too much. He could not stop that rotation. A tricky dive to do.


It is a real pain, so will many twists. It is very EEC two over


rotator and that is what Matthew Mitcham has done. He is lagging


behind -- it is very EEC to over rotator. -- easy. Tom Daley's next


dive. Back to half somersaults. -- two and a half. He will compose


himself. Take a long time over this. Look at the mannerisms and facial


expressions. It is better than this morning, it he still struggled with


it. That is a step in the right direction. Not as good as he did in


Mexico. He is not extending his legs out of the diving board. He needs an


11 metre platform to take off like that. The problem is at the start,


not as relaxed as he needs to be. He is watching the replay, the judges


do not see the replay, but that is out of the way. Even though it was


not up to scratch for Tom Daley, it is a massive swing to him. This


young man is relishing the chance of performing in front of this


audience. It is Matthew Dixon. A former gymnast and now a diver. You


can see the strapping on his arm. It is a great take-off. So composed, so


will balance. You can see his gymnastics background. It is almost


like a bolt. -- vault. Crying fit a little bit too much and over it


goes. -- cranks it a little bit too much. It is James Denny. His next


dive is one that I have seen on YouTube. It will be hard for this to


be without a splash. That is one of the dives that he used last night


with Tom Daley in the synchronisation.


backs of his legs. It is a difficult dive, and when it goes wrong, it can


go drastically wrong. He will drop down the leaderboard with that one.


Ooi Tze Liang needs to get it back on track with this one.


LEON TAYLOR: That IS back on track. His easiest dive. Such a strong


athlete, he leaps off the diving board. He will get eights on that.


Will he go to the top of the leaderboard? Yes.


BOB BALLARD: For the time being, he will.


Riendeau next, 3.4 difficulty. Oh, he has taken it on. Wow! This was a


good dive. 3.4, it is tricky. Anything above 70 points is good, 75


points, even better. And up into the higher echelons we go. I would not


be at all surprised if this young man is on the podium later on today.


Great attitude. Oh, that is a good dive from Mitchum. He manages to


keep the splash down. He does go slightly over vertical. He will only


get 8.5s maybe. He needed to be completely bolt upright to get


enough pressure on Tom Daley. This was a big dive, though. Well, he got


450 total this morning. Delightful Matt Mitcham. He has come close to


emulating what he did this morning, but still has not quite done it.


In terms of tariff, the weakest dive for Tom Daley. That does not always


translate into how it looks in execution.


Oh, he is just - just - missed that slightly. He has been working so


hard on this. A really good, strong start. Just rolling over as he goes


into the water. He will get 8.5s. Probably not good enough for a nine.


But he will be over 80 points. So, we have reached halfway, and it is


looking good for Tom Daley. What a dive from the 14-year-old


from Plymouth! He has absolutely smashed it! Wow! That is what he is


capable of. There will be some big scores coming his way. I am liking


that! ! Good work, Matthew Dixon. Well, physically he might look out


of place here. But those marks are not. 81.6. This will send him


towards 300 points, if he gets it right. And he does! I thought he was


out way too early, that he knows exactly where he is. Good awareness


in the air. Do you know where you when you are spinning around and


falling down towards the Earth at breakneck speed? No! Yes, is the


answer, for Ooi Tze Liang. His coach, himself, an exceptional diver


in his day. Oh, that is not as good as this morning, but it is plenty


good enough for him to stay in the lead. 3.7 degree of difficulty. Tom


has got a great take-off. This morning, he went over 100 points.


This will be close to 80. But Tom is way out in front. Matt Mitcham is


not really featuring. I do not think he is even in the top three. He is


not. Tom Daley is miles ahead of everybody else.


Matt Dixon, the 14-year-old from Plymouth, is acquitting himself


very, very well indeed. Nice! Just a little over rotation.


It is a big dive for him. Looking at where you have been, not where you


are going. Just throwing a bit of splash up. Still,


are going. Just throwing a bit of better than he did this morning.


Yes, he only got fives on this this morning. That will be 6.5s. Good


work, Matthew Dixon. In four years' time, when he gets to the Gold


Coast, he will have filled out a bit, and he will be a completely


different competitor. Yes, much better than it was this morning.


Obviously, it is a different dive. He is playing safe. I think he has


left himself too much to do to challenge Tom Daley for the gold,


but he is having to fight for the silver. Will that be enough to get


him closer to the Canadian and to the Malaysian? It is OK, but it is


not good enough. I have seen him score straight tens on this dive. He


is not going to get a medal, and that would be a turn-up for the


books. It would indeed. Oh, it is incredible! Tens! Tens!


Come on, judges, you might as well. That is perfect! This is textbook,


this is Tom Daley pretty much diving for the gold! If the judges do not


give it a ten, well, I think they are wrong. This is perfection. 100


points, here we come. I thought you had just joined the Strictly Come


Dancing judge -- judging panel there, for a moment.


So, Tom Daley looks like he is going to go over 500. In second place,


Vincent Riendeau. But look how tight it is for bronze at the moment. A


huge cheer once again for the little man. That is the view that Matthew


Dixon has of what he is about to do. Oh, he has really gone for its. He


actually landed on the head of the 10m board. Just a little bit of over


rotation. Just drifting over vertical. What a performance from


this young boy. Great work. Yes, and we will see more of him.


European Championships, World Championships next year.


Oh, that is OK, it is pretty good. This was the dive that got them out


of trouble in the synchro yesterday. Tom, just not quite straightening


out into the water. He will probably get 6.5s from the judges. A bit less


splash, it would have been eights, and that would have been a huge


score. An average of just over seven is


what he needs, with four more to go. That is a beauty from Ooi Tze Liang,


but will it be good enough for the bronze? He won gold in the 3m


individual, beating Jack Laugher, to the surprise of many. He has saved


his best till last. Pressure is on. Will that be good enough for silver?


75 will put Riendeau in the lead. Very smooth, very precise. Great


entry. That 3.2, needs to make it count. So, he needs eights. I do not


know. A little bit short of vertical as he goes into the water. The


Canadian, only 17 years old, he will be back. I think we are seeing


someone who is going to grow. This is now a demonstration dive for Tom


Daley, cars he needs ten points! He will want to go out with a flourish.


He wants to get more than 500 marks. That is his territory, that is his


domain. And this is the final dive for Tom Daley for gold at the


Commonwealth Games. There you go. Outstanding from Tom Daley,


retaining his Commonwealth Games title which he won four years ago,


in Delhi. Here he is again, in Glasgow, winning by an absolute


country mile. He will go away over 500 points. 90 plus for this one.


The questions around what he has been doing, he has silenced his


critics. Gold for Tom Daley. This will tell you exactly what you need


to know. Matthew Dixon, watch out for him in


four years' time, in ninth place. I am delighted to say that Tom Daley


joins us now. Any congratulations, that was a sensational performance.


Yes, I mean, it was really nice to go into the last round knowing that


I did not actually have to do my last dive to get a medal. It was


just about going out and giving it my best shot. It was a huge victory.


You came into the Games in great form, you had a personal best in


June, so you must have been confident? Yes. I had been in really


good shape with my diving. Everything has been feeling really


good. For me, it was about making sure that I did six solid dives in


the preliminaries, and six solid dives in the final. I ended up


qualifying in first, and in the final, I wanted to stay out in front


the whole way. The Demon dive did not go terribly well this morning,


but it was much better this evening? Yes, I have been doing a


lot of work on it, and each time I do it, it is getting better and


better. Hopefully, going into Rio, it will be one of my better dives.


You must be looking forward to Rio now, even though it is two years


away, and I will tell you, it is not a bad place? Yes, we have got


another two years to go, and a lot more hard work. We have got to


qualify first. Next year at the World Championships in Russia, I


have to come in the top 12. Then, in the World Cup, in 2016, you have to


come in the top 18 in that, to solidify your position. Would you


stay with us, we are moving over to BBC Two? Yes, I will be here. Stay


with us, what a night it has been! # I wish this would be over now.


# But I know that I still need you here.


# You say I am crazy, because you don't think I know what you have


done. # I know I am not the only one.


I've never ever, ever done gymnastics at all.


they haven't trained hard enough. Crazy hard.


Celebrities compete in the greatest show off earth!


Gary Lineker and Gabby Logan present the evening's live coverage of the Commonwealth Games on the penultimate day in Glasgow.

It's all eyes on the track for the final athletics action of the Games. In time-honoured fashion the thrills and spills of the relays will provide a fitting send-off with the biggest star of the Games, Usain Bolt, hoping to lead Jamaica to 4x100m gold.

Another face of London 2012, diver Tom Daley, will also be in action, looking to turn his Olympic 10m individual bronze medal into Glasgow gold.

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