BBC One: Day 9: 19:00-22:00 Commonwealth Games

BBC One: Day 9: 19:00-22:00

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wonderful performances and golden moments, but do not think the fun


has ended the cos some of the biggest stars are about to begin


their Commonwealth West -- because. We start with Tom Daley. --


Commonwealth battle. I still get terrified every single


time. Ten metres is a long way down. You know you will hit the water at


34 mph. You cannot think about what could happen. It is all about


confronting fear. Peak physical condition is not enough. You have to


get mental strength. You only get that when things go wrong.


You keep pushing through. You do not hear any noise, you hear your feet


on the board and nothing else. In life, sometimes you need fear so


you can face it. Every single time I dive, I feel


completely alive. He starts his head for golden glory


shortly with partner James Denny in the ten metres synchronised. They


hit the water at about 34 mph, 50, it is for hour. -- kilometres for


hour. It is marginally quicker than Usain Bolt.


How do you become the fastest man in the world?


He becomes a legend! It does depend on your raw material.


Are you a symbol? How are you alt? -- how are you assembled, how are


you built? He will take the Gold again.


Unbeatable! Could you ever doubt him?


All the fine tuning in the world will not help if you do not have


inner steel, if you do not have willpower and the drive to succeed.


You still have to cap -- you still have to take care of business, hold


on your strength, focus and mind. He has blown them all away!


If you do that, when you arrive at the blocks, you might just make the


most of being alt to strength. -- built.


Usain Bolt, Tom Daley, not a bad line-up. These are more familiar


faces over the next three hours. Lynsey Sharp will have the Hampden


Park home support tonight in an 800 metres final.


But could it be England's Jessica Judd who has the best chance of a


home nations medal or even a Gold? The fast men and women will hit the


track for the 100m relay, Usain Bolt for Jamaica, before ten o'clock.


Australia will expect a Gold from this sprint hurdles champion, Sally


Pearson. England's Tiffany Porter will have other ideas on what


promises to be a showdown to remember.


This is how the timetable is looking.


The athletics gets underway at eight o'clock, sadly without Mo Farah, but


still a high-quality field. Usain Bolt will make his Commonwealth


Games debut just after 9:30 p.m.. A great night of track and field. To


set the scene is champion Paula Radcliffe. The standout race has to


be the women's 800 metres? Yes, from the perspective of the home


countries, we have good chances and this -- the stadium will come alive


when Lynsey Sharp is introduced. She just made it through in the European


Championships so should we be worried? She will rob ugly be


concerned, she did look concerned in the race yesterday, but she did


everything right. Had herself in a perfect position but she looked very


tense as though she was struggling. But she held it together and she


kept fighting until the end and she managed to beat Jenny Meadows on the


line but they both went through as fastest losers, so it was important


she guaranteed her place in the final tonight. Jessica Judd looked


great, she let her semifinal from the front. How good can she be? --


she was leading. She can be really good, she is still a junior social


could have gone to the world Junior Championships which finished in


Eugene but she wanted to come to the Commonwealth Games to make an


impact. And what I was happy about was that she seemed to run a lot


more to her instincts and naturals tile. And the way her heart would


dictate and not how she would worry with her head. She sometimes has a


tendency to worry and to get nervous and to overthink races and when she


does them naturally and let instincts take over, she looks


happier and more comfortable and she runs better. Is it all about Eunice


Sum? She is definitely the one to beat. How she controls this will


dictate how it is run and the medals. If she takes it out hard,


depending on who goes with her, look out for dangers like Jessica Judd


and Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand who could be strong. Also watch out for


the Ugandan, and Melissa Bishop looking good. We will join you for


the 10,000 metres, all. There is no Mo Farah but who should we look out


for? -- for the 10,000 metres. Look out for the Kenyan athletes. Also,


the defending champion, he has not come into these Games in the shape


he was in previous years but one to watch out for. We also have Jake


Robertson of New Zealand. He took a fall in the 5,000 metres when his


twin brother got the bronze so he will be a danger. And Mo Farah's


training partner of Canada, also. Kenya take -- take some beating.


What do you make of the decision of Usain Bolt only perform in the


races? It is great he has come here and it shows the Commonwealth Games


do matter as we have seen every night in the stadium. It reflects on


the same way it was great to see David Rudisha. -- in the same way.


He was not in the shape he wanted but it was important to use the race


to bring himself towards that. That is why it is important to see


champions like Usain Bolt so people can race against him. He is maybe


not untouchable, as he has been before. Thank you for that. In the


penultimate night of track and field. And it has been another great


day at the gymnastics and this is a quick look back.


It was a dream! England's Kristian Thomas takes the


silver. That is your Commonwealth champion,


Scott Morgan, from Canada! Wales's Georgina Hockenhull takes


bronze! Ellie Black, she is the Commonwealth


champion. Max Whitlock, yet another medal.


It does not come much better than this.


Nile Wilson, silver, his just reward. He has done it, Dan Purvis,


Gold medal. And Scotland goes crazy!


It is a golden floor routine for a golden girl!


Take sparkle, energy and what you get is Claudia Fragapane!


What a performance! That is so impressive! Kristian


Thomas, we know what he can produce. This is beautiful! I do not use that


term very often. What a way for Nile Wilson to finish


a great baptism. Marvellous. This is how the


gymnastics medal table concluded. 19 medals for England, a record, a


staggering performance, England's best ever why a distance. Canada


second and Scotland doing well. But England dominating proceedings. We


have seen some stunning gymnastics and today, we saw startling spirit


from Canada's Anderson Loran in the high bar, he suffered that agonising


fall. But he got back in the bar for this to happen. Surely he had had


enough? He got back for a third time this to happen. Surely he had had


to finish his routine, to a great this to happen. Surely he had had


invasion. The epitome of the spirit of the Games. No medal, but he


deserves a medal for bravery. Five days of gymnastics or over but


the sport keeps coming. If you love boxing, BBC Three is the place to


be. -- they are over. And you can watch every offence life


online. -- live. Diving next, but first,


Gold medals that had been won in Edinburgh today.


Jack Laugher claimed his second Gold, winning the springboard title


with England team-mate Chris Mears. Robinson-Baker and Freddie Woodward


took the bronze. Great effort. Tonight, it is the men's ten metres


synchronised platform in which Tom Daley won Gold in Delhi with his


partner who has retired. He will partner James Denny this time around


and we will be at the swimming pool in a while but first, we can catch


up with Tom Daley who has had a challenging couple of years.


It is good, he cannot do more than that! The crowd are on their feet,


Tom Daley has done everything he can!


Tom Daley, you could not have done any more, it is out of your hands


now. riddled with injury. 2014 has come


with a lot of changes, I have moved to London, I have a new coach, lots


of new exercises, lots of new tech geeks. The competitions are doing


really well. I have just got a personal best in Mexico and a silver


medal. I am making the step between being good to trying to get into the


excellent category. You mentioned the personal best, what has been the


difference to get that? To break a personal best, it is something you


strive for. The smallest thing makes the biggest difference. If I do not


.80, if I go slightly over from vertical, it can cost you a personal


best. Tom Daley goes into the water,


hardly any splash. Give him some tens!


What was special about the Commonwealth gold? It has always


been a massive event on the diving calendar. To compete in my first one


and come away with two gold medals, I was over the moon. I could not


wait for another four years to pass. It is not so good. He lost it on the


take-off, running out of room. Maybe the flashes put him off.


Tell us about the twister. Everybody has a dive they are scared of, for


me, it has always been the back twister. But I have done everything


I can, working with my support team to get me to the stage where I can


do it as well as I can. I am optimistic that I will be able to


nail it. Have you seen a therapist or psychologist? There are so many


things to talk about with a psychologist. It is a crucial part


of being able to be at the top of your game, to be able to mentally be


in the position to think that you can win and where you do not have


any worries about the sport. To get another Commonwealth gold


medal would mean so much. It only happens once every four years, it is


not like an event where you can do it again the next year. You do all


those years of training, four years, then you get six dives, and if you


mess up one of them, you are out. Still a lot of work to be done, but


by the time the Commonwealth Games happens, I am on the end of the


board, hopefully I will be there. We shall find out. Leon Taylor was


an Olympics or the medallist in this event in Athens 2004. Tell us what


sort of shape Tom Daley is in. He has been in phenomenal shape for


most of this year, he got a personal best in the individual event a


number of weeks ago in Mexico. Unfortunately, he hurt his thumb


recently, he almost took his thumb off his hand, so he has had heavy


strapping and a bit of time out before the World Cup two weeks ago.


He still managed fourth place, so he is in great form. He is excited to


go this afternoon, or this evening. If you have got a painful fun and


you are going to be plunging from ten metres, that is going to prey on


your mind? Of course, lots of things can play on your mind, though. The


dives, the crowd, the expectation, the pressure, so it is another thing


to add to the mix. But he is exceptional, he will deal with the


pain and the distractions, and he is excited to get going. England have


been rocking it here, he is looking forward to adding to the medal


tally. He is going with James Denny, it is a new partnership. They


well matched? They are. They had a couple of months' preparation to see


if it was going to be a suitable match, and their techniques and


power ratios are much about. They did some lower-level diving, the


three metre platform, the five men to platform, it looked like one for


the future, but they have got here to the Commonwealth Games and


thought, let's put it together. They are in with a shot of a podium


finish, for sure. The decision was made earlier in the week, quite


late. When you have got something like a synchronised swimming, don't


you have to work together for a long period of time to get it perfectly


timed? Absolutely. This is a trial for Rio de Janeiro. Tom Daley has


been looking for a partner, trying to find somebody who can match him,


and now he has James Denny. If this works, and I think it will,


and now he has James Denny. If this still have fine tuning to do, but


they could be a medal prospect in 2016. Can they stand on top of the


podium in the next half an hour? It seems a bit sparse, who is the most


likely competitors? There are only four competitors, the Malaysians


have pulled out due to injury. You have the Australians, who were


probably the most experienced. The 2008 Olympic champion.


A relatively inexperienced pair from Canada. It is wide open. They have


six dives, if they time it right and the execution is good, we could see


another medal for the Englishman. What about James Denny, can he cope


with the type of difficulty that Tom Daley can? He is not as consistent


as Tom Daley. He has been working with the big


dives for a while, but what a joy for him to stand next to him and


take on the Commonwealth Games with this crowd, it will be a real joy. I


am sure Tom Wilkinson calm, and they will have fun and see what happens.


You have been there, seen it, done it, it is all very well on your own,


exceptionally difficult, but what is it like when you have to be


synchronised? It is an added distraction. But it is an added


excitement. You have to concentrate on what you are doing, but in sync


with the person next to you. 1.5 seconds to get from the diving board


before you hit the water, and a 35 miles an hour, whilst spinning and


twisting as many times as you can. Sounds like fun? For you, yes,


obviously! It sounds, does it difficult for me! Have we got a new


start in Jacques Rogge? Two gold medals and it's all the medal. Yes,


he has been in phenomenal form, he has been inconsistent over the


years. His name has been mentioned, but it has not been put in lights


before. He was close to the third gold medal last night. In the


individual last night, that was his as well, so he could have been a


triple gold medallist. He is a great guy, only 19, and he is a name to


watch. We have got one wave from the judges. They do not look like a


happy bunch! Thank you, Leon. The ten metres synchronised platform is


about to begin in Edinburgh. Bob, it is all yours.


Gary, thank you. I have had an idea for a programme pilot, Leon Taylor


and Gary Lineker up on the for a programme pilot, Leon Taylor


board. It will get rate Saturday night ratings! We have four pairs.


board. It will get rate Saturday They will only be boarding to


medals, a gold and a silver. There They will only be boarding to


will be no bronze medal. They should have been five pairs, but the


Malaysian pair withdrew. have been five pairs, but the


Belizean pair withdrew. We have England, Australia, Malaysia and


Canada, in that order. To set the scene, indeed men's, it is six, in


the women's, it is five. Similar to both, the first two


the women's, it is five. Similar to the dives they have to do. The


optional dives, from Rowntree onwards. The required dives are in


the first two rounds of. They are all 2.0 difficulty. It is a bit like


that cycle race on the track where they allow the pizza van


that cycle race on the track where around, then he gets off, and they


can go around, then he gets off, and they


much happens in the first couple of rounds, people do not normally drop


their 2.0. They are just there for show. But you can open up a ten


point lead. 0.05 of 8.7 to third place and fourth place earlier, so


every point counts. There will not be any big leads opening up, but if


you can end up top of the leaderboard after the first two


rounds, you are in a fantastic attacking position. Let's see how


much a fact there is from the newly formed pair of Tom Daley and James


Denny. Round about the same age, Tom Daley, 20, James Denny, as well. He


seems to have been around for a long time. He won the World Championship


in the individual at the age of 15. The rudimentary forward one and a


half somersault with pike. If you had any questions, how will James


Denny Bay, there is your answer. One of the half somersault in the pike


position, is he matched for height and strength? Tom Daley has a better


time, that is not unusual. A bit of splash from both divers. The


execution will be between 8.5 and nine, anything over 52 is excellent.


Nine is across the board. Pretty much. The lines through the marks


means they do not count. The ones without lines will. A nice, solid


start for the English pair. The execution was better from both


Australian divers, a ripped entry. It is very echoey in this swimming


pool. An open pike, synchronisation is good, execution is better. We


might see them nudge in front of the English pair. It is early days yet.


The margin is marginal. 0.6, the difference. We saw a medal won by


0.5 in the women's. At this stage, it means little. The Malaysian pair


won the three metre competition. If you trust your body, you can


achieve beyond what your mind can imagine. That is the 18-year-old's


motto am a very philosophical. It is pretty good synchronisation.


The diver closest to us was a fraction ahead. The judges do not


get the replay. He was just winning the race to the water, fractionally.


The synchronisation should not be as high as we saw for the Australians


and the Englishman. It will not be far off.


Here are the Canadians. One of them had a horrendous accident a few


years ago, which nearly rendered him paralysed. After retiring, he


decided to come back. Here he is at the Commonwealth Games.


yet, that was a mirror image all the way down. I was thinking, is this


going to be a classic competition? I have got my answer, that was a


delight. Four out of four divers executing that exceptionally well.


We have quality, not quantity, definitely. There are only four


pairs. What kind of competition is that, you may think. But with these


scores, it is good. The Australians are good. Until we get to the third


round, nothing really starts to move a great deal. We will come to the


big tariff dives, with all of the consequent risk.


Another partnership here and we will explain that later. James Denny. Tom


Daley. It is an interesting choice. They


all carry a 2.0 degree of difficulty. There is a slight to


scrap the in the synchronisation -- discrepancy. They have just put this


together, a bit ragged. So that is good. But they might fall away a


touch. Inwards dive -- and inwards dive for


Dominic Bedggood and Matthew Mitcham, the ten metre individual


champion for that dramatic last round in Beijing. This is more


straightforward. The Australians were a bit of in


that, they hit the water at the same time, execution was excellent. But


there was a different shape. The younger partner opened out a lot


earlier. It should get more of an eight foot synchronisation. I think


they will be top of the leaderboard, ahead of England.


That is the great thing about synchronisation, you are able to


look at these at home and you can see they are not quite right.


Individual diving, you get very technical things with


synchronisation, you can see when things are not right. Ooi Tze Liang


and Chew Yiwei, of Malaysia. They have been put together after round


one. A reverse dive in Round two. Won good reverse dive in the pike


position. Locking their toes, good synchronisation. Good alignment,


same distance from the diving board. Malaysia could go top of the


leaderboard. Two good solid attempts. So they go joint first


with Australia. Three points above the English pairing. Canada still to


come who had a very impressive start, Maxim Bouchard and his


younger partner, 17-year-old Vincent Riendeau. Three Gold medals/dear. So


he must be in decent form -- last year. Reverse dive for Canada. I am


impressed with this young pairing. That is an excellent second-round


dive in the pike position, Malaysia just performed the same dive.


Alignment is good and execution is spot-on, that could be 52, 53. If it


is, it is still very and stop and all to play for! Doing very well so


far. 105. They are a class act and the best pairing. England are in


fourth place and only two medals will be awarded. Canada and


Australia in one and two. Joint silver medal. When we get to round


three, what is happening with the other pair who should have been


here? They both have a synchronised elbow injury on the same side. That


is a real shame and I wish them healing wishes. Get better soon.


Good to see you back soon. And we have another pair to keep you on


your toes. Do not get alarmed yet. The first two Brown is kind of


posturing. This is when things get serious. -- rounds, they are kind of


posturing. 3.2 four Tom Daley and James Denny. -- the Tom Daley.


Excellent synchronisation. Speeds are good. Distance from the diving


board are good, the entries are atrocious. Double surfboard moment.


Execution will only be seven because of the amount of splash.


Synchronisation is good. Yes, I thought it was all right. I thought


it was worth a nine. Not according to the judges. Finding life tough in


the early stages but three rounds to go.


Matthew Mitcham, involved in the three metre before. Back now for the


ten metre, a busy week. He did not do the three metre individual that


he will do the ten metre platform individual against Tom Daley. That


is Australia's and set a Team England leaving the door open. --


and serve. The Australians have synchronisation going on. Matthew


Mitcham a bit further away from the diving board. His execution is


excellent. Dominik does throw up too much splash so he will be penalised.


-- Dominic Bedggood. Only a temporary difference between


Australia and England. The Jazz hands of Matthew Mitcham! He has an


excellent book out, well worth leading. -- well worth buying.


Ooi Tze Liang and Chew Yiwei of Malaysia, it in joint second after


round two. -- in joint. They will have three and a half somersault to


perform. A lower degree in. Chew Yiwei, closest to us, he moved


further away. His partner Ooi Tze Liang hits the water first.


Execution points will be low for Chew Yiwei. Ooi Tze Liang nailed


his. Seven, maybe? 7.5. 8.5 on one side. They have slipped behind


England. It is very tight between second and third. Not quite so tight


between first and second. This is the pairing that might shake things


up. They have not been tested as yet, now they will be. Maxim


Bouchard and Vincent Riendeau, of Canada. I am not quite sure on the


technique. I have never seen that before, both had their arms above


their head as they run to the board, but it seems to work. Different


distances from the diving board but that is the best Synchro we have


seen. Speed is good, entrance into the water at the same time.


the water Eight, bingo! Taxis are hard to come


by in Edinburgh but you do not need to hail them just yet, boys! Below


Australia and above England. Just railings have got a 7-point


advantage. -- the Australians. Nothing really sorting out. Still


very tight. The only extra step has been taken by Australia. Brown four


of six. -- round. Good support from the Commonwealth nations involved.


Not many of them. Malaysia, Australia, England and Scotland. We


had to Tonga this morning and New Zealand. -- we had.


Those are pretty much all the nations in diving, and I, of course.


-- India. What a shame. Looking good so far,


great synchronisation. This is James Denny's lack of experience showing.


Tom's is worth 7.5, eight, which is good. It is all right, still more to


go. They could be critical. Tom looks at the score board, he knew


what was coming. Those marks will not help them towards a Gold or


silver. These are the current leaders. They will be noting


everything around them. Reverse three and a half somersaults. They


just have the edge in the rest of the field, marginally. -- edge on.


We have almost seen exactly the same thing. The experienced diver Matthew


Mitcham, that is clean. Australia map row, less experienced, only 19,


he puts his on his face, almost. He over rotates. He will only get a


five. So Australia have not capitalised on the error from Tom


Daley and James. That has opened the door for Canada. I am not sure we


will get a smile from Matthew Mitcham. And his younger partner.


They will discuss that with their coach, but they know exactly what


they did wrong. Malaysia, they are not out of it. Very much in


contention. They had a three in the previous round. 3.2, this time.


Waiting for the referee. 3.2 degrees of difficulty, they


fourth at the moment. -- degree. If they get this right and project


themselves above, they could go into first place. Right on cue!


Tremendous effort. I was not sure which way it would go. That is the


best dive we have seen. Great synchronisation. Scores that cup --


scores that have a cross do not count. There three marks for


synchronisation. 83.52. Two marks on the left and 32 -- and three on the


right. That will put them in the lead. Malaysia. The most consistent


team so far. I will say no more because I always get accused of the


commentator's curse. 3.2, Maxim Bouchard and Vincent Riendeau.


I take it back! You cannot take it back! As predicted by up, they have


been teamed up because they are good -- as predicted by Robert. Synchro


is not good, execution is off the mark by one of them. Consistency has


now changed to inconsistency. If I was that good, I would be a


commentator for higher who could predict the outcome of events, I do


not and I will not. themselves in reverse gear. But


there is not much between first and second. A gap between second and


third. But there are still plenty of third. But there are still plenty of


opportunities, a lot can change into rounds, especially this differential


-- degree of difficulty. rounds, especially this differential


getting all of the applause and a claim, that


getting all of the applause and a them. But some ground to be made


up. That is better, good


synchronisation, James Denny just over rotating, not quite as much as


he did on the previous dive. over rotating, not quite as much as


good, James Denny just over rotating. Throwing up loads of


splash. His score will be low, which is a shame, because the


synchronisation was good. is a shame, because the


be game over for a medal. is a shame, because the


only two medals in this is a shame, because the


gold and silver being given out. is a shame, because the


feel sorry for James Denny. He has not had a lot of time to prepare


with Tom Daley. The lack of training time is starting to show, ragged at


the edges. Just past the 300 barrier with that. But the dives are


completed and intricate, things can go wrong for the other pairs yet.


More experienced, but they can still make mistakes. They both went over


as they entered the water. A bit easier than their previous dives,


3.2. Good synchronisation, but different distances from the diving


board as well. A low scoring dive. It keeps everybody in it. Nobody


wants to win this! Pete, I know you are watching this at home, maybe we


should be in this! I like the idea of you and Gary Lineker! I have a


Commonwealth silver and bronze, I need a gold-medal! The Malaysian is,


the current leaders. Go on, boys, let's get the quality back-up.


That was a bit of a mistake from the current leaders, feeling the


pressure. A backward three and a half somersault is in the tuck


position. Slightly off on the spinning speeds, and they go way


over, so the execution marks will be low. What is going on here? Nobody


wants to win this! What is going on here? After a promising start,


everybody looked to be in with them, but they have lost their rhythm.


When the optional rounds start, things to go here and there. These


are the most difficult dives humanly possible, and they start to go


wrong. Can somebody right the wrong? Could it be Maxim Bouchard


and Vincent Riendeau? 81.15 will give them the lead above


Malaysian. I do not think the Canadians want


it, as well. He synchronisation is OK, but the execution is off. Flat


feet, Boots on, over they go. The diver closest to us throwing a


payload of splash. That is a bit better than the Malaysian 's. I


wonder where that will put them. It has bunched up again. Only 14 points


separates first place from last place. That is OK. They move into


third place, just behind the Australians.


Australia are very tight with Canada. England have got a lot to


do. Seven points behind second place. There is a huge dive to come


from James Denny and Tom Daley. Seniority for the man who has been


diving at the top level for almost a decade. This is an amazing dive.


Let's talk about the intricacies of this. They are going to nail it. In


theory! They saved their best till last,


getting! Yes! The pressure is on, the place is on their feet, I am on


my feet, that is what we needed to put pressure on. That will get way


over 90 points. They have smashed it. Will that be good enough for a


medal? Three pairs to go. Let's wait and see. There is the gauntlet,


let's see what Australia, Malaysia and Canada think to that. I told you


it was big. That is big. Where did that come from? That came out of


absolutely nowhere. They are celebrating as if they have a medal.


Do not count your chickens. They are celebrating nailing one of the


hardest dives in the world. In the Commonwealth Games. And they did it


with aplomb. The Australians have got a big one of their own. Not


quite as high as the English pair, but they have the advantage of quite


a few points. They have picked up the gold led!


This will be close. This will be close. Which way is it going to go?


This is going to be all chart type. My goodness, let's wait and see what


the scores are. I cannot split them. That is bang on the money. That is


going to get 85 points plus. Can you believe it is Mac the gap between


first and second is 0.18. It is in favour of those two.


Matthew Mitcham has two silver medals so far. Maybe now considering


the prospect of a gold-medal. England cannot win it. Australia


still can. There are only two medals, two more pairs to go. It has


turned out to be a very eventful ten meter synchro. The quality has not


been there until the last two dives, but it is picking up at the right


time. A lower tariff dive for the Malaysian 's. 82.2 will put them


above the Australians. 82.05 will put them above England.


That will not be good enough. That will not get above Australia or


England. They are slightly out of time. The execution is off. They


will be ten or 20 points behind. A lower degree of difficulty. A good


effort, but no medal today. Third place is the best


effort, but no medal today. Third they can do, and there is no medal


for third. they can do, and there is no medal


Only one question remains. Can Canada do it? Australia think they


have the God medal, England believe they have the silver medal. Only one


pair can prevent that from happening. The equation is


straightforward. 90, that is a big ask of Maxim Bouchard and Vincent


Riendeau. The degree of difficulty is not high


compared to the others. It is good, but that will not be


good enough for a medal. They are going to finish third or fourth. The


medals will go to Australia and England, and they are split by the


narrowest of margins. It is an OK dive.


narrowest of margins. It is an OK themselves, but loads of people make


mistakes. Amazing. 7.5 and eight on the execution, they


finished in fourth place. Malaysian finishing in third place. 0.18 in a


400 competition separating Australia and England. Let's say the makeshift


partnership of Tom Daley and James Denny, they have pulled it out of


Denny, they have pulled it out of the bag with that sixth round dive,


with everything looking lost. We had written off their chances of getting


a medal, to written off their chances of getting


have got a 3.6 in the locker, or a 3.8, all kinds of things are


possible. They made it 3.8, all kinds of things are


the final round dive. Not quite enough to get


the final round dive. Not quite only denied by 0.18. The Australians


have picked up minor medals all the way through, they have their first


gold medal of the week. Domonic Bedggood and Matthew Mitcham.


The Malaysian 's and the Canadians present, but neither of them will


get medals. Only a gold and silver awarded, and that will be very soon


indeed. That was an interesting competition. It had good, bad and


indifferent. The last round is where things start to happen, both the


individual and... Let's look at some of the dives of James Denny and Tom


Daley. They got it together right at the very end. The smiles back on


their faces. The Australian pair putting some very good performances.


The Canadian pair started strongly, but at the tariff was increased,


but there were mistakes from everybody. The synchronisation was


very good. There were some faults on the execution. That is diving. I


cannot believe how close it was. Unbelievable. Will they be


frustrated, because it was so close? Yes, they smashed their last


dive. The roof came off, the place nearly had to be put back together.


It was an extraordinary final dive. You have got to do a consistent list


of dives. Why was the last dive so good? It carries a difficulty of


3.7. It could go disastrously wrong. But when you get it right, they got


95 points on it. They went right up to the top spot, but only to be


taken by the Australians. The reaction of the rest of England was


fantastic. Tom Daley is a global star, and if you are an outsider,


you think, I wonder if they think, Tom, Tom, Tom. Clearly, they do not.


Every driver that has taken to the board gets the same support. We have


got many superstars here, and he is just one of the many. It has been a


great performance, and it was almost a gold-medal. It has been difficult


for him to find a partner. How important is it to find the perfect


partner? I do not know if there is a perfect partner, that there is


compatibility. They were put together just to see if they were


matched. On the lower boards, they have the potential, but they have


different goals this year. They have only had chance to come together


now. In the short space of time, they have done really well. This is


their second dive, it did not start off great. We were all excited. They


were not setting the world alight with those first couple. The second


was off the mark. Interesting choice. They are at different


speeds. It is rough around the edges. But they have just got


together. To be thrown together at the last


minute knowing you have potential means you are a rough diamond. But


they did do risky dives, how much confidence does that give you? In


this pairing, there is potential. And Daniel and Matthew who are not


here, that will be great competition. These guys did great


competition today, we have two good pairs in England. Congratulations,


was that as you expected? We did not know what to expect because we only


started training together on Friday. So we have trained for one week and


we have done three sessions so happy with that. I just said to James,


give it everything. Give it everything you have got and who


knows? Everything can happen in diving. I could hear that in the


Tate is and I was like, no! -- the commentators. James did a great


job. James, your first Commonwealth Games, silver medal, how does that


make you feel? Great. The previous two were not what I wanted. But to


finish in the dive I did was amazing. Diving alongside Tom Daley,


there is expectation. Did you feel the weight of pressure? Yes,


throughout the competition, he was giving me things to focus on. So it


does help the built throughout the competition. What next, occur one?


Considering we nearly went 400 when we only did one good dive, we are


going into the European Championships and we will enter the


individual and the synchronisation. With more training, we could go far.


If this is a rehearsal for Brazil, how far could you go? Who knows? It


is diving. Yesterday's competition, the World Cup bronze medallist did a


failed dive, anything can happen but we will work as hard as we can to be


in good shape. Ben and Chris spent 15 hours playing computer Games! I


worry about them! Are you looking forward to tomorrow? Excited, we are


going to be diving tomorrow, exciting stuff and it will be tough


against Olympic champion Matthew Mitcham. Congratulations, silver


medal, we look forward to the next chapter for you two. So Tom defends


his title tomorrow, can he retain it? I think so, he is in great form.


He has got six dives to do, let's see what happens. I am delighted


everybody is smiling, I look forward to watching this partnership. Gary,


you are not getting out of this diving, we are looking forward to


seeing Gary Lineker in the ten metre!


You will have to wait a long time! I can assure you. But there is an old


saying, you are only as good as your last dive and that was pretty good.


Tom starts his defence of his title tomorrow morning. Lining up


alongside him is 14-year-old Matthew Dixon and if all goes well, both of


them will be in the final at 7:30pm tomorrow night.


And on BBC Three, there is the boxing semifinals. That will


continue until ten o'clock. If this wonderful Games has inspired


you to find out more about sport, go to the page on the BBC website.


There is so much information on all sports, including how to join local


clubs, and it is the summer holidays so get involved! There is a great


piece on that website and Johns -- in Jazmin Sawyers who took silver


last night. Before that, she was a bobsleigh. And we can join Robbie --


and we can join Gabby now in Hampden Park.


We have sunshine, warm weather and Denise has even requested a fine!


You will hear more from these guests soon. -- ban. It is the men's ten K,


no Mo Farah but plenty of talent as Steve Cram and Brendan Foster will


tell you. It is a big field, which is great to


see. It does not include Mo Farah, sadly. He decided not to come to the


Commonwealth Games, which is a shame. He is training in high


altitude. He will no Kirui who ran against him in the final in 2011.


Jonathan Mel are of England's, our against him in the final in 2011.


only representative. And Chris Thomson, who is also with Mo Farah,


training and trying to recover. And the


training and trying to recover. And is here. Kipsiro. From the Isle of


Man, his emblem has been sewed onto the back of his shirt. But it is not


a commercial emblem! Luke Caldwell of Scotland. Could the Canadian get


amongst the leaders? Paul Pollock representing Northern Ireland.


Callum Hawkins, from Scotland. We have seen a lot of brothers and


sisters competing. His older brother Derek ran in the marathon on the


first day of the athletics programme. Griffiths,


first day of the athletics Rwanda is well represented here. I


said it was Rwanda is well represented here. I


the three Kenyan runners will be the ones we watch. This is the Kenyan


champion. He might be a good bet. ones we watch. This is the Kenyan


Two lines. That is their national emblem, does that need to take top?


That is silly! He does win the prize for the best shirt, that is good.


Andrew Lemoncello has represented Great Britain in the steeplechase


and it is his best events, his performances were pretty good, but


he has moved away from that event. We have just seen the steeplechase


and he is now running the 10,000 metres. And. The conditions -- and


the conditions here are quite warm. This man will not mind that. We see


him often on the circuit. Not a great exponent of the 10,000 metres.


Andrew Lemoncello. Harry Summers of Australia. This is the second line.


Because there are so many athletes, they have to line those guys up.


They are not getting a head start. They have to run round the outside.


The men's 10,000 metre final, 25 laps in the sunshine in Hampden Park


in Glasgow. A lovely evening. If you are going out round bellied Houston


Park, -- round the park, it might be tough, it is as warm as we have seen


for the last couple of days. Not what the athletes would have been


hoping for. Brendan, we would normally sit and talk about the


likely dominance of Kenya but look at the three men in this race, Kirui


has a good pedigree, he has won the Kenyan Championships. There may have


been other Kenya athletes who had the ability to come here. I am not


sure whether these three will entirely have this their own way.


They are not the three best Kenyan athletes. However, tonight, in a


major championship, the Commonwealth Games 10,000 metres, we may see some


of them improve on that performance. They are not looking for a fast time


and there is no reason to look for a fast time in a championship. Summers


of Australia, happy to lead them. They do not get many opportunities


to run the 10,000 metres. The crowd are dissipating another strong


grace, they are expecting Kenya to feature. -- strong race. Kipsiro is


the champion, do not forget. He is defending his title. He could not


defend it in the 5,000 metres. Let's see if he can defend it in the


10,000 metres. This is the story so far on the


other final. -- in. Going clear in his second attempt. The tall


Scotsman, annex gymnast. He got to talk for gymnastics. -- a former


gymnast. He tried events in gymnastics. In third place


currently. Or at this stage, he was. A clearance of five metres 45. He


had a bit to spare. Six foot six. That is very tall and pole vaulting.


-- in. He is over. A bit of advice from the coach. One of two


Englishmen left. Luke Cutts. Very convincing in the early stages. And


again, at this height... He looks in control. A clean sheet so far. He


has had a neck injury. Many think he is best placed to take the Gold


medal this afternoon. We have a Scotsman clear. We also have Luke


Cutts who broke the indoor record. Six months ago. This is the other


Englishmen, Steve Lewis, fifth in the Olympic Games, bronze medal,


silver medal in Delhi. A close shave at 55. He did give


that a wobble. Slightly nervous. But it did stay up. Steve Lewis. He does


like to feel his weight into a competition. -- feel his way. Luke


Cutts is more of a maverick, if I can say that. He throws himself into


the competition. Steve Lewis did give it a wobble. Two Englishmen go


clear. Surely getting close to the medals? So it is over to the


Scotsman. Can he join the two English man? --. Final attempt. My


word, that looked as though it stayed! He looks in pain. The result


of a failure, a third time failure. It looked as though he had cleared


it, but he gave it a wobble and it dislodged the bar from those


supports. And the Scotsman, 21 years of age, his competition is over.


Fourth place will be confirmed with that previous clearance. Look at


this, it is in the way down, his chest. We can see the supports to


the side. He goes off sideways and that is a loss of energy. If only


that could have gone straight up and down. And it hit him on the head as


well. Scottish record, many high hopes for


him. He has been in the USA, trying to snatch a medal in the pole vault.


One or two of the Scottish athletes in this 10,000 metres raised in the


US, Callum Hawkins. The pace has slowed down a bit. They are jogging


a bit now. Peter Kirui and Josphat Bett, and Charles Cheruiyot have


gone to the front. They are not doing anything yet. The pack


squeezes up again. Andrew Lemoncello, the tall figure on the


outside, based in America now. He had a good go at the marathon, we


have seen him run half marathons before. There he is, in the blue


vest of Scotland. Coming up on the outside. Josphat Bett on the inside.


And there is Jonathan Mellor, in the red and white vest of England, in


the middle of the pack. He is our only representative. This was going


to be the Mo Farah show, but we only have one representative. I think Mo


Farah misses it. We have got Paul Pollock, he had a great year at the


marathon last year, he qualified for the World Championships for Great


Britain, running for Northern Ireland tonight. Peter Kirui


leading. They are almost 3000 metres, just keep surging. For the


British contingent, the Australians, the New Zealanders,


they prefer it to be steady. It is a fairly warm night, a lovely night.


Mo Farah or not, I am sure the crowd are getting really into this event.


Mo Farah or not, I am sure the crowd The wind and contingent well


represented. He has not been too far from the lead. It has gone up and


down a bit. Charles Cheruiyot has down a bit. Charles Cheruiyot has


bit. He will change the down a bit. Charles Cheruiyot has


last few laps, down a bit. Charles Cheruiyot has


69.4, you want the early laps, when it is not too hard, keep your eyes


away from the lap scorer. If you are feeling tired, you look at it and it


can affect you. The other two Scottish athletes in there, Luke


Caldwell, and Callum Hawkins, from the barking athletic club, a big


football fan. He supports the great football club submarine. There is


Jonathan Mellor and Andrew Lemoncello.


You can see the athletes going around the top end, where the


pole-vault continues. We are back live, we have seen three failures


from the Englishman, which means there is a jump off. Two of the


Englishman going for gold. Both of them knocked it off on the


first attempt. Luke Cutts will go again. And unfortunate first failure


for Steve Lewis. The pole-vault keeping the crowd entertained on the


top vendor. The athletes are heading towards them on the back straight.


You can see the pace is being picked up initially by Charles Cheruiyot.


He is now just watching and waiting. The three Kenyans, we were talking


about whether Peter Kirui and Josphat Bett and Charles Cheruiyot


were at the best standard. They have got good pedigree, when Josphat Bett


one World Junior Championship is, he ran a startling time. He did improve


from that. When Mo Farah broke the British record in 2011, this guy was


third. He was with Mo Farah at the start of the last lap, but he has


not developed from there. This is an effort from Josphat Bett to break


this up. He has followed Charles Cheruiyot through. The field is now


completely stretched. Yes, that was a 65 second lap, by far the fastest


of the race so far. The gaps are opening, stretching a little. You


have got to hold it all the way back along the back straight.


have got to hold it all the way back Bett looking strong. They are


passing the pole-vault, we have got our eye on Steve Lewis and who.


Josphat Bett leading get at the moment. A bit further down the


field, Andrew Lemoncello struggling a bit. The Canadian is looking


comfortable. Keith Gerard started to struggle. As is Paul Pollock, and


Callum Hawkins. That is a slower lap. They are going


quick, easing off, going quick. It is not always the easiest way to run


it. Josphat Bett letting people know how he feels. The bar has been


lowered. The first man to go clear will win. Luke Cutts at 5.55.


A really interesting battle pole-vault. The two English athletes


going for the gold medal. Who is going to win the gold medal?


Remember the race in going to win the gold medal?


2002, the 10,000 metres, three of them, it was a brilliant sprint over


the last lap. The three medals were in doubt until the last three or


four strides. I wonder whether we are in for something like this,


because you would not want to pick a winner, even the three Kenyans. They


have had an easy ride so far, it has been comfortable. A bit of a change


of pace, but regular laps. Coming up to the halfway point.


A lot of these athletes in this field will be comfortable at that


pace. The second half of the race, you would suggest it would be faster


than the first half. There are a few athletes who can run in that matter


-- in that manner. Steve Lewis for the gold medal. He is clear!


England's Steve Lewis is clear. It is the equivalent of a penalty shoot


out, 5.55. A jump off, and the man who took the silver medal four years


ago now has the full set, to add to his bronze medal in 2006. A


wonderful competition, it is a gold medal for Steve Lewis, and a silver


medal for Luke Cutts. The cross of St George already


draped around his shoulders. What that must mean for Luke Cutts. --


for Steve Lewis! Fifth in the Olympic Games in 2012. Luke Cutts,


that is the equivalent of a dead heat. Going to almost a photo


finish. Steve Lewis, huge congratulations. 28 years of age. It


could not have been tighter. It was a wonderful clearance in the end,


5.55. Maybe his experience told ahead of this man, two. -- Luke


Cutts. 26 years of age. I am looking down the list, this man took the


bronze medal. It was a gold medal for Steve Lewis. What a moment for


Steve Lewis, he has had a difficult year. I have spoken to whom a couple


of times. What a brilliant evening for him. A penalty shoot out, Steve


said, in the pole-vault. A gold for England and Steve Lewis. The new


leader, from Rwanda. He is in the front here, leading from Peter


Kirui, Jake Robertson, the New Zealander, who fell in the 5000


metres, and Moses Kipsiro moving up. The Ugandan is starting to take


closer order. The defending champion in eighth place, in the red. He


senses the race is beginning to get moving. We have got Dewi Griffiths


being lapped. Nothing happening yet, nobody is trying to win this yet or


completely break up the group. So many men in contention. There is no


strong favourite, no athlete here who has come to this race thinking,


I will be the one. We have been who has come to this race thinking,


to watching Mo Farah running these big races. We have been used


to watching Mo Farah running these approach, saying, I am going to


control it from my position and come out in the last lap and when it.


There is uncertainty here, lots of out in the last lap and when it.


athlete running well, lots of athlete capable of running well, but


nobody has imposed themselves on this event. Peter Kirui leading.


Just feeling OK. But nothing much happening at all. It is good to see


Jake Robertson, after his fall in the 5000 metres, taking close order.


The race beginning to start, nine laps to go. Peter Kirui is leading,


we have just seen a gold medal in the pole-vault for England, and we


can bring you up to date with what happened in the women's high jump


earlier on this evening. It was perfect conditions. It concluded


earlier. It was the tall figure of Isobel Pooley. She is 1.91 metres


tall. This height is 1.92. The first time she has ever looked up to a


bar. Look at her reaction. That went into the lead. First-time clearances


right through. A personal best. At that time, it


was the best. A personal best. At that time, it


raised the bar to 1.94. She went clear. 18 years of age, she opted to


come here instead of the world junior games. I am sure the winner


of the world junior games... It was close, because Spencer skipped 1.94.


of the world junior games... It was She had this final attempt at 1.96.


The 30-year-old from St Lucia. was not a gold medal tonight. She


took the bronze medal between -- behind Isobel Pooley, which handed


the gold medal to Elaine Patterson. It would have an achievement for


Isobel Pooley. Her coach told me she was in shape. Boy, was he right.


Well done. here. They are really beginning to


get warmed up by the 10,000 metres. We have less than seven laps to go.


Kirui has been the leader for the last few laps, and his team-mate,


Bett, has been behind him. Slowly it is getting quicker. Six


laps to go, and when they get down to four or five, they start thinking


about their plans. The group is getting smaller, just by constant


pace. The pace of the second half is clearly faster than the first half.


There are now nine in that group. All of the big Kenyans, as expected,


are there. Jake Robinson of New Zealand is there. Evans of Canada is


also running well. Well, this man, Kirui, he is making his living on


the roads. In April, he ran a personal best in the half marathon


in Prague, and he ended up in Honolulu one week later. That is how


these Kenyans are sometimes racing these days. I am not sure the


Commonwealth Games was in his plans, back in April. But here is. The


Canadian at the back of the lead group, who trains with Mo Farah, and


may have a little bit of pace. of England has dropped out.


BRENDAN FOSTER: This is getting interesting now. In amongst that


group is the champion. We know he is quick at the finish. We know he is


not running against the very best in the world, as he has done on the


last few occasions. Cam Levins of Canada, and the other Canadian in


there as well. And Jake Robinson, well, him and his brother have done


a good job in this last week. Jake is taking on these Kenyans. Well, he


knows them well, he lives - there! They have emigrated from New Zealand


to live there. Now, the gaps are opening.


STEVE CRAM: Ahmed of Canada just moved up as well. So, Robertson,


tucked in on the inside. The Canadian, who ran in the World


Championships last year in Moscow, and finished ninth. And now, he goes


to the front for the first time. When they come round, there will be


three laps to go. He is trying to break this group up, Ahmed. The


defending champion, Kipsiro, still in that group. Ahmed hit the front,


which almost brought them to life. Three laps to go in the Menston


thousand metres. And there is a group of eight athletes in


contention. You would not like to put a bet on where this one is going


to go. We do not know enough about these athletes, and their finishing.


They very rarely run against each other in competitive races like


this. We see them running in the Diamond


this. We see them running in the the 10,000m is not a common event in


the Diamond League. Cam Levins moving through. And I think he and


Jake Robinson are doing the right thing, trying to split up the


Kenyans. Well, it is starting to get moving, in terms of the tension. We


are into the last 1000 metres. The three Kenyans, with Cam Levins


looking ominous. Mohammed Ahmed, his team-mate, is looking tired, as is


the defending champion, Kipsiro, but do not write him off just yet. With


two laps to go, the New Zealander does not have the pace of some of


the other athletes. Cam Levins will be getting more and more confident,


I think. He needs to make sure that he either covers the move or makes


the right move himself. The Kenyans are good, but these are not the


quickest sprinting Kenyans that we know. And Cam Levins may be able


quickest sprinting Kenyans that we cause them a bit of a problem. Well,


the pace is still only 67. They still have not done anything just it


is not excessively hard. It is going to be quick, we know that, it has to


be quick, to sort this one out. Medals are available. There was a


little bit of a push. In the old days you used to be told to move


out. That clearly is not a convention any more. Now, who is


going to make the first move? The training partner of Mo Farah, Cam


Levins, has he got the speed of Mo Farah? Jake Robinson is making the


first move! There goes Robinson, in the famous black vest of New


Zealand! It is interesting what is happening now. Kirui is holding him


off. Charles Cheruiyot is still there, as indeed is the


off. Charles Cheruiyot is still champion, who has just gone past his


team-mate. Moses Kipsiro at the back of the group, and he can kick. Has


he got anything left in his legs? Look at Kipsiro, in the red!


Robinson has gone. It is one from Canada, one from Uganda, three from


Kenya. Look at Cam Levins! He stretches out! They are chasing him.


Kipsiro, the defending champion, does not want to give this up


easily. Levins, has he got the power? Taking on Bett and Kipsiro!


This would be a big surprise! Kipsiro looking for room on the


inside. Levins kicks again. Can he lasted out? Kipsiro on the inside!


Who wins it? Kipsiro! In the last stride! I think the defending


champion, on the inside, as won his second Commonwealth title. The


Kenyan arms are up. Well, I think Kipsiro wins that, Brendan. Bett


does not know it. Maybe he did not see him. But if I was a betting man,


which of course neither of us are, I would say Kipsiro has got that one.


He has got it! It is on the screen! It is on the screen, the defending


champion, not a great run in the 5,000m, but there


champion, not a great run in the down. I do not know if he knows yet.


The camera is on the champion, he has defended his title just what a


finish that was, what a race it was in the latter stages. It was not a


classic, that it was a fantastic last lap. Moses Kipsiro, and I


remember Mo Farah telling me, you do not want Moses Kipsiro near you in


the finishing straight. You have got to run the finish out of him. He won


the 5,000m and 10,000m in Delhi. And there are his supporters. Another


gold medal for Moses Kipsiro just look at the strapping on his knee,


he has clearly got a problem with his leg. He was never close to the


front at all. Levins, in third place, the bronze medal, and he is


happy with that. He nearly won it, he really did. He just did not do


enough in the back straight. So, Kipsiro celebrating. The three


Kenyans. Here we are, 500 metres to go. There are those Jake Robinson of


New go. There are those Jake Robinson of


for home. Can he make it? At this point, look at Kipsiro, about seven.


And on the outside, Cam Levins is getting ready to make his run. He


really looks as though he has done enough leading. But on the outside,


they are still in contention, and look at Kipsiro. Look at that burst


on the outside. Ahmet almost tripped. Kipsiro is in fourth place,


and Levins has made his move. Look at those lapped runners, they really


should have moved out of the way, but they didn't. So, here comes


Levins, with Bett on his shoulder. Kipsiro on the inside, looking for a


chance. There is yet. As they chase down. Levins But he has run out of


chance. There is yet. As they chase legs. That little space on the


inside, and Kipsiro slips through. Bett thinks he has won it, and


almost slows. Kipsiro, running like a sprinter, crosses the line, wins


the gold medal, like he has done before.


STEVE CRAM: Well, he is the only man ever to have defended either the six


mile or the 10,000m title. Paula Radcliffe, you must have enjoyed


that finish. Cam Levins, we know him well, he was leading for a bit.


PAULA RADCLIFFE: Yes, you have got to feel for him. He just slightly


misjudged that race, but he went for it and gave it everything he had. In


these closing stages, he knows he has got Kipsiro on his inside, and


you can see him trying to maintain his form. One of those Sprint drills


which Alberto has him going through, when he is doing the training with


Mo Farah. But he just cannot quite yet enough to hold off Kipsiro, who


is desperately reaching for that line. And he holds onto his title


from four years ago. Restore thinks he has won it on the outside, but


Kipsiro just nips through on the inside. When he thinks about it, I


think Cam Levins will be happy with the bronze medal.


Well, that is Uganda's first medal inside the stadium. The winning


margin was less than the winning margin in the 100m - how about


that? GABBY LOGAN: What a finish. Michael


made the point that Levins let's Kipsiro incomer doesn't he? I do not


know. He is working so hard on trying to maintain his form. I do


not think he looked up at the screen, I think he was just


thinking, keep my form, keep my shoulders, give it everything I have


got. Bett thinks he has won it, but Kipsiro does it, he has been taking


tips from Colin Jackson! MICHAEL JOHNSON: One of the things


of doing the relay is, you hold the inside of your lane. He is on the


outside of his lane, which allows the other one through. If he was on


the inside of his lane, then Kipsiro has got to go around the peril of


them. Yes, I think he just went slightly wide as he came into the


straight. Had he moved in then, he might have got tripped from behind.


I think he was just trying to give everything that he could. Let's go


to find out what the winner has got to say.


Moses come a tremendous performance, you have defended your gold medal -


described your emotions. I am very happy, and I thank God. I was not


expecting this. I have been having a lot of injuries, the knee was very


painful. So, I say, no, I am not going to take part in this. But


something deep inside was telling me, you can do it. You can make it.


And then I stuck to it, and really, I am very happy now. I am glad you


listened to that voice inside your head, because you won another gold


medal. You saw the space on the inside and you took it. Yes, coming


to 300 metres, I was feeling, I have still got enough energy. 200, 100m


to go, I say, no, I need to put all my energy to the finishing line. I


took the chance on the inside line and I say, God help me, let me push,


push, push. When I got to the finishing line, it was just amazing.


Isobel Pooley there. She comes away with a silver medal from the high


jump. That is great progress for her, Denise Lewis, isn't it? It is.


Once you are over 1.90, I guess, in the Commonwealth, you are going to


get away with it. But she is still young, still working out the


technique. Would she have expected that silver medal? I do not think


so. It is about being competitive, and she certainly did that. She has


got a range of options to pursue, hasn't she? Absolutely. She won the


world Junior Championships, clearing 1.93, so it would have been great to


see her in this competition, but again, you make your choices. But


great for the English athlete nonetheless. And Eleanor Patterson


of Australia took gold. We move swiftly on to the 800m. Last


night, we saw David Rudisha pipped by Amos who took the gold for


Botswana. It was a thrilling race. The women now are going to do battle


over two laps. There is plenty of home nations interest. Jessica Judd


what a young talent she is. Listen to the noise. Jenny Meadows just a


hints she's getting some of her pace back. Lindsay sharp sets off at a


decent pace. As the rain pours down and the crowd cheer for the English


women, Jessica Judd on the outside. Lindsay Sharp is struggling. Jenny


Meadows looks comfortable. Jess Judd being roared by the great crowd.


She's not going to make it unless she does something Judd finish


miraculous. Ing quickly. I don't know why she left things as late as


she did. Paula, you mentor Jess Judd. What


have been your final words? Relish being here. Take the energy from the


crowd and just run from your heart. Of course we want that for all the


home nations runners. Here's Steve Cram.


What a race we have in prospect here. What an opportunity for the


home nations. Tough qualifications. They are all up against the world


champion in lane three. So, Jenny Meadows at 33 years of


age, a European indoor champion, a world indoor Silver Medal, a world


bronze medal outdoor, European bronze medal, one of our best ever


800m runners, still looking to come and try to steal a medal, hold off


the charge of the youngsters. She's still a junior, Jess Judd, but she's


got a huge future ahead of her. What can she do here? Her coach will be


probably the most nervous man in the stadium. Listen to the roar now for


Scotland's Lynsey Sharp. Her dad won bronze medals in the 100 and 200 in


Brisbane in 1982. He will be so proud today. Melissa Bishop could


upset the home country party here. May well get amongst the medals.


Nanyondo has run so many personal bets this year. She's one of the


best in the world. Sum, her only defeat in the Monaco Diamond League


just before these championships. The world champion is the favourite,


Nikki Hamblin. In the 1500 she was fifth, is in the final here. Her


team-mate, Angela Simt fifth, is in the final here. Her


inside. Mit on the inside. Aggie Wilson was the world junior champion


and finished second to the world junior champion was Jessica Judd.


and finished second to the world Jess Judd, can she do what Wilson


and finished second to the world champion? Can Jenny Meadows get in


there or Lynsey Sharp do it for Scotland? The women's 800 metre


final t'work laps of the track. All -- final. Two laps of the track.


It's easier said than done. It's about judgment in this. Even the


great one cans get it wrong. -- great ones can get it wrong.


Nanyondo slots in behind. Meadows there as well. First 200m was fairly


swift but not too fast. About 27, for the first 200m. Sum knows what


she's doing. She's moved there. She's moved quickly. Meadows is


alongside her. That's an aggressive She's moved quickly. Meadows is


move from Jenny, Judd in a good place there, in the middle. Holding


on the inside, Sharp of Scotland, running shorely. -- strongly. It's


about pace judgment. It's about trying to run as even paced as you


can. 28. 2 for the first 400 metres. Sum has slowed in the second 200m.


Jenny Meadows is in a good place. They have to come the long way


round. Jessica Judd jud is running a fine race here, getting


round. Jessica Judd jud is running a make a move, getting ready to


attack. And Lynsey Sharp has got to be careful here. Sharp in a bad


there. Bishop on the outside and Judd. Sharp needs to look for room.


Meadows, has she got the legs? Judd. Sharp needs to look for room.


Nanyondo looking for room on the inside. Sum at the front, there to


be shot at and attacked. Judd did it in the Diamond League. Can she come


around and win this. Smit of New Zealand going well. On the outside,


Sum, the world champion, in the front, looks around, sees the


danger. Here comes Lynsey Sharp. Finds the room on the outside.


Nanyondo, holding off in second at the moment. The world champion kicks


away. She's going to become the Commonwealth champion. Who will come


second? Nanyondo trying to hang on. Lynsey Sharp might just get there.


Nanyondo takes the bronze. Well judged Lynsey Sharp, down the back


straight, she didn't panic. She waited for the room to come, for the


gaps to appear and she did what she always does, what she did in


qualification yesterday, when she gets into the home straight, she


never gives up. Jess Judd, the 19-year-old will have more days to


come. I know she will. This was a brave, brave run from Lynsey Sharp.


The world champion is a true worthy Gold Medallist in the -- and the


Commonwealth champion, there she is. It was really a question, show,


could anybody else get close, well, maybe not. Then it was shall could


you -- then it was - could you get a medal? Lynsey Sharp charged. An


impressive performance by the world champion to become the Commonwealth


champion, but a real emotional evening here in Glasgow for Lynsey


Sharp, whose father Cameron Sharp is here watching her. Her mother Carol


is here too. And she's found it tough in the semifinal, but today, I


think she judged it equally. She's run a very, very even race. The


first 200m was quick and from then on, they were slowing down. I think


Nanyondo ran a great race. She on, they were slowing down. I think


that she was going to get a medal. Sum was the one to beat. There's


Lynsey Sharp. The crowd in Hampden Park now becoming a famous athletics


stadium and Jenny Meadows, the elder stateswoman leading Jessica Judd,


who to be honest, at the age of 19, you've got to say she ran a fine


race. She did everything she could. She gave it everything. She's got


nothing to worry about. She's got a great future ahead of her. Jenny


Meadows, well, we may not see her at a major championship after this


year, but Lynsey Sharp is really enjoying this. These people have


come here, there's a million flags out here, Scottish flags, and she's


enjoying every moment of it. She's had a tough time recently, but this


has been terrific. Really, really fantastic moments in her young


athletic career. She's already the European champion. Commonwealth


Silver Medallist. Great shots there. Her amongst her friends and there's


her mother, Carol. It's been a hard time for them. You know, she's had


all sorts of problems this year. Really bad. She's been hospitalised.


A wound which never really healed properly. It's been such a difficult


year. She is somebody who has not always wanted to tell her story, but


it's well known in athletics circles and she's got better and better


through the season. She was struggling at the beginning of the


season even to make the Scottish qualifier time. She raced and raced


and raced and got herself into great shape. Even yesterday, you know, she


looked as though she was run out of it. She was in tears after first


round, after the first semifinal, because she thought she hadn't run


well enough to get into the final. What a performance tonight. It was


about timing tonight for Lynsey Sharp. The world champion leads.


Jenny Meadows went a big quickly on the first lap. Nanyondo of Uganda


running well there. Jessica Judd is in a good place. Lynsey Sharp on the


inside is really trapped. It's about controlling it, about keeping that


pace going, keeping the even splits because that's the way to run the


800m. At 400m, she was sixth. Coming up to 600 m, she's moving into


fifth. She's moving through gradually. She's not accelerating


yet, not panicking at all. There, at this point, there's a medal


available. The two Africans are amongst the finest. Now where is


Lynsey Sharp going to move. Here she is. Into the finishing straight and


then Jessica Judd comes under pressure. Jenny Meadows comes under


pressure. Now the battle is for a medal. Lynsey Sharp moving into a


medal position but she doesn't just want a medal, she wants the best she


can get. The world champion is away, the race is over for the Gold Medal.


But this second place is a battle and a real fantastic production on


the last 20 m there. Lynsey Sharp coming through, like a sprinter,


look at her. On the outside, she knows she's just got to keep going,


keep accelerating and Jessica Judd fading now at this point. Lynsey


Sharp could have settled there for the bronze. She didn't want the


bronze. She wanted as good as she could get. There's the Gold


Medallist Eunice Sum. The best in the world. Into the straight here


comes Lynsey Sharp. Jessica Judd fading away. What a race between


these two. Look at fading away. What a race between


these two. Look Lynsey Sharp, she looks like a sprinter. She's running


like a sprinter and the stadium are on their feet at this point. She's


given them a great race. She's given them a great evening. She's given


Scotland a Silver Medal. Well done, Lynsey Sharp. She can hardly believe


it. I'm not sure what she has written on her hand. I don't know if


it was instructions. It begins with "get". What she got as a Silver


Medal. I'm told it says, "Get out strong. Commit." What she certainly


did do was commit. What a performance from Lynsey Sharp.


did do was commit. What a Eunice Sum is the Commonwealth


champion. When a gutsy run from Sharp.


Nanyondo is a developing young athlete, she


Nanyondo is a developing young same goes for Jess Judd. Jenny


Meadows in sixth place. GABBY LOGAN: We expected and Lindsay


delivered. It was a fantastic race. Get out strong, commit. They're the


instructions and she followed them to the letter. She did get out


strongly and she did commit. The most important thing she did out


there was not panic and just bide her time. She hasn't got room for


all that on her hand. If this race went out fast, which it did, people


are going to start tying up and people are going to die in the


closing stages. Watch out for people like Nikki Hamblin and Sharp who


like to make a strong run in the final straight. That's exactly what


she did. Down the back straight, she's a little bit boxed. She's in a


little trouble there. Jess Judd is on the outside. She can't quite


move. Because Jess hasn't started her kick, she's boxed at that point.


She doesn't panic. She waits. She knows or is thinking that at this


point, Jenny might start drifting back towards her. Sum is kicking


hard off the front. Now Jessica Judd is trying to kick there. That's all


she's got. She can't go any harder. Lynsey Sharp launches. She hasn't


got that much left but she's fighting and drawing a lot of energy


from this crowd here tonight. Inspiration too for what


from this crowd here tonight. Child acomplished last night. At


this point, she's kicking and kicking. Now


this point, she's kicking and can get past Nanyondo. I don't think


she real aislesed until she saw it come up on the score board that


she's got celebrate. -- got second. I think she's just celebrating. A


photo finish. Her mum was an 800m runner for Scotland in the


Commonwealth Games. Her dad a Gold Medallist and four bronze as well.


She is from running stock. Exactly, and also what she has gone


through this year, having that open wound all season, because she needs


through this year, having that open another operation to tidy it up. She


has coped with all of that. She has come out here, and she said that


through that operation, it was the Commonwealth Games being in Glasgow,


that was what kept her going. Commonwealth Games being in Glasgow,


Putting that into context, the pain of having that, it is a painful


process that she has gone through, of having that, it is a painful


not just the normal pain of training, which you guys do, but she


knows she needs that operation, training, which you guys do, but she


Glasgow inspired her. All of the agony that she has been through, she


was not going to give up without the most determined fight. No, you could


probably say the same for all of the girls in that race. But this was


something she had been aiming for, and then to feel the energy from


this crowd, as people realised that she was gaining on that silver


medal, that will have really helped her as well. Hopefully there will be


a rendition of Michael Johnson's favourite proclaimers song, 500


Miles, at some point this evening. I expect her lap of honour to take a


while longer yet. Phil Jones managed to catch up with Isobel Pooley


earlier, following her silver in the high jump. Congratulations. I cannot


believe it, it feels so surreal. I had to check with the official. My


coach said today, focus and execute. He is a fantastic coach, I just read


as he said. It was a leap of faith, I just went for it. I am really


pleased to be so close to my next height. Hopefully that will come in


the next few weeks. We know your coach because of what he has done


for Robbie, he is a great motivator. I have never, ever been in the mix


for a medal before. So, this has been a completely new experience for


me just by dreams of gold, I dared to dream, and I am not ashamed of


that. A personal-best is a personal best. A silver medal in my first


ever Commonwealths, I have got somewhere to go next time. Can you


describe the lap of honour? It is surreal. Also I am surprised I have


made it all the way round! You know when you interview people, and they


cannot get their breath back, that is me right now! The crowd is


fantastic, I want to thank every single person who came out. Also the


volunteers, and in the village, it has been such a fantastic


experience. And I have given myself something to celebrate now. I will


go back to the village with pride tonight.


This is the countdown clock until the appearance of Usain Bolt on the


track in the relay heats. A lot of these people buying their tickets


might have thought they would be seeing Mo Farah in the 10k. Well,


they have seen Lynsey Sharp, the homegirl, bringing home the silver


in the 800m. Let's wrap up the women's discus, with Steve Backley.


STEVE BACKLEY: And it went to form, with Dani Samuels Australia


dominated the competition. This was her third attempt. 64.88 was


enough. All her valid throws were beyond 61 metres. So, the world


champion from 2009 is now the Commonwealth champion of 2014.


Seema Punia, this was the fifth round, she was chasing down a silver


medal. And she was successful. One of two Indian athletes competing in


this final. And it was her namesake who took the Championship last time


around. And this was the response in that fifth round from Jade Lally. It


was not quite enough. Just shy of that silver medal line, but was a


great response, which shows wonderful competitive spirit. She


put together a great series of throws. A season's best in a


championship - that is what they say, isn't it? It is all you can do.


And that is exactly what Jade Lally of England did.


She said a big thank you to her friend, who said to her, why don't


you try athletics, why not try throwing that thing, she said? And


here she is. PHIL JONES: I have got with me a


very emotional Lynsey Sharp. Steve Cram talked about it in commentary,


nobody really knows, outside the world of athletics, what you have


been through to get to this moment. This is my everything. The last year


has been obstacle after obstacle. Even write up to this morning, I was


in the hospital, in the village, until 5.30 this morning. I had not


slept at all. I was throwing up all night. I had a drip in my arm. This


was honestly my everything, and there was no way that I was going to


go everything I had been through not to get a medal today. What is


written on your hand? It says get out strong and commit. You did just


that. Let's have a little look. I know how low the low points can be.


Yesterday, I almost lost it. So today, I had to come out and get it


right. Now, I know we have got a medal ceremony taking place right


now. Are you happy to stay with us, we will let you gather yourself a


bit more, and we will come back and have a chat after the medals have


been presented to Luke Cutts and Steve Lewis?


STEVE CRAM: Well, Lynsey Sharp had an incredible journey to that 800m


final. STEVE BACKLEY: It is coming thick


and fast this evening. Great pole vault competition.


ANNOUNCER: Representing England, Steve Lewis! Big roar, great


appreciation from a strong support for these two in Laois athletes.


Gold and silver. It went to count back, which was needed to sort out


the gold and silver. It was a wonderful competition. Shawn Barber


taking bronze Canada. ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, the


national anthem of England. So, bronze eight years ago, silver,


four years ago, and now Steve Lewis has a full set of Commonwealth


medals. Wonderful moment for England, and we


have just seen a wonderful Wonderful moment for England, and we


for Scotland for you. You are going to have that magical experience on


the podium. How was the lap of honour? Yes, because I missed doing


the lap of honour in Helsinki honour? Yes, because I missed doing


that. As soon as I finished, that is what came into my head. And your mum


was emotional as well? Yes. My mum has been my rock. I


was emotional as well? Yes. My mum to her. She is the first one I


telephone when I have got a problem. Everybody thinks that latex


is an individual sport, but it is far from that. It is a massive,


massive team behind me. My physio has been there through everything.


The mental team, my coaches, Mike Johnson, Stephen Maguire, was with


me at 5.30 this morning when I was spewing up. My mum, my dad, my


sister. Friends, family, who have shared everything with me, all of


the lows, and that is who I want to share the highs with. You have kept


the sporting pedigree of your family going, but this is probably the most


magical moment of all for the family? Yes, people kept saying to


me, this is your time. After everything I have been through, I


thought, how can I possibly be in this shape? It is a miracle. I could


not have been here without every single person. I cannot name


everyone! You never make excuses, even yesterday you came through and


you gave us an answer, but you were not making


you gave us an answer, but you were not excuses - that says a lot about


you. Yes, I honestly think athletics is one of the toughest sports, you


are out there on your own, you have to take responsibility. It is


something that I I go out to take responsibility. It is


something that I and I do it in training, so why can't I come out


here and executed perfectly every time? That is why I was so annoyed


yesterday. An filly I had 24 hours to get it right, and I did. Thank


you to everybody at home, you have been amazing.


As I was saying a couple of minutes ago, that story will be talked


about. She will go off and do her press interviews. The emotion will


continue to pour out. What a ceremony that is going to be, a


little later on. Now, we move onto the heats, back to business as


usual, if you like, of the 4x100m is relay. On the inside, a very strong


Bahamas team. Lane 6 is empty, that should have been Sierra Leone.


Trinidad Tobago, and a strong Nigeria team on the outside. We have


only got to heats in the women's race, there will be three in the


men's. Three to go through, plus two fastest losers. A very experienced


lead-off for them. Trinidad inside them. Watch out for Australia and


Bahamas as well. Nigeria may have the lead here.


Watch the changeovers. It's not good for Nigeria. Did she get the baton?


We'll be looking for flags on the back straight. Trinidad and Tobago


chasing them. Australia going well. . Hauma coming into this. -- Bahamas


come intoing this. Australia have it safely round. Bahamas will be coming


through. Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago at the moment. Australia


coming into this, safely done. Nigeria lead from Australia. A real


battle, India storming in. Trinidad finishing quickly. Nigeria win it.


Can Australia hang on, oh, Trinidad and Australia with Bahamas finishing


quickly. Well I'm not sure that was good from anybody, to be honest. I


think Nigeria had a poor first changeover. Australia didn't finish


as well as they would have liked. But all that being said, 44. 13 for


nigh jeerament Australia go through. -- Nigeria. Australia go through.


That initial lane one would be difficult for Bahamas. They will


have to wait and see. I'd like to see the first changeover for


Nigeria. It was a little bit too close for comfort. Stuttering there


on the second leg. It's victory at the moment. We shall see. Apart from


that, everything went fairly cleanly and as expected. Bahamas a bit


disappointing. But Nigeria strong at this point and on the final leg as


well. Good run from the Australian quartet. I think they were a bit


better drilled, very well practised. The Great Britain squad in recent


months have been very well drilled at the changeovers. Victory for


Nigeria, at the moment, as you can see from the photo finish, in second


place, close, close, close. On that wider view, Andrew, it looked as


though they just got the baton before. There's a yellow line on the


track. On that first changeover looked as though they got it through


safely. I didn't see a red flag go up. GABBY LOGAN: So the first heat


done. The second coming in a few moments. England and Wales feature


in that, as do Jamaica. That means the crowd here will get their first


glimpse of quite simply the greatest female sprinter in the world at the


moment. Fraser-Price what a competitor.


She's rolling away, this is a display of power sprinting. A


Fraser-Pryce for the line for the title for double gold. It's gold for


Jamaica. She is the best by a long way, a really long way.


She holds all the golds at the moment. Like a lot of the sprinters


here who have been world champions last year, having an easy year. Or a


little more relaxed year. Like Usain Bolt choosing not to run in the


individual I vent, Mike -- individual event. It's tough to go


out every year and in the four-year cycle of things, this would be the


year to take it more easy. When you've won, she and Usain Bolt have


won back-to-back Olympic and World Championships. So it makes sense to


take a little bit of a break. Then, she's also in that situation as


well, where there's a lot more for a person like her or Usain Bolt


there's more to lose by coming here and competing than to gain. If you


win, well, it's you should have won, you're number one in the word. If


you lose - oh, really? You let them beat you. That's certainly on their


mind. She started really well. She ran brilliant indoors. Then I think


she picked up that quad injury and everyone was like, you know, maybe


you should just take it easy. You don't need to be pushing yourself


because you continue to race. That's what people couldn't understand.


Then she kind of went away and regathered herself. She put down a


decent time. But it's nice that she wants to come here and represent her


country. She's passionate about Jamaica, Jamaican sprinting. She


wants to be part of this. Welcome Colin, by the way. Thank you very


much. With Shelley-Ann the intensity is not there. It's not into


much. With Shelley-Ann the intensity needed. What Michael said is spot


on. You need a bit of a mental break. But you still want to keep


your hand in, some way sm, how. For sprinters, the' lay is a mash fuss


-- the relay is a marvellous opportunity to do that. It's a crowd


pleaser as well as keeping them in the mix. And it's not your fault if


you don't get the gold. That's true. And the other thing too is, we've


talked this week a lot and heard the athletes talking about really


enjoying this. Nobody is really enjoying this until after its it's


over. It's hard to come out here and you're trying to win medals and be


focussed. They can enjoy this because the relay is fun. It's not


as much pressure. I'm sure that she's had the opportunity all week


to really enjoy and soak in the experience. Just a word on England


as well. How buoyed will they be by those fantastic performances,


especially in the 200m, two, three and four places. Atmosphere will be


riding high amongst those girls. They're very tight. They know they


can do this and do it well. They're drilled. They're running quickly.


It's got all the hall marks of a great championships for the British


women - English women, my mistake. And the Welsh. They're running very


women - English women, my mistake. Go on well. Colin. It's a good group


of Go on well. Colin. It's a good group


them the opportunity to Go on well. Colin. It's a good group


top nations. Never in their wildest dreams would they be running against


Jamaica as a relay team, here's their England and opportunity. Wales


side by side on the their England and opportunity. Wales


Tonight, this meeting, this Commonwealth Games is about


Tonight, this meeting, this than Usain Bolt. Shelley Ann


Fraser-Pryce, one of stars. This is the same Welsh quartet and in the


same order that set the Welsh record in June. Get close to that and


they'll have a chance if not going through automatically, going through


as a faster loser. England led off by Asha Philip. Very strong Canadian


quartet as W -- well. Jamaica, well, who can catch them? Stewart leads


them off. Campbell-Brown second as well. Kenya make up things in lane


one here. Cameroon and Papua New Guinea non-starters in this heat.


The second of the two heats. It is the first three who go through


automatically. Times to look out for, the Bahamas 44. 5, India 44. 81


in the last of the fastest losers positions at the moment. The Welsh


record would see them inside that. They go in lane serve. Singapore


there as well, in lane eight. Asha Philip just told to go down


into their blocks then the starter asked them to get up. That's a green


card, a technical problem with the starter. They will have to settle


and do it all again and get ready. Asha Philip at the world indoors she


was fourth here, fourth in the 100. Great starter. That's why she's on


the first leg. Anika Onuora fourth in the 200.


England in lane six. Wales in lane seven.


A bit more than raw speed about getting that baton round.


Cleanly away and Asha Philip out and flying at the moment. Stewart for


Jamaica. How is the changeover. Philip to Onuora and England do


safely have the baton. Jamaica are flying. They look to be leading.


Veronica Campbell-Brown with it. Canada going nicely as well. It's


England, Canada and the gentleman make was. -- Jamaicans. They just


about get that baton over. Coming round the bend, Jamaica. Jamaica


lead. It's with Fraser-Pryce now. Well, England have it and Ashley


Nelson. And Canada with Bingham through to take third. Well, we'll


tidy all that up, because I was concentrating on the Jamaicans but


behind there, the English quartet, I'm not sure. Talk about getting


that baton safely round. I think they did. But... I don't know. It's


close. The one thing I will say, I was watching Ashley Nelson. She


looked really nervous. You've got to have control of the baton when you


leave the sector. It has to be in your hand and have control. She


switch today to her other hand. That's OK. But did she have it when


she crossed the line? The Welsh have run a new national record, no


they've equalled - excuse me - their national record. Let's look at this.


Right to the final change. Because that's the one that is in


contention. She's smiling. She thinks she's OK. The one before was


good. So Bloor coming in. That's into the sector, the first yellow


marker. She exits with the second yellow marker, you have to have it,


stop, stop, stop, it's coming. OK, just jog it on a bit. She has to


have it just in her hand. Oohhh. Of course, looking at that we're going


to give them the benefit of the doubt. No red flags that I've seen.


But that was so, so close. First changeover wasn't great, to be


honest. Asha Philip gets out strong. She's going to hand to Anika. Watch


this change. She's up and running. Wait, wait, wait. Got it, OK.


Safish. -- self-ish. -- safe-ish. This is a good change to Bloor,


that's nice. Then here we go. You're clear. You've got your


qualification, it's really hard, you can't think, you've got to go off


your mark. It's just whether or not she's gone out a little bit hard


there, but at least she checked. She realised she's gone out hard, she


checked, hopefully, as far as we're concerned, got the baton just in her


hand, just before that line and has qualified for the final. It was


close. A great run for Wales as well. They matched their national


record. Just inside the yellow line for that final, crucial handover for


England from Bloor to Nelson. It looks to be OK. We will get


confirmation of that. Phil is with the English quartet.


They're all watching that screen avidly. A bit nervously, but it


looks safe. You got the team off to a great start. I didn't know how it


felt. I haven't been on a bend for a while. I ran a bit funny. My aim was


to run past the girl next to me. We got the baton round here, so, I


think it was a good team. Regardless of a little mishap that the girls


had, we got it safe and that was the plan. Roll on to the A personal


final. Best for you last night and double duty. I know. Yeah, it's good


to be back on the track. I enjoyed it last night. It's nice to have fun


with the relay girls and like Asha was saying, just doing my job on the


back straight and tried to hammer down, trying to catch them


Jamaicans. You did, you were in the lead at that point, I think. Louise,


you come into the team, what's it like when you have to fit into an


already established side? They're really good. You come into practice


and everybody works together. The morale is great. So, it's a new leg


for me. I got a bit comfortable on leg four, having to run through the


line. It's a new leg, but I felt comfortable. Bit of a - only just


made the pass to Asha I think. That could have been a bit better.. Got


the baton round safely and through to the Another look final. At that,


come around here and have a look at the screen and can you see just what


happened. We'll' slow it down. Tell me your thoughts.


The person running in always has control of the baton, but I am a bit


more experienced, so I took it upon myself to kind of put my hand back.


When you run with your hand back, it automatically slows you down. I just


wanted to make sure that we got round. I kept my hand as still as I


could and managed to get it in. Tonight was all about ridding the


baton round, and we did that. We wish you well for tomorrow.


So, it looks like it is OK, we are not going to hear any news to the


contrary, Colin? No, I think they were just fraction of --


fractionally, in the box. It is about lunging, it is the 4x100m is,


get it in the hand! I think she was just waiting to be a little bit too


close. She is new to the quartet. Well, she has run with them before,


so... We have got some news regarding Wales.


ANDREW COTTER: It is not good for Wales, they have been disqualified.


That time, matching the Welsh national record, would have seen


them through to the final. I think this is the changeover which is to


blame, for Wales. It is the second changeover. And it is Hannah Turner,


handing to Mike more. And the last one was fine. This one was fine,


from Mica Moore, to Rachel Johncock. So, a shame for Wales. No matching


of the national record, no place in the final. But England are safely


through. Is that a bit mean? Andrew Cotter


said that with a bit too much, Wales disc fight! -- disqualified. You can


imagine, they have worked hard as a team. At the Welsh Championships, I


was very impressed with the way they were spending. It was a young team,


and I thought it was a good opportunity for them. You can


imagine them thinking to themselves, they want to get involved in the


national, British team as well, so they need to give themselves a good


run out. But it was that second changeover. It is a high pressured


environment for them to be in because there are lots of things


happening. When you have not got the same kind of experience as some of


the English same kind of experience as some of


Jamaicans, who run continuously for their national teams,


Jamaicans, who run continuously for understand how these things happen.


I feel for them, not just as a Welshman, but the fact that they


set, or equalled, the national record. After the long leg of the


second leg, which is the longest leg, they were over the


second leg, which is the longest mark, the middle of the box, the


white mark. And the baton just does not get


white mark. And the baton just does half a metre out. It might be the


Friendly Games, but not that friendly, to allow an infringement


to the rules like that. England, though, just got away with it,


Michael. They were just inside. I mean, just inside. There is still


the opportunity for another team to protest. But I wondered, Colin, when


we were talking about this, I wonder why Ashleigh Nelson put her hand


back. Normally it is from a command. So, was she commanded to put her


hand back? If so, why would Louise Bloor, and would Louise Bloor


command her to put her hand back but not be close enough to know I wonder


if Ashley took off too soon and then just through her hand back. We saw


on the Welsh changeover, there was a clear command, her mouth was open. I


did not see that in the English changeover. I could not see it. But


she took off. I think so. And you think, did they have what we call a


safe change, with the outgoing runner, maybe should have got a bit


closer? I do not know, but they were very lucky. It is the turn of the


men next. Jamaica's Usain Bolt is in the second heat, but before that, we


have got the first heat. have got the


ANDREW COTTER: It is a strong quartet for Trinidad Tobago.


Richard Thompson, disappointing in the individual. He has run so well


this season. He is on the anchor leg. This is the Bahamas. Adrian


Griffiths taking them out. The Cayman Islands in Lane 3.


Trinidad Tobago we talked about, and Canada, outside them, possibly


the two favourites. It is almost the Canadian quartet which won the


bronze medal in the World Championships in Moscow, after Great


Britain were disco fight. -- were disqualified.


Away they go, cleanly. Trinidad Tobago moving smoothly. Oh, that was


a bit untidy from Trinidad Tobago! The Bahamas are up on them now.


Pretty much in the line, coming into the third leg. All in a line, these


three coming away. Only two will go through automatically. Richard


Thompson brings Trinidad Tobago home. Those three, a long way clear


of the rest. Some pretty good running, some pretty good changeover


is as well, and a pretty good time. Richard Thompson, who was not


impressive in the individual 100m, perhaps looking to make amends.


STEVE CRAM: It is going to be good, we have got two more heats to come.


The Canadians, for me, very strong. Trinidad look as though they had


some problems with the Canadians. At this point, down the back straight,


Marc Byrnes, who has done this so many times for Trinidad Tobago,


has a good leg, getting them back in the race.


For the Bahamas, Smith, nothing he can do. And so Canada and Trinidad


Tobago. Richard Thompson, after the disappointment in the individual


100m, bringing his country safely home. Yes, Richard Arnesen, only


Jason Gatlin has gone faster this year. -- Richard Thomson.


GABBY LOGAN: Coming up in the next hit, Jamaica. The first chance for


Glasgow 2014, love games to see that man, built for speed.


MICHAEL JOHNSON: How do you become the fastest man in the world? It


does depend on your raw materials. But all the fine tuning in the world


will not help if you do not have inner steel. If you do not have


willpower, and the drive to succeed. You still have to take care of


business, build on your strength and focus. If you do that, when you


arrive at the blocks, you might just make the most of being built to


sprint. Well, we have done all right without him so for, but it is


special to see him here tonight. He will think the atmosphere is all for


him, he will not realise it has been like this every night! They are


singing The Bonny Banks Of Loch Lomond. But I wonder what he is


making of all of this. MICHAEL JOHNSON: I am sure he has


been having a good time this week. The great thing about the


Commonwealth Games to this point is that it has been great competition.


This is a show. You know what is going to happen. Now, he is part of


the relay, anything could happen. As long as they do not go out of the


lane, they get it to him, they win. We know that. But this is a show for


this crowd. They will get a chance to say they saw Usain Bolt. That is


special for them. Indeed it is. Even when he is lining up, he cannot help


it, he is a natural showman. He has always been the same, since he was a


teenager. He crossed the line, and he was showboating to the fans. He


loves performance. Whatever his stage, this man can perform. It is a


wonderful thing. Denise Lewis wouldn't you just love to be that


young girl carrying his kit box? She knows she is getting the attention.


He is probably engaging with her. knows she is getting the attention.


But she does not like Usain Bolt! She is the one person that does not


like Usain Bolt! She is like the guards outside Buckingham Palace,


going, Styche all, the world is not watching me! Let's see if he can


deliver the business with Jamaica. STEVE CRAM: Lovely moment, and what


a moment for the Commonwealth Games, STEVE CRAM: Lovely moment, and what


for the Hampden Park crowd. The STEVE CRAM: Lovely moment, and what


great man is here. So, to business, then, Usain Bolt. They have got to


bring the baton home. They have not gone for their strongest team. The


Aussies will be looking to go well. Singapore have put some good


performances in recently. Nigeria will be good down the back


straight. Montserrat, I wonder how nervous they are. So, this is the


Jamaican team. None of the medallists from the 200m last night.


The gold medallist from the 100m is not here, either. A great welcome


for the greatest athlete on the planet. Oh, I hope it goes well for


him. So, Jamaica on the inside, in Lane 2. Only the top two to the


final. The Jamaican, slow out of the box.


Please get the baton to Usain Bolt! Australia going down the back


straight, Nigeria starting to come into it. And Jamaica might need


Usain Bolt here. Australia start to fade. Nigeria leading. And here


goes. Usain Bolt has got it in his hand. The crowd cheering him on!


Jamaica are through to the final. Thank goodness for that! I do not


Jamaica are through to the final. know who was more nervous, the


Jamaican team manager, the, love games organisers... But Jamaica are


in the final, and we will be seeing Usain Bolt


in the final, and we will be seeing but it did not have to be. They have


got so much strength to bring in. It will be interesting to see who they


bring into this tomorrow. Safely done, Nigeria did pretty well as


well, getting second spot. No sign at the moment of any discord of


occasions, Andrew. Montserrat, Thousands who have tickets for


tomorrow will be delighted. The Nigerians looked good as well. Usain


Bolt, the baton changes looked pretty clean. There are so many


options they have in the Jamaican team. They're just milling around


there. Let's see if they'll mosey around and perhaps have a chat.


Here's Usain, safely through to the final. It must have been a neck


wracking thing to be on The Last Leg hoping the baton got round to you.


No, we told each other, just get it round, don't stress too much about


this one, it's just a heat. It's been a long wait to get you out


here, every time you ran up and down the home straight, as you were


warming up, the cheers were incredible Yeah, it was wonderful.


The crowd is great. I've heard it throughout the championships,


watching it on TV. It's been wonderful. It's been fair to say


you've not had an exactly straight run into this race with what's been


happening in the press, that Times report saying you were disparaging


about Glasgow. Do you want to give us your perspective. I can't believe


they actually said that. I would never use that word if I was going


to say that. But for me, I love, you know I love competing. I'm here


because of the fans and because I want to be at the Commonwealth. I'm


enjoying it. It's been good. People have been so nice to me. I'd never


say something like that. How difficult has it been for you to go


out, I know you were at the netball the other day, the media trying to


get quotes from you. It's just been, it was rough. Everybody just wanted


to say something. I didn't want to say anything else. Because last time


I had a simple conversation it turned out to be worse for me. I


decided that you know, what I'm just going to wait until I get the chance


to speak. Tell us now and the British people watching at home,


especially the Scottish people, the Glaswegians, what do you think of


Glasgow? It's great. For me, everything's been good so far, just


the weather. It's got really cold. But everything's been great. I know


when I come out here, the fans will be wonderful. I'm happy to be here.


It's been great. I'm looking forward tone joying what's going on. I want


to say something, I heard somebody say they enjoyed the Games without


Blake and me. Yeah, you, I'm talking to you, yes. She knows who I'm


talking to, she said it yesterday in the press box. They're in the


stadium right. The BBC. Yeah. Michael Johnson, I'm not going to


call any name. You know who I'm talking about. I'm a fun person.


Look at me. He's talking to you. Uh-oh. I think I've been rumbled.


That's Now what hillarious. I said...


LAUGHTER If he's allowed anxious wait right


to replay -- I'm allowed a right to reply, I said it's OK. But now he's


better. Now we know he's watching. He watches. That's good. That's


good. Oh, dear. Well, he knows we're fair. Absolutely, he is fair too.


Because he came out there and he had a right to reply. I'm glad he took


that moment to say what he thinks because he said to Phil, you know


me, I wouldn't say things like that. That's the first thingummiself and


-- thingummiself and lieu -- thing Myself and Denise said. That's not


his language certainly not about an audience he's going to compete in.


He's in the a fool. He Joan Is the -- he enjoys the environment. He


would never make that statement. It was nervy because you want to get


him through that race to get him into the final tomorrow and have a


bit more of that. At the risk of tomorrow, Usain Bolt saying


something about me saying something but, you know what, I can handle it.


I was like, all right, you know, I was saying to Paula earlier, when


you watch a sprint, do you think, oh, that's it, is that all? With


this, I was like, all right, yeah, here's all the build up and this is


great. All right waiting for Usain. He's coming and hoping they're going


to get the baton around. They got it around. There goes Usain Bolt.


O'-Kay this is great. He's running really well. A little bit relaxed


and you know, gets it through and gets them across the finish line.


They're in the final and then I'm like, that's it? That's it? That's


all I get. I've been waiting for this. It's the magic of the 4x1.


When we discuss it, we have all said that we think Trinidad has


underperformed at these championships as a sprinting nation.


They put out a reasonable time in that first heat. Jamaica will have


to step up, I know that, if they're really going to take a big advantage


of the situation. We see here they did get very, very crisp, nice safe


handoffs. As Usain said, they talked about let's just get it around,


these are very safe handoffs, in the middle of the zone. They will change


some personnel tomorrow also. Trinidad has under-performed. They


put down a very good timed in that first semifinal. I'm sure Richard


Thompson who anchored it, who brought them from behind actually,


so, I'm not sure that they're really ready to compete against Jamaica,


certainly with Bolt there. He's hardly raced this season. He's not


been on the Diamond League circuit. He doesn't look bad. Don't start


saying that I said he did! But it's amazing how he can do that with so


little racing. Look at his form. He looks nice and bouncy, which is what


you want to see in an athlete. You don't want to see people with flat


feet. He looks like he could run quick. What I'd love to see, I guess


we'd all love to see him five metres down on the anchor leg and see him


have to really run. See him under pressure. I'm not sure we're going


to get that. Another nervy 40 seconds coming up because England


are in the last of these heats and obviously, we want to see them


safely get the baton round. James Ellington is getting them off to the


start. I wonder what you're pointing to there, the waist on his shorts is


a bit high. Looks like my dad! LAUGHTER


I hope that doesn't have any effect on his aerodynamism. Obviously he's


not watching, so he can't pull you up on that tomorrow. STEVE CRAM: OK,


well, the England team, I think the fact that James egg selling on the


lead -- Ellington is on the lead-off leg, I think we expected Kilty to


lead them off. That's a change there. Ellington has normally run


around the top bend as well. That there. Ellington has normally run


team was Ellington, Kilty and Robertson. It's a big moment for him


on The Last Leg. Guyana. Saint Kitts on The Last Leg. Guyana. Saint Kitts


Nevis produces a good team even without Kim Collins who still hasn't


made up with his federation since the Olympics. So, they've got Jason


Rogers, Lawrence going for them. South Africa Titi, you know the


England team won't have it all their own way. They will have to run very


well to get in the top two. Fastest loser spots are available. At the


moment they have to run inside 40 seconds. That should be OK, if they


were third, of course. Ellington leading England off.


Antigua inside them. South Africa in the green. Saint Kitts Nevis on


the inside in the red. A good first leg from Ellington. Handing the


baton to Aiknes-Aryeetey. Good so far. South Africa really coming into


this. I think Saint Kitts far. South Africa really coming into


have gone. England with the baton, Kilty around the top bend. It's


going to be Robertson's here as Kilty around the top bend. It's


as the baton goes round safely, we'll be fine.


He's got it. Robertson with South Africa coming


He's got it. Robertson with South will take the third spot. Chased


down all the way. That doesn't matter, though. 38. 78. That


pretty good performance for my book. Good baton changes.


pretty good performance for my book. performance. Ellington I thought got


them off to a great start, good changeover to Aiknes-Aryeetey. Good


bend on the top bend from Kilty. And Saint Kitts Nevis, they


disappeared, but Andrew, England pretty good there. Like you said it


was strange to see Ellington on the lead-off leg rather than Kilty.


Ellington ran nicely, good changeover to Aiknes-Aryeetey down


the back straight. South Africa going nicely here as well. It's a


strong South African quartet. Looking at the changeovers and Kilty


gets it safely. The changeovers for England and Great Britain in the


past have become better and better. That's why they're becoming more


serious contenders in the relay. Andrew Robertson,


serious contenders in the relay. sprinter on times on the final leg.


You can see South Africa closing down on him. By then, the job is


done. The squad might be tweaked a little bit. But the time is good for


England. It was quicker than Jamaica ran in their last heat. The final


changeover, all were pretty good, no mistakes, no stumbles. That's all it


took to get it to the hands of Robertson with a big enough lead and


he brought it home. Well done England. It's going to be tough, of


course, with the likes of Jamaica, South Africa ran well. They are


through safely. They will contest the final. Grabban -- GABBY LOGAN:


Safely round. Nice job. Clean and safe hand-offs by the England team.


You saw Richard Kilty there. Those things happen where you might run up


on your team-mate and you have to be calm, be patient and make the right


decision at that time, there's a lot going on around you. That was a good


veteran decision by They will them. Be in the mix. Absolutely. They have


the skills to make that happen. We've seen them train hard. Yeah,


they have. They work hard. They drill hard. Apart from the female


error, I think all the re-lays have been good, and the changeovers. Good


indeed. We've had a fabulous night here at Hampden. Lynsey Sharp taking


that silver, of course. Steve Lewis in the pole vault as well. There's


more to come, join us, very shortly, here back at Hampden.


GARY LINEKER: Usain Bolt, great to see him in action. He wasn't the


slightest bit Shabby. The women's 100m hurdles still to come, a real


head to he'd Between Australia' Olympic champion and Tiffany Porter.


If you weren't with us earlier, Tom Daley and his partner James Denney


were diving for gold in the men's synchro 10 m platform. Despite


having trained together for just seven days, they claimed a Silver


Medal. It could easily have been gold too. The Australians edged out


the English pair by 0. 18 of a point. Remarkable. Tom starts the


defence of his individual 10 m platform title tomorrow morning at


11. 30am. The final is at 7. 30pm tomorrow


night. We will bring you that live. So that's your daily news. Join us


now on BBC Two for that 100m hurdles final and some boxing.. You on the


other side -- boxing. See you on the other side in a few secs.


Live coverage of day nine of the Commonwealth Games, presented by Gary Lineker.

Features the men's 10,000m final and the men's steeplechase. Kenya's Ezekiel Kemboi is the current Olympic and world champion final in the men's steeplechase and is on the hunt for Commonwealth glory.

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