BBC One: Day 8: 15:00-18:00 Commonwealth Games

BBC One: Day 8: 15:00-18:00

Continued live coverage of the 2014 Commonwealth Games from Glasgow.

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the last time check, now he is six seconds the other way. It does not


bode well for Dowsett. I am surprised about that. Yes, Dennis is


firing on all sinners. -- firing on all cylinders. The ride in fourth,


Jesse Sergent of New Zealand, 38 seconds back. Suddenly, it is clear


who is in this for the medals. It has gone from 76 in the last time


check, now we are back to three riders contesting this. That middle


section has cracked the field and shown how it is who will be vying


for a podium spot. Every second you can gain on a corner, sprinting down


towards the city centre, could make all the difference for those three.


I would say that Thomas is heading for at least a second place here


because Dowsett faded over that middle section which we were not


really expecting. We may pull something back on the fast downhill


run to the park here but Thomas is still looking strong. It is between


those three. Dennis is yet to have his bad patch. If that comes, he


could also be overhauled. He has not quite gone through yet, David


Millar. He is still in ninth position overall. Over a minute out


of the game now so it is between these three. Thomas is the first of


the contenders to get through the 32 K check. 38.37 is the time to beat.


That 32 kilometre check is on the way back in. They will go straight


back on towards town. That is an aerial shot of Dennis. Still looking


pretty good. He is working hard, the gear tends to get bigger. It is a


good part of the Kia -- of the course to dig deep. If you are going


to start dying away, this is the right to rain. A wet morning has


turned into a lovely sunny afternoon for this meant's time trial. -- the


right to rain. If he can get over this and he gets a macro rest, he


will drive hard. -- a small rest. This will be a close race. It would


just be a short rest, nothing more. Geraint Thomas, the fastest time so


far. Dennis had the advantage at the last time check. The best part of


six seconds ahead. He is starting to suffer now. It is going to be very


close. Thomas has eaten into it. Geraint Thomas is not out of this.


He has eaten into it by a couple of seconds. Scraping away.


He has eaten into it by a couple of Thomas is great on the final couple


of corners. This will go down to the wire. What a fantastically close


competition. At the first time check, Thomas was seven seconds from


the pace. He was ahead of Dennis. He was behind Dennis at the next check


by three seconds. Then he moved to within two microseconds. It is so


close between these riders now. This is Geraint Thomas coming back into


the centre of Glasgow. He has a left-hand turn and he will head


towards Glasgow Green. Can he gain seconds on these corners? It is not


over yet for him. The chance of a Gold medal which would be the third


only macro by a Welsh cyclist in the Commonwealth Games, the chance has


not gone yet. Attitude is everything in these closing kilometres. Who


wants it the most? They are all close to the Gold medal. In the


final corners, you have to select gears carefully. Stay on top of it.


He wants it the most? Coming towards the finish, the fastest time has


been set by Marcus Christie of Northern Ireland. The big boys are


coming in now in Svein Tuft is one of them. We are about to see a new


fastest time -- in Svein Tuft. The fastest time has been set by Steve


Cummings. Svein Tuft, he is set to beat the time of Steve Cummings. The


Canadian is top of the leaderboard by 49 seconds but he will not read


for long. A good strong ride by him. The battle on the road is between


these riders. Alex Dowsett looks a lot smoother, like he has recovered


slightly. The fastest through this next time check is Rohan Dennis, at


32 kilometres. Geraint Thomas is for microseconds lower. Alex Dowsett is


starting to dig in now, they are all suffering but who can suffer the


fastest? He is shifting around on the saddle, we have not seen that


yet. Still in contention but not as smooth as he was earlier. That was a


knowing look on your face as you looked at Alex Dowsett. You will


know what he is going through. He would just want it to be over. It is


Geraint Thomas for Wales. One big sprints towards the line. Hoping,


just hoping it might be a sprints to fix three. -- is rent. Surely it is


a sprints to a medal -- ace rent. Excellent ride from the Welshman. Up


to the line, 47 minutes, 55 seconds, the new fastest time for Geraint


Thomas. He will have to sit and wait to find out if it is enough. There


was passion. When you see a sprint like that, you can see he


desperately wants it. In third position now at the final check is


Alex Dowsett so he has it all to do. He is in the bronze medal position.


He is in arrears by one second. So Rohan Dennis leading the way at the


last checkpoint. Thomas is second, in the silver medal position. Just


over five seconds separating the top three. Jesse Sergent now out of the


running for a medal. Amazing how it has changed around. It did that in


the women's event as well. Its changes and changes. They have also


that down this final section. This is Jesse Sergent, from New Zealand.


Heading on towards the finishing area. He has got to go around


Glasgow Green and along the banks of the River Clyde. And he will come at


the final 250 metres to the finishing line. -- he will, up to


the final. --, opt. He has two big a job to get onto the podium. He is


being challenged for the fourth position. They are coming in all the


time. All eyes and nose at the top. Bailey, from Guernsey. -- all eyes


are on those. Now we are back with Rohan Dennis. He is really labouring


now. He has hardly anything left. They have all looked the same way.


He is wavering in it. -- a bit. The stiff breeze could be affecting him.


David Millar is way off the pace. Disappointment for David Millar


today. Still cheered by everybody at the roadside. 1.75 minutes down.


Jesse Sergent starts to sprint here. Geraint Thomas has the time to beat.


Jesse Sergent digging deeper. Just for the final metres. And it is a


good ride. It is, he has picked up over this final section. Not what I


expected. He has got to come around the park but it is still a strong


ride. 45 seconds after they get to the park. He is further away than I


thought he was, Jesse Sergent. He is now coming into the finishing


straight. Sweeping curve, he took that well. Excellent technique.


Quick, strong. Technically good. He is in fine form and it has been an


excellent lover macro 460 macro today, of New Zealand, but it will


not be quite good enough -- an excellent ride by Jesse Sergent. He


will be pushed down a place, he will lose a position to Svein Tuft. Back


in the closing stages with Rohan Dennis. Svein Tuft in silver medal


position. Thomas has done his job, it is about these two now. Alex


Dowsett and Rohan Dennis. What can they do? Nothing more the Welshman


can do except see what happens. He has just got to wait and see. Dennis


has had a tough time over this final section. He has driven hard. The


gear has gone up now as he sets himself up for this right-hand turn.


Narrow section, easy to make a mistake. He is fighting. Really


showing the fatigue. What has he got left? For the last minute or so.


Rohan Dennis. Can he keep his nose in front as it has been for a little


while? Geraint Thomas. He is just waiting. At least he can relax in


the knowledge he has done a superb ride and he could not have done


more. That is the Australian camp. Anxious moments for Wales and for


Geraint Thomas. I think it is still going to be close. I think Dennis is


doing a ride here. He has finished well. He is heading towards the two


right-hand bends. It is around 40, 45 seconds. I think Dennis will do


it but it will be close and it could come down to the sprint. Excellent


finish to the women's raise and an excellent finish to the man's raise.


Rohan Dennis is one of only two people who can deny Geraint Thomas


the Gold medal for Wales. It will be very close but Dennis might just


about make it. Towards the line, he keeps that advantage over Geraint


Thomas. And Dennis crosses the line. 47.51. Geraint Thomas into the


silver medal position. Ennis will have to wait until Alex Dowsett


crosses the line to find out if that is good enough for Gold. Three


quarters of an hour of hard work and four seconds in it, and only this


man can spoil the party. It will come down to the corners. It was so


close at the less cheque. Dashed checkpoint. -- checkpoint. Can he


find five seconds from somewhere in a relatively short space of time? We


have rarely seen anybody dig as deep as Rohan Dennis just did. He was


trying so hard. Alex Dowsett has his work cut out. He always looks smooth


and collected but he lost time over the last two chat points. Can he


finish strongly? -- checkpoints. I do not think he can. He will be


outside here. It will be close. He will fight to the line. It is going


to be close. It might not be close enough for Alex Dowsett. He has to


lay it on the line around the park at Glasgow Green. Look at his face!


Alex Dowsett. Straining in pursuit of Gold. Trying to go one better


than in Delhi. Four years ago when he was beaten by David Millar. In


the blistering heat on that jewel carriageway. He was heavy on the


brakes on that corner. And -- that can cost you seconds. He needs every


bit here. Round the finishing circuit. It is going to be close. It


is going to be close. A sprint for the line, with Alex Dowsett and


Rohan Dennis. He has finished strongly. We said this last downhill


section would suit him at than anybody else but he has not taken


advantage of that style to poll it back. What a finish this could be.


He is definitely within a chance of the Gold medal. It is going to come


down to this sprint. Can he do it or will Gold go to Australia? 250


metres to go. Alex Dowsett grits his teeth, is this a ride for Vic three?


I think it is. Alex Dowsett towards the line, the last couple of metres,


he has pulled it out of the bag! Silver four years ago, Gold in


Glasgow for Alex Dowsett. For England. Just under ten seconds


faster than rowing Dennis of Australia. -- Rohan Dennis. It has


won him the Gold medal. Fantastic and Alex Dowsett. That is an


experienced time trial. He did not think about the others. He allowed


himself to lose time over the middle section. He had to keep something


back for the river and that is what he did. And he took some time back


but also a huge amount out of the ten seconds.


It was mostly downhill from the 32 kilometre mark. He absolutely flew


over the closing kilometres. Here comes Luke Durbridge for Australia.


Not his day. His day will come. A real powerhouse of a rider. Still


just 23 but Durbridge not in contention for the medals this


time. He has come out of this a little bit tired. The pedigree is


there but a bit fatigued. Still a strong performance in the top ten.


Absolutely. A high-quality field. A big variation in the times for the


riders. 60 riders taking part here. There is Alex Dowsett. What a ride.


Here comes Michael Hutchinson for Northern Ireland. Lastly experienced


over 30 national time trial results under his belt. He has had a very


solid performance but certainly not near the podium. It is not a great


course for Michael Hutchinson. He prefers a flatter one as we saw out


in Delhi. This is Berry much a road man circuit. Here comes Michael


Hutchinson. A little over 50 minutes, the time. He crosses the


line. His time will be good enough to move him into 11th place on the


leaderboard. That was a ride which certainly hurt. We are waiting for


David Millar now. Here comes David Millar. Not the result they were


hoping for. His career heads towards its close. The pride is still


driving him on in the final few metres of this ride. He has had many


great days on the bike. Sadly for him, this was not one of them. It is


still a good ride and eighth place for David Millar. Two and a quarter


minutes down on Alex Dowsett. Alex Dowsett was beaten into second place


by David Millar four years ago. But he came on so close in the closing


stages of this ride. Just as it looked to be slipping away, he


really turned it around in the closing half dozen kilometres or so.


We have watched it all day. As long as you are in touch within ten


seconds, it is all possible. It keeps ebbing and flowing, depending


on which part of the course suits which rider. He will have looked at


the course carefully, knew how to spend his effort and knew how much


damage he could do on the run back into town. He turned around the best


part of 15 seconds from the final check. Quite an incredible ride. We


know what he's capable after the individual victory in the jury to


tally. That was a tough course in Tuscany. He beat Bradley Wiggins


that day. He really delivered there, Alex Dowsett. A frustrating


summer. He was recovering from illness. He is back on top here with


a superb ride. Geraint Thomas had a very strong


ride, back from the Tour de France. Some big names further down the


field, Luke Durbridge is another one from the Tour. The field contained


60 riders but there was one who was the class of that field and that is


Alex Dowsett who wins the gold medal for England.


Quite a remarkable race. It looks like he had perhaps gone out too


fast, too soon. Geraint Thomas, after three weeks on the Tour de


France, what a heart he has on the bike. I remember last year in the


Tour de France he had a broken pelvis but rode through for his


team. We thought perhaps he was focusing on the road race but he


cycled his heart out, gave everything he had for third place.


And Rohan Dennis who was perhaps the favourite beforehand, again, finding


a really good effort. I think we can go to jail now. She has been


speaking to David Millar. -- we can go to Jill Douglas now. In fact, I


have a handful of cyclists here. I will start with the gold-medal man,


Alex Dowsett. No one wanted that more today than I did. A silver in


Delhi, disappointment at not being picked for the Tour de France. I


have been angry this whole month. I usually pull something out of the


bag when I am really, really angry. So it is pretty special that. Let's


have a word with you as well. You were in that gold medal position for


a moment or two but this fellow was able to pull you back. Yes, I was of


its prized on the radio when I could hear five seconds up. Then he just


beat me again. A little bit disappointed, to be honest. Second


every time this year. It is getting a bit annoying. I am sure you will


come out fighting after that. And they word for you, Geraint, one of


the quotes of the Tour de France was let's smash it and see what happens


and I think that is what you did there. I was a bit unsure what to


expect today really. Fortunately, I was just able, I just felt strong. I


did not feel zippy or fresh but I was able to smash it. I think for


the next time trial, I will send him some flowers and make sure he is


happy and maybe we will have a chance! You guys have to go to the


podium. I will let you go. I will have a word with this guy. You have


had to ruling the short Commonwealth crown but what an amazing reception


you have had here at Glasgow Green. It is like the Tour de France.


Scottish flags everywhere and everyone sharing my name. There were


brief moments, it was amazing. Not your day to day. When did you


realise perhaps this would not be your day? When a motorbike went


ahead. When I realised there was no point in watching me any more! I am


not as good as I was when I was younger. This is a younger man's


game. Do you think if you had ridden the Tour, you would have been


fresher? Stronger but not fresher. You cannot predict. You can see with


Geraint, he is on his hands and knees and gets third. I was very


realistic about today. My time trialling has not been so good for


the last couple of years. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.


Yes, we look forward to seeing David Millar on Sunday and Geraint Thomas.


First of all, Chris, what a ride from Alex Dowsett. It was an


incredibly polished performance. He had a bit of everything there. He


stayed with them on the climbs. He had to look after himself through


the technical section and then drove down the descent. Peopled back 15


seconds which is quite remarkable. And Rohan Dennis, perhaps the more


measured of the medallists. He faded towards the end. You could see it in


his body language. The cadence goes down, the gear goes up as you force


it to happen, but he fought courageously all the way to the line


there. And talking of courage, Geraint produces a ride like that!


You could see he really wanted it and he really dug deep. Dowsett and


Dennis, they were going to be the powerhouses on the way down. He


really needed to make a big offer in the middle. All three of them fought


courageously. And a word on David Millar, he was quite phlegmatic as


he always is in his interviews. I was quite disappointed for David. He


really wanted to go out on what was his last major competition and do


something, but physically, it was not there. He knows how to handle


the bike technically but the legs were not there. Chris, thanks.


Jason, it is back to you. Congratulations to Alex Dowsett but


you do have to say well done to Geraint Thomas, straight into the


men's time trial after the Tour de France. But some going. That is it


from me. I will hand you over to Hazel Irvine. Do you know that there


are some in our presentation team who are women and men of many


talents. Do give iPod, one of our co-presenters on BBC Three, I found


out that not only will he be presenting programmes on Sunday


afternoon, he will then grab his drumsticks and go to Hampden Park


and line up as a drama -- Dougie Vipond. I am a super fan of Deacon


blue. I think he is arranging a meeting with Ricky Ross for May. I


think it will be fantastic. So many talented men and women on BBC Three


broadcasting alongside us. Not only a world-class line-up at Hampden


Park. We will also have Kylie Minogue, Lulu and so many others but


also world-class performances in the gymnastics that we are all about


today. It is the hydro, here we come again.


Max Whitlock is the man of the moment.


The uneven bars was the event that Beth Tweddle once ruled. Rebecca


Downie would like to inherit the crown. She will have a tough tussle


with the Aussies. One of the undisputed stars of the games will


be Max Whitlock. We will see him later but we also have the 200


metres this evening. I mention Max Whitlock. He's going for a treble


gold today, after a gold in the individual all-around. The team


event is over at the Hydro. There could be a sack full of medals


because he is also qualified for six events. We have the floor, pommel


and rings final for the men's and the vault, and uneven bars for the


women. There could be a highly profitable afternoon in store for


the home nations gymnasts. Max Whitlock was the top qualifier for


the floor event. Daniel Keatings has two silvers for Scotland so far. He


has qualified in third place. Kristian Thomas comes in for the


injured Sam Oldham. Over we go and we will join Mitch Fenner, Christine


Still and Max Baker. It is very important to make the two


second hold, which he does. That was a good routine, a good


start for him. He is putting everything into this. Not many


deductions. What a benchmark to have set. Not much room for error, Chris?


Not much room. Like we were talking earlier, you have got to married


difficulty with quality. If anything, you would say the New


Zealand team have aired safety first, but they have been very


classy in their performances, men and women. So, lovely technique.


Really keeps the head well fixed. Spots the floor and extends out.


That was a lovely example of how you should extend the legs out before


you role. expect his East score to be very


good. -- E score. Very precise. Technically. Somebody has had a word


in the camp and it is showing here. The difference between two


Commonwealth Games is very noticeable. He scored 14.3 in


qualification. He has gone up. 14.55. Execution is close to nine.


Very impressive. That could sneak into bronze. A sterling effort for


Wales over the last couple of days. Clinton Purnell. 25 years old. Very


experienced gymnast. This will not be the last time you see him because


he has also made the pommelhorse final and the rings final. The fifth


highest qualifier on the floor. Nicely kicked out.


A double twist. A half turn. So good to see him working at this level.


And consistently. Successfully into the twisting


element. So far, very good. A bit shaky. Those handstands are so


important. Working with great control and pace.


Secure, and he is holding his focus after a long, long competition.


Clinton Purnell! The score to be is 14.550. Just posted by David Bishop.


And he has gone a long way to achieving a better score, Chris.


Yes, he has. A similar type of difficulty, he qualified with. It


was very good, there were no noticeable errors. No big steps and


landing, nothing. He punches a floor. He is landing the more simple


half turn -- he punches the floor. This was very impressive. The blind


twist landing. The 1.5 into the full twist. So well rehearsed. Let's give


an idea of the kind of deductions the judges will be giving. He has


slightly loose legs. A lack of height on each tumble. It depends on


the competition sometimes. Steps on landing, but he hardly had any of


those. Clinton Purnell. 14.366. Just behind David Bishop.


Kristian Thomas for some old who injured his left foot. -- some old.


But he did live I with the six highest score on the floor. -- he


did qualify. He is big but he handles his size very well. Arabian.


He lost that. You must landing. -- he lost the landing. But straight


back into a controlled series. It takes your breath away.


Very nice and very low. Showing strength as well as control.


He started with a pike and he finished with a top. Very


uncharacteristic to roost -- to lose his footing. But such a stylish and


powerful gymnast. Heat puffed his cheeks a bit and he did not do it


well in qualification either -- he puffed. I think he lost where he


was, but that is very unusual. We will see what did happen. That is


the first tumble, so effective, that kick out. It is this tumble here.


You can see he just flicked his head and he lost as orientation.


You can see he just flicked his head and he lost as He stopped at 1.5 and


he thought, I will put another half in. His head was wild. This is very


clean. Very confident finish. I think he normally does 1.5 and that


is what happened, he did not open out at the right time. It did look


as if he stalled at the 1.5 and the extra did not work. Such a shame for


Christian. He knows is attempt at a medal is out of the window. -- his


attempt. He will put this down to experience. It shows you how easy it


is to lose your way. When you see somebody like Max Whitlock twisting,


you think, how does he know at the right moment to break out? 13.366.


Thomas is in third. Another chance for a Gold medal for England's Matt


-- Max Whitlock. 21 your old European champion. He took Gold in


the all-around final. He missed a twist. It was square around after


the full twist setup. That was very impressive. 3.5. A half turn out. To


make absolutely sure of where he is. Posh hard... There you go! So many


gymnasts have tried to imitate that, it is not easy. Lovely control.


Short diagonal, they have to include that. One and three.


He just wraps those in like it is nothing! Superb technician. And a


triple twist. What a performance! And he is just not faltering.


Breathtaking gymnastics, every single move was never in doubt. And


I think he has become quite a bit more stylish. That was where he


perhaps was lacking. He had untidy legs. That was very well performed.


The mind boggles! How can a human do that? Only one other guy in the


world can do that, the Japanese man. He has a particular way with


his twisting. He almost does not set the somersault up at all, he is so


powerful. The snap out of the round of, getting his chest up, he does


not have to lift his arms. Very rare to see such solid technique. A lot


of them just amble through it, but very good technique and that is why


he can do this. 3.5 twist. Another somersault. Three and a half twists!


He just throws the arm. He takes the weight on the right. Transfers very


quickly. That is so, so impressive! He scraped the floor, but forgive


him that! That will be the little deductions. It is like a gymnastic


robot! A robot with feeling. Unbelievable! Max Whitlock. 15.533.


That is the score to beat. This lad has certainly got some


moves. Can he contain that power? That is the challenge ahead. Kumar.


I hope so, he has not hit it well all week. He just put a foot out.


But very impressive stuff. He made the two and a half from it. He


frightened us to death in Delhi. But he has had control since he has


settled down. Very confident gymnast.


He is measured. He has got the skills. He put his hands down. That


is a landing deduction, he did not need to do it. He made sure of that,


he said. And this is the final tumble.


It is a pity because good skills, he just put his hands down for no


apparent reason. This was not to be. It is difficult to follow Max


Whitlock, let's be honest. Just a different class completely of


gymnastics. A similar opening tumble. , -- not the opening tumble,


this is the link tumble. But this is fantastic skill. -- the opening


tumble. The next one, when he went for the two and a half twists, Max


was completely round and he was three quarters. This was a bit


better. But this was so strange, that will probably cost him a medal.


Technically, that was a landing. That should be one marked deduct


did. I imagine it will be. Dashed deducted. -- deducted. Such a shame,


a medal for India would have been very significant. They may be kind


and they may not give him a hallmark. -- one mark. That was


interesting in slow motion of the two and a half. He looks over the


shoulder. 7.3 for execution. The score is


down. 13 point eight. Dashed 13.8. He goes into fourth and still a lot


of gymnastics this final. Dashed 13.8. The Jack -- the next gymnast


now. The 25-year-old. He also made the vault final and he squeezed into


the top eight. 14.3666 was his qualifying score. Very light.


That is very nice. A very light gymnast, very quick across the


floor. that the shoulders are on the


landings. It is very busy. He was light, he was quick. And he


is capable of potentially squeezing up into medal contention. There are


two gymnasts still to go. I liked the tempo of that routine. Those


starters around will be quite costly. I would be surprised if he


went ahead of David Bishop. He twists very well indeed.


That was the best one. Just a little the blend with where the arms are to


steady the landing. This guy is on his way, he has a lovely twisting


technique. The currently do, Max Whitlock. He


leads David Bishop and Clinton Purnell currently in third place --


the current leader, Max Whitlock. The question is, is Dan Keatings


going up on a six difficulty that he posted in qualification. These days,


the yardstick is a six difficulty, did that well and take it from


there. It is thing for Wah Toon Hoe. -- fifth.


So now it is Dan Keatings for Scotland.


Here's not messing about. He is fairly zooming across the floor.


I think that was out. As long as he is on the line, it is OK. He does


the combination into Russian, very nicely done. And you would expect it


from someone who has taken the European gold medal on pommel.


Keep your focus, Dan Keatings 's. A little skip to the side. He was in


control of that. Well, he zipped through it to get as much difficulty


as he possibly could. But the bad news that a red flag did go up. He


was out but how costly will that be? A score of 14.366 for a bronze.


Well, that was a classy routine. Lots of energy to it. .1 for


stepping out and that tumble had a bit of a deduction on the landing,


didn't it? But I think that will score quite well. I do not think it


will beat Max Whitlock but I would not be surprised if it was the


second-highest score so far. I think he is safe. He is in a medal. Look


at the way he is really piling it in there. It is this relatively


straightforward double twist. He almost rushed into that tumble


little bit quickly. I like this as well. It is a gymnastic link they


have to include. What was clever here is if he had parked at their


his feet would have been out of the area so he walks forward slightly


and then drops his feet down. Lovely to see him working like this. I like


to see routines that show a variety of twisting and rotating skills. He


shows us a clue that there. Twisting and rotating. Two twists, two


somersaults. Well, if you see a number two on the side of the


scoreboard, he is guaranteed a medal. It is third at the moment.


There is one gymnast still to go. It is that 0.1 out which is the


difference between second and third. Will the Canadian upset the home


nation party? Scott Morgan, 25 years old. He has a difficulty value of


6.4. This is power personified. He just


floated upwards, a double straight, is punch one and he lifted. And then


open the parachute to land. Dear, oh dear, oh dear, he means business.


Significantly controlled here. That is a nice pace. He will take a


little breather. He did not really kick it out but managed to roll down


from the soldiers which is what the judges will be looking for. Here's


wrapping in the twists. He is really meaning business here. Worth every


10th. The absolute precision on the twisting double. I tell you what,


that difficulty must go up. Surely, that must be a medal? The question


is, what colour? David Bishop knows he is guaranteed a medal because he


is up in second. That has to be a medal. I think it will come close to


Whitlock's score. Whitlock scored 15.533. That was super work, Chris.


Very clean and really good variety in this routine. Into the punch, one


and a quarter to a prone position. There were not any landing


deductions there. From a style perspective, he is not in the same


class as Whitlock. Know, especially when you see the slow motion. There


are some bent legs. But the judges do not have slow motion. They do not


but I think you can see the bent legs. He has just piled it in. But


there is room for deduction. While we are talking difficulty, Max


posted a difficulty score of 6.7. I have not got my calculator but I


think he has stepped up from 6.4. That was amazing, the way he


launched and kicked out. In my eyes, I think Max just has the edge. Oh,


yes. I would say so. Our debate will go on but I think the judges have


come to a decision. There it is. It is silver medal for Scott Morgan.


David Bishop will take the bronze medal, pushing Daniel Keatings from


Scotland down into fourth. What a floor final. Cracking. That is


world-class performance. Less than .1 ahead of Dan Keatings.


The step out on the floor lost him the medal. Potentially the circle of


the arms could have done that. Yes, he rushed a little bit, Dan


Keatings. But what a performance from David Bishop from New Zealand.


We have been talking about how impressed we have been with the New


Zealanders and the work they have put in, they have reaped their


reward with a bronze medal on floor. Somerby has had a talking to. There


is Max Whitlock, confirmation. There is your leader, Max Whitlock, the


gold medallist. And yet another gold medal, that is gold medal number 34


Max Whitlock. Will the medal count continue for him? Surely. How many


finals has he got? He could potentially have six. That is to


restrict. -- that is terrific. I did say David Bishop could potentially


get bronze. Yes, you did. And Morgan, the last gymnast, he had a


long wait and that can play on your mind, Chris, because if you are


debating Shaddai up my difficulty or not, it can be a tough ten or 15


minutes? Yes, it could be. The thing is, I think he thought he could not


beat Max. He knows he has not quite got that difficulty. But with the


difficulty he has got, he could take the others. I think you went for


that safety. Just looking at Max on that 3.5 twist, the shoulders were


absolutely square. Amazing awareness. Well, Max Whitlock


without doubt, the gold medallist. Scott Morgan takes silver and David


Bishop from New Zealand is more than happy with bronze.


STUDIO: Yes, Max Whitlock's third gold medal means he has one more


gold medals than anyone else at these games. The golden hat-trick,


England's 40th at these games and he has still got two more chances to


come this afternoon. The 24-year-old from Hemel Hempstead is making


himself at home on the top step of the podium. Another wonderful


performance from Max Whitlock. that. It is a major achievement but


I have to focus on the next events. It looked like you are showboating


at one stage. You are just incredibly talented, how much


confidence does that give you going into the other apparatus? A lot of


confidence and it makes me chill out.


I can enjoy the rest of the experience and stay as relaxed as I


can. Two left and a battle coming up. Are you looking forward to it?


I am really looking forward to it, they are great competitors and


hopefully it will be a great competition but I just want to be


happy with what I do. Good luck with the next two.


Pommelhorse and the rings final this afternoon for him. There was also a


golden hat trick on offer today for the new store of the English team


and British gymnastics between macro. She is 16, fourth at seven,


but she took the title last night and pulsate in style. -- for Claudia


Fragapane. Wonderful scenes last night. And now she has another busy


afternoon because she's about to take part in the women's vault


final. She was the top qualifier the other day on the opening day of


qualification and also included is like. And Kirsten Beckett is also


fancied. Kelly Simm looking for her first medal. And good to see Emma


White in the final. Back to the Hydro now with our commentary team.


The gymnasts have been warming up outside, no time here in the arena


which makes all the difference for those gymnasts going later. So


George Rose Brown first from Australia. The sixth highest


qualifier. A tall, elegant gymnast, beautiful style. The straight twist


on the vault, simple but beautifully performed.


This is the first of two. She will have to make a different entry to


the vault. Still looking for a similar difficulty value of around


five. Lovely contact. Look at the technique in the twist. Oddie macro


together. Fully extended. Lovely style in the end -- legs together.


Georgia Rose Brown with her second vault. Her first was 14.1. Her


second now. Georgia Rose Brown saluting the


judges ready for her second vault. This is slightly easier. 4.6, value.


Interesting vault. A half turn. Front somersault.


She has to make sure she is square and she did that very well. A half


turn, very effective. You have to be very quick on this turn. Very


square. Well done, good vault. Again, not a lot of deduction.


Really strong. A bit of line. -- off-line. That is quite often the


problem. She does not quite get square as she makes that turn. So


quick of the top. -- off the top. I thought she was square but slightly


to the left hand side. An average will be taken. 13.833 is the final


score for Georgia Rose Brown, from Australia.


The second gymnast now. Listen to the crowd. Scotland's Emma White.


She was sixth on this apparatus in the Commonwealth Games in 2010. A


strong and powerful approach. Good technique. Beautiful extension. Just


one step. Good vault for number one. A lot of power and determination.


Just as she has approached this competition. One hand is slightly in


front of the other on contact. But very nice and very clean. Very good


alignment. Good and straight. Landing as you are meant to, one


foot either side of the red line. I thoroughly -- she thoroughly enjoyed


her experience. She is making the most of this. She needs to stretch


at this point, keep stretching. A full twist. The shoulders come up.


This is a battle of the execution score. Brown's best execution was


9.1. This is eight point eight. -- 8.8, execution. In qualification,


she did a 4.8. This is the same. She needs to execute this is precisely


as possible. -- as precisely. This is generally the less favoured


vault. That was a shame, the big step. That was a very nice vault.


Half turn. She punches really high. Pike front somersault. There is


nothing more she can do now. She has to wait and hope that she scores


over 13.833. She gets extra points for the pike shape. Similar vault


but in the pike shape. Very nice. She just overcooked it at the end. I


watched her in training and she landed on straight legs. I could see


she was anxious not to allow that to happen again. Taking into


consideration that they do train beforehand, having a bad session can


play on the mind, Chris. Yes, it can. Which he performed that well.


She just looked on her knees to early. -- took ten. They will give


her the four, eight, but that propelled her forwards and it


increased her rotation. Emma White, silver medal position at the moment.


The. Behind the current leader, Georgia Rose Brown. -- she is


behind. Kirsten Beckett could get into the medals. She qualified with


the third highest score. Gymnast from South Africa. Also in the floor


final and the bars final. A very powerful and purposeful gymnast.


Very nicely done. One and a half twist, that increases the score.


Quite a large debt forward at the end. How costly world that he? If


you step and you join your feet, that is a .3. If she had stepped


back to the landing place, that would have been a .1. That is a.


Full. Very good contact, the feet low. -- that is a fall point. The


hardest vault we have seen so far. They go up in increments of three.


5.3 is given. The execution is over nine. Second vault is still to come.


She got good height and flight and they do deductions for a lack of


height. This is good and powerful. they do deductions for a lack of


height. This is A lot riding on this vault. Really strong. Quite a lot of


difficult than the flip entry. She looks very relieved. I doubt she


does those many times in competition. Using that approach, it


is harder to get the height you need, Chris. It is, so it is given a


greater tariff. She cannot contact with the feet so low when you make


the half turn like that. Some gymnasts have a wide base with the


arms and some quite close, and she was quite close, I thought. Quite


good technique, isn't it? The feet are already quite high above you so


you cannot rocket off the top the same way. That is why she is trying


to create that wide base. To give the conversion upwards. Enough


airtime for the full twist. She would want a bit more if she was


putting an extra half on that twist. Good vault, I thought. That is two


vaults done. 13.833 is the score to beat, and she does it. 14.1664


Kirsten Beckett. -- 14.166, Kirsten Beckett. That could push the leading


score into third. A powerful gymnast, very good indeed. Brought


in to help the England team for the rest of the Commonwealth Games and


it worked a couple of days ago. Total aggression in the approach.


Double twist. Sliding to one side. To get two twists, her feet must


have been low on contact. Very good. A very fast gymnast. When she


contacts the platform, her elbows locked. She bounces off and up. That


gives her the time for the two twists. And it really is an all or


nothing about, it can go so wrong, especially at such a high level. I


said it before, if you match airtime with rotation and twisting... And


she does it very well indeed. Yes. There will be a deduction for the


chest down but it is so fast and dynamic, it is difficult for judges


sometimes to see that. She has gone up slightly, 14.633. She could be on


target for a medal here. If she can land this next vault. A five


difficulty. So slightly easier. She really needs to focus, it has to be


precise. Very well done. The front somersault with a half turn, that


was a great vault. And that is going to challenge. It definitely will.


She is coached by Keith and Debbie Richardson, Simm. Very experienced


coaches. Once again, the aggression. A half turn. Two before have done


this and she did it with a twist. Plenty of attack. I mean business!


They do not get the credit they should do. It is very complex


twisting for these gymnasts. You can see the extension through the


shoulders really powers up. That is what is missing in so many vaults.


That was good vaulting. Consistently difficult. And consistently


accurate. Kelly can now enjoy her experience. She and all the other


vaulters can do no more. Just waiting.


Will it be good enough for a medal? That was close. Yes. She is ahead by


.0 83. Ellie Black hoping to put right what went wrong yesterday. A


big first vaults. She hung in the air, made it look very easy. A very


good style. You could see it in her face, the absolute determination.


She means business today, Chris. She was a finalist in the Olympics. A


really good style, Mitch. Absolutely dead centre. She can twist and come


out nicely. That is great vaulting. Look how precise that was. It is a


5.4 difficulty. This gymnast has made every individual final. A very


tough schedule for Ellie Black. But she starts superbly.


She needs now to keep this consistency if she is to go ahead of


Kelly Simm. She really needs lots of speed to


drive her feet into the board. Lovely! She is really on fire today.


Where will the judges deduct from on this because it looked incredibly


smooth. It is incredibly difficult to do these Tsukahara base fault


with one and a half twists. The arm well forward. A nice base, spot on.


She had a starter yesterday but today, this was perfectly landed.


The textbook style. Potential may be lack of height. And may be tucking


the knees up a little early on that last half twist. But I would be


surprised if that has less than nine for execution. Look at that broad


base. Chris, you're quite right, a little bit loose at the of the


knees. But we can see this in slow motion and it was a very fast vault.


Surely she have to lead the field? The current leader Kelly Simm looks


up. Three gymnasts to go. One of which is Claudia Fragapane. She goes


into first place. The trick is to have both vaults as good as each


other. The second Canadian in this final, Maegan Chant. An interesting


start. A real no-nonsense approach to this


vaulting. You could see in the way she did that, it was quite a


different style to that of Ellie Black. She means business. Was it


piped or straight? Very nice technique. She hits the


platform, extends, opens those hips and then comes into a pike. I think


she holds the park. If she had piked and then extended out, they would be


giving it a straight but I think that is just the pike. My old coach


used to say pike extension, hip rotation.


I think they are having that debate, is it pike or straight? They need to


have a word with your coach, Mitch! That was lovely. That was another


Tsukahara vault. Neither of the Canadians opting for the more


popular flip on. That was arguably better than the first one. A lovely


shape. She really held her shape. Interestingly, the same technique on


the top of the table. Almost as centrally landed. A lovely


conversion of power. Whether it will be enough to go ahead of Ellie Black


is one point. Kelly Simm is second at the moment.


gymnasts. Canada have not had a very happy time at these Commonwealth


Games, in terms of medals and success. Very close between second


and third at the moment. It is second. She scores exactly the


same for both vaults, as does her compatriot. Dipa Karmakar next.


Again, the Tsukahara with full twist. She just got her head stuck a


little bit and struggled with the second half. Nothing like as strong


a quality with that vault. She made it difficult than herself because


she stayed piked. An ideal shape is the straight shape to twist. You can


see the break of the hips and it wriggled a little bit and destroyed


the flight. She did not quite get those feet right over her head from


the beginning. However, it was a good solid vaults. Deductions for


legs apart on. A really unorthodox technique, we


would say there. Technically, a little bit lacking.


Look at the scoreboard there. That gives you an idea of how difficult


this vault is. A seven! Chris is wincing.


And she made it! She made it! How about that? Absolutely fantastic! I


have not seen that in 20 years. Well done! That is her moment.


Absolutely. To get that round. She had maybe an inch between her bum


and the mat. a deduction for brushing the floor


but definitely feet first. Huge delight.


This is fabulous vaulting. Courageous and it paid off. We did


have our hearts in our mouths little bit up here but that was great. She


is delighted. A seven difficulty obviously gives her a big, big


cushion. Ellie Black leads the field. Kelly Simm is hanging on for


England in bronze medal position. Dipa Karmakar is in silver medal


position for the moment. One gymnast is still to come and it is


England's Dipa Karmakar -- Claudia Fragapane.


That was a good, strong vault. Well, Chris, weighed you think the


deductions will come from there? Little bit slack knees. Her knees


are little bit bent and the direction. She very cleverly lands


to one side and jumps in but she gets that because she bends one


elbow on the contact and that is where the deviation comes. It is


fabulous vaulting. She is a tiny gymnast. It is the right arm which


bends. She just attacks it. A lot of good stuff. She lands with


her chest well up. She is cleanly round. Very impressive vaulting from


Claudia. She scored 14 points six in qualification. She has gone up on


that score. Nile Wilson watches on. Very good vaulting. It will be a


child end. It will be very, very close this. -- it will be a


challenge. I am sure it was good enough. Very, very courageous. Did


not hold back. The second vault was equally impressive.


legs. The power and the height and the attack is fabulous. Definitely a


medal. Yes, her energy, will look at this. -- look at this. Power and the


determination she overcomes it. The somersault with the half turn. And a


characteristic smile. There is no doubt that is not straight. This


starts straight. You have to hold the shape for half of it. That could


be a deduction. We will blow them to give it. -- we will wish for them to


give it. Will we see a number one? Everybody is eagerly awaiting the


result including Ellie Black who is in the lead with a score of 14.433.


The judges are keeping us in suspense. Her only final today, she


has floor tomorrow. She got 14.2666 qualification to become the highest


qualifier. -- 14 .266 in qualification. They are making her


weight. The suspense is too much for Claudia Fragapane. Her eyes are


glued on the scoreboard. That debate between pike or straight. Calm down!


The judges are not sure and they can as to watch the video. -- they can


asp. Dipa Karmakar is definitely guaranteed a medal. Great news for


India. I think they are watching things back. Dipa Karmakar is in


second. Ellie Black is third. They will have to wait longer as Claudia


decides to take a seat. The Hydro have started to clap. To encourage


the judges story up. -- to hurry up. The emotion of yesterday is that!


Here we go. She got Gold in the all-around yesterday. And


confirmation, she has got Gold here in the women's vault final. An


average score of 14.633. Fragapane, the Golden bowl once more! -- the


Golden girl. She is only 16 and four foot seven


and a giant of these Commonwealth Games. Fabulous performance gain


from Claudia Fragapane. We will go to the man's more horse


final shortly. We have Louis Smith and Daniel Keatings. They are


running 15 minutes late at the Hydro so we were fair in about ten


minutes. That gives us time to go to the Emirates Arena. We are enjoying


the man's badminton. The English number one, the silver-medallist


from Delhi, is trying to get into the quarterfinals. He is up against


the man from Singapore. It is eight all in the second game.


Getting nicely out of that, he was in deep problems all the way. That


was a good shot, a camera shot. It is not a badminton shot.


He is getting to it very early. On this forehand. That is very nicely


played. Ouseph is under great pressure. He cannot reach him,


despite his long legs. That is nice. Exactly the same score


as in the first game interval. Ouseph leading 11-10.


First-time Ouseph has had a two point advantage in this game. What a


chance! He took a long swing here. Ouseph was lucky to get away here


and I think he knows it. That was not well constructed.


He has pushed that long. Ouseph did well to get out of the way here.


That was straight down the middle. Once again, I feel Ouseph is really


sort of edging away. Gliding away. Gliding away! I feel he is slowly


but surely adding on the margin one point at a time. Nice and easy. It


will possibly now go to 17-12. It is always good fun to guess now and


again! What worries me is that you are normally right! I get many


right! But sometimes I also get them painfully wrong!


You see? You said it was going to be 17-12. It was close! One point, yes.


He got the first. You were 50% right! Good to defence from Ouseph


here. -- good defence. Huang taking nice control of this rally. Ouseph


will have to react to whatever is thrown at him. But at that. That is


a beauty. -- look at that. Nice to see he is taking the pace away from


that shot, he is the reverse drop shot rather than going for the big


smash. But at how effective that was. -- look at. Ouseph is nowhere


near it. We can have a highlight of the


expressions of Huang! He is having delightful expressions! Well


intercepted. Good anticipation here. Another one is long. These are five


match points. The Ouseph. -- for Ouseph. Yes! Interesting way of


changing his mind at the last moment. Ouseph is through to the


quarterfinals and it will be a battle between England and Scotland.


Awaiting him in the last eight is Kieran may release.


England against Scotland. And Kieran is Ouseph's training partner.


Stand-by, it is time for the man's pommelhorse final, one of the most


eagerly anticipated events. Louis Smith was the main man a couple of


years ago when he took silver in the Olympics in this event and he became


part of sporting royalty in this country. But the man who finished


one place behind him in bronze was map Chris Whitlock a couple of years


ago -- Max Whitlock. And he has created more pain nearing moves than


even the Louis Smith achieved. -- pain nearing. And Daniel Keatings is


the reigning British champion in this list two silver medals so far.


So sit back and enjoyed the man's pommelhorse final. -- and enjoy.


the home nations will prevail and keep this medal winning that we are


seen? I do not want to keep -- put my money on anyone. Max has had an


amazing competition. He has already been out here. This dominance is


continuing, because down below us, 28 has received a gold medal -- Amy


Regan. -- Amy Regan. -- Matt Claudia Fragapane. -- Claudia Fragapane.


APPLAUSE. This moment is all about English National Anthem -- Claudia


Fragapane. She has been on a high and she has had to pick herself up.


She does not seem to get fazed by anything. Going last it is a long


way. She was composed and off she went. Here are the bolts. -- vaults.


She was likely off to the side. This is the second one. She is


incredible. I had to have her, Black gets the first bronze and India


McPeak gets the bronze -- Black gets the silver macro -- silver medal --


India McPeak. McPeak gets the bronze -- Black gets


the silver macro -- -- -- Dipa Karmakar. We cannot discount Daniel


Keating 's. He had a great day. It might give him that fight. He is


penned sharp in his execution. The score is split between difficulty in


execution. Those gymnast who want to push it, there is a risk there. Well


Lewis know that he can go 64 nine. All we had to go on was his


qualification routine, none of us had Seaman was going to be like. On


the execution point, talk us through this. He did swing very smoothly. He


had a 7.2 in the locker he was determined to move. He has been


criticised in the past, but he has claimed that out. Also, the fluid


nurse of the swing, when he gets into the air, -- fluidity, he keeps


them in a parallel line. He has worked on his score. I think he has


got the edge. Here, when he sets the dismount, there is no hesitation.


Superb work. The difficulty billed as the whole routine continues.


Now, there is a massive deduction -- bills. There has to be a constant


flow. That has a knock-on affect on the final score. When they get into


that routine, they are thinking they have to land. Lewis is determined to


go out with 272, is he ready? He has been preparing since the beginning


of the year. He was starting to get fit at the beginning of last year. I


cannot call this one. The lads are out. Louis Smith was sat up


watching. Now, he is ready, he has his tracksuit on. Let us look at the


competitors. Anderson kicks this off. The Scottish competitor is


third up. Jack Davis for Wales and then Louis Smith. Then Daniel Purvis


and Max Whitlock will round things off. How crucial is this order?


Daniel Keatings will be edgy. He can go out there and get his job done


and sit and relax. He is setting the benchmark for Louis Smith to come


up. Max will not be watching. He will take themselves into a corner


and do his own thing, he will hear the reaction from the crowd. Louis


Smith already has Commonwealth gold. He has been there and done it. He


has nothing to lose. Max already has three gold medals and has nothing to


lose. It will be a battle of difficulty. Louis Smith is looking


relaxed. I spoke to him the other day and he said that his goal was to


come here and prove he was ready. The final is a different story. You


want to get into that final and Louis Smith will say he does not


want that title, but every athlete is here to win. This is the men's


pommel horse final and it starts with Anderson Loran from Canada. You


have to close your legs at the top. Deductions. He has to keep his hands


together. If you do not have your hands parallel, he keeps them on the


dismount. On pommel horse, that is a level field. It is great when the


first person starts off well. It sets the tone. That was probably the


most important routine. Well executed, good style am a little


brushes on the handles, there will be deductions -- and little brushes.


You can see on the screen, the execution score. He is doing very


well. He is very cleverly using the handles. They cannot deduct you for


having one hand in front of the other on the handles. A good


exercise. His qualification score was 13 point 66. He did well to go


through. He will put the pressure on the rest. If you go through, you


have set a marker. A lot of people fall off. 13.6. As you say, the


benchmark has been set. Clinton Parnell for Wales. -- Clinton


Purnell. He got a 5.14 difficulty. Clinton Purnell for Wales. Forgive


me for saying, I remember him as a tiny lad. This is not his favourite


and he is delighted to make this final. He has made a very solid


start. Look how far the hands are part, that is deductible. He has to


keep them together. He is keeping the swing. The rhythm is good. And


he has to keep it now. That is the pause you did not want to save. He


could lose the value of the dismount. Tough, but a fact. Well,


we have to point out there has been a lot of gymnastics going on, but in


the individual finals, nothing else is happening, it just that one


performance and all eyes are focused in on the gymnast. That is quite


nerve-wracking. Lovely overhead shot. You can see him brushing the


handles. The overhead shot gave us a good look at how straight the body


was. You can see a little bit of a hike and that was the problem. He


used strength rather than swing. He will get add deduction. -- a


deduction. A little resigned smile. Good work on the apparatus. He did


not fall off. Watch the left hand, he will tap it in quickly. Good


technique. He has got good technique -- attack. -- tuck. Daniel Keatings


waits for the judges to put up the score for Clinton Purnell. I doubt


they are deliberating on the dismount. It is in, 12.966. A little


shrug. Daniel Keatings. He has been European champion. He is in with a


chance of a medal, but the tiniest of mistakes pushed him out of the


medals on the floor. The smallest margin. The smallest mistake. He has


a lovely swinging style. Nice pick-up, into the stretch body


swing. Keeps the swing. Such a difficult one to control. This is a


great start. Hands are absolutely parallel. Very nice work indeed.


Into another triple Russian. Very good work indeed. Travelling back,


keep the swaying! That is huge! -- swing. Daniel Keatings is through.


He has laid down the gauntlet now. Louis Smith knows he has a job to


do. As does Max Whitlock. He did not hold back. That was so difficult.


And so elegant. That was the best I have seen Daniel Keatings swing on


the pommel horse. Look at that style. For so many years, he has


been in the shadows but this could well be his moment. It is easy to


forget that this guy companies with the best, trains with the best, has


won an Olympic medal. The adjustments will tell you, it is


three tenths every time you do it. Look at him, is he smiling? He


knows! Yes! He is smiling there. You come here with an idea what it is


you want to achieve and to absolutely deliver with your own


expectations must be the best feeling. Absolutely. You can do no


better. 16.058! The gymnasts in this pommel horse final have real work to


do. Max and Louis Smith cannot hold back. Dear oh dear. Davies now for


Wales. 18 years old. The youngest in this final. Very nice. His flop.


Interesting that they call it that. A triple Russian in the middle. This


is good swinging. Nicely extended at the front. There are each confident


work. This is a good routine. Driving forward. Good discipline


with the hand placement. Come on, don't lose the rhythm. Lift your


hips and lift your feet. Yes, that was a lovely routine. Jac Davey is


going for a very high execution score. He looks a little bit


lightweight as he is swinging. I have known the coach for many years


and he will be delighted. He wasn't overawed in any way at all. Just


came to work on the pommel horse, it was the only PC did. Quite often


that can be quite nerve wracking. But not for this young guy. I do not


think that the difficulty level will be quite a seven but it was very


well executed. Lovely hip discipline. Watch the hand


disappear. That is a sign of good technique. If you get the hand


behind the hip. A lovely line. And look how he kept it here. Again! You


can see the elation! The relief. You just don't want to make a complete


fool of yourself in front of these people. 14.8. A very respectable


score in this company. When you think of a six difficulty. Louis


Smith for England. He has put so much work in the gym for his


comeback. Now is his time to shine. The question about difficulty will


soon be answered. When he gets onto this one handle, you need a double


stretched circle. He is going well. See when he stretches. There is the


first. No, he has played safe there. Clean in the spindle. And he is


flaring on, picking up the circle. This is where the difficulty is


coming up a bit. Mikey. This is crucial. He has lost the


rhythm. That will be the difference. The dismount will be a question. It


will only be a. It may not be gold this time for Louis Smith but it was


all about proving he can come back. It was a really impressive routine


until the very end. I was thinking how are the judges going to split


them? He did their job for them. He really did have a go here. The


second handstand was a little bit short. Let's have a look at it. But


he got onto the end. Step up. And we watch leg Trail. And it is good


night, Irene once that happens. But mostly very successfully done. He is


a big man, you know. He is very sure about hand placement on the handle.


You wonder how Paul feels with two such brilliant performers in this


final. The execution of his work through the routine. There is the


pause. That is the moment. That is not a dismount. They might give him


a C. But in this company and with the fault on the handle before. He


goes into second. It is a score of Dan Keatings for Scotland leads.


Gabriel Gan. He was just outside of the medals at the Olympic Games. The


struggle in the values it a little bit but nice and clean. -- the


straddle in the values it a little bit. A very good final so far. And


he didn't hesitate through the sequence to give him a clear


dismount. A similar approach to Davies from Wales. It will be


interesting to see the battle between those two. He didn't qualify


with anything like such a score. But a good line, light and slight, that


is the name of the game for easy pommel work. Absolutely. To swing


straight. He reminds me of the Australian who used to swing very


quickly. Another small man. Look how that hand is hidden behind the


hips. Good extension. Lovely shape in side support as well. This is


very good quality work. I am keen to see the difficulty score. Whether or


not it will see the difficulty score. Whether or


be higher than by four. It needs to be to get up to Davies. That is good


work from him. High quality. Davies in third at the moment with 14.8. It


is 14.266. He had a go. He knew he had to if he was going to have any


success in this final. Somebody else who will have a very good go is


Daniel Purvis for Scotland. He posted a 6.1 difficulty earlier. He


has been in the 15th before. He is no stranger to it. He cut it short.


Variation. Very swift in the Russian. Pike. I tell you what,


there is a determination in this. Through the Russians on the end.


Travelling through. Keep the rhythm, young man! There is another one.


Another one through. Lovely work from Daniel Purvis. It is going to


be the top end of 14. Can it creep into 15? Will that put him into


third? Are you excited? What a pommel horse final we are


experiencing here. Come on down! Good to see him. He has faltered a


bit in this championship but he was really at his fighting best here. He


has been criticised for being pike at the front but he kept the swing


going. This has proved crucial. To be able to keep rhythm in any


handstand, including the dismount. It is hard to be critical but the


judges have two separate them somehow. What is your prediction? I


would like to see him get a 15. What is his difficulty? His difficulty is


6.1 in qualification. He needs an 8.9. I think it was good. Are the


judges seeing it? He took as by surprise in parts of his routine


because he navigated his way differently to what he has done


before. He wondered whether to put another turn in there but he thought


he would play it safe. Get off, while you are winning! I have to


say, technically, not quite as stretched as some of them. The last


man up is Max Whitlock, adjusting the pommel horse. He is fourth.


14.516. Execution down at 8.4. That is harsh in my book. The judges are


doing a good job. They are sticking to the new rules. Hand placement.


Louis Smith is guaranteed a medal. But what colour? Will it be gold and


time again for Max Whitlock? He is more than capable but a big score to


beat. Handstand, very secure. One Russian, two Russians. He really


needs that 7.3. If anything, so far he is even more stretched. The same


mistake as in qualifying but he has picked it up. There is the spin.


Very difficult work. Good placement of the hands. Still going. Go one.


There we go. He keeps his rhythm. He is going back again. He really got


hold of it. It was the execution quite as good as Daniel Keatings?


Not to my eye. I don't know if it will creep into the 16? It is easy


for us, but 31-macro went through something special. -- Daniel


Keatings. He will hold onto that gold medal. You saw a little brush


there. I see this as a silver medal. I am a great admirer of Max.


Beautiful work. Confident on one handle. There, you could see that


was a big break and a big hike at the back. -- pike. He had a break of


a line and picked it up again. That is due to his great strength that he


is able to think quickly and adjust his body quickly. He had to know


whether the judges are sharp enough to pick up on the shapes. We are


told that you need to pick up on the quality of shape. C. It is silver


for Max Whitlock. -- let us see. There is golden, Daniel Keatings. We


thought the smile was big yesterday when he got a silver medal, but to


achieve at this medal and in this company, they were all here, Louis


Smith, Maxwell Clark... -- Max Whitlock. Daniel Keatings would have


been the least likely. Max Whitlock really went for it. Louis Smith did


so well to make that final. He ran out of steam little bit. -- a little


bit. You lose a bit of your edge when you are competing. He will know


that the right man took a gold medal. Any other competition


involving the pommel horse, Max Whitlock would have won. Louis Smith


did not get the medal he wanted, but he gave a very good account of


himself to win the bronze medal. Brilliant to show that sort of form.


What a final, we have all waited and wondered what the outcome -- outcome


would be. The lads did not disappoint, joining us here,


Scotland's only gold medallist at the Commonwealth Games. He has just


had that title taken away. It is now an exclusive club that Daniel


Keatings is a part of. I am delighted for him. The time had to


come and see it happen here, it was absolutely incredible. I am so


happy. You were delighted for him yesterday, but how different is the


gold medal? It is incredible. The expectation and pressure was on him


and under that pressure, he pulled it off in front of the home crowd.


We were saying, for so long, Daniel Keatings has always been there, he


has taken on a lot of the pressure, pushed British gymnastics forward,


but it feels right that here, in front of a home crowd, he has done


it. He has had his ups and downs, but he has used that will stop it is


unbelievable, because he was first up, he did not have a benchmark to


follow. Then Louis Smith and Max Whitlock came in and knew they had


to up their difficulty. It did not work. With the score of 16, let us


treat ourselves to another look at what was close to perfection. It


starts well, it had this real flow. There was real tempo and rhythm. It


really helped him to do that floor routine and when it came to the


pommel horse, he did not need to worry about adjusting to the


atmosphere. There was no part where he -- were you thought he was losing


rhythm. Obviously, you have to wait to the end because the dismount


could be costly. It is so crucial, you have to remain calm on the


pommel horse. He is swinging, going with the flow, going for the gold


medal. He punches the air in delight. A special moment. It is


worth mentioning that Max beat the gymnast that pushed Louis Smith out


of the gold medal position in the Olympics. The quality of gymnast


that we have is second to none. -- gymnasts. How will this compare to


the other medals he has won? It is a massive achievement. It was not just


a normal final, this was hotly contested. This is the one he


wanted, this was the anticipated final. We had two Olympic medallists


going for a gold medal and it was amazing. A word on Louis Smith, this


was his big moment coming back stop you could see in his face that he


would give it a good shot. You could see that he was adding the


difficulty throughout the routine. The whole routine was so clean and


tidy, he had that flair we have seen so many times. There was real


determination. Yes, he was going for broke, not holding anything back. He


has such a great character. He was swinging, he was calm. He finishes


off the routine and I think he knows that he gave it is best shot. -- his


best shot. We have seen him in other championships and was a focus on


getting their medal, but here it has been different. It was different


pressure, he wanted to put the critics write and show that he was


not living a celebrity lifestyle and he had focused on his gymnastics and


still has that passion. Max Whitlock, he has been having a


storming competition, but it goes to show, a tiny bend in the arms and


the placing changes. Going last is pretty bad macro putting yourself


under pressure. It is a difficult place to be. You have to find the


best within yourself. It is not an easy place to be. Are you part of


this schedule? You have been part of the bed will stop is this your fault


that the gymnasts are working every single hour? -- bid. To see the


development of the gymnast, they believe in themselves. They are


standing on the podium and getting the rewards they deserve, the hours


in training they put in, it is wonderful. I think Max might be


tired. The bend in the arms might be a result of that. He has more finals


to come. It is split over a week. If you have made the team finals and


the individual finals, it is a tough task. The gymnasts are out to


receive their medals and once again, it is a home nations are fair. Louis


Smith, Daniel Keatings and Max Whitlock -- affair. What a final it


was. Louis Smith leads out three world class performers on the pommel


horse. Daniel Keatings has found the miracle of form just at the right


time. Max wedlock, we know all about him, he is on a roll, it he is


focused -- Max Whitlock. The man that everyone wanted to come out, he


is such a nice guy, Daniel Keatings emerges on top of the pile. The


medals will be presented by the Earl of Wessex. There is the Earl of


Wessex. Alongside Helen Phillips who has done so much for a Welsh


gymnastics, as well as in her role for the Commonwealth -- for Welsh


gymnastics. The winner of the Commonwealth medal, Louis Smith. He


came here to prove something to himself. Lots of us who know the


sport know he has nothing to prove. himself. Lots of us who know the


This is to show that is hard is still in gymnastics. That bronze


medal is so well-deserved. -- heart. Great stuff. Louis Smith


takes a bronze medal to out to his considerable collection. The winner


of the silver medal, representing England, Max Whitlock. A silver


marvel to add to three gold medals. Whichever way you look at it, he has


had a great games -- Games -- medal. He was 15.966, as close issue can


get! That was a superb performance -- as close as you can get.


get! That was a superb performance -- as close Max Whitlock, gymnast


extraordinaire. Max Whitlock takes the Silver medal for the pommel


horse. Gold medallist and Commonwealth champion, representing


Scotland's, Daniel Keatings. No need to say his name -- Scotland. He has


joined the exclusive 16 stratospheric club. A man who can


score over 16 on the pommel horse. A golden performance. He accepts his


medal in the way only he can. Humbly and gratefully. Daniel Keatings is a


great sportsman. He is the pride of Scotland. Ladies and gentlemen, the


National Anthem of Scotland. Scottish National Anthem.. --


Scottish National Anthem. Let's celebrate our Commonwealth


Games gold medallist. Emotional moments as Scotland get


their gold and Daniel Keatings restores his status as one of our


very best gymnasts in the whole of Great Britain. Good to see him back


and what a final it was. Max Whitlock taking the silver and Louis


Smith proved to us that his heart is still with us to take the bronze.


What a final it was. In our heart of hearts, I think that was the order


we wanted. I know his mother and father are in the crowd. Paul Hall


was with him. They have gone through that tough time with him, so it is


great and to do that in Scotland and become only the second ever gold


medallist is a massive achievement. There is the confirmation. Flower of


Scotland sounds really good in here. It is amazing. I am so happy for


Dam, he is only the second man to do this. It is wonderful to see. I


don't know if your microphone was up at the time but Beth and I were


treated to a wonderful rendition of flower of Scotland from you, Steve.


He has such a wonderful smile on his face. Yesterday with the silver, and


about gold just means so much. How do you think Louis Smith will be


feeling? You can see that he is pleased for Daniel, they have been


together since they were four or five years old. They have been


training for a long time. I am pleased for him. His coach Paul Hall


has had a big influence on him. It is hard because he has got to of the


best pommel workers in the country and he has taken them both to medal


status. European Championship. He has had a big influence on both


their careers. What do you think this will mean an Daniel Keatings


from a selector 's point of view? I think it turns the table. He was


performing under pressure and he has pulled it off. It is going to make


the selectors think again about that team selection. We are going to lose


you very shortly. You have duties to do as Scotland's first gold


medallist. You will always be that. I am looking forward to it. I am


presenting the rings medal. It is going to be a great honour to pass


it onto our gold medallist on the rings. It is the discipline for


which you received a gold medal. I think we might have a photograph.


That we are. Look at you there. I remember watching that. It was


straight after my final. That's right. I remember. Seeing images


like this. You will have seen so many images. The year that you got


to that you got about gold medal, annual Keating 's was born. It is


incredible. I suppose everybody needs somebody to look up to. Sorry


to cut you off. We have been wondering what Daniel is thinking.


Here we go. We are in an incredibly privileged position watching these


three perform. It was the one to watch. It was the one that you were


looking forward to and you delivered on the big stage. It was amazing


being in front of a home crowd and doing one of the best routines I


have done. I upped my game to a seven point to start and I hit it.


You say it was the Olympics that you never had. You seemed to thrive in


the atmosphere. Yes. I have had my best results in front of a home


crowd and I was happy to continue that here. I am ecstatic with the


win. Was it extra special being up against your mates, two of the best


pommel horse workers in the world. Definitely. All three of us have the


highest start scores in the world at the moment. The medal could have


gone to any of us. I was just happy to be in the final with these guys.


I am sure you are going to revel in it. And the rings to come later.


Max, another medal. A silver. A huge achievement. I am very happy. Such a


great final to be a part of. Scoring 16 is huge in front of a home crowd.


Well done. This competition has been great. You have been taking on a lot


of stuff. Three outrageous finals. Did you feel like anything from the


early apparatus are affected you? It helped to chill me out and kept me


relaxed. I am starting to get tired after my fourth day in a row. I have


one more piece to focus on. Well done. We are looking forward to


watching you. Louis Smith, you seemed to enjoy that. I had a


brilliant time out there. The crowd has been fantastic and it has been a


brilliant pommel horse final. I went for a harder routine, I had nothing


left to give. I was quite tired. It didn't go my way but I have come


third. I am happy. Unlucky for the Welsh guy who did a brilliant


routine and came fourth. You were cheering and clapping of every


minute. Everybody was looking forward to seeing all of you. What


was it like to be amongst your friends in this arena with thousands


of people cheering you on? It has been unbelievable. There are not


many pommel horse finals I have thoroughly enjoyed but this was


brilliant. It was an intense experience, the anxiety and it was


such fun. I am glad I am back and I am looking forward to carrying on


training. That is the question. Are we going to see you more on the mat?


After what I have done at this Commonwealth Games, it would be


silly to give up so I am looking forward to doing more. Thanks to all


of you. Huge congratulations to all three lads. We will have a chat with


them later. The line-up now for the women's uneven bar.


Elizabeth Beddoe is the first to go from Wales. She has the mat to go


but for the moment she concentrates on the uneven bars. Very nice full


pirouette. That is an error. Very difficult for these inexperienced


gymnast to come straight in. She didn't quite get the swing into the


somersault. In this format, the gymnasts have no warm up in the


arena. Well, they did about three hours ago but they have been in the


gym training while they are waiting for their go. Elizabeth, although 18


years old will not have done a massive amount of finals like this.


Down to the low bar. With the half term, very well performed. Handstand


and a big swing up. Needs a good dismount. She does. That was such a


shame. The difficult work she did fairly well. She was just unsettled


on the hop. It is a pity. A fine gymnast. Once you lose your rhythm,


Chris, and she did, it is very hard to get it back. She hopped on the


way. This is the one that worked. Then she struggled to early and


didn't get her heels pop. Her hips lead and not their heels. That made


the somersault quite low and she didn't cling on to the bars. The


judges have to decide whether she had a momentary hang. From the


reaction of the bar, she might get away with it. If so, it is a


decision that is worth about one marks. A lovely dismount. She is a


fine gymnast. The Welsh women did fantastically. There is Tracy, the


national coach for Wales. Most of the gymnasts are training at the


National Centre. She was British champion aged nine and ten.


Elizabeth Beddoe. 11.633 was the score. Chalked up and ready to go is


England's Becky Downie. She has a similar dilemma to the lads on


pommel horse she has a difficult routine and another one. Which will


she do first? Full pirouette, straight into the pike to catch up.


A move named after her, the Downie. Another release. Back down to the


low bar. She has got to get back up to the high bar. She makes the turn


just right. Needs to speed the Giants are up. Well done, Becky


Downie. That is a routine that will be hard to beat. A commanding


performance. She hit every handstand. I was relieved that you


said it was the difficult routine because that was just immense. She


missed one link. Sometimes she can get the second catch but she didn't


chance it. She did be easier routine in qualification. She obviously


thought very quickly. Original, courageous. As European champion on


this apparatus you would expect her to produce under pressure and that


is exactly what she did. She did a tall Katchev in the pike position


and that is the move named after her, the Downie. She does a clear


circle into Katchev. You have to be so clean. Accuracy on the timing and


the shapes have two be right. That is great stuff. She is going to need


a score in the high 14s for the gold. This should hover towards the


15s. I would have hoped for her. We have seen Becky be a bit


inconsistent when she was younger. Like Dan Keatings she went to the


Olympics in 2008 and didn't get the selection in 2012. She was teetering


on whether to fight back and she has done so and is now reaping the


rewards. Larissa Miller will be the gymnast after her. The


second-highest qualifier. Becky was the highest qualifier. 14.683. The


difficulty down a little bit? 16.4! 14.666, she is up on qualification.


Representing Australia, Larrissa Miller. A finalist at the World


Championships. She qualified second. Jumps straight to the high bar,


lovely extension. Huge catch. Links two releases together. A pike in and


out. Super high somersaults. Three big releases already. Locked solid


handstand. Lovely line on the handstands. Increases the swaying,


Phil, twisting, that is a strong bed -- swing. It is going to be very


close. Not a highly difficulty score, but her execution was clean.


Lovely line, clean. The precision... Quality of swaying,


quality of line and accuracy. Will it be a winning formula? -- swing.


We will have to wait and see. Focus and determination. Lovely, look at


that. Keep the swing on the transfer. So many gymnasts struggle


there. Beautiful line. It is worth talking about the handstand, because


with those turns, you have to be at 12 o'clock. If you cannot include


too many turns, you can do better. Lovely dismount. Lovely turn. They


both included one peril wet, her and Rebecca Downie. -- piroutte. The


score for Rebecca Downie is 14.666. It is not good enough. 14.5664


Larrissa Miller. Rebecca Downie holes on. 38. -- Elsabeth Black. She


is a great gymnast. She spends that somersault straight down to the low


bar. Really building her difficulty up. She was really right above the


bar, there was no question. There is the full piroutte. Love the


dismount. Straight body with a half turn. Lovely work. She set up that


beautifully. Lovely technique on the dismount. In qualification, she


posted a 5.4. I think difficulty will be what makes the difference. I


think there will be a similar score. She linked that very well. Two


difficult moves. Lovely straight arms, good body shape. This was


impressive, look at the height. She has very good energy. She creates


energy. Lovely technique. has very good energy. She creates


energy. Lovely Because these buyers are wooden or fibreglass, they do


their hand and the gymnasts can use the bend of the bar 's -- bar 's. --


bars. Different bars have different bounce. It is an anxious wait for


Rebecca Downie. The first to go. Elsabeth Black, 13.7, a difficulty


of 5.5, but execution very similar to the previous gymnasts. Now, the


South African, Kristen Beckett. -- Kirsten Beckett. Leisurely turn,


another gymnast who works with great energy. Into the forward element,


stretches out, he was out, good work. -- heels out. She was the


eighth highest qualifier. A good showing, second final of the day.


She will not have such a high difficulty score. It was a good


performance. Nice. Nice rotations. It enabled her to swaying from it --


swing. It was a clean routine. Heads the handstand on the transfer. --


hits. Just a question of difficulty. Look at that. The release was


perfectly timed. Their heels driving backwards to give her rotation. --


the heels. The coach there. The coach is allowed on the podium to do


that. Did she not miss that in one of the competitions? She missed the


dismount last night. She set it up well there. These gymnasts have had


to turn around quickly. They were competing last night until after


nine o'clock and they are back in again. Kirsten Beckett 12.933, she


is in fourth place. Rebecca Downie leads. He is a gymnast who could


threaten for medals. -- here is a gymnast. Georgia-Rose Brown, the


third highest qualifier. This is her favourite apparat is. Lovely long


line. -- apparat is. Passion apparatus. Front somersault --


apparatus. Her feet are not quite above her head on the handstand.


This is usually very nice. Beautifully done. Double front. She


may not have the highest difficulty, but she will certainly


be well up on execution. Superb dismount, what a way to wrap it up.


A very tall gymnast. There it is, the connection there. Very nicely


done. Into the fold turn, a fraction late will stop -- fool turn. -- full


turn. Plenty of room for clearance.


Slightly bent arms. You could not see it quite so much at normal


speed. Her arms were quite bent. That was a cracker. Best landing so


far. Georgia-Rose Brown is in fourth place. Rebecca Downie is still


leading a head of Larrissa Miller. Still two more gymnast to come,


including Ruby Harold. -- gymnasts. We have to change channels. Before


we go, a brief reminder of the headlines. Some magical moments.


Alex Dowsett one the gold medal in the members macro time trial with


Geraint Thomas taking the bronze -- won. There was a third gold medal


for Max Whitlock as he added the floor title to his individual, all


around and team triumphs this afternoon. There was a golden


hat-trick for Fragapane. Daniel Keatings has made history with


Scotland's second ever gymnastics gold medal which came on the pommel


horse. He says he will continue in the sport. Historic moment for


Daniel Keatings because it was 12 years ago that they claimed a gold


medal, Scotland is macro only other gold medal in gymnastics. He will be


there to see him today -- Scotland's. A few years ago Daniel


Keatings said he was on the verge of quitting after failing to make the


team for the Olympics. His coach persuaded him not to. Max Whitlock


and Louis Smith also won medals. We have a whole wealth of things to


say. It is all happening in Glasgow. I hope you will change channels --




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