BBC One: Day 4: 12:00-13:00 Commonwealth Games

BBC One: Day 4: 12:00-13:00

Continued live coverage of the 2014 Commonwealth Games from Glasgow.

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little bit. Just a few hundred metres to go, and the cheers for


another wonderful but Foreman is an Australian here. Her best in a


championship before this, she finished 11th in the World


Championships in debut. This will surpass that. Nothing beats getting


on the rostrum. The Australian flags are flying. The Glasgow crowd


cheering home the smiling Jess Trengrove, who has run a brilliant


race to take the bronze medal for Australia. And a new personal best


as well. Imagination to her. What a wonderful effort. The emotions come


pouring out. The cup list of events. It is always tough. But when it


tends this way, and all of that emotion, which can sometimes go the


other way, and fourth place must be a horrible position to finishing. We


can see Lenny Marchand coming across the line. She will finish in fourth


place. -- Lanni Marchant Full is -- Lanni Marchant. That is the result.


Jonathan can speak to our winners. What an exciting day on the streets


of Glasgow. Trengove coming through for the bronze medal. In the men's


race, it was the gold-medal for Michael Shelley. We can catch up and


confirm the result of the men's race. It was the silver medal four


years ago in Delhi. Today it was the gold-medal. Stephen Chemlany was


second. And Kiplimo was third. The top British finisher was Derek


Hawkins for Scotland. Afterwards, I caught up with the winner. Michael


Shelley, Commonwealth Games champion, how good does that sound?


It is very exciting. Some greatest Ralph might have won it in the past.


I am very excited. -- great Australians. It looks like you just


run your race. Yes, there were lots of surges in the first half. I just


could not respond as quickly to the Excel orations. I just decided to


stay relaxed. It is the first lap. You cannot go too hard too early.


Four years ago it was the silver medal. What's the plan always to


come to Glasgow in the rain and do over the Africans? I do not like the


rain much either. It is very exciting to come back. I was just


excited to come back and defend myself medal. I am over the moon. It


is not often in a major championship marathon that you run a personal


best. Yes, that is even better. Big thanks to my coach and my family


back home for believing in me. Derek Hawkins, ninth place, the first


British athlete home, the first Scottish athlete, how pleased are


you? I am pleased, giving the conditions. On the second lap,


heading towards Bellahouston Park, it was pretty windy and tough going.


Once I got past that, I felt quite strong. In terms of the time, 2.14,


are you pleased with that? Yes, I am pleased with that, and I was only 11


seconds away from my personal best. That was in Frankfurt, and it was a


considerably faster course. Great crowds, a proud moment for you, I


would imagine? The crowds were unbelievable. In certain sections,


particularly the home straight, it was very late. Congratulations.


Domestic honours to you? Yes, I am pleased with that. The English team


are around my standard. I was looking forward to it. It was a


battle. I am glad I was able to come first out of them. You have quite a


story, but how was that for your first major marathon? It does not


get better than that. It went off quite slowly, and I have no short


speed, so I needed to run at an even pace. I find myself leading the


Commonwealth Games marathon, which was brilliant. Then the Africans


sped off, but I kept it at my steady pace all the way. I felt really


strong. I was trying to stay near the Derek. He gradually pulled away


from me. I think it is a British record for old men! Two weeks into


my 40th year. I think I have made the veteran's record. You have to


pinch yourself when you think of the journey you have been on.


Definitely. The Commonwealth Games, a British record. I am not sure what


my position was. Maybe 10th place. I think you might have been tense.


Derek Hawkins was ninth place, and you will intense place. That is what


I was hoping for. I am going to have a drink. That is the best smile I


have seen after a marathon. Thank you very much. That was a great


interview. In terms of the women's race, the top British finisher was


Susan Partridge of Scotland. She was in sixth place. Just behind her was


the English athlete. Partridge was in the makes for quite awhile. They


could not hang on to the pace the end. Alongside me, parlour


Radcliffe. We were treated to two grade races. We will start with the


men's. Michael Shelley, he ran a perfect race. Yes, he judged it


really well and ran a personal best. What more can you ask? He just kept


his head throughout. I think he reacted really well to the kind of


trauma and drama that was thrown out.


reacted really well to the kind of trauma and drama that We had the


fall at the end of the first lap. It gave him a chance to get back onto


the grid. He race to perfection. He was able to keep going at the end.


We get so used to the Kenyans and the Africans winning these races. It


is a very pleasant change to see a Australian coming along and doing


that. Yes, the Africans have a great tradition in Commonwealth Games


marathons. However, the Australians have one in the past. -- have been


victorious. You mentioned the fall. Abraham Kiplimo. He did very well to


regain his composure. Yes, it took him some time to get back. He was


dictating events before that. He struggled after that. It took time


to regain his composure. Then he made a bit of the surge and broke


the race apart. He was not able to sustain it, and Michael Shelley was


able to capitalise on that. I think the Australians organise themselves


really well, to the Australians organise themselves


really learn the course and to come well-prepared. You mention Steven


Way beforehand, his amazing story. I have never seen a happier


interviewee after a marathon. It is remarkable, what he has achieved?


Yes, it is remarkable. People say, running is too difficult. You never


know what you might be able to achieve. He has taken another step


further forward from the massive step you took at the London marathon


in April. Who knows where he could go from here? It was a great run


from Derek Hawkins? Yes, and for Susan. The crowds really got behind


them the hallway. I am sure that all of the marathon athletes will say


that as they finished, a big thank you to the city of Glasgow for the


welcome. Kenya went head-to-head in the women's race. Daniel got the


better of it. It was a well paced race. Yes, I think the Kenyans will


be disappointed not to take victory in the men's race. The women were


head and shoulders above the third-place. Daniel was just the


stronger of the two with two colour metres to go. Trengove was happy


with her bronze medal? Yes, you saw the emotion. I think she was


inspired by her compatriot. She would have got information on the


victory of Michael Shelley on the course, which would have given her a


boost. Back to you for the rest of the day's action.


Thank you very much indeed. Great scenes around Glasgow. The crowds


were magnificent today. Good afternoon. Welcome to further


coverage of the Commonwealth Games. 24 gold medals to be one today. This


is what is coming up. Will Charlotte Kerwood straight gold again in the


women's double trap final? The world number one from Malaysia, Nicol


David, is on a mission to retain her title. It is the semifinals in


squash. And this man is the Welsh hope for a boxing medal. We will see


Joseph Cordina take on David Gauthier of Canada. And we have got


live coverage on BBC Three of lots of other sports as well. We have


swimming, and also, this coverage on the red button. If you want to


follow any of the sports are alive on the website. We will have full


coverage on the radio. Today, we are concentrating on the rugby sevens.


It is 20 degrees cooler than it was yesterday and it is raining the


year, but everyone here will have a good time. -- our. We have four


fantastic quarterfinals lined up. We are starting with New Zealand


against Kenya. There will be fun and thrills, and massive head. There


will be tackles and tries. It will be a wonderful atmosphere. You have


got to be with us. John, you're absolutely right. It is


fantastic venue. New Zealand won last night is set up a match against


Kenya. Ibrox has been a superb venue for the rugby. The good news is that


rugby sevens will be part of the next Olympics. New Zealand, as you


would expect, have made a superb start to the quarterfinals. In the


first half, the scored early tries through Ben Lam. Also, Tim Mikkleson


joined in the fun as well. They are 12-0 up. We will go live to Ibrox


and join the commentary team. The referees will not give a


fraction of an inch on the breakdown. It is an area of the game


that we saw yesterday. New Zealand are probably the most efficient,


they are very efficient technically. in 1998, Manchester in 2002,


Melbourne in 2006, Delhi in 2010. Short odds, Glasgow 2014. We had a


real amongst us in the commentary box that none of us would ever


mention that they had never lost a Commonwealth Games much because I


cannot believe no one knows that. A further indication of how dominant


they are. Since that opening try, they have enjoyed pretty much full


control over the Kenyans, as the horn signals have time. Quite happy


to get to have time. That will do, they will regroup. All New Zealand


on the pitch, all New Zealand on the scoreboard.


How many times has he strode out to deliver a few well chosen words?


Let's see if we can pick up one or two Mac.


Struggling to deliver his message. Let's see how the Kenyan courts


does. -- coach does. I think he will probably be the happier of the two


cultures. -- to coaches. Such a quick shift in the game, it only


takes one ball on the ground. Apologies if one or two of you may


have been offended by the language picked up there. It is a


Commonwealth Games quarterfinal. There is a lot at stake. The boys


are on edge, and you can understand why. Against Scotland, they were


very comfortably. Where do these things can change extremely


quickly, the coaches will know that. He was barking the message to his


players. Do not be intimidated by the colour of the shirt. We know how


intimidating best black shirt can be in the game of rugby. Have Kenya got


the mental resolve to get amongst this New Zealand team and create


something? They have never been beyond this stage. They are


immediately on the attack. Oscar Ouma. Picked up by Monday. --


Monday. That will do it! Loose play by New Zealand, unable to get the


defenders in their and fill the gap. Kenya have paced and scored.


Conversion to bring it within five. That is just the second tray New


Zealand have conceded in Glasgow this weekend. Trinidad and Tobago.


Let's say how they deal with the kick-off. The crowd are awake. They


can sense the possibility something could happen. For word by Mikkelson.


Black, scrum weights. Kenya have one as well. Just a little bit of black


feather ruffling. This is Odhiambo. That was a risky pass. Superb


counter ruck. Mikkelson picks it up. There is something of the Australian


full-back about Mikkelson with that running style. Curry working hard,


this is Kaka, Bryce Heem. Ben Lam, from Auckland. There is


determination about the Kenyan team. Did very well. The tackle was made


by Bryce Heem which nullified the action. Testament to the physical


nature we have seen so far in this game.


Reaching this stage in the match when it is time to bring on some


fresh legs. Ayange's match is over. There was a real urgency from that


New Zealand team in that defensive situation. You would hope so because


with four minutes to run, this scheme is anybody's still. New


Zealand can control the ball, and you can feel they will get points on


the board. Oscar Ouma for the Kenyans, picked up by Injera, the


man on the left-hand side is Odhiambo. That was speculative. They


are not going to profit from the kick here. Kaka got back and clears


long. Here is Injera. Injera raises his arms, but... Scrum. Interesting


looking at the face of DJ Forbes, he has the look on his face when


Scotland were suggesting unlikely things yesterday. He is the shop


steward, he gathers his mates around him when it is starting to get dodgy


and he is doing that now. That is the sign of a great leader. This


team is built on players taking responsibility. The big players have


got to stand up. Webber has got great feat. Let's see what he is


going to try and create. He very nearly got away. Takes it over the


halfway line. DJ Forbes, always in the centre of things. Kaka, neat


little step onto the ten-metre line. Picked up by Bryce Heem, here goes


Curry. Still going. Thought about the quick release but decided to


hold onto it. Bryce Heem, DJ Forbes. Bryce Heem was very quickly to make


sure the ball came back. Clever from Kaka. Curry, little hitch step.


Webber was involved, and so is Ben Lam. He got the ball rolling in the


first-half, he comes one or two New Zealand nerves. Certainly does.


Webber has been influential here. Brings Ben Lam back in. You can


ticket back to the influence of DJ Forbes. -- take it back. DJ Forbes


has stood up and been the man here. New Zealand were showing signs of


wobbling, great leadership from a charismatic leader of this New


Zealand side. That really was outstanding. One of three survivors


that won gold in Delhi. Mikkelson and DJ Forbes part of that. Kenya


bringing on a substitute. The winners of this game will play the


winners of Australia and Wales, after lunch. How brisk were


Australia yesterday? They bullied England. Really impressed with


Australia yesterday. Into the final 60 seconds. The growing sense that


New Zealand have weathered the storm that was gathering above us here at


Ibrox. It is brighter above the stadium as well.


DJ Forbes, as he has all match, takes the responsibility. Mikkelson,


he has been full of running all match, to Webber. This is Sam


Dickson. There is the smell of a Glasgow bonfire from somewhere,


smoke blowing across the pitch. Ben Lam, DJ Forbes! I am not sure he


would have made that pass. However, it is DJ Forbes who has the final


say. He might not have scored, but his influence was dominant in making


sure they can contemplate yet another Commonwealth Games


semifinal. They will have to take up their level some what. The Kenyans


played very well. High standards are demanded by the courts. -- the


coach. New Zealand have won by 19-7. New Zealand will play the winners of


Australia against Wales, coming up very shortly here. Good afternoon


from Andy Nicol and Jonathan Davies. Quick word on New Zealand. Not as


impressive as yesterday. But they are better than anyone at the


contact. The support lines are brilliant, so if they are there. If


they do not breakthrough, the clear out. Especially against England,


Australia looked very good. Very impressed with Australia. Good


balance, hard-working and good pace as well. New Zealand have to step


up. Wales need to keep the bowl. The match is coming fast and furious.


The second quarter final of the Rugby Sevens at Ibrox. Back to the


commentary team. Australia against Wales for the


right to challenge the might of New Zealand in the semifinals here at


Ibrox after lunch. The best weather of the day so far. The rain has


disappeared. They lost the critical game to some


or, 19-12. That was a high tackle. Just a little bit high, slipped up


off the tackle. Getting the ball away to Williams. Taken on by Adam


Thomas, the captain. away to Williams. Taken on by Adam


to open the scoring for Wales! Great play from Williams. From deep inside


their own half, that was Rugby Sevens at its best! Great running,


good interplay, Lee Williams has been at the heart of everything.


Adam Thomas the captain taking a little bit of treatment, took a big


blow in the build-up to that try. The referee happy with all the


challenges. Just the interplay, the passing, sharpness, awareness of who


was around. Look at that. The try was scored by Harry 's. Wales


leading. Against an Australian team who dominated England in the last


eight minutes of their match late yesterday evening at Ibrox. The


silver-medallists from Delhi four years ago have barely got started.


Great take by the Australian captain, managed to stay on his


feet. Wales did well to stop them getting the ball back. James Davis.


The trial will be scored by Williams. I think he enjoyed it! It


has been not all Wales. They lead by a dozen points. They will be


ecstatic with the way this game has started. Australia have not really


got their hands on the ball. The support play and the attack from


Wales have been very good. Yet again, it is the diminutive figure


of Lee Williams. Two tries against Malaysia. He adds to the tally.


Wales take the extra points. Possibly surprisingly, Wales are


leading Australia. 14-0. There is no question that they deserved. Gareth


Williams was confirmed as the coach at the start of April.


Morgan has gone and Wales will score a third. It has been the perfect


first half for Wills at Ibrox. Australia are in tatters. We'll


stood exceptionally well to turn the ball over. The kept their wits and


the possession. They push the ball to the far right-hand side, into the


hands of Morgan. He goes over in the corner.


You wonder if things like that, in tight games, big game, could that be


the difference? The Australian team, they look so accomplished. You know


that they will have their purple patch.


Australia have the penalty. Tom Foley was hate before the ten metre


line. That was a very good tackle. Australia, this is the first chance


with the ball in hand. I am sure they will be glad to see the first


half over. Australia score before half-time.


The skipper has got it, Ed Jenkins. That puts a different complexion on


the game. After the gone at the end of the first half, the sneak over


for a try. The captain, leading from the front. Simon Mannix said it in


the commentary, but that try may have changed the match completely.


It might have, but you expect that in rugby sevens. Wales played an


open game. They did not look for contact. They created opportunities.


Perhaps the missed conversion will play a big part. That is the best


performance that they have put in the tournament so far. Can we just


listening to the conversation? INAUDIBLE


I think there are INAUDIBLE


I think probably going to say more of the same. They were not


intimidated by the Australian team. We said yesterday that Australia


were impressive. This proves that today is a different day. What


happened yesterday as relevant in many ways. This is about winning


games. Wales had the ball in the first half and they scored three


tries. You saw at the end what sevens rugby is all about. This is


going to be a great second half. The first try is important. If Wales can


get it and push on, it will be a long way for Australia to claw-back.


If Wales scored again, it will be up to Australia to score three. As the


clock ticks down, that gets more and more unlikely. Great stuff.


Greg Jeloudev, taking the ball up to halfway. The penalty goes the way of


Australia. Jesse Parahi and Cameron Clark


coming together in the centre of the field to create a moment of hope for


Australia. Ifan Evans was thrown into touch in


the end. We have had one minute and 30 seconds without scoring in the


second half. Australia were resolute, the line was solid.


What about that from Wales? Great covering from Lee Williams. He is


playing the sweeper role. The big hit was to no avail. The trial will


be scored by Sean McMahon. Good skills from Jesse Parahi. You have


to take the man and the ball. You have got to stop the move. -- the


try. There are three and a half minutes to go. It is game on. The


Wallabies have got to the two points. It is all getting a little


bit nervous. Three minutes or left. There are five points in it.


There is nothing in this game. Those are the things that turn games. The


line-out was not straight for Wales. It gave Australia the


opportunity. Now we have a chance for Wales the reading -- to take


possession. They are bringing on Liam Gill.


Jason Harries is doing his career no harm at all. He is currently


unattached. You have to give credit to Jim


Stannard. That was fantastic. Wales made hard work of that. It should


have been a try. If Morgan had placed the ball immediately, could


he have stretched out. He would have lost possession, I suppose. 60


seconds to go. Jim Stannard saved the day for Australia. It was great


defence. 50 seconds to go. I am getting a


little bit excited! takes five or six seconds to get up


to the other end. Driving it for. The future has gone.


to the other end. Driving it for. The -- the hooter has gone.


Australia will get a second chance. The Welsh coach is needing his side


to get this done. Australia have got to get on with this and come up with


something special. One last mighty defensive effort from the Welsh


team. Gill getting the ball off the floor. This is where Australia will


be very strong. This is Gill. Out to Clark. Clark is going! Clark has


found the pass, Jenkins held up just short, the danger is still there!


The Australian attack against Welsh defence for a place in the


Commonwealth Games semifinals. You have got to credit both teams. Great


attacking play from Australia, superb defence... File, and under


the post. And the simplest of convergence. --, versions. No words


to express Welsh pain or Australian joy. The penalty taken quickly,


little stamp of the right foot then underneath the posts. Australia did


exceptionally well, penalty in their own 22. The conversion, the glory


and the place in the last four to Australia. What a mighty comeback,


they got a try just before half-time, they developed some


amends, and Wales, who dominated the first minutes of the match have got


to lift themselves somehow. Jonathan! That has to be the most


exciting piece of sport in the Commonwealth Games so far. That is


what the Rugby Sevens are all about. Until the final whistle goes, you


have to play it. Wales, with 59 seconds to go, had a three on one,


and they should have scored. That has cost them the game. Heroic


defence at the end, but Australia new. They kept going, this is it,


this is the three on one. You have got to scored. The game is over, the


clock is running down. That is the game. But credit to Australia to go


the length of the park. Three penalties, but you can see it here.


That is the game, that is the semifinal, and a potential medal.


That was a game for a medal, that was. That had to be scored. But if


you keep possession, Australia were aware of this, eventually you will


have an opportunity. Heroic defence, but Australia kept going and got the


try under the posts. The conversion was easy. It does not necessarily


mean it is the end of the match, you can play for another five minutes as


long as you keep possession. It had to be a good minute before Australia


scored. The biggest difference is the breakdown. The southern


hemisphere sides at the breakdown are dominating the northern


hemisphere sides. They are winning 70% of the tackle area. We are now


about to move on to England against Samoa. We think it is all about


running in this game, but it is also about kicking. What about this much?


It'll be interesting to see who takes over from as the playmaker. He


he was injured yesterday. -- from younger Mitchell. Second day rugby,


this will be very physical. We have had to Mac fantastic quarterfinals


so far. Scotland against South Africa still to come, and here we


have England against the big tackling some organs. -- Samoa.


Two cracking games coming up, Scott Hastings alongside me. The


atmosphere and intensity has risen a few notches. It has, great rugby.


Great atmosphere within the stadium. The Wales versus Australia game,


that is the sort of game the crowd wants to watch.


that is the sort of game the crowd wants Top-class rugby. These teams


are used to each other on the IRB sevens World Series circuit. They


have played three times over the last season. Samoa Have won twice.


The last one in Wellington back in February, England one 21-5. Ellery


on the attack. England up to the 22. Play on! Pinched at the back by


Samoa. Attacking run. Off your feet, leave it. Almost got away with that.


Mitchell really was a playmaker for England. Who will step up? Burgess


on the outside mix the tackle. -- makes the tackle. Advantage being


played. Samoa On the attack. The ball is just there. A little gap


down the blindside, tried to exploit it. Drag down short of the line.


Come across, come across. This man has already scored five tries in


this competition. Two against Wales, two against Papua New Guinea. One


against Malaysia. He is wearing the number two jersey. Popping up like a


champagne cork in that line-out. Watson with the shark feet. -- shark


feet. The counter rock was good. Philip Burgess playing well on the


deck there. Mark Bright was... Interesting decision to users for


our. -- to use his four or. More to do with Samoa's defence. England


have left Daniel Norton on the bench. Mitchell, not kitted out for


action. England's captain is out of the tournament. He is one of the


most outstanding players on the circuit. He is the master of this


England team. The scrum-half will feed the scrum. Packing down. Picked


up. Boots the ball out. Touch and go. Great pressure. Great pressure.


Samoa, they beat Papua New Guinea 33-14. The game was tight yesterday,


they beat Wales 19-12. Samoa, right up for this one, physicality and


skill set excellent. Quick ball. You can see him calling for the ball.


Stopping the wide pass going out towards two lower. Tackled on this


occasion by Mark Bright. Not afraid to play the tight channels, Samoa.


You have to credit England's defence. Great turnover by Mark


Bright. He has got to bring the ball this site, which he has done. Mike


Ellery has a little goal. Marcus Watson from the ten yard line. He


has got real pace, he is getting chased! Almost had him, Marcus


Watson's brilliant footwork! He has pace to burn. From a penalty within


50 metres of their own line, a couple of white bowls. -- wide


bowls. You felt that he had done the hard work, a little shuffle of the


feet, change of direction, themed the step back inside, Watson goes


over for the opening try. He is really maturing as a Rugby Sevens


player. Having a real input in England's performance. The


additional two points mailed. -- mailed. Marcus Watson, younger


brother Anthony played for England under 20s. You consider that Marcus


Watson, 25 tournament under his dealt, he is an attacking threat. --


under his belt. Great kick-off, not able to be regathered. Samoa Really


quick on the ball. Sprinting all the way back.


The Pas had to go to hand. Getting the support. Men over here for Samoa


and they are in for a try. His sixth try of the tournament. He used feet


when he went into tackle him. Now, you finished him off! You finished


him off was called from the referee. Defended so well in that passage of


play. Making the tackle. Samoa, working the phases. In the corner.


Two minutes in the Sydney bin for him. The restart will be with a


penalty -- this in then -- the sin bin. It is not directionally right.


The referee has called the penalty. In the interim, Samoa have broken


away. Cart by Philip Burgess, they have got men over if they can move


quickly. Another one! Within the space of a minute. Brilliant play!


All about the passing. He did not have to check his stride whatsoever.


Brings the player onto the ball. Two came outside the defender. -- took


him outside the defender. There was nothing Michael Ellery could do


about that. Fantastic. Up to seven tries for the Commonwealth Games.


It has been an expensive couple of minutes. He misses the conversion.


Scintillating response from Samoa. Thrills a minute. Thrills a second,


you can see 10-7 to Samoa. The key element may have


you can see 10-7 to Samoa. The key element may been this sin -- the sin


binning decision. What did you make of the decision? It has been a very


physical game, nothing in it. This is the opportunity, the ball is


bouncing. Number five, just watch him. There is nothing in that,


really. He is unlikely to get the yellow card. They have scored a try


from it and he is offer another minute. A big cold from the referee


which I did not think was that bad. We thought he might have gone in


with his feet. That was a harsh cold from the referee. Samoa Have already


scored five. Two players in this sin then. Samoa, they have missed both


conversions. In the knockout stages they are crucial. England have got


to last for a minute before Rodwell comes back. England have got gas,


but so have Samoa. It is about the big guys creating space. They will


take the ball a couple of times. Then they will go wide. That's what


they will try to do. This match could be decided in the next 60


seconds. England are one man short. integrate sevens players with the


normal game, working with the senior management team. James Rodwell is


back on. He is one of the most experienced players in this England


setup. That was a close call. Lewis-Pratt


takes it quickly. Lio Lolo, into the corner, it might


go. Acrobatic! That was brilliant. What is going to happen? We will


need to have another look at that one. Was the player in touch? I will


have to check. Can we see this on review please.


That is fantastic! As he was running across, he had the ball in his wrong


hand. The ball in his wrong hand. He knew what that should be in the


gymnastics. -- he knew what he was going to do. That was magical. From


Lio Lolo, we go to Lolo Lui. He misses the conversion of the try,


and that was from Lio Lolo. You can see the value of the conversions,


Wales losing by two points. see the value of the conversions,


Wales losing That, from Lio Lolo, you have to say, is fantastic.


England will have to score two more tries in the remaining three minutes


and 50 seconds. Magnificent, magnificent. That was


all about individual skills. The outside of the left boot. The bones


was favourable. The conversion is to come. It is a 1-point game. At this


stage last time, two points separated the teams in Delhi. Now,


it is down to one point, separated the teams in Delhi. Now,


it is down to because of this individual brilliance by Dan Norton.


There are two minutes left on the clock. This is sevens rugby at its


scintillating best. That is all, the maul first. -- that


is a maul. You can see, the players from Samoa were desperately trying


to hold the ball up. The England players were desperately trying to


get the ball down. Anything can happen. One minute left on the


clock. That was a good tackle. He got the


turnover ball and the penalty. Dan Norton is attacking. Tom Powell


spilled the ball. It will be a scrum and they take out by Samoa. Tom


Powell will be distraught. Was that England's last chance? Samoyed just


have to boot the ball out of touch. -- Samoa.


That was a good tackle. Look at the physicality of Samoa. Tom Powell


came in from another side position. That was the last play. Dan Norton


got isolated in the contact. That is where Samoa have won the game.


England will be distraught. Lolo Lui just kicks the ball out. It was


another great game. We have had three fantastic quarterfinals. It


has been really magnificent in terms of spectacle and skills. In a way,


that is where England lost it? Yes, England did well when they were down


to six men. Samoa did not score. But the southern hemisphere, the contact


alia, when the ball goes to ground, they are in there. That has been the


crucial area for me. Without a doubt. The difference between rugby


and rugby sevens is that a lot of the time your skills are exposed.


Nowhere more than in the contact. You have got to be effective. Dan


Norton got isolated. Samoa were able to get the ball. The cheer was for


England. Before that, they were chanting for Wales. Now this is the


big moment for Scotland. This is a big task for them against South


Africa. But they can win this? Yes, in the quarterfinal of the rugby


sevens a few months ago, in the quarterfinal Scotland beat South


Africa. They know that they can do it. I reckon Scotland can do it with


the help of the crowd. They will draw from their performance against


New Zealand. They could have won that game. They have gone with tried


and trusted seven aside. It will be a massive game. They are is the


cheer for Scotland. This is the fourth of the quarterfinals today to


decide who will join Samoa, Australia and New Zealand in the


quarterfinals. How about that? Cornal Hendricks


with the cutest of passes. The Springbok, the test player, scores


first in the quarterfinal. Cecil Afrika drew both men. Keep up the


code to Cornal Hendricks. I think that South Africa might have to much


pace for Scotland in the quarterfinal. Scotland have to stop


the runners, and one of them is that man, Cornal Hendricks. He made his


debut for the Springboks a couple of months ago. He is still making an


impression in this boil down version of the game.


-- boiled down. Branco du Preez with the drop goal. This was similar to


the game against New Zealand. Scotland went down, but they managed


to claw their way back. again. They are going. Taken by Mark


Bennett. Chris Dry was absolutely superb there, put Roddy Grant under


pressure. The Rugby Sevens specialist, he came up against him.


Chris Dry's reading of the situation and the contact got the turnover


ball. Three minutes played. South Africa with the first try. Twice


told medallist at the Commonwealth Games, at Manchester and Delhi. They


know what it takes to win. They have got their noses in front, Branco du


Preez up for the fight, he has watched his way under the posts. A


moment of individual brilliance from Branco du Preez. He has got a better


step than Fred Astaire! This man is absolutely electric. The ball into


Mac hands. Taking on the sweeper -- in two hands. Scotland conceding two


early tries. Branco du Preez, not the biggest


rugby player in the world, five feet six, but here's a pocket dynamo and


showed a clean pair of heels on that occasion to outstrip the Scottish


defence. The restart goes long, forcing Scotland to try and rebuild


from almost back on their own try line. Colin Gregor does likewise.


Picked up by Cecil Afrika. Seabelo Senatla, we have talked about his


pace. Kissing the whitewash as he streets towards the try line. They


tend to kick along at the restart. A lot of the teams we have seen, they


will challenge the ball on the ten yard line, but South Africa are


happy to push the ball deep into Scotland's half. Branco du Preez got


a little bit of a knock. He has not been able to run off the muscle


tweak he was feeling after that conversion. He has gone. South


African ball. Flicked back by Frankie Horne, this is Cornal


Hendricks to Seabelo Senatla. South Africa have three. They have the


tightest of grips on this quarterfinal at Ibrox. Seabelo


Senatla up to eight tries. Just using the ball so well, South


Africa, this team is full of peace. -- full of pace. Bryan Habana might


have been drafted in at the last minute. It would have been wonderful


to see him here at the Commonwealth Games. They have not needed him.


Seabelo Senatla has pace in bag full is. People ask me who the star names


are, and you mention the names to people, and because these players


are not exposed we do not see them week in and week out, but we are


watching some of the best Rugby Sevens players in the world. Seabelo


Senatla, Cecil Afrika, they are legends. The South African team are


very well drilled. It is all part of the wider debate as we head into the


Olympic Games as to how many of the more established and bigger known


names, the likes of Stuart Hogg and Sean Lamont, will make it to Rio de


Janeiro. It is a different game, and the gap between the 15th and the


Sevens has not become unbridgeable but it is a formidable step. We are


just getting a little preview of the names that will be entertaining us


in Brazil, and we hope Seabelo Senatla will be one of those. Justin


Geduld will be there as well, and Cornal Hendricks. An opportunity


just before the break to give Scotland some hope. Scott Wight


providing the link. Can the profit from the turnover that was hard-won.


Bennett. Goes beyond Frankie Horne. If Bennett can get the ball away,


Bennett. Goes beyond Frankie Horne. If Bennett can get the there might


be problems for the Springboks. Colin Gregor was up in support. It


comes back towards us. Lee Jones runs away. , two Bennett. Scotland


lost their shape. South Africa have so much more width on the ball.


Grant with a couple of hops and a step wins a couple of metres. Time


is up at the end of this first-half, is this Scotland's time? Bennett.


Jones. Scott Riddell, not far away, opening up for Bennett! Ibrox in


full sail. Scotland going for the first time in this Commonwealth


Games quarterfinal. Bennett was involved in that movement for times.


His tackle led to this try. He had three runs and three attempts. He


got back on his feet in support of Lee Jones. Recycled himself well,


and Bennett, the Glasgow Warriors, has certainly impressed. The


conversion goes over, who knows how important that might be in the end?


21-7. The executives watching this must be thinking this was a very


good decision to put the Rugby Sevens on. How brilliant has this


entertainment been? Who knows what the next seven minutes might hold?


That try has given Scotland hope. Yes, but I think they struggled with


the aggressive South African defence. The contact was good.


Scotland defended very narrowly, and the width of the South African


passing cars them a lot of trouble. But how crucial could this be? This


was the first time Scotland had any sustained pressure or possession.


That is a lifeline. Without that, I do not think Scotland could get back


into the game. It can turn quickly. That has given Scotland a breath of


life. We talk about the impact players, how crucial will Stuart


Hogg and Sean Lamont be? That was a tough first half, they had to defend


hard. I think we will see the bench being used. We have already seen


Branco du Preez go off, so Scotland are still in this. Scotland have got


to keep the width. Spread the South African defence. The point was made


in commentary that Scotland lost their shape very badly and had


nowhere to go. That is what we keep talking about the difference, that


is the discipline of the game. That's it. He we go, Scotland still


in this. The next try could be crucial.


South Africa in control, Scotland have given themselves a lifeline.


Can they really the big fish? They have the vocal support of the


Scottish crowd. But the South Africans are mighty powerful team.


Stuart Hogg. A penalty against Frankie Horne for playing the ball


in that situation. Stuart Hogg is on. To try and inject some piece.


Scotland have a penalty from further away.


This is Vernon. Up to the 22. Gregor, the skipper, Haag is on his


way. -- Stuart Hogg. It is a different Scottish team, Stuart


Hogg! How close, that close! The complexion of the game is changing.


We talked about the lifeline that time. Scott Riddell, such a great


work or is. -- work horse. Lee Jones, his sixth try of the


tournament. Steps inside the South African defence. What is crucial is


the additional two points. He did not make the connection. However, we


have what seemed unlikely when South Africa were streaking ahead with


their tries. We actually have a contest.


That is brilliantly taken. Absolutely brilliantly taken. Justin


Geduld, rising the highest. Tackle only, yes! Kyle Brown involved in


the move, releasing Senate life -- Seabelo Senatla.


Usain Bolt and Seabelo Senatla are not going to face-off on the track


at Hamden, but it would be nice to watch. Nine tries in four games. He


is going to get another couple of games under his belt the way he is


going. Stuart Hogg gave him a novel lot of


room. -- and awful lot of room. bit steeper for Scotland, but they


still got their climbing boots on. He will not give up. Vernon will


never give up. They have a penalty. Three minutes. To try and ease their


way back into this contest and perhaps into the semifinals. Scott


Wight, going around in circles, enveloped by the green shirts. Kyle


Brown on the floor, the captain, unable to gather. Colin Gregor to


the player down and was penalised. Whiteley wins the penalty, South


Africa will take all the piece out of this. Cecil Afrika is not wearing


a number on the back of his jersey, he will kick the ball. South Africa


have won this game. They are in control of the Rugby football.


Emphasising the gap Scotland are trying to bridge, South Africa were


the closest challengers to New Zealand in last year's tournament


between October and May that goes around the globe. South Africa led


it for a while before New Zealand eventually won once again. Scotland


finished 12th. As much as they are competitive, on a month by month


basis, South Africa have proved their mettle in the smaller version


of the game. They are in control of this quarterfinal, Cecil Afrika


makes your that may well be enough to conclude business... Makes sure.


I just wondered, if Scotland could attack or defend this fast defence,


it is all set piece play, isn't it? The players know each other inside


out. The applause once again. Cecil Afrika enjoyed himself at


Celtic Park in the middle of the week, enjoying himself at Ibrox


today. IRB's World Player Of The Year not so long ago. These are the


kind of Rugby Sevens star is that will be stars in the front room by


the time we get to Rio de Janeiro. These teams last met in the cup


quarterfinal in Delhi. Stevie Gemmill knows it is a long-term


process. It is about finding the formula that works when Scotland


maximise the resources. Perhaps this is as good as it is going to get,


Stuart Hogg. Looking for one last dans before we called time. He has


been brought in from the fifteens into the sevens squad. He will be


disappointed, has not quite clicked for Stuart Hogg. Still very much


part and parcel of the future of Scottish rugby. Is that the party


stand? The stand has been turned into the party stand. We are


watching on the ancient old main stand, a listed building. Even if


Scotland's adventure is ending, the memories of what they have achieved,


and what Scotland has achieved in hosting the Rugby Sevens will be


remembered for a long time. Will this end in a Scottish try?


Johnston has the opportunity. He could have just messaged it, then


there might have been a scorer. Off the field, off the field! A


little bit of argy-bargy to round off what has been a fantastic Sunday


lunch time's entertainment. You have got to give credit to South Africa.


The try before half-time gave Scotland a chance, but South Africa


stepped it up. Really impressive. A very southern hemisphere teams to


the semifinals this evening. Both matches promised so much. We look


for to seeing you back at Ibrox later on tonight.


matches promised so much. We look for to seeing you -- look forward.


Thank you very much indeed, disappointment England, Scotland and


Wales. We are now going to break through the news. Shooting and


boxing still to come. Every sport is live on the website. BBC .co 8/


Glasgow 2014. We will see you after the news.


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